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Natal Jorge, R.M.[Renato M.] Co Author Listing * Topics in Medical Image Processing and Computational Vision

Natale, A. Co Author Listing * Gamma Gaussian Inverse Wishart Probability Hypothesis Density for Extended Target Tracking Using X-Band Marine Radar Data
* Polarimetric Two-Scale Two-Component Model for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture Under Moderate Vegetation via L-Band SAR Data
* Sea State Observation through a Three-Antenna Hybrid XT/AT InSAR Configuration: A Preliminary Study Based on the InSAeS4 Airborne System
Includes: Natale, A. Natale, A.[Antonio]

Natale, C.D. Co Author Listing * Continuous Estimation of Emotions in Speech by Dynamic Cooperative Speaker Models

Natale, D.J.[Donald J.] Co Author Listing * High dynamic range (HDR) video processing for the exploitation of high bit-depth sensors in human-monitored surveillance
* Point cloud processing strategies for noise filtering, structural segmentation, and meshing of ground-based 3D Flash LIDAR images
* Using full motion 3D Flash LIDAR video for target detection, segmentation, and tracking

Natale, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * iCub World: Friendly Robots Help Building Good Vision Data-Sets
* Learning to Act on Objects

Natali, L. Co Author Listing * Successfully Mapping DASH Over a P2P Live Streaming Architecture

Natali, S. Co Author Listing * Multitemporal data management and exploitation infrastructure

Natalia, K. Co Author Listing * Photo-based 3D scanning vs. laser scanning: Competitive data acquisition methods for digital terrain modelling of steep mountain slopes

Natalia, Y.A.[Yessika Adelwin] Co Author Listing * Pitch and Flat Roof Factors' Association with Spatiotemporal Patterns of Dengue Disease Analysed Using Pan-Sharpened Worldview 2 Imagery

Nataliani, Y.[Yessica] Co Author Listing * Robust-learning fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm with unknown number of clusters

Natalizio, E. Co Author Listing * Fast Depth Video Compression for Mobile RGB-D Sensors

Natampally, M.[Meera] Co Author Listing * Realistic Walkthrough of Cultural Heritage Sites-Hampi

Nataneli, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * Robust Classification of Strokes with SVM and Grouping

Nataraj, G.[Gopal] Co Author Listing * Model-based estimation of T2 maps with dual-echo steady-state MR imaging
* Optimizing MR Scan Design for Model-Based T_1 , T_2 Estimation From Steady-State Sequences
Includes: Nataraj, G.[Gopal] Nataraj, G.

Nataraj, L. Co Author Listing * Adding Gaussian noise to denoise JPEG for detecting image resizing
* Detection and Localization of Image Forgeries Using Resampling Features and Deep Learning
* Estimation of optimum coding redundancy and frequency domain analysis of attacks for YASS: A randomized block based hiding scheme
* Exploiting Spatial Structure for Localizing Manipulated Image Regions
* Features we trust!
* Precise localization of key-points to identify local regions for robust data hiding
Includes: Nataraj, L. Nataraj, L.[Lakshmanan]

Natarajan, A.[Aishwarya] Co Author Listing * Quantitative growth analysis of pulp necrotic tooth (post-op) using modified region growing active contour model

Natarajan, A.E. Co Author Listing * Machine Recognition of Indian Language Characters Using a Tree Structure Based on Primitives

Natarajan, B.[Braga] Co Author Listing * Correspondence as energy-based segmentation
* Effects of Noise Pre-Filtering for Codebook Generation in Vector Quantization
* Low-Complexity Block-Based Motion Estimation via One-Bit Transforms
* Multiway Cut for Stereo and Motion with Slanted Surfaces
* Noise Estimation and Filtering Using Block-Based Singular-Value Decomposition
* Occam Filters for Stochastic Sources with Application to Digital Images
Includes: Natarajan, B.[Braga] Natarajan, B. Natarajan, B.[Balas]

Natarajan, B.K. Co Author Listing * Complexity of Fine Motion Planning, The
* fast approximate algorithm for scaling down digital images in the DCT domain, A

Natarajan, K. Co Author Listing * Model based segmentation of radiological images of the cranium

Natarajan, P.[Pradeep] Co Author Listing * Accurate person tracking through changing poses for multi-view action recognition
* Applying Discriminatively Optimized Feature Transform for HMM-based Off-Line Handwriting Recognition
* Automated image quality assessment for camera-captured OCR
* Baseline Dependent Percentile Features for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
* Baseline Dependent Percentile Features for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
* BBN byblos Japanese OCR system, The
* Character duration modeling for speed improvements in the BBN Byblos OCR system
* Character-Stroke Detection for Text-Localization and Extraction
* Computationally efficient template-based face recognition
* Confusion Network Based Recurrent Neural Network Language Modeling for Chinese OCR Error Detection
* Consensus Network Based Hypotheses Combination for Arabic Offline Handwriting Recognition
* Coupled Hidden Semi Markov Models for Activity Recognition
* Detecting near-duplicate document images using interest point matching
* Detecting OOV Names in Arabic Handwritten Data
* Document image OCR accuracy prediction via latent Dirichlet allocation
* Document recognition and translation system for unconstrained Arabic documents
* Efficient Orthogonal Matching Pursuit using sparse random projections for scene and video classification
* Efficient Orthogonal Matching Pursuit using sparse random projections for scene and video classification
* EPAT: Euclidean Perturbation Analysis and Transform - An Agnostic Data Adaptation Framework for Improving Facial Landmark Detectors
* Exploiting Stroke Orientation for CRF Based Binarization of Historical Documents
* Extracting information from handwritten content in census forms
* Face recognition using deep multi-pose representations
* Finding structure in noisy text: Topic classification and unsupervised clustering
* Graph Clustering-Based Ensemble Method for Handwritten Text Line Segmentation
* Graphical framework for action recognition using temporally dense STIPs
* Handwritten and Typewritten Text Identification and Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
* Hierarchical Multi-Channel Hidden Semi Markov Graphical Models for Activity Recognition
* Hierarchical Multi-channel Hidden Semi Markov Models
* Improvements in BBN's HMM-Based Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition System
* Improvements in hidden Markov model based Arabic OCR
* Improvements in HMM Adaptation for Handwriting Recognition Using Writer Identification and Duration Adaptation
* Integrating natural language processing with image document analysis: what we learned from two real-world applications
* James-Stein Type Center Pixel Weights for Non-Local Means Image Denoising
* Learning 3D action models from a few 2D videos for view invariant action recognition
* Multi-channel Shape-Flow Kernel Descriptors for Robust Video Event Detection and Retrieval
* Multi-channel Shape-Flow Kernel Descriptors for Robust Video Event Detection and Retrieval
* Multi-lingual Offline Handwriting Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models: A Script-Independent Approach
* Multimodal feature fusion for robust event detection in web videos
* Multimodal feature fusion for robust event detection in web videos
* Nested state indexing in pairwise Markov networks for fast handwritten document image rule-line removal
* OCR-Driven Writer Identification and Adaptation in an HMM Handwriting Recognition System
* Online, Real-time Tracking and Recognition of Human Actions
* Performance improvements to the BBN Byblos OCR system
* Pooling Faces: Template Based Face Recognition with Pooled Face Images
* Pose-Aware Face Recognition in the Wild
* Probabilistic Non-Local Means
* Ridge Regression based classifiers for large scale class imbalanced datasets
* Ridge Regression based classifiers for large scale class imbalanced datasets
* Robust named entity detection from optical character recognition output
* Robust Page Segmentation Based on Smearing and Error Correction Unifying Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches
* Scene image categorization and video event detection using Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
* Scene image categorization and video event detection using Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
* Self-Organized Text Detection with Minimal Post-processing via Border Learning
* Statistical Machine Translation as a Language Model for Handwriting Recognition
* Stochastic Segment Model Adaptation for Offline Handwriting Recognition
* Stochastic Segment Modeling for Offline Handwriting Recognition
* Text Extraction from Video Using Conditional Random Fields
* Unsupervised HMM Adaptation Using Page Style Clustering
* Videotext OCR using hidden Markov models
* View and scale invariant action recognition using multiview shape-flow models
* Wavelet Band-pass Filters for Matching Multiple Templates in Real-time
* Wavelet Band-pass Filters for Matching Multiple Templates in Real-time
* Zero-Shot Event Detection Using Multi-modal Fusion of Weakly Supervised Concepts
Includes: Natarajan, P.[Pradeep] Natarajan, P.[Prem] Natarajan, P. Natarajan, P.[Premkumar]
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Natarajan, S.[Sudha] Co Author Listing * Special section on image and video processing for security

Natarajan, T. Co Author Listing * Discrete Cosine Transform

Natarajan, U. Co Author Listing * On-line prediction of micro-turning multi-response variables by machine vision system using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)

Natarajan, V.[Vidhya] Co Author Listing * Phase Fourier Reconstruction for Anomaly Detection on Metal Surface Using Salient Irregularity
* Scalar field visualization via extraction of symmetric structures
* Segmenting point-sampled surfaces
* Uncertainty visualization using HDR volume rendering
* Visibility volumes for interactive path optimization
Includes: Natarajan, V.[Vidhya] Natarajan, V.[Vijay]

Nataraju, S.[Sunaad] Co Author Listing * Learning attention based saliency in videos from human eye movements

Natario Teixeira, J.M.X.[Joao Marcelo Xavier] Co Author Listing * Optimizing 3D Object Visualization on the Web
Includes: Natario Teixeira, J.M.X.[Joao Marcelo Xavier] Natário Teixeira, J.M.X.[João Marcelo Xavier]

Natario, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Extrapolating Side Information for Low-Delay Pixel-Domain Distributed Video Coding
Includes: Natario, L.[Luis] Natário, L.[Luís]

Nater, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Beyond Novelty Detection: Incongruent Events, When General and Specific Classifiers Disagree
* Exploiting simple hierarchies for unsupervised human behavior analysis
* Interestingness of Images, The
* Temporal Relations in Videos for Unsupervised Activity Analysis
* Tracker trees for unusual event detection
* Transferring activities: Updating human behavior analysis
* Unsupervised workflow discovery in industrial environments
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Natgunanathan, I. Co Author Listing * Effective Pseudonoise Sequence and Decoding Function for Imperceptibility and Robustness Enhancement in Time-Spread Echo-Based Audio Watermarking
* Robust Histogram Shape-Based Method for Image Watermarking

Nath, A. Co Author Listing * Design and fabrication of a teleoperated explorer mobile robot

Nath, A.N. Co Author Listing * Determination of satellite nadir and azimuth angles for a tilting sensor

Nath, B.[Baikunth] Co Author Listing * Anti-personnel Mine Detection and Classification Using GPR Image
* Blood Vessel Segmentation from Color Retinal Images using Unsupervised Texture Classification
* Detection and Classification of Bifurcation and Branch Points on Retinal Vascular Network
* Mining Rare Patterns Using Hyper-Linked Data Structure
Includes: Nath, B.[Baikunth] Nath, B.[Bhabesh]

Nath, D. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithms for the Connected Components and Minimal Spanning Tree Problems

Nath, J.S.[J. Saketha] Co Author Listing * efficient clustering scheme using support vector methods, An

Nath, M.K.[Malaya Kumar] Co Author Listing * Differential entropy in wavelet sub-band for assessment of glaucoma
* Multiscale ICA for fundus image analysis

Nath, R.[Reshmita] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Phenology in the Mongolian Plateau by Inter-Comparison of Global Vegetation Datasets
* Entropy-based dual-portal-to-3-DCT registration incorporating pixel correlation
* Knuckle Print Biometrics and Fusion Schemes: Overview, Challenges, and Solutions
* Palmprint and Finger Knuckle Based Person Authentication with Random Forest via Kernel-2DPCA
Includes: Nath, R.[Reshmita] Nath, R. Nath, R.[Ravinder]

Nath, S.[Suman] Co Author Listing * Generic and efficient framework for search trees on flash memory storage systems
* SensorMap for Wide-Area Sensor Webs

Nath, S.I.[Sharma Ishan] Co Author Listing * New Linguistic-Perceptual Event Model for Spatio-Temporal Event Detection and Personalized Retrieval of Sports Video, A

Nath, S.K.[Sumit K.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Spatial Neighborhood Relationships for Arbitrarily-Shaped Objects Using Hamilton-Jacobi GVD
* Adaptive Robust Structure Tensors for Orientation Estimation and Image Segmentation
* Fast Graph Partitioning Active Contours for Image Segmentation Using Histograms
* Geodesic Active Contour Based Fusion of Visible and Infrared Video for Persistent Object Tracking
* improved, wavelet-based, stereoscopic image sequence codec with SNR and spatial scalability, An
* New Method for Removal of Edge Artifacts Using a 2d Extrapolated Discrete Wavelet Transform with Biorthogonal Wavelets, A
* Robust Tracking of Migrating Cells Using Four-Color Level Set Segmentation
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Nath, T.[Tanmay] Co Author Listing * Automated Social Behaviour Recognition at Low Resolution
* Tracking for Quantifying Social Network of Drosophila Melanogaster

Nath, V.K.[Vijay Kumar] Co Author Listing * Lapped transform-based image denoising with the generalised Gaussian prior

Nathalie, C. Co Author Listing * Fully scalable object based video coder based on analysis-synthesis scheme

Nathan Mundhenk, T. Co Author Listing * New Robotics Platform for Neuromorphic Vision: Beobots, A

Nathan, A. Co Author Listing * Classification and Tracking Using Local Optimization
* Interactive Displays: The Next Omnipresent Technology

Nathan, J.F.[John F.] Co Author Listing * LVQ-based Automotive Occupant Classification System, An

Nathan, K. Co Author Listing * Parameter Tying in Writer Dependent Recognition of On-Line Handwriting
* Size normalization in on-line unconstrained handwriting recognition

Nathan, K.S. Co Author Listing * Fast Statistical Mixture Algorithm For Online Handwriting Recognition, A

Nathan, M.[Mitch] Co Author Listing * ITA Range Image Processing System, The
* Rule Based System for Pattern Recognition that Exploits Topological Constraints, A
* Spatial Reasoning, Sensor Repositioning and Disambiguation in 3D Model Based Recognition
* Viewpoint Independent Modeling Approach to Object Recognition, A
Includes: Nathan, M.[Mitch] Nathan, M.[Mitchell] Nathan, M.

Nathan, R. Co Author Listing * Multiple Description Video Coding with Un-quantized Prediction Loop
* Spatial Frequency Filtering

Nathan, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * image analysis method for quantification of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, An

Nathan, V. Co Author Listing * Recent Advances in LWIR Type-II InAs/GaSb Superlattice Photodetectors and Focal Plane Arrays at the Center for Quantum Devices

Nathanson, H.C.[Harvey C.] Co Author Listing * Distributed aperture imaging and tracking system

Nathwani, B.N. Co Author Listing * Continuous Class Pattern-Recognition for Pathology, with Applications to Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphomas

Nathwani, K. Co Author Listing * DNN Uncertainty Propagation Using GMM-Derived Uncertainty Features for Noise Robust ASR
* Group Delay Based Methods for Speaker Segregation and its Application in Multimedia Information Retrieval

Nati, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Ellipsoidal neighbourhood outlier factor for distributed anomaly detection in resource constrained networks

Nativi, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Architecture of a Process Broker for Interoperable Geospatial Modeling on the Web
* Era-planet The European Network For Observing Our Changing Planet
* Towards Operational Detection of Forest Ecosystem Changes in Protected Areas
Includes: Nativi, S.[Stefano] Nativi, S.

Natola, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Non-parametric Inference for Manifold Based MoCap Representation
* Component-Wise Modeling of Articulated Objects
* Single Image Object Modeling Based on BRDF and r-Surfaces Learning

Natoli, P. Co Author Listing * Artifact Removal for GLS Map Makers by Means of Post-Processing

Natori, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Recognition of lung lobes and its application to the bronchial structure analysis
* Synchronized Display of Virtual Colonoscopic Views in Supine and Prone CT Images

Natori, N. Co Author Listing * Banknote portrait detection using convolutional neural network

Natowicz, R. Co Author Listing * model of formal neural networks for unsupervised learning of binary temporal sequences, A

Natraj, V. Co Author Listing * Testing the Polarization Model for TANSO-FTS on GOSAT Against Clear-Sky Observations of Sun Glint Over the Ocean

Natroshvili, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Focusing of Bistatic Airborne SAR Data
* Focusing of General Bistatic SAR Configuration Data With 2-D Inverse Scaled FFT

Natsev, A. Co Author Listing * Tracking Large-Scale Video Remix in Real-World Events

Natsev, A.P.[Apostol Paul] Co Author Listing * accuracy and value of machine-generated image tags: Design and user evaluation of an end-to-end image tagging system, The
* Assessing the Filtering and Browsing Utility of Automatic Semantic Concepts for Multimedia Retrieval
* Cluster-based data modeling for semantic video search
* Exploring semantic dependencies for scalable concept detection
* Greedy Performance Driven Algorithm for Decision Fusion Learning, A
* Hybrid Tagging and Browsing Approaches for Efficient Manual Image Annotation
* IBM multimedia analysis and retrieval system
* IBM multimedia search and retrieval system
* IBM multimodal interactive video threading
* Image modality classification: a late fusion method based on confidence indicator and closeness matrix
* Interactive search fusion methods for video database retrieval
* learning-based hybrid tagging and browsing approach for efficient manual image annotation, A
* Multi-query interactive image and video retrieval: Theory and practice
* Multimedia Research Challenges for Industry
* Multimedia Semantics: Interactions Between Content and Community
* Multimodal Search for Effective Video Retrieval
* Normalized classifier fusion for semantic visual concept detection
* Over-complete representation and fusion for semantic concept detection
* Query-Adaptive Fusion for Multimodal Search
* Scene Aligned Pooling for Complex Video Recognition
* Semantic Model Vectors for Complex Video Event Recognition
* Semantics reinforcement and fusion learning for multimedia streams
* Statistical Techniques for Video Analysis and Searching
* VideoAL: A novel end-to-end MPEG-7 video automatic labeling system
* Web-based information content and its application to concept-based video retrieval
Includes: Natsev, A.P.[Apostol Paul] Natsev, A.P. Natsev, A.P.[Apostol P.] Natsev, A.P.[A. Paul]
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Natsis, S. Co Author Listing * Simpler Method for Large Scale Digital Orthophoto Production, A

Natsuaki, R.[Ryo] Co Author Listing * Burst Misalignment Evaluation for ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 ScanSAR-ScanSAR Interferometry
* SPEC Method: A Fine Coregistration Method for SAR Interferometry
Includes: Natsuaki, R.[Ryo] Natsuaki, R.

Natsumi, H.[Hiroaki] Co Author Listing * Predicting Corresponding Region in a Third View Using Discrete Epipolar Lines

Nattee, C. Co Author Listing * Geometric method for document understanding and classification using online machine learning
* Relative Positioning of Stroke-based Clustering: A New Approach to Online Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition
* Spatial Similarity Based Stroke Number and Order Free Clustering
Includes: Nattee, C. Nattee, C.[Cholwich]

Nattel, E.[Efri] Co Author Listing * Direct feature extraction in a foveated environment

Natterer, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
* Past and future directions in x-ray computed tomography (CT)
* Radon Transform, The
* Toward accurate attenuation correction in SPECT without transmission measurements
Includes: Natterer, F.[Frank] Natterer, F.

Nattkemper, T.W. Co Author Listing * Active Learning for the Classification of Species in Underwater Images from a Fixed Observatory
* Adaptive Tissue Characterization Network for Model-Free Visualization of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Image Data, An
* Change detection in marine observatory image streams using Bi-Domain Feature Clustering
* COATL: A learning architecture for online real-time detection and classification assistance for environmental data
* Data-Driven Long Term Change Analysis in Marine Observatory Image Streams
* Polyp Activity Estimation and Monitoring for Cold Water Corals with a Deep Learning Approach
* Ranking Color Correction Algorithms Using Cluster Indices
* Seabed Classification Using a Bag-of-Prototypes Feature Representation
Includes: Nattkemper, T.W. Nattkemper, T.W.[Tim W.]
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Nattoji Rajaram, R. Co Author Listing * Looking at Pedestrians at Different Scales: A Multiresolution Approach and Evaluations

Natu, A. Co Author Listing * Transmission of JPEG2000 Code-Streams over Mobile Radio Channels

Naturel, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Detecting queues at vending machines: A statistical layered approach

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