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Onorati, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * Visually-Enabled Active Deep Learning for (Geo) Text and Image Classification: A Review

Onorato, G. Co Author Listing * Parallel SBAS Approach for Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide Swath Deformation Time-Series Generation: Algorithm Description and Products Quality Assessment, The

Onori, F. Co Author Listing * Modelling in Hbim to Document Materials Decay By a Thematic Mapping To Manage The Cultural Heritage: The Case of Chiesa Della PietĀ in Fermo

Onori, M. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional Survey of Guattari Cave With Traditional and Mobile Phone Cameras

Onori, R. Co Author Listing * Safety Project: Sentinel-1 Based Tools for Geohazards Monitoring And Management

Onori, S. Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Velocity Profile Optimization for Everyday Driving: A Dynamic-Programming-Based Solution

Onoro Rubio, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * challenge of simultaneous object detection and pose estimation: A comparative study, The
* Extremely Overlapping Vehicle Counting
* Towards Perspective-Free Object Counting with Deep Learning
Includes: Onoro Rubio, D.[Daniel] Oņoro-Rubio, D.[Daniel]

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