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Or, S.H.[Siu Hang] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Modeling from Perspective-Views and Contour-Based Generic-Model
* Accurate 3-D Motion Tracking with an Application to Super-Resolution
* Computing Pose Sequences Directly from Videos
* Controlling Virtual Cameras Based on a Robust Model-Free Pose Acquisition Technique
* Creating Virtual Walkthrough Environment from Vertical Panoramic Mosaic
* Efficient Iterative Pose Estimation Algorithm, An
* Large scene reconstruction with local details recovery
* novel 3-D motion estimation approach to virtual viewpoint control, A
* Panoramic Video Segmentation Using Color Mixture Models
* Recursive Camera-Motion Estimation With the Trifocal Tensor
* Resolution Improvement from Stereo Images with 3D Pose Differences
Includes: Or, S.H.[Siu Hang] Or, S.H.[Siu-Hang] Or, S.H.
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