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Pal, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Reassembly of File Fragmented Images Using Greedy Algorithms
* Can We Speed up 3D Scanning? A Cognitive and Geometric Analysis
* Empirical Evaluation of Visual Question Answering for Novel Objects, An
* Fusion framework for effective color image retrieval
* Generalized quadratic discriminant analysis
* Gesture Based English Character Recognition for Human Machine Interaction in Interactive Set Top Box Using Multi-factor Analysis
* JCLMM: A finite mixture model for clustering of circular-linear data and its application to psoriatic plaque segmentation
* Multicues Face Detection in Complex Background for Frontal Faces
* Robust face tracking with occlusion detection and varying intensity
* Severity grading of psoriatic plaques using deep CNN based multi-task learning
* Shadow Detection in Dynamic Scenes Using Dense Stereo Information and an Outdoor Illumination Model
* Water quality analysis: A pattern recognition approach
Includes: Pal, A. Pal, A.[Arpan] Pal, A.[Aman] Pal, A.[Amita] Pal, A.[Anabik] Pal, A.[Amit]
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Pal, A.J. Co Author Listing * Self-Organizing Map approach to determining compromised solutions for multi-objective UAV path planning

Pal, A.K.[Arup Kumar] Co Author Listing * Design of a cryptosystem for DCT compressed image using Arnold transform and fractional Fourier transform
* High dimensional nearest neighbor classification based on mean absolute differences of inter-point distances
* Improved Image Compression Algorithm Using Binary Space Partition Scheme and Geometric Wavelets, An
* Intensity-based image matching for regular firearms
Includes: Pal, A.K.[Arup Kumar] Pal, A.K.[Arnab K.] Pal, A.K.

Pal, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation in CT Imagery with Conditional Random Fields and Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* 3D segmentation of abdominal CT imagery with graphical models, conditional random fields and learning
* Activity recognition using the velocity histories of tracked keypoints
* Automated person segmentation in videos
* Combining Generative and Discriminative Methods for Pixel Classification with Multi-Conditional Learning
* Dataset and Exploration of Models for Understanding Video Data through Fill-in-the-Blank Question-Answering, A
* Describing Videos by Exploiting Temporal Structure
* Efficiently Registering Video into Panoramic Mosaics
* Facial Expression Analysis Based on High Dimensional Binary Features
* Fully automatic person segmentation in unconstrained video using spatio-temporal conditional random fields
* Interactive Montages of Sprites for Indexing and Summarizing Security Video
* Learning Montages of Transformed Latent Images as Representations of Objects That Change in Appearance
* Localizing Facial Keypoints with Global Descriptor Search, Neighbour Alignment and Locally Linear Models
* Movie Description
* Panoramic Video Textures
* Probability models for high dynamic range imaging
* RATM: Recurrent Attentive Tracking Model
* Recombinator Networks: Learning Coarse-to-Fine Feature Aggregation
* Rician noise removal in magnitude MRI images using efficient anisotropic diffusion filtering
* Semi Supervised Learning for Wild Faces and Video
Includes: Pal, C.[Christopher] Pal, C.[Chris] Pal, C. Pal, C.[Chandrajit]
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Pal, C.J.[Christopher J.] Co Author Listing * Efficiently Learning Random Fields for Stereo Vision with Sparse Message Passing
* Improving facial analysis and performance driven animation through disentangling identity and expression
* Learning Conditional Random Fields for Stereo
* Learning from weakly labeled faces and video in the wild
* On Learning Conditional Random Fields for Stereo: Exploring Model Structures and Approximate Inference
* View synthesis based on Conditional Random Fields and graph cuts

Pal, D. Co Author Listing * Accelerating Ordered Subsets Image Reconstruction for X-ray CT Using Spatially Nonuniform Optimization Transfer
* Data mining approach for coronary artery disease screening
* Modeling and Pre-Treatment of Photon-Starved CT Data for Iterative Reconstruction
Includes: Pal, D. Pal, D.[Debabrata]

Pal, D.K.[Dipan K.] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Invariant Kernel Features: A Bells-and-Whistles-Free Approach to Unsupervised Face Recognition and Pose Estimation
* Driver cell phone usage detection on Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) face view videos
* Hallucinating the Full Face from the Periocular Region via Dimensionally Weighted K-SVD
* Investigating the feasibility of image-based nose biometrics
* MRF Model-Based Segmentation Approach to Classification for Multispectral Imagery, A
* NIR-VIS heterogeneous face recognition via cross-spectral joint dictionary learning and reconstruction
* preliminary investigation on the sensitivity of COTS face recognition systems to forensic analyst-style face processing for occlusions, A
Includes: Pal, D.K.[Dipan K.] Pal, D.K.
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Pal, I.[Istvan] Co Author Listing * Measurements of Forest Inventory Parameters on Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Using Digital Geometry and Topology
Includes: Pal, I.[Istvan] Pál, I.[István]

Pal, K.[Kuhu] Co Author Listing * Breast cancer detection using rank nearest neighbor classification rules
* N8(P) detail preserving adaptive filter for impulse noise removal, A
Includes: Pal, K.[Kuhu] Pal, K.[Kirat]

Pal, M. Co Author Listing * Electrooculogram based blink detection to limit the risk of eye dystonia
* Feature Selection for Classification of Hyperspectral Data by SVM
* Probabilistic prediction of malaria using morphological and textural information
* Satellite-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Soil Moisture Using C-Band Quad-Polarized RISAT1 Data
* Sensitivity of Mapping Methods to Reference Data Quality: Training Supervised Image Classifications with Imperfect Reference Data, The
* Unusual Activity Analysis Using Video Epitomes and pLSA
Includes: Pal, M. Pal, M.[Mallika] Pal, M.[Mahesh] Pal, M.[Manish]

Pal, M.D. Co Author Listing * Feature extraction from hyperspectral images compressed using the jpeg-2000 standard

Pal, N.R.[Nikhil R.] Co Author Listing * Breast cancer detection using rank nearest neighbor classification rules
* Cluster Validation Using Graph-Theoretic Concepts
* Complexity reduction for large image processing
* Design of Vector Quantizer for Image Compression Using Self-Organizing Feature Map and Surface Fitting
* Dynamic generation of prototypes with self-organizing feature maps for classifier design
* Fast codebook searching in a SOM-based vector quantizer for image compression
* Feature Analysis: Neural Network and Fuzzy Set Theoretic Approaches
* Fuzzy Divergence, Probability Measure of Fuzzy Events and Image Thresholding
* Fuzzy Kohonen clustering networks
* Fuzzy Models and Algorithms for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
* Fuzzy-Rule-Based Approach for Single Frame Super Resolution, A
* General and Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Face-Space Approach to Emotion Recognition
* Genetic Programming for Simultaneous Feature Selection and Classifier Design
* Image Model, Poisson Distribution and Object Extraction
* Index of Topological Preservation for Feature-Extraction, An
* Integrated feature analysis and fuzzy rule-based system identification in a neuro-fuzzy paradigm
* Land Cover Classification Using Fuzzy Rules and Aggregation of Contextual Information Through Evidence Theory
* New Shape Representation Scheme and Its Application to Shape Discrimination Using a Neural Network, A
* Novel Approach for Detection of Alteration in Ball Pen Writings, A
* Object Background Classification Using Hopfield Type Neural Network
* Object Extraction from Image Using Higher Order Entropy
* On hierarchical segmentation for image compression
* On Minimum Cross-Entropy Thresholding
* Prediction of satellite images using fuzzy rule based Gaussian regression
* Review on Image Segmentation Techniques, A
* Segmentation Based on Measures of Contrast, Homogeneity, and Region Size
* Segmentation Using Contrast and Homogeneity Measures
* Smoothing of Digital Images Using the Concept of Diffusion Process
* Some classification algorithms integrating Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence with the rank nearest neighbor rules
* Some novel classifiers designed using prototypes extracted by a new scheme based on self-organizing feature map
* Texture Generation for Fashion Design Using Genetic Programming
Includes: Pal, N.R.[Nikhil R.] Pal, N.R.
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Pal, O. Co Author Listing * Linear-time Algorithm for the Generation of Random Digital Curves, A

Pal, P. Co Author Listing * Boundary Extraction of Sodar Images
* Cramer-Rao Bounds for Underdetermined Source Localization
* Estimation of atmospheric boundary layer using Kalman filter technique
* Generalized Nested Sampling for Compressing Low Rank Toeplitz Matrices
* Generating New Commuting Coprime Matrix Pairs From Known Pairs
* Grid-Less Approach to Underdetermined Direction of Arrival Estimation Via Low Rank Matrix Denoising, A
* New Shape Representation Scheme and Its Application to Shape Discrimination Using a Neural Network, A
* On Maximum-Likelihood Methods for Localizing More Sources Than Sensors
* Radial Basis Functions for Combining Shape and Speckle Tracking in 4D Echocardiography
* Sonar Image Segmentation by Fuzzy C-Means
* System Identification With Sparse Coprime Sensing
Includes: Pal, P. Pal, P.[Pinakpani] Pal, P.[Pratik]
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Pal, P.K. Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Cyclogenesis Signature Using Global Model Products
* Impact of Oceansat-2 Scatterometer Winds and TMI Observations on Phet Cyclone Simulation
* Prediction of Satellite Image Sequence for Weather Nowcasting Using Cluster-Based Spatiotemporal Regression

Pal, P.S. Co Author Listing * hybrid backtracking search algorithm with wavelet mutation-based nonlinear system identification of Hammerstein models, A

Pal, R.[Rajarshi] Co Author Listing * Approach for Preparing Groundtruth Data and Evaluating Visual Saliency Models, An
* Differentiating Pen Inks in Handwritten Bank Cheques Using Multi-layer Perceptron
* Modelling visual saliency using degree centrality
* On Market-Driven Hybrid-P2P Video Streaming
Includes: Pal, R.[Rajarshi] Pal, R.

Pal, R.N. Co Author Listing * Wavelet to DCT transcoding in transform domain

Pal, S.[Srimanta] Co Author Listing * Advances in Pattern Recognition
* Analysis Of Template Matching Thinning Algorithms
* Circular Arc Segmentation by Curvature Estimation and Geometric Validation
* Cubic Bezier approximation of a digitized curve
* Determining Digital Circularity Using Integer Intervals
* ECG based biometric authentication-a novel data modelling approach
* Efficient Multi-method Rule Learning for Pattern Classification Machine Learning and Data Mining
* Estimation of discrete curvature based on chain-code pairing and digital straightness
* Fast Circular Arc Segmentation Based on Approximate Circularity and Cuboid Graph
* Hindi Off-Line Signature Verification
* Monitoring Depth of Shallow Atmospheric Boundary Layer to Complement LiDAR Measurements Affected by Partial Overlap
* Multi-script versus single-script scenarios in automatic off-line signature verification
* Mutual Neighborhood Based Discriminant Projection for Face Recognition
* Novel Approach to Identify Good Tracer Clouds From a Sequence of Satellite Images
* Off-line Signature Identification Using Background and Foreground Information
* Off-line verification technique for Hindi signatures
* Practical application of the geometric wavefront sensor for adaptive optics
* Recognition of Hand-Drawn Graphs Using Digital-Geometric Techniques
* Recognition of Off-Line Handwritten Devnagari Characters Using Quadratic Classifier
* Riemannian Framework for Linear and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis on the Tangent Space of Shapes, A
* Shape Code Based Word-Image Matching for Retrieval of Indian Multi-lingual Documents
* Two-Stage Approach for English and Hindi Off-line Signature Verification, A
* Two-stage Approach for Word-wise Script Identification
* Word-wise Sinhala Tamil and English script identification using Gaussian kernel SVM
Includes: Pal, S.[Srimanta] Pal, S.[Shyamosree] Pal, S.[Sarbajit] Pal, S.[Saurabh] Pal, S.[Somnath] Pal, S.[Srikanta] Pal, S.[Sandip] Pal, S.[Sankar] Pal, S. Pal, S.[Saloni] Pal, S.[Susovan]
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Pal, S.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of IRS Imagery for Detecting Man-Made Objects with a Multivalued Recognition System
* Automatic Exact Histogram Specification for Contrast Enhancement and Visual System Based Quantitative Evaluation
* Automatic Grey Level Thresholding Through Index of Fuzziness and Entropy
* Automatic Selection of Object Enhancement Operator with Quantitative Justification Based on Fuzzy Set Theoretic Measures
* Binary Contour Coding Using Bezier Approximation
* Comparing rank-inducing scoring systems
* Data Condensation in Large Databases by Incremental Learning with Support Vector Machines
* Data science, big data and granular mining
* Density-Based Multiscale Data Condensation
* Discovering Patterns of DNA Methylation: Rule Mining with Rough Sets and Decision Trees, and Comethylation Analysis
* Dynamic Range-Based Distance Measure for Microarray Expressions and a Fast Gene-Ordering Algorithm
* ERS-2 SAR and IRS-1C LISS III data fusion: A PCA approach to improve remote sensing based geological interpretation
* Feature Analysis: Neural Network and Fuzzy Set Theoretic Approaches
* Feature space based image segmentation via density modification
* Fuzzy Image Processing and Recognition: Uncertainty Handling and Applications
* Fuzzy Medial Axis Transformation Based on Fuzzy Disks, A
* Fuzzy Models for Pattern Recognition
* Fuzzy Skeletonization of an Image
* Fuzzy Thresholding: Mathematical Framework, Bound Functions and Weighted Moving Average Technique
* Fuzzy-rough community in social networks
* GA Based Pattern Classification: Theoretical and Experimental Studies
* Generalized guard-zone algorithm (GGA) for learning: automatic selection of threshold
* Generalized Rough Sets, Entropy, and Image Ambiguity Measures
* Genetic Algorithms for Pattern Recognition
* Gradient histogram: Thresholding in a region of interest for edge detection
* Granular computing, rough entropy and object extraction
* Gray Level Thresholding Using Second-Order Statistics
* Guest Editorial
* Guest Editorial on Decision Making in Human and Machine Vision
* Histogram Thresholding by Minimizing Graylevel Fuzziness
* Histogram Thresholding Using Fuzzy and Rough Measures of Association Error
* Hypertext Classification Using Tensor Space Model and Rough Set Based Ensemble Classifier
* Image Description and Primitive Extraction Using Fuzzy Sets
* Image Enhancement and Thresholding by Optimization of Fuzzy Compactness
* Image Enhancement Using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms
* Image Model, Poisson Distribution and Object Extraction
* Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Correlation
* Index of Area Coverage of Fuzzy Image Subsets and Object Extraction
* Interaction Fidelity: The Uncanny Valley of Virtual Reality Interactions
* Matching of Structural Shape Descriptions with Hopfield Net
* Maxdiff kd-trees for data condensation
* Measure of Edge Ambiguity Using Fuzzy Sets, A
* MOE framework for Biclustering of Microarray Data, A
* MRF Based LSB Steganalysis: A New Measure of Steganography Capacity
* Multispectral image segmentation using the rough-set-initialized EM algorithm
* Neural Network, Self-Organization and Object Extraction
* New Gray-Level Based Hough Transform for Region Extraction: An Application to IRS Images, A
* New operators of genetic algorithms for traveling salesman problem
* New Results on Energy Balance Analysis of Metabolic Networks
* Noisy Fingerprint Classification Using Multilayer Perceptron with Fuzzy Geometrical and Textural Features
* Noisy Fingerprints Classification with Directional FFT Based Features Using MLP
* Non-parametric modified histogram equalisation for contrast enhancement
* Note on Grey Level-Intensity Transformation: Effect on HVS Thresholding, A
* Note on the Quantitative Measurement of Image Enhancement Through Fuzziness, A
* novel face recognition system using hybrid neural and dual eigenspaces methods, A
* Object Background Classification Using Hopfield Type Neural Network
* Object Extraction from Image Using Higher Order Entropy
* On Edge Detection of X-Ray Images
* On the convergence of A self-supervised vowel recognition system
* Pattern classification using genetic algorithms: Determination of H
* Pattern-Classification with Genetic Algorithms: Incorporation of Chromosome Differentiation
* Pixel classification using variable string genetic algorithms with chromosome differentiation
* Plenary speaker: Granular video tracking: Role of r-granules
* Probabilistic Active Support Vector Learning Algorithm, A
* Review on Image Segmentation Techniques, A
* Rough Fuzzy Image Analysis: Foundations and Methodologies
* Rough-Fuzzy HSV Color Histogram for Image Segmentation, A
* Segmentation Based on Measures of Contrast, Homogeneity, and Region Size
* Segmentation of multispectral remote sensing images using active support vector machines
* Segmentation of remotely sensed images with fuzzy thresholding, and quantitative evaluation
* Segmentation Using Contrast and Homogeneity Measures
* self-supervised vowel recognition system, A
* Smoothing of Digital Images Using the Concept of Diffusion Process
* Soft Computing, f-Granulation and Pattern Recognition
* Some Insights Into Brightness Perception of Images in the Light of a New Computational Model of Figure-Ground Segregation
* Spectral Fuzzy Sets and Soft Thresholding
* Syntactic Recognition of Skeletal Maturity
* Thresholding for Edge Detection Using Human Psychovisual Phenomena
* Two-dimensional Laplacianfaces method for face recognition
* Unsupervised Feature Selection Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Approach
* Unsupervised Feature Selection Using Feature Similarity
Includes: Pal, S.K. Pal, S.K.[Sankar K.] Pal, S.K.[Swaroop K.] Pal, S.K.[Sankar Kumar]
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Pal, S.P.[Sudebkumar Prasant] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for computing diffuse reflection paths in polygons

Pal, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic understanding of structures in printed mathematical expressions
* modified self-organizing neural net for shape extraction, A
* Neuro-Fuzzy Scheme for Integrated Input Fuzzy Set Selection and Optimal Fuzzy Rule Generation for Classification, A
* Oriya handwritten numeral recognition system
* Recognition of English Multi-oriented Characters
Includes: Pal, T. Pal, T.[Tandra]

Pal, T.T. Co Author Listing * Online handwritten indian script recognition: A human motor function based framework

Pal, U.[Umapada] Co Author Listing * email: Pal, U.[Umapada]: Umapada Pal AT loria fr
* Automatic identification of English, Chinese, Arabic, Devnagari and Bangla script line
* Automatic Off-Line Short Answer Assessment System Using Novel Hybrid Features, An
* Automatic processing of handwritten bank cheque images: a survey
* Automatic recognition of printed Oriya script
* Automatic Separation of Indian Multi-Script Document
* Automatic separation of machine-printed and hand-written text lines
* Automatic Separation of Words in Indian Multi-Lingual Multi-Script Documents
* Automatic separation of words in multi-lingual multi-script Indian documents
* Bag-of-Paths Based Serialized Subgraph Matching for Symbol Spotting in Line Drawings, A
* Bangla and English City Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
* Baseline Dependent Approach for Persian Handwritten Character Segmentation, A
* Baseline detection of multi-lingual unconstrained handwritten text lines
* Benchmark Kannada Handwritten Document Dataset and Its Segmentation, A
* Collaborative representation based fine-grained species recognition
* Combination of product graph and random walk kernel for symbol spotting in graphical documents
* Compact correlated features for writer independent signature verification
* Comparative study of conventional time series matching techniques for word spotting
* Comparative Study of Devnagari Handwritten Character Recognition Using Different Feature and Classifiers
* comparative study of features for handwritten Bangla text recognition, A
* Comparative Study of Persian/Arabic Handwritten Character Recognition, A
* complete automatic short answer assessment system with student identification, A
* Complete Printed Bangla OCR System, A
* Computer recognition of printed Bangla script
* Convex hull based approach for multi-oriented character recognition from graphical documents
* Database Development and Recognition of Handwritten Devanagari Legal Amount Words
* Date field extraction from handwritten documents using HMMs
* Date field extraction in handwritten documents
* Document image retrieval based on texture features and similarity fusion
* Document Image Retrieval Based on Texture Features: A Recognition-Free Approach
* Document seal detection using GHT and character proximity graphs
* Document-Zone Classification in Torn Documents
* Duplicate open page removal from video stream of book flipping
* Editorial preface: Special issue on ICDAR2009 selected and extended papers
* Efficient Staff Removal Approach from Printed Musical Documents, An
* Exemplary Sequence Cardinality: An effective application for word spotting
* F-ratio Based Weighted Feature Extraction for Similar Shape Character Recognition
* Fast Word Retrieval Technique Based on Kernelized Locality Sensitive Hashing, A
* Fine Classification of Unconstrained Handwritten Persian/Arabic Numerals by Removing Confusion amongst Similar Classes
* Flexible Sequence Matching technique: An effective learning-free approach for word spotting
* Font identification: In context of an Indic script
* Fractional poisson enhancement model for text detection and recognition in video frames
* framework for liveness detection for direct attacks in the visible spectrum for multimodal ocular biometrics, A
* Gradient-Angular-Features for Word-wise Video Script Identification
* Handwritten Character Recognition of Popular South Indian Scripts
* Handwritten Musical Document Retrieval Using Music-Score Spotting
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition of Six Popular Indian Scripts
* Handwritten Street Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
* Hindi Off-Line Signature Verification
* HMM-based Indic handwritten word recognition using zone segmentation
* HMM-Based Multi Oriented Text Recognition in Natural Scene Image
* ICDAR 2013 Handwriting Segmentation Contest
* ICDAR2015 competition on signature verification and writer identification for on- and off-line skilled forgeries (SigWIcomp2015)
* ICDAR2015 Competition on Video Script Identification (CVSI 2015)
* Identification of different script lines from multi-script documents
* Identification of Indic Scripts on Torn-Documents
* Improved BLSTM Neural Networks for Recognition of On-Line Bangla Complex Words
* Improved Document Skew Angle Estimation Technique, An
* Indian Multi-Script Full Pin-code String Recognition for Postal Automation
* Indian script character recognition: a survey
* LBP Based Line-Wise Script Identification
* Lexicon-Driven Handwritten City-Name Recognition Scheme for Indian Postal Automation, A
* lexicon-free approach for 3D handwriting recognition using classifier combination, A
* Local Binary Pattern for Word Spotting in Handwritten Historical Document
* Machine-printed and hand-written text lines identification
* Multi-lingual City Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
* Multi-lingual text recognition from video frames
* Multi-Oriented and Multi-Sized Touching Character Segmentation Using Dynamic Programming
* Multi-oriented Bangla and Devnagari text recognition
* Multi-oriented English Text Line Identification
* Multi-oriented touching text character segmentation in graphical documents using dynamic programming
* Multi-script line identification from Indian documents
* Multi-script versus single-script scenarios in automatic off-line signature verification
* Multi-skew detection of Indian script documents
* Multioriented and Curved Text Lines Extraction From Indian Documents
* Near Convex Region Adjacency Graph and Approximate Neighborhood String Matching for Symbol Spotting in Graphical Documents
* New Gradient Based Character Segmentation Method for Video Text Recognition, A
* new Iterative-Midpoint-Method for video character gap filling, A
* new method based on bag of filters for character recognition in scene images by learning, A
* New Method for Character Segmentation from Multi-oriented Video Words, A
* New Method for Handwritten Scene Text Detection in Video, A
* New Method for Word Segmentation from Arbitrarily-Oriented Video Text Lines, A
* new multi-modal approach to bib number/text detection and recognition in Marathon images, A
* new ring radius transform-based thinning method for multi-oriented video characters, A
* new scheme for unconstrained handwritten text-line segmentation, A
* New Symmetry Based on Proximity of Wavelet-Moments for Text Frame Classification in Video, A
* New Text-Line Alignment Approach Based on Piece-Wise Painting Algorithm for Handwritten Documents, A
* New Two-Stage Scheme for the Recognition of Persian Handwritten Characters, A
* novel mutual nearest neighbor based symmetry for text frame classification in video, A
* novel ring radius transform for video character reconstruction, A
* OCR error correction of an Inflectional Indian language using morphological parsing
* OCR Error Detection and Correction of an Inflectional Indian Language Script
* OCR from Video Stream of Book Flipping
* OCR in Bangla: an Indo-Bangladeshi Language
* OCR System to Read Two Indian Language Scripts: Bangla and Devnagari (Hindi), An
* Off-Line Handwritten Character Recognition of Devnagari Script
* Off-line Signature Identification Using Background and Foreground Information
* Off-line verification technique for Hindi signatures
* Offline Recognition of Devanagari Script: A Survey
* Oriya handwritten numeral recognition system
* Painting Based Technique for Skew Estimation of Scanned Documents, A
* Performance Analysis of the Gradient Feature and the Modified Direction Feature for Off-line Signature Verification
* Performance evaluation of DTW and its variants for word spotting in degraded documents
* Piece-wise linearity based method for text frame classification in video
* Product graph-based higher order contextual similarities for inexact subgraph matching
* Recognition of English Multi-oriented Characters
* Recognition of Indian multi-oriented and curved text
* Recognition of Multi-oriented Touching Characters in Graphical Documents
* Recognition of Off-Line Handwritten Devnagari Characters Using Quadratic Classifier
* Recognition of printed Urdu script
* Recognition of Words from Legal Amounts of Indian Bank Cheques
* scale and rotation invariant scheme for multi-oriented Character Recognition, A
* Sclera Recognition: A Survey
* Script Identification: A Han and Roman Script Perspective
* Script line separation from Indian multi-script documents
* Seal Detection and Recognition: An Approach for Document Indexing
* Segmentation of Bangla unconstrained handwritten text
* Semi-supervised Online Bayesian Network Learner for Handwritten Characters Recognition
* Semi-supervised Online Learning of Handwritten Characters Using a Bayesian Classifier
* Semiautomatic Ground Truth Generation for Text Detection and Recognition in Video Images
* Shape Code Based Word-Image Matching for Retrieval of Indian Multi-lingual Documents
* Signature Based Document Retrieval Using GHT of Background Information
* Signature Segmentation from Machine Printed Documents Using Conditional Random Field
* Skew Angle Detection of Digitized Indian Script Documents
* Stroke Segmentation and Recognition from Bangla Online Handwritten Text
* SVM Based Scheme for Thai and English Script Identification
* symbol spotting approach in graphical documents by hashing serialized graphs, A
* Symbol Spotting in Line Drawings through Graph Paths Hashing
* System for Bangla Online Handwritten Text, A
* system for Indian postal automation, A
* Tamil Handwritten City Name Database Development and Recognition for Postal Automation
* Text Independent Writer Identification for Bengali Script
* Text line extraction in graphical documents using background and foreground information
* Touching numeral segmentation using water reservoir concept
* Two-Stage Approach for English and Hindi Off-line Signature Verification, A
* Two-Stage Approach for Word Spotting in Graphical Documents, A
* Two-stage Approach for Word-wise Script Identification
* Video Scene Text Frames Categorization for Text Detection and Recognition
* Water reservoir based approach for touching numeral segmentation
* Word recognition in natural scene and video images using Hidden Markov Model
* Word searching in unconstrained layout using character pair coding
* Word Spotting in Bangla and English Graphical Documents
* Word-Wise Handwritten Persian and Roman Script Identification
* Word-Wise Script Identification from Indian Documents
* Word-Wise Script Identification from Video Frames
* Word-wise Sinhala Tamil and English script identification using Gaussian kernel SVM
Includes: Pal, U.[Umapada] Pal, U.
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Pala, A. Co Author Listing * New IDL Implementation Of The Jupp Method For Bathymetry Extraction In Shallow Waters, A

Pala, F. Co Author Listing * EDeN: Ensemble of Deep Networks for Vehicle Classification
* Iris Liveness Detection by Relative Distance Comparisons
* Multimodal Person Reidentification Using RGB-D Cameras

Pala, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * HCTNav: A Path Planning Algorithm for Low-Cost Autonomous Robot Navigation in Indoor Environments

Pala, P.[Peitro] Co Author Listing * email: Pala, P.[Peitro]: pala AT dsi unifi it
* 3-D Human Action Recognition by Shape Analysis of Motion Trajectories on Riemannian Manifold
* 3D Face Recognition by Spatial Arrangement of Iso-Geodesic Surfaces
* 3D Face Recognition Using Isogeodesic Stripes
* 3D face retrieval using integral geometric shape information
* 3D Mesh decomposition using Reeb graphs
* Automatic facial expression recognition in real-time from dynamic sequences of 3D face scans
* Content based Annotation and Retrieval of News Videos
* Content-based indexing and retrieval of TV news
* Content-Based Retrieval of 3-D Objects Using Spin Image Signatures
* Curvature Correlograms for Content Based Retrieval of 3D Objects
* Description and Retrieval of 3d Cellular Structures
* Effective Image Retrieval Using Deformable Templates
* Emotion Recognition by Body Movement Representation on the Manifold of Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices
* Extraction of resource descriptors for distributed content based image retrieval
* Face Recognition by Matching 2D and 3D Geodesic Distances
* Face Recognition by SVMs Classification And Manifold Learning of 2D and 3D Radial Geodesic Distances
* Facial curves between keypoints for recognition of 3D faces with missing parts
* Graph Edit Distance Based on Node Merging, A
* Image Indexing Using Shape Based Visual Features
* Image retrieval by color regions
* Image retrieval by elastic matching of user sketches
* Image retrieval by multidimensional elastic matching
* Image Retrieval by Positive and Negative Examples
* Image retrieval by shape and texture
* Increasing 3D Resolution of Kinect Faces
* Indexed retrieval by shape appearance
* Indexing for reuse of TV news shots
* Learning shape variations of motion trajectories for gait analysis
* Local descriptors matching for 3D face recognition
* Mesh-LBP: Computing Local Binary Patterns on Discrete Manifolds, The
* Minimal-Redundancy Maximal-Relevance Selection of Facial Regions for 3D Face Recognition
* Motion segment decomposition of RGB-D sequences for human behavior understanding
* Partial Match Of 3d Faces Using Facial Curves Between Sift Keypoints
* Partitioning of 3D Meshes using Reeb Graphs
* photographer metaphor for content based image retrieval, The
* PICASSO: Visual Querying by Color Perceptive Regions
* Real-Time Expression Recognition From Dynamic Sequences Of 3d Facial Scans
* Recognition of 3D faces with missing parts based on profile networks
* Recognizing Actions from Depth Cameras as Weakly Aligned Multi-part Bag-of-Poses
* Retrieval by shape using multidimensional indexing structures
* Retrieval of 3D objects using curvature maps and weighted walkthroughs
* Retrieval of Commercials by Video Semantics
* Selecting stable keypoints and local descriptors for person identification using 3D face scans
* Sensations and Psychological Effects in Color Image Database
* Set of Selected SIFT Features for 3D Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Shape indexing by multi-scale representation
* Space-Time Pose Representation for 3D Human Action Recognition
* Spin images for retrieval of 3D objects by local and global similarity
* Superfaces: A Super-Resolution Model for 3D Faces
* Three-Dimensional interfaces for querying by example in content-based image retrieval
* Using 3D Models to Recognize 2D Faces in the Wild
* Using Multiple Examples for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Video Retrieval Based on Dynamics of Color Flows
* Visual Image Retrieval by Elastic Matching of User Sketches
* Visual Querying by Color Perceptive Regions
* Weakly Aligned Multi-part Bag-of-Poses for Action Recognition from Depth Cameras
Includes: Pala, P.[Peitro] Pala, P.[Pietro] Pala, P.
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Pala, S. Co Author Listing * Deformation Monitoring Of Retrofitted Short Concrete Columns With Laser Sensor

Pala, V.[Vicenc] Co Author Listing * Ground-based hyperspectral analysis of the urban nightscape
* Image fusion with additive multiresolution wavelet decomposition. Applications to SPOT and Landsat images
* Multiresolution-Based Image Fusion with Additive Wavelet Decomposition
* Wavelet-Based Method for the Determination of the Relative Resolution Between Remotely Sensed Images, A
Includes: Pala, V.[Vicenc] Palŕ, V.[Vicenç] Pala, V.

Palace, M. Co Author Listing * Detection of Large-Scale Forest Canopy Change in Pan-Tropical Humid Forests 2000-2009 With the SeaWinds Ku-Band Scatterometer

Palacharla, P.K.[Pavan K.] Co Author Listing * hyperspectral reflectance data based model inversion methodology to detect reniform nematodes in cotton, A

Palacio, A. Co Author Listing * novel automatic segmentation of healthy and diseased retinal layers from OCT scans, A

Palacios Orueta, A.[Alicia] Co Author Listing * Assessment of MODIS spectral indices for determining rice paddy agricultural practices and hydroperiod
Includes: Palacios Orueta, A.[Alicia] Palacios-Orueta, A.[Alicia]

Palacios, A.R. Co Author Listing * foveal architecture for stereo matching, A

Palacios, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Reducing Streaking Artifacts in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping

Palacios, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Cell Nuclei Segmentation Combining Multiresolution Analysis, Clustering Methods and Colour Spaces

Palacios, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction on MRI to Analyse Marbling and Fat Level in Iberian Loin
* Evolutionary Active Contours for Muscle Recognition
* Feasible Application of Shape-Based Classification
* Handwritten Bank Check Recognition Of Courtesy Amounts
* system for processing handwritten bank checks automatically, A
Includes: Palacios, R. Palacios, R.[Rafael]

Paladini, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estimation of the Number of Deformation Modes in Non-rigid SfM with Missing Data
* Bilinear Factorization via Augmented Lagrange Multipliers
* Bilinear Modeling via Augmented Lagrange Multipliers (BALM)
* Factorization for non-rigid and articulated structure using metric projections
* Optimal Metric Projections for Deformable and Articulated Structure-from-Motion
* Sequential Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion with the 3D-Implicit Low-Rank Shape Model

Paladini, R. Co Author Listing * Classification of Man-Made Targets via Invariant Coherency-Matrix Eigenvector Decomposition of Polarimetric SAR/ISAR Images
* Lossless and Sufficient Psi-Invariant Decomposition of Random Reciprocal Target
* Point Target Classification via Fast Lossless and Sufficient Omega-Psi-Phi Invariant Decomposition of High-Resolution and Fully Polarimetric SAR/ISAR Data

Palagyi, K.[Kalman] Co Author Listing * 2D Thinning Algorithms with Revised Endpixel Preservation
* 3-subiteration 3D thinning algorithm for extracting medial surfaces, A
* 3-Subiteration Surface-Thinning Algorithm, A
* 3D 6-Subiteration Thinning Algorithm for Extracting Medial Lines, A
* 3D Parallel Thinning Algorithms Based on Isthmuses
* Binary Image Reconstruction from Two Projections and Skeletal Information
* Deletion Rules for Equivalent Sequential and Parallel Reductions
* Equivalent 2D Sequential and Parallel Thinning Algorithms
* Equivalent Sequential and Parallel Subiteration-Based Surface-Thinning Algorithms
* Family of Topology-Preserving 3D Parallel 6: Subiteration Thinning Algorithms, A
* Fully Parallel 3D Thinning Algorithms Based on Sufficient Conditions for Topology Preservation
* Matching and anatomical labeling of human airway tree
* On Topology Preservation for Hexagonal Parallel Thinning Algorithms
* On Topology Preservation for Triangular Thinning Algorithms
* Order-Independent Sequential Thinning Algorithm, An
* P-Simple Points and General-Simple Deletion Rules
* parallel 12-subiteration 3D thinning algorithm to extract medial lines, A
* Parallel 3D 12-Subiteration Thinning Algorithm, A
* Parallel 3D 12-Subiteration Thinning Algorithms Based on Isthmuses
* Sequential 3D Curve-Thinning Algorithm Based on Isthmuses, A
* Simplifier Points in 2D Binary Images
* Single-Step 2D Thinning Scheme with Deletion of P-Simple Points, A
* Skeletonization Based on Metrical Neighborhood Sequences
* Spiral-CT-based assessment of tracheal stenoses using 3-D-skeletonization
* Subiteration-Based Surface-Thinning Algorithm with a Period of Three, A
* Sufficient Conditions for General 2D Operators to Preserve Topology
* Topology Preserving 3D Thinning Algorithms Using Four and Eight Subfields
* Topology Preserving Parallel Smoothing for 3D Binary Images
* Topology Preserving Parallel Thinning Algorithms
* Topology-Preserving General Operators in Arbitrary Binary Pictures
* Unified Characterization of P-Simple Points in Triangular, Square, and Hexagonal Grids
Includes: Palagyi, K.[Kalman] Palágyi, K.[Kálmán] Palagyi, K.
31 for Palagyi, K.

Palai, D.[Dibyendu] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Co-linearity Statistic Based Approach to Robust Background Modeling, A

Palaiahnakote, S.[Shivakumara] Co Author Listing * Scene character detection and recognition based on multiple hypotheses framework

Palaio, H.[Helio] Co Author Listing * Kernel Based Multi-object Tracking Using Gabor Functions Embedded in a Region Covariance Matrix
* kernel particle filter multi-object tracking using gabor-based region covariance matrices, A
* Multi-object tracking using an adaptive transition model particle filter with region covariance data association
* region covariance embedded in a particle filter for multi-objects tracking, A
Includes: Palaio, H.[Helio] Palaio, H.[Hélio]

Palakal, M.[Mathew] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Computer Vision Techniques for Automatic Speech Recognition
* Video Indexing and Retrieval for Archeological Digital Library, CLIOH

Palamara, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Efficient Numerical Schemes for Computing Cardiac Electrical Activation over Realistic Purkinje Networks: Method and Verification

Palamodov, V. Co Author Listing * Method of Reduction of Artifacts of Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping, A

Palancar, J.H.[Jose Hernandez] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Ordered Features for SMS Spam Filtering, The
* High Throughput Signature Based Platform for Network Intrusion Detection
Includes: Palancar, J.H.[Jose Hernandez] Palancar, J.H.[José Hernández]

Palander, K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach for Affine Auto-calibration, A
* Epipolar geometry and log-polar transform in wide baseline stereo matching
Includes: Palander, K. Palander, K.[Kimmo]

Palani, S. Co Author Listing * On-line prediction of micro-turning multi-response variables by machine vision system using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)

Palaniappan, K.[Kannappan] Co Author Listing * Accurate Spatial Neighborhood Relationships for Arbitrarily-Shaped Objects Using Hamilton-Jacobi GVD
* Adaptive Median Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* Adaptive Robust Structure Tensors for Orientation Estimation and Image Segmentation
* Automatic spatio-temporal video sequence segmentation
* Automatic Tuberculosis Screening Using Chest Radiographs
* Cell segmentation using Hessian-based detection and contour evolution with directional derivatives
* Classification of cell cycle phases in 3D confocal microscopy using PCNA and chromocenter features
* Clustering initiated multiphase active contours and robust separation of nuclei groups for tissue segmentation
* Coupled, Multi-Resolution Stereo and Motion Analysis
* Dual Channel Colocalization for Cell Cycle Analysis Using 3D Confocal Microscopy
* Efficient GPU Implementation of the Integral Histogram
* Efficient segmentation using feature-based graph partitioning active contours
* Elastic body spline based image segmentation
* Event detection and semantic identification using Bayesian belief network
* Extensor-based image interpolation
* Fast and globally convex multiphase active contours for brain MRI segmentation
* Fast Graph Partitioning Active Contours for Image Segmentation Using Histograms
* Fast Structure from Motion for Sequential and Wide Area Motion Imagery
* Fuzzy Clustering and Active Contours for Histopathology Image Segmentation and Nuclei Detection
* Gaussian Mixture Density Modeling, Decomposition, and Applications
* Geodesic Active Contour Based Fusion of Visible and Infrared Video for Persistent Object Tracking
* GeoIRIS: Geospatial Information Retrieval and Indexing System - Content Mining, Semantics Modeling, and Complex Queries
* HEp-2 cell classification and segmentation using motif texture patterns and spatial features with random forests
* HEp-2 cell classification in IIF images using Shareboost
* Incident-Supporting Visual Cloud Computing Utilizing Software-Defined Networking
* Joint Adaptive Median Binary Patterns for texture classification
* KL based data fusion for target tracking
* Level Set-Based Fast Multi-phase Graph Partitioning Active Contours Using Constant Memory
* Lung Segmentation in Chest Radiographs Using Anatomical Atlases With Nonrigid Registration
* Motion Flow Estimation from Image Sequences with Applications to Biological Growth and Motility
* Moving object detection for vehicle tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery using 4D filtering
* Multiscale Tikhonov-Total Variation Image Restoration Using Spatially Varying Edge Coherence Exponent
* Non-Rigid Motion Estimation Using the Robust Tensor Method
* Optic Flow Field Segmentation and Motion Estimation Using a Robust Genetic Partitioning Algorithm
* Parallax-Tolerant Aerial Image Georegistration and Efficient Camera Pose Refinement: Without Piecewise Homographies
* Parallel Blob Extraction Using the Multi-core Cell Processor
* Parallel Implementation of the Integral Histogram
* Robust Method for Edge-Preserving Image Smoothing, A
* Robust Orientation and Appearance Adaptation for Wide-Area Large Format Video Object Tracking
* Robust Stereo Analysis
* Robust Tracking of Migrating Cells Using Four-Color Level Set Segmentation
* Rotationally Invariant Hashing of Median Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* Scalable Architecture for Operational FMV Exploitation, A
* Semantic Depth Map Fusion for Moving Vehicle Detection in Aerial Video
* Semantic Event Detection and Classification in Cricket Video Sequence
* Semi-automated tracking of muscle satellite cells in brightfield microscopy video
* Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis for Very Low Bit-Rate Wavelet Video Coding
* Static and Moving Object Detection Using Flux Tensor with Split Gaussian Models
* Structure and Semi-Fluid Motion Analysis of Stereoscopic Satellite Images for Cloud Tracking
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Tracking Nonrigid Motion and Structure from 2D Satellite Cloud Images without Correspondences
* User driven sparse point-based image segmentation
* Video-based activity analysis using the L1 tracker on VIRAT data
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
* Wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) exploitation tools for enhanced situation awareness
Includes: Palaniappan, K.[Kannappan] Palaniappan, K.
56 for Palaniappan, K.

Palaniappan, R. Co Author Listing * Biometrics from Brain Electrical Activity: A Machine Learning Approach
* Improving visual evoked potential feature classification for person recognition using PCA and normalization
* N-Way Video Communication over Enterprise Networks Based on Adaptive Bit Stream Extraction in Scalable Video Coding
* Neural Network Classification of Symmetrical and Nonsymmetrical Images Using New Moments with High Noise Tolerance
* New Invariant Moments for Non-Uniformly Scaled Images
* RD optimized bitstream extraction for H.264/SVC based video streaming
Includes: Palaniappan, R. Palaniappan, R.[Ramaswamy] Palaniappan, R.[Ramanathan]

Palanisamy, B.[Balaji] Co Author Listing * Effective mix-zone anonymization techniques for mobile travelers

Palanisamy, N. Co Author Listing * Automated Identification of Chromosome Segments Involved in Translocations by Combining Spectral Karyotyping and Banding Analysis
* Chromosome classification using dynamic time warping
Includes: Palanisamy, N. Palanisamy, N.[Nallasivam]

Palanisamy, P. Co Author Listing * CT image reconstruction based on combination of iterative reconstruction technique and total variation
* nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for enhancing magnetic resonance phase maps, A

Palanisamy, V. Co Author Listing * Clinical decision support system for early prediction of Down syndrome fetus using sonogram images

Palaniswam, M. Co Author Listing * study of biorthogonal wavelets in digital watermarking, A

Palaniswami, M.[Marimuthu] Co Author Listing * Clustering ellipses for anomaly detection
* Crowd Event Detection on Optical Flow Manifolds
* Detection of Anomalous Crowd Behaviour Using Hyperspherical Clustering
* Ellipsoidal neighbourhood outlier factor for distributed anomaly detection in resource constrained networks
* Estimation of crowd density by clustering motion cues
* Head detection using motion features and multi level pyramid architecture
* High-Resolution Monitoring of Atmospheric Pollutants Using a System of Low-Cost Sensors
* Learning Efficiently- The Deep CNNs-Tree Network
* Novel Document Ranking Method Using the Discrete Cosine Transform, A
* Orthonormal Hilbert-Pair of Wavelets With (Almost) Maximum Vanishing Moments
* Probabilistic Detection of Crowd Events on Riemannian Manifolds
* Range Image Segmentation by Dynamic Neural-Network Architecture
* visual-numeric approach to clustering and anomaly detection for trajectory data, A
Includes: Palaniswami, M.[Marimuthu] Palaniswami, M.
13 for Palaniswami, M.

Palaniswamy, D. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Adaptive Event Detection in Astronomical Data Streams

Palaniswamy, K. Co Author Listing * Machine Recognition of Indian Language Characters Using a Tree Structure Based on Primitives

Palaniswamy, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic identification of landmarks in digital images
* Automatic Identification of Morphometric Landmarks in Digital Images

Palanivel, S. Co Author Listing * Automated assessment of breast tissue density in digital mammograms
* Multimodal person authentication using speech, face and visual speech
* Still-to-Video Face Verification System Using Advanced Correlation Filters, A

Palanivelu, R.[Ravishankar] Co Author Listing * Branching Gaussian Processes with Applications to Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of 3D Trees
* generative statistical model for tracking multiple smooth trajectories, A
Includes: Palanivelu, R.[Ravishankar] Palanivelu, R.[Ravi]

Palanivelu, S.[Sridharan] Co Author Listing * Managing and Searching Distributed Multidimensional Annotations with Large Scale Image Data

Palant, A. Co Author Listing * Generalized Linear Least Squares Method for Fast Generation of Myocardial Blood Flow Parametric Images with N-13 Ammonia PET

Palany, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Mapping Entomological Dengue Risk Levels in Martinique Using High-Resolution Remote-Sensing Environmental Data

Palaseanu Lovejoy, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * Levee crest elevation profiles derived from airborne lidar-based high resolution digital elevation models in south Louisiana
Includes: Palaseanu Lovejoy, M.[Monica] Palaseanu-Lovejoy, M.[Monica]

Palasek, P. Co Author Listing * Deep Globally Constrained MRFs for Human Pose Estimation
* Deep Refinement Convolutional Networks for Human Pose Estimation

Palaska, Y.[Yunus] Co Author Listing * Vision-based game design and assessment for physical exercise in a robot-assisted rehabilitation system

Palathingal, P.J.[Paul J.] Co Author Listing * Automated Feature Generation in Large-Scale Geospatial Libraries for Content-Based Indexing
* Large-Scale Geospatial Indexing for Image-Based Retrieval and Analysis

Palathingal, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Control Architecture for Long-Term Autonomy of Robotic Assistants, A

Palau Caballero, G. Co Author Listing * Hemodynamics in Aortic Regurgitation Simulated Using a Computational Cardiovascular System Model
Includes: Palau Caballero, G. Palau-Caballero, G.

Palau, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Cell algorithms with data inflation for non-parametric classification

Palau, A.M.[Alessandro M.] Co Author Listing * Labelled Cell Classifier: A Fast Approximation to k Nearest Neighbors, The

Palaz, D.[Dimitri] Co Author Listing * Sparse stereo image coding with learned dictionaries

Palazon Gonzalez, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Cyclic Linear Hidden Markov Models for Shape Classification
* Cyclic Viterbi Score for Linear Hidden Markov Models
* Heuristic Based on the Intrinsic Dimensionality for Reducing the Number of Cyclic DTW Comparisons in Shape Classification and Retrieval Using AESA, A
* On hidden Markov models and cyclic strings for shape recognition
* On the dynamic time warping of cyclic sequences for shape retrieval
* Shape Retrieval Using Shape Contexts and Cyclic Dynamic Time Warping
* Speeding up the cyclic edit distance using LAESA with early abandon
Includes: Palazon Gonzalez, V.[Vicente] Palazón-González, V.[Vicente]
7 for Palazon Gonzalez, V.

Palazon, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Car License Plates Extraction and Recognition Based on Connected Components Analysis and HMM Decoding
* Matrics, a Car License Plate Recognition System
* Shape Retrieval Using Normalized Fourier Descriptors Based Signatures and Cyclic Dynamic Time Warping
Includes: Palazon, V.[Vicente] Palazón, V.[Vicente]

Palazuelos Cagigas, S.E.[Sira Elena] Co Author Listing * Modeling and correction of multipath interference in time of flight cameras

Palazzi, A. Co Author Listing * DR(eye)VE: A Dataset for Attention-Based Tasks with Applications to Autonomous and Assisted Driving
* Learning to Map Vehicles into Bird's Eye View
Includes: Palazzi, A. Palazzi, A.[Andrea]

Palazzi, C.E. Co Author Listing * Fast and Secure Multihop Broadcast Solutions for Intervehicular Communication
* Intervehicular Communication Architecture for Safety and Entertainment, An
* Vegas Over Access Point: Making Room for Thin Client Game Systems in a Wireless Home

Palazzi, E. Co Author Listing * Vertical Distribution of Lower Tropospheric NO2 Derived From Diffuse Solar Radiation Measurements: A Geometrical Retrieval Approach

Palazzi, L. Co Author Listing * Counting and Reporting Red/Blue Segment Intersections

Palazzo, S. Co Author Listing * Covariance based modeling of underwater scenes for fish detection
* Deep Learning Human Mind for Automated Visual Classification
* Enhancing object detection performance by integrating motion objectness and perceptual organization
* Evaluation of tracking algorithm performance without ground-truth data
* Gamifying Video Object Segmentation
* Generating Knowledge-Enriched Image Annotations for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
* Generative Adversarial Networks Conditioned by Brain Signals
* Integrating unsupervised and supervised clustering methods on a GPU platform for fast image segmentation
* Kernel Density Estimation Using Joint Spatial-Color-Depth Data for Background Modeling
* Modeling activity in VBR video sources
* Nonparametric label propagation using mutual local similarity in nearest neighbors
* parallel edge preserving algorithm for salt and pepper image denoising, A
* Rejecting False Positives in Video Object Segmentation
* rule-based event detection system for real-life underwater domain, A
* Superpixel-based video object segmentation using perceptual organization and location prior
* texton-based kernel density estimation approach for background modeling under extreme conditions, A
Includes: Palazzo, S. Palazzo, S.[Simone]
16 for Palazzo, S.

Palchowdhuri, Y.[Yajnaseni] Co Author Listing * Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India

Palcic, B. Co Author Listing * Hough spectrum and geometric texture feature analysis

Palczynski, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Multibeam Echosounder Simulator Applying Noise Generator for the Purpose of Sea Bottom Visualisation

Paleari, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * multimodal approach to music transcription, A
* Towards multimodal emotion recognition: a new approach

Palecek, V. Co Author Listing * Multiparameter Correction Intensity Of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data As An Input For Rock Surface Modelling

Palecki, M. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product

Palen, J. Co Author Listing * Development and Field Test of a Laser-Based Nonintrusive Detection System for Identification of Vehicles on the Highway

Palencia, C. Co Author Listing * Realistic log-compressed law for ultrasound image recovery

Palenichka, M. Co Author Listing * Visual Attention-Guided Approach to Monitoring of Medication Dispensing Using Multi-location Feature Saliency Patterns

Palenichka, R. Co Author Listing * Visual Attention-Guided Approach to Monitoring of Medication Dispensing Using Multi-location Feature Saliency Patterns

Palenichka, R.M.[Roman M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Control Points for the Registration of Optical Satellite and LiDAR Images
* Computer-Aided Detection and Segmentation of Objects on Medical Images
* Extraction of Salient Features for Image Retrieval Using Multi-scale Image Relevance Function
* fast algorithm for the computation of axial moments and its application to the orthogonal fitting of curves, A
* Fast object localization using multi-scale image relevance function
* fast recursive algorithm for the computation of axial moments, A
* fast recursive algorithm to compute local axial moments, A
* Fast Structure-Adaptive Evaluation of Local Features in Images, A
* Model-based adaptive preprocessing of images in automatic visual inspection
* Model-based extraction of image area descriptors using a multi-scale attention operator
* Multi-scale model-based skeletonization of object shapes using self-organizing maps
* Multiscale Isotropic Matched Filtering for Individual Tree Detection in LiDAR Images
* Object Shape Extraction Based on the Piecewise Linear Skeletal Representation
* Outlier-Resistant Dissimilarity Measure for Feature-based Image Matching
* Perceptual Knowledge Extraction Using Bayesian Networks of Salient Image Objects
* Scale-Adaptive Segmentation and Recognition of Individual Trees Based on LiDAR Data
* Spatio-Temporal Isotropic Operator for the Attention-Point Extraction, A
* Structure Adaptive Image Filtering Using Order Statistics
Includes: Palenichka, R.M.[Roman M.] Palenichka, R.M.
18 for Palenichka, R.M.

Palenik, J.J.[Jakub Jozef] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Exosomes in Transmission Electron Microscopy
Includes: Palenik, J.J.[Jakub Jozef] Pálenik, J.J.[Jakub Jozef]

Palenstijn, W.J.[Willem Jan] Co Author Listing * Dynamic angle selection in binary tomography
* High-Level Algorithm Prototyping: An Example Extending the TVR-DART Algorithm
* On the Reconstruction of Crystals Through Discrete Tomography
* Partially discrete magnetic resonance tomography
* TVR-DART: A More Robust Algorithm for Discrete Tomography From Limited Projection Data With Automated Gray Value Estimation
Includes: Palenstijn, W.J.[Willem Jan] Palenstijn, W.J.

Palenychka, R. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Thermal Stress in Wafer-Scale Integrated Circuits by the Attentive Vision Method Using an Infrared Camera

Paleologu, C. Co Author Listing * On the Identification of Bilinear Forms With the Wiener Filter

Paler, K. Co Author Listing * Absorption Edge Detector, An
* Automatic Thresholding Algorithm and Its Performance, An
* Averaging Edge Detector, An
* Grey Level Edge Thinning: A New Method
* Identification of Fringe Minima in Electronic Speckle Pattern Images
* Local ordered grey levels as an aid to corner detection
* Magnitude Accuracy of the Template Edge Detector, The
7 for Paler, K.

Palermo, C.J. Co Author Listing * Optical Data Processing and Filtering Systems

Palermo, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Dating Historical Color Images

Palestini, C. Co Author Listing * Palladiolibrary Geo-Models: An Open 3D Archive to Manage and Visualize Information-Communication Resources About Palladio, The

Palestini, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * theoretical analysis of a buffer frame size conversion algorithm for audio applications ensuring minimum latency, A

Palestra, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Analysis of HOG Suitability for Facial Traits Description in FER Problems
* Automatic Emotion Recognition in Robot-Children Interaction for ASD Treatment
* Improved Performance in Facial Expression Recognition Using 32 Geometric Features
* Recognizing users feedback from non-verbal communicative acts in conversational recommender systems
Includes: Palestra, G.[Giuseppe] Palestra, G.

Paleti, N.[Nagarjuna] Co Author Listing * Real-time web-based hyperspectral data viewing and control

Paletta, L. Co Author Listing * Active Object Recognition in Parametric Eigenspace
* Aggregated mapping of driver attention from matched optical flow
* Airborne Based High Performance Crowd Monitoring for Security Applications
* Appearance-based active object recognition
* Building Detection from Mobile Imagery Using Informative SIFT Descriptors
* Cascaded attention and grouping for object recognition from video
* Cascaded Sequential Attention for Object Recognition with Informative Local Descriptors and Q-learning of Grouping Strategies
* Classification of Edges under Motion
* Context Based Object Detection from Video
* Detection of traffic signs using posterior classifier combination
* Euclidean Structure Recovery Through Articulated Motion
* Information Selection and Probabilistic 2D: 3D Integration in Mobile Mapping
* Learning contextual rules for priming object categories in images
* Learning Temporal Context in Active Object Recognition Using Bayesian Analysis
* MANGO: Mobile Augmented Reality with Functional Eating Guidance and Food Awareness
* Mobile object recognition using multi-sensor information fusion in urban environments
* Mobile Vision System for Urban Detection with Informative Local Descriptors, A
* Novelty-based Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection for Prediction of Gaze in Egocentric Video
* Object recognition using local information content
* Perception-Action Based Object Detection from Local Descriptor Combination and Reinforcement Learning
* Predicting Detection Events from Bayesian Scene Recognition
* Semantic analysis of human visual attention in mobile eye tracking applications
* Window Detection in Facades
Includes: Paletta, L. Paletta, L.[Lucas]
23 for Paletta, L.

Paley, M.N.J. Co Author Listing * Method of Generalized Projections (MGP) Ghost Correction Algorithm for Interleaved EPI, A
* Modelling of axonal fields in the optic nerve for direct MR detection studies
Includes: Paley, M.N.J. Paley, M.N.J.[Martyn N.J.]

Palfinger, W.[Werner] Co Author Listing * Accurate fibre orientation measurement for carbon fibre surfaces
* Accurate Fibre Orientation Measurement for Carbon Fibre Surfaces

Palfner, T. Co Author Listing * Advanced Scanning for Intra Frame Coding
* Effects of Symmetric Periodic Extension for Multiwavelet Filter Banks on Image Coding
* Frequency Selective Update for Video Coding
* High precision edge prediction for intra coding
* Progressive coding of stereo images using wavelets and overlapping blocks
Includes: Palfner, T. Palfner, T.[Torsten]

Palgen, J.J.O.[Jack J. O.] Co Author Listing * Applicability of pattern recognition techniques to the analysis of urban quality from satellites

Palghat, R.[Ramesh] Co Author Listing * USDOT number localization and recognition from vehicle side-view NIR images

Palha, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Signs Workshop: The Importance of Natural Gestures in the Promotion of Early Communication Skills of Children with Developmental Disabilities

Palhang, M. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence in 3-D Feature Extraction
* Log-Euclidean bag of words for human action recognition

Palhares, R.M. Co Author Listing * Longitudinal Model Identification and Velocity Control of an Autonomous Car

Palhinha, F. Co Author Listing * Multi-GNSS Receiver for Aerospace Navigation and Positioning Applications

Paliaga, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Experimental BIM Applications in Archaeology: A Work-Flow

Palicot, J.[Jacques] Co Author Listing * Possible channel coding and modulation system for the satellite broadcasting of a high-definition television signal

Palikonda, R. Co Author Listing * Retrieving Clear-Sky Surface Skin Temperature for Numerical Weather Prediction Applications from Geostationary Satellite Data

Palios, L.[Leonidas] Co Author Listing * efficient shape-based approach to image retrieval, An

Palis, M.A. Co Author Listing * Designing Systolic Algorithms Using Sequential Machines

Palisson, P. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised multiresolution texture segmentation using wavelet decomposition

Palit, B.[Biswaroop] Co Author Listing * Spectral face clustering

Palit, S. Co Author Listing * blind quality assessment of video using fragile watermarking, A
* Determination of the cause and amount of image degradation using a reduced reference approach
* Fast Autonomous Crater Detection by Image Analysis: For Unmanned Landing on Unknown Terrain
* novel technique for the watermarking of symbolically compressed documents, A
Includes: Palit, S. Palit, S.[Sarbani]

Paliwal, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * score based indexing scheme for palmprint databases, A

Paliwal, K. Co Author Listing * Classified Adaptive Prediction and Entropy Coding for Lossless Coding of Images
* Minimum-Entropy Clustering and its Application to Lossless Image Coding

Paliwal, K.K.[Kuldip K.] Co Author Listing * Class-dependent PCA, MDC and LDA: A combined classifier for pattern classification
* Comments on Modified K-Means Algorithm for Vector Quantizer Design
* Fast features for face authentication under illumination direction changes
* Fast nearest-neighbor search algorithms based on approximation-elimination search
* Fast principal component analysis using fixed-point algorithm
* Fast Vector Quantization Encoding Based on K-D Tree Backtracking Search Algorithm
* Feature extraction and dimensionality reduction algorithms and their applications in vowel recognition
* feature selection method using improved regularized linear discriminant analysis, A
* Features for robust face-based identity verification
* Improved direct LDA and its application to DNA microarray gene expression data
* Information Fusion and Person Verification Using Speech and Face Information
* Likelihood normalization for face authentication in variable recording conditions
* Low-complexity GMM-based block quantisation of images using the discrete cosine transform
* new perspective to null linear discriminant analysis method and its fast implementation using random matrix multiplication with scatter matrices, A
* Noise compensation in a person verification system using face and multiple speech features
* Structurally noise resistant classifier for multi-modal person verification
* Subspace independent component analysis using vector kurtosis
* two-stage linear discriminant analysis for face-recognition, A
Includes: Paliwal, K.K.[Kuldip K.] Paliwal, K.K.
18 for Paliwal, K.K.

Paliy, D. Co Author Listing * Effective detection and elimination of impulsive noise with a minimal image smoothing
* Impulsive noise removal using threshold Boolean filtering based on the impulse detecting functions
* Spatially adaptive color filter array interpolation for noiseless and noisy data
Includes: Paliy, D. Paliy, D.[Dmitriy]

Paljic, A. Co Author Listing * User-defined gestural interaction: A study on gesture memorization

Palk, P.[Phillip] Co Author Listing * Image Processing Approach to Distance Estimation for Automated Strawberry Harvesting, An

Palka, S. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Readers: Vulnerabilities to Front- and Back- end Attacks

Palkova, Z.[Zdena] Co Author Listing * Perception of Czech in Noise: Stability of Vowels
Includes: Palkova, Z.[Zdena] Palková, Z.[Zdena]

Palla, K. Co Author Listing * Relational Learning and Network Modelling Using Infinite Latent Attribute Models

Palladini, A. Co Author Listing * Predictive Deconvolution and Hybrid Feature Selection for Computer-Aided Detection of Prostate Cancer

Pallam Setty, S. Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrievals based on generalised gamma distribution and relevance feedback mechanism

Pallan, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Ancient Maya Glyph Collections with Contextual Shape Descriptors
* Retrieving ancient Maya glyphs with Shape Context

Pallara, D. Co Author Listing * Functions of bounded variation and free discontinuity problems

Pallares, J.M. Co Author Listing * Ionospheric tomography using GNSS reflections

Pallast, N.[Niklas] Co Author Listing * Temporal Scalability of Dynamic Volume Data Using Mesh Compensated Wavelet Lifting

Pallavaram, S.[Srivatsan] Co Author Listing * Deformable Physiological Atlas-Based Programming of Deep Brain Stimulators: A Feasibility Study

Pallavi, V. Co Author Listing * Ball detection from broadcast soccer videos using static and dynamic features
* Graph-Based Multiplayer Detection and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Videos

Pallawala, P.M.D.S. Co Author Listing * Automated Microaneurysm Segmentation and Detection using Generalized Eigenvectors
* Automated Optic Disc Localization and Contour Detection Using Ellipse Fitting and Wavelet Transform
* Role of Domain Knowledge in the Detection of Retinal Hard Exudates, The

Pallez, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Hybdrid Content Based Image Retrieval combining multi-objective interactive genetic algorithm and SVM

Pallier, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Learning to Rank from Medical Imaging Data
* Unsupervised robust nonparametric estimation of the hemodynamic response function for any FMRI experiment
Includes: Pallier, C.[Christophe] Pallier, C.

Pallikarakis, A.[Aggelos] Co Author Listing * Using a Spatio-Temporal GIS Database to Monitor the Spatial Evolution of Urban Flooding Phenomena. The Case of Athens Metropolitan Area in Greece

Pallikonda, R.M.[Rajasekaran Murugan] Co Author Listing * PET image reconstruction using ANN

Pallisgaard, J.J.[Jens J.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printed Primitives

Pallotta, L. Co Author Listing * Detecting Covariance Symmetries in Polarimetric SAR Images
* Multifamily GLRT for Oil Spill Detection, A
* On the Maximal Invariant Statistic for Adaptive Radar Detection in Partially Homogeneous Disturbance With Persymmetric Covariance

Pallotti, C. Co Author Listing * Leukocyte classifications by size functions

Pallottino, E. Co Author Listing * new GIS-based map of villa Adriana, a multimedia guide for ancient paths, A

Pallottino, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Circular shortest path in images
* Circular Shortest Path on Regular Grids

Palluconi, F.D. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Atmospheric Compensation (AAC) of High Resolution Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Remote-Sensing Imagery
* Validation of ASTER/TIR Standard Atmospheric Correction Using Water Surfaces
* Vicarious Calibration of ASTER Thermal Infrared Bands

Palm, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Color texture classification by integrative Co-occurrence matrices
* Texture Classification of Graylevel Images by Multiscale Cross-cooccurrence Matrices
* variational approach to vesicle membrane reconstruction from fluorescence imaging, A
Includes: Palm, C.[Christoph] Palm, C.

Palm, C.S.[Charles S.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for converting a two dimensional motion picture into a three dimensional motion picture
* Method and apparatus for creation of three-dimensional wire frames
* Methods and apparatus for using image data to determine camera location and orientation
* Methods and apparatus for zooming during capture and reproduction of 3-dimensional images

Palm, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Cooperative Stereo Algorithm
* Comparison of Multiclass SVM Decomposition Schemes for Visual Object Recognition
* Efficient Dictionary Learning with Sparseness-Enforcing Projections
* Multi-modal Fusion based on classifiers using reject options and Markov Fusion Networks
* Package Boosting for Readaption of Cascaded Classifiers
* Support Vector Regression of Sparse Dictionary-Based Features for View-Independent Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* Training of Sparsely Connected MLPs
Includes: Palm, G. Palm, G.[Günther] Palm, G.[Gunther]
7 for Palm, G.

Palm, H.C. Co Author Listing * new method for generating statistical classifiers assuming linear mixtures of Gaussian densities, A
* new piecewise linear classifier, A
* Template matching used in time contextual segmentation

Palm, M.[Megan] Co Author Listing * Caenorhabditis elegans Egg-Laying Detection and Behavior Study Using Image Analysis

Palm, R. Co Author Listing * sorting optimization curve with quality and yield requirements, A

Palm, S. Co Author Listing * Challenges and Potentials Using Multi Aspect Coverage of Urban Scenes by Airborne SAR on Circular Trajectories
* Investigation on Circular Mapping by FMCW-SAR on Small Airplanes
* Mobile Mapping By FMCW Synthetic Aperture Radar Operating At 300 Ghz
* Radargrammetric DEM Extraction Over Urban Area Using Circular SAR Imagery
* Spatial Data Uncertainty in a WebGIS Tool Supporting Sediments Management in Wallonia

Palm, S.P. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Cloud Screening With Apparent Surface Reflectance in Support of the ICESat-2 Mission

Palma Amestoy, R. Co Author Listing * Algorithmic Analysis of Variational Models for Perceptual Local Contrast Enhancement, An
* Perceptually Inspired Variational Framework for Color Enhancement, A
Includes: Palma Amestoy, R. Palma-Amestoy, R. Palma-Amestoy, R.[Rodrigo]

Palma Marrufo, O. Co Author Listing * efficient systolic array grid-based structure of the robust Bayesian regularization technique for real-time enhanced imaging in uncertain remote sensing environment, An

Palma Vanegas, N.P.[Nelly Paola] Co Author Listing * Visual Cryptography Schemes Based in k -Linear Maps

Palma, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Deviations in Human Movements Using HMM: Discrete vs Continuous
* HMM Based Evaluation of Physical Therapy Movements Using Kinect Tracking

Palma, D.[Duarte] Co Author Listing * Automatic Text Extraction in Digital Video Based on Motion Analysis

Palma, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Detection of masses and architectural distortions in digital breast tomosynthesis images using fuzzy and a contrario approaches
* MAVEN: An Algorithm for Multi-Parametric Automated Segmentation of Brain Veins From Gradient Echo Acquisitions
Includes: Palma, G.[Giovanni] Palma, G.

Palma, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * High Resolution Orthomosaics of African Coral Reefs: A Tool for Wide-Scale Benthic Monitoring

Palmann, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Similar Areas of Two 2d Point Clouds

Palmason, J.A. Co Author Listing * Classification of Hyperspectral Data From Urban Areas Based on Extended Morphological Profiles

Palmbach, C.[Cornelius] Co Author Listing * Holographic monitoring of transportation effects on canvas paintings

Palmberg, S. Co Author Listing * Visual data navigators Collaboratories

Palme, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * 3D Deformable Surfaces with Locally Self-Adjusting Parameters: A Robust Method to Determine Cell Nucleus Shapes
* 3D Object Detection Using a Fast Voxel-Wise Local Spherical Fourier Tensor Transformation
* 3D Rotation-Invariant Description from Tensor Operation on Spherical HOG Field
* Accurate Detection in Volumetric Images Using Elastic Registration Based Validation
* Discriminative Detection and Alignment in Volumetric Data
* Fast Scalar and Vectorial Grayscale Based Invariant Features for 3D Cell Nuclei Localization and Classification
* Modeling of Sparsely Sampled Tubular Surfaces Using Coupled Curves
* Rotation-Invariant HOG Descriptors Using Fourier Analysis in Polar and Spherical Coordinates
* Semi-supervised Learning of Edge Filters for Volumetric Image Segmentation
9 for Palme, K.

Palmer Rodriguez, P.[Pere] Co Author Listing * Geometric Surface Deformation Based on Trajectories: A New Approach
Includes: Palmer Rodriguez, P.[Pere] Palmer-Rodríguez, P.[Pere]

Palmer Rodriguez, P.A.[Pere A.] Co Author Listing * Interactive Constrained Deformations of NURBS Surfaces: N-SCODEF
Includes: Palmer Rodriguez, P.A.[Pere A.] Palmer-Rodríguez, P.A.[Pere A.]

Palmer, G.T. Co Author Listing * Camera shading calibration using a spatially modulated field

Palmer, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Motion capture: capturing interaction between human and animal

Palmer, I.J.[Ian J.] Co Author Listing * Decision Tree Approach for Scene Pattern Recognition and Extraction in Snooker Videos, A
* Urban flood risk analysis for determining optimal flood protection levels based on digital terrain model and flood spreading model
Includes: Palmer, I.J.[Ian J.] Palmer, I.J.

Palmer, J. Co Author Listing * Methodology for Quantitative Performance Evaluation of Detection Algorithms, A
* Quantified Study of Facial Asymmetry in 3D Faces, A
* Quantitative Methodology for Analyzing the Performance of Detection Algorithms, A

Palmer, J.H.[Joshua H.] Co Author Listing * Object is Worth Six Thousand Pictures: The Egocentric, Manual, Multi-image (EMMI) Dataset, An

Palmer, J.M.[James M.] Co Author Listing * Unified approach to absolute radiometric calibration in the solar-reflective range

Palmer, L. Co Author Listing * Predicting the Perceptual Demands of Urban Driving with Video Regression

Palmer, P.[Phil] Co Author Listing * email: Palmer, P.[Phil]: P Palmer AT eim surrey ac uk
* Error Propagation from Camera Motion to Epipolar Constraint
* Reconstruction of Scene Models from Sparse 3D Structure
* Statistical Geometric Framework for Reconstruction of Scene Models, A
* Super-resolution using the Walsh functions, a new algorithm for image reconstruction
* Uncertainty Propagation and the Matching of Junctions as Feature Groupings
Includes: Palmer, P.[Phil] Palmer, P.

Palmer, P.L. Co Author Listing * Accurate line parameter estimation using a Hough transform algorithm and focus of attention
* Accurate Line Parameters from an Optimising Hough Transform for Vanishing Point Detection
* Automatic Measurement of Inhibition Zones in Petri Dish Samples
* Complex Feedback Strategies for Hypothesis Generation and Verification
* Detection and Tracking of Very Small Low Contrast Objects
* Feature selection for the tree-wavelet transform
* Feedback Control Strategies for Object Recognition
* Genetic Optimization of the Image Feature-Extraction Process
* Hough Transform Algorithm with a 2D Hypothesis-Testing Kernel, A
* Interest Operator Based on Perceptual Grouping, An
* Locating Boundaries of Textured Regions
* Multi-pass Feedback Control for Object Recognition
* Optimisation Approach to Improving the Accuracy of the Hough Transform: Plane Orientations from Skew Symmetry, An
* Optimised Vanishing Point Detector, An
* Optimizing Line Finder Using a Hough Transform Algorithm, An
* Performance Evaluation of Texture Segmentation Algorithms Based on Wavelets
* Performance Measure for Boundary Detection Algorithms, A
* Perspective Reconstruction of a Spheroid from an Image Plane Ellipse
* Robust Line-Segment Extraction Using Genetic Algorithms
* Robust Skeletonisation and Object Recognition from Grey Images
* Towards Optimal Zoom for Automatic Target Recognition
* Two-Point Correlation Function: A Measure of Interclass Separability, The
* Using Focus of Attention with the Hough Transform for Accurate Line Parameter-Estimation
23 for Palmer, P.L.

Palmer, R. Co Author Listing * Intensity and Range Image Based Features for Object Detection In Mobile Mapping Data
* Scale Proportionate Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Object Detection in Co-Registered Visual and Range Data
* Using Depth to Extend Randomised Hough Forests for Object Detection and Localisation

Palmer, R.D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Beamspace Processing for Phased-Array Weather Radars
* Application of Compressive Sensing to Refractivity Retrieval Using Networked Weather Radars
* Cylindrical Polarimetric Phased Array Radar: Beamforming and Calibration for Weather Applications
* SimRadar: A Polarimetric Radar Time-Series Simulator for Tornadic Debris Studies
* Weather Radar Simulator for the Evaluation of Polarimetric Phased Array Performance, A

Palmer, R.I.[Robert Ieuan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Aortic Root Segmentation with Shape Constraints and Mesh Regularisation
* Neural Network Boundary Detection for 3D Vessel Segmentation

Palmer, S. Co Author Listing * Vision Science: Photons to Phenomenology

Palmer, S.C.J.[Stephanie C.J.] Co Author Listing * Ultraviolet Fluorescence LiDAR (UFL) as a Measurement Tool for Water Quality Parameters in Turbid Lake Conditions

Palmer, S.E. Co Author Listing * Psychology of Perceptual Organization: A Transformational Approach, The

Palmer, T. Co Author Listing * Calibration, positioning and tracking in a refractive and reflective scene
* Misty Three Point Algorithm for Relative Pose, The
Includes: Palmer, T. Palmér, T. Palmér, T.[Tobias]

Palmeri, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Case Studies of Monitoring Dynamic Structural Tests using Long Exposure Imagery

Palmeri, M. Co Author Listing * Imaging Transverse Isotropic Properties of Muscle by Monitoring Acoustic Radiation Force Induced Shear Waves Using a 2-D Matrix Ultrasound Array

Palmero, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Automatic Sleep System Recommendation by Multi-modal RBG-Depth-Pressure Anthropometric Analysis
* Multi-modal RGB-Depth-Thermal Human Body Segmentation

Palmieri, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Discrete Greens methods and their application to two-dimensional phase unwrapping
* Distributed Linear Block Coding for Cooperative Wireless Communications
* Knowledge Transfer for Scene-Specific Motion Prediction
* Theoretical Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms with an Infinite Population in Continuous Space: Analysis of the Diversification Role of Crossover
* Theoretical Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms with an Infinite Population in Continuous Space: Basic Properties of Selection and Mutation
Includes: Palmieri, F.[Francesco] Palmieri, F.

Palmieri, F.A.N. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Analysis of Behaviors and Interactions for Situation Awareness in Transportation Systems
* Long-term path prediction in urban scenarios using circular distributions
* Online Bayesian learning and classification of ship-to-ship interactions for port safety
* Real-Time Estimation of Planar Surfaces in Arbitrary Environments Using Microsoft Kinect Sensor
* Semantic Cross-View Matching
Includes: Palmieri, F.A.N. Palmieri, F.A.N.[Francesco A.N.]

Palmieri, G. Co Author Listing * 3WPS: A 3D web-based process visualization framework
* Image devices for pattern recognition

Palmieri, L. Co Author Listing * Optimizing the Lens Selection Process for Multi-focus Plenoptic Cameras and Numerical Evaluation

Palmieri, V. Co Author Listing * novel 3D user interface for the immersive design review, A

Palmisano, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Methods for Splitting of Touching and Overlapping Macrophages in Fluorescent Micrographs

Palmo, G.[Gunther] Co Author Listing * Classification of bioacoustic time series based on the combination of global and local decisions
* Multiple Classifier Systems for the Recognition of Orthoptera Songs
Includes: Palmo, G.[Gunther] Palmo, G.[Günther]

Palo, H.K.[Hemanta Kumar] Co Author Listing * Emotion recognition using MLP and GMM for Oriya language

Paloc, C. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Segmentation Algorithms for the Zebrafish Heart in Fluorescent Microscopy Images
* Real-time optical markerless tracking for augmented reality applications
Includes: Paloc, C. Paloc, C.[Céline]

Palomaki, K.J. Co Author Listing * Missing-Feature Reconstruction With a Bounded Nonlinear State-Space Model

Palomar Vazquez, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction of shorelines from Landsat TM and ETM multi-temporal images with subpixel precision
Includes: Palomar Vazquez, J. Palomar-Vázquez, J.

Palomar, D.P.[Daniel P.] Co Author Listing * Image deblocking using convex optimization

Palomar, E. Co Author Listing * Privacy-aware average speed monitoring system for vehicular ad-hoc networks

Palomar, J. Co Author Listing * Automated extraction of tree and plot-based parameters in citrus orchards from aerial images

Palomares, J.M. Co Author Listing * General Logarithmic Image Processing Convolution
* Skin Lesion Diagnosis Using Fluorescence Images
Includes: Palomares, J.M. Palomares, J.M.[Jose M.]

Palomares, R.P.[Roberto P.] Co Author Listing * FALDOI: A New Minimization Strategy for Large Displacement Variational Optical Flow
* Rotation-Invariant Regularization Term for Optical Flow Related Problems, A

Palomba, D. Co Author Listing * Discovering hidden architectures of ancient time: 3d data survey to reveal the myth of mithra in Santa Maria Capua Vetere

Palombi, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Automatic Localization and Quantification of Intracranial Aneurysms

Palombo, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Reducing the Influence of Soil Moisture on the Estimation of Clay from Hyperspectral Data: A Case Study Using Simulated PRISMA Data

Palombo, R. Co Author Listing * Behind the Image Sequence: The Semantics of Moving Shapes

Palomeras, N.[Narcis] Co Author Listing * Cognitive system for autonomous underwater intervention
Includes: Palomeras, N.[Narcis] Palomeras, N.[Narcís]

Palomino, A. Co Author Listing * Model-based recognition of planar objects using geometric invariants

Palomino, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Low latency and high throughput dedicated loop of transforms and quantization focusing in the H.264/AVC Intra Prediction
* memory aware and multiplierless VLSI architecture for the complete Intra Prediction of the HEVC emerging standard, A
* Speedup-aware history-based tiling algorithm for the HEVC standard
Includes: Palomino, D.[Daniel] Palomino, D.

Palomino, N.M.[Neptali Menejes] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Event Detection in Video Using Motion and Appearance Information
Includes: Palomino, N.M.[Neptali Menejes] Palomino, N.M.[Neptalí Menejes]

Palomo Anaya, M.J. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Field Generated by the Loops Used in Traffic Control Systems
Includes: Palomo Anaya, M.J. Palomo-Anaya, M.J.

Palomo, E.J.[Esteban J.] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Color Quantization Based on Self-organization
* Neural Network Approach for Video Object Segmentation in Traffic Surveillance, A
* Object Tracking in Video Sequences by Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Palomo, E.J.[Esteban J.] Palomo, E.J.

Paloscia, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Microwave Emission and Related Indices Over Snow using Experimental Data and a Multilayer Electromagnetic Model
* Comparison between SAR Soil Moisture Estimates and Hydrological Model Simulations over the Scrivia Test Site
* Global Navigation Satellite Systems Reflectometry as a Remote Sensing Tool for Agriculture
* Intercomparison of X-Band SAR Images from COSMO-SkyMed and TerraSAR-X Satellites: Case Studies, The
* Introduction to the Special Issue on the 12th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing Applications (MicroRad 2012)
* New Empirical Model for Radar Scattering from Bare Soil Surfaces, A
* Semi-Empirical Calibration of the Integral Equation Model for Co-Polarized L-Band Backscattering
Includes: Paloscia, S. Paloscia, S.[Simonetta]
7 for Paloscia, S.

Palossi, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Visual Context Classification on a Low-Power Smartwatch
* GPU-SHOT: Parallel Optimization for Real-Time 3D Local Description

Palotai, Z.[Zsolt] Co Author Listing * 3D shape estimation in video sequences provides high precision evaluation of facial expressions

Palou, G.[Guillem] Co Author Listing * 2.1 Depth Estimation of Frames in Image Sequences Using Motion Occlusions
* Depth order estimation for video frames using motion occlusions
* Depth ordering on image sequences using motion occlusions
* Hierarchical Video Representation with Trajectory Binary Partition Tree
* Monocular Depth Ordering Using T-Junctions and Convexity Occlusion Cues

Palowitch, A.W. Co Author Listing * Determining underwater optical characteristics using serial section tomography

Palsetia, M. Co Author Listing * Lunar Mini-RF Radars: Hybrid Polarimetric Architecture and Initial Results, The

Palsetia, M.R. Co Author Listing * Using Apes for Interferometric SAR Imaging

Palshikar, G.K.[Girish Keshav] Co Author Listing * fuzzy temporal notation and its application to specify fault patterns for diagnosis, A
* Keyword Extraction from a Single Document Using Centrality Measures

Palsson, F. Co Author Listing * Classification of Big Data With Application to Imaging Genetics
* Evaluation of MODIS Albedo Product over Ice Caps in Iceland and Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on Their Albedo
* Model-Based Fusion of Multi- and Hyperspectral Images Using PCA and Wavelets
* Quantitative Quality Evaluation of Pansharpened Imagery: Consistency Versus Synthesis
Includes: Palsson, F. Pálsson, F.[Finnur]

Palsson, M.[Marten] Co Author Listing * Selective Concealment of Characters for Privacy Protection

Paltoglou, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Predicting Emotional Responses to Long Informal Text
* Seeing Stars of Valence and Arousal in Blog Posts

Palu, A.D.[A. Dal] Co Author Listing * COMMIT: Convex Optimization Modeling for Microstructure Informed Tractography

Palubinskas, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filtering in Magnetic Resonance Images
* Automatic Interpretation of High Resolution SAR Images: First Results of SAR Image Simulation for Single Buildings
* Bayesian selection of the neighbourhood order for Gauss-Markov texture models
* Classification accuracy increase using multisensor data fusion
* Discrete Graphical Models for Alphabet-Based Multisensory Data Fusion and Classification
* ENMAP: The Future Hyperspectral Satellite Mission: Product Generation
* geometric simulator for the hyperspectral mission ENMAP, A
* Hyperspectral Data Classification Using Factor Graphs
* in-depth simulation of EnMAP acquisition geometry, An
* Joint Quality Measure for Evaluation of Pansharpening Accuracy
* Mystery behind similarity measures mse and SSIM
* Near real time airborne monitoring system for disaster and traffic applications
* Pan-sharpening Approaches Based On Unmixing Of Multispectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Processing and calibration activities of the future hyperspectral satellite mission ENMAP
* Processors for ALOS Optical Data: Deconvolution, DEM Generation, Orthorectification, and Atmospheric Correction
* Simulation Based Change Detection between DSM and High Resolution SAR Image
* Traffic classification and speed estimation in time series of airborne optical remote sensing images
* Traffic Congestion Parameters Estimation in Time Series of Airborne Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Unsupervised Clustering Method Using the Entropy Minimization, An
Includes: Palubinskas, G. Palubinskas, G.[Gintautas]
19 for Palubinskas, G.

Palucci, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison between Local and Global Spaceborne Chlorophyll Indices in the St. Lawrence Estuary, A

Palumbo, F. Co Author Listing * Archaeological trace extraction by a local directional active contour approach
* Demo: Reconfigurable Platform Composer Tool
* Exploring custom heterogeneous MPSoCs for real-time neural signal decoding
* Low power design methodology for signal processing systems using lightweight dataflow techniques
* multi-dataflow composer tool: Generation of on-the-fly reconfigurable platforms, The
* stigmergic approach to indoor localization using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, A
Includes: Palumbo, F. Palumbo, F.[Francesca]

Palumbo, P.W. Co Author Listing * Blackboard-Based Approach to Handwritten Zip Code Recognition, A
* Document Image Binarization: Evaluation of Algorithms
* Object Recognition in Visually Complex Environments: An Architecture for Locating Address Blocks on Mail Pieces
* Performance of a System to Locate Address Blocks on Mail Pieces
* Postal Address Block Location in Real Time
* Postal Address Reading in Real-Time
* Recognizing Address Blocks on Mail Pieces: Specialized Tools and Problem-Solving Architecture
* Text Parsing Using Spatial Information for Recognizing Addresses in Mail Pieces
Includes: Palumbo, P.W. Palumbo, P.W.[Paul W.]
8 for Palumbo, P.W.

Palunko, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * Automated aerial suspended cargo delivery through reinforcement learning

Paluri, B.[Balamanohar] Co Author Listing * Automated Stroke Classification in Tennis
* Fragments Based Parametric Tracking
* Sports Classification Using Cross-Ratio Histograms

Paluri, M.[Manohar] Co Author Listing * Beyond frontal faces: Improving Person Recognition using multiple cues
* Deep End2End Voxel2Voxel Prediction
* Improving Image Classification with Location Context
* Learning Spatiotemporal Features with 3D Convolutional Networks
* PANDA: Pose Aligned Networks for Deep Attribute Modeling
* Planar Segmentation of RGBD Images Using Fast Linear Fitting and Markov Chain Monte Carlo
* Pose-Aware Person Recognition
* ProNet: Learning to Propose Object-Specific Boxes for Cascaded Neural Networks
* Unsupervised Learning of Edges
Includes: Paluri, M.[Manohar] Paluri, M.
9 for Paluri, M.

Paluri, S.[Seethal] Co Author Listing * Predicting slice loss distortion in H.264/AVC video for low complexity data prioritization
* Prioritized packet fragmentation for H.264 video
* Wireless H.264 Video Quality Enhancement Through Optimal Prioritized Packet Fragmentation
Includes: Paluri, S.[Seethal] Paluri, S.

Palus, H.[Henryk] Co Author Listing * Practical vignetting correction method for digital camera with measurement of surface luminance distribution

Palussiere, J. Co Author Listing * Atlas-based motion correction for on-line MR temperature mapping

Paluszak, J.[Jacek] Co Author Listing * Big Data Processing by Volunteer Computing Supported by Intelligent Agents

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