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Osaki, S. Co Author Listing * Differentially Modulated Spectrally Efficient Frequency-Division Multiplexing

Osaki, Y.[Yoshihiko] Co Author Listing * Incremental Tracking of Human Actions from Multiple Views

Osaku, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Framework for Thermal Faceprint Characterization, A
* On the Influence of Markovian Models for Contextual-Based Optimum-Path Forest Classification
* OPF-MRF: Optimum-Path Forest and Markov Random Fields for Contextual-Based Image Classification
* Optimizing Contextual-Based Optimum-Forest Classification through Swarm Intelligence
* Static Video Summarization through Optimum-Path Forest Clustering
Includes: Osaku, D.[Daniel] Osaku, D.

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