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Ou, W. Co Author Listing * Saliency Map-Aided Generative Adversarial Network for RAW to RGB Mapping

Ou, W.F.[Wei Feng] Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on RAW to RGB Mapping: Methods and Results
* Face liveness detection using convolutional-features fusion of real and deep network generated face images
* two-stage multi-hypothesis reconstruction scheme in compressed video sensing, A
Includes: Ou, W.F.[Wei Feng] Ou, W.F.[Wei-Feng] Ou, W.F.

Ou, W.H.[Wei Hua] Co Author Listing * adaptive hybrid pattern for noise-robust texture analysis, An
* Local Metric Learning for Exemplar-Based Object Detection
* Refinement of Landslide Susceptibility Map Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry in Areas of Intense Mining Activities in the Karst Region of Southwest China
* Robust discriminative nonnegative dictionary learning for occluded face recognition
* Robust face recognition via occlusion dictionary learning
* Sparse discriminative multi-manifold embedding for one-sample face identification
* Structured sparse coding for image representation based on L1-graph
* Visual object tracking via coefficients constrained exclusive group LASSO
* Visual object tracking with online sample selection via lasso regularization
Includes: Ou, W.H.[Wei Hua] Ou, W.H.[Wei-Hua] Ou, W.H.[Wen-Hao]
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Ou, W.M.[Wan Mei] Co Author Listing * Invertible Filter Banks on the 2-Sphere
* On the Construction of Invertible Filter Banks on the 2-Sphere
Includes: Ou, W.M.[Wan Mei] Ou, W.M.[Wan-Mei]

Ou, W.N.[Wen Nuan] Co Author Listing * Research of Algorithm for Handwritten Character Recognition in Correcting Assignment System, The
Includes: Ou, W.N.[Wen Nuan] Ou, W.N.[Wen-Nuan]

Ou, W.W.[Wu Wen] Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2003 robust reading competitions: Entries, results, and future directions
Includes: Ou, W.W.[Wu Wen] Ou, W.W.[Wu-Wen]

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