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Phadikar, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * Data hiding based quality access control of digital images using adaptive QIM and lifting
* Novel wavelet-based QIM data hiding technique for tamper detection and correction of digital images
* Quantization Based Data Hiding Scheme for Efficient Quality Access Control of Images Using DWT via Lifting
* ROI Based Quality Access Control of Compressed Color Image using DWT via Lifting

Phadke, A.C. Co Author Listing * Image de-noising by non-local means algorithm

Phadke, G. Co Author Listing * Illumination invariant Mean-shift tracking
* Improved mean shift for multi-target tracking
* Mean LBP and modified fuzzy C-means weighted hybrid feature for illumination invariant mean-shift tracking
Includes: Phadke, G. Phadke, G.[Gargi]

Phadke, S.B. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Control for Dual Objective Active Suspension Systems

Pham Ngoc, N.[Nam] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Adaptation Method for HTTP Low-Delay Live Streaming over Mobile Networks, A
* Quality Improvement for Video On-Demand Streaming over HTTP

Pham, A.Q. Co Author Listing * EXIT-Chart Optimized Block Codes for Wireless Video Telephony

Pham, A.T. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Programming for Instance Annotation in Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning
* Probabilistic Adaptation Method for HTTP Low-Delay Live Streaming over Mobile Networks, A
* Quality Improvement for Video On-Demand Streaming over HTTP
Includes: Pham, A.T. Pham, A.T.[Anh T.]

Pham, B.[Binh] Co Author Listing * Comparison of DCT and DWT Block Based Watermarking on Medical Image Quality, A
* Conic B-Splines for Curve Fitting: A Unifying Approach
* Geometric Invariant Domain for Image Watermarking
* Image Segmentation for Complex Natural Scenes
* Information and communication technology-based tele-monitoring for elderly care houses
* Representation of Fuzzy Shapes
* robust object category detection system using deformable shapes, A
Includes: Pham, B.[Binh] Pham, B.
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Pham, B.T. Co Author Listing * Automated optimization of JPEG 2000 encoder options based on model observer performance for detecting variable signals in X-ray coronary angiograms
* Effect of Nonlinear Human Visual System Components on Performance of a Channelized Hotelling Observer in Structured Backgrounds, The
* Evaluation of JPEG 2000 encoder options: human and model observer detection of variable signals in X-ray coronary angiograms
* New Approach of Matrix Factorization on Complex Domain for Data Representation, A
Includes: Pham, B.T. Pham, B.T.[Bach-Tung]

Pham, C.C.[Cuong Cao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Guided Image Filtering for Sharpness Enhancement and Noise Reduction
* Domain Transformation-Based Efficient Cost Aggregation for Local Stereo Matching
* Efficient image sharpening and denoising using adaptive guided image filtering
* Efficient spatio-temporal local stereo matching using information permeability filtering
* Local Variance-Based Bilateral Filtering for Artifact-Free Detail- and Edge-Preserving Smoothing, A
* Matching cost function using robust soft rank transformations
* Restricted guided filter with SURE-LET-based parameter optimization
* Robust Adaptive Normalized Cross-Correlation for Stereo Matching Cost Computation
* Robust non-local stereo matching for outdoor driving images using segment-simple-tree
* Robust object proposals re-ranking for object detection in autonomous driving using convolutional neural networks
Includes: Pham, C.C.[Cuong Cao] Pham, C.C.
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Pham, C.D.[Canh Duong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Medical Image Denoising Using Support Vector Regression
* effective example-based learning method for denoising of medical images corrupted by heavy Gaussian noise and poisson noise, An
* Medical image denoising using Kernel Ridge Regression
* Novel Example-Based Method for Super-Resolution and Denoising of Medical Images
* Optimal Weight Model for Single Image Super-Resolution, An
Includes: Pham, C.D.[Canh Duong] Pham, C.D.[Canh-Duong]

Pham, C.T. Co Author Listing * Multi-Quadratic Dynamic Programming Procedure of Edge-Preserving Denoising for Medical Images

Pham, C.T.N. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Dual Frequency ^1-H and ^19-F Open Coil Imaging of Arthritic Rabbit Knee at 3T

Pham, D.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Computation of Contour Representations for Mode Decomposition, An

Pham, D.L.[Dzung L.] Co Author Listing * adaptive fuzzy C-means algorithm for image segmentation in the presence of intensity inhomogeneities, An
* Adaptive fuzzy segmentation of magnetic resonance images
* Digital Topology in Brain Imaging
* Edge-adaptive Clustering for Unsupervised Image Segmentation
* Fuzzy clustering with spatial constraints
* Fuzzy Fractal Analysis of Molecular Imaging Data
* Incompressible Phase Registration for Motion Estimation from Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images
* Longitudinal Patch-Based Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis White Matter Lesions
* Partial volume estimation and the fuzzy C-means algorithm
* Phase Vector Incompressible Registration Algorithm for Motion Estimation From Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images
* Reconstruction of the human cerebral cortex from magnetic resonance images
* Spatial Models for Fuzzy Clustering
* Subject Specific Sparse Dictionary Learning for Atlas Based Brain MRI Segmentation
* Topology-Preserving Tissue Classification of Magnetic Resonance Brain Images
Includes: Pham, D.L.[Dzung L.] Pham, D.L.
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Pham, D.Q.[Dang Quang] Co Author Listing * Automatic closed eye correction
Includes: Pham, D.Q.[Dang Quang] Pham, D.Q.[Dang-Quang]

Pham, D.S. Co Author Listing * CCTV Scene Perspective Distortion Estimation From Low-Level Motion Features
* Detection of Dynamic Background Due to Swaying Movements From Motion Features
* Efficient Algorithms for Robust Recovery of Images From Compressed Data
* Efficient and accurate set-based registration of time-separated aerial images
* Fast Extension for Sparse Representation on Robust Face Recognition, A
* Improved Image Recovery From Compressed Data Contaminated With Impulsive Noise
* Improved Impulse Noise Removal with Generalized Median Filter
* Improved subspace clustering via exploitation of spatial constraints
* Joint learning and dictionary construction for pattern recognition
* Mixed-norm sparse representation for multi view face recognition
* Multi-modal abnormality detection in video with unknown data segmentation
* Multi-View Subspace Clustering for Face Images
* On group-wise regularization: Theory and efficient algorithms
* Robust learning of discriminative projection for multicategory classification on the Stiefel manifold
* sequential algorithm for robust parameter estimation, A
* Two Maximum Entropy-Based Algorithms for Running Quantile Estimation in Nonstationary Data Streams
* Visual Object Clustering via Mixed-Norm Regularization
Includes: Pham, D.S. Pham, D.S.[Duc-Son] Pham, D.S.[Duc Son] Pham, D.S.[Due Son]
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Pham, D.T. Co Author Listing * Automatic assembly of ocular fundus images
* Depth from automatic defocusing
* Depth from defocusing using a neural network
* Efficient Algorithm for Automatic Knowledge Acquisition, An
* Image compression using polylines
* Optimal Estimation of Object Pose from a Single Perspective View
* Self-organizing neural-network-based pattern clustering method with fuzzy outputs
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Pham, H. Co Author Listing * analytical calibration approach for microwave polarimetric radiometers, An
* generalized surveillance model with applications to systems safety, A
* Off-axis quantitative phase imaging processing using CUDA: Toward real-time applications
Includes: Pham, H. Pham, H.[Hoang]

Pham, H.D.[Huu Dung] Co Author Listing * Motion-energy-based unequal error protection for H.264/AVC video bitstreams
* Optimal Weight Model for Single Image Super-Resolution, An
* Optimized Motion Energy Estimation for Group of Pictures in Multi-Level Error Protection of H.264/AVC Video Bitstreams
* Semi-supervised Learning on Bi-relational Graph for Image Annotation
Includes: Pham, H.D.[Huu Dung] Pham, H.D.[Huy Dien] Pham, H.D.[Hien Duy]

Pham, H.T. Co Author Listing * swap randomization approach for mining motion field time series over the Argentiere glacier, A

Pham, H.X.[Hai Xuan] Co Author Listing * Depth Recovery with Face Priors
* Hybrid On-Line 3D Face and Facial Actions Tracking in RGBD Video Sequences
* Robust Real-Time 3D Face Tracking from RGBD Videos under Extreme Pose, Depth, and Expression Variation
* Robust real-time performance-driven 3D face tracking
* Speech-Driven 3D Facial Animation with Implicit Emotional Awareness: A Deep Learning Approach
* Using 3D face priors for depth recovery
Includes: Pham, H.X.[Hai Xuan] Pham, H.X.[Hai X.] Pham, H.X.

Pham, L.M.[Linh Manh] Co Author Listing * Real-time eye tracking using a smart camera
* Real-time web-based hyperspectral data viewing and control

Pham, L.T.H.[Lien T.H.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring mangrove biomass change in Vietnam using SPOT images and an object-based approach combined with machine learning algorithms

Pham, M.H. Co Author Listing * Detecting the optimal active contour in the computed tomography image by using entropy to choose coefficients in energy equation
* Detection of the features of the objects in MR images using dynamic programming

Pham, M.Q. Co Author Listing * Euclid in a Taxicab: Sparse Blind Deconvolution with Smoothed L_1/L_2 Regularization
* Sparse adaptive template matching and filtering for 2D seismic images with dual-tree wavelets and proximal methods
Includes: Pham, M.Q. Pham, M.Q.[Mai Quyen]

Pham, M.T.[Minh Tan] Co Author Listing * Change Detection Between SAR Images Using a Pointwise Approach and Graph Theory
* Contraction Moves for Geometric Model Fitting
* Demisting the Hough Transform for 3D Shape Recognition and Registration
* Detection with multi-exit asymmetric boosting
* Distances and Means of Direct Similarities
* dynamic programming approach for fast and robust object pose recognition from range images, A
* Estimating camera pose from a single urban ground-view omnidirectional image and a 2D building outline map
* Fast polygonal integration and its application in extending Haar-like features to improve object detection
* Fast training and selection of Haar features using statistics in boosting-based face detection
* Full-Angle Quaternions for Robustly Matching Vectors of 3D Rotations
* Human Body Shape Estimation Using a Multi-resolution Manifold Forest
* keypoint approach for change detection between SAR images based on graph theory, A
* Live 3D shape reconstruction, recognition and registration
* new distance for scale-invariant 3D shape recognition and registration, A
* Online Learning Asymmetric Boosted Classifiers for Object Detection
* PW-COG: An Effective Texture Descriptor for VHR Satellite Imagery Using a Pointwise Approach on Covariance Matrix of Oriented Gradients
* Quasi-Flat Zones for Angular Data Simplification
* Texture Retrieval from VHR Optical Remote Sensed Images Using the Local Extrema Descriptor with Application to Vineyard Parcel Detection
Includes: Pham, M.T.[Minh Tan] Pham, M.T.[Minh-Tan] Pham, M.T.[Minh-Tri] Pham, M.T.
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Pham, N.H.[Ngoc Hai] Co Author Listing * Kernel descriptor based plant leaf identification
Includes: Pham, N.H.[Ngoc Hai] Pham, N.H.[Ngoc-Hai]

Pham, N.K.[Nguyen Khang] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Image Retrieval Using Factorial Correspondence Analysis on GPU
Includes: Pham, N.K.[Nguyen Khang] Pham, N.K.[Nguyen-Khang]

Pham, N.T.[Nam Trung] Co Author Listing * Fusing Appearance and Spatio-temporal Features for Multiple Camera Tracking
* Learning Deep Features for Multiple Object Tracking by Using a Multi-Task Learning Strategy
* Probability Hypothesis Density Approach for Multi-camera Multi-object Tracking
* Real-time smoke detection using texture and color features
* Video stabilization based on high degree B-spline smoothing

Pham, N.Y.[Ngoc Yen] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Nom Text Regions from Stele Images Using Area Voronoi Diagram
* Recognition-Based Segmentation of Nom Characters from Body Text Regions of Stele Images Using Area Voronoi Diagram
Includes: Pham, N.Y.[Ngoc Yen] Pham, N.Y.[Ngoc-Yen]

Pham, P.[Phi] Co Author Listing * Naming People in News Videos with Label Propagation

Pham, P.T.[Phi The] Co Author Listing * Aligning Names and Faces: Seeing the Problem in Different Ways
* Cross-Media Alignment of Names and Faces
* Naming persons in video: Using the weak supervision of textual stories

Pham, Q.C.[Quoc Cuong] Co Author Listing * Audio-video surveillance system for public transportation
* Background subtraction adapted to PTZ cameras by keypoint density estimation
* Background Subtraction for PTZ Cameras Performing a Guard Tour and Application to Cameras with Very Low Frame Rate
* Bidirectional sparse representations for multi-shot person re-identification
* Camera-to-Camera Mapping for Hybrid Pan-Tilt-Zoom Sensors Calibration
* Crowd Behavior Analysis Using Local Mid-Level Visual Descriptors
* Fast and accurate video annotation using dense motion hypotheses
* IMM-Based Tracking and Latency Control with Off-the-Shelf IP PTZ Camera
* Joint hierarchical learning for efficient multi-class object detection
* Practical Guide to Marker Based and Hybrid Visual Registration for AR Industrial Applications, A
* Real-Time Posture Analysis in a Crowd using Thermal Imaging
* review of cardiac image registration methods, A
* RIMOC, a feature to discriminate unstructured motions: Application to violence detection for video-surveillance
Includes: Pham, Q.C.[Quoc Cuong] Pham, Q.C.[Quoc-Cuong] Pham, Q.C.[Quonc-Cong]
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Pham, Q.H.[Quang Hieu] Co Author Listing * Field Model for Repairing 3D Shapes, A
* SceneNN: A Scene Meshes Dataset with aNNotations
Includes: Pham, Q.H.[Quang Hieu] Pham, Q.H.[Quang-Hieu]

Pham, S.[Son] Co Author Listing * Digital Straight Segments

Pham, T. Co Author Listing * Faster training of very deep networks via p-norm gates
* Human Face Image Recognition: An Evidence Aggregation Approach
* Human Face Recognition: A Minimal Evidence Approach
* Subspace Vector Quantization and Markov Modeling for Cell Phase Classification
Includes: Pham, T. Pham, T.[Tuan]

Pham, T.A.[The Anh] Co Author Listing * Accurate junction detection and characterization in line-drawing images
* Accurate junction detection and reconstruction in line-drawing images
* Contour-Based Method for Logo Detection, A
* Effective Decompression of JPEG Document Images
* Efficient Indexing Scheme Based on Linked-Node m-Ary Tree Structure, An
* efficient tree structure for indexing feature vectors, An
* How to Collect Segmentations for Biomedical Images? A Benchmark Evaluating the Performance of Experts, Crowdsourced Non-experts, and Algorithms
* Pair-wisely optimized clustering tree for feature indexing
* Post-processing coding artefacts for JPEG documents
* Robust Symbol Localization Based on Junction Features and Efficient Geometry Consistency Checking
* SAGE: An approach and implementation empowering quick and reliable quantitative analysis of segmentation quality
Includes: Pham, T.A.[The Anh] Pham, T.A.[The-Anh] Pham, T.A.[Tuan A.] Pham, T.A.
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Pham, T.D.[Tuan D.] Co Author Listing * Ambiguity reduction in speaker identification by the relaxation labeling process
* Automated Feature Weighting in Fuzzy Declustering-based Vector Quantization
* Banknote recognition based on optimization of discriminative regions by genetic algorithm with one-dimensional visible-light line sensor
* Characterization of Cancer and Normal Intracellular Images by the Power Law of a Fuzzy Partition Functional
* Classification of Proteomic Signals by Block Kriging Error Matching
* Clustered Nuclei Splitting Using Curvature Information
* Cross Image Inference Scheme for Stereo Matching
* Detection of Nuclear Buds Based on Ellipse Fitting
* Double Adaptive Filtering of Gaussian Noise Degraded Images
* Edge-Aware Filtering with Local Polynomial Approximation and Rectangle-Based Weighting
* Effective Algorithm for the Segmentation of Digital Plane Curves: The Isoparametric Formulation, An
* Estimating Parameters of Optimal Average and Adaptive Wiener Filters for Image Restoration with Sequential Gaussian Simulation
* Feature Correspondence with Even Distribution
* Feature interaction in subspace clustering using the Choquet integral
* Feature matching in stereo images encouraging uniform spatial distribution
* Fuzzy declustering-based vector quantization
* Fuzzy posterior-probabilistic fusion
* GeoEntropy: A measure of complexity and similarity
* geostatistical model for linear prediction analysis of speech, A
* Guided image completion by confidence propagation
* Image classification of bowel abnormalities and ischemia
* Image Classification with Indicator Kriging Error Comparison
* image restoration by fusion, An
* Image Restoration by Fuzzy Convex Ordinary Kriging
* Image Restoration by Ordinary Kriging with Convexity
* Image Segmentation Using Probabilistic Fuzzy C-means Clustering
* Information based speaker verification
* Junction detection for linear structures based on Hessian, correlation and shape information
* Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy in the setting of fuzzy sets for image texture analysis and classification, The
* Mass Spectrometry Based Cancer Classification Using Fuzzy Fractal Dimensions
* Multipoint Filtering with Local Polynomial Approximation and Range Guidance
* new method for linear feature and junction enhancement in 2D images based on morphological operation, oriented anisotropic Gaussian function and Hessian information, A
* New Spatial Approach to Image Restoration, A
* Noise-Added Texture Analysis
* Possibilistic nonlinear dynamical analysis for pattern recognition
* Recognition and analysis of cell nuclear phases for high-content screening based on morphological features
* Robust Impulse-Noise Filtering for Biomedical Images Using Numerical Interpolation
* Segmentation of medical images using geo-theoretic distance matrix in fuzzy clustering
* Semi-Variogram and Spectral Distortion Measures for Image Texture Retrieval, The
* Similarity normalization for speaker verification by fuzzy fusion
* Soft Cost Aggregation with Multi-resolution Fusion
* spatially constrained fuzzy hyper-prototype clustering algorithm, A
* Special issue on pattern recognition in computational life sciences
* Spectral distortion measures for biological sequence comparisons and database searching
* Stereo matching based on multi-direction polynomial model
* Stereo matching using cost volume watershed and region merging
* Unconstrained logo detection in document images
Includes: Pham, T.D.[Tuan D.] Pham, T.D.[Tuyen Danh] Pham, T.D.
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Pham, T.H.[Tu Hoa] Co Author Listing * Towards force sensing from vision: Observing hand-object interactions to infer manipulation forces
Includes: Pham, T.H.[Tu Hoa] Pham, T.H.[Tu-Hoa]

Pham, T.Q.[Tuan Q.] Co Author Listing * Bidirectinal bias correction for Gradient-Based Shift Estimation
* Evaluation of the Effects of a Personal Mobility Vehicle on Multiple Pedestrians Using Personal Space
* Non-maximum Suppression Using Fewer than Two Comparisons per Pixel
* Normalized Averaging Using Adaptive Applicability Functions with Applications in Image Reconstruction from Sparsely and Randomly Sampled Data
* Paper Fingerprinting Using alpha-Masked Image Matching
* Parallel Implementation of Geodesic Distance Transform with Application in Superpixel Segmentation
* Robust Fusion of Irregularly Sampled Data Using Adaptive Normalized Convolution
Includes: Pham, T.Q.[Tuan Q.] Pham, T.Q.
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Pham, T.T. Co Author Listing * Efficient Point Process Inference for Large-Scale Object Detection
* Hierarchical Higher-Order Regression Forest Fields: An Application to 3D Indoor Scene Labelling
* Interacting Geometric Priors For Robust Multimodel Fitting
* k-support norm and convex envelopes of cardinality and rank, The
* Random Cluster Model for Robust Geometric Fitting, The
* Simultaneous Feature Aggregating and Hashing for Large-Scale Image Search
Includes: Pham, T.T. Pham, T.T.[Trung T.] Pham, T.T.[Trung Thanh]

Pham, T.T.H.[Thi Thanh Hien] Co Author Listing * Mapping urban green space in Montreal for better environmental justice: objectoriented classification of very-high-resolution images

Pham, T.T.T.[Thi Thanh Thuy] Co Author Listing * Fully-automated person re-identification in multi-camera surveillance system with a robust kernel descriptor and effective shadow removal method

Pham, T.V.[Thang V.] Co Author Listing * Face detection by aggregated Bayesian network classifiers
* Learning spatial relations in object recognition
* Metric tree partitioning and Taylor approximation for fast support vector classification
* Multi-Camera Visual Surveillance System for Tracking of Reoccurrences of People, A
* Object recognition with uncertain geometry and uncertain part detection
* Quadratic boosting
* Sparse Representation for Coarse and Fine Object Recognition
Includes: Pham, T.V.[Thang V.] Pham, T.V.
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Pham, V.Q.[Viet Quoc] Co Author Listing * Bounding-Box Based Segmentation with Single Min-cut Using Distant Pixel Similarity
* COUNT Forest: CO-Voting Uncertain Number of Targets Using Random Forest for Crowd Density Estimation
* DIET: Dynamic Integration of Extended Tracklets for Tracking Multiple Persons
* Foreground-background segmentation using iterated distribution matching
* Geometrically Invariant Object-Based Watermarking using SIFT Feature
* Image Segmentation using Dual Distribution Matching
* Live Video Segmentation in Dynamic Backgrounds Using Thermal Vision
* Real-Time Video Matting Based on Bilayer Segmentation
Includes: Pham, V.Q.[Viet Quoc] Pham, V.Q.[Viet-Quoc] Pham, V.Q.
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Pham, V.T.[Van Truong] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation using fuzzy energy-based active contour with shape prior
* Moment-based alignment for shape prior with variational B-spline level set
* MRI image segmentation based on fast global minimization of snake model
* Multiphase B-spline level set and incremental shape priors with applications to segmentation and tracking of left ventricle in cardiac MR images
* Unsupervised active contours driven by density distance and local fitting energy with applications to medical image segmentation
* Zernike moment and local distribution fitting fuzzy energy-based active contours for image segmentation
Includes: Pham, V.T.[Van Truong] Pham, V.T.[Van-Truong] Pham, V.T.

Pham, X.C.[Xuan Cuong] Co Author Listing * novel combining classifier method based on Variational Inference, A
* Novel Online Bayes Classifier, A

Pham, X.D.[Xuan Dai] Co Author Listing * FPGA Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Stereo Vision System

Phamdo, N. Co Author Listing * Source-Channel Optimized Trellis Codes for Bitonal Image Transmission over AWGN Channels

Phamduy, P. Co Author Listing * Controlling a Robotic Fish Via a Natural User Interface for Informal Science Education

Phan, A. Co Author Listing * Interpolating Sparse GPS Measurements Via Relaxation Labeling and Belief Propagation for the Redeployment of Ambulances
* Situational Awareness for Manufacturing Applications
* Towards 3D human posture estimation using multiple kinects despite self-contacts
Includes: Phan, A. Phan, A.[Andrew]

Phan, A.H. Co Author Listing * Partitioned Alternating Least Squares Technique for Canonical Polyadic Tensor Decomposition
* Two-Stage MMSE Beamformer for Underdetermined Signal Separation, A
Includes: Phan, A.H. Phan, A.H.[Anh Huy]

Phan, B.[Binh] Co Author Listing * Postal Reply Card Processing

Phan, D.[Dzung] Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithms for Image Reconstruction with Application to Partially Parallel MR Imaging
* Object Recognition by Combining Binary Local Invariant Features and Color Histogram
Includes: Phan, D.[Dzung] Phan, D.[Dung]

Phan, D.T.[Dzung T.] Co Author Listing * Gradient-Based Methods For Sparse Recovery

Phan, H. Co Author Listing * Achieving Linguistic Provenance via Plagiarism Detection
* Computationally efficient 3-D statistical reconstruction from digitized radiographs
Includes: Phan, H. Phan, H.[Huy]

Phan, H.H.[Hai Hong] Co Author Listing * integrated descriptor for texture classification, An
* Motion of Oriented Magnitudes Patterns for Human Action Recognition
Includes: Phan, H.H.[Hai Hong] Phan, H.H.[Hai-Hong]

Phan, L.[Ly] Co Author Listing * Adaptive smooth surface fitting with manifolds
* Refining Shape Correspondence For Similar Objects Using Strain
* Visualization Techniques for the Developing Chicken Heart

Phan, M.S.[Minh Son] Co Author Listing * Angular difference measure between tomographic projections taken at unknown directions in 2D
* Efficient Robust Digital Annulus Fitting with Bounded Error
* Estimation of angular difference between tomographic projections taken at unknown directions in 3D
* Moment-Based Angular Difference Estimation Between Two Tomographic Projections in 2D and 3D

Phan, N. Co Author Listing * Topic-Aware Physical Activity Propagation in a Health Social Network

Phan, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Method for Scoliosis Fusion Level Selection by a Topologicaly Ordered Self Organizing Kohonen Network, A

Phan, Q.H.[Quoc Huy] Co Author Listing * Look Closely: Learning Exemplar Patches for Recognizing Textiles from Product Images

Phan, Q.T.[Quoc Tin] Co Author Listing * FACE spoofing detection using LDP-TOP
* Using LDP-TOP in Video-Based Spoofing Detection
Includes: Phan, Q.T.[Quoc Tin] Phan, Q.T.[Quoc-Tin]

Phan, R.[Raymond] Co Author Listing * Content-based retrieval of logo and trademarks in unconstrained color image databases using Color Edge Gradient Co-occurrence Histograms
* Logo and Trademark Retrieval in General Image Databases Using Color Edge Gradient Co-occurrence Histograms
* Robust Semi-Automatic Depth Map Generation in Unconstrained Images and Video Sequences for 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion
* Semi-automatic 2D to 3D image conversion using scale-space Random Walks and a graph cuts based depth prior
Includes: Phan, R.[Raymond] Phan, R.

Phan, R.C.W.[Raphael Chung Wei] Co Author Listing * Automatic Micro-expression Recognition from Long Video Using a Single Spotted Apex
* Facial Expression Recognition in the Encrypted Domain Based on Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* Flaws in Generic Watermarking Protocols Based on Zero-Knowledge Proofs
* HEVC video authentication using data embedding technique
* In)Security of an Efficient Fingerprinting Scheme with Symmetric and Commutative Encryption of IWDW 2005
* LBP with Six Intersection Points: Reducing Redundant Information in LBP-TOP for Micro-expression Recognition
* Multi-layer authentication scheme for HEVC video based on embedded statistics
* Novel Sketch Attack for H.264/AVC Format-Compliant Encrypted Video, A
* On the effective subkey space of some image encryption algorithms using external key
* On the Security of a Hybrid SVD-DCT Watermarking Method Based on LPSNR
* Sparsity in Dynamics of Spontaneous Subtle Emotions: Analysis and Application
* Spontaneous subtle expression detection and recognition based on facial strain
* Spontaneous Subtle Expression Recognition: Imbalanced Databases and Solutions
* Subtle Expression Recognition Using Optical Strain Weighted Features
* Tampering with a watermarking-based image authentication scheme
Includes: Phan, R.C.W.[Raphael Chung Wei] Phan, R.C.W.[Raphael Chung-Wei] Phan, R.C.W.[Raphael C.W.] Phan, R.C.W. Phan, R.C.W.[Raphael C.-W.]
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Phan, S.[Sang] Co Author Listing * Human Action Recognition from Depth Videos Using Pool of Multiple Projections with Greedy Selection
* NII-UIT: A Tool for Known Item Search by Sequential Pattern Filtering
* Sum-max video pooling for complex event recognition

Phan, T.[Thanh] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Carotid Arteries in CTA Images
* Seven challenges for image quality research
Includes: Phan, T.[Thanh] Phan, T.[Thien]

Phan, T.D.[Thien D.] Co Author Listing * On the quality assessment of enhanced images: A database, analysis, and strategies for augmenting existing methods
* Performance-analysis-based acceleration of image quality assessment
* Reduced-reference image quality assessment based on distortion families of local perceived sharpness
* S_3: A Spectral and Spatial Measure of Local Perceived Sharpness in Natural Images
Includes: Phan, T.D.[Thien D.] Phan, T.D.

Phan, T.Q.[Trung Quy] Co Author Listing * Accurate video text detection through classification of low and high contrast images
* Character extraction in web image for text recognition
* Gradient Difference Based Technique for Video Text Detection, A
* Gradient Vector Flow and Grouping-Based Method for Arbitrarily Oriented Scene Text Detection in Video Images
* Gradient Vector Flow-Based Method for Video Character Segmentation, A
* Graphics and Scene Text Classification in Video
* Laplacian Approach to Multi-Oriented Text Detection in Video, A
* Laplacian Method for Video Text Detection, A
* Multioriented Video Scene Text Detection Through Bayesian Classification and Boundary Growing
* New Fourier-Statistical Features in RGB Space for Video Text Detection
* New Wavelet and Color Features for Text Detection in Video
* novel mutual nearest neighbor based symmetry for text frame classification in video, A
* novel ring radius transform for video character reconstruction, A
* Recognition of Video Text through Temporal Integration
* Recognizing Text with Perspective Distortion in Natural Scenes
* Robust Wavelet Transform Based Technique for Video Text Detection, A
* Scene Character Reconstruction through Medial Axis
* Semiautomatic Ground Truth Generation for Text Detection and Recognition in Video Images
* Text detection in natural scenes using Gradient Vector Flow-Guided symmetry
* Video Character Recognition through Hierarchical Classification
* Video Script Identification Based on Text Lines
Includes: Phan, T.Q.[Trung Quy] Phan, T.Q.
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Phan, T.V.[Truyen Van] Co Author Listing * Combination of global and local contexts for text/non-text classification in heterogeneous online handwritten documents
* Effects of Line Densities on Nonlinear Normalization for Online Handwritten Japanese Character Recognition
* Nom historical document recognition system for digital archiving, A
* Towards an Automatic Clinical Classification of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Includes: Phan, T.V.[Truyen Van] Phan, T.V.[Thanh Vān]

Phan, V.H.[Vu Hien] Co Author Listing * Assessing Orographic Variability in Glacial Thickness Changes at the Tibetan Plateau Using ICESat Laser Altimetry
* Seasonal Trends In Tibetan Lake Level Changes As Observed By Icesat Laser Altimetry

Phanindra Kumar, T. Co Author Listing * Impact Assessment of Watershed In Desert Region

Pharn, D.S.[Due Son] Co Author Listing * Optimal metric selection for improved multi-pose face recognition with group information
Includes: Pharn, D.S.[Due Son] Pharn, D.S.[Due-Son]

Phatak, N.S.[Nikhil S.] Co Author Listing * Strain Measurement in the Left Ventricle During Systole with Deformable Image Registration

Phatrapornnant, T.[Teera] Co Author Listing * innovative of pyramid-based fusion for generating the HDR images in common display devices, An
* Less-Visible Contrast Enhancement Based on Non-Linear Scaling Function and Singular Value Decomposition

Phatthanachuanchom, S.[Somchai] Co Author Listing * Color Transfer by Region Exploration and Navigation

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