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Ng, K.[Kia] Co Author Listing * Automated Ground-Plane Estimation for Trajectory Rectification
* Automated reconstruction of 3D models from real environments
* Comparative Study on Using Zernike Velocity Moments and Hidden Markov Models for Hand Gesture Recognition, A
* Hybrid Approach to the Construction of Triangulated 3D Models of Building Interiors
* K-convexity Shape Priors for Segmentation
Includes: Ng, K.[Kia] Ng, K.[Karin]

Ng, K.C.[Kit Chong] Co Author Listing * accurate active shape model for facial feature extraction, An
* Generalized Multiple Baseline Stereo and Direct Virtual View Synthesis Using Range-Space Search, Match, and Render
* Identification and sizing of the entirely visible rocks from a 3D surface data segmentation of laboratory rock piles
* Identifying, visualizing, and comparing regions in irregularly spaced 3D surface data
* integrated surveillance system: human tracking and view synthesis using multiple omni-directional vision sensors, An
* Monitoring Dynamically Changing Environments by Ubiquitous Vision System
* Multirobot convoying using neuro-fuzzy control
* Omnidirectional image-based modeling: three approaches to approximated plenoptic representations
* Range-Space Approach for Generalized Multiple Baseline Stereo and Direct Virtual View Synthesis
* Recognition and Reconstruction of Primitives in Music Scores
* Scalable architecture for corresponding multiple video streams at frame rate
* Segmentation of Music Primitives
* Using Face Quality Ratings to Improve Real-Time Face Recognition
Includes: Ng, K.C.[Kit Chong] Ng, K.C.[Kit-Chong] Ng, K.C.[Kim C.] Ng, K.C.
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Ng, K.H.[Ka Ho] Co Author Listing * Adaptive depth truncation filter for MVC based compressed depth image
* adaptive feature extraction model for classification of thyroid lesions in ultrasound images, An
* adaptive motion compensation method using superimposed inter-frame signals, An
* Automated detection of calcified plaque using higher-order spectra cumulant technique in computer tomography angiography images
* Block-Matching Translation And Zoom Motion-Compensated Prediction by sub-sampling
* Depth map misalignment correction and dilation for DIBR view synthesis
* Designing an Interactive Mural for Cultural Reflections
* Distance-based weighted prediction for Adaptive Intra Mode Bit Skip in H.264/AVC
* Horizontal Scaling and Shearing-Based Disparity-Compensated Prediction for Stereo Video Coding
* Novel Directional Gradient Descent Searches for Fast Block Motion Estimation
* Novel Point-Oriented Inner Searches for Fast Block Motion Estimation
* Point Oriented Hexagonal Inner Search For Fast Block Motion Estimation
* Search Patterns Switching Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation, A
* Subsampled Block-Matching for Zoom Motion Compensated Prediction
* TraceIt: An Air Tracing Reading Tool for Children with Dyslexia
* Watershed based depth map misalignment correction and foreground biased dilation for DIBR view synthesis
Includes: Ng, K.H.[Ka Ho] Ng, K.H.[Ka-Ho] Ng, K.H.[Kwan Hoong] Ng, K.H. Ng, K.H.[Kwan H.] Ng, K.H.[Kher Hui]
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Ng, K.K. Co Author Listing * Crowd flow estimation using multiple visual features for scenes with changing crowd densities

Ng, K.M. Co Author Listing * Application of the LP-ELM Model on Transportation System Lifetime Optimization
* Model-based control strategy for oversaturated traffic regimes based on the LWR-IM traffic model
* Review on the Applications of Petri Nets in Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Urban Traffic, A
Includes: Ng, K.M. Ng, K.M.[Kok Mun]

Ng, K.O.[Kok Onn] Co Author Listing * Geometry of Distorted Visual Space and Cremona Transformation
Includes: Ng, K.O.[Kok Onn] Ng, K.O.[Kok-Onn]

Ng, K.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Water Marking
* Artificial Neural Network for Discrete Cosine Transform and Image Compression
* Dynamic Word Based Text Compression
* Incremental Non-Gaussian Analysis on Multivariate EEG Signal Data
* Local Binary Pattern Circuit Generator With Adjustable Parameters for Feature Extraction
Includes: Ng, K.S. Ng, K.S.[Kam Swee] Ng, K.S.[Kiat Siong]

Ng, K.T. Co Author Listing * Anatomically constrained electrical impedance tomography for three-dimensional anisotropic bodies
* application of nonlinear filter banks to efficient rendering and progressive transmission of light fields, The
* Buffer control algorithm for low bit-rate video compression
* Data Compression and Transmission Aspects of Panoramic Videos
* Multi-Camera Approach to Image-Based Rendering and 3-D/Multiview Display of Ancient Chinese Artifacts, A
* Object-Based Approach to Image/Video-Based Synthesis and Processing for 3-D and Multiview Televisions, An
* Object-Based Coding for Plenoptic Videos
* On Object-Based Compression for a Class of Dynamic Image-Based Representations
* On the Data Compression and Transmission Aspects of Panoramic Video
* plenoptic video, The
* Scalable Coding and Progressive Transmission of Concentric Mosaic Using Nonlinear Filter Banks
* Virtual Reality Using the Concentric Mosaic: Construction, Rendering and Data Compression
Includes: Ng, K.T. Ng, K.T.[King-To]
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Ng, K.W.[Kok Weng] Co Author Listing * Action Key Frames Extraction Using L1-Norm and Accumulative Optical Flow for Compact Video Shot Summarisation
* Digital watermarking based on frequency random position insertion
* MMU GASPFA: A COTS multimodal biometric database
* Mode-Based Error-Resilient Techniques for the Robust Communication of MPEG-4 Video
Includes: Ng, K.W.[Kok Weng] Ng, K.W. Ng, K.W.[Kok-Why]

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