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Patacchiola, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * Head pose estimation in the wild using Convolutional Neural Networks and adaptive gradient methods

Patadia, F. Co Author Listing * Multisensor Data Product Fusion for Aerosol Research

Pataki, A.[Andras] Co Author Listing * Rapid Solution of the Cryo-EM Reconstruction Problem by Frequency Marching

Pataki, B.[Balazs] Co Author Listing * Folk Song Retrieval System with a Gesture-Based Interface, A
Includes: Pataki, B.[Balazs] Pataki, B.[Balŕzs]

Patanaik, A.[Amiya] Co Author Listing * Robust Detection of Microaneurysms for Sight Threatening Retinopathy Screening

Patanaviji, V.[Vorapoj] Co Author Listing * Robust compressed sensing in Gaussian noise environment by resampling with replacement

Patanavijit, V. Co Author Listing * Iterative Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Image Sequences using a Bayesian Approach with BTV prior and Affine Block-Based Registration, An
* robust iterative multiframe SRR based on Hampel stochastic estimation with Hampel-Tikhonov regularization, A
* Robust Iterative Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Image Sequences using a Lorentzian Bayesian Approach with Fast Affine Block-Based Registration, A
* Robust Region-Based Multiscale Image Fusion Scheme for Mis-Registration Problem of Thermal and Visible Images, A
Includes: Patanavijit, V. Patanavijit, V.[Vorapoj]

Patane, G. Co Author Listing * Comparing methods for the approximation of rainfall fields in environmental applications
* Critical Assessment of 2D and 3D Face Recognition Algorithms, A
* Enhanced LBG Algorithm, The
* Feature Selection For Enhanced Spectral Shape Comparison
* Generation of 3D Canonical Anatomical Models: An Experience on Carpal Bones
* Laplacian spectral distances and kernels on 3D shapes
* LBGS: a smart approach for very large data sets vector quantization
* Learning Approaches for Parking Lots Classification
* Multi-resolutive sparse approximations of d-dimensional data
* On stochastic methods for surface reconstruction
* Semantics-driven annotation of patient-specific 3D data: a step to assist diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
* SHREC'10 Track: Feature Detection And Description
* SHREC'10 Track: Robust Shape Retrieval
* Spectral feature selection for shape characterization and classification
* Spectral-Driven Isometry-Invariant Matching of 3D Shapes
Includes: Patane, G. Patané, G. Patanč, G. Patané, G.[Giuseppe] Patanč, G.[Giuseppe]
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Patankar, A. Co Author Listing * Separating text and background in degraded document images: A comparison of global thresholding techniques for multi-stage thresholding

Patanukhom, K. Co Author Listing * Emotional Speech Recognition Using Acoustic Models of Decomposed Component Words
* Eye State Detection and Eye Sequence Classification for Paralyzed Patient Interaction
* Self-learning structure for text localization

Patarnello, S. Co Author Listing * Image Processing by Simulated Annealing

Patarroyo, I.C.S.[Ivan C. Salgado] Co Author Listing * new similarity measure for non-local means filtering of MRI images, A
* Reconstruction of HARDI Data Using a Split Bregman Optimization Approach
Includes: Patarroyo, I.C.S.[Ivan C. Salgado] Patarroyo, I.C.S.[Iván C. Salgado]

Patavardhan, P.[Prashant] Co Author Listing * Multi-frame super-resolution for long range captured iris polar image

Patavardhan, P.P.[Prashant P.] Co Author Listing * Super resolution and recognition of long range captured multi-frame iris images

Patay horvath, A. Co Author Listing * Complete Virtual 3d Reconstruction Of The East Pediment Of The Temple Of Zeus At Olympia, The
Includes: Patay horvath, A. Patay-horváth, A.

Patch, S.K. Co Author Listing * Computation of unmeasured third-generation VCT views from measured views
* Iterative Algorithm for Discrete Tomography

Patchell, J.W.[John W.] Co Author Listing * Perimeter surveillance system

Patchett, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Ultrascale Visualization of Climate Data

Patchett, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Automatic Labeling of Colonoscopy Video for Cancer Detection
* Indistinct Frame Detection in Colonoscopy Videos
Includes: Patchett, S.[Stephen] Patchett, S.

Pate, J.R. Co Author Listing * Patrol Routing Expression, Execution, Evaluation, and Engagement

Pate, M.C. Co Author Listing * Measurement Techniques for Spectral Characterization for Remote Sensing

Patel, A.[Ankur] Co Author Listing * 3D morphable face models revisited
* Advanced Multifrequency Radar Instrumentation for Polar Research
* Design and Optimization of the VideoWeb Wireless Camera Network
* Driving 3D morphable models using shading cues
* Exploring the Identity Manifold: Constrained Operations in Face Space
* Fine-Resolution Radar Altimeter Measurements on Land and Sea Ice
* Manifold-based constraints for operations in face space
* New Face Recognition Algorithm using Bijective Mappings, A
* Non-Antipodal Signaling Based Robust Detection for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks
* Robust Face Recognition Using Advanced Correlation Filters with Bijective-Mapping Preprocessing
* Shape-from-shading driven 3d Morphable Models for Illumination Insensitive Face Recognition
* Simplification of 3D morphable models
Includes: Patel, A.[Ankur] Patel, A. Patel, A.[Ankit]
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Patel, A.K. Co Author Listing * Development of online machine vision system using support vector regression (SVR) algorithm for grade prediction of iron ores

Patel, B.[Bhavik] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of periocular features for kinship verification in the wild
* Smart 3D video coding
Includes: Patel, B.[Bhavik] Patel, B.[Bhargav]

Patel, C.B.[Chandrakant B.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of noise using burst gate response to video signal

Patel, D. Co Author Listing * Document segmentation using texture analysis
* Effects of ATM network impairments on audio-visual broadcast applications
* Foreign object detection via texture analysis
* Page Segmentation for Document Image-Analysis Using a Neural-Network
* Selective deep features for micro-expression recognition
* Texture image classification and segmentation using RANK-order clustering
* Use of Convolution-Operators for Detecting Contaminants in Food Images, The
* Use of Variance and Entropic Thresholding Methods for Image Segmentation, The
Includes: Patel, D. Patel, D.[Devesh] Patel, D.[Devangini]
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Patel, G. Co Author Listing * Robust Learning-Based Camera Motion Characterization Scheme With Applications to Video Stabilization

Patel, H.[Hima] Co Author Listing * Automatic Determination of Anatomical Correspondences for Multimodal Field of View Correction

Patel, J.H. Co Author Listing * NETRA: A Hierarchical and Partitionable Architecture for Computer Vision
* NETRA: An Architecture for a Large Scale Multiprocessor Vision System
* Parallel Architectures and Parallel Algorithms for Integrated Vision Systems
* reconfigurable and hierarchical parallel processing architecture: performance results for stereo vision, A

Patel, J.J.[Jalpa J.] Co Author Listing * Quality evaluation of Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel) seeds using colorization

Patel, J.N.[Jigisha N.] Co Author Listing * Application of Content Specific Dictionaries in Still Image Coding
* Parallel scalable libraries and algorithms for computer vision
Includes: Patel, J.N.[Jigisha N.] Patel, J.N.

Patel, K.[Kamalesh] Co Author Listing * Detection of repeated and frozen frames in a video signal
* Pose and Illumination Invariant Face Recognition in Video
Includes: Patel, K.[Kamalesh] Patel, K.[Keyur]

Patel, M.[Mohsin] Co Author Listing * Making a scene: alignment of complete sets of clips based on pairwise audio match
* Novel sampling schemes in magnetic resonance imaging
* SIBA: a VLSI systolic array chip for image processing
Includes: Patel, M.[Mohsin] Patel, M.

Patel, M.A.S. Co Author Listing * Classification of Rotated and Scaled Textured Images Using Gaussian Markov Random Field Models
* Local Surface Shape Estimation of 3-D Textured Surfaces Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields and Stereo
* Shape from Texture Using Markov Random Field Models and Stereo-Windows

Patel, M.B.[Mehul B.] Co Author Listing * Effect of gray-level re-quantization on co-occurrence based texture analysis
* Image classification based on focus

Patel, M.J. Co Author Listing * Constant-time Algorithm for Erosions/Dilations with Applications to Morphological Texture Feature Computation, A

Patel, N.[Narendra] Co Author Listing * 3D facial model reconstruction, expressions synthesis and animation using single frontal face image
* Adaptive application of spatial filters on raw CT images
* Induction of multiclass multifeature split decision trees from distributed data
* Recognition of Facial Expressions using Local Mean Binary Pattern
* two-dimensional (2-D) learning framework for Particle Swarm based feature selection, A
* Zoned Image Patch Permutation Descriptor, A
Includes: Patel, N.[Narendra] Patel, N. Patel, N.[Nilesh] Patel, N.[Nitish]

Patel, N.A. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Osteoarthritis in the Rat Model Using Optical Coherence Tomography

Patel, N.M.[Narendra M.] Co Author Listing * DToLIP: Detection and tracking of lip contours from human facial images using Snake's method

Patel, N.V. Co Author Listing * Compressed Video Processing for Cut Detection
* General Approach for Token Correspondence, A
* Moving Camera Moving Object Segmentation in Compressed Video Sequences
* Statistical Approach to Scene Change Detection
* Video Shot Detection and Characterization for Video Databases
Includes: Patel, N.V. Patel, N.V.[Nilesh V.]

Patel, P. Co Author Listing * Agriculture drones are finally cleared for takeoff [News]
* Fuzzy Based Adaptive Mean Filtering Technique for Removal of Impulse Noise from Images
* Satellite-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Soil Moisture Using C-Band Quad-Polarized RISAT1 Data
Includes: Patel, P. Patel, P.[Punyaban]

Patel, P.A.[Premal A.] Co Author Listing * Point-Spread-Function-Aware Slice-to-Volume Registration: Application to Upper Abdominal MRI Super-Resolution

Patel, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Human Laryngeal Dynamics Based on Endoscopic High-Speed Recordings
* Neighborhood Dependent Nonlinear Technique for Color Image Enhancement, A
Includes: Patel, R. Patel, R.[Rupal]

Patel, R.C. Co Author Listing * Super-resolution of Hyperspectral Images Using Compressive Sensing Based Approach
* Super-Resolution of Hyperspectral Images: Use of Optimum Wavelet Filter Coefficients and Sparsity Regularization

Patel, R.M. Co Author Listing * Engineering Feature Description in Mechanical Engineering Design

Patel, R.V.[Rajni V.] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Based Autonomous Robotic System for 3D Plant Growth Measurement
* Depth Perception Using Blurring and Its Application in VLSI Wafer Probing
* Dynamic 3-D Virtual Fixtures for Minimally Invasive Beating Heart Procedures
* Parallel Algorithms for Low level Vision on the Homogeneous Multiprocessor
Includes: Patel, R.V.[Rajni V.] Patel, R.V.

Patel, S.[Sidhdharthkumar] Co Author Listing * Adaptive exposure fusion for high dynamic range imaging
* Artificial Noise Generated in MIMO Scenario: Optimal Power Design
* Interdependencies among Voice Source Parameters in Emotional Speech
* Off-axis quantitative phase imaging processing using CUDA: Toward real-time applications
* Scalable Architecture for Operational FMV Exploitation, A
Includes: Patel, S.[Sidhdharthkumar] Patel, S.

Patel, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Multivariate analysis of thalamo-cortical connectivity loss in TBI
Includes: Patel, S.I.[Sun Il] Patel, S.I.[Sun-Il]

Patel, S.J.[Sanjay J.] Co Author Listing * Depth image-based rendering with low resolution depth
* Immersive Visual Communication
Includes: Patel, S.J.[Sanjay J.] Patel, S.J.

Patel, S.K. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Methodology for Validation of Traffic Flow Detectors by Minimizing Human Bias in Video Data Processing

Patel, U.[Urvesh] Co Author Listing * Genre and Style Based Painting Classification

Patel, V.[Vismay] Co Author Listing * Bi-modal First Impressions Recognition Using Temporally Ordered Deep Audio and Stochastic Visual Features

Patel, V.C. Co Author Listing * Color Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks for the Detection of Defects in Poultry Eggs
* Crack Detection in Eggs Using Computer Vision and Neural Networks
* Detection of Cracks in Eggs Using Color Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks

Patel, V.M.[Vishal M.] Co Author Listing * 3D facial model synthesis using coupled dictionaries
* Adaptive representations for video-based face recognition across pose
* Analysis sparse coding models for image-based classification
* Automatic target recognition based on simultaneous sparse representation
* Cancelable Biometrics: A review
* Component-Based Recognition of Faces and Facial Expressions
* Component-based restoration of speckled images
* Compressed sensing for Synthetic Aperture Radar imaging
* Computational Millimeter Wave Imaging: Problems, progress, and prospects
* Continuous User Authentication on Mobile Devices: Recent progress and remaining challenges
* Convolutional Sparse and Low-Rank Coding-Based Rain Streak Removal
* Coupled Projections for Adaptation of Dictionaries
* DASH-N: Joint Hierarchical Domain Adaptation and Feature Learning
* Deep Learning for Understanding Faces: Machines May Be Just as Good, or Better, than Humans
* Deep Multitask Learning for Railway Track Inspection
* Deep Tattoo Recognition
* Design of Non-Linear Discriminative Dictionaries for Image Classification
* Design of Non-Linear Kernel Dictionaries for Object Recognition
* Dictionaries for image and video-based face recognition
* Dictionary Learning from Ambiguously Labeled Data
* Dictionary-Based Face Recognition from Video
* Dictionary-based multiple instance learning
* Dictionary-Based Video Face Recognition Using Dense Multi-Scale Facial Landmark Features
* Directional Multiscale Processing of Images Using Wavelets with Composite Dilations
* Domain Adaptation for Visual Recognition
* Domain Adaptive Dictionary Learning
* Domain adaptive sparse representation-based classification
* End-to-End System for Unconstrained Face Verification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, An
* Enhancing sparsity using gradients for compressive sensing
* Example-Driven Manifold Priors for Image Deconvolution
* Extreme Value Analysis for Mobile Active User Authentication
* Facial attributes for active authentication on mobile devices
* Fisher Vector Encoded Deep Convolutional Features for Unconstrained Face Verification
* Frontal to profile face verification in the wild
* Generalized Dictionaries for Multiple Instance Learning
* Generalized Domain-Adaptive Dictionaries
* Generating High-Quality Crowd Density Maps Using Contextual Pyramid CNNs
* Gradient-Based Image Recovery Methods From Incomplete Fourier Measurements
* Hierarchical Multimodal Metric Learning for Multimodal Classification
* Hyperbolic shearlets
* Illumination robust dictionary-based face recognition
* In-Plane Rotation and Scale Invariant Clustering Using Dictionaries
* Information-Theoretic Dictionary Learning for Image Classification
* Integrability-regularized phase unwrapping via sparse error correction
* Joint Sparse Representation for Robust Multimodal Biometrics Recognition
* Joint Sparsity-Based Robust Multimodal Biometrics Recognition
* Kernel sparse subspace clustering
* Landmark-based fisher vector representation for video-based face verification
* Large Margin Multi-Modal Triplet Metric Learning
* Latent Space Sparse Subspace Clustering
* Learning discriminative dictionaries with partially labeled data
* Low-Rank and Joint Sparse Representations for Multi-Modal Recognition
* Material Classification and Semantic Segmentation of Railway Track Images with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Matrix completion for resolving label ambiguity
* Max residual classifier
* Multiple Kernel Learning for Sparse Representation-Based Classification
* Multiple kernel-based dictionary learning for weakly supervised classification
* Multitask multivariate common sparse representations for robust multimodal biometrics recognition
* new multiresolution generalized directional filter bank design and application in image enhancement, A
* Non-linear dictionary learning with partially labeled data
* Partial face detection for continuous authentication
* Remote identification of faces: Problems, prospects, and progress
* Robust Fastener Detection for Autonomous Visual Railway Track Inspection
* Robust local features for remote face recognition
* Robust multimodal recognition via multitask multivariate low-rank representations
* Salient view selection based on sparse representation
* Salient views and view-dependent dictionaries for object recognition
* SAR Image Despeckling Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Screen-based active user authentication
* Secure and Robust Iris Recognition Using Random Projections and Sparse Representations
* Separated Component-Based Restoration of Speckled SAR Images
* Sequential Score Adaptation with Extreme Value Theory for Robust Railway Track Inspection
* Shearlet-Based Deconvolution
* Sparse Embedding: A Framework for Sparsity Promoting Dimensionality Reduction
* Sparse Representation-Based Open Set Recognition
* Sparse Representations and Compressive Sensing for Imaging and Vision
* Sparse representations and Random Projections for robust and cancelable biometrics
* Sparsity inspired selection and recognition of iris images
* Structured representation-based robust agile-beam LADAR imaging
* Touch Gesture-Based Active User Authentication Using Dictionaries
* Towards Multiple User Active Authentication in Mobile Devices
* Unconstrained Age Estimation with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Unconstrained face verification using deep CNN features
* Unsupervised domain adaptation using parallel transport on Grassmann manifold
* Video-based face recognition via joint sparse representation
* Visual Domain Adaptation: A survey of recent advances
* VLAD encoded Deep Convolutional features for unconstrained face verification
Includes: Patel, V.M.[Vishal M.] Patel, V.M.
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Patel, Y.[Yash] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Lexicon Generation for Natural Scene Images
* Dynamic Narratives for Heritage Tour
* Self-Supervised Learning of Visual Features through Embedding Images into Text Topic Spaces

Patella, D.[Domenico] Co Author Listing * Resistivity Probability Tomography Imaging at the Castle of Zena, Italy

Patella, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * WARP: Accurate Retrieval of Shapes Using Phase of Fourier Descriptors and Time Warping Distance

Patenaude, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Cost Function Applied to Model-Based Registration of Sub-cortical Brain Structures, A

Patera, J.[Janusz] Co Author Listing * Gradients and Active Contour Models for Localization of Cell Membrane in HER2/neu Images
* Hourglass Shapes in Rank Grey-Level Hit-or-miss Transform for Membrane Segmentation in HER2/neu Images
* Novel segmentation algorithm for identification of cell membrane staining in HER2 images

Pateraki, M. Co Author Listing * 3D digital photogrammetric reconstructions for scoliosis screening
* From Point Samples to Surfaces: On Meshing and Alternatives
* Full-Body Pose Tracking: The Top View Reprojection Approach
* Photogrammetry vs. Anthroposcopy
* Robust Model-Based 3D Torso Pose Estimation in RGB-D Sequences
* Visual Estimation of Attentive Cues in HRI: The Case of Torso and Head Pose
* Visual estimation of pointed targets for robot guidance via fusion of face pose and hand orientation
* Visual tracking of hands, faces and facial features of multiple persons
Includes: Pateraki, M. Pateraki, M.[Maria]
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Paterakis, M.[Manolis] Co Author Listing * DICE: Digital Immersive Cultural Environment

Paterlini, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Boat Speed Monitoring Using Artificial Vision

Paternain, D. Co Author Listing * Image Reduction Using Means on Discrete Product Lattices

Paterni, M. Co Author Listing * DSP-based real time contour tracking system, A
* First Absolute Central Moment in Low-Level Image Processing, The
* Real time contour tracking with a new edge detector

Paternoster, A. Co Author Listing * Understanding Language Through Vision

Paterson, A.H.[Andrew H.] Co Author Listing * In-Field High-Throughput Phenotyping of Cotton Plant Height Using LiDAR

Paterson, C. Co Author Listing * Crack Detection in As-Cast Steel Using Laser Triangulation and Machine Learning
* Maximum likelihood estimation of vessel parameters from scale space analysis

Paterson, G.W. Co Author Listing * Semi-rigorous Sensor Model For Precision Geometric Processing Of Mini-rf Bistatic Radar Images Of The Moon, A

Paterson, J.A. Co Author Listing * 3D head tracking using non-linear optimization

Pateux, S. Co Author Listing * Compact quad-based representation for 3D video
* Embedded Multiple Description Coding for Progressive Image Transmission Over Unreliable Channels
* Mesh and Crack Lines: Application to Object-based Motion Estimation and Higher Scalability
* Minimum description length criterion and segmentation map coding for region-based video compression
* Minimum Description Length Criterion for Region-Based Video Compression
* Non-Geometric Energy Formulation for Adaptive Image Compression
* Object-based video coding using a dynamic coding approach
* Optimized Rate-Distortion Extraction with Quality Layers
* Optimized Rate-Distortion Extraction With Quality Layers in the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC
* Parallel Scalability and Efficiency of HEVC Parallelization Approaches
* Perceptual watermarking of non I.I.D. signals based on wide spread spectrum using side information
* polygon soup representation for multiview coding, A
* Practical watermarking scheme based on wide spread spectrum and game theory
* Rate-distortion Optimized Region-based Video Coder
* Region-based video coder using the MDL formalism
* Spatial Segmentation of Color Images According to the MDL Formalism
* System and Transport Interface of SVC
Includes: Pateux, S. Pateux, S.[Stephane] Pateux, S.[Stéphane]
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Patey, A. Co Author Listing * Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification Using Secure Multiparty Computation: An Overview and Recent Trends

Pathak, A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian View Class Determination
* On the convergence of A self-supervised vowel recognition system
* Syntactic Recognition of Skeletal Maturity
Includes: Pathak, A. Pathak, A.[Amita]

Pathak, A.P.[A. Pal] Co Author Listing * Generalized guard-zone algorithm (GGA) for learning: automatic selection of threshold
* Molecular Imaging of Cancer: Applications of Magnetic Resonance Methods
Includes: Pathak, A.P.[A. Pal] Pathak, A.P.

Pathak, D.[Deepak] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Localization in Topic-Based Analysis of Surveillance Videos
* Constrained Convolutional Neural Networks for Weakly Supervised Segmentation
* Context Encoders: Feature Learning by Inpainting
* Curiosity-Driven Exploration by Self-Supervised Prediction
* Detector discovery in the wild: Joint multiple instance and representation learning
* Learning Features by Watching Objects Move
* Where is my friend? Person identification in social networks
Includes: Pathak, D.[Deepak] Pathak, D.
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Pathak, K.K. Co Author Listing * Application of Neural Networks in Preform Design of Aluminium Upsetting Process Considering Different Interfacial Frictional Conditions

Pathak, S. Co Author Listing * decoupled virtual camera using spherical optical flow, A
* Improving Gradient Histogram Based Descriptors for Pedestrian Detection in Datasets with Large Variations
* Study of Influence of Effluent on Ground Water Using Remote Sensing, GIS and Modeling Techniques

Pathak, S.D. Co Author Listing * Edge-guided boundary delineation in prostate ultrasound images
* Parametric Shape Modeling Using Deformable Superellipses for Prostate Segmentation
* Semiautomatic 3-D Prostate Segmentation from TRUS Images Using Spherical Harmonics

Pathak, V.K.[Vinay K.] Co Author Listing * Biometric Based Unique Key Generation for Authentic Audio Watermarking

Pathan, S.K. Co Author Listing * Utilization Potential of High Resolution Stereo Data for Extracting DEM and Terrain Parameters

Pathan, S.S.[Saira Saleem] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Social Entropy for Crowd Behavior Detection Using SVM
* Integrating statistical and cognitive model for multi-object tracking in realistic scenarios
* OIF: An Online Inferential Framework for Multi-object Tracking with Kalman Filter
* Using Conditional Random Field for Crowd Behavior Analysis
* Virtual Top View: Towards Real-Time Agregation of Videos to Monitor Large Areas

Pathangay, V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Illumination for Microscopes
* Selection of Wavelet Subbands Using Genetic Algorithm for Face Recognition
* Symmetry-based face pose estimation from a single uncalibrated view
Includes: Pathangay, V. Pathangay, V.[Vinod]

Pathare, N.P. Co Author Listing * Automated Inspection Station for Machine-Vision Grading of Potatoes, An

Pathayapurakkal, A.[Anoop] Co Author Listing * ORB in 5 ms: An Efficient SIMD Friendly Implementation

Pathirage, C.S.N.[C.S. Nadith] Co Author Listing * Discriminant auto encoders for face recognition with expression and pose variations
* Face recognition against occlusions via colour fusion using 2D-MCF model and SRC
* Face Recognition Despite Wearing Glasses
* Stacked Face De-Noising Auto Encoders for Expression-Robust Face Recognition

Pathirana, P.N. Co Author Listing * Radar Target Tracking via Robust Linear Filtering
* Robust Localization With Minimum Number of TDoA Measurements

Pathirana, S.[Sumith] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Different Topographic Corrections for Landsat TM Data by Prediction of Foliage Projective Cover (FPC) in Topographically Complex Landscapes
* Impact Of Different Topographic Corrections On Prediction Accuracy Of Foliage Projective Cover (FPC) in a Topographically Complex Terrain

Pathmanathan, P.[Pras] Co Author Listing * Interpreting Optical Mapping Recordings in the Ischemic Heart: A Combined Experimental and Computational Investigation

Pathre, U.S. Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Automatic Theodolite for Robot Calibration

Pati, P. Co Author Listing * Blind Indic Script Recognizer for Multi-script Documents, A

Pati, P.B.[Peeta Basa] Co Author Listing * Gabor filter based block energy analysis for text extraction from digital document images
* HVS Inspired System for Script Identification in Indian Multi-script Documents
* Text Localization and Extraction from Complex Color Images
* Text Localization and Extraction from Complex Gray Images
* Word level multi-script identification
Includes: Pati, P.B.[Peeta Basa] Pati, P.B.

Pati, U.C. Co Author Listing * 3-D reconstruction and automatic fusion of edge maps from different modalities of an object
* Development of saliency-based seamless image compositing using hybrid blending (SSICHB)
* Feature level fusion of range and intensity images of an object
* Image fusion based on bilateral sharpness criterion in DT-CWT domain
* Intensity-based registration of medical images
* Low Bit Rate Image Compression Using Hierarchical Listless Block-Tree DTT Algorithm
* Reduced memory, low complexity embedded image compression algorithm using hierarchical listless discrete tchebichef transform
Includes: Pati, U.C. Pati, U.C.[Umesh Chandra] Pati, U.C.[Umesh C.]
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Patias, P. Co Author Listing * 3D digital photogrammetric reconstructions for scoliosis screening
* 4D Photogrammetric recording of soft and hard tissues of the lower part of face for decision making in dental treatment planning
* Canopy Fuel Load Mapping of Mediterranean Pine Sites Based on Individual Tree-Crown Delineation
* Close-range imaging and research priorities in Europe
* Detection and Evaluation of Skin Disorders By One of Photogrammetric Image Analysis Methods
* Estimating Wood Volume For Pinus Brutia Trees In Forest Stands From Quickbird-2 Imagery
* IASON: Fostering sustainability and uptake of research results through Networking activities in Black Sea & Mediterranean areas
* Lbs Augmented Reality Assistive System For Utilities Infrastructure Management Through Galileo And Egnos
* Low Level Tracking of Multiple Objects
* Medical imaging challenges photogrammetry
* Recording And Modelling Of Monuments' Interior Space Using Range And Optical Sensors
* Underwater 3d Modeling: Image Enhancement And Point Cloud Filtering
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Multi Temporal Mapping Results of the Dispilio Lakeside Prehistoric Settlement
Includes: Patias, P. Patias, P.[Petros]
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Patidar, S.[Suryakant] Co Author Listing * Ray Casting Deformable Models on the GPU
* Real-Time Rendering and Manipulation of Large Terrains
* Real-Time Streaming and Rendering of Terrains

Patidar, V.[Vinod] Co Author Listing * Image encryption using chaotic logistic map

Patient, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * 3-D Density Kernel Estimation for Counting in Microscopy Image Volumes Using 3-D Image Filters and Random Decision Trees

Patii, D. Co Author Listing * Disguised Face Identification (DFI) with Facial KeyPoints Using Spatial Fusion Convolutional Network

Patil, A.[Abhijit] Co Author Listing * Ultrasound image reconstruction using the finite-rate-of-innovation principle

Patil, A.G.[Akshay Gadi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Content-Aware Non-photorealistic Rendering of Images

Patil, A.V.[Abhay V.] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation of the Prostate via Poisson Inverse Gradient Initialization

Patil, B.[Bhushan] Co Author Listing * Efficient coding of sparse trees using an enhanced-embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm

Patil, B.D.[Bhushan D.] Co Author Listing * new approach to the design of biorthogonal triplet half-band filter banks using generalized half-band polynomials, A
* Orientation feature for fingerprint matching

Patil, B.M. Co Author Listing * Classification of type-2 diabetic patients by using Apriori and predictive Apriori

Patil, C.R.[Chidamber R.] Co Author Listing * FPGA based simple and fast JPEG encryptor
* JPEG image encryption using fuzzy PN sequences

Patil, C.Y.[Chetankumar Y.] Co Author Listing * Fast discrete curvelet transform-based anisotropic feature extraction for biomedical image indexing and retrieval

Patil, D.[Dhruva] Co Author Listing * EGGNOG: A Continuous, Multi-modal Data Set of Naturally Occurring Gestures with Ground Truth Labels

Patil, H.[Harshal] Co Author Listing * Robust order-based methods for feature description

Patil, H.A.[Hemant A.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Features and Metrics for Alignment in Text-Dependent Voice Conversion
* Cepstral Domain Teager Energy for Identifying Perceptually Similar Languages
* Effectiveness of Mel Scale-Based ESA-IFCC Features for Classification of Natural vs. Spoofed Speech
* Novel Gammatone Filterbank Based Spectro-Temporal Features for Robust Phoneme Recognition
* Novel Phase Encoded Mel Filterbank Energies for Environmental Sound Classification
* Spoken Keyword Retrieval Using Source and System Features
* Variable Length Teager Energy Based Mel Cepstral Features for Identification of Twins
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Patil, H.Y. Co Author Listing * Expression invariant face recognition using contourlet transform

Patil, K.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of brain MRI images of intracerebral haemorrhage using frequency domain technique

Patil, M.M.[M. Milind] Co Author Listing * Finding Faces in Photographs
* Locating Human Faces in a Cluttered Scene

Patil, N.[Nagamma] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Effective Multiple Protein Sequence Alignment Model Using Dynamic Progressive Approach with Novel Look Back Ahead Scoring System
* Fully Nonlinear SP_3 Approximation Based Fluorescence Optical Tomography
* High-resolution coherent x-ray diffraction imaging of metal-coated polymer microspheres
Includes: Patil, N.[Nagamma] Patil, N. Patil, N.[Nilesh]

Patil, N.H. Co Author Listing * Molecular imaging of small animals with a triple-head SPECT system using pinhole collimation

Patil, N.K. Co Author Listing * Effect of Block Size, Training Set and K-Value in the Classification of Food Grains Using HSI Color Model, The

Patil, P.[Pranita] Co Author Listing * computational model for predicting local distortion visibility via convolutional neural network trained on natural scenes, A

Patil, P.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic processing of handwritten bank cheque images: a survey
* Database Development and Recognition of Handwritten Devanagari Legal Amount Words
* Offline Recognition of Devanagari Script: A Survey
* Rotation and intensity invariant shoeprint matching using Gabor transform with application to forensic science
* Rotation, scale and translation invariant handwritten Devanagari numeral character recognition using general fuzzy neural network
Includes: Patil, P.M. Patil, P.M.[Pradeep M.]

Patil, R. Co Author Listing * Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On: Part 5

Patil, R.A.[Rajesh A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of facial feature points in image sequences
* Features classification using geometrical deformation feature vector of support vector machine and active appearance algorithm for automatic facial expression recognition

Patil, R.S.[Raju S.] Co Author Listing * Moving Target Classification and Tracking from Real Time Video

Patil, S.[Sanjay] Co Author Listing * Fusing magnitude and phase of wavelet moments for content-based image retrieval
* Interactive Modeling, Simulation and Control of Large-Scale Crowds and Traffic
Includes: Patil, S.[Sanjay] Patil, S.[Sachin]

Patil, U.[Uday] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of epiphysis and metaphysis for computerized bone age analysis
* Decision fusion for robust horizon estimation using Dempster Shafer Combination Rule
* Image fusion using hierarchical PCA.
Includes: Patil, U.[Uday] Patil, U. Patil, U.[Ujwala]

Patil, V.[Vasant] Co Author Listing * DCT Domain Frame-Skipping Transcoder, A
* DCT Domain Transcoding of H.264/AVC Video into MPEG-2 Video
* Efficient Motion Vector Composition Scheme for Arbitrary Frame Down-Sampling Video Transcoder, An
* Fast Arbitrary Down-Sizing Algorithm for Video Transcoding, A
* Fast Arbitrary Factor H.264/AVC Video Re-Sizing Algorithm, A
* Fast Arbitrary Factor Video Resizing Algorithm, A
* Fast Inverse Motion Compensation Algorithm for DCT-Domain Video Transcoder, A
Includes: Patil, V.[Vasant] Patil, V.
7 for Patil, V.

Patil, Y. Co Author Listing * Cyberphysical System With Virtual Reality for Intelligent Motion Recognition and Training
* Home Oriented Virtual e-Rehabilitation
Includes: Patil, Y. Patil, Y.[Yogendra]

Patilkulkarni, S.[Sudarshan] Co Author Listing * High Speed Area Optimized Hybrid DA Architecture for 2D-DTCWT

Patino, C.L. Co Author Listing * Running To Safety: Analysis Of Disaster Susceptibility Of Neighborhoods And Proximity Of Safety Facilities In Silay City, Philippines
Includes: Patino, C.L. Patińo, C.L.

Patino, J.E.[Jorge E.] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Potential of Machine Learning for Automatic Slum Identification from VHR Imagery

Patino, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Extraction of activity patterns on large video recordings
* Optimizing trajectories clustering for activity recognition

Patino, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Abnormal behaviour detection on queue analysis from stereo cameras
* Activity recognition and localization on a truck parking lot
* Detecting threat behaviours
* Fuzzy relations applied to minimize over segmentation in watershed algorithms
* Loitering Behaviour Detection of Boats at Sea
* Meeting detection in video through semantic analysis
* Multicamera trajectory analysis for semantic behaviour characterisation
* Online Learning of Activities from Video
* PETS 2014: Dataset and challenge
* PETS 2016: Dataset and Challenge
* PETS 2017: Dataset and Challenge
* Semantic Modelling for Behaviour Characterisation and Threat Detection
* unified approach to the recognition of complex actions from sequences of zone-crossings, A
* Unsupervised Activity Extraction on Long-Term Video Recordings Employing Soft Computing Relations
* Video Activity Extraction and Reporting with Incremental Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Patino, L.[Luis] Patino, L.
15 for Patino, L.

Patino, M. Co Author Listing * Stratification of Patients With Liver Fibrosis Using Dual-Energy CT

Patino, P. Co Author Listing * Building a Forward-Mode Three-Dimensional Reflectance Model for Topographic Normalization of High-Resolution (1-5 m) Imagery: Validation Phase in a Forested Environment

Patkee, P.A.[Prachi A.] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Label Propagation in Fetal Brain MR Images

Patlolla, C.[Chandrasekhar] Co Author Listing * Real-time computation of disparity for hand-pair gesture recognition using a stereo webcam

Patmio, E.N. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetry: Remote Sensing and Geoinformation

Patnaik, L.M. Co Author Listing * ACSIR: ANOVA Cosine Similarity Image Recommendation in vertical search
* Authentication using Finger Knuckle Prints
* Heartbeat biometrics for human authentication
* High compression and low order linear predictor for lossless coding of grayscale images
* Image recommendation based on keyword relevance using absorbing Markov chain and image features
* IR_URFS_VF: image recommendation with user relevance feedback session and visual features in vertical image search
* Memory-Based Reasoning Approach for Pattern Recognition of Binary Images
* Memory-efficient spatial prediction image compression scheme
8 for Patnaik, L.M.

Patnaik, P. Co Author Listing * Indian Spontaneous Expression Database for Emotion Recognition, The

Patnaik, R. Co Author Listing * Local Ternary Patterns and Maximum Bipartite Matching for Face Recognition

Patnaik, S.[Suprava] Co Author Listing * Application of Content Specific Dictionaries in Still Image Coding
* Biometric template protection with DCT-based watermarking
* enhanced classifier fusion model for classifying biomedical data, An
* Object tracking using parallel local colour histogram method
Includes: Patnaik, S.[Suprava] Patnaik, S. Patnaik, S.[Srikanta]

Pato, L.R.V. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Fisher Information Matrix-Based Methods for Fast Assessment of Image Quality in Pinhole SPECT

Patole, S. Co Author Listing * Two Dimensional Array Imaging With Beam Steered Data

Patole, S.M. Co Author Listing * Automotive Radars: A review of signal processing techniques

Paton, K. Co Author Listing * Conic sections in chromosome analysis
* Detection of Thin Line Segments
* Generalized Counting in digital Pictures
* Line Detection By Local Methods
* Picture Description Using Legendre Polynomials
* Spatial Pattern in Sections of Human Muscle
Includes: Paton, K. Paton, K.[Keith]

Paton, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Adaptive RGB-D Localization
* Eyes in the Back of Your Head: Robust Visual Teach and Repeat Using Multiple Stereo Cameras

Patoulas, G. Co Author Listing * Computerising natural history card archives
* Fast Lexicon-based word recognition in noisy index card images

Patow, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Structuring urban data

Patra, A.[Arpita] Co Author Listing * Enhancing decision combination of face and fingerprint by exploitation of individual classifier space: An approach to multi-modal biometry

Patra, B.K.[Bidyut K.] Co Author Listing * distance based clustering method for arbitrary shaped clusters in large datasets, A

Patra, D.[Dipti] Co Author Listing * Blood microscopic image segmentation using rough sets
* Enhanced mutual information based medical image registration
* Evolutionary neural network for noise cancellation in image data
Includes: Patra, D.[Dipti] Patra, D.

Patra, J.C. Co Author Listing * Bi-level image watermarking for image authentication surviving JPEG lossy compression
* Hierarchical multiple image watermarking for image authentication and ownership verification
* novel digital image watermarking scheme using blind source separation, A

Patra, K.[Karali] Co Author Listing * Obstacle avoidance for mobile robot navigation in unknown environment using geometrical information of mobile camera images

Patra, S.[Swarnajyoti] Co Author Listing * cluster-assumption based batch mode active learning technique, A
* Computing Egomotion with Local Loop Closures for Egocentric Videos
* Context-Sensitive Technique for Unsupervised Change Detection Based on Hopfield-Type Neural Networks, A
* Divide and Conquer: A Hierarchical Approach to Large-Scale Structure-from-Motion
* Divide and Conquer: Efficient Large-Scale Structure from Motion Using Graph Partitioning
* fast automatic optimal threshold selection technique for image segmentation, A
* Fast Cluster-Assumption Based Active-Learning Technique for Classification of Remote Sensing Images, A
* Hyperspectral Band Selection Based on Rough Set
* novel classification technique based on progressive transductive SVM learning, A
* Novel SOM-SVM-Based Active Learning Technique for Remote Sensing Image Classification, A
* Semi-supervised Learning with Multilayer Perceptron for Detecting Changes of Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Patra, S.[Swarnajyoti] Patra, S. Patra, S.[Suvam]
11 for Patra, S.

Patraccone, R.[Rossella] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Programming approach for segmenting digital planar curves into line segments and circular arcs, A

Patrangenaru, V.[Vic] Co Author Listing * Tree-Oriented Analysis of Brain Artery Structure

Patras, I. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Emotions and Membership in Group Videos
* Cascade of forests for face alignment
* Combining Color and Shape Information for Illumination-Viewpoint Invariant Object Recognition
* Confidence measures for block matching motion estimation
* DEAP: A Database for Emotion Analysis Using Physiological Signals
* DECAF: MEG-Based Multimodal Database for Decoding Affective Physiological Responses
* Deep Globally Constrained MRFs for Human Pose Estimation
* Deep Refinement Convolutional Networks for Human Pose Estimation
* Dense Motion Estimation Using Regularization Constraints on Local Parametric Models
* Dynamics of Facial Expression: Recognition of Facial Actions and Their Temporal Segments From Face Profile Image Sequences
* Face Sketch Landmarks Localization in the Wild
* Fusing Multilabel Deep Networks for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Incremental Refinement of Image Salient-Point Detection
* Inference of personality traits and affect schedule by analysis of spontaneous reactions to affective videos
* iterative motion estimation-segmentation method using watershed segments, An
* Joint Disparity and Motion Field Estimation in Stereoscopic Image Sequences
* Kernel-based Recognition of Human Actions Using Spatiotemporal Salient Points
* Leveraging social media for scalable object detection
* Minimal filtered channel features for pedestrian detection
* Online multi-task learning for semantic concept detection in video
* Particle filtering with factorized likelihoods for tracking facial features
* Probabilistic Confidence Measures for Block Matching Motion Estimation
* Random Subspace Supervised Descent Method for Regression Problems in Computer Vision
* Regularized patch motion estimation
* SmileNet: Registration-Free Smiling Face Detection In The Wild
* Spatiotemporal salient points for visual recognition of human actions
* Unsupervised convolutional neural networks for motion estimation
* Video aesthetic quality assessment using kernel Support Vector Machine with isotropic Gaussian sample uncertainty (KSVM-IGSU)
28 for Patras, I.

Patras, I.(.[Ioannis (Yiannis)] Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Invariant Head Pose Normalization Using Gaussian Process Regression

Patras, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using saliency learned from recorded human gaze
* Aspect coherence for graph-based semantic image labelling
* B-spline polynomial descriptors for human activity recognition
* Cascade of classifiers based on binary, non-binary and deep convolutional network descriptors for video concept detection
* Comparison of Fine-Tuning and Extension Strategies for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Continuous emotion detection in response to music videos
* Coupled 3D tracking and pose optimization of rigid objects using particle filter
* Coupled Prediction Classification for Robust Visual Tracking
* Discriminative 3D human pose estimation from monocular images via topological preserving hierarchical affinity clustering
* Discriminative Voting Scheme for Object Detection using Hough Forests, A
* Dynamic Texture-Based Approach to Recognition of Facial Actions and Their Temporal Models, A
* Exploiting Depth and Intensity Information for Head Pose Estimation with Random Forests and Tensor Models
* Exploring the Similarities of Neighboring Spatiotemporal Points for Action Pair Matching
* eye-tracking-based approach to facilitate interactive video search, An
* Face Alignment Assisted by Head Pose Estimation
* Face Parts Localization Using Structured-Output Regression Forests
* Facial Action Unit Detection using Probabilistic Actively Learned Support Vector Machines on Tracked Facial Point Data
* Fine-Tuning Regression Forests Votes for Object Alignment in the Wild
* Fusion of facial expressions and EEG for implicit affective tagging
* Gaze Tracking by Using Factorized Likelihoods Particle Filtering and Stereo Vision
* Generic to Specific Recognition Models for Membership Analysis in Group Videos
* Higher Rank Support Tensor Machines
* Higher rank Support Tensor Machines for visual recognition
* implicit spatiotemporal shape model for human activity localization and recognition, An
* Latent Semantics Local Distribution for CRF-based Image Semantic Segmentation
* Learning codebook weights for action detection
* Learning Output-kernel-dependent Regression for Human Pose Estimation
* Learning to detect video events from zero or very few video examples
* Learning visual saliency using topographic independent component analysis
* Max-margin Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Max-Margin Semi-NMF
* Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me, is the error small?
* Multimodal random forest based tensor regression
* Multiplicative Update Rules for Multilinear Support Tensor Machines
* Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval by Aggregating Intermediate CNN Layers
* Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval with Deep Metric Learning
* On the role of structure in part-based object detection
* Optimizing visual search with implicit user feedback in interactive video retrieval
* Ordering of Visual Descriptors in a Classifier Cascade Towards Improved Video Concept Detection
* Privileged information-based conditional regression forest for facial feature detection
* Privileged Information-Based Conditional Structured Output Regression Forest for Facial Point Detection
* Pyramidal Model for Image Semantic Segmentation
* Regression tracking with data relevance determination
* Relative Margin Support Tensor Machines for gait and action recognition
* Robust Face Alignment Under Occlusion via Regional Predictive Power Estimation
* Semi-automatic object-based video segmentation with labeling of color segments
* Semi-supervised visual recognition with constrained graph regularized non negative matrix factorization
* Sieving Regression Forest Votes for Facial Feature Detection in the Wild
* simple and effective extrinsic calibration method of a camera and a single line scanning lidar, A
* Sparse B-spline polynomial descriptors for human activity recognition
* Spatiotemporal Localization and Categorization of Human Actions in Unsegmented Image Sequences
* Special Issue on Individual and Group Activities in Video Event Analysis
* Structured Semi-supervised Forest for Facial Landmarks Localization with Face Mask Reasoning
* Study on the Use of a Binary Local Descriptor and Color Extensions of Local Descriptors for Video Concept Detection, A
* Supervised dictionary learning for action localization
* Support tensor action spotting
* Support tucker machines
* Template Tracking with Observation Relevance Determination
* Tensor Learning for Regression
* VERGE in VBS 2017
* VERGE in VBS 2018
* VERGE: A Multimodal Interactive Search Engine for Video Browsing and Retrieval
* VERGE: A Multimodal Interactive Video Search Engine
* Video Event Detection Using Kernel Support Vector Machine with Isotropic Gaussian Sample Uncertainty (KSVM-iGSU)
* Video Segmentation by MAP Labeling of Watershed Segments
65 for Patras, I.

Patras, I.Y.[Ioannis Yiannis] Co Author Listing * Coupled Gaussian Process Regression for Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition
* Coupled Gaussian Processes for Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition
* Regression-Based Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition

Patrascu, C. Co Author Listing * AutoMarkov DNNs for object classification
* Class evolution data analytics from SAR image time series using information theory measures
* Classification of dynamic evolutions from satellitar image time series based on similarity measures
* Damage Assessment Based on SAR Image Analysis: Flood Scenario for Romanian Eastern Carpathian Region
* Latent Analysis of Earth Surface Dynamic Evolution Using Change Map Time Series, A
* Normalized Autobinomial Markov Channels For Pedestrian Detection
Includes: Patrascu, C. Patrascu, C.[Carmen]

Patrascu, V.[Vasile] Co Author Listing * Novel Penta-Valued Descriptor for Color Clustering, A

Patrashin, M. Co Author Listing * At the Dawn of a New Era in Terahertz Technology

Patratiy, V.D. Co Author Listing * Method Of A Planetary Rover Localization Based On Synthetic Lunokhod Images

Patraucean, V.[Viorica] Co Author Listing * Affine invariant visual phrases for object instance recognition
* Bubble Tag Identification Using an Invariant-Under-Perspective Signature
* contrario patch matching, with an application to keypoint matches validation, A
* Detection of Mirror-Symmetric Image Patches
* gvnn: Neural Network Library for Geometric Computer Vision
* Joint A Contrario Ellipse and Line Detection
* Parameterless Line Segment and Elliptical Arc Detector with Enhanced Ellipse Fitting, A
* Understanding RealWorld Indoor Scenes with Synthetic Data
8 for Patraucean, V.

Patri, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Efficient plane detection from a single moving camera

Patriarca, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * Collect Earth: Land Use and Land Cover Assessment through Augmented Visual Interpretation

Patriarca, J.[Joaquim] Co Author Listing * Generating Up-to-Date and Detailed Land Use and Land Cover Maps Using OpenStreetMap and GlobeLand30

Patrice, B.[Blancho] Co Author Listing * Texture Similarity Queries and Relevance Feedback for Image Retrieval

Patricia, N. Co Author Listing * Deep Depth Domain Adaptation: A Case Study
* Deeper Look at Dataset Bias, A
* Learning to Learn, from Transfer Learning to Domain Adaptation: A Unifying Perspective
* Multi-source Adaptive Learning for Fast Control of Prosthetics Hand
Includes: Patricia, N. Patricia, N.[Novi]

Patricio, D.[Domingos] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite Rainfall Estimates for Drought and Flood Monitoring in Mozambique

Patricio, F.M.[Filipe M.] Co Author Listing * Application of Distributed Platforms in a Video Surveillance System
Includes: Patricio, F.M.[Filipe M.] Patrício, F.M.[Filipe M.]

Patricio, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * Advanced algorithms for real-time video tracking with multiple targets
* Bottom-up/top-down coordination in a multiagent visual sensor network
* Comparison Between Genetic Algorithms and the Baum-Welch Algorithm in Learning HMMs for Human Activity Classification
* Context-Based Reasoning Using Ontologies to Adapt Visual Tracking in Surveillance
* Creating Human Activity Recognition Systems Using Pareto-based Multiobjective Optimization
* Extending surveillance systems capabilities using BDI cooperative sensor agents
* MIJ2K: Enhanced video transmission based on conditional replenishment of JPEG2000 tiles with motion compensation
* multi-agent architecture to support active fusion in a visual sensor network, A
* novel generalization of the gray-scale histogram and its application to the automated visual measurement and inspection of wooden Pallets, A
* Visual data association for real-time video tracking using genetic and estimation of distribution algorithms
Includes: Patricio, M.A.[Miguel A.] Patricio, M.Á.[Miguel Ángel] Patricio, M.A.
10 for Patricio, M.A.

Patricio, M.P. Co Author Listing * similarity-based adaptive neighborhood method for correlation-based stereo matching, A

Patrick Birdwell, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * Mapping Presence and Predicting Phenological Status of Invasive Buffelgrass in Southern Arizona Using MODIS, Climate and Citizen Science Observation Data
Includes: Patrick Birdwell, C.[Caroline] Patrick-Birdwell, C.[Caroline]

Patrick, E.A. Co Author Listing * algorithm for segmentation of metaphase spreads, An
* Computer output display of cells and cell features
* Decision Directed Estimation of a Two Class Decision Boundary
* Interactive pattern analysis and classification utilizing prior knowledge
* outcome advisor®, The
Includes: Patrick, E.A. Patrick, E.A.[Edward A.]

Patrick, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Beam Search Algorithm for PFSA Inference, A

Patrick, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * IKONOS geometric characterization

Patrick, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * Multimode illumination for speckle reduction and angle neutrality in millimeter wave active imaging: range and time-resolved mode averaging
* Range resolved mode mixing in a large volume for the mitigation of speckle and strategic target orientation requirements in active millimeter-wave imaging

Patrick, S. Co Author Listing * Architectural Reconstruction with Multiple Views and Geometric Constraints

Patrikakis, C.[Charalampos] Co Author Listing * Personalized Coverage of Large Athletic Events

Patrikalakis, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Editorial, Special issue Introduction

Patrikalakis, N.M. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for the Medial Axis Transform of 3D Polyhedral Solids, An
* Approximation of Measured Data with Interval B-Splines
* Boundary Representation Model Rectification
* Computation of singularities and intersections of offsets of planar curves
* Differential and Topological Properties of Medial Axis Transforms
* Topological and differentialequation methods for surface intersections
* Topological and Geometric Properties of Interval Solid Models
* Topologically Reliable Approximation of Trimmed Polynomial Surface Patches
Includes: Patrikalakis, N.M. Patrikalakis, N.M.[Nicholas M.]
8 for Patrikalakis, N.M.

Patrikar, A. Co Author Listing * Dual networks and their pattern classification properties

Patrikeev, E.[Evgeny] Co Author Listing * Texture-aware edit propagation using nonparametric regression

Patrini, G.[Giorgio] Co Author Listing * Making Deep Neural Networks Robust to Label Noise: A Loss Correction Approach

Patrizi, G. Co Author Listing * Classification of Industrial Sand-Ores By Image Recognition Methods, The

Patro, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Visualization of Human Activities for Multicamera Networks

Patron Perez, A.[Alonso] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using shared motion parts
* High Five: Recognising human interactions in TV shows
* Probabilistic Framework for Recognizing Similar Actions using Spatio-Temporal Features, A
* Spline Fusion: A continuous-time representation for visual-inertial fusion with application to rolling shutter cameras
* Spline-Based Trajectory Representation for Sensor Fusion and Rolling Shutter Cameras, A
* Structured Learning of Human Interactions in TV Shows
Includes: Patron Perez, A.[Alonso] Patron-Perez, A.[Alonso]

Patron, A. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Framework for Recognizing Similar Actions using Spatio-Temporal Features, A
* Understanding Interactions and Guiding Visual Surveillance by Tracking Attention
Includes: Patron, A. Patron, A.[Alonso]

Patrona, F.[Fotini] Co Author Listing * Motion analysis: Action detection, recognition and evaluation based on motion capture data
* Visual voice activity detection based on spatiotemporal information and bag of words
* Visual Voice Activity Detection in the Wild
Includes: Patrona, F.[Fotini] Patrona, F.[Foteini] Patrona, F.

Patrone, A.R.[Aniello Raffaele] Co Author Listing * Infinite Dimensional Optimization Models and PDEs for Dejittering

Patrone, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * EEG Signal Pre-Processing for the P300 Speller
* Motor Intention Recognition in EEG: In Pursuit of a Relevant Feature Set
Includes: Patrone, M.[Martin] Patrone, M.[Martín]

Patroumpas, K.[Kostas] Co Author Listing * Online event recognition from moving vessel trajectories

Patrucco, R. Co Author Listing * Quality Management of Reference Geo-Information

Patruno, C. Co Author Listing * Embedded Vision System for Real-Time Autonomous Localization Using Laser Profilometry, An

Patruno, J. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Entity Coreference for Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosis

Patsis, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Emotion Recognition from Natural Bodily Expressions in Child-Robot Interaction

Patsko, O. Co Author Listing * Automatic/interactive interpretation of color map images
* Complete System for Interpretation of Color Maps, A
* From cell image segmentation to differential diagnosis of thyroid cancer

Pattabhi Rama Rao, E. Co Author Listing * Coastal Ocean Observing Network: Open Source Architecture for Data Management and Web-based Data Services

Pattacini, U.[Ugo] Co Author Listing * Filter Forests for Learning Data-Dependent Convolutional Kernels

Pattanaik, S.[Sumanta] Co Author Listing * Visibility-driven progressive volume photon tracing

Pattanaik, S.N.[Sumanta N.] Co Author Listing * Highdynamic-range still-image encoding in JPEG 2000
* Macro 64-regions for uniform grids on GPU

Pattanathaburt, P. Co Author Listing * Machine vision techniques for motorcycle safety helmet detection

Pattanaworapan, K.[Kanjana] Co Author Listing * Signer-independence finger alphabet recognition using discrete wavelet transform and area level run lengths

Patten, F.W.[Florence W.] Co Author Listing * Automated cell analysis in 2D and 3D: A comparative study

Patterson, A.I. Co Author Listing * Digitizing archaeological excavations from multiple views
* Fully Automatic Registration of 3D Point Clouds
* Object Detection from Large-Scale 3D Datasets Using Bottom-Up and Top-Down Descriptors
Includes: Patterson, A.I. Patterson, A.I.[Alexander I.]

Patterson, C. Co Author Listing * Development of the Brican TD100 Small UAS and Payload Trials

Patterson, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Art of Massive Storage: A Web Image Archive, The
* Efficiently Scaling up Crowdsourced Video Annotation
* Efficiently Scaling Up Video Annotation with Crowdsourced Marketplaces
* Non-strict heterogeneous Stacking
* weighted combination of stacking and dynamic integration, A
Includes: Patterson, D.[David] Patterson, D.[Donald]

Patterson, E. Co Author Listing * Aspects of Age Variation in Facial Morphology Affecting Biometrics
* comparative study of active appearance model annotation schemes for the face, A
* hierarchical approach to facial aging, A
* Improvements and Performance Evaluation Concerning Synthetic Age Progression and Face Recognition Affected by Adult Aging
* Improvements in Active Appearance Model based synthetic age progression for adult aging
* Individual identification based on facial dynamics during expressions using active-appearance-based Hidden Markov Models
Includes: Patterson, E. Patterson, E.[Eric]

Patterson, E.K.[Eric K.] Co Author Listing * Affine-Invariant Visual Features Contain Supplementary Information to Enhance Speech Recognition
* Moving-Talker, Speaker-Independent Feature Study, and Baseline Results Using the CUAVE Multimodal Speech Corpus

Patterson, G.[Genevieve] Co Author Listing * COCO Attributes: Attributes for People, Animals, and Objects
* SUN Attribute Database: Beyond Categories for Deeper Scene Understanding, The
* SUN attribute database: Discovering, annotating, and recognizing scene attributes

Patterson, G.W. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Radar Polarimetry Data of the Moon From the LRO Mini-RF Instrument and Earth-Based Systems, A

Patterson, J. Co Author Listing * 3D performance capture for facial animation
* In Situ Characterization of the Degradation of PLGA Microspheres in Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels by Optical Coherence Tomography

Patterson, M.[Marlene] Co Author Listing * Automated Thematic Registration of NOAA, CoastWatch, and AVHRR Images

Patterson, R.M. Co Author Listing * Location and geometric description of carpal bones in CT images

Patterson, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * Timely autonomous identification of UAV safe landing zones
* Utilizing Geographic Information System Data for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Position Estimation

Patterson, W. Co Author Listing * On the Development of Digital Signatures for Author Identification

Patti, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic digital redeye reduction
* Temporal propagation analysis for small errors in a single-frame in H.264 video
Includes: Patti, A. Patti, A.[Andrew]

Patti, A.J.[Andrew J.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive, global-motion compensated deinterlacing of sequential video fields with post processing
* Artifact reduction for POCS-based super resolution with edge adaptive regularization and higher-order interpolants
* Artifact Reduction for Set Theoretic Super Resolution Image Reconstruction with Edge Adaptive Constraints and Higher-Order Interpolants
* Digital video standards conversion in the presence of accelerated motion
* fast parametric motion estimation algorithm with illumination and lens distortion correction, A
* High-resolution image reconstruction from a low-resolution image sequence in the presence of time-varying motion blur
* Motion-compensated deblocking and upscaling for viewing low-res videos on high-res displays
* New Motion-Compensated Reduced-Order Model Kalman Filter for Space Varying Restoration of Progressive and Interlaced Video, A
* On Global Parametric Motion Estimation with Lens Distortion Correction
* Robust Methods for High-Quality Stills from Interlaced Video in the Presence of Dominant Motion
* Super-Resolution Image Estimation for Transform Coded Video with Application to MPEG
* Super-resolution still and video reconstruction from MPEG-coded video
* Superresolution Video Reconstruction with Arbitrary Sampling Lattices and Nonzero Aperture Time
* System and method for creating high-quality stills from interlaced video
Includes: Patti, A.J.[Andrew J.] Patti, A.J.
14 for Patti, A.J.

Patti, M.R. Co Author Listing * Precise Segmentation of the Lateral Ventricles and Caudate-Nucleus in MR Brain Images Using Anatomically Driven Histograms

Pattichis, C.[Constantinos] Co Author Listing * Biologically Inspired Region of Interest Selection for Lowbit-Rate Video Coding

Pattichis, C.S. Co Author Listing * AM-FM texture image analysis in brain white matter lesions in the progression of Multiple Sclerosis
* AM-FM texture segmentation in electron microscopic muscle imaging
* Classification of Satellite Cloud Imagery Based on Multi-feature Texture Analysis and Neural Networks
* Comparative Study of Morphological and Other Texture Features for the Characterization of Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaques, A
* Completely Automated Multiresolution Edge Snapper: A New Technique for an Accurate Carotid Ultrasound IMT Measurement: Clinical Validation and Benchmarking on a Multi-Institutional Database
* Image Analysis System for Automated Detection of Breast Cancer Nuclei, An
* Integrated System for the Assessment of Ultrasonic Imaging Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaques, An
* Multifeature texture analysis for the classification of clouds in satellite imagery
* New image processing models for opacity image analysis in chest radiographs
* screening system for the assessment of opacity profusion in chest radiographs of miners with pneumoconiosis, A
* Texture-based classification of atherosclerotic carotid plaques
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Pattichis, M.[Marios] Co Author Listing * dynamically reconfigurable DCT architecture for maximum image quality subject to dynamic power and bitrate constraints, A
* Dynamically reconfigurable DCT architectures based on bitrate, power, and image quality considerations
* Dynamically Reconfigurable Pixel Processor System Based on Power/Energy-Performance-Accuracy Optimization, A
* Fast 2D Convolutions and Cross-Correlations Using Scalable Architectures
* Fast and Scalable Computation of the Forward and Inverse Discrete Periodic Radon Transform
* Fast Discrete Periodic Radon Transform for prime sized images: Algorithm, architecture, and VLSI/FPGA implementation, The
* Independent Component Analysis for Vision-inspired Classification of Retinal Images with Age-related Macular Degeneration
* Multiscale AM-FM decompositions with GPU acceleration for diabetic retinopathy screening
* Multiscale AM-FM Methods for Diabetic Retinopathy Lesion Detection
* New Algorithms for Computing Directional Discrete Fourier Transforms
* scalable architecture for implementing the fast discrete periodic radon transform for prime sized images, A
* Spatiotemporal Independent Component Analysis for the Detection of Functional Responses in Cat Retinal Images
* unified and pipelined hardware architecture for implementing intra prediction in HEVC, A
Includes: Pattichis, M.[Marios] Pattichis, M.
13 for Pattichis, M.

Pattichis, M.S.[Marios S.] Co Author Listing * Active Contour Segmentation Guided by AM-FM Dominant Component Analysis
* AM-FM Demodulation Methods for Reconstruction, Analysis and Motion Estimation in Video signals
* AM-FM texture image analysis in brain white matter lesions in the progression of Multiple Sclerosis
* AM-FM texture segmentation in electron microscopic muscle imaging
* Analyzing Image Structure by Multidimensional Frequency Modulation
* characterization of scanning noise and quantization on texture feature analysis, The
* Comparative Study of Morphological and Other Texture Features for the Characterization of Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaques, A
* Detection of hard exudates and red lesions in the macula using a multiscale approach
* Fingerprint classification using an AM-FM model
* Foveated video compression with optimal rate control
* Integrated System for the Assessment of Ultrasonic Imaging Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaques, An
* Multidimensional AM-FM Models with Image Processing Applications
* Multidimensional orthogonal FM transforms
* Multiscale AM-FM analysis of pneumoconiosis x-ray images
* Multiscale AM-FM Demodulation and Image Reconstruction Methods With Improved Accuracy
* Multiscale directional AM-FM demodulation of images using a 2D optimized method
* Multiscale Sampling Geometries and Methods for Deterministic and Stochastic Reconstructions of Magnitude and Phase Spectra of Satellite Imagery
* Nested random phase sequence sets: a link between AM-FM demodulation and increasing operators with application to cardiac image analysis
* New Algorithms for Fast and Accurate AM-FM Demodulation of Digital Images
* New image processing models for opacity image analysis in chest radiographs
* New models for region of interest reader classification analysis in chest radiographs
* Optimal HEVC encoding based on GOP configurations
* Pre-classification of chest radiographs for improved active shape model segmentation of ribs
* Rate control for foveated MPEG/H.263 video
* Real-time diabetic retinopathy patient screening using multiscale AM-FM methods
* Real-time dynamically reconfigurable 2-D filterbanks
* Robust Multiscale AM-FM Demodulation of Digital Images
* Robust Multispectral Image Registration Using Mutual-Information Models
* Robust Segmentation of Freehand Ultrasound Image Slices Using Gradient Vector Flow Fast Geometric Active Contours
* screening system for the assessment of opacity profusion in chest radiographs of miners with pneumoconiosis, A
Includes: Pattichis, M.S.[Marios S.] Pattichis, M.S.
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Pattinson, T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Exterior Orientation for a Range Camera

Pattipati, K. Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection via Feature-Aided Tracking and Hidden Markov Models

Pattipati, K.R. Co Author Listing * IMM Estimation for Multitarget-Multisensor Air-Traffic Surveillance
* Use of Measurements from an Imaging Sensor for Precision Target Tracking

Pattison, A.J. Co Author Listing * Spatially-Resolved Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation Via Poroelastic Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Pattnaik, P.K.[Prasant Kumar] Co Author Listing * expeditious cum efficient algorithm for salt-and-pepper noise removal and edge-detail preservation using cardinal spline interpolation, An

Patton, B.W. Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection in Radiation Sensor Data With Application to Transportation Security

Patton, L.K. Co Author Listing * Multichannel Detection of an Unknown Rank-N Signal Using Uncalibrated Receivers

Patton, R. Co Author Listing * Target Identification Using Geometric Hashing and FLIR/LADAR Fusion

Patton, T. Co Author Listing * Tissue-Volume Preserving Deformable Image Registration for 4DCT Pulmonary Images

Patton, W. Co Author Listing * Identification of Choroidal Neovascularisation on Fluorescein Angiograms Using Gradient Vector Flow Active Contours

Pattrapisetwong, P.[Preeyanan] Co Author Listing * new method to detect nystagmus for vertigo diagnosis system by eye movement velocity, A

Paturi, S. Co Author Listing * Modelling the characteristics of material distributions in polarimetric images

Paturu, C.K.[Chaitanya Krishna] Co Author Listing * People detection in image and video data

Paturzo, M.[Melania] Co Author Listing * Adaptive transformations for color hologram display
* Diagnostic Tools for Lab-on-Chip Applications Based on Coherent Imaging Microscopy
* Numerical Manipulation of Digital Holograms for 3-D Imaging and Display: An Overview
Includes: Paturzo, M.[Melania] Paturzo, M.

Patvardhan, C. Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of a Robust Palm Biometrics Recognition and Verification System
* Enhanced Quantum Evolutionary Algorithms for Difficult Knapsack Problems
* Novel Approach to Skeletonization for Multi-font OCR Applications, A
* Novel Deterministic Heuristics for Building Minimum Spanning Trees with Constrained Diameter
* OCR of Printed Telugu Text with High Recognition Accuracies

Patwa, I. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Ensemble Fusion for Disambiguation and Retrieval

Patwardhan, K.[Kedar] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Real-Time Control of Active Cameras in Large-Scale Surveillance Systems.
* Intelligent Video for Protecting Crowded Sports Venues
* Monitoring, recognizing and discovering social networks
Includes: Patwardhan, K.[Kedar] Patwardhan, K.

Patwardhan, K.A.[Kedar A.] Co Author Listing * 3D priors for scene learning from a single view
* 4D vessel segmentation and tracking in Ultrasound
* Automatic image decomposition
* Graph-Based Foreground Representation and its Application in Example Based People Matching in Video, A
* Multi-camera person tracking in crowded environments
* Projection based image and video inpainting using wavelets
* Robust Foreground Detection In Video Using Pixel Layers
* Video Inpainting Under Constrained Camera Motion
* What Can Casual Walkers Tell Us About A 3D Scene?
Includes: Patwardhan, K.A.[Kedar A.] Patwardhan, K.A.
9 for Patwardhan, K.A.

Patwardhan, K.S.[Kaustubh Srikrishna] Co Author Listing * Hand gesture modelling and recognition involving changing shapes and trajectories, using a Predictive EigenTracker
* On line predictive appearance-based tracking
* Robust shape based two hand tracker
Includes: Patwardhan, K.S.[Kaustubh Srikrishna] Patwardhan, K.S.

Patwardhan, M. Co Author Listing * Survey on real-time facial expression recognition techniques

Patwardhan, P.G. Co Author Listing * Design of Near-Perfect Reconstruction Two-Parallelogram Filter-Banks
* On Filter Symmetries in a Class of Tree-Structured 2-D Nonseparable Filter-Banks
* Preservation of 2-D Signal Symmetries in Quincunx Filter-Banks

Patwari, N. Co Author Listing * On Log-Normality of RSSI in Narrowband Receivers Under Static Conditions

Patwary, M.N. Co Author Listing * Multiple face detection algorithm using colour skin modelling
* Specular-based illumination estimation using blind signal separation techniques

Patz, S. Co Author Listing * Novel encoding technology for ultrafast MRI in a limited spatial region
* Reconstruction algorithm for novel ultrafast magnetic resonance imaging

Patz, T.[Torben] Co Author Listing * Ambrosio-Tortorelli Segmentation of Stochastic Images
* Ambrosio-Tortorelli Segmentation of Stochastic Images: Model Extensions, Theoretical Investigations and Numerical Methods
* Fast Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of PDE-Based Image Processing Methods
* Segmentation of Stochastic Images using Level Set Propagation with Uncertain Speed
* Segmentation of Stochastic Images With a Stochastic Random Walker Method
Includes: Patz, T.[Torben] Pätz, T.[Torben] (Maybe also Paetz, T.)

Patzcuaro, L. Co Author Listing * Inpainting restoration for inland waters Mexico ecosystems

Patzek, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Optimal Human-Machine Teaming for a Sequential Inspection Operation

Patzold, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Boosting Multi-hypothesis Tracking by Means of Instance-Specific Models
* Counting People in Crowded Environments by Fusion of Shape and Motion Information
* Efficient real-time local optical flow estimation by means of integral projections
* On building decentralized wide-area surveillance networks based on ONVIF
* Polarization in Bistatic Radar Probing of Planetary Surfaces: Application to Mars Express Data
* Real-Time Multi-human Tracking Using a Probability Hypothesis Density Filter and Multiple Detectors
* Real-time person counting by propagating networks flows
* Splitting Gaussians in Mixture Models
* system for automatic and interactive detection of static objects, A
Includes: Patzold, M.[Michael] Patzold, M.
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