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Nesasudha, M. Co Author Listing * compact 3-D cubic antenna for wireless sensor networks, A

Nesbitt, D. Co Author Listing * LiDAR Sampling Density for Forest Resource Inventories in Ontario, Canada

Nesbitt, N. Co Author Listing * Evaluating leaf chlorophyll content prediction from multispectral remote sensing data within a physically-based modelling framework
* Hybrid Geometric Optical-Radiative Transfer Model Suitable for Forests on Slopes

Neschen, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Fast Logo Detection and Recognition in Document Images

Nescher, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * interactive whiteboard for immersive telecollaboration, An
* Planning redirection techniques for optimal free walking experience using model predictive control
Includes: Nescher, T.[Thomas] Nescher, T.

Nesci, R. Co Author Listing * Correction of Background in Very Low Statistics Images

Neseli, O. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Evaluation Of Saint Theodoros Trion Church (Derinkuyu Kilisesi)

Neshatian, K. Co Author Listing * Dimensionality reduction in face detection: A genetic programming approach

Nesheli, M.M. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Public-Transport Operational Tactics Using Synchronized Transfers to Eliminate Vehicle Bunching

Nesi, P. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition from Single Perspective Views
* Algorithms for Optical Flow Estimation in Real-Time on Connection Machine-2
* Analysis of Optical-Flow Constraints
* Behavioral object recognition from multiple image frames
* distributed system for computer vision quality control of clinched boards, A
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Real-Time Defect Detection
* Integrating Object Oriented Programming Paradigm Concepts in Designing a Vision and Pattern Recognition System Architecture
* On The Perspective Projection Of 3-D Planar-Faced Junctions
* Optical flow computation using extended constraints
* Optical Flow Estimation on the Connection-Machine CM-2
* Optical Flow from Constraint Lines Parametrization
* Optimization of information retrieval for cross media contents in a best practice network
* Robust Algorithm for Optical-Flow Estimation, A
* Robust Tracking of 3D Motion, A
* Special Issue on Computer Vision Motion Analysis
* Three-Dimensional Iconic Environment for Image Database Querying, A
* Variational Approach to Optical-Flow Estimation Managing Discontinuities
* Vision System for Estimating People Flow, A
* Vision-Based 3-D Mouse, A
* Vision-Based Particle Tracking Velocimetry, A
Includes: Nesi, P. Nesi, P.[Paolo]
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Nesic, N.[Nera] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Stereo Datasets with Subpixel-Accurate Ground Truth
Includes: Nesic, N.[Nera] Nešic, N.[Nera]

Neskovic, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis and characterization of myocardial tissue with the wavelet image extension
* Vehicle Positioning Using GSM and Cascade-Connected ANN Structures

Neskovic, N. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Positioning Using GSM and Cascade-Connected ANN Structures

Neskovic, P.[Predrag] Co Author Listing * Approximating a non-homogeneous HMM with Dynamic Spatial Dirichlet Process
* Biologically Inspired Hierarchical Model for Feature Extraction and Localization
* Improving nearest neighbor rule with a simple adaptive distance measure
* Integration of Online and Pseudo-Online Information for Cursive Word Recognition, An
* Minimum Sphere Covering Approach to Pattern Classification, A
* Neighborhood size selection in the k-nearest-neighbor rule using statistical confidence
* probabilistic model for classifying segmented images, A
* Three-Dimensional Shape Representation from Curvature Dependent Surface Evolution
Includes: Neskovic, P.[Predrag] Neskovic, P.
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Nesmachnow, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * C++ Implementation of Otsu's Image Segmentation Method, A

Nesme, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * Accurate Interactive Animation of Deformable Models At Arbitrary Resolution
* Hierarchy Accelerated Stochastic Collision Detection

Nespeca, R. Co Author Listing * All-in-One Laser Scanning Methods for Surveying, Representing and Sharing Information on Archaeology. via Flaminia and the Furlo Tunnel Complex
* Analysis, Thematic Maps And Data Mining From Point Cloud To Ontology For Software Development
* From TLS To HBIM. High Quality Semantically-Aware 3D Modeling of Complex Architecture
* Sfm Technique And Focus Stacking For Digital Documentation Of Archaeological Artifacts

Ness, L. Co Author Listing * Centralized multi-scale singular value decomposition for feature construction in LIDAR image classification problems

Nestares, O. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Inference of Visual Motion Boundaries
* Efficient Spatial Domain Implementation of a Multiscale Image Representation Based on Gabor Functions
* Error-in-variables likelihood functions for motion estimation
* Fusing image data with location and orientation sensor data streams for consumer video applications
* Likelihood Functions and Confidence Bounds for Total-Least-Squares Problems
* Noise and dynamic range optimal computational imaging
* Probabilistic estimation of optical flow in multiple band-pass directional channels
* Probabilistic Tracking of Motion Boundaries with Spatiotemporal Predictions
* Several Experiments on Texture Analysis, Coding and Synthesis by Gabor Wavelets
* Texture Synthesis-by-Analysis Method Based on a Multiscale Early-Vision Model
Includes: Nestares, O. Nestares, O.[Oscar]
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Nesterets, Y.[Yakov] Co Author Listing * EEG source localization using a sparsity prior based on Brodmann areas
* Evaluating the performance of BSBL methodology for EEG source localization on a realistic head model

Nesterets, Y.I.[Yakov I.] Co Author Listing * Computed tomography with linear shift-invariant optical systems
* On the van Cittert-Zernike theorem for intensity correlations and its applications

Nesthus, T.E.[Thomas E.] Co Author Listing * Hypoxia, color vision deficiencies, and blood oxygen saturation

Nesti, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Automatic scaling of ionograms by the method of structural description

Nesti, G. Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Parasitic SAR Experiment, A
* investigation of bistatic calibration objects, An
* investigation of bistatic calibration techniques, An
* Surface roughness and slope measurements using polarimetric SAR data

Nestle, U. Co Author Listing * Visualization of Deformable Image Registration Quality Using Local Image Dissimilarity

Nestler, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Face Detection in Thermal Infrared Images: A Comparison of Algorithm- and Machine-Learning-Based Approaches

Nestler, R.[Rico] Co Author Listing * Speeding Up Powerful State-of-the-Art Restoration Methods with Modern Graphics Processors

Nestmeyer, T. Co Author Listing * Reflectance Adaptive Filtering Improves Intrinsic Image Estimation

Nestola, E.[Enrica] Co Author Listing * Integrated Analysis of Productivity and Biodiversity in a Southern Alberta Prairie
* Monitoring Grassland Seasonal Carbon Dynamics, by Integrating MODIS NDVI, Proximal Optical Sampling, and Eddy Covariance Measurements
* Validation of PROBA-V GEOV1 and MODIS C5 & C6 fAPAR Products in a Deciduous Beech Forest Site in Italy

Nestor, P.J. Co Author Listing * New Fast Accurate Nonlinear Medical Image Registration Program Including Surface Preserving Regularization, A

Nesvadba, J. Co Author Listing * Evolvable visual commercial detector
* Face detection in the compressed domain
* Face Tracking in the Compressed Domain
Includes: Nesvadba, J. Nesvadba, J.[Jan]

Nesvadba, P. Co Author Listing * Calibration of a Video Camera Digitising System in the CIE LUV Colour Space
* Fish species recognition by shape analysis of images
* Method for Working out the Moments of a Polygon, A

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