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Oh, I.S.[Il Seok] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Class Separation and Combination of Class-Dependent Features for Handwriting Recognition
* Binary classification trees for multi-class classification problems
* class-modular feedforward neural network for handwriting recognition, A
* class-modularity for character recognition, A
* Classifier ensemble selection using hybrid genetic algorithms
* Distance features for neural network-based recognition of handwritten characters
* Document Image Binarization Preserving Stroke Connectivity
* Estimation of rapid-motion for mobile devices using temporal coherence
* fast algorithm for tracking human faces based on chromatic histograms, A
* Feature for Character Recognition Based on Directional Distance Distributions, A
* Hangul document image retrieval system using rank-based recognition
* Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Feature Selection
* Local Binary Pattern-Based Features for Text Identification of Web Images
* Local search-embedded genetic algorithms for feature selection
* Multi-scale Image Segmentation Using MSER
* Script-Free Text Line Segmentation Using Interline Space Model for Printed Document Images
* Segmentation-free word spotting using SIFT
* Shape decomposition and skeleton extraction of character patterns
* text watermarking algorithm based on word classification and inter-word space statistics, A
* Using Class Separation for Feature Analysis and Combination of Class-Dependent Features
* Watermarking text document images using edge direction histograms
Includes: Oh, I.S.[Il Seok] Oh, I.S.[Il-Seok] Oh, I.S.
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