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Oh, J.[Juhyun] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric post-processing for stereo correspondence
* Automated bias-compensation of rational polynomial coefficients of high resolution satellite imagery based on topographic maps
* Automated Generation of a Digital Elevation Model Over Steep Terrain in Antarctica From High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Comparative evaluation of the polynomial and spline fitting methods for the B0 correction of CEST MRI data acquired from human brains
* Context-based abnormal object detection using the fully-connected conditional random fields
* Deep SR-ITM: Joint Learning of Super-Resolution and Inverse Tone-Mapping for 4K UHD HDR Applications
* Effect of Onomatopoeia to Enhancing User Experience in Virtual Reality, The
* Learning Transferrable Knowledge for Semantic Segmentation with Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* On-Line Handwriting Recognition System using Fisher Segmental Matching and Hypotheses Propagation Network, An
* Practical Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Focus Camera Calibration for Augmented Reality
* Pragmatic Approach to the Design of Advanced Precision Terrain-Aided Navigation for UAVs and Its Verification, A
* Relevance Graph-Based Image Retrieval
* study on the potential roles of a robot peer in socio-emotional development of children, A
Includes: Oh, J.[Juhyun] Oh, J.[Jaehong] Oh, J.[Janghoon] Oh, J.[Jongsuk] Oh, J. Oh, J.[Jiwon] Oh, J.[Jong] Oh, J.[Jeongtaek] Oh, J.[Junseok]
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Oh, J.D. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Intermediate Views from Stereoscopic Images Using Disparity Vectors Estimated by the Geometrical Constraint
* Robust stereo matching with improved graph and surface models and occlusion handling
* Stereo Matching via Disparity Estimation and Surface Modeling
* Trinocular Stereo Sequence Coding Based on MPEG-2
Includes: Oh, J.D. Oh, J.D.[Jong Dae]

Oh, J.E.[Jeong Eun] Co Author Listing * Automatic Verification Framework of 3D Scan Data for Museum Collections
* Rectal cancer: Toward fully automatic discrimination of T2 and T3 rectal cancers using deep convolutional neural network
Includes: Oh, J.E.[Jeong Eun] Oh, J.E.[Jeong-Eun] Oh, J.E.[Ji Eun]

Oh, J.H.[Jung Hwan] Co Author Listing * Color Based Stool Region Detection in Colonoscopy Videos for Quality Measurements
* Contrast enhancement using histogram equalization with bin underflow and bin overflow
* Efficient Technique for Summarizing Videos using Visual Contents, An
* Estimation of Depth and 3D Motion Parameter of Moving Object with Multiple Stereo Images
* Generalization of linear discriminant analysis using -norm
* Polyp Detection in Colonoscopy Video using Elliptical Shape Feature
* Recursive Resolving Algorithm For Multiple Stereo And Motion Matches
* Subspace-Based Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems With Few Received Blocks
* Visual Model Approach for Parsing Colonoscopy Videos, A
Includes: Oh, J.H.[Jung Hwan] Oh, J.H.[Jung-Hwan] Oh, J.H.[Jae Hwan] Oh, J.H.[Jun-Ho] Oh, J.H.[Jae Hyun] Oh, J.H.
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Oh, J.J. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Velocity Observer Design Using 6-D IMU and Multiple-Observer Approach

Oh, J.K.[Jin Kyoung] Co Author Listing * Alterations of regional cerebral blood flow after NMDA receptor antagonist administration in patients with alcohol-related dementia
* Effects of nicergoline treatment on regional cerebral blood flow in early Alzheimer's disease

Oh, J.S.[Jeong Su] Co Author Listing * Facial Component Detection for Efficient Facial Characteristic Point Extraction
* Real-Time Hazardous Traffic Condition Warning System: Framework and Evaluation
* Reconstruction of Linearly Parameterized Models from a Single Image Using the Vanishing Points
* Virtual Testbed for Assessing Probe Vehicle Data in IntelliDrive Systems
Includes: Oh, J.S.[Jeong Su] Oh, J.S.[Jeong-Su] Oh, J.S.

Oh, J.T.[Jun Taek] Co Author Listing * Color laser printer identification by analyzing statistical features on discrete wavelet transform
* Multi-level Thresholding Using Entropy-Based Weighted FCM Algorithm in Color Image
* Segmentation and Recognition of Traffic Signs Using Shape Information
Includes: Oh, J.T.[Jun Taek] Oh, J.T.[Jun-Taek]

Oh, J.W.[Jin Wook] Co Author Listing * attention controlled multi-core architecture for energy efficient object recognition, An
Includes: Oh, J.W.[Jin Wook] Oh, J.W.[Jin-Wook]

Oh, J.Y.[Ji Yong] Co Author Listing * comparative study on the sign-language communication systems between Korea and Japan through 2D and 3D character models on the Internet, A
* Feature extraction for one-class classification problems: Enhancements to biased discriminant analysis
* Generalized Mean For Feature Extraction in One-Class Classification Problems
* Generalized mean for robust principal component analysis
* Hierarchical prescription pattern analysis with symptom labels
* Online recognition of handwritten music symbols
* Portable Projection-Based AR System
* Selective generation of Gabor features for fast face recognition on mobile devices
Includes: Oh, J.Y.[Ji Yong] Oh, J.Y.[Ji-Yong] Oh, J.Y.[Je-Yong] Oh, J.Y.[Jih-Yun]
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