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Ng, T. Co Author Listing * PALM: Portable Sensor-Augmented Vision System for Large Scene Modeling
* Parallel Computing Approach to Creating Engineering Concept Spaces for Semantic Retrieval: The Illinois Digital Library Initiative Project, A

Ng, T.C.[Teck Chew] Co Author Listing * Intuitive robot tool path teaching using laser and camera in Augmented Reality environment

Ng, T.D. Co Author Listing * Multi-modal information retrieval from broadcast video using OCR and speech recognition

Ng, T.F.[Theam Foo] Co Author Listing * Automated Feature Weighting in Fuzzy Declustering-based Vector Quantization
* Feature interaction in subspace clustering using the Choquet integral

Ng, T.K. Co Author Listing * Localized Consistency Principle for Image Matching under Non-uniform Illumination Variation and Affine Distortion, The
* Mismatch Removal for Wide-baseline Image Matching via Coherent Region-to-Region Correspondence
* PALM: portable sensor-augmented vision system for large-scene modeling
* Pedestrian registration in static images with unconstrained background
* Where is that pixel in the oblique-view video?
Includes: Ng, T.K. Ng, T.K.[Teck-Khim] Ng, T.K.[Teck Khim]

Ng, T.P. Co Author Listing * Projective reconstruction from line-correspondences in multiple uncalibrated images

Ng, T.S. Co Author Listing * Buffer control algorithm for low bit-rate video compression
* New Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Hexagonal Subsampling Pattern and Multiple Candidates Search, A

Ng, T.T.[Tian Tsong] Co Author Listing * Automated Estimator of Image Visual Realism Based on Human Cognition, An
* Automatic Grading of Cortical and PSC Cataracts Using Retroillumination Lens Images
* Calibration of depth cameras using denoised depth images
* Compressive Inverse Light Transport
* COVERAGE: A novel database for copy-move forgery detection
* Deep Multimodal Feature Analysis for Action Recognition in RGB+D Videos
* Distinguishing Photographic Images and Photorealistic Computer Graphics Using Visual Vocabulary on Local Image Edges
* Dual Theory of Inverse and Forward Light Transport, A
* Factorization towards a classifier
* From the Rendering Equation to Stratified Light Transport Inversion
* Image Visual Realism: From Human Perception to Machine Computation
* Learning Deep Features for Multiple Object Tracking by Using a Multi-Task Learning Strategy
* Locating 3D Object Proposals: A Depth-Based Online Approach
* model for image splicing, A
* Multimodal Multipart Learning for Action Recognition in Depth Videos
* NTU RGB+D: A Large Scale Dataset for 3D Human Activity Analysis
* On Geometric Modeling of the Human Intracranial Venous System
* On the Duality of Forward and Inverse Light Transport
* Paradigm for Building Generalized Models of Human Image Perception through Data Fusion, A
* PatchMatch-Based Automatic Lattice Detection for Near-Regular Textures
* Radiometric compensation using stratified inverses
* Recaptured photo detection using specularity distribution
* Reconstruction of depth and normals from interreflections
* Shape from Second-Bounce of Light Transport
* Smart Phone Image Database for Single Image Recapture Detection, A
* Smoothly varying affine stitching
* Statistical Model of JPEG Noises and Its Application in Quantization Step Estimation
* Using Geometry Invariants for Camera Response Function Estimation
Includes: Ng, T.T.[Tian Tsong] Ng, T.T.[Tian-Tsong] Ng, T.T.
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