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Ni, K.[Kang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive patched L0 gradient minimisation model applied on image smoothing
* Efficient City-Sized 3D Reconstruction from Ultra-High Resolution Aerial and Ground Video Imagery
* Epitomic Location Recognition
* GroupSAC: Efficient consensus in the presence of groupings
* HyperSfM
* Out-of-Core Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction
* River channel extraction from synthetic aperture radar images based on region-based active contour model
* Robust Infrared Small Target Detection via Jointly Sparse Constraint of l1/2-Metric and Dual-Graph Regularization
* Scene Classification from Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Using Generalized Compact Channel-Boosted High-Order Orderless Pooling Network
* Stereo Tracking and Three-Point/One-Point Algorithms: A Robust Approach in Visual Odometry
* Writer Identification in Noisy Handwritten Documents
Includes: Ni, K.[Kang] Ni, K.[Karl] Ni, K.[Kai] Ni, K.
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Ni, K.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptable k-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm for MMSE Image Interpolation, An
* Assessing semantic information in convolutional neural network representations of images via image annotation
* Color Image Superresolution Based on a Stochastic Combinational Classification-Regression Algorithm
* Image Superresolution Using Support Vector Regression
* model for image patch-based algorithms, A
* Real-time global motion blur detection
Includes: Ni, K.S. Ni, K.S.[Karl S.]

Ni, K.Y.[Kang Yu] Co Author Listing * Efficient Deterministic Compressed Sensing for Images with Chirps and Reed-Muller Codes
* Entropy-Scale Profiles for Texture Segmentation
* Histogram Based Segmentation Using Wasserstein Distances
* Local Histogram Based Segmentation Using the Wasserstein Distance
* Manifold-based fingerprinting for target identification
* scale of a texture and its application to segmentation, The
* Unsupervised multiphase segmentation: A recursive approach
Includes: Ni, K.Y.[Kang Yu] Ni, K.Y.[Kang-Yu]
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