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Oh, S.[Sangwoo] Co Author Listing * Application of Spectral Mixture Analysis to Vessel Monitoring Using Airborne Hyperspectral Data
* Comparative Study of RGB and Multispectral Sensor-Based Cotton Canopy Cover Modelling Using Multi-Temporal UAS Data, A
* Compositional Models for Video Event Detection: A Multiple Kernel Learning Latent Variable Approach
* Constrained Linear Deconvolution of GRACE Anomalies to Correct Spatial Leakage
* Deep Elastic Networks With Model Selection for Multi-Task Learning
* Estimation of Camera Extrinsic Parameters of Indoor Omni-Directional Images Acquired by a Rotating Line Camera
* Explicit Performance Metric Optimization for Fusion-Based Video Retrieval
* Fast and Accurate Head Pose Estimation via Random Projection Forests
* General Framework for Nonlinear Multigrid Inversion, A
* Global-Local Embedding Module for Fashion Landmark Detection, A
* Head and Body Orientation Estimation Using Convolutional Random Projection Forests
* Improvement of Search Strategy With K-Nearest Neighbors Approach for Traffic State Prediction
* Learning Non-linear Calibration for Score Fusion with Applications to Image and Video Classification
* NestedNet: Learning Nested Sparse Structures in Deep Neural Networks
* Plant Counting of Cotton from UAS Imagery Using Deep Learning-Based Object Detection Framework
* RethNet: Object-by-Object Learning for Detecting Facial Skin Problems
* Robust Elastic-Net Subspace Representation
* Toward Robotic Sensor Webs: Algorithms, Systems, and Experiments
* Unpaired Speech Enhancement by Acoustic and Adversarial Supervision for Speech Recognition
* Unsupervised 3D Reconstruction Networks
* Videography Analysis Framework for Video Retrieval and Summarization, A
* Videography-Based Unconstrained Video Analysis
Includes: Oh, S.[Sangwoo] Oh, S.[Sungchan] Oh, S.[Sangmin] Oh, S.[Seokhoon] Oh, S. Oh, S.[Sojung] Oh, S.[Songhwai]
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Oh, S.B.[Seok Byung] Co Author Listing * Fast Matching Pursuit Method with Distance Comparison
* Fast matching pursuit with vector norm comparison
* On the relationship between majority vote accuracy and dependency in multiple classifier systems
* Validity of Wigner Distribution Function for ray-based imaging
Includes: Oh, S.B.[Seok Byung] Oh, S.B.[Seok-Byung] Oh, S.B.[Sang-Bong] Oh, S.B.[Se Baek]

Oh, S.C.[Sung Chan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Rock Joints From Laser Scanned Data By Moving Least Squares Method And Fuzzy K-Means Clustering
* Context-Dependent Search in Interconnected Hidden Markov Model for Unconstrained Handwriting Recognition
* Network-Based Approach to Online Cursive Script Recognition
* Robust Estimation of Motion Blur Kernel Using a Piecewise-Linear Model
* Virtual Halo Effect Using Graph-Cut Based Video Segmentation
Includes: Oh, S.C.[Sung Chan] Oh, S.C.[Sung-Chan] Oh, S.C.

Oh, S.D.[Se Do] Co Author Listing * Urban Traffic Flow Prediction System Using a Multifactor Pattern Recognition Model
Includes: Oh, S.D.[Se Do] Oh, S.D.[Se-Do]

Oh, S.G.[Sang Geun] Co Author Listing * Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptively Modified Histogram Equalization
Includes: Oh, S.G.[Sang Geun] Oh, S.G.[Sang-Geun]

Oh, S.H.[Song Hwai] Co Author Listing * Action Chart: A Representation for Efficient Recognition of Complex Activity
* actively decoupled dual transceiver coil system for continuous ASL at 7 T, An
* ASIC Implementation of an Optimized Digital Video Encoder, An
* Automatic Camera Network Localization using Object Image Tracks
* Background Subtraction via Superpixel-Based Online Matrix Decomposition with Structured Foreground Constraints
* CITRIC: A low-bandwidth wireless camera network platform
* Complex Non-rigid 3D Shape Recovery Using a Procrustean Normal Distribution Mixture Model
* Consensus of Non-rigid Reconstructions
* Deep CNNs Along the Time Axis With Intermap Pooling for Robustness to Spectral Variations
* Deep pose consensus networks
* Deep Virtual Networks for Memory Efficient Inference of Multiple Tasks
* Efficient Spatio-Temporal Data Association Using Multidimensional Assignment in Multi-Camera Multi-Target Tracking
* Elastic-net regularization of singular values for robust subspace learning
* EM-GPA: Generalized Procrustes analysis with hidden variables for 3D shape modeling
* Fusion-based localization for a Heterogeneous camera network
* Graph-matching-based correspondence search for nonrigid point cloud registration
* Hierarchical Kalman-particle filter with adaptation to motion changes for object tracking
* hybrid PET-MRI: An integrated molecular-genetic imaging system with HRRT-PET and 7.0-T MRI, A
* Individualness and Determinantal Point Processes for Pedestrian Detection
* J-substitution algorithm in magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography (MREIT): phantom experiments for static resistivity images
* Joint Estimation of Multiple Notes and Inharmonicity Coefficient Based on f_0 -Triplet for Automatic Piano Transcription
* Learning One-to-Many Mapping With Locally Linear Maps Based on Manifold Structure
* Method for Shape Analysis and Segmentation in MRI, A
* Non-rigid object tracking with elastic structure of local patches and hierarchical sampling
* Non-rigid surface recovery with a robust local-rigidity prior
* OPTIMUS: Online Persistent Tracking and Identification of Many Users for Smart Spaces
* OR-PCA with MRF for Robust Foreground Detection in Highly Dynamic Backgrounds
* Procrustean Markov Process for Non-rigid Structure Recovery, A
* Procrustean Normal Distribution for Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
* Quantitative analysis of the SN in Parkinson's disease implementing 3D modeling at 7.0-T MRI
* Recovery Video Stabilization Using MRF-MAP Optimization
* Rescoring of N-Best Hypotheses Using Top-Down Selective Attention for Automatic Speech Recognition
* Robust action recognition using local motion and group sparsity
* Scalable Framework for Data-Driven Subspace Representation and Clustering, A
* Single image 3D human pose estimation using a procrustean normal distribution mixture model and model transformation
* Unified optimization framework for localization and tracking of multiple targets with multiple cameras
* Unsupervised Holistic Image Generation from Key Local Patches
* Visual tracking of non-rigid objects with partial occlusion through elastic structure of local patches and hierarchical diffusion
Includes: Oh, S.H.[Song Hwai] Oh, S.H.[Song-Hwai] Oh, S.H.[Se-Hong] Oh, S.H. Oh, S.H.[Suk Hoon] Oh, S.H.[Sang-Hoon] Oh, S.H.[Seon Ho]
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Oh, S.I.[Sang Il] Co Author Listing * Development and utilization of a disgusting image dataset to understand and predict visual disgust
* Modified Sequential Monte Carlo Bayesian Occupancy Filter Using Linear Opinion Pool for Grid Mapping, A
Includes: Oh, S.I.[Sang Il] Oh, S.I.[Sang-Il]

Oh, S.J. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Image Perturbation for Privacy Protection A Game Theory Perspective
* attention controlled multi-core architecture for energy efficient object recognition, An
* Bimanual design of deformable objects thanks to the multi-tool visual metaphor
* Blocking Artifact Reduction in JPEG-Coded Images
* Boosting Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction Using Pre-evaluation
* CutMix: Regularization Strategy to Train Strong Classifiers With Localizable Features
* Evaluating Weakly Supervised Object Localization Methods Right
* Exploiting Saliency for Object Segmentation from Image Level Labels
* Faceless Person Recognition: Privacy Implications in Social Media
* Fast motion estimation for HEVC on graphics processing unit (GPU)
* Generating Descriptions with Grounded and Co-referenced People
* Natural and Effective Obfuscation by Head Inpainting
* novel three-dimensional transform and its supporting tools for improving inter coding performance in H.264/AVC, A
* On Recognizing Texts of Arbitrary Shapes with 2D Self-Attention
* Person Recognition in Personal Photo Collections
* Region Adjacency and Its Application to Object Detection
* Spatial Interpolation Algorithm for Consecutive Block Error Using the Just-Noticeable-Distortion Method
* Understanding of spatial gestural motor space: A study on cursorless absolute freehand pointing on large displays
* What Is Wrong With Scene Text Recognition Model Comparisons? Dataset and Model Analysis
Includes: Oh, S.J. Oh, S.J.[Se-Jong] Oh, S.J.[Seung-Jae] Oh, S.J.[Seoung-Jun] Oh, S.J.[Seong Joon] Oh, S.J.[S. Joon]
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Oh, S.K.[Seung Kyun] Co Author Listing * Analysis of IDCT and Motion-Compensation Mismatches Between Spatial-Domain and Transform-Domain Motion-Compensated Coders
* design of granular classifiers: A study in the synergy of interval calculus and fuzzy sets in pattern recognition, The
* Iris Feature Extraction and Matching Based on Multiscale and Directional Image Representation
* L/M-fold image resizing in block-DCT domain using symmetric convolution
* Precision lifting method to reduce the mismatches between spatial- and transform-domain motion-compensated coders
* Robust digital image watermarking method against geometrical attacks
Includes: Oh, S.K.[Seung Kyun] Oh, S.K.[Seung-Kyun] Oh, S.K. Oh, S.K.[Sang-Keun]

Oh, S.L.[Shu Lih] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of Alzheimer's disease using bi-directional empirical model decomposition

Oh, S.M.[Soo Min] Co Author Listing * 2018 Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) Intercomparison Study
* Content-Based Retrieval of Functional Objects in Video Using Scene Context
* Development and Intercomparison Study of an Atmospheric Motion Vector Retrieval Algorithm for GEO-KOMPSAT-2A
* Image-oriented economic perspective on user behavior in multimedia social forums: An analysis on supply, consumption, and saliency
* large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video, A
* Learning and Inference in Parametric Switching Linear Dynamical Systems
* Learning and Inferring Motion Patterns using Parametric Segmental Switching Linear Dynamic Systems
* Minimum Error Vanishing Point Detection Approach for Uncalibrated Monocular Images of Man-Made Environments, A
* Mixture Trees for Modeling and Fast Conditional Sampling with Applications in Vision and Graphics
* Multimedia event detection with multimodal feature fusion and temporal concept localization
* Non-convex hybrid total variation for image denoising
* Parameterized Duration Mmodeling for Switching Linear Dynamic Systems
* Personalized Economy of Images in Social Forums: An Analysis on Supply, Consumption, and Saliency
* System and algorithms on detection of objects embedded in perspective geometry using monocular cameras
* Target Detection Features for Pruned Quadtree Image Formation
* Temporal causality for the analysis of visual events
* Unsupervised Learning of Activities in Video Using Scene Context
Includes: Oh, S.M.[Soo Min] Oh, S.M.[Sang-Min] Oh, S.M.[Sang Min] Oh, S.M.[Seung-Mi] Oh, S.M.
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Oh, S.R.[Sang Rok] Co Author Listing * Affine-Invariant Pattern Recognition Using Momentums in Log-Polar Images
* Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation of Occlusion and Motion Ambiguity Regions Using Color-Plus-Depth Information
* new motion estimation method for motion-compensated frame interpolation using a convolutional neural network, A
* New No-Reference Method for Judder Artifact Assessment, A
* Novel Shape Descriptor Based on Interrelation Quadruplet, A
* Robust visual speakingness detection using bi-level HMM
Includes: Oh, S.R.[Sang Rok] Oh, S.R.[Sang-Rok] Oh, S.R.

Oh, S.S. Co Author Listing * Coding Technique for the Contours in Smoothly Perfect Eight-Connectivity Based on Two-Stage Motion Compensation
* Multigrid Tomographic Inversion With Variable Resolution Data and Image Spaces
* Nonlinear multigrid inversion
* Source-Detector calibration in three-dimensional Bayesian optical diffusion tomography
Includes: Oh, S.S. Oh, S.S.[Seung-Seok]

Oh, S.T.[Seung Taek] Co Author Listing * Microvascular functional MR angiography with ultra-high-field 7 T MRI: Comparison with BOLD fMRI
Includes: Oh, S.T.[Seung Taek] Oh, S.T.[Seung-Taek]

Oh, S.W.[Seoung Wug] Co Author Listing * Approaching the computational color constancy as a classification problem through deep learning
* Copy-and-Paste Networks for Deep Video Inpainting
* Deep Video Super-Resolution Network Using Dynamic Upsampling Filters Without Explicit Motion Compensation
* Deep-Learning-Based Pipe Leak Detection Using Image-Based Leak Features
* Do It Yourself Hyperspectral Imaging with Everyday Digital Cameras
* Fast User-Guided Video Object Segmentation by Interaction-And-Propagation Networks
* Fast Video Object Segmentation by Reference-Guided Mask Propagation
* Onion-Peel Networks for Deep Video Completion
* Relevance Feedback Reinforced with Semantics Accumulation
* Relevance Graph-Based Image Retrieval
* Video Object Segmentation Using Space-Time Memory Networks
Includes: Oh, S.W.[Seoung Wug] Oh, S.W. Oh, S.W.[Sang-Wook]
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Oh, S.Y.[Se Young] Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction of eye and mouth fields from a face image using eigenfeatures and multilayer perceptrons
* Facial feature extraction using PCA and wavelet multi-resolution images
* On-road vehicle detection and tracking based on road context and the ambient lighting adaptive framework
* Robust segment-based object tracking using generalized hyperplane approximation
* Simple hybrid classifier for face recognition with adaptively generated virtual data
* SLAM with salient line feature extraction in indoor environments
* Three-feature based automatic lane detection algorithm (TFALDA) for autonomous driving
Includes: Oh, S.Y.[Se Young] Oh, S.Y.[Se-Young]
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