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Pi, M. Co Author Listing * Fractal indexing with the joint statistical properties and its application in texture image retrieval

Pi, M.H.[Ming Hong] Co Author Listing * Analysis of a hybrid fractal-predictive-coding compression scheme
* comparison of non-orthogonal and orthogonal fractal decoding, A
* Distributed retrieval of wavelet images using bandwidth monitoring
* evaluation metric for image segmentation of multiple objects, An
* Fast and Effective Model for Wavelet Subband Histograms and Its Application in Texture Image Retrieval, A
* Fast fractal image encoding based on adaptive search
* Improve maximum likelihood estimation for subband GGD parameters
* Measurement of Fine Particle Size with Wavelet Signature
* new decoding algorithm based on range block mean and contrast scaling, A
* Signal-walking-driven active contour model
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation by Adaptive Thresholding and Gradient Watershed
Includes: Pi, M.H.[Ming Hong] Pi, M.H.[Ming-Hong] Pi, M.H.
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