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Nevado, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Bilingual Corpora: A Comparison of Different Techniques

Nevalainen, O. Co Author Listing * Geometric And Reflectance Signature Characterization Of Complex Canopies Using Hyperspectral Stereoscopic Images From UAV And Terrestrial Platforms
* Hyperspectral lidar in non-destructive 4D monitoring of climate variables
* Incidence Angle Dependency of Leaf Vegetation Indices from Hyperspectral Lidar Measurements
* Individual Tree Detection and Classification with UAV-Based Photogrammetric Point Clouds and Hyperspectral Imaging
* Investigating Bi-Temporal Hyperspectral Lidar Measurements from Declined Trees: Experiences from Laboratory Test
* Monitoring Changes in Rice Cultivated Area from SAR and Optical Satellite Images in Ben Tre and Tra Vinh Provinces in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Includes: Nevalainen, O. Nevalainen, O.[Olli]

Nevalainen, O.S. Co Author Listing * Clustering by a parallel self-adaptive genetic algorithm
* Compression of Binary Images by Composite Methods Based on Block Coding
* Computing relative neighbourhood graphs in the plane
* Fast Exact GLA Based on Code Vector Activity Detection, A
* Feature learning with a genetic algorithm for fluorescence fingerprinting of plant species
* Iterative Split-And-Merge Algorithm for Vector Quantization Codebook Generation
* new iterative algorithm for VQ codebook generation, A
* On the design of a hierarchical BTC-VQ compression system
* On the Splitting Method for Vector Quantization Codebook Generation
* TABU Search Algorithm for Codebook Generation in Vector Quantization
* Variable quality image compression system based on SPIHT
Includes: Nevalainen, O.S. Nevalainen, O.S.[Olli S.]
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Nevalainen, P.[Paavo] Co Author Listing * Arctic Soil Hydraulic Conductivity and Soil Type Recognition Based on Aerial Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Topographical Data
* Detecting Terrain Stoniness From Airborne Laser Scanning Data

Nevarez, M.[Mitzy] Co Author Listing * Nose bug egg geometric structure segmentation with anisotropic filtering and edge enhancement

Nevas, S. Co Author Listing * Impact of Improved Calibration of a NEO HySpex VNIR-1600 Sensor on Remote Sensing of Water Depth

Nevatia, R.[Ram] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Nevatia, R.[Ram]: nevatia AT usc edu
* 3-D Object Recognition Using Surface Descriptions
* 3D Descriptions of Buildings from an Oblique View Aerial Image
* 3D Human Action Recognition Using Spatio-temporal Motion Templates
* 3D tracking of human locomotion: a tracking as recognition approach
* Abstraction hierarchy and self annotation update for fine grained activity recognition
* Accurate person tracking through changing poses for multi-view action recognition
* Action recognition in cluttered dynamic scenes using Pose-Specific Part Models
* ACTIVE: Activity Concept Transitions in Video Event Classification
* Activity recognition and prediction with pose based discriminative patch model
* AMC: Attention Guided Multi-modal Correlation Learning for Image Search
* Automatic and Interactive Modeling of Buildings in Urban Environments from Aerial Images
* Automatic Building Extraction from Aerial Images
* Automatic Concept Discovery from Parallel Text and Visual Corpora
* Automatic Description of Buildings with Complex Rooftops from Multiple Images
* Automatic description of complex buildings from multiple images
* Automatic Description of Complex Buildings with Multiple Images
* Automatic Integration of Facade Textures into 3D Building Models with a Projective Geometry Based Line Clustering
* Automatic pose estimation of complex 3D building models
* Automatic Tracking and Labeling of Human Activities in a Video Sequence
* Bayesian Framework for Video Surveillance Application
* Bayesian human segmentation in crowded situations
* Beyond Pedestrians: A Hybrid Approach of Tracking Multiple Articulating Humans
* Body Part Detection for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Boundary Detection in Range Pictures
* Building Detection and Description from a Monocular Image
* Building Detection and Description from a Single Intensity Image
* Buildings Detection and Description from Monocular Aerial Images
* Camera Calibration from Video of a Walking Human
* Car Detection in Low Resolution Aerial Images
* Characterization and Requirements of Computer vision Systems
* Classification of Edges for Object Detection in Aerial Images
* CLEAR'07 Evaluation of USC Human Tracking System for Surveillance Videos
* Cluster Boosted Tree Classifier for Multi-View, Multi-Pose Object Detection
* Color Edge Detector and Its Use in Scene Segmentation, A
* Color Edge Detector, A
* Combined face-body tracking in indoor environment
* Computer Analysis of Scenes of 3-D Curved Objects
* Computer Vision Research at the University of Southern California
* Computing Volume Descriptions from Sparse 3-D Data
* Conditional Bayesian networks for action detection
* Constraints for Interpretation of Line Drawings under Perspective Projection
* Constraints for Interpretation of Perspective Images
* Correcting Matches and Inferring Surface Patches in Passive Stereo
* Coupled Hidden Semi Markov Models for Activity Recognition
* Depth Measurement by Motion Stereo
* Describing and Segmenting Scenes from Imperfect and Incomplete Data
* Describing Natural Textures
* Description and Recognition of Curved Objects
* Description and Tracking of Moving Articulated Objects
* Description of 3-D Surfaces Using Curvature Properties
* Description of Surfaces from Range Data
* Description of Surfaces from Range Data using Curvature Properties
* Descriptions of Complex Objects from Incomplete and Imperfect Data
* Detecting Buildings in Aerial Images
* Detecting Changes in Aerial Views of Man-Made Structures
* Detecting Moving Objects from a Moving Platform
* Detecting Runways in Aerial Images
* Detecting Runways in Complex Airport Scenes
* Detection and Description of Buildings from Multiple Aerial Images
* Detection and Modeling of Buildings from Multiple Aerial Images
* Detection and Segmentation of Multiple, Partially Occluded Objects by Grouping, Merging, Assigning Part Detection Responses
* Detection and Tracking of Moving Vehicles in Crowded Scenes
* Detection and Tracking of Multiple Humans with Extensive Pose Articulation
* Detection and Tracking of Multiple, Partially Occluded Humans by Bayesian Combination of Edgelet based Part Detectors
* Detection of Buildings from Monocular Images
* Detection of Buildings from Monocular Views of Aerial Scenes Using Perceptual Grouping and Shadows
* Detection of Buildings in Aerial Images Using Shape and Shadows
* Detection of Buildings Using Perceptual Groupings and Shadows
* Detection of Multiple, Partially Occluded Humans in a Single Image by Bayesian Combination of Edgelet Part Detectors
* DISCOVER: Discovering Important Segments for Classification of Video Events and Recounting
* Dynamic Human Pose Estimation using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach
* Dynamics Based Trajectory Segmentation for UAV videos
* Edge Based System for Detecting Buildings in Aerial Images, An
* Efficient Detector Adaptation for Object Detection in a Video
* Efficient incremental learning of boosted classifiers for object detection
* Efficient Inference with Multiple Heterogeneous Part Detectors for Human Pose Estimation
* Efficient Parallel Processing in High Level Vision
* Efficient scan-window based object detection using GPGPU
* Evaluating multimedia features and fusion for example-based event detection
* Evaluation of a Simplified Hueckel Edge-Line Detector
* Event Detection and Analysis from Video Streams
* Expandable bayesian networks for 3D object description from multiple views and multiple mode inputs
* Exploring deep learning based solutions in fine grained activity recognition in the wild
* Extensive articulated human detection by voting Cluster Boosted Tree
* Extraction and integration of window in a 3D building model from ground view images
* Face recognition using deep multi-pose representations
* Forecasting Human Pose and Motion with Multibody Dynamic Model
* From an Intensity Image to 3-D Segmented Descriptions
* From Sparse 3-D Data Directly to Volumetric Shape Descriptions
* Generalized Cone Descriptions from Sparse 3-D Data
* Generalizing Over Aspect and Location for Rooftop Detection
* Global data association for multi-object tracking using network flows
* Graphical framework for action recognition using temporally dense STIPs
* Hierarchical abnormal event detection by real time and semi-real time multi-tasking video surveillance system
* Hierarchical Multi-Channel Hidden Semi Markov Graphical Models for Activity Recognition
* Hierarchical Multi-channel Hidden Semi Markov Models
* High Accuracy Model Matching for Scenes Containing Man-Made Structures
* High performance object detection by collaborative learning of Joint Ranking of Granules features
* How does person identity recognition help multi-person tracking?
* Human Action Recognition Using a Dynamic Bayesian Action Network with 2D Part Models
* Human detection by searching in 3d space using camera and scene knowledge
* Human Pose Tracking in Monocular Sequence Using Multilevel Structured Models
* Human Pose Tracking Using Multi-level Structured Models
* Image Segmentation
* Image Set Classification via Template Triplets and Context-Aware Similarity Embedding
* Image Understanding Systems and Industrial Applications
* Improving Part based Object Detection by Unsupervised, Online Boosting
* Including Interaction in an Automated Modelling System
* Indoor Navigation without a Specific Map
* Inferring Shape from Contour for Curved Surfaces
* Integrating component cues for human pose tracking
* Integrating ground and aerial views for urban site modeling
* Inter-camera Association of Multi-target Tracks by On-Line Learned Appearance Affinity Models
* Interactive 3D building modeling using a hierarchical representation
* Issues In Parallel Tree Search for Object Recognition
* Issues in Shape Description and an Approach for Working with Sparse Data
* Key Object Driven Multi-category Object Recognition, Localization and Tracking Using Spatio-temporal Context
* Knowledge-Based Automatic Feature Extraction
* Knowledge-Based Building Detection and Description: 1997-1998
* Large-scale event detection using semi-hidden markov models
* Large-scale web video event classification by use of Fisher Vectors
* Learning 3D action models from a few 2D videos for view invariant action recognition
* Learning Action Concept Trees and Semantic Alignment Networks from Image-Description Data
* Learning affinities and dependencies for multi-target tracking using a CRF model
* Learning neighborhood cooccurrence statistics of sparse features for human activity recognition
* Learning to associate: HybridBoosted multi-target tracker for crowded scene
* Left-Luggage Detection using Bayesian Inference
* Linear Feature Extraction
* Linear Feature Extraction and Description
* Local-Global Landmark Confidences for Face Recognition
* Locating Object Boundaries in Textured Environments
* Locating Structures in Aerial Images
* Machine Perception
* Matching Images Using Linear Features
* Matching in 2-D and 3-D
* Matching Linear Features of Images and Maps
* Matching of Natural Terrain Scenes
* Method for Recognition and Localization of Generic Objects for Indoor Navigation, A
* Model Registration and Validation
* Model Validation for Change Detection
* Model-Based Approach for Multi-View Complex Building Description, A
* Model-Based Vehicle Segmentation Method for Tracking, A
* Modeling 3-D Complex Buildings With User Assistance
* Monocular Human Pose Tracking Using Multi Frame Part Dynamics
* Multi class boosted random ferns for adapting a generic object detector to a specific video
* Multi-Agent Event Recognition
* multi-scale cascade fully convolutional network face detector, A
* Multi-state Discriminative Video Segment Selection for Complex Event Classification
* Multi-target tracking by on-line learned discriminative appearance models
* Multi-Target Tracking by Online Learning a CRF Model of Appearance and Motion Patterns
* Multi-target tracking by online learning of non-linear motion patterns and robust appearance models
* Multiple pose context trees for estimating human pose in object context
* Multiple Target Tracking by Learning-Based Hierarchical Association of Detection Responses
* Multisensor Integration for Building Modeling
* MURI Project for Rapid Feature Extraction in Urban Areas, The
* online learned CRF model for multi-target tracking, An
* Online Learned Discriminative Part-Based Appearance Models for Multi-human Tracking
* Online, Real-time Tracking and Recognition of Human Actions
* Ontology for Video Event Representation, An
* Optimizing discrimination-efficiency tradeoff in integrating heterogeneous local features for object detection
* Parallel Linear Feature Extraction
* Parallel Processing for Spatial Grouping and Matching
* Part-Based 3D Descriptions of Complex Objects from a Single Image
* Pedestrian Detection in Infrared Images based on Local Shape Features
* Pedestrian Tracking by Associating Tracklets using Detection Residuals
* Perception of 3-D Surfaces from 2-D Contours
* Perceptual Grouping for the Detection and Description of Structures in Aerial Images
* Perceptual Grouping with Applications to 3D Shape Extraction
* Perceptual Organization for Scene Segmentation and Description
* Perceptual Organization for Segmentation and Description
* Pose based activity recognition using Multiple Kernel learning
* Pose Estimation of Multi-Part Curved Objects
* Pose Filter Based Hidden-CRF Models for Activity Detection
* ProNet: Learning to Propose Object-Specific Boxes for Cascaded Neural Networks
* Quasi-Invariant Properties and 3-D Shape Recovery of Non-Straight, Non-Constant Generalized Cylinders
* Real Time Body Pose Tracking in an Immersive Training Environment
* Real-Time 3D Body Pose Tracking from Multiple 2D Images
* Recent Advances in Detection and Description of Buildings from Multiple Images
* Recognition and Localization of Generic Objects for Indoor Navigation Using Functionality
* Recognition and Segmentation of 3-D Human Action Using HMM and Multi-class AdaBoost
* Recognizing 3-D Objects Using Surface Descriptions
* Recovering Building Structures from Stereo
* Recovering LSHGCs and SHGCs from Stereo
* Recovering Shape from Contour for Constant Cross Section Generalized Cylinders
* Recovering Shape from Contour for SHGCs and CGCs
* Recovery of 3-D Objects with Multiple Curved Surfaces from 2-D Contours
* Recovery of Three-Dimensional Shape of Curved Objects from a Single Image
* Representation and Computation of the Spatial Environment for Indoor Navigation
* Representation and Optimal Recognition of Human Activities
* Robust Adaptive Classifier for Detector Adaptation in a Video, A
* Robust camera calibration tool for video surveillance camera in urban environment
* Robust multi-pose face tracking by multi-stage tracklet association
* Robust multi-view car detection using unsupervised sub-categorization
* Robust Object Tracking based on Detection with Soft Decision
* Robust Object Tracking by Hierarchical Association of Detection Responses
* Robust Object Tracking Using Constellation Model with Superpixel
* Scene Segmentation and Volumetric Descriptions of SHGCs from a Single Intensity Image
* Segment-based models for event detection and recounting
* Segment-Based Stereo Matching
* Segmentation and 3-D Recovery of Curved-Axis Generalized Cylinders from an Intensity Image
* Segmentation and Description Based on Perceptual Organization
* Segmentation and Recovery of SHGCS from a Real Intensity Image
* Segmentation and Tracking of Multiple Humans in Complex Situations
* Segmentation and Tracking of Multiple Humans in Crowded Environments
* Segmentation of multiple, partially occluded objects by grouping, merging, assigning part detection responses
* Segmentation of objects in a detection window by Nonparametric Inhomogeneous CRFs
* Segmented Description of 3-D Surfaces
* Self-calibration of a camera from video of a walking human
* Semantic Aware Video Transcription Using Random Forest Classifiers
* Semi-automated 3-D Building Extraction from Stereo Imagery
* Shape Descriptions from Imperfect and Incomplete Data
* Shape from Contour: Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cones
* Shape From Contour: Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders and Constant Cross-Section Generalized Cylinders
* Simultaneous inference of activity, pose and object
* Simultaneous Object Detection and Segmentation by Boosting Local Shape Feature based Classifier
* Simultaneous tracking and action recognition for single actor human actions
* Single View Human Action Recognition using Key Pose Matching and Viterbi Path Searching
* Speed Performance Improvement of Vehicle Blob Tracking System
* Steps Toward Accurate Stereo Correspondence
* Stereo Error Detection, Correction, and Evaluation
* Stochastic human segmentation from a static camera
* Structural Analysis of Natural Textures
* Structural Description of Natural Textures
* Structural Texture Analysis Applications
* Structured Description of Complex Objects
* Surface Segmentation and Description from Curvature Features
* Surveillance and Monitoring Using Video Images from a UAV
* Symbolic Representation: USC IU System
* System for Building Detection from Aerial Images, A
* systems level approach to perimeter protection, A
* Tag-based video retrieval by embedding semantic content in a continuous word space
* Three-Dimensional Descriptions Based on the Analysis of the Invariant and Quasi-Invariant Properties of Some Curved-Axis Generalized Cylinders
* Three-Dimensional Part-Based Descriptions from a Real Intensity Image
* Tracking Multiple Humans in Complex Situations
* Tracking multiple humans in crowded environment
* Tracking of Multiple Humans in Meetings
* Tracking of Multiple, Partially Occluded Humans based on Static Body Part Detection
* Uncertain Reasoning and Learning for Feature Grouping
* Unsupervised incremental learning for improved object detection in a video
* USC Image Understanding Research: 1988-89
* USC Image Understanding Research: 1992-1993
* USC Image Understanding Research: 1993-1994
* USC Image Understanding Research: 1994-1995
* USC RADIUS Related Research: An Overview
* Use of Cues from Range Data for Automatic Building Modeling
* Use of Monocular Groupings and Occlusion Analysis in a Hierarchical Stereo System
* User Assisted Modeling of Buildings
* User Assisted Modeling of Buildings from Aerial Images
* User interactive multiple aerial view analysis for reconstructing a large number of 3D architectural models
* Using Generic Knowledge in Analysis of Aerial Scenes: A Case Study
* Using Perceptual Organization to Extract 3-D Structures
* Using Symmetries for Analysis of Shape from Contour
* Vehicle detection from low quality aerial LIDAR data
* VEIL: Combining Semantic Knowledge with Image Understanding
* VERL: An Ontology Framework for Representing and Annotating Video Events
* Video event classification with temporal partitioning
* Video segmentation and feature co-occurrences for activity classification
* Video Segmentation Descriptors for Event Recognition
* Video segmentation with spatio-temporal tubes
* Video-based event recognition: activity representation and probabilistic recognition methods
* View and scale invariant action recognition using multiview shape-flow models
* Visual Inspection Using Linear Features
* Volumetric Descriptions from a Single Intensity Image
Includes: Nevatia, R.[Ram] Nevatia, R. Nevatia, R.[Ramakant]
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Neven, D. Co Author Listing * Semantic Instance Segmentation for Autonomous Driving

Neven, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Pose Estimation System for Human Faces Based on Bunch Graph Matching Technology
* Face recognition from video images
* Large-Scale Object Classification Using Label Relation Graphs
* Large-scale privacy protection in Google Street View
* Method and apparatus for image analysis of a gabor-wavelet transformed image using a neural network
* Method and system for customizing facial feature tracking using precise landmark finding on a neutral face image
* Method and system for generating facial animation values based on a combination of visual and audio information
* Method for generating an animated three-dimensional video head
* Method for mapping facial animation values to head mesh positions
* Method for optimizing off-line facial feature tracking
* Online Facial Expression Recognition Based on Personalized Galleries
* PersonSpotter: Fast and Robust System for Human Detection, Tracking and Recognition
* PhotoOCR: Reading Text in Uncontrolled Conditions
* Probabilistic Label Relation Graphs with Ising Models
* Statistical Analysis of Gabor-Filter Representation
* System and method for feature location and tracking in multiple dimensions including depth
* Tour the world: Building a web-scale landmark recognition engine
* Wavelet-based facial motion capture for avatar animation
Includes: Neven, H. Neven, H.[Hartmut]
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Nevens, S.[Stijn] Co Author Listing * Spectral Aging Model Applied to Meteosat First Generation Visible Band

Nevernov, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Object-Oriented Data Model for Scanning Probe Microscopy Image-Processing

Neverova, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * 21/2 D Scene Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes from Single RGB-D Images
* Edge-based method for sharp region extraction from low depth of field images
* Hand Segmentation with Structured Convolutional Learning
* Lighting Estimation in Indoor Environments from Low-Quality Images
* ModDrop: Adaptive Multi-Modal Gesture Recognition
* Modout: Learning Multi-Modal Architectures by Stochastic Regularization
* Multi-scale Approach to Gesture Detection and Recognition, A
* Multi-scale Deep Learning for Gesture Detection and Localization
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Neves dos Santos, F.[Filipe] Co Author Listing * Automatic Eye Localization; Multi-block LBP vs. Pyramidal LBP Three-Levels Image Decomposition for Eye Visual Appearance Description

Neves Epiphanio, J.C.[Jose Carlos] Co Author Listing * Window Regression: A Spatial-Temporal Analysis to Estimate Pixels Classified as Low-Quality in MODIS NDVI Time Series
Includes: Neves Epiphanio, J.C.[Jose Carlos] Neves Epiphanio, J.C.[José Carlos]

Neves, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Papoulis-Gerchberg Algorithm with Unknown Signal Bandwidth, The

Neves, A.J.R.[Antonio J. R.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Configuration of Parameters in Robotic Digital Cameras
* JPEG 2000 coding of color-quantized images
* Lossless Compression of Color-Quantized Images Using Block-Based Palette Reordering
* Lossless Compression of Microarray Images
* Lossless Compression of Microarray Images Using Image-Dependent Finite-Context Models
* Lossy-to-Lossless Compression of Images Based on Binary Tree Decomposition
* Note on Zeng's Technique for Color Reindexing of Palette-Based Images, A
* On the relation between Memon's and the modified Zeng's palette reordering methods
* Palette reordering under an exponential power distribution model of prediction residuals
* Survey on Palette Reordering Methods for Improving the Compression of Color-Indexed Images, A
* UAVision: A Modular Time-Constrained Vision Library for Color-Coded Object Detection
* Variable Order Finite-Context Models in DNA Sequence Coding
Includes: Neves, A.J.R.[Antonio J. R.] Neves, A.J.R.[António J. R.] Neves, A.J.R.[António J.R.]
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Neves, F.D.[Fernando Das] Co Author Listing * Developing GIS Applications with Objects: A Design Patterns Approach

Neves, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * mobile, lightweight, poll-based food identification system, A

Neves, J.C.[Joao C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation of Leishmania Infections in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
* Calibration Algorithm for Multi-camera Visual Surveillance Systems Based on Single-View Metrology, A
* Dynamic camera scheduling for visual surveillance in crowded scenes using Markov random fields
* Exploiting Data Redundancy for Error Detection in Degraded Biometric Signatures Resulting From in the Wild Environments
* Face recognition: handling data misalignments implicitly by fusion of sparse representations
* IRINA: Iris Recognition (Even) in Inaccurately Segmented Data
* Joint Head Pose/Soft Label Estimation for Human Recognition In-The-Wild
* Quis-Campi: Extending in the Wild Biometric Recognition to Surveillance Environments
* Visible-wavelength iris/periocular imaging and recognition surveillance environments
Includes: Neves, J.C.[Joao C.] Neves, J.C.[Joăo C.] Neves, J.C.
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Neves, J.S.[Julio S.] Co Author Listing * Pattern Classes in Retinal Fundus Images Based on Function Norms
Includes: Neves, J.S.[Julio S.] Neves, J.S.[Júlio S.]

Neves, O.M.S. Co Author Listing * Forestry Expansion During The Last Decades In The Paraiba Do Sul Basin, Brazil

Neves, R.F.P. Co Author Listing * new technique to threshold the courtesy amount of Brazilian bank checks, A

Neves, S.R.[Sergio R.] Co Author Listing * Infrared-visible image fusion using the undecimated wavelet transform with spectral factorization and target extraction
* novel iterative calibration approach for thermal infrared cameras, A

Neveu, C.F.[Charles F.] Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Multiresolution Models

Neveu, M. Co Author Listing * B-Deformable Superquadrics for 3D Reconstruction
* Generalized SCODEF Deformations on Subdivision Surfaces
* Segmentation of echocardiographic images
* Toward a real-time tracking of dense point-sampled geometry
Includes: Neveu, M. Neveu, M.[Marc]

Neveu, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptation to alterations of apparent distance in stereoscopic displays: From lab to hyperstereopsis
* Adaptive estimates of egocentric distance from vergence in telestereoscopic viewing: Von Hofsten's model revisited

Neveux, P. Co Author Listing * Deconvolution for slowly time-varying systems 3D cases

Neviarouskaya, A. Co Author Listing * SentiFul: A Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis
* Sentiment Word Relations with Affect,Judgment, and Appreciation

Neville, P.R.H.[Paul R. H.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Pavement Surface Distress Conditions with Hyper-Spatial Resolution Natural Color Aerial Photography

Neville, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * SLNSW-UTS: A Historical Image Dataset for Image Multi-Labeling and Retrieval

Nevins, A.J.[Arthur J.] Co Author Listing * orientation free study of handprinted characters, An
* Region Extraction from Complex Shapes
Includes: Nevins, A.J.[Arthur J.] Nevins, A.J.

Nevins, Z.[Zeb] Co Author Listing * HPU, The

Nevo, E.[Eviatar] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Symmetry in Biological Systems
* Enhancement of contrast echocardiography by image variability analysis
* method of N-grams in large-scale clustering of DNA texts, The
* new measure of symmetry and its application to classification of bifurcating structures, A
Includes: Nevo, E.[Eviatar] Nevo, E.

Nevo, U. Co Author Listing * Elliptical Cone of Uncertainty and Its Normalized Measures in Diffusion Tensor Imaging, The

Nevzorov, A.A.[Alexey A.] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison of Ozone Vertical Profile Measurements by Differential Absorption Lidar and IASI/MetOp Satellite in the Upper Troposphere-Lower Stratosphere

Nevzorov, A.V.[Alexey V.] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison of Ozone Vertical Profile Measurements by Differential Absorption Lidar and IASI/MetOp Satellite in the Upper Troposphere-Lower Stratosphere

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