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Ogulata, S.N.[Seyfettin Noyan] Co Author Listing * Application of Neural Networks in Classification of Epilepsy Using EEG Signals, The

Oguma, H. Co Author Listing * Applicability of Green-Red Vegetation Index for Remote Sensing of Vegetation Phenology
* Development of a Regional Coral Observation Method by a Fluorescence Imaging LIDAR Installed in a Towable Buoy
* Forest canopy height estimation using ICESat/GLAS data and error factor analysis in Hokkaido, Japan
* Monitoring the viability of coral reefs
Includes: Oguma, H. Oguma, H.[Hiroyuki]

Ogunbona, P. Co Author Listing * 2D to Pseudo-3D Conversion of Head and Shoulder Images Using Feature Based Parametric Disparity Maps
* Creating Simplified 3D Models with High Quality Textures
* Description of Evolutional Changes in Image Time Sequences Using MPEG-7 Visual Descriptors
* Detecting humans under occlusion using variational mean field method
* Discriminative Key Pose Extraction Using Extended LC-KSVD for Action Recognition
* efficient iterative algorithm for image thresholding, An
* Face detection using generalised integral image features
* Face recognition from single sample based on human face perception
* Finding distinctive facial areas for face recognition
* Greedy Approximation of Kernel PCA by Minimizing the Mapping Error
* Head pose estimation based on extended non-negative matrix factorization
* High-capacity steganography using a shared colour palette
* Improved Template Matching Method for Object Detection, An
* Joint Geometrical and Statistical Alignment for Visual Domain Adaptation
* Kernel PCA of HOG features for posture detection
* Measuring face familiarity and its application to face recognition
* novel template matching method for human detection, A
* part-based template matching method for multi-view human detection, A
* Semi-supervised maximum a posteriori probability segmentation of brain tissues from dual-echo magnetic resonance scans using incomplete training data
* Wavelet Based Feature-Adaptive Adaptive Resonance Theory Neural Network for Texture Identification
Includes: Ogunbona, P. Ogunbona, P.[Philip]
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Ogunbona, P.O.[Philip O.] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition From Depth Maps Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Coding gain and spatial localisation properties of discrete wavelet transform filter banks for image coding
* Detection and Separation of Smoke From Single Image Frames
* Discriminative Brain Effective Connectivity Analysis for Alzheimer's Disease: A Kernel Learning Approach upon Sparse Gaussian Bayesian Network
* Discriminative Sparse Inverse Covariance Matrix: Application in Brain Functional Network Classification
* Human detection from images and videos: A survey
* Human detection using local shape and Non-Redundant binary patterns
* Human detection with contour-based local motion binary patterns
* Index compressed image adaptive vector quantisation
* Index compressed tree-structured vector quantisation
* Index-Compressed Vector Quantization Based on Index Mapping
* Large-scale Continuous Gesture Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Large-scale Isolated Gesture Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Learning Discriminative Bayesian Networks from High-Dimensional Continuous Neuroimaging Data
* Mining Mid-Level Features for Action Recognition Based on Effective Skeleton Representation
* novel shape-based non-redundant local binary pattern descriptor for object detection, A
* Object detection using Non-Redundant Local Binary Patterns
* On the Computational-Complexity of the LBG and PNN Algorithms
* Pathological Gait Detection of Parkinson's Disease Using Sparse Representation
* Recovering DC Coefficients in Block-Based DCT
* RGB-D-based action recognition datasets: A survey
* Scene Flow to Action Map: A New Representation for RGB-D Based Action Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Semantic action recognition by learning a pose lexicon
* Signal analysis using a multiresolution form of the singular value decomposition
* Single Image Smoke Detection
* Smoke Detection in Video: An Image Separation Approach
Includes: Ogunbona, P.O.[Philip O.] Ogunbona, P.O.
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Ogundare, F.O. Co Author Listing * Models for the comparative equivalence of scattering properties of elemental filters used in diagnostic radiology

Ogunfunmi, T.[Tokunbo] Co Author Listing * 3D-DCT video encoder using advanced coding techniques for low power mobile device, A
* Algorithm and Architecture Co-Design of Hardware-Oriented, Modified Diamond Search for Fast Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC
* Hardware-oriented Modified Diamond Search for motion estimation in H.246/AVC
* Second-order adaptive volterra system identification based on discrete nonlinear Wiener model
* Stochastic gradient based third-order Volterra system identification by using nonlinear Wiener adaptive algorithm
Includes: Ogunfunmi, T.[Tokunbo] Ogunfunmi, T.

Ogunjobi, K.O. Co Author Listing * Inter-seasonal Dynamics Of Vegetation Cover And Surface Temperature Distribution: A Case Study Of Ondo State, Nigeria

Ogunmakin, G.[Gbolabo] Co Author Listing * Panoramic Gaussian Mixture Model and large-scale range background substraction method for PTZ camera-based surveillance systems
* PTZ camera-based adaptive panoramic and multi-layered background model

Ogunmola, J.K. Co Author Listing * Lineament Extraction from SPOT 5 and NigeriaSat-X Imagery of the Upper Benue Trough, Nigeria
* Study of Landcover Change in Yelwa-Heipang Area of Plateau State, North-Central Nigeria: A Geoinformatics Approach

Ogura, E.[Eiji] Co Author Listing * Efficient motion vector detection
* Motion vector detecting device
* Motion vector detection apparatus and predictive coding system for compensating for movement with apparatus
* Motion vector detection apparatus and predictive coding system for compensating for movement with the apparatus
* Single-Chip MPEG2 MP-AT-ML Video Encoder LSI Including Wide Search Range Motion Estimation (H+/-288, V+/-96) and Many Functions for Consumer Use, A
Includes: Ogura, E.[Eiji] Ogura, E.

Ogura, H. Co Author Listing * Development of a VLSI chip for real time MPEG-2 video decoder

Ogura, K. Co Author Listing * Document Input According to Recognition Accuracy of Handwritten Characters
* Extended Mean Shift in Handwriting Clustering
* Faxed Document Image Restoration Using Gray Level Representation
Includes: Ogura, K. Ogura, K.[Kenji]

Ogura, M.[Michio] Co Author Listing * Data processing method of binary graphic pattern and system therefor
* DFD2.0: Motion robustness by amplitude domain approach
Includes: Ogura, M.[Michio] Ogura, M.[Motonori]

Ogura, N.[Nobuhiko] Co Author Listing * Constrained Parallel Projection Methods for Optimal Signal Estimation and Design: Constrained Inconsistent Signal Feasibility Problems

Ogura, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Real-time Image Processing on a New PC-compatible Board
* Developmental Word Acquisition and Grammar Learning by Humanoid Robots Through a Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network
* Hough Transform Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Segment Extraction and its Parallel Hardware Implementation
* Hough Transform Implementation on a Reconfigurable Highly Parallel CAM Architecture
* Learning Personal Preference From Viewer's Operations for Browsing and Its Application to Baseball Video Retrieval and Summarization
* On Using the CAM Concept for Parametric Curve Extraction
* parallel algorithm for real-time object recognition, A
* Real-Time CAM-Based Hough Transform Algorithm and Its Performance Evaluation
* Real-Time CAM-Based Hough Transform Algorithm and Its Performance Evaluation, A
* Real-Time Image Segmentation on a Massively Parallel Architecture, A
* Real-Time Line Extraction Using a Highly Parallel Hough Transform Board
* Real-Time Morphology Processing Using Highly Parallel 2-D Cellular Automata CAM^2
Includes: Ogura, T.[Takeshi] Ogura, T.
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Ogura, Y.[Yohei] Co Author Listing * Relighting for an Arbitrary Shape Object Under Unknown Illumination Environment

Oguri, K.[Kiyoshi] Co Author Listing * FPGA Implementation of Human Detection by HOG Features with AdaBoost

Oguri, T.[Takaharu] Co Author Listing * Face alignment robust to occlusion

Oguro, M. Co Author Listing * Faxed Document Image Restoration Using Gray Level Representation

Ogushi, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Image registration method

Oguslu, E.[Ender] Co Author Listing * Adaptive and Non Linear Technique for Enhancement of Extremely High Contrast Images, An
* Nonlinear Enhancement of Extremely High Contrast Images for Visibility Improvement

Ogutu, B. Co Author Listing * Computer-Automated Malaria Diagnosis and Quantitation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Methods to Quantify Regional Differences in Land Cover Change
Includes: Ogutu, B. Ogutu, B.[Booker]

Oguz, I. Co Author Listing * Efficient Optimization for Hierarchically-Structured Interacting Segments (HINTS)
* LOGISMOS-B: Layered Optimal Graph Image Segmentation of Multiple Objects and Surfaces for the Brain
* Tree-Oriented Analysis of Brain Artery Structure
Includes: Oguz, I. Oguz, I.[Ipek]

Oguz, O.[Oguzhan] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution super-pixels and their applications on fluorescent mesenchymal stem cells images using 1-D SIFT merging

Oguz, S.H.[Seyfullah H.] Co Author Listing * Motion-compensated prediction based algorithm for medical image sequence compression

Oguz, U. Co Author Listing * Frequency responses of ground-penetrating radars operating over highly lossy grounds
* Simulations of Ground-Penetrating Radars over Lossy and Heterogeneous Grounds

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