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Ola, P. Co Author Listing * Electrical Impedance Tomography Problem With Inaccurately Known Boundary and Contact Impedances

Olabarriaga, S.D.[Silvia D.] Co Author Listing * Do mixture models in chromaticity space improve skin detection?
* Estimation of Diffusion Properties in Crossing Fiber Bundles
* Segmentation of Thrombus in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms From CTA With Nonparametric Statistical Grey Level Appearance Modeling
Includes: Olabarriaga, S.D.[Silvia D.] Olabarriaga, S.D.[Sílvia D.] Olabarriaga, S.D.

Oladokun, D. Co Author Listing * Comparative Validation of Single-Shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3-D Surface Reconstruction

Olaf, H.[Hellwich] Co Author Listing * Benchmark Dataset for Performance Evaluation of Shape-from-X Algorithms, A

Olafsdottir, H. Co Author Listing * Adding Curvature to Minimum Description Length Shape Models
* Robust Pseudo-hierarchical Support Vector Clustering
* Shape and Texture Based Classification of Fish Species
* Sparse Statistical Deformation Model for the Analysis of Craniofacial Malformations in the Crouzon Mouse
* Statistical Model of Head Asymmetry in Infants with Deformational Plagiocephaly, A
Includes: Olafsdottir, H. Ólafsdóttir, H.[Hildur] Olafsdottir, H.[Hildur]

Olafsdottir, J.B.[Jorunn B.] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Handwritten Symbols
Includes: Olafsdottir, J.B.[Jorunn B.] Ólafsdóttir, J.B.[Jórunn B.]

Olafsson, R. Co Author Listing * Fish Quality Control by Computer Vision

Olafsson, S. Co Author Listing * Capacity of a Multilevel Threshold Functions, The

Olafsson, V.T. Co Author Listing * Fast Joint Reconstruction of Dynamic R_2* and Field Maps in Functional MRI
* Fast Spatial Resolution Analysis of Quadratic Penalized Least-Squares Image Reconstruction With Separate Real and Imaginary Roughness Penalty: Application to fMRI
* Regularized Field Map Estimation in MRI

Olague, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Olague, G.[Gustavo]: olague AT cicese mx
* Automated Photogrammetric Network Design Using Genetic Algorithms
* Automatic Design of Artificial Neural Networks and Associative Memories for Pattern Classification and Pattern Restoration
* Automatic Feature Localization in Thermal Images for Facial Expression Recognition
* Evolutionary feature selection for probabilistic object recognition, novel object detection and object saliency estimation using GMMs
* Evolutionary Purposive or Behavioral Vision for Camera Trajectory Estimation
* Evolutionary-computer-assisted design of image operators that detect interest points using genetic programming
* Evolving Local Descriptor Operators through Genetic Programming
* Evolving Visual Attention Programs through EVO Features
* Flexible model-based multi-corner detector for accurate measurements and recognition
* Honeybees as an Intelligent based Approach for 3D Reconstruction
* Hybrid evolutionary ridge regression approach for high-accurate corner extraction
* Introduction to the special issue on evolutionary computer vision and image understanding
* Learning invariant region descriptor operators with genetic programming and the F-measure
* Multiclass Object Recognition Based on Texture Linear Genetic Programming
* new accurate and flexible model based multi-corner detector for measurement and recognition, A
* Novel GP Approach to Synthesize Vegetation Indices for Soil Erosion Assessment, A
* Object Recognition with an Optimized Ventral Stream Model Using Genetic Programming
* Odor Plume Tracking Algorithm Inspired on Evolution
* Optimal camera placement for accurate reconstruction
* Optimal Camera Placement to Obtain Accurate 3D Point Positions
* Parisian camera placement for vision metrology
* Scale Invariance for Evolved Interest Operators
* Scene Retrieval of Natural Images
* Selecting Local Region Descriptors with a Genetic Algorithm for Real-World Place Recognition
* Unsupervised Evolutionary Segmentation Algorithm Based on Texture Analysis
* Unsupervised Image Retrieval with Similar Lighting Conditions
* Using Evolution to Learn How to Perform Interest Point Detection
* Visual learning of texture descriptors for facial expression recognition in thermal imagery
Includes: Olague, G.[Gustavo] Olague, G.
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Olah, M.R. Co Author Listing * Imaging Spectroscopy and the Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS)

Olaizola, I. Co Author Listing * Visual analytics for built-up area understanding from metric resolution Earth observation data

Olaizola, I.G.[Igor G.] Co Author Listing * review of EO image information mining, A
* Trace Transform Based Method for Color Image Domain Identification
* TV Sport Broadcasts: Real Time Virtual Representation in 3D Terrain Models
Includes: Olaizola, I.G.[Igor G.] Olaizola, I.G.[Igor Garcia]

Olalia, L.C. Co Author Listing * Landsat-Based Detection and Severity Analysis of Burned Sugarcane Plots in Tarlac, Philippines Using Differenced Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR)

Oland, A.[Anders] Co Author Listing * Voice disguise by mimicry: deriving statistical articulometric evidence to evaluate claimed impersonation
Includes: Oland, A.[Anders] Øland, A.[Anders]

Olanda, R. Co Author Listing * Tiling of the Wavelet Lowpass Subbands for Progressive Browsing of Images

Olano, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Optimal Altitude, Overlap, and Weather Conditions for Computer Vision UAV Estimates of Forest Structure
* What is the Point? Evaluating the Structure, Color, and Semantic Traits of Computer Vision Point Clouds of Vegetation

Olaode, A.A. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Image Classification by Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis for the Annotation of Images

Olariu, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Computing the Hough Transform on Reconfigurable Meshes
* Fast Component Labelling and Convex Hull Computation on Reconfigurable Meshes
* Fast Computer Vision Algorithms for Reconfigurable Meshes
* On a Variant of the Mobile Observer Method
* Probabilistic Analysis of Link Duration in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, A
* Reasoning About Job Completion Time in Vehicular Clouds
* Reasoning About Mean Time to Failure in Vehicular Clouds
* Security Challenges in Vehicular Cloud Computing
* Simple Algorithms for Some Classification Problems
* Time-Optimal Digital Geometry Algorithms on Meshes with Multiple Broadcasting
* Time-Optimal Solution to a Classification Problem in Ordered Functional Domains, with Applications, A
* Toward Probabilistic Data Collection in the NOTICE Architecture
Includes: Olariu, S.[Stephan] Olariu, S.
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Olaru, V. Co Author Listing * Human3.6M: Large Scale Datasets and Predictive Methods for 3D Human Sensing in Natural Environments

Olaso, J.M.[Javier Mikel] Co Author Listing * Integrating Phonological Knowledge in ASR Systems for Spanish Language

Olasz, A. Co Author Listing * IQPC 2015 TRACK: Water Detection and Classification on Multisource Remote Sensing and Terrain Data
* Raster Data Partitioning for Supporting Distributed GIS Processing
* Retrospective analysis of long-term landscape evolution based on archive satellite imagery and historical maps

Olatunbosun, S.[Sheun] Co Author Listing * Topological Representation for Matching Coloured Surfaces

Olaverri Monreal, C. Co Author Listing * Impact of In-Vehicle Displays Location Preferences on Drivers' Performance and Gaze
* Making Vehicles Transparent Through V2V Video Streaming
Includes: Olaverri Monreal, C. Olaverri-Monreal, C.

Olavides, R.D. Co Author Listing * Running To Safety: Analysis Of Disaster Susceptibility Of Neighborhoods And Proximity Of Safety Facilities In Silay City, Philippines

Olawsky, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Obtaining 2D Surface Characteristics from Specular Surfaces

Olaya, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Processing: A Python Framework for the Seamless Integration of Geoprocessing Tools in QGIS

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