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Oyen, A.[Anneleen] Co Author Listing * Evolution of Wide-Area DInSAR: From Regional and National Services to the European Ground Motion Service, The
* Ground Deformation Monitoring At Continental Scale: The European Ground Motion Service
Includes: Oyen, A.[Anneleen] Oyen, A.

Oyen, D. Co Author Listing * Diagram Image Retrieval using Sketch-Based Deep Learning and Transfer Learning
* Discovering compositional trends in Mars rock targets from ChemCam spectroscopy and remote imaging
* Learning Shapes on Image Sampled Points with Dynamic Graph CNNs
* Learning Spatial Relationships between Samples of Patent Image Shapes
* Learning Watershed Cuts Energy Functions
* Topological Graph-Based Representation for Denoising Low Quality Binary Images, A
Includes: Oyen, D. Oyen, D.[Diane]

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