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Pajak, D.[Dawid] Co Author Listing * Contrast prescription for multiscale image editing

Pajany, F.[Floris] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Wall Tracking Using Doppler Tissue Imaging (DTI)

Pajares, G.[Gonzalo] Co Author Listing * Analysis of natural images processing for the extraction of agricultural elements
* Combination of Attributes in Stereovision Matching for Fish-Eye Lenses in Forest Analysis
* Combining classifiers through fuzzy cognitive maps in natural images
* Design of a computer vision system for a differential spraying operation in precision agriculture using hebbian learning
* Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Applied to Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Classifications
* Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for stereovision matching
* Improving Stereovision Matching through Supervised Learning
* Improving the Wishart Synthetic Aperture Radar image classifications through Deterministic Simulated Annealing
* Improving Wishart Classification of Polarimetric SAR Data Using the Hopfield Neural Network Optimization Approach
* Local stereovision matching through the ADALINE neural network
* Neural Network Model for Image Change Detection Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, A
* Neural-Network Model in Stereovision Matching, A
* New unsupervised hybrid classifier based on the fuzzy integral: applied to natural textured images
* Noniterative Interpolation-Based Super-Resolution Minimizing Aliasing in the Reconstructed Image
* On Combining Support Vector Machines and Simulated Annealing in Stereovision Matching
* Pattern Recognition Learning Applied to Stereovision Matching
* Performance Analysis of Homomorphic Systems for Image Change Detection
* Relaxation by Hopfield Network in Stereo Image Matching
* Relaxation labeling in stereo image matching
* Robust Super-Resolution Using a Median Filter for Irregular Samples
* Stereo Matching Based on the Self-Organizing Feature-Mapping Algorithm
* Stereo Matching Technique Based on the Perceptron Criterion Function
* Stereovision matching through support vector machines
* Vegetation Segmentation in Cornfield Images Using Bag of Words
* vision-based method for weeds identification through the Bayesian decision theory, A
* wavelet-based image fusion tutorial, A
Includes: Pajares, G.[Gonzalo] Pajares, G.
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Pajarinen, J.[Joni] Co Author Listing * Robotic manipulation of multiple objects as a POMDP

Pajarola, R.[Renato] Co Author Listing * Bayesian graph-cut optimization for wall surfaces reconstruction in indoor environments
* Dmesh: Fast Depth-image Meshing And Warping
* efficient multi-resolution framework for high quality interactive rendering of massive point clouds using multi-way kd-trees, An
* High Performance Stereo System for Dense 3-D Reconstruction
* Image Compression Method of Spatial Search, An
* Layered Volume Splatting
* Lossy volume compression using Tucker truncation and thresholding
* Real-Time Feature Acquisition and Integration for Vision-Based Mobile Robots
* SMART: An Efficient Technique for Massive Terrain Visualization from Out-of-core
Includes: Pajarola, R.[Renato] Pajarola, R.
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Pajdla, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Pajdla, T.[Tomas]: pajdla AT cmp felk cvut cz
* 24/7 place recognition by view synthesis
* 3D Geometry from Uncalibrated Images
* 3D Reconstruction by Fitting Low-Rank Matrices with Missing Data
* 3D Reconstruction by Gluing Pair-Wise Euclidean Reconstructions, or How to Achieve a Good Reconstruction from Bad Images
* 3D Reconstruction from 360 x 360 Mosaics
* 3D reconstruction from image collections with a single known focal length
* 3D reconstruction from photographs by CMP SfM web service
* 3D with Kinect
* Are Large-Scale 3D Models Really Necessary for Accurate Visual Localization?
* Autocalibration & 3D reconstruction with non-central catadioptric cameras
* Automatic Generator of Minimal Problem Solvers
* Avoiding Confusing Features in Place Recognition
* AWEAR 2.0 system: Omni-directional audio-visual data acquisition and processing
* Beyond Novelty Detection: Incongruent Events, When General and Specific Classifiers Disagree
* branch-and-bound algorithm for globally optimal hand-eye calibration, A
* Camera Calibration and 3D Euclidean Reconstruction from Known Observer Translations
* Cheirality in Epipolar Geometry
* Clever Elimination Strategy for Efficient Minimal Solvers, A
* Closed-Form Solutions to Minimal Absolute Pose Problems with Known Vertical Direction
* Consistent Multi-view Reconstruction from Epipolar Geometries with Outliers
* Constraints on perspective images and circular panoramas
* Degeneracies in Rolling Shutter SfM
* Differential Invariants as the Base of Triangulated Surface Registration
* Domain Adaptation for Sequential Detection
* Efficient 3-D Scene Visualization by Image Extrapolation
* Efficient matching of space curves
* Efficient Rendering of Projective Model for Image-Based Visualization
* Efficient Solution to the Epipolar Geometry for Radially Distorted Cameras
* Efficient Structure from Motion by Graph Optimization
* Eliminating Blind Spots for Assisted Driving
* Epipolar geometry estimation for wide-baseline omnidirectional street view images
* Epipolar Geometry for Central Catadioptric Cameras
* Epipolar Geometry for Central Panoramic Catadioptric Cameras
* Epipolar Geometry for Panoramic Cameras
* Estimation of omnidirectional camera model from epipolar geometry
* Fast and robust numerical solutions to minimal problems for cameras with radial distortion
* Fast and Stable Algebraic Solution to L2 Three-View Triangulation
* general solution to the P4P problem for camera with unknown focal length, A
* geometric error for homographies, The
* Globally optimal hand-eye calibration
* Globally Optimal Hand-Eye Calibration Using Branch-and-Bound
* Hand-Eye Calibration without Hand Orientation Measurement Using Minimal Solution
* Improvement of the curvature computation
* Joint Orientation of Epipoles
* Learning and Calibrating Per-Location Classifiers for Visual Place Recognition
* Light Field Special Issue Editorial
* Line reconstruction from many perspective images by factorization
* Making minimal solvers fast
* Maneuvering Aid for Large Vehicle using Omnidirectional Cameras
* Match Box: Indoor Image Matching via Box-Like Scene Estimation
* Matching in Catadioptric Images with Appropriate Windows, and Outliers Removal
* Matching of 3D Curves Using Semi-Differential Invariants
* Measuring camera translation by the dominant apical angle
* Minimal Solution to Radial Distortion Autocalibration, A
* minimal solution to the autocalibration of radial distortion, A
* Multi-label image segmentation via max-sum solver
* Multi-view reconstruction preserving weakly-supported surfaces
* NetVLAD: CNN Architecture for Weakly Supervised Place Recognition
* New Efficient Solution to the Absolute Pose Problem for Camera with Unknown Focal Length and Radial Distortion
* Omnidirectional Camera Model and Epipolar Geometry Estimation by RANSAC with Bucketing
* Omnidirectional Image Stabilization by Computing Camera Trajectory
* Omnidirectional Image Stabilization for Visual Object Recognition
* On Performance Analysis of Optical Flow Algorithms
* On the epipolar geometry of the crossed-slits projection
* On the Two-View Geometry of Unsynchronized Cameras
* Oriented Matching Constraints
* Outlier Detection for Factorization-Based Reconstruction from Perspective Images with Occlusions
* Panel Session on Extended Environments
* Panoramic mosaicing with a 180 deg field of view lens
* Polynomial Eigenvalue Solutions to Minimal Problems in Computer Vision
* Polynomial Eigenvalue Solutions to the 5-pt and 6-pt Relative Pose Problems
* R6P - Rolling shutter absolute pose problem
* Radial distortion homography
* Randomized structure from motion based on atomic 3D models from camera triplets
* Real-Time Solution to the Absolute Pose Problem with Unknown Radial Distortion and Focal Length
* Rendering Almost Perspective Views from a Sparse Set of Omnidirectional Images
* Robust Focal Length Estimation by Voting in Multi-view Scene Reconstruction
* Robust Rotation and Translation Estimation in Multiview Reconstruction
* Robust Wide Baseline Stereo from Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
* Rolling Shutter Absolute Pose Problem with Known Vertical Direction
* Scalable multi-view stereo
* Scene Reconstruction From Images
* Selecting image pairs for SfM by introducing Jaccard similarity
* Selection Of Reference Views for image-based representation
* Simultaneous surveillance camera calibration and foot-head homology estimation from human detections
* Singly-Bordered Block-Diagonal Form for Minimal Problem Solvers
* Six Point Algorithm Revisited, The
* Special issue on omnidirectional vision, camera networks and non-conventional cameras
* Stable Radial Distortion Calibration by Polynomial Matrix Inequalities Programming
* Stereo with Oblique Cameras
* Stereographic rectification of omnidirectional stereo pairs
* Structure from Many Perspective Images with Occlusions
* Structure from Motion with Wide Circular Field of View Cameras
* Structure-from-motion based hand-eye calibration using L-inf minimization
* Surface discontinuities in range images
* Towards Complete Free-Form Reconstruction of Complex 3D Scenes from an Unordered Set of Uncalibrated Images
* Two Minimal Problems for Cameras with Radial Distortion
* Uncertainty Computation in Large 3D Reconstruction
* Visual localization by linear combination of image descriptors
* Visual Place Recognition with Repetitive Structures
* World-Base Calibration by Global Polynomial Optimization
* Zero Phase Representation of Panoramic Images for Image Based Localization
Includes: Pajdla, T.[Tomas] Pajdla, T. Pajdla, T.[Tomás] Pajdla, T.[Tomáš] Pajdla, T.[Thomas] Pajdla, T.[Toma]
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Pajevic, S. Co Author Listing * Effects of time delay in cardiac blood flow measurements by bolus H2 ^15 O
* Eigenvalues of Random Matrices with Isotropic Gaussian Noise and the Design of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Experiments
* Normal Distribution for Tensor-Valued Random Variables: Applications to Diffusion Tensor MRI, A
Includes: Pajevic, S. Pajevic, S.[Sinisa]

Pajuelo, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * natural and synthetic corpus for benchmarking of hand gesture recognition systems, A
Includes: Pajuelo, J.A.[Jose A.] Pajuelo, J.A.[José A.]

Pajunen, J. Co Author Listing * Are They Different? Affect, Feeling, Emotion, Sentiment, and Opinion Detection in Text

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