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Nie, A.X.[Ai Xiu] Co Author Listing * Lookup Table-Based Method for Estimating Sea Surface Hemispherical Broadband Emissivity Values (8-13.5 µm), A
Includes: Nie, A.X.[Ai Xiu] Nie, A.X.[Ai-Xiu]

Nie, B.X. Co Author Listing * Animated Pose Templates for Modeling and Detecting Human Actions
* Joint action recognition and pose estimation from video
* Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation by Predicting Depth on Joints
Includes: Nie, B.X. Nie, B.X.[Bruce Xiaohan]

Nie, C.W.[Chen Wei] Co Author Listing * Damage Mapping of Powdery Mildew in Winter Wheat with High-Resolution Satellite Image
Includes: Nie, C.W.[Chen Wei] Nie, C.W.[Chen-Wei]

Nie, D. Co Author Listing * Facet-Based Investigation on Microwave Backscattering From Sea Surface With Breaking Waves: Sea Spikes and SAR Imaging
* New Model for Sand-Ripple Scattering Based on SSA Method and Practical Ripple Profiles, A

Nie, D.D.[Dong Dong] Co Author Listing * Optimization based grayscale image colorization
Includes: Nie, D.D.[Dong Dong] Nie, D.D.[Dong-Dong]

Nie, D.X.[Du Xian] Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction for Gaussian Plus Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal
Includes: Nie, D.X.[Du Xian] Nie, D.X.[Du-Xian]

Nie, F. Co Author Listing * 2D Feature Selection by Sparse Matrix Regression
* Auto-Weighted Multi-View Learning for Image Clustering and Semi-Supervised Classification
* Convex Multiview Semi-Supervised Classification
* Discriminating Joint Feature Analysis for Multimedia Data Understanding
* Fast and Orthogonal Locality Preserving Projections for Dimensionality Reduction
* Guest editors' introduction: Perception, Aesthetics, and Emotion in Multimedia Quality Modeling
* Image Clustering Using Local Discriminant Models and Global Integration
* LRAGE: Learning Latent Relationships With Adaptive Graph Embedding for Aerial Scene Classification
* L_2,p-Norm Based PCA for Image Recognition
* Multi-view Subspace Clustering
* Multitask Spectral Clustering by Exploring Intertask Correlation
* Non-Greedy Algorithm for L1-Norm LDA, A
* Object Co-segmentation via Graph Optimized-Flexible Manifold Ranking
* Re-Weighted Discriminatively Embedded K-Means for Multi-View Clustering
* Revisiting Co-Saliency Detection: A Novel Approach Based on Two-Stage Multi-View Spectral Rotation Co-clustering
* Robust 2DPCA With Non-greedy L_1-Norm Maximization for Image Analysis
* Robust Object Co-Segmentation Using Background Prior
* Scalable Multi-View Semi-Supervised Classification via Adaptive Regression
* Self-Balanced Min-Cut Algorithm for Image Clustering, A
* Unsupervised automatic attribute discovery method via multi-graph clustering
* Unsupervised feature extraction using a learned graph with clustering structure
* Web and Personal Image Annotation by Mining Label Correlation With Relaxed Visual Graph Embedding
* Web Image Annotation Via Subspace-Sparsity Collaborated Feature Selection
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Nie, F.P.[Fei Ping] Co Author Listing * 3D human pose recovery from image by efficient visual feature selection
* Contour graph based human tracking and action sequence recognition
* Contour Matching Based on Belief Propagation
* Discriminatively Embedded K-Means for Multi-view Clustering
* Dyadic transfer learning for cross-domain image classification
* Efficient Image Classification via Multiple Rank Regression
* Exemplar-Based Human Contour Tracking
* Extracting the optimal dimensionality for local tensor discriminant analysis
* Flexible Manifold Embedding: A Framework for Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Dimension Reduction
* Harnessing Lab Knowledge for Real-World Action Recognition
* Heterogeneous image feature integration via multi-modal spectral clustering
* Heterogeneous Image Features Integration via Multi-modal Semi-supervised Learning Model
* Heterogeneous Visual Features Fusion via Sparse Multimodal Machine
* Image Classification by Cross-Media Active Learning With Privileged Information
* Interactive Image Segmentation With Multiple Linear Reconstructions in Windows
* Interactive Natural Image Segmentation via Spline Regression
* Learning a Mahalanobis distance metric for data clustering and classification
* Learning an Orthogonal and Smooth Subspace for Image Classification
* Multi-Class Active Learning by Uncertainty Sampling with Diversity Maximization
* Multimedia Retrieval Framework Based on Semi-Supervised Ranking and Relevance Feedback, A
* Multiple rank multi-linear SVM for matrix data classification
* Multiple view semi-supervised dimensionality reduction
* New Graph Structured Sparsity Model for Multi-label Image Annotations
* Optimal Dimensionality Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Image Recognition
* Optimal graph learning with partial tags and multiple features for image and video annotation
* Optimal mean two-dimensional principal component analysis with F-norm minimization
* Optimized Graph Learning Using Partial Tags and Multiple Features for Image and Video Annotation
* Orthogonal vs. uncorrelated least squares discriminant analysis for feature extraction
* Patch Distribution Compatible Semisupervised Dimension Reduction for Face and Human Gait Recognition
* Regularized Trace Ratio Discriminant Analysis with Patch Distribution Feature for human gait recognition
* Robust and discriminative distance for Multi-Instance Learning
* Semi-Supervised Classification via Local Spline Regression
* Semi-supervised learning on large-scale geotagged photos for situation recognition
* Semi-supervised orthogonal discriminant analysis via label propagation
* Semi-supervised Robust Dictionary Learning via Efficient l-Norms Minimization
* Semi-supervised sub-manifold discriminant analysis
* Semisupervised Dimensionality Reduction and Classification Through Virtual Label Regression
* Sparse multi-task regression and feature selection to identify brain imaging predictors for memory performance
* Tag localization with spatial correlations and joint group sparsity
* Texture Image Segmentation: An Interactive Framework Based on Adaptive Features and Transductive Learning
* TurboPixel Segmentation Using Eigen-Images
* Two-Dimensional Whitening Reconstruction for Enhancing Robustness of Principal Component Analysis
* unified framework for semi-supervised dimensionality reduction, A
* Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning via l1-norm graph
Includes: Nie, F.P.[Fei Ping] Nie, F.P.[Fei-Ping] Nie, F.P.
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Nie, H.[Huirao] Co Author Listing * Volume Reconstruction for MRI

Nie, H.F.[Hua Feng] Co Author Listing * Fixed-pattern noise correction method based on improved moment matching for a TDI CMOS image sensor
Includes: Nie, H.F.[Hua Feng] Nie, H.F.[Hua-Feng]

Nie, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * Exploring Relationship Between Face and Trustworthy Impression Using Mid-level Facial Features
* Finding suits in images of people in unconstrained environments
* Human body segmentation based on shape constraint
* Is Your First Impression Reliable? Trustworthy Analysis Using Facial Traits in Portraits
* Online multi-objective optimization for live video forwarding across video data centers
* Robust skin detection in real-world images

Nie, J.H. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Binary Signals by Rule-Based Fuzzy Equalizer with Self-Organizing Capability

Nie, J.X.[Jing Xin] Co Author Listing * Direction field diffusion on cortical surface via graph cuts
Includes: Nie, J.X.[Jing Xin] Nie, J.X.[Jing-Xin]

Nie, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Content analysis in document images: a scale space approach
* Retrieving poorly degraded OCR documents

Nie, K.[Ke] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Spatial Variation of Network-Constrained Phenomena Represented by a Link Attribute Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model
* Fixed-pattern noise correction method based on improved moment matching for a TDI CMOS image sensor
Includes: Nie, K.[Ke] Nie, K.[Kaiming]

Nie, L.[Liqiang] Co Author Listing * aMM: Towards adaptive ranking of multi-modal documents
* Beyond Text QA: Multimedia Answer Generation by Harvesting Web Information
* Coordinated optimisation problem integrating EMU circulation and timetabling for high-speed railway
* Detecting Densely Distributed Graph Patterns for Fine-Grained Image Categorization
* Distance metric optimization driven convolutional neural network for age invariant face recognition
* Large-Scale Tracking for Images With Few Textures
* Perceptual Attributes Optimization for Multivideo Summarization
* Perceptually Guided Photo Retargeting
* Periocular Recognition Using Unsupervised Convolutional RBM Feature Learning
* SCA-CNN: Spatial and Channel-Wise Attention in Convolutional Networks for Image Captioning
* Semantic-Based Location Recommendation With Multimodal Venue Semantics
* single-shot structured light means by encoding both color and geometrical features, A
* Special issue on cross-media big data analytics
* Weakly Supervised Human Fixations Prediction
* Weakly Supervised Multilabel Clustering and its Applications in Computer Vision
Includes: Nie, L.[Liqiang] Nie, L. Nie, L.[Lei] Nie, L.[Lin]
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Nie, L.M.[Li Ming] Co Author Listing * Full-Wave Iterative Image Reconstruction in Photoacoustic Tomography With Acoustically Inhomogeneous Media
Includes: Nie, L.M.[Li Ming] Nie, L.M.[Li-Ming]

Nie, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Co Author Listing * aerial image recognition framework using discrimination and redundancy quality measure, An
* Exploring large scale data for multimedia QA: an initial study
* Genetic algorithm and mathematical morphology based binarization method for strip steel defect image with non-uniform illumination
* On robust image spam filtering via comprehensive visual modeling
* Predicting Image Memorability Through Adaptive Transfer Learning From External Sources
* Quality biased multimedia data retrieval in microblogs
* Retargeting Semantically-Rich Photos
* Simple to complex cross-modal learning to rank
* Smart Ambient Sound Analysis via Structured Statistical Modeling
* Sparse Code Filtering for Action Pattern Mining
* Utilizing Sensor-Social Cues to Localize Objects-of-Interest in Outdoor UGVs
* Venue Prediction for Social Images by Exploiting Rich Temporal Patterns in LBSNs
* Weakly supervised image parsing via label propagation over discriminatively semantic graph
* Weakly Supervised Multimodal Kernel for Categorizing Aerial Photographs
Includes: Nie, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Nie, L.Q.[Li-Qiang]
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Nie, L.Z.[Lei Zheng] Co Author Listing * VideoGraph: a non-linear video representation for efficient exploration
Includes: Nie, L.Z.[Lei Zheng] Nie, L.Z.[Lei-Zheng]

Nie, P. Co Author Listing * Using the Directional Derivative Trace Transform for Seismic Wavefield Separation

Nie, P.L. Co Author Listing * On-line map-matching framework for floating car data with low sampling rate in urban road networks

Nie, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * Classification Based on SPACT and Visual Saliency
* Fast Acquisition and Reconstruction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images via Sparse Representation
* Model-based optical flow for large displacements and homogeneous regions
* Modified L-Iterative Algorithm for Fast Computation of Pseudo-Zernike Moments, A
* Voting spaces cooperation for 3D plane detection from monocular image sequences
Includes: Nie, Q.[Qing] Nie, Q.[Qiong]

Nie, Q.F.[Qing Feng] Co Author Listing * Probability estimation for multi-class classification using AdaBoost
Includes: Nie, Q.F.[Qing Feng] Nie, Q.F.[Qing-Feng]

Nie, R.W.[Ru Wei] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Theoretical Methods for Determining Dry and Wet Edges of the LST/FVC Space: Revisit of Method Physics
Includes: Nie, R.W.[Ru Wei] Nie, R.W.[Ru-Wei]

Nie, S.[Siqi] Co Author Listing * Capturing Global and Local Dynamics for Human Action Recognition
* Data-Free Prior Model for Upper Body Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Deep Regression Bayesian Network and Its Applications: Probabilistic Deep Learning for Computer Vision, The
* Efficient 3D Upper Body Tracking with Self-Occlusions
* Estimating the Biomass of Maize with Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data
* Feature Learning Using Bayesian Linear Regression Model
* information theoretic feature selection framework based on integer programming, An
* Latent regression Bayesian network for data representation
* Novel Model for Terrain Slope Estimation Using ICESat/GLAS Waveform Data, A
* revised terrain correction method for forest canopy height estimation using ICESat/GLAS data, A
Includes: Nie, S.[Siqi] Nie, S. Nie, S.[Sheng]
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Nie, S.M.[Shao Min] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Method of Heavy Forgings Based on Genetic Algorithm
Includes: Nie, S.M.[Shao Min] Nie, S.M.[Shao-Min]

Nie, S.Q.[Si Qi] Co Author Listing * generative restricted Boltzmann machine based method for high-dimensional motion data modeling, A
Includes: Nie, S.Q.[Si Qi] Nie, S.Q.[Si-Qi]

Nie, T.[Ting] Co Author Listing * Method of Ship Detection under Complex Background, A

Nie, T.Y.[Ting Yuan] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition via Curvelets and Local Ternary Pattern-Based Features
* Iris Recognition Based on Local Gabor Orientation Feature Extraction
Includes: Nie, T.Y.[Ting Yuan] Nie, T.Y.[Ting-Yuan]

Nie, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * complex mixing matrix estimation algorithm in under-determined blind source separation problems, A
* Multi-Grained Random Fields for Mitosis Identification in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences
* Semantic-Based Location Recommendation With Multimodal Venue Semantics
Includes: Nie, W.[Wei] Nie, W.

Nie, W.F.[Wen Feng] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Evaluation of GNSS-R Based on Future Fully Operational Global Multi-GNSS and Eight-LEO Constellations
Includes: Nie, W.F.[Wen Feng] Nie, W.F.[Wen-Feng]

Nie, W.Z. Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Networks-Based Mitotic Event Detection in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences of Stem Cell Populations
* 3D object retrieval based on sparse coding in weak supervision
* Benchmarking a Multimodal and Multiview and Interactive Dataset for Human Action Recognition
* Clique-graph matching by preserving global & local structure
* Cross-view action recognition by cross-domain learning
* Hierarchical Clustering Multi-Task Learning for Joint Human Action Grouping and Recognition
* Multi-Modal Clique-Graph Matching for View-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Multimedia venue semantic modeling based on multimodal data
* Multiple Person Tracking by Spatiotemporal Tracklet Association
* View-Based 3-D Model Retrieval: A Benchmark
Includes: Nie, W.Z. Nie, W.Z.[Wei-Zhi]
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Nie, X. Co Author Listing * Edge Preserving Filtering by Combining Nonlinear Mean and Median Filters
* Logarithmic Spread-Transform Dither Modulation watermarking Based on Perceptual Model
* Recurrent 3D-2D Dual Learning for Large-Pose Facial Landmark Detection
Includes: Nie, X. Nie, X.[Xiushan]

Nie, X.C.[Xue Cheng] Co Author Listing * Layered modeling and generation of Pollock's drip style
* Self-Supervised Neural Aggregation Networks for Human Parsing
Includes: Nie, X.C.[Xue Cheng] Nie, X.C.[Xue-Cheng]

Nie, X.H.[Xiao Han] Co Author Listing * benchmark for interactive image segmentation algorithms, A
* Cross-View Action Modeling, Learning, and Recognition
* Experts-Shift: Learning active spatial classification experts for keyframe-based video segmentation
* Mining discriminative 3D Poselet for cross-view action recognition
Includes: Nie, X.H.[Xiao Han] Nie, X.H.[Xiao-Han]

Nie, X.L.[Xin Li] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction using HHT-based locally optimized short-time fractional Fourier transform for speaker recognition
* New Algorithm for Optimizing TV-Based PolSAR Despeckling Model, A
* Nonlocal TV-Based Variational Method for PolSAR Data Speckle Reduction, A
* Variational Model for PolSAR Data Speckle Reduction Based on the Wishart Distribution, A
Includes: Nie, X.L.[Xin Li] Nie, X.L.[Xin-Li] Nie, X.L.[Xiang-Li]

Nie, X.S.[Xiu Shan] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Feature-Based Robust Video Fingerprinting Using Tensor Model
* Face Image Super-Resolution Based on Topology ICA and Sparse Representation
* Graph-based video fingerprinting using double optimal projection
* Hybrid textual-visual relevance learning for content-based image retrieval
* Image Aesthetic Distribution Prediction with Fully Convolutional Network
* Robust Video Hashing Based on Double-Layer Embedding
* Structural similarity-based video fingerprinting for video copy detection
* Video Hashing Algorithm With Weighted Matching Based on Visual Saliency
* visual saliency based video hashing algorithm, A
Includes: Nie, X.S.[Xiu Shan] Nie, X.S.[Xiu-Shan]
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Nie, Y.[Yao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy post-filtering for highly compressed video
* Adaptive Irregular Pattern Search With Matching Prejudgment for Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation
* Adaptive rood pattern search for fast block-matching motion estimation
* Detecting Subsidence in Coastal Areas by Ultrashort-Baseline TCPInSAR on the Time Series of High-Resolution TerraSAR-X Images
* Dynamic Video Stitching via Shakiness Removing
* Fuzzy Ordering Theory and Its Use in Filter Generalization
* Fuzzy Rank LUM Filters
* Fuzzy transformation and its applications
* fuzzy transformation and its applications in image processing, The
* novel photometric stereo method with nonisotropic point light sources, A
* Remote Sensing Analysis of the Status of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
Includes: Nie, Y.[Yao] Nie, Y.[Yunju] Nie, Y. Nie, Y.[Ying]
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Nie, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Co Author Listing * edge fusion scheme for image denoising based on anisotropic diffusion models, An
Includes: Nie, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Nie, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]

Nie, Y.M.[Yu Man] Co Author Listing * Design of A Novel Gait Simulator for Rehabilitation Training
* Real-time scratching behavior quantification system for laboratory mice using high-speed vision
* Revised depth map estimation for multi-view stereo
* Robust multi-view stereo synthesized by various parameters model
Includes: Nie, Y.M.[Yu Man] Nie, Y.M.[Yu-Man] Nie, Y.M.[Yong-Ming]

Nie, Y.P.[Yue Ping] Co Author Listing * GIS-Based Visibility Network and Defensibility Model to Reconstruct Defensive System of the Han Dynasty in Central Xinjiang, China
* Phenological Observations on Classical Prehistoric Sites in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yellow River Based on Landsat NDVI Time Series
* Relations analysis between canal and urban development of Yangzhou supported by space technology
* Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of China's Terrestrial Biodiversity: A Dynamic Habitat Index Diagnostic
Includes: Nie, Y.P.[Yue Ping] Nie, Y.P.[Yue-Ping]

Nie, Y.S.[You San] Co Author Listing * Efficient identification of speakers in news video based on shot segmentation
Includes: Nie, Y.S.[You San] Nie, Y.S.[You-San]

Nie, Y.W.[Yong Wei] Co Author Listing * Content-aware model resizing with symmetry-preservation
* Video retargeting combining warping and summarizing optimization
Includes: Nie, Y.W.[Yong Wei] Nie, Y.W.[Yong-Wei]

Nie, Z.[Zaiping] Co Author Listing * Efficient Modeling of Large-Scale Electromagnetic Well-Logging Problems Using an Improved Nonconformal FEM-DDM
* Forest Types Classification Based on Multi-Source Data Fusion
* Modified Phase-Extracted Basis Functions for Efficient Analysis of Scattering From Electrically Large Targets
* Nonconformal FEM-DDM With Tree-Cotree Splitting and Improved Transmission Condition for Modeling Subsurface Detection Problems, A
* Numerical Modeling for Excitation and Coupling Transmission of Near Field Around the Metal Drilling Pipe in Lossy Formation
* RMV Antenna Selection Algorithm for Massive MIMO
* Statistical Entity Extraction From the Web
* Wireless Transmission of MWD and LWD Signal Based on Guidance of Metal Pipes and Relay of Transceivers
Includes: Nie, Z.[Zaiping] Nie, Z.[Zhen] Nie, Z.
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Nie, Z.G.[Zhen Gang] Co Author Listing * Linear Hashtable Method Predicted Hexagonal Search Algorithm with Spatial Related Criterion
Includes: Nie, Z.G.[Zhen Gang] Nie, Z.G.[Zhen-Gang]

Nie, Z.P.[Zai Ping] Co Author Listing * Frequency-Hopping Subspace-Based Optimization Method for Reconstruction of 2-D Large Uniaxial Anisotropic Scatterers With TE Illumination, A
Includes: Nie, Z.P.[Zai Ping] Nie, Z.P.[Zai-Ping]

Nie, Z.S.[Zhao Sheng] Co Author Listing * Digital Orthoimage Generation with Low Altitude Photogrammetric System Based on Unmanned Airship
Includes: Nie, Z.S.[Zhao Sheng] Nie, Z.S.[Zhao-Sheng]

Nießner, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * 3DMatch: Learning Local Geometric Descriptors from RGB-D Reconstructions
* Face2Face: Real-Time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos
* Intrinsic3D: High-Quality 3D Reconstruction by Joint Appearance and Geometry Optimization with Spatially-Varying Lighting
* Lightweight Approach for On-the-Fly Reflectance Estimation, A
* ScanNet: Richly-Annotated 3D Reconstructions of Indoor Scenes
* Shape Completion Using 3D-Encoder-Predictor CNNs and Shape Synthesis
* VolumeDeform: Real-Time Volumetric Non-rigid Reconstruction
* Volumetric and Multi-view CNNs for Object Classification on 3D Data
Includes: Nießner, M.[Matthias] Nießner, M.
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Niebel, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Advantage of cooperative traffic light control algorithms

Nieberding, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Classification of South Patagonian Peat Bog Microforms Reveals Potential Gaps in Up-Scaled CH4 Fluxes by use of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and CIR Imagery

Niebles, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * ActivityNet: A large-scale video benchmark for human activity understanding
* Agent-Centric Risk Assessment: Accident Anticipation and Risky Region Localization
* Camera Motion and Surrounding Scene Appearance as Context for Action Recognition
* Connectionist Temporal Modeling for Weakly Supervised Action Labeling
* DAPs: Deep Action Proposals for Action Understanding
* Dense-Captioning Events in Videos
* Discriminative Hierarchical Modeling of Spatio-temporally Composable Human Activities
* Efficient extraction of human motion volumes by tracking
* Extracting Moving People from Internet Videos
* Fast Temporal Activity Proposals for Efficient Detection of Human Actions in Untrimmed Videos
* Hierarchical Model of Shape and Appearance for Human Action Classification, A
* Hierarchical Pose-Based Approach to Complex Action Understanding Using Dictionaries of Actionlets and Motion Poselets, A
* Mining discriminative adjectives and prepositions for natural scene recognition
* Modeling Temporal Structure of Decomposable Motion Segments for Activity Classification
* On the relationship between visual attributes and convolutional networks
* Risky Region Localization with Point Supervision
* Robust Manhattan Frame estimation from a single RGB-D image
* Sparse composition of body poses and atomic actions for human activity recognition in RGB-D videos
* Spatial-Temporal correlatons for unsupervised action classification
* Spatio-temporal Human-Object Interactions for Action Recognition in Videos
* SST: Single-Stream Temporal Action Proposals
* Title Generation for User Generated Videos
* Unsupervised Learning of Human Action Categories Using Spatial-Temporal Words
* Unsupervised Visual-Linguistic Reference Resolution in Instructional Videos
* Visual Forecasting by Imitating Dynamics in Natural Sequences
Includes: Niebles, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Niebles, J.C.
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Niebling, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Using Augmented Reality and Interactive Simulations to Realize Hybrid Prototypes

Niebner, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Exploiting uncertainty in regression forests for accurate camera relocalization

Niebur, E.[Ernst] Co Author Listing * Model of Saliency-Based Visual Attention for Rapid Scene Analysis, A
* Visual Attention and Applications in Multimedia Technologies
Includes: Niebur, E.[Ernst] Niebur, E.

Nieddu, L. Co Author Listing * Classification of Industrial Sand-Ores By Image Recognition Methods, The

Nieder, G.L. Co Author Listing * Photo-realistic representation of anatomical structures for medical education by fusion of volumetric and surface image data

Niederberger, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Scalable, self-organizing 3D camera network for non-intrusive people tracking and counting

Niederee, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Photos to Remember, Photos to Forget

Niederer, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Automatic Data Assimilation Framework for Patient-Specific Myocardial Mechanical Parameter Estimation, An

Niederer, S.A.[Steven A.] Co Author Listing * Feasibility of the Estimation of Myocardial Stiffness with Reduced 2D Deformation Data
* Myocardial Stiffness Estimation: A Novel Cost Function for Unique Parameter Identification
* Personalization of Atrial Electrophysiology Models from Decapolar Catheter Measurements
* Quality Metrics for High Order Meshes: Analysis of the Mechanical Simulation of the Heart Beat
Includes: Niederer, S.A.[Steven A.] Niederer, S.A.

Niederhauser, J.J. Co Author Listing * Combined Ultrasound and Optoacoustic System for Real-Time High-Contrast Vascular Imaging in Vivo

Niederheiser, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Deriving 3d Point Clouds From Terrestrial Photographs: Comparison Of Different Sensors And Software
* Mapping Alpine Vegetation Location Properties By Dense Matching

Niederkorn, D.[Dieter] Co Author Listing * Motion vector analysis based homography estimation for efficient HEVC compression of 2D and 3D navigation video sequences
* Novel Similarity-Invariant Line Descriptor and Matching Algorithm for Global Motion Estimation
* novel similarity-invariant line descriptor for geometric map registration, A

Niedermayer, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Minimizing the Number of Keypoint Matching Queries for Object Retrieval
* On reverse-k-nearest-neighbor joins

Niedermeier, A. Co Author Listing * Detection of Coastlines in SAR Images Using Wavelet Methods
* TerraSAR-X SAR Processing and Products
* wavelet-based algorithm to estimate ocean wave group parameters from radar images, A

Niedermeier, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Quality Assessment of the MPEG-4 Scalable Video CODEC

Niedermeier, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Quality Assessment of the MPEG-4 Scalable Video CODEC

Niederost, N. Co Author Listing * Automated Update of Building Information in Maps Using Medium-Scale Imagery
Includes: Niederost, N. Niederöst, N. (Maybe also Niederoest, N.)

Niederriter, J.E. Co Author Listing * Human-Centered Activity Tracking System: Toward a Healthier Workplace, A

Niedre, M. Co Author Listing * Elucidating Structure and Function In Vivo With Hybrid Fluorescence and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Niedzwiecki, M. Co Author Listing * Simple Way of Increasing Estimation Accuracy of Generalized Adaptive Notch Filters, A

Niehbuhr, K.E. Co Author Listing * X-Ray Image Subtraction by Digital Means

Niehsen, W.[Wolfang] Co Author Listing * Block motion estimation using orthogonal projection
* Covariance Analysis of Motion-Compensated Frame Differences
* Fast full-search block matching
* Least-asymmetric signal extension for two-band paraunitary FIR filter banks
* On entropy coded and entropy constrained lattice vector quantization
* Vehicle surround sensing based on information fusion of monocular video and digital map
Includes: Niehsen, W.[Wolfang] Niehsen, W.

Nieke, J. Co Author Listing * Improvement of AVNIR-2 Radiometric Calibration by Comparison of Cross-Calibration and Onboard Lamp Calibration
* Improving radiometry of imaging spectrometers by using programmable spectral regions of interest
* Spatial PSF Nonuniformity Effects in Airborne Pushbroom Imaging Spectrometry Data
* Uniformity of Imaging Spectrometry Data Products
Includes: Nieke, J. Nieke, J.[Jens]

Niel, A. Co Author Listing * Defect detection on rail surfaces by a vision based system
* Fingerprint Matching Using Minutiae Triangulation, A
* Image Processing Based Calibration of High Precision Laser Projection Systems
* Robotic Three-Dimensional Measurement System for Complex Metal Parts Using Structured Light
Includes: Niel, A. Niel, A.[Albert]

Niels, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic time warping applied to Tamil character recognition
* Generating Copybooks from Consistent Handwriting Styles
* Iconic and multi-stroke gesture recognition
Includes: Niels, R. Niels, R.[Ralph]

Niels, R.M.J. Co Author Listing * Towards robust writer verification by correcting unnatural slant

Nielsen, A.A. Co Author Listing * Aspects of Remote Sensing in the GEOid and Sea level of the North Atlantic Region (GEOSONAR) Project
* Canonical Analysis of Sentinel-1 Radar and Sentinel-2 Optical Data
* Canonical information analysis
* CFAR edge detector for polarimetric SAR images
* Change detection in a series of Sentinel-1 SAR data
* Change detection in bi-temporal data by canonical information analysis
* Change Detection in the 1996-1997 AVHRR Oceans Pathfinder Sea Surface Temperature Data
* Determining the Points of Change in Time Series of Polarimetric SAR Data
* Estimation of Critical Parameters in Concrete Production Using Multispectral Vision Technology
* extension to a filter implementation of a local quadratic surface for image noise estimation, An
* Greenland inland ice melt-off: Analysis of global gravity data from the GRACE satellites
* Improving Change Detection in Forest Areas Based on Stereo Panchromatic Imagery Using Kernel MNF
* Kernel Based Subspace Projection of Near Infrared Hyperspectral Images of Maize Kernels
* Kernel Maximum Autocorrelation Factor and Minimum Noise Fraction Transformations
* Kernel methods in orthogonalization of multi-and hypervariate data
* Linear Mixture Models, Full and Partial Unmixing in Multi- and Hyperspectral Image Data
* Model-Based Satellite Image Fusion
* Multiset canonical correlations analysis and multispectral, truly multitemporal remote sensing data
* Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data and the Complex Wishart Distribution
* Regularized Iteratively Reweighted MAD Method for Change Detection in Multi- and Hyperspectral Data, The
* Scheme for Initial Exploratory Data Analysis of Multivariate Image Data, A
* Sensitivity Study of a Semi-automatic Supervised Classifier Applied to Minerals from X-Ray Mapping Images
* Sensitivity study of a semi-automatic training set generator
* Short-Term Change Detection in Wetlands Using Sentinel-1 Time Series
* Spectral Mixture Analysis: Linear and Semi-parametric Full and Iterated Partial Unmixing in Multi- and Hyperspectral Image Data
* test statistic in the complex Wishart distribution and its application to change detection in polarimetric SAR data, A
Includes: Nielsen, A.A. Nielsen, A.A.[Allan A.] Nielsen, A.A.[Allan Aasbjerg]
26 for Nielsen, A.A.

Nielsen, A.H.[Anders Hjorth] Co Author Listing * Coherent radiance capture of scenes under changing illumination conditions for relighting applications

Nielsen, B.[Birgitte] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Gray Level Run Length Features from Class Distance Matrices
* Fractal dimension, only a fraction of the truth?
* Low Dimensional Adaptive Texture Feature Vectors From Class Distance and Class Difference Matrices
Includes: Nielsen, B.[Birgitte] Nielsen, B.

Nielsen, B.F. Co Author Listing * Computing Ischemic Regions in the Heart With the Bidomain Model: First Steps Towards Validation

Nielsen, C.F.[Casper F.] Co Author Listing * Achieving Accurate Colour Image Segmentation in 2D and 3D with LVQ Classifiers and Partial ACSR
* Solution to the Problem of Segmentation Near Edges Using Adaptable Class-specific Representation, A

Nielsen, D.C.[David C.] Co Author Listing * Increasing the Accuracy and Automation of Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation from Digital Photographs

Nielsen, E. Co Author Listing * VENUS subsurface ionosphere radar sounder: VENSiS

Nielsen, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * email: Nielsen, F.[Frank]: nielsen AT lix polytechnique fr
* Abstracts of the LIX Fall Colloquium 2008: Emerging Trends in Visual Computing
* Bhattacharyya Clustering with Applications to Mixture Simplifications
* Biomedical Images Classification by Universal Nearest Neighbours Classifier Using Posterior Probability
* Boosting Bayesian MAP Classification
* Boosting k-NN for Categorization of Natural Scenes
* Bregman Divergences and Surrogates for Learning
* Bregman sided and symmetrized centroids
* Classification with mixtures of curved Mahalanobis metrics
* Closed-form information-theoretic divergences for statistical mixtures
* Clustering Multivariate Normal Distributions
* Consensus Region Merging for Image Segmentation
* Earth Mover Distance on superpixels
* Entropies and cross-entropies of exponential families
* Enumeration of Contour Correspondence
* Generalized Bhattacharyya and Chernoff upper bounds on Bayes error using quasi-arithmetic means
* Generalizing Skew Jensen Divergences and Bregman Divergences With Comparative Convexity
* Gentle Nearest Neighbors Boosting over Proper Scoring Rules
* Grouping with bias revisited
* Guaranteed Bounds on the Kullback-Leibler Divergence of Univariate Mixtures
* Improving clustering algorithms through constrained convex optimization
* Information-Geometric Characterization of Chernoff Information, An
* Interactive Pinpoint Image Object Removal
* Interactive Point-and-Click Segmentation for Object Removal in Digital Images
* Intrinsic Geometries in Learning
* Jeffreys Centroids: A Closed-Form Expression for Positive Histograms and a Guaranteed Tight Approximation for Frequency Histograms
* Jensen divergence based SPD matrix means and applications
* k-MLE for mixtures of generalized Gaussians
* K-nearest neighbor search: Fast GPU-based implementations and application to high-dimensional feature matching
* Levels of Details for Gaussian Mixture Models
* MaxEnt Upper Bounds for the Differential Entropy of Univariate Continuous Distributions
* Multi-class Leveraged k-NN for Image Classification
* On region merging: the statistical soundness of fast sorting, with applications
* On the chi square and higher-order chi distances for approximating f-divergences
* On the efficient minimization of convex surrogates in supervised learning
* On Weighting Clustering
* Optimal Interval Clustering: Application to Bregman Clustering and Statistical Mixture Learning
* Plenoptic path and its applications
* Randomized Adaptive Algorithms for Mosaicing Systems
* Randomized motion estimation
* Real-Time Spherical Videos from a Fast Rotating Camera
* Searching High-Dimensional Neighbours: CPU-Based Tailored Data-Structures Versus GPU-Based Brute-Force Method
* Semi-supervised statistical region refinement for color image segmentation
* Shape Retrieval Using Hierarchical Total Bregman Soft Clustering
* Soft memberships for spectral clustering, with application to permeable language distinction
* SSSC-AM: A unified framework for video co-segmentation by structured sparse subspace clustering with appearance and motion features
* Statistical Region Merging
* Surround video: a multihead camera approach
* Texture Regimes for Entropy-Based Multiscale Image Analysis
* Total Bregman Divergence and Its Applications to DTI Analysis
* Total Bregman divergence and its applications to shape retrieval
* Video Stippling
Includes: Nielsen, F.[Frank] Nielsen, F.
52 for Nielsen, F.

Nielsen, F.A. Co Author Listing * Modeling the hemodynamic response in fMRI using smooth FIR filters

Nielsen, F.D.[Frederik Donbæk] Co Author Listing * Supercontinuum Light Sources for Hyperspectral Subsurface Laser Scattering: Applications for Food Inspection

Nielsen, G. Co Author Listing * Subjective Sharpness of Simulated Color Television Pictures

Nielsen, H.[Henning] Co Author Listing * email: Nielsen, H.[Henning]: hn AT vision auc dk
* email: Nielsen, H.[Henrik]: nielsen AT bst fal de
* 3D Localisation from DSA Images using the Leksell Stereotactic Frame
* Estimation of 3D Position, Angle of Attitude and Orientation of Free-swimming Fish in a Hydroacoustic Beam Field under Extreme Lighting Conditions
* Using mirror cameras for estimating depth
Includes: Nielsen, H.[Henning] Nielsen, H.[Henrik] Nielsen, H.

Nielsen, J. Co Author Listing * Characterization of Vision Algorithms: An Experimental Approach
* Thistle Detection
Includes: Nielsen, J. Nielsen, J.[Jon]

Nielsen, J.B.[Jannik B.] Co Author Listing * Anatomically Correct Surface Recovery: A Statistical Approach
* Body Part Tracking of Infants
* Image-Based Method for Objectively Assessing Injection Moulded Plastic Quality, An
* Model-Based Motion Tracking of Infants
* Using Motion Tracking to Detect Spontaneous Movements in Infants
* Variational Study on BRDF Reconstruction in a Structured Light Scanner, A
Includes: Nielsen, J.B.[Jannik B.] Nielsen, J.B.[Jens Bo] Nielsen, J.B.[Jannik Boll] Nielsen, J.B.

Nielsen, J.F. Co Author Listing * Accelerating Dynamic Spiral MRI by Algebraic Reconstruction From Undersampled t Space
* Cross-validation and predicted risk estimation for nonlinear iterative reweighted least-squares MRI reconstruction
* Joint Design of Excitation k-Space Trajectory and RF Pulse for Small-Tip 3D Tailored Excitation in MRI
* Model-based estimation of T2 maps with dual-echo steady-state MR imaging
* Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction With Automatic Regularization Via Monte-Carlo SURE
* noninvasive, multimodality approach based on MRS and MRI techniques for monitoring intracranial brain tumor angiogenesis, A
* Optimizing MR Scan Design for Model-Based T_1 , T_2 Estimation From Steady-State Sequences
* Regularization Parameter Selection for Nonlinear Iterative Image Restoration and MRI Reconstruction Using GCV and SURE-Based Methods
* Separate Magnitude and Phase Regularization via Compressed Sensing
Includes: Nielsen, J.F. Nielsen, J.F.[Jon-Fredrik]
9 for Nielsen, J.F.

Nielsen, J.J.[Jens Joergen] Co Author Listing * email: Nielsen, J.J.[Jens Joergen]: jjn AT login dknet dk

Nielsen, K.[Karina] Co Author Listing * River Levels Derived with CryoSat-2 SAR Data Classification: A Case Study in the Mekong River Basin

Nielsen, K.A. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Using Dynamic Pictorial Information

Nielsen, K.H. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Dynamic Radiosity Relighting of Virtual Environments

Nielsen, L. Co Author Listing * Discontinuity Preserving Visual Reconstruction by Means of Potential Theory
* Multi-sensor Traffic Scene Dataset with Omnidirectional Video, A
* Optimal Digitization of 2-D Images
* Projective Area-Invariants as an Extension of the Cross-Ratio
* Shape and mutual cross-ratios with applications to exterior, interior and relative orientation
Includes: Nielsen, L. Nielsen, L.[Lars]

Nielsen, M.[Mads] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Nielsen, M.[Mads]: malte AT itu dk
* Adaptive Regularization: Towards Self-Calibrated Surface Reconstruction
* Alternative 2D Shape Representations using the Symmetry Set
* Anatomically Oriented Breast Coordinate System for Mammogram Analysis, An
* Approximating Non-linear Diffusion
* Automated Effect-Specific Mammographic Pattern Measures
* Automatic Quantification of Tibio-Femoral Contact Area and Congruity
* Automatic Segmentation of Vertebrae from Radiographs: A Sample-Driven Active Shape Model Approach
* Bayesian Framework for Automated Cardiovascular Risk Scoring on Standard Lumbar Radiographs, A
* Bicycle chain shape models
* Binocular Dense Depth Reconstruction Using Isotropy Constraint
* Binocular Stereo from Grey-Scale Images
* Branch Points in One-Dimensional Gaussian Scale Space
* Brownian Warps for Non-Rigid Registration
* Comparative Study of Disparity Estimations with Multi-Camera Configurations in Relation to Descriptive Parameters of Complex Biological Objects
* Computing optic flow by scale-space integration of normal flow
* Conditional Point Distribution Models
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Segmentation and Object Detection of Human Semen
* Curve Evolution in Subspaces
* Deinterlacing Using Variational Methods
* Dense iterative contextual pixel classification using Kriging
* Detection and Localization of Random Signals
* Direct estimation of First Order Optic Flow
* Editorial, Papers from MMBIA
* Exploring nonlinear diffusion: the diffusion echo
* Exploring the representation capabilities of the HOG descriptor
* Eye typing using Markov and active appearance models
* Feature displacement interpolation
* Feature-Based Image Analysis
* Field of Particle Filters for Image Inpainting
* From a 2D Shape to a String Structure Using the Symmetry Set
* From Inpainting to Active Contours
* Fundamental Geodesic Deformations in Spaces of Treelike Shapes
* Gaussian Scale Space from Insufficient Image Information
* Gaussian Scale-Space Theory
* Generic Events for the Gradient Squared with Application to Multi-Scale Segmentation
* Generic Structure of the Optic Flow Field, The
* Geometries on Spaces of Treelike Shapes
* Geometry and Statistics: Manifolds and Stratified Spaces
* Graduated Non-Convexity by Smoothness Focusing
* Graduated Nonconvexity By Functional Focusing
* Graph Cut Based Segmentation of Soft Shadows for Seamless Removal and Augmentation
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Statistics of Shapes and Textures
* Hausdorff Dimension and Scale-Space Normalisation of Natural Images, The
* Hausdorff Dimension and Scale-Space Normalization of Natural Images, The
* Higher-Order Momentum Distributions and Locally Affine LDDMM Registration
* Image Inpainting by Cooling and Heating
* Image segmentation by shape particle filtering
* Intrinsic Structure of Optic Flow Incorporating Measurement Duality, The
* Investigation of the Effects of Data Collection on Visual Stylometry
* Isotropic Regularization
* Kernel Bundle Diffeomorphic Image Registration Using Stationary Velocity Fields and Wendland Basis Functions
* Kernel Bundle EPDiff: Evolution Equations for Multi-scale Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* Koenderink Corner Points
* Manifold Valued Statistics, Exact Principal Geodesic Analysis and the Effect of Linear Approximations
* Mathematical Methods for Medical Imaging
* Maximum a Posteriori Estimation of Linear Shape Variation With Application to Vertebra and Cartilage Modeling
* Means in spaces of tree-like shapes
* Metric learning by directly minimizing the k-NN training error
* Motion Compensated Video Super Resolution
* Multi-scale gradient magnitude watershed segmentation
* Multiscale Approach to Image Sequence-Analysis
* Note on Differential Corner Measures, A
* On a Kernels, Lévy Processes, and Natural Image Statistics
* On Restricting Planar Curve Evolution to Finite Dimensional Implicit Subspaces with Non-Euclidean Metric
* On the Duality of Scalar and Density Flows
* On the Rate of Structural Change in Scale Spaces
* PDE Solution of Brownian Warping, A
* Procedure for Developing Intuitive and Ergonomic Gesture Interfaces for HCI, A
* Quantizing Calcification in the Lumbar Aorta on 2-D Lateral X-Ray Images
* Reconstructing the Optical Thickness from Hoffman Modulation Contrast Images
* Regularization, Scale-Space, and Edge-Detection Filters
* Scale-time kernels and models
* Segmentation of Soft Shadows Based on a Daylight- and Penumbra Model
* Smoothing images creates corners
* Sparse decompositions in incoherent dictionaries
* Sparse Multi-Scale Diffeomorphic Registration: The Kernel Bundle Framework
* Sparsity and scale: Compact representations of deformation for diffeomorphic registration
* Special Issue on the Second International Conference on Scale Space Theory in Computer Vision, Guest Editors' Comments
* Special Issue on Tribute Workshop for Peter Johansen
* splitting algorithm for directional regularization and sparsification, A
* Static SMC Sampler on Shapes for the Automated Segmentation of Aortic Calcifications, A
* Stepwise Inverse Consistent Euler's Scheme for Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* structure of the optic flow field, The
* Surface Reconstruction: GNCs and MFA
* Texture-Based Analysis of COPD: A Data-Driven Approach
* Total Variation Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing Scheme, A
* Toward a Theory of Statistical Tree-Shape Analysis
* Tube Snake Models for 3D Reconstruction of Thin Elongated Structures from their Contour Projections
* TV-L1 Optical Flow for Vector Valued Images
* unifying framework for automatic and semi-automatic segmentation of vertebrae from radiographs using sample-driven active shape models, A
* Unsupervised Deep Learning Applied to Breast Density Segmentation and Mammographic Risk Scoring
* Variational Algorithm For Motion Compensated Inpainting, A
* Video Super-Resolution Using Simultaneous Motion and Intensity Calculations
* Weighting of the k-Nearest-Neighbors
* What do features tell about images?
Includes: Nielsen, M.[Mads] Nielsen, M. Nielsen, M.[Michael] Nielsen, M.[Morten]
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Nielsen, M.E.[Michael Engelbrecht] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral imaging based on diffused laser light for prediction of astaxanthin coating concentration

Nielsen, M.T.[Mads Thorsted] Co Author Listing * Spatial-Temporal Junction Extraction and Semantic Interpretation

Nielsen, O.H.A.[Otto Hojager Attermann] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral imaging based on diffused laser light for prediction of astaxanthin coating concentration
* Supercontinuum Light Sources for Hyperspectral Subsurface Laser Scattering: Applications for Food Inspection
Includes: Nielsen, O.H.A.[Otto Hojager Attermann] Nielsen, O.H.A.[Otto Højager Attermann]

Nielsen, P.E. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Rodent Whole-Body Dynamic PET Images: An Unsupervised Method Based on Voxel Dynamics

Nielsen, P.M.F. Co Author Listing * 3D surface profiling using arbitrarily positioned cameras
* FPGA implementation of 2D cross-correlation for real-time 3D tracking of deformable surfaces
* Low-cost, hand-held stereoscopic device for measuring dynamic deformations of skin in vivo, A
* Motion Correction Using Subpixel Image Registration
Includes: Nielsen, P.M.F. Nielsen, P.M.F.[Poul M. F.]

Nielsen, R. Co Author Listing * Estimation of 3D Position, Angle of Attitude and Orientation of Free-swimming Fish in a Hydroacoustic Beam Field under Extreme Lighting Conditions

Nielsen, R.D. Co Author Listing * On multi-task learning for facial action unit detection

Nielsen, S.E.[Scott E.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Understory Temperatures Using MODIS LST in Mixed Cordilleran Forests
* Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Monitoring Recovery of Forest Vegetation on Petroleum Well Sites

Nielsen, T. Co Author Listing * Role of Methodology and Spatiotemporal Scale in Understanding Environmental Change in Peri-Urban Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, The

Nielsen, T.D.[Thomas D.] Co Author Listing * Latent classification models for binary data

Nielsen, T.O.[Torsten O.] Co Author Listing * Systematic Analysis of Breast Cancer Morphology Uncovers Stromal Features Associated with Survival

Nielsen, T.R.[Ture R.] Co Author Listing * Solving jigsaw puzzles using image features

Nielsen, T.T.[Torben T.] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks for Segmentation and Object Detection of Human Semen

Nielsen, U. Co Author Listing * Direction-of-Arrival Analysis of Airborne Ice Depth Sounder Data
* Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Radar Ice Sounding Surface Clutter Suppression

Nielson, G.M.[Gregory M.] Co Author Listing * Dual Marching Tetrahedra: Contouring in the Tetrahedronal Environment
* Parameterizing Marching Cubes Isosurfaces with Natural Neighbor Coordinates
* Special Issue on Volume Modeling
* Tools for Triangulations and Tetrahedrizations and Constructing Functions defined over Them

Nielson, H.E. Co Author Listing * Consensus-based table form recognition
* Consensus-based table form recognition of low-quality historical documents
* Digital mountain: from granite archive to global access

Nielson, J.[Jeffrey] Co Author Listing * Temporal Upscaling and Reconstruction of Thermal Remotely Sensed Instantaneous Evapotranspiration

Niem, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Automatic reconstruction of 3D objects using a mobile cameraühle
* Automatic Reconstruction of 3D Objects Using a Mobile Monoscopic Camera
* Camera Viewpoint Control for the Automatic Reconstruction of 3D Objects
* Dynamic ego-pose estimation for driver assistance in urban environments
* Performance evaluation of a real time video surveillance system
* Review and Comparison of Measures for Automatic Video Surveillance Systems, A
* Shape Refinement for Reconstructing 3d-objects Using an Analysis-synthesis Approach
Includes: Niem, W.[Wolfgang] Niem, W.
7 for Niem, W.

Niemann, H.[Heinrich] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Niemann, H.[Heinrich]: niemann AT informatik uni-erlangen de
* 2-D-Object Tracking Based on Projection-Histograms
* 3D Data-Driven Prediction for Active Contour Models Based on Geometric Bounding Volumes
* 3D Recovery Using Calibrated Active Camera
* Active Knowledge-Based Scene Analysis
* Active Rays: Polar-transformed Active Contours for Real-Time Contour Tracking
* Active Visual Object Reconstruction using D-, E-, and T-Optimal Next Best Views
* Adaptive Change Detection for Real-Time Surveillance Applications
* Adaptive estimation procedures for dynamic road scene analysis
* Adaptive Road Parameter Estimation in Monocular Image Sequence
* Adaptive Road Recognition and Ego-State Tracking in the Presence of Obstacles
* Appearance Based Neural Image Processing Algorithm for 3-d Object Recognition, An
* Appearance-based object recognition using optimal feature transforms
* Appearance-based recognition of 3-D objects by cluttered background and occlusions
* Appearance-Based Statistical Object Recognition by Heterogenous Background and Occlusions
* Aspects of Optimal Viewpoint Selection and Viewpoint Fusion
* Bayesian Approach to Learn and Classify 3D Objects from Intensity Images, A
* Calibration of Hand-Held Camera Sequences for Plenoptic Modeling
* Calibration-Free Hand-Eye Calibration: A Structure-from-Motion Approach
* Camera Calibration from Extended Image Sequences for Lightfield Reconstruction
* Classification of characters by man and by machine
* Color cluster rotation
* Combining Computer Graphics and Computer Vision for Probabilistic Visual Robot Navigation
* Computing Depth from Stereo Images by Using Optical Flow
* Control Strategies in a Hierarchical Knowledge Structure
* Dense disparity maps in real-time with an application to augmented reality
* Design, analysis, and engineering of video monitoring systems: An approach and a case study
* Detection of Crowds of People by Use of Wavelet Features and Parameter Free Statistical Models
* Efficient Combination of 2-D and 3-D Shape Descriptions for Contour-Based Tracking of Moving Objects, An
* Efficient Feature Tracking for Long Video Sequences
* Efficient hyperplane tracking by intelligent region selection
* Entropy based camera control for visual object tracking
* ERNEST: A Semantic Network System for Pattern Understanding
* Evaluating the quality of light fields computed from hand-held camera images
* Extending Light Fields using Object Tracking Techniques
* Fast Address Block Location on Handwritten and Machine Printed Mail-Piece Images
* Finite Element Method for Determination of Optical Flow
* Form-based localization of the destination address block on complex envelopes
* Framework for Statistical 3-D Object Recognition, A
* From Markov Random Fields to Associative Memories and Back: Spin Glass Markov Random Fields
* Gait Classification with HMMS for Trajectories of Body Parts Extracted by Mixture Densities
* Geometric Approach to Lightfield Calibration, A
* Globally Consistent 3-D Reconstruction by Utilizing Loops in Camera Movement
* Handling Camera Movement Constraints in Reinforcement Learning Based Active Object Recognition
* Hierarchical Graphs in Pattern Analysis
* Highlight substitution in light fields
* Homogeneous Architecture for Knowledge Based Image Understanding Systems, A
* Hybrid Distance Map Based and Morphologic Thinning Algorithm, A
* Illumination Insensitive Template Matching with Hyperplanes
* Image Database for 3-D Object Recognition
* Improved Appearance-Based 3-D Object Recognition Using Wavelet Features
* Improving Children's Speech Recognition by HMM Interpolation with an Adults' Speech Recognizer
* Information Theoretic Approach for Next Best View Planning in 3-D Reconstruction, An
* Information theoretic focal length selection for real-time active 3-d object tracking
* Integrated Viewpoint Fusion and Viewpoint Selection for Optimal Object Recognition
* Integrating Aspects of Active Vision Into a Knowledge-based System
* Interactive Processing and Archiving of Images
* Knowledge-Based Vision System for Industrial Applications, A
* Learning an Analysis Strategy for Knowledge-Based Exploration of Scenes
* Linear and nonlinear mapping of patterns
* Localization and classification based on projections
* Matching and fusing 3D-polygonal approximations for model-generation
* Model Based Analysis of Scintigraphic Image Sequences of the Human Heart
* Model Based Extraction of Articulated Objects in Image Sequences for Gait Analysis
* Multi-Step Active Object Tracking with Entropy Based Optimal Actions Using the Sequential Kalman Filter
* Multi-step Entropy Based Sensor Control for Visual Object Tracking
* Multi-step Multi-camera View Planning for Real-Time Visual Object Tracking
* Neural networks for the recognition and pose estimation of 3D objects from a single 2D perspective view
* Object recognition from 2D images using Kohonen self-organized feature maps
* On Fusion of Multiple Views for Active Object Recognition
* On Optimal Camera Parameter Selection in Kalman Filter Based Object Tracking
* On the Accuracy of Optical Flow Computation Using Global Optimization
* Principles of 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis
* Probabilistic Model-based Template Matching Approach for Robust Object Tracking in Real-Time, A
* Probabilistic Modeling and Recognition of 3-D Objects
* Probabilistic Modeling in Computer Vision
* Problem-Independent Control Algorithm for Image Understanding, A
* Pronunciation Feature Extraction
* Radial Basis Function Networks and Complexity Regularization in Function Learning and Classification
* Radial Basis Function Networks in Nonparametric Classification and Function Learning
* Real-time pedestrian tracking in natural scenes
* refined ICP algorithm for robust 3-d correspondence estimation, A
* region-based method for model-free object tracking, A
* Robust appearance-based object recognition using a fully connected Markov random field
* Robust Cognitive Approach to Traffic Scene Analysis, A
* Robust Facial Feature Localization by Coupled Features
* Robust Hand-Eye Calibration of an Endoscopic Surgery Robot Using Dual Quaternions
* Robust Parallel Speech Recognition in Multiple Energy Bands
* Segmentation-based object tracking using image warping and kalman filtering
* Semantic Networks for Understanding Scenes
* Software Engineering for Image Processing and Analysis
* Speaker adaptation using semi-continuous hidden Markov models
* Special Issue on Expert Systems in Medical Imaging
* speech understanding and dialog system with a homogeneous linguistic knowledge base, A
* Statistical 3-D object localization without segmentation using wavelet analysis
* Statistical Approach to Classification of Flow Patterns for Motion Detection
* Statistical Learning, Localization, and Identification of Objects
* Statistical Modeling and Performance Characterization of a Real-Time Dual Camera Surveillance System
* Statistical Object Recognition Including Color Modeling
* Systematic Design and Analysis Cycle of a Vision System: A Case Study in Video Surveillance, The
* Theoretically Optimal Probabilistic Classifier Using Class-specific Features, A
* To each according to its need: kernel class specific classifiers
* Two-handed gesture tracking incorporating template warping with static segmentation
* Using Quaternions for Parametrizing 3-D Rotations in Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization
* Vector Quantization Based Data Selection for Hand-Eye Calibration
* Viewpoint Selection: Planning Optimal Sequences of Views for Object Recognition
* Visual motion estimation from image contour tracking
* Wavelet Features for Statistical Object Localization without Segmentation
Includes: Niemann, H.[Heinrich] Niemann, H.
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Niemann, J.C.[James C.] Co Author Listing * Intelligent image recording system and method

Niemann, K.O.[K. Olaf] Co Author Listing * 3D leaf water content mapping using terrestrial laser scanner backscatter intensity with radiometric correction
* Semi-Automated Extraction of Rivers from Digital Imagery
* Spatial Thresholds, Image-Objects, and Upscaling: A Multiscale Evaluation
Includes: Niemann, K.O.[K. Olaf] Niemann, K.O.

Niemeier, W. Co Author Listing * Developed technique for automatic cloud texturing using multi images applied to a complex site
* Evaluation of InSAR and TomoSAR for Monitoring Deformations Caused by Mining in a Mountainous Area with High Resolution Satellite-Based SAR
* Long Term Subsidence Analysis and Soil Fracturing Zonation Based on InSAR Time Series Modelling in Northern Zona Metropolitana del Valle de Mexico
Includes: Niemeier, W. Niemeier, W.[Wolfgang]

Niemeijer, M. Co Author Listing * Automated Measurement of the Arteriolar-to-Venular Width Ratio in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
* Automatic Coronary Calcium Scoring in Low-Dose Chest Computed Tomography
* Automatic Detection of Red Lesions in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
* Automatic detection of the optic disc, fovea and vacular arch in digital color photographs of the retina
* Information Fusion for Diabetic Retinopathy CAD in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
* Multimodal Retinal Vessel Segmentation From Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography and Fundus Photography
* Multimodal Segmentation of Optic Disc and Cup From SD-OCT and Color Fundus Photographs Using a Machine-Learning Graph-Based Approach
* On Combining Computer-Aided Detection Systems
* Retinopathy Online Challenge: Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
* Ridge-based vessel segmentation in color images of the retina
* Segmentation of the Optic Disc in 3-D OCT Scans of the Optic Nerve Head
* Segmentation of the Optic Disc, Macula and Vascular Arch in Fundus Photographs
* Splat Feature Classification With Application to Retinal Hemorrhage Detection in Fundus Images
* Three-Dimensional Segmentation of Fluid-Associated Abnormalities in Retinal OCT: Probability Constrained Graph-Search-Graph-Cut
* Vessel Boundary Delineation on Fundus Images Using Graph-Based Approach
15 for Niemeijer, M.

Niemeyer, F. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Comparison of Digital Surface Models Created by Unmanned Aerial Systems Imagery and Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Development of Four Vision Camera System for a Micro-UAV
* Konzeption und Genauigkeitsabschätzungen für eine Bestimmung der äußeren Orientierung eines Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
* Relative and Absolute Calibration of a Multihead Camera System with Oblique and Nadir Looking Cameras for a UAS
* Symbiosis of UAS Photogrammetry and TLS for Surveying and 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Monuments - A Case Study About the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the City of Greifswald
Includes: Niemeyer, F. Niemeyer, F.[Frank]

Niemeyer, I.[Irmgard] Co Author Listing * Object-based Change Detection
* Object-Based Change Detection: An Unsupervised Approach
* procedure for automatic object-based classification, A
* SEATH: A new tool for automated feature extraction in the context of object-based image analysis
Includes: Niemeyer, I.[Irmgard] Niemeyer, I.

Niemeyer, J. Co Author Listing * Conditional Random Fields For Lidar Point Cloud Classification In Complex Urban Areas
* Conditional Random Fields for the Classification of LiDAR Point Clouds
* Conditional Random Fields for Urban Scene Classification with Full Waveform LiDAR Data
* Contextual classification of lidar data and building object detection in urban areas
* Contextual Classification of Point Clouds Using a Two-Stage CRF
* Hierarchical Higher Order CRF for the Classification of Airborne Lidar Point Clouds In Urban Areas
* Opportunities of Airborne Laser Bathymetry for the Monitoring of the Sea Bed on the Baltic Sea Coast
Includes: Niemeyer, J. Niemeyer, J.[Joachim]
7 for Niemeyer, J.

Niemi, A.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Observation of the Dry Line in paper machine

Niemi, E.[Esa] Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Parameter Choice Method for Total Variation Regularized Tomography

Niemi, M.[Mikko] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Forest Stand Attributes Using TerraSAR-X Stereo Imagery
* Segmentation of Saimaa Ringed Seals for Identification Purposes
Includes: Niemi, M.[Mikko] Niemi, M.[Marja]

Niemi, M.T.[Mikko T.] Co Author Listing * Extracting Canopy Surface Texture from Airborne Laser Scanning Data for the Supervised and Unsupervised Prediction of Area-Based Forest Characteristics

Nieminen, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Gaussian Weighted Filtering for Image Segmentation
* Comments on Theoretical Analysis of the Max/Median Filter
* New Class of Detail-Preserving Filters for Image Processing, A

Nieminen, J. Co Author Listing * Implementation of PALplus decoder with programmable video signal processor

Nieminen, M.[Miika] Co Author Listing * Local Binary Patterns to Evaluate Trabecular Bone Structure from Micro-CT Data: Application to Studies of Human Osteoarthritis

Nieminen, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate Color Discrimination with Classification Based on Feature Distributions

Niemiro, W. Co Author Listing * method of synthesis of linear discriminant function in the case of nonseparability, A
* Positron emission tomography by Markov chain Monte Carlo with auxiliary variables
* version of the Swendsen-Wang algorithm for restoration of images degraded by Poisson noise, A
Includes: Niemiro, W. Niemiro, W.[Wojciech]

Niemisto, A.[Antti] Co Author Listing * novel method for splitting clumps of convex objects incorporating image intensity and using rectangular window-based concavity point-pair search, A
* Robust Quantification of In Vitro Angiogenesis Through Image Analysis
* Training-based Optimization Framework for Misclassification Correction, A
Includes: Niemisto, A.[Antti] Niemistö, A.[Antti] (Maybe also Niemistoe, A.)Niemisto, A. Niemistö, A. (Maybe also Niemistoe, A.)

Niemueller, T. Co Author Listing * Herb 2.0: Lessons Learned From Developing a Mobile Manipulator for the Home

Nien, H. Co Author Listing * Fast X-Ray CT Image Reconstruction Using a Linearized Augmented Lagrangian Method With Ordered Subsets
* Model-based image reconstruction of chemiluminescence using a plenoptic 2.0 camera
* Relaxed Linearized Algorithms for Faster X-Ray CT Image Reconstruction
Includes: Nien, H. Nien, H.[Hung]

Nien, H.H. Co Author Listing * new Pixel-Chaotic-Shuffle method for image encryption, A

Niendorf, M. Co Author Listing * Stability Analysis of Runway Schedules

Nieniewski, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * CRASH project: Defect detection and classification in ferrite cores, The
* Enhancement of Despeckled Ultrasound Images by Forward-Backward Diffusion
* Extraction of Diffuse Objects From Images by Means of Watershed and Region Merging: Example of Solar Images
* Hidden MRF detection of motion of objects with uniform brightness
* Morphological Method of Detection of Defects on the Surface of Ferrite Cores
* Real-Time Speckle Reduction in Ultrasound Images by Means of Nonlinear Coherent Diffusion Using GPU
Includes: Nieniewski, M.[Mariusz] Nieniewski, M.

Nienkotter, A. Co Author Listing * Distance-preserving vector space embedding for the closest string problem
* Improved Prototype Embedding Based Generalized Median Computation by Means of Refined Reconstruction Methods
Includes: Nienkotter, A. Nienkötter, A. (Maybe also Nienkoetter, A.)Nienkötter, A.[Andreas] (Maybe also Nienkoetter, A.)

Niepel, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Method for detecting optical errors in large surface panels

Niepel, L.[Ludovit] Co Author Listing * Smooth morphological transformation of CT and MR medical data
Includes: Niepel, L.[Ludovit] Niepel, L.[Ludovít]

Nierhoff, T. Co Author Listing * Fast trajectory replanning using Laplacian mesh optimization

Nies, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Focusing of Bistatic Airborne SAR Data
* Focusing Bistatic SAR Data in Airborne/Stationary Configuration
* Focusing of General Bistatic SAR Configuration Data With 2-D Inverse Scaled FFT
* Phase Unwrapping for SAR Interferometry: A Data Fusion Approach by Kalman Filtering
* Processing the Azimuth-Variant Bistatic SAR Data by Using Monostatic Imaging Algorithms Based on Two-Dimensional Principle of Stationary Phase

Nieschulz, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Gesture Components for Natural Interaction with In-Car Devices

Niese, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Automatic Pain Recognition from Video and Biomedical Signals
* Automatic User-Specific Avatar Parametrisation and Emotion Mapping
* Detection of presynaptic terminals on dendritic spines in double labeling confocal images
* Facial expression recognition based on geometric and optical flow features in colour image sequences
* New Multi-camera Based Facial Expression Analysis Concept, A
* Pain recognition and intensity rating based on Comparative Learning
* Robust facial expression recognition based on 3-d supported feature extraction and SVM classification
* Robust Stereoscopic Head Pose Estimation in Human-Computer Interaction and a Unified Evaluation Framework
* Stereo and Color-based Method for Face Pose Estimation and Facial Feature Extraction, A
9 for Niese, R.

Niese, T.[Till] Co Author Listing * Study of the Human Comprehension of Building Categories Based on Different 3D Building Representations, A
* Understanding Human Perception Of Building Categories In Virtual 3d Cities - A User Study

Niesel, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite and Reanalysis Soil Moisture Products over Southwest China Using Ground-Based Measurements
* Spatial Downscaling of Satellite Soil Moisture Data Using a Vegetation Temperature Condition Index
Includes: Niesel, J.[Jonathan] Niesel, J.

Niesen, J.W.[Joseph W.] Co Author Listing * Application of human facial features recognition to automobile safety
* Application of human facial features recognition to automobile security and convenience
* Human presence detection, identification and tracking using a facial feature image sensing system for airbag deployment
* Optimized human presence detection through elimination of background interference

Nieser, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Differential-Based Geometry and Texture Editing with Brushes

Niesler, T.R. Co Author Listing * Vision-based hand pose estimation through similarity search using the earth mover's distance

Niessen, M. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Activities of Daily Living in Smart Homes: Understanding human behavior

Niessen, M.E. Co Author Listing * Unified Model for Human Behavior Modeling Using a Hierarchy with a Variable Number of States, A

Niessen, W.[Wiro] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Niessen, W.[Wiro]: wiro AT isi uu nl
* Automatic 3D Facial Landmarking Algorithm Using 2D Gabor Wavelets, An
* Editorial, Papers from MMBIA
* Feature Selection Based on SVM Significance Maps for Classification of Dementia
* Special issue on Shape Modeling in Medical Image Analysis
Includes: Niessen, W.[Wiro] Niessen, W.

Niessen, W.J.[Wiro J.] Co Author Listing * 3D LBP-Based Rotationally Invariant Region Description
* 4D Liver Ultrasound Registration
* 4D Ultrasound Tracking of Liver and its Verification for TIPS Guidance
* Advanced Level-Set-Based Cell Tracking in Time-Lapse Fluorescence Microscopy
* Automated Brain Structure Segmentation Based on Atlas Registration and Appearance Models
* Automatic construction of multiple-object three-dimensional statistical shape models: application to cardiac modeling
* Binocular Stereo from Grey-Scale Images
* Blurring Strategies for Image Segmentation Using a Multiscale Linking Model
* Bone tumor segmentation from MR perfusion images with neural networks using multi-scale pharmacokinetic features
* Carotid Artery Wall Segmentation in Multispectral MRI by Coupled Optimal Surface Graph Cuts
* Comparison of Multiscale Image Representations for Image Segmentation, A
* Differential structure of images: accuracy of representation
* Fast delineation and visualization of vessels in 3-D angiographic images
* Fast Image Registration Technique for Motion Artifact Reduction in DSA, A
* Fast Noise Reduction in Computed Tomography for Improved 3-D Visualization
* General Framework For Geometry-Driven Evolution-Equations, A
* Growth and motion in three-dimensional medical images
* Guide Wire Reconstruction and Visualization in 3DRA Using Monoplane Fluoroscopic Imaging
* Guide-wire tracking during endovascular interventions
* Hidden Markov Model for 3D Catheter Tip Tracking With 2D X-ray Catheterization Sequence and 3D Rotational Angiography, A
* Hierarchical vs. Simultaneous Multiresolution Strategies for Nonrigid Image Registration
* Intrinsic Structure of Optic Flow Incorporating Measurement Duality, The
* Level-set-based artery-vein separation in blood pool agent CE-MR angiograms
* Localization and segmentation of aortic endografts using marker detection
* Lumen Segmentation and Motion Estimation in B-Mode and Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Images of the Carotid Artery in Patients With Atherosclerotic Plaque
* Microtubule Dynamics Analysis Using Kymographs and Variable-Rate Particle Filters
* Minimum Cost Path Determination Using a Simple Heuristic Function
* Model-based quantitation of 3-D magnetic resonance angiographic images
* Multi-Center MRI Carotid Plaque Component Segmentation Using Feature Normalization and Transfer Learning
* Multiscale Approach to Image Sequence-Analysis
* Multiscale Segmentation of Three-Dimensional MR Brain Images
* Multiscale Vessel Tracking
* Non-rigid Groupwise Image Registration for Motion Compensation in Quantitative MRI
* Nonlinear Diffusion of Scalar Images using Well-Posed Differential Operators with Applications in Medical Imaging
* Nonlinear Multiscale Representations for Image Segmentation
* Nonrigid Registration and Template Matching for Coronary Motion Modeling from 4D CTA
* Numerical Analysis and Applications of Geometry-Driven Diffusion
* Objective quantification of the motion of soft tissues in the orbit
* On the Duality of Scalar and Density Flows
* Oriented Gaussian Mixture Models for Nonrigid 2D/3D Coronary Artery Registration
* Parallel Implementations of AOS Schemes: A Fast Way of Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Particle Filtering for Multiple Object Tracking in Dynamic Fluorescence Microscopy Images: Application to Microtubule Growth Analysis
* Piecewise Polynomial Kernels for Image Interpolation: A Generalization of Cubic Convolution
* Pseudo-Linear Scale-Space Theory
* quantitative analysis of 3-D coronary modeling from two or more projection images, A
* Quantitative Comparison of Spot Detection Methods in Fluorescence Microscopy
* Quantitative Evaluation of Three Calibration Methods for 3-D Freehand Ultrasound
* Randomly Perturbed B-Splines for Nonrigid Image Registration
* Randomly Perturbed Free-Form Deformation for Nonrigid Image Registration
* Registration of 3D+t Coronary CTA and Monoplane 2D+t X-Ray Angiography
* Registration of Free-Hand Ultrasound and MRI of Carotid Arteries through Combination of Point-Based and Intensity-Based Algorithms
* Registration-Based Interpolation
* Regression-Based Cardiac Motion Prediction From Single-Phase CTA
* Retrospective Motion Correction in Digital Subtraction Angiography: A Review
* Robust Shape Regression for Supervised Vessel Segmentation and its Application to Coronary Segmentation in CTA
* Segmentation of Bone Tumor in MR Perfusion Images Using Neural Networks and Multiscale Pharmacokinetic Features
* Segmentation of the Outer Vessel Wall of the Common Carotid Artery in CTA
* Segmentation of Thrombus in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms From CTA With Nonparametric Statistical Grey Level Appearance Modeling
* Selective Deblurring for Improved Calcification Visualization and Quantification in Carotid CT Angiography: Validation Using Micro-CT
* Simultaneous Multiresolution Strategies for Nonrigid Image Registration
* Sinc-Approximating Kernels of Classical Polynomial Interpolation, The
* Spatiotemporal Operators and Optic Flow
* Standardized Evaluation Methodology for 2-D--3-D Registration
* Statistical Shape Model-Based Femur Kinematics From Biplane Fluoroscopy
* Supervised Diffusion Parameter Selection for Processing SPECT Brain Images
* Three Dimensional MR Brain Segmentation
* Three-dimensional guide-wire reconstruction from biplane image sequences for integrated display in 3-d vasculature
* Three-dimensional modeling for functional analysis of cardiac images: A Review
* Total Correlation-Based Groupwise Image Registration for Quantitative MRI
* Towards a Real-Time Minimally-Invasive Vascular Intervention Simulation System
* Vessel Axis Tracking Using Topology Constrained Surface Evolution
Includes: Niessen, W.J.[Wiro J.] Niessen, W.J.
71 for Niessen, W.J.

Niessner, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Learning to Navigate the Energy Landscape

Nietfeld, P.G.[Paul G.] Co Author Listing * Text/continuous tone image decision processor

Niethammer, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Active Mean Fields for Probabilistic Image Segmentation: Connections with Chan-Vese and Rudin-Osher-Fatemi Models
* AGA: Attribute-Guided Augmentation
* Analysis of blood vessel topology by cubical homology
* Area-Based Medial Axis of Planar Curves
* Automatic atlas-based three-label cartilage segmentation from MR knee images
* Color histogram equalization through mesh deformation
* Continuous maximal flows and Wulff shapes: Application to MRFs
* Diseased Region Detection of Longitudinal Knee Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
* Dynamic geodesic snakes for visual tracking
* Finsler Level Set Segmentation for Imagery in Oriented Domains
* Geodesic Regression on the Grassmannian
* Geometric Observers for Dynamically Evolving Curves
* Globally Optimal Finsler Active Contours
* Locally Adaptive Regularization Based on Anisotropic Diffusion for Deformable Image Registration of Sliding Organs, A
* Locally-Constrained Region-Based Methods for DW-MRI Segmentation
* Longitudinal Image Registration With Temporally-Dependent Image Similarity Measure
* Low-Rank Atlas Image Analyses in the Presence of Pathologies
* On the Detection of Simple Points in Higher Dimensions Using Cubical Homology
* On the Evolution of Vector Distance Functions of Closed Curves
* One-Shot Learning of Scene Locations via Feature Trajectory Transfer
* optimal control approach for deformable registration, An
* Parametric Regression on the Grassmannian
* PORTR: Pre-Operative and Post-Recurrence Brain Tumor Registration
* Probabilistic Diffeomorphic Registration: Representing Uncertainty
* Registration for Correlative Microscopy Using Image Analogies
* Registration of Developmental Image Sequences with Missing Data
* Restoration of DWI Data Using a Rician LMMSE Estimator
* Scene Parsing with Object Instance Inference Using Regions and Per-exemplar Detectors
* Scene Parsing with Object Instances and Occlusion Ordering
* Simple Geodesic Regression for Image Time-Series
* Simulation-Based Joint Estimation of Body Deformation and Elasticity Parameters for Medical Image Analysis
* Spatial domain filtering for fast modification of the tradeoff between image sharpness and pixel noise in computed tomography
* stokes flow boundary integral measurement of tubular structure cross sections in two dimensions, A
* Temporally-Dependent Image Similarity Measure for Longitudinal Analysis
* Topological Descriptors of Histology Images
* variational framework combining level-sets and thresholding., A
Includes: Niethammer, M.[Marc] Niethammer, M.
36 for Niethammer, M.

Niethammer, U. Co Author Listing * UAV-based Remote Sensing Of Landslides

Nieto Rodriguez, A. Co Author Listing * System for Medical Mask Detection in the Operating Room Through Facial Attributes
Includes: Nieto Rodriguez, A. Nieto-Rodríguez, A.

Nieto Vesperinas, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Problem of image superresolution with a negative-refractive-index slab
Includes: Nieto Vesperinas, M.[Manuel] Nieto-Vesperinas, M.[Manuel]

Nieto, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of real-time LBP computing in multiple architectures
* Feature detection and matching on an SIMD/MIMD hybrid embedded processor
* Performance analysis of massively parallel embedded hardware architectures for retinal image processing
Includes: Nieto, A.[Alejandro] Nieto, A.

Nieto, G. Co Author Listing * Linearizing the Plenoptic Space
* Variational image-based rendering with gradient constraints

Nieto, H.[Hector] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Methods for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Landsat-5 TM Images Applicable to Multiscale Tree-Grass Ecosystem Modeling

Nieto, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Robust Visual Place Recognition with Graph Kernels
* Unsupervised feature learning for illumination robustness
* Verification of Sky Models for Image Calibration
* Will It Last? Learning Stable Features for Long-Term Visual Localization
Includes: Nieto, J.[Juan] Nieto, J.

Nieto, J.I. Co Author Listing * Robust Inference of Principal Road Paths for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Nieto, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multicue Background Subtraction for Robust Vehicle Counting and Classification
* Argos: An Advanced In-Vehicle Data Recorder on a Massively Sensorized Vehicle for Car Driver Behavior Experimentation
* Automatic video mosaicing for surveillance using vanishing points
* Fast Mode Decision Based on Activity Segmentation in H.264/AVC Encoding
* Fast mode decision on H.264/AVC baseline profile for real-time performance
* Fast Mode Decision on H.264/AVC Main Profile Encoding Based on PSNR Predictions
* Guest Editorial, Action Recognition
* Homography-based ground plane detection using a single on-board camera
* Locating moving objects in car-driving sequences
* Measurement-based reclustering for multiple object tracking with particle filters
* Multiple object tracking using an automatic variable-dimension particle filter
* Non-linear optimization for robust estimation of vanishing points
* On creating vision-based advanced driver assistance systems
* On-board robust vehicle detection and tracking using adaptive quality evaluation
* Optimising computer vision based ADAS: vehicle detection case study
* Parallelization of the optical flow computation in sequences from moving cameras
* Perspective Multiscale Detection and Tracking of Persons
* Perspective Multiscale Detection of Vehicles for Real-Time Forward Collision Avoidance Systems
* Plane rectification through robust vanishing point tracking using the Expectation-Maximization algorithm
* Real-time lane tracking using Rao-Blackwellized particle filter
* Real-Time Vanishing Point Estimation in Road Sequences Using Adaptive Steerable Filter Banks
* reconfigurable embedded vision system for advanced driver assistance, A
* Road environment modeling using robust perspective analysis and recursive Bayesian segmentation
* Robust multiple lane road modeling based on perspective analysis
* Robust Vehicle Detection Through Multidimensional Classification for on Board Video Based Systems
* Sequence Independent very Fast Mode Decision Algorithm on H.264/AVC Baseline Profile
* Simultaneous estimation of vanishing points and their converging lines using the EM algorithm
* temporally consistent grid-based visual odometry framework for multi-core architectures, A
Includes: Nieto, M. Nieto, M.[Marcos] Nieto, M.[Manuel]
28 for Nieto, M.

Nieto, O.C.[Oscar Camacho] Co Author Listing * Wavelet Filter Adjusting for Image Lossless Compression Using Pattern Recognition

Nieto, P. Co Author Listing * TV-logo classification and learning system, A

Nieto, R.M.[Rafael Martin] Co Author Listing * automatic system for sports analytics in multi-camera tennis videos, An

Nieto, S. Co Author Listing * SMOS Radiometer in the 1400-1427-MHz Passive Band: Impact of the RFI Environment and Approach to Its Mitigation and Cancellation

Nieuwenhuijze, M.R.I. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Driving With a Heavy-Duty Truck in Mixed Traffic: Experimental Results

Nieuwenhuis, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Bootstrap optical flow confidence and uncertainty measure
* Co-Sparse Textural Similarity for Interactive Segmentation
* Complex Motion Models for Simple Optical Flow Estimation
* Convex Optimization for Scene Understanding
* Convexity Shape Prior for Binary Segmentation
* Convexity Shape Prior for Segmentation
* Efficient Squared Curvature
* Interactive Motion Segmentation
* Knowledge Based Image Enhancement Using Neural Networks
* Midrange Geometric Interactions for Semantic Segmentation
* Nonmetric Priors for Continuous Multilabel Optimization
* Proportion Priors for Image Sequence Segmentation
* Proximity Priors for Variational Semantic Segmentation and Recognition
* Relative Volume Constraints for Single View 3D Reconstruction
* Space-Varying Color Distributions for Interactive Multiregion Segmentation: Discrete versus Continuous Approaches
* Spatially Varying Color Distributions for Interactive Multilabel Segmentation
* Survey and Comparison of Discrete and Continuous Multi-label Optimization Approaches for the Potts Model, A
17 for Nieuwenhuis, C.

Nieuwenhuisen, M. Co Author Listing * Predictive Potential Field-Based Collision Avoidance for Multicopters
* Towards Multimodal Omnidirectional Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Nieuwenhuizen, F.M. Co Author Listing * Methods for Multiloop Identification of Visual and Neuromuscular Pilot Responses

Nieuwenhuizen, R. Co Author Listing * Image Processing and Analysis for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy: Computation for nanoscale imaging
* Infrared hyperspectral imaging of ship plumes
* Turbulence mitigation methods for sea scenario imaging
Includes: Nieuwenhuizen, R. Nieuwenhuizen, R.[Robert]

Nieuwhof, S.[Sil] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Epibenthic Shellfish Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Imagery

Nieuwland, J.[Jeroen] Co Author Listing * Arabidopsis Thaliana Automatic Cell File Detection and Cell Length Estimation

Nieuwoudt, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Face Recognition in a Heterogeneous Population
* Relative Performance of Correlation-Based and Feature-Based Classifiers of Aircraft Using Radar Range Profiles
Includes: Nieuwoudt, C. Nieuwoudt, C.[Christoph]

Nievas, E.B.[Enrique Bermejo] Co Author Listing * Violence Detection in Video Using Computer Vision Techniques

Nieveen, J.G. Co Author Listing * Recording and Decoding for Neural Prostheses

Nievergelt, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * Computing Geodetic Coordinates

Nieves Vazquez, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * simple statistics-based nearest neighbor cluster detection algorithm, A
Includes: Nieves Vazquez, J.A.[Jose A.] Nieves-Vázquez, J.A.[José-A.]

Nieves, J.L.[Juan L.] Co Author Listing * Color-signal filtering in the Fourier-frequency domain
* Colorimetric analysis of outdoor illumination across varieties of atmospheric conditions
* Contrast edge colors under different natural illuminations
* First Stage of a Human Visual System Simulator: The Retina
* Generalized Inverse-Approach Model for Spectral-Signal Recovery
* Spectral recovery of outdoor illumination by an extension of the Bayesian inverse approach to the Gaussian mixture model
* Spectral-daylight recovery by use of only a few sensors
Includes: Nieves, J.L.[Juan L.] Nieves, J.L.[Juan Luis]
7 for Nieves, J.L.

Nievinski, F.G. Co Author Listing * Inverse Modeling of GPS Multipath for Snow Depth Estimation: Part I: Formulation and Simulations
* Inverse Modeling of GPS Multipath for Snow Depth Estimation: Part II: Application and Validation

Nieweglowski, J. Co Author Listing * Motion estimation and representation for arbitrarily shaped image regions
* Temporal image sequence prediction using motion field interpolation
* Video coding using motion compensation with polynomial motion vector fields
* Video encoder and decoder using motion-based segmentation and merging
Includes: Nieweglowski, J. Nieweglowski, J.[Jacek]

Niewiadomski, R. Co Author Listing * Automated Laughter Detection From Full-Body Movements
* Constraint-Based Model for Synthesis of Multimodal Sequential Expressions of Emotions
* Guest Editorial: Towards Machines Able to Deal with Laughter
* Using the Audio Respiration Signal for Multimodal Discrimination of Expressive Movement Qualities
Includes: Niewiadomski, R. Niewiadomski, R.[Radoslaw]

Niewold, T.A.[Theo A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Marked Pigs in a Pen Using Image Pattern Recognition
* Automatic Monitoring of Pig Activity Using Image Analysis
* Weight Estimation of Pigs Using Top-View Image Processing

Niez, J.J. Co Author Listing * Physical-Model Based Reconstruction of the Global Instantaneous Velocity Field from Velocity Measurements at a Few Points
* Symbolic Image Matching by Simulated Annealing

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