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Pie, N. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Elevation Change Detection Methods From ICESat Altimetry Over the Greenland Ice Sheet

Piech, M.A.[M. Ann] Co Author Listing * Comments on Fingerprints of Two-Dimensional Edge Models
* Decomposing the Laplacian
Includes: Piech, M.A.[M. Ann] Piech, M.A.

Piecha, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Context-Sensitive Grammar for Vehicle Movement Description, The

Piechel, J. Co Author Listing * Extracting Roof Parameters and Heat Bridges over the City of Oldenburg from Hyperspectral-, Thermal-, and Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Extracting Urban Parameters of the City of Oldenburg from Hyperspectral, Thermal, and Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Geometric Calibration of Thermal Cameras
* Geometric Calibration Of Thermographic Cameras
Includes: Piechel, J. Piechel, J.[Johannes]

Piechocki, R. Co Author Listing * Privacy Leakage of Physical Activity Levels in Wireless Embedded Wearable Systems

Piechota, T.C. Co Author Listing * Land Surface Brightness Temperature Modeling Using Solar Insolation

Pieciak, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * maximum spacing noise estimation in single-coil background MRI data, The
* Non-Stationary Rician Noise Estimation in Parallel MRI Using a Single Image: A Variance-Stabilizing Approach
* Spatially variant noise estimation in MRI: A homomorphic approach

Pieck, M.A.R.[Martin A.R.] Co Author Listing * Real-time semantic context labeling for image understanding

Pieczonka, T.[Tino] Co Author Listing * Generation and evaluation of multitemporal digital terrain models of the Mt. Everest area from different optical sensors
* Glacier Mass Loss during the 1960s and 1970s in the Ak-Shirak Range (Kyrgyzstan) from Multiple Stereoscopic Corona and Hexagon Imagery

Pieczynski, W.[Wojciech] Co Author Listing * email: Pieczynski, W.[Wojciech]: Wojciech Pieczynski AT int-evry fr
* Adaptive Mixture Estimation and Unsupervised Local Bayesian Image Segmentation
* Compound Distribution for Radar Images
* Estimation des Parametres dans les Chaines de Markov Cachees et Segmentation d'Images
* Estimation of Fuzzy Gaussian Mixture and Unsupervised Statistical Image Segmentation
* Estimation of Generalized Mixture in the Case of Correlated Sensors
* Estimation of Generalized Mixtures and Its Application in Image Segmentation
* Estimation of Generalized Multisensor Hidden Markov-Chains and Unsupervised Image Segmentation
* Exact Fast Computation of Optimal Filter in Gaussian Switching Linear Systems
* Generalised Mixture Estimation and Unsupervised Classification based on Hidden Markov Chains and Hidden Markov Random Fields
* Global and Local Methods of Unsupervised Bayesian Segmentation of Images
* Hidden Evidential Markov Trees and Image Segmentation
* Hidden Markov fields and unsupervised segmentation of images
* Modeling non-rayleigh speckle distribution in SAR images
* Multisensor image segmentation using Dempster-Shafer fusion in Markov fields context
* Multisensor triplet Markov fields and theory of evidence
* Pairwise Markov Chains
* Parameter-Estimation in Hidden Fuzzy Markov Random-Fields and Image Segmentation
* Phasic Triplet Markov Chains
* Segmenting Non Stationary Images with Triplet Markov Fields
* SEM Algorithm and Unsupervised Segmentation of Satellite Images
* Statistical Image Segmentation
* Subsampling-based HMC parameter estimation with application to large datasets classification
* Unsupervised image segmentation using triplet Markov fields
* Unsupervised multicomponent image segmentation combining a vectorial HMC Model and ICA
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Markov Random Fields Corrupted by Nonstationary Noise
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Multisensor Images Using Generalized Hidden Markov Chains
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Random Discrete Data Hidden With Switching Noise Distributions
* Unsupervised Statistical Segmentation of Nonstationary Images Using Triplet Markov Fields
Includes: Pieczynski, W.[Wojciech] Pieczynski, W.
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Piedade, M. Co Author Listing * Errors in the estimation of gradient direction using IIR and FIR implementations
* Joint segmentation and motion estimation
* Mixed Exponentials Filter for Edge Detection and the Fredholm Integral Equation of the First Kind
* MRF-motion Segmentation Based on Dominant Motion Estimation and the Detection of Uncovered Regions

Piedade, M.S. Co Author Listing * Random Walk Model Kalman Filter in Multichannel Active Noise Control, The

Piedra Fernandez, J.A. Co Author Listing * Contextual and Hierarchical Classification of Satellite Images Based on Cellular Automata
* Feature Selection in AVHRR Ocean Satellite Images by Means of Filter Methods
* Fuzzy Content-Based Image Retrieval for Oceanic Remote Sensing
Includes: Piedra Fernandez, J.A. Piedra-Fernandez, J.A.

Piegay, E. Co Author Listing * Crest lines detection by valleys spreading

Piegay, H.[Herve] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Object-Based Mapping of Riverscape Units and in-Stream Mesohabitats Using LiDAR and VHR Imagery
* Physical Characterisation of River Corridors from Orthophotos: Challenging Issues and First Application to the Rhone Hydrographic Network
Includes: Piegay, H.[Herve] Piégay, H.[Hervé] Piégay, H.

Piegl, L. Co Author Listing * Infinite Control Points: A Method for Representing Surfaces of Revolution Using Boundary Data

Piegl, L.A.[Les A.] Co Author Listing * alternative method of curve interpolation, An
* Delaunay Triangulation in Three Dimensions
Includes: Piegl, L.A.[Les A.] Piegl, L.A.

Piekarczyk, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Averaging Three-Dimensional Time-Varying Sequences of Rotations: Application to Preprocessing of Motion Capture Data
* Matrix-Based Hierarchical Graph Matching in Off-Line Handwritten Signatures Recognition
Includes: Piekarczyk, M.[Marcin] Piekarczyk, M.

Piekarski, E.[Eve] Co Author Listing * Multi-cycle Reconstruction of Cardiac MRI for the Analysis of Inter-ventricular Septum Motion During Free Breathing

Piekenbrock, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Parallelized Iterative Closest Point for Autonomous Aerial Refueling

Piekh, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Time-Varying Scene Capture Technologies: A Survey

Piella, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Strain Assessment in Ultrasound (Straus): A Synthetic Comparison of Five Tracking Methodologies
* Adaptive Lifting Schemes Combining Seminorms for Lossless Image Compression
* Adaptive Multiscale Similarity Measure for Non-rigid Registration, An
* Adaptive Update Lifting Scheme with Perfect Reconstruction, An
* Building an Ensemble of Complementary Segmentation Methods by Exploiting Probabilistic Estimates
* Cardiac Deformation from Electro-Anatomical Mapping Data: Application to Scar Characterization
* Characterization of Myocardial Velocities by Multiple Kernel Learning: Application to Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
* Characterizing Patterns of Response During Mild Stress-Testing in Continuous Echocardiography Recordings Using a Multiview Dimensionality Reduction Technique
* Combining Seminorms in Adaptive Lifting Schemes and Applications to Image Analysis and Compression
* Gradient-driven update lifting for adaptive wavelets
* Image Fusion for Enhanced Visualization: A Variational Approach
* Improved Myocardial Motion Estimation Combining Tissue Doppler and B-Mode Echocardiographic Images
* Integration of Multi-Plane Tissue Doppler and B-Mode Echocardiographic Images for Left Ventricular Motion Estimation
* Learning and Combining Image Similarities for Neonatal Brain Population Studies
* Modified M-Band Synthesis Filter Bank for Fractional Scalability of Images
* Multiview Diffeomorphic Registration for Motion and Strain Estimation from 3D Ultrasound Sequences
* new quality metric for image fusion, A
* Quantization of adaptive 2D wavelet decompositions
* Statistical Shape Model with Random Walks for Inner Ear Segmentation
* Three-Step Nonlinear Lifting Scheme for Lossless Image Compression, A
Includes: Piella, G. Piella, G.[Gemma]
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Pielmeier, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Grain Type Classification of Snow Micro Penetrometer Signals With Random Forests

Pielot, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Edge Detection to Define Landmarks for Point-based Warping in Brain Imaging
* Inter-modality registration of NMRi and histological section images using neural networks regression in Gabor feature space
* Performance of 3D landmark detection methods for point-based warping in autoradiographic brain imaging

Piemonte, A. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment in Structure from Motion 3D Reconstruction from UAV-Born Images: The Influence of the Data Processing Methods
* Computational Vision in UV-mapping Of Textured Meshes Coming From Photogrammetric Recovery: Unwrapping Frescoed Vaults
* Frescoed Vaults: Accuracy Controlled Simplified Methodology for Planar Development of Three-Dimensional Textured Models
* Integrated Survey for Knowledge and Preservation of a Cultural Heritage: the Albanian Fortified Citadel of Elbasan, An
* Range and Image Based Modelling: A Way for Frescoed Vault Texturing Optimization
Includes: Piemonte, A. Piemonte, A.[Andrea]

Pien, H. Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Shape Analysis via Level Sets, A
* Extraction of Shape Skeletons from Grayscale Images
* Functional MRI activity characterization using response time shift estimates from curve evolution
* Spatio-Temporal Deconvolution Method to Improve Perfusion CT Quantification, A

Pien, H.H. Co Author Listing * Recovery of Surfaces with Discontinuities by Fusing Shading and Range Data within a Variational Framework
* Variational Approach to Multisensor Fusion of Images, A
* Variational segmentation of multi-channel MRI images

Pienaar, R.[Rudolph] Co Author Listing * Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Spherical Wavelet Transformation
* Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Spherical Wavelets
* methodology for analyzing curvature in the developing brain from preterm to adult, A
Includes: Pienaar, R.[Rudolph] Pienaar, R.

Pieniazek, P.[Pawel] Co Author Listing * Eye Blink Based Detection of Liveness in Biometric Authentication Systems Using Conditional Random Fields

Pienovi, C. Co Author Listing * Delaunay-Based Representation of Surfaces Defined over Arbitrarily Shaped Domains
* Structured Graph Representation of a Hierarchical Triangulation

Pienta, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Thermal and Visual Modalities for Automated Facial Expression Recognition, A

Pieper, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Streaming-Media Knowledge Discovery

Pieper, M. Co Author Listing * Detection Algorithms in Hyperspectral Imaging Systems: An Overview of Practical Algorithms
* Performance evaluation of cluster-based hyperspectral target detection algorithms

Pieper, R.J. Co Author Listing * Passive Range Estimation Using Dual-Base-Line Triangulation

Pieper, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Open-Source Environment for Interactive Finite Element Modeling of Optimal ICD Electrode Placement

Piepmeier, J. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product

Piepmeier, J.A.[Jenelle Armstrong] Co Author Listing * Visual servo control of electromagnetic actuation for a family of microrobot devices

Piepmeier, J.R. Co Author Listing * Polarization Rotation Correction in Radiometry: An Error Analysis
* Radio-Frequency Interference Mitigation for the Soil Moisture Active Passive Microwave Radiometer
* SMAP L-Band Microwave Radiometer: Instrument Design and First Year on Orbit
* SMAP L-Band Microwave Radiometer: RFI Mitigation Prelaunch Analysis and First Year On-Orbit Observations
* Soil Moisture Active/Passive L-Band Microwave Radiometer Postlaunch Calibration

Pieprzyk, J. Co Author Listing * Features-Pooling Blind JPEG Image Steganalysis
* Low-Cost Attack on Branch-Based Software Watermarking Schemes, A
Includes: Pieprzyk, J. Pieprzyk, J.[Josef]

Piera, J.[Jaume] Co Author Listing * Citizen Bio-Optical Observations from Coast- and Ocean and Their Compatibility with Ocean Colour Satellite Measurements

Pieracci, A.[Augusto] Co Author Listing * Sensing floors for privacy-compliant surveillance of wide areas

Pieraccini, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Ground-Based SAR Data With Diverse Temporal Baselines
* Dynamic Monitoring of Bridges Using a High-Speed Coherent Radar
* Integration of Radar Interferometry and Laser Scanning for Remote Monitoring of an Urban Site Built on a Sliding Slope
* Joint Time-Frequency Analysis for Investigation of Layered Masonry Structures Using Penetrating Radar
* Terrain mapping by ground-based interferometric radar
* Tridimensional Digitizing of Donatello's Maddalena

Pieralice, F. Co Author Listing * DSM generation from high resolution SAR sensors with radargrammetric model. Application with COSMO-SkyMed and TerraSAR-X
* DSMS Generation from COSMO-SKYMED, RADARSAT-2 AND TERRASAR-X Imagery on Beauport (Canada) Test Site: Evaluation and Comparison of Different Radargrammetric Approaches
* Evaluation and comparison of different radargrammetric approaches for Digital Surface Models generation from COSMO-SkyMed, TerraSAR-X, RADARSAT-2 imagery: Analysis of Beauport (Canada) test site
* Radargrammetric Digital Surface Models Generation From Terrasar-x Imagery: Case Studies, Problems And Potentialities

Pierangelo, C.[Clemence] Co Author Listing * MERLIN: A French-German Space Lidar Mission Dedicated to Atmospheric Methane
Includes: Pierangelo, C.[Clemence] Pierangelo, C.[Clémence]

Pierard, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Combining Color, Depth, and Motion for Video Segmentation
* Estimation of Human Orientation in Images Captured with a Range Camera
* I-see-3D! An interactive and immersive system that dynamically adapts 2D projections to the location of a user's eyes
* Improving pedestrian detection using motion-guided filtering
* LaBGen-P: A pixel-level stationary background generation method based on LaBGen
* LaBGen: A method based on motion detection for generating the background of a scene
* Leveraging Orientation Knowledge to Enhance Human Pose Estimation Methods
* Nonlinear Background Filter to Improve Pedestrian Detection
* Perfect Estimation of a Background Image Does Not Lead to a Perfect Background Subtraction: Analysis of the Upper Bound on the Performance, A
* platform for the fast interpretation of movements and localization of users in 3D applications driven by a range camera, A
* Simple Median-Based Method for Stationary Background Generation Using Background Subtraction Algorithms
* Two-Step Methodology for Human Pose Estimation Increasing the Accuracy and Reducing the Amount of Learning Samples Dramatically, A
* Virtual Curtain for the Detection of Humans and Access Control, A
Includes: Pierard, S.[Sebastien] Piérard, S.[Sébastien] Pierard, S.
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Pierattini, S. Co Author Listing * Project Photofly: New 3D Modeling Online Web Service (Case Studies and Assessments)

Pierazzo, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Boosting shotgun denoising by patch normalization
* Conservative Scale Recomposition for Multiscale Denoising (The Devil is in the High Frequency Detail)
* DA3D: Fast and data adaptive dual domain denoising
* Data Adaptive Dual Domain Denoising: a Method to Boost State of the Art Denoising Algorithms
* Multi-Scale DCT Denoising
* Non-local dual image denoising
* Optimizing the Data Adaptive Dual Domain Denoising Algorithm
Includes: Pierazzo, N.[Nicola] Pierazzo, N.
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Pierce, C.J. Co Author Listing * Mutual Induction and the Effect of Host Conductivity on the EM Induction Response of Buried Plate Targets Using 3-D Finite-Element Analysis
Includes: Pierce, C.J. Pierce, Jr., C.J.

Pierce, D.M. Co Author Listing * Structural Analysis of Articular Cartilage Using Multiphoton Microscopy: Input for Biomechanical Modeling

Pierce, D.S.[David Stuart] Co Author Listing * Vehicle monitoring system

Pierce, E.L.[Eric L.] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Framework for the Characterization of the Complete Mitral Valve Geometry for the Development of a Population-Averaged Model, A

Pierce, J.F. Co Author Listing * Evaluating coherence of natural images by smoothness membership in Besov spaces

Pierce, J.H.[James H.] Co Author Listing * Passive velocity measuring device

Pierce, J.R. Co Author Listing * Philosophy of PCM, The

Pierce, K.B.[Kenneth B.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Optimization for High Resolution Object-Based Change Detection: An Example Mapping Regional Urbanization with 1-m Aerial Imagery

Pierce, L.[Leland] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Horizontal Resolution of SRTM Elevation Data
* Evaluation of the JPL TOPSAR for Extracting Tree Heights, An
Includes: Pierce, L.[Leland] Pierce, L.

Pierce, L.E. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Estimation of Forest Canopy Height in Red and Austrian Pine Stands Using Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and Ancillary Data: A Proof-of-Concept Study
* Multisensor Data Fusion Using Fuzzy Concepts: Application to Land-Cover Classification Using ERS-1/JERS-1 SAR Composites
* SAR speckle reduction using wavelet denoising and markov random field modeling
* Validation of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Height Data

Pierdicca, N. Co Author Listing * Calibration of the Envisat Radar Altimeter Receiver by a Passive Technique, The
* Comparing Statistical and Neural Network Methods Applied to Very High Resolution Satellite Images Showing Changes in Man-Made Structures at Rocky Flats
* Discrimination of Water Surfaces, Heavy Rainfall, and Wet Snow Using COSMO-SkyMed Observations of Severe Weather Events
* Exploiting SAR and VHR Optical Images to Quantify Damage Caused by the 2003 Bam Earthquake
* Global Navigation Satellite Systems Reflectometry as a Remote Sensing Tool for Agriculture
* Modeling and Sensing the Vertical Structure of the Atmospheric Path Delay by Microwave Radiometry to Correct SAR Interferograms
* Retrieval of Atmospheric and Surface Parameters From Satellite Microwave Radiometers Over the Mediterranean Sea
* SAVERS: A Simulator of GNSS Reflections From Bare and Vegetated Soils
* Simulating Topographic Effects on Spaceborne Radiometric Observations Between L and X Frequency Bands
* Triple Collocation to Assess Classification Accuracy Without a Ground Truth in Case of Earthquake Damage Assessment
* Use of SAR Data for Detecting Floodwater in Urban and Agricultural Areas: The Role of the Interferometric Coherence
* Use of Satellite Radar Bistatic Measurements for Crop Monitoring: A Simulation Study on Corn Fields
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Pierdicca, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Robust and affordable retail customer profiling by vision and radio beacon sensor fusion
* UAV Surveying For A Complete Mapping And Documentation Of Archaeological Findings. The Early Neolithic Site Of Portonovo
* Virtual Reconstruction Of Lost Architectures: From the TLS Survey to AR Visualization
Includes: Pierdicca, R.[Roberto] Pierdicca, R.

Pieren, R.[Reto] Co Author Listing * Developing a GIS-Based Visual-Acoustic 3D Simulation for Wind Farm Assessment

Pierens, G.K. Co Author Listing * Rapid Procedure for Spectral Similarity Matching of Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence Spectra, A

Pieri, A. Co Author Listing * Estimating the surface and volume of laboratory-scale wildfire fuel using computer vision
* Image processing and vision for the study and the modeling of spreading fires

Pieri, K.[Katerina] Co Author Listing * Tour in the Archaeological Site of Choirokoitia Using Virtual Reality: A Learning Performance and Interest Generation Assessment, A

Pieringer, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Automated X-Ray Object Recognition Using an Efficient Search Algorithm in Multiple Views
* Visual Recognition to Access and Analyze People Density and Flow Patterns in Indoor Environments
Includes: Pieringer, C.[Christian] Pieringer, C.

Pierini, M. Co Author Listing * Inevitable Collision States for Motorcycle-to-Car Collision Scenarios

Pieritz, R.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation of Normals and Surface Area for Discrete 3-D Objects: Application to Snow Binary Data From X-Ray Tomography

Pierleoni, P. Co Author Listing * Modified twofish algorithm for increasing security and efficiency in the encryption of video signals

Pierlot, V. Co Author Listing * I-see-3D! An interactive and immersive system that dynamically adapts 2D projections to the location of a user's eyes
* platform for the fast interpretation of movements and localization of users in 3D applications driven by a range camera, A
Includes: Pierlot, V. Pierlot, V.[Vincent]

Piermattei, V.[Viviana] Co Author Listing * Mapping Spatial Patterns of Posidonia oceanica Meadows by Means of Daedalus ATM Airborne Sensor in the Coastal Area of Civitavecchia (Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

Pierobon, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * 3D Markerless human limb localization through robust energy minimization
* Clustering of human actions using invariant body shape descriptor and dynamic time warping
Includes: Pierobon, M.[Massimiliano] Pierobon, M.

Pieroni, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition by Neural Trees
* Exploiting Neural Trees in Range Image Understanding
Includes: Pieroni, G. Pieroni, G.[Goffredo]

Pieroni, G.G. Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Movement of a Wave Field by Computer
* Boundary Detection Algorithms in Nuclear Medicine Imagery
* Decomposition of Shape Boundaries in a Problem of Map Sequence Analysis
* Detecting Shape Correspondences by Using the Generalized Hough Transform
* Experiments in Dynamic Segmentation
* Finding Correspondences in Time-Varying Shape Boundaries
* Graph-Theoretic Method for Decomposing Two-Dimensional Polygonal Shapes into Meaningful Parts, A
* Integration of optical and acoustical imaging sensors for underwater applications
* Map Data Processing
* Matching Shapes: A Case Study in Time-Varying Images
* Method for Analyzing Dynamic Processes Represented by Sequences of Maps, A
* Method for Detecting Correspondences in a Sequence of Modifying Shapes, A
* On the Analysis of Dynamic Map Data
* Reconstructing the Activity Surface for Cardiac PET Imagery
Includes: Pieroni, G.G. Pieroni, G.G.[Goffredo G.]
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Pierot, L. Co Author Listing * Connectivity feature extraction for spatio-functional clustering of fMRI data

Pierotti, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Digitization Age: Mass Culture Is Quality Culture. Challenges for Cultural Heritage and Society, The

Pierpaoli, C. Co Author Listing * Elliptical Cone of Uncertainty and Its Normalized Measures in Diffusion Tensor Imaging, The
* Error Propagation Framework for Diffusion Tensor Imaging via Diffusion Tensor Representations
* Spatial transformations of diffusion tensor magnetic resonance images
Includes: Pierpaoli, C. Pierpaoli, C.[Carlo]

Pierrard, J.S.[Jean Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Skin Detail Analysis for Face Recognition
Includes: Pierrard, J.S.[Jean Sebastien] Pierrard, J.S.[Jean-Sebastien]

Pierre Pierre, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Comparing local shape descriptors
* Local Shape Descriptors, A Survey And Evaluation
Includes: Pierre Pierre, A.[Alain] Pierre-Pierre, A.[Alain]

Pierre, D.M. Co Author Listing * Self-Organizing Map approach to determining compromised solutions for multi-objective UAV path planning

Pierre, E. Co Author Listing * SVD Compression for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting in the Time Domain

Pierre, F.[Fabien] Co Author Listing * Exemplar-based colorization in RGB color space
* Interactive Video Colorization Within a Variational Framework
* Luminance-Chrominance Model for Image Colorization
* Luminance-Hue Specification in the RGB Space
* Unified Model for Image Colorization, A
* Variational Contrast Enhancement of Gray-Scale and RGB Images
* Variational Model for Color Assignment, A
Includes: Pierre, F.[Fabien] Pierre, F.
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Pierre, S. Co Author Listing * Centralized and Localized Data Congestion Control Strategy for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using a Machine Learning Clustering Algorithm

Pierrefeu, L. Co Author Listing * Configurable Motion-Estimation Hardware Accelerator Module for the MPEG-4 Reference Hardware Description Platform
* Exploration of 3D grid caching strategies for ray-shooting
Includes: Pierrefeu, L. Pierrefeu, L.[Lionel]

Pierrel, J.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic indexing and reformulation of ancient dictionaries

Pierri, R. Co Author Listing * Image-Reconstruction from Fourier-Transform Magnitude with Applications to Synthetic-Aperture Radar Imaging
* Imaging of voids by means of a physical-optics-based shape-reconstruction algorithm
* Inverse source in the presence of a reflecting plane for the strip case
* Kirchhoff-Based Shape Reconstruction Algorithm for the Multimonostatic Configuration: The Realistic Case of Buried Pipes, A
* Localization of the Interfaces of a Slab Hidden Behind a Wall
* Physical Optics Imaging of 3-D PEC Objects: Vector and Multipolarized Approaches
* Role of diversity on the singular values of linear scattering operators: the case of strip objects
* Second-order iterative approach to inverse scattering: Numerical Results
* Shape Reconstruction of Perfectly Conducting Objects by Multiview Experimental Data
* Three-Dimensional Through-Wall Imaging Under Ambiguous Wall Parameters
* Tomographic Imaging via Non Linear Estimation: A Bilinear Approach
* TWI for an Unknown Symmetric Lossless Wall
Includes: Pierri, R. Pierri, R.[Rocco]
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Pierron, L. Co Author Listing * Part-of-speech Tagging for Table of Contents Recognition

Pierrot Deseilligny, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * 2D building change detection from high resolution satelliteimagery: A two-step hierarchical method based on 3D invariant primitives
* 3D Building Reconstruction with Parametric Roof Superstructures
* 3D City Modeling Based on Hidden Markov Model
* Apero, An Open Source Bundle Adjusment Software For Automatic Calibration and Orientation of Set of Images
* area-based alignment method for 3d urban models, An
* Automatic Building Extraction from DEMs Using an Object Approach and Application to the 3D-City Modeling
* Automatic Building Reconstruction Method: A Structural Approach using High Resolution Satellite Images, An
* Automatic estimation of fine terrain models from multiple high-resolution satellite images
* Automatic GIS Updating from High Resolution Satellite Images
* Automatic Interpretation of Contour Lines by Using External Data
* Building Footprint Database Improvement for 3D Reconstruction: A Direction Aware Split and Merge Approach
* Building footprint database improvement for 3D reconstruction: A split and merge approach and its evaluation
* Building reconstruction from a single DEM
* Character String Recognition on Maps, a Rotation-Invariant Recognition Method
* Close-Range Photogrammetric Tools for Small 3D Archeological Objects
* Coastal Digital Surface Model on Low Contrast Images
* High-end aerial digital cameras and their impact on the automation and quality of the production workflow
* Lightweight UAV with on-board photogrammetry and single-frequency GPS positioning for metrology applications
* Measurement of ground displacement from optical satellite image correlation using the free open-source software MicMac
* Methods for Fine Registration of Cadastre Graphs to Images
* New Computationally Efficient Stochastic Approach for Building Reconstruction from Satellite Data, A
* Off-line Vs. On-line Calibration of A Panoramic-based Mobile Mapping System
* Parametric Model for Automatic 3D Building Reconstruction from High Resolution Satellite Images, A
* Photographer-Friendly Work-Flows for Image-Based Modelling of Heritage Artefacts
* Recognition of Building Roof Facets by Merging Aerial Images and 3D Lidar Data in a Hierarchical Segmentation Framework
* region-based method for graph to image registration with an application to cadastre data, A
* Strong-from-Weak Model Sensor Estimation in Oblique Views
* Structural Approach for Building Reconstruction from a Single DSM
* Study of Lever-Arm Effect Using Embedded Photogrammetry and On-Board GPS Receiver on UAV for Metrological Mapping Purpose and Proposal of a Free Ground Measurements Calibration Procedure
* Supervised Classification Approach Towards Quality Self-Diagnosis of 3D Building Models Using Digital Aerial Imagery, A
* UAV Linear Photogrammetry
* UAV Onboard Photogrammetry and GPS Positionning for Earthworks
* UAV Photogrammetry to Monitor Dykes: Calibration and Comparison to Terrestrial Lidar
* Vector Approach for Automatic Interpretation of the French Cadatral Map, A
* Veinerization: A New Shape Description for Flexible Skeletonization
Includes: Pierrot Deseilligny, M.[Marc] Pierrot-Deseilligny, M.[Marc] Pierrot-Deseilligny, M. Pierrot Deseilligny, M. Pierrot-deseilligny, M.
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Pierrot Desseilligny, M. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Automated Photogrammetric Techniques for 3D Modeling of Complex Interiors, An
Includes: Pierrot Desseilligny, M. Pierrot-Desseilligny, M.

Pierscionek, B. Co Author Listing * Iris Recognition and Ocular Biometrics: The Salient Features

Pierscionek, B.K. Co Author Listing * Comparing and Improving Algorithms for Iris Recognition
* Iris recognition failure over time: The effects of texture
* Iris recognition: the need to recognise the iris as a dynamic biological system: Response to Daugman and Downing

Pierson, J.[Julie] Co Author Listing * Spatial Data Sharing: A Pilot Study of French SDIs

Pierson, P.K. Co Author Listing * Distortion-Correction Scheme for Industrial Machine-Vision Applications, A

Pierson, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Classifier Design with Incomplete Knowledge
* Texture Characterization Using Robust Statistics
* Three dimensional segmentation of volume data
* Three-dimensional surface reconstruction using optical flow for medical imaging
Includes: Pierson, R.[Roger] Pierson, R.

Pierson, R.A.[Roger A.] Co Author Listing * Classification of Bovine Reproductive Cycle Phase using Ultrasound-Detected Features
* Computer Assisted Detection of Polycystic Ovary Morphology in Ultrasound Images
* Multiresolution Texture Segmentation Approach with Application to Diagnostic Ultrasound Images, A
Includes: Pierson, R.A.[Roger A.] Pierson, R.A.

Pierson, R.E. Co Author Listing * Evaluating effective resolution of an optical tomographic imaging system using a narrow-band correlation metric

Pierzchalski, M. Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Laser Scanning Versus Traditional Forest Inventory First Results from the Polish Forests

Pies, A. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Probabilities for Edit Operations

Piesche, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Requirements on Long-Term Accessibility and Preservation of Research Results with Particular Regard to Their Provenance

Pieska, S. Co Author Listing * Monitoring An Assembly Task By Perception Requests

Piessens, R. Co Author Listing * Semiautomatic Digitization Method and the Use of Spline Functions in Processing Line Drawings, A

Piestun, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Single molecule image formation, reconstruction and processing: introduction

Pieters, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Data-parallel intra decoding for block-based image and video coding on massively parallel architectures
* new approach to combine texture compression and filtering, A
* Parallel Deblocking Filtering in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 on Massively Parallel Architectures
* Real-Time Visualizations of Gigapixel Texture Data Sets Using HTML5
* Ultra High Definition video decoding with Motion JPEG XR using the GPU
Includes: Pieters, B.[Bart] Pieters, B.

Pieters, R.[Roel] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Center Detection of an OLED Structure

Pieters, R.S. Co Author Listing * Product pattern-based camera calibration for microrobotics

Pietikainen, M.[Matti] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Pietikainen, M.[Matti]: matti pietikainen AT ee oulu fi
* 3D Gait Recognition Using Multiple Cameras
* Accurate Color Discrimination with Classification Based on Feature Distributions
* Adaptive document binarization
* Adaptive document image binarization
* Age Classification in Unconstrained Conditions Using LBP Variants
* Automated Visual Inspection Of Rolled Metal Surfaces
* Automatic Dynamic Texture Segmentation Using Local Descriptors and Optical Flow
* Automatic Ground-truth Generation for Skew-tolerance Evaluation of Document Layout Analysis Methods
* Automatic identification of facial clues to lies
* Bayesian Local Binary Pattern texture descriptor, A
* Block-Based Methods for Image Retrieval Using Local Binary Patterns
* Boosted multi-resolution spatiotemporal descriptors for facial expression recognition
* Boosting Clusters of Samples for Sequence Matching in Camera Networks
* Can gait biometrics be Spoofed?
* Classification with color and texture: jointly or separately?
* CMV100: A dataset for people tracking and re-identification in sparse camera networks
* Coarse-to-Fine Classification Scheme for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Color Correction of Face Images Under Different Illuminants by RGB Eigenfaces
* Color Segmentation by Hierarchical Connected Components Analysis with Image Enhancements by Symmetric Neighborhood Filters
* Color Texture Classification with Color Histograms and Local Binary Patterns
* Color-based face detection using skin locus model and hierarchical filtering
* Combining appearance and motion for face and gender recognition from videos
* Combining Contrast Information and Local Binary Patterns for Gender Classification
* Combining LBP Difference and Feature Correlation for Texture Description
* Combining local and global correlation for texture description
* Combining motion and appearance for gender classification from video sequences
* Combining sparse and dense descriptors with temporal semantic structures for robust human action recognition
* Combining Textural and Geometrical Descriptors for Scene Recognition
* Compact Representation of Visual Speech Data Using Latent Variables, A
* Comparative Study of Texture Measures with Classification Based on Feature Distributions, A
* Computer vision for face-to-face human-computer interaction
* Computer Vision Using Local Binary Patterns
* Concatenated Frame Image Based CNN for Visual Speech Recognition
* Constructing Local Binary Pattern Statistics by Soft Voting
* Contextual Analysis of Textured Scene Images
* Data-driven techniques for smoothing histograms of local binary patterns
* Depth from Three Camera Stereo
* Description of Interest Regions with Center-Symmetric Local Binary Patterns
* Description of interest regions with local binary patterns
* Descriptor Learning Based on Fisher Separation Criterion for Texture Classification
* Detection of skin color under changing illumination:a comparative study
* Development of a General Framework for Intelligent Document Image Retrieval, The
* Differentiating spontaneous from posed facial expressions within a generic facial expression recognition framework
* discriminative feature space for detecting and recognizing faces, A
* Discriminative features for texture description
* Distributed Management System for Testing Document Image Analysis Algorithms, A
* Document Management Interface Utilizing Page Decomposition and Content-Based Compression, A
* Document skew estimation without angle range restriction
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition Using Boosted Component-Based Spatiotemporal Features and Multi-classifier Fusion
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition Using Longitudinal Facial Expression Atlases
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition With Atlas Construction and Sparse Representation
* Dynamic Texture Based Gait Recognition
* Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Local Binary Patterns with an Application to Facial Expressions
* Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Volume Local Binary Patterns
* Dynamic Texture Synthesis in Space with a Spatio-temporal Descriptor
* Dynamic texture synthesis using a spatial temporal descriptor
* Dynamic textures for human movement recognition
* Edge Based Texture Measures
* Edge Information in Color Images Based on Histograms of Differences
* Edge-based texture measures for surface inspection
* Editorial of special issue on spontaneous facial behaviour analysis
* Efficient Image Appearance Description Using Dense Sampling Based Local Binary Patterns
* Emotion recognition from facial images with arbitrary views
* Empirical Evaluation of MPEG-7 Texture Descriptors with A Large-Scale Experiment
* Encoding Local Binary Patterns using the re-parametrization of the second order Gaussian jet
* Evaluating Quality of Surface Description Using Robust Methods
* Evaluation of LBP and Deep Texture Descriptors with a New Robustness Benchmark
* Experimental Comparison of Autoregressive and Fourier-Based Descriptors in 2D Shape Classification, An
* Experimental Investigation about the Integration of Facial Dynamics in Video-Based Face Recognition, An
* Experiments with Histogram Guided Image Smoothing
* Experiments with Texture Classification Using Averages of Local Pattern Matches
* Exploring illumination robust descriptors for human epithelial type 2 cell classification
* Expression Recognition in Videos Using a Weighted Component-Based Feature Descriptor
* Extended local binary pattern fusion for face recognition
* Face and Eye Detection for Person Authentication in Mobile Phones
* Face Description with Local Binary Patterns: Application to Face Recognition
* Face liveness detection using dynamic texture
* Face recognition based on the appearance of local regions
* Face Recognition by Exploring Information Jointly in Space, Scale and Orientation
* Face Recognition Using Smoothed High-Dimensional Representation
* Face Recognition with Local Binary Patterns
* Face spoofing detection from single images using texture and local shape analysis
* Face Spoofing Detection Using Dynamic Texture
* Facial 3D Shape Estimation from Images for Visual Speech Animation
* Facial expression recognition from near-infrared video sequences
* Facial expression recognition from near-infrared videos
* From Still Image to Video-Based Face Recognition: An Experimental Analysis
* Gabor volume based local binary pattern for face representation and recognition
* Gait Recognition Using Fractal Scale and Wavelet Moments
* Generalized face anti-spoofing by detecting pulse from face videos
* Globally rotation invariant multi-scale co-occurrence local binary pattern
* Gray Level Cooccurrence Histograms via Learning Vector Quantization
* Gray Level Pyramid Linking as an Aid in Texture Analysis
* Gray Scale and Rotation Invariant Texture Classification with Local Binary Patterns
* HEp-2 cell classification: The role of Gaussian Scale Space Theory as a pre-processing approach
* Human Activity Recognition Using a Dynamic Texture Based Method
* Hybrid Approach to Face Detection under Unconstrained Environments, A
* hybrid computer architecture for machine vision, A
* Image Analysis System for Industrial Applications, An
* Image Analysis with Local Binary Patterns
* Image description using joint distribution of filter bank responses
* image mosaicing module for wide-area surveillance, An
* Image Segmentation by Texture Using Pyramid Node Linking
* Image Texture Analysis and Segmentation
* Image-Based Visual Speech Animation System, An
* improved local descriptor and threshold learning for unsupervised dynamic texture segmentation, An
* In-depth Examination of Local Binary Descriptors in Unconstrained Face Recognition, An
* Incorporating Texture Intensity Information into LBP-Based Operators
* Incremental locally linear embedding
* Incremental Locally Linear Embedding Algorithm
* Learning Discriminant Face Descriptor
* Learning local image descriptors using binary decision trees
* Learning mappings for face synthesis from near infrared to visual light images
* Learning Personal Specific Facial Dynamics for Face Recognition from Videos
* Lipreading With Local Spatiotemporal Descriptors
* Lipreading: A Graph Embedding Approach
* Local binary features for texture classification: Taxonomy and experimental study
* Local Binary Pattern Descriptors for Dynamic Texture Recognition
* Local Binary Patterns to Evaluate Trabecular Bone Structure from Micro-CT Data: Application to Studies of Human Osteoarthritis
* Local frequency descriptor for low-resolution face recognition
* Local spatiotemporal features for dynamic texture synthesis
* Machine Learning for Vision-Based Motion Analysis: Theory and Techniques
* Machine learning in motion analysis: New advances
* Machine Vision for Advanced Production: Part 1
* Manifold Learning for Gender Classification from Face Sequences
* Matching Groups of People by Covariance Descriptor
* Median Robust Extended Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification
* Modeling pixel process with scale invariant local patterns for background subtraction in complex scenes
* Multi-band Gradient Component Pattern (MGCP): A New Statistical Feature for Face Recognition
* Multi-modal emotion analysis from facial expressions and electroencephalogram
* Multi-Object Tracking Using Color, Texture and Motion
* Multi-scale Binary Patterns for Texture Analysis
* Multiple-Camera Contour Stereo
* Multiresolution Gray-Scale and Rotation Invariant Texture Classification with Local Binary Patterns
* Multiscale Local Phase Quantization for Robust Component-Based Face Recognition Using Kernel Fusion of Multiple Descriptors
* Multiscale) Local Phase Quantisation histogram discriminant analysis with score normalisation for robust face recognition
* Multispectral Image Smoothing by Local Use of Global Information
* Multispectral Image Smoothing Guided by Global Distribution of Pixel Values
* New Gabor Phase Difference Pattern for Face and Ear Recognition, A
* Nonparametric Multichannel Texture Description with Simple Spatial Operators
* OMEG: Oulu Multi-Pose Eye Gaze Dataset
* On the use of dynamic features in face biometrics: Recent advances and challenges
* On-Line Color Camera Calibration
* Optimization Techniques for Document Image Retrieval
* Optimized Illumination Normalization Method for Face Recognition, An
* OuluVS2: A multi-view audiovisual database for non-rigid mouth motion analysis
* Outex: New framework for empirical evaluation of texture analysis algorithms
* Page Segmentation and Zone Classification: The State of the Art
* Part 2
* Performance Evaluation of Texture Measures with Classification Based on Kullback Discrimination of Distributions
* Person Re-identification Based on Global Color Context
* Pixelwise Local Binary Pattern Models of Faces Using Kernel Density Estimation
* Pose Estimation via Complex-Frequency Domain Analysis of Image Gradient Orientations
* Principal appearance and motion from boosted spatiotemporal descriptors
* Real-time surface inspection by texture
* RealSense real heart rate: Illumination invariant heart rate estimation from videos
* Recognising spontaneous facial micro-expressions
* Recognition of human actions using texture descriptors
* Recovering the Topology of Multiple Cameras by Finding Continuous Paths in a Trellis
* Remote Heart Rate Measurement from Face Videos under Realistic Situations
* review of recent advances in visual speech decoding, A
* Riesz-based Volume Local Binary Pattern and A Novel Group Expression Model for Group Happiness Intensity Analysis
* Robust and Computationally Efficient Face Detection Using Gaussian Derivative Features of Higher Orders
* robust descriptor based on Weber's Law, A
* Robust Document Skew Detection Based on Line Extraction
* Robust Facial Expression Recognition Using Revised Canonical Correlation
* Robust local features for remote face recognition
* Robust text detection from binarized document images
* Robust Texture Classification by Subsets of Local Binary Patterns
* Rotation Invariant Image Description with Local Binary Pattern Histogram Fourier Features
* Rotation Invariant Local Binary Convolution Neural Networks
* Rotation-Invariant Image and Video Description With Local Binary Pattern Features
* Rotation-Invariant Texture Classification Using Feature Distributions
* Selecting models from videos for appearance-based face recognition
* Separating color and pattern information for color texture discrimination
* Spatial-Temporal Granularity-Tunable Gradients Partition (STGGP) Descriptors for Human Detection
* Spatiotemporal Local Monogenic Binary Patterns for Facial Expression Recognition
* Split-and-Link Algorithms for Image Segmentation
* Spontaneous Micro-expression Database: Inducement, collection and baseline, A
* Spotting Rapid Facial Movements from Videos Using Appearance-Based Feature Difference Analysis
* Synthesizing a talking mouth
* Texture Classification by Combining Local Binary Pattern Features and a Self-Organizing Map
* Texture Classification by Multi-predicate Local Binary Pattern Operators
* Texture Classification using a Linear Configuration Model based Descriptor
* Texture Description with Completed Local Quantized Patterns
* Texture discrimination with multidimensional distributions of signed gray-level differences
* Texture Features in Facial Image Analysis
* Texture-based Method for Detecting Moving Objects, A
* Texture-Based Method for Modeling the Background and Detecting Moving Objects, A
* Towards a dynamic expression recognition system under facial occlusion
* Towards a practical lipreading system
* Unsupervised dynamic texture segmentation using local descriptors in volumes
* Unsupervised dynamic texture segmentation using local spatiotemporal descriptors
* Unsupervised learning of overcomplete face descriptors
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using feature distributions
* Video Texture Synthesis With Multi-Frame LBP-TOP and Diffeomorphic Growth Model
* View-based recognition of 3D-textured surfaces
* View-based recognition of real-world textures
* Visual Characterization of Paper Using Isomap and Local Binary Patterns
* Visual Speaker Identification with Spatiotemporal Directional Features
* Visual System for Hand Gesture Recognition in Human-Computer Interaction, A
* Weight-Based Facial Expression Recognition from Near-Infrared Video Sequences
* WLD: A Robust Local Image Descriptor
Includes: Pietikainen, M.[Matti] Pietikäinen, M.[Matti] (Maybe also Pietikaeinen, M.)Pietikainen, M. Pietikäinen, M. (Maybe also Pietikaeinen, M.)PietikÄinen, M.[Matti] (Maybe also PietikAeinen, M.)
205 for Pietikainen, M.

Pietikainen, P.[Pekka] Co Author Listing * Live Multimedia Adaptation Through Wireless Hybrid Networks
Includes: Pietikainen, P.[Pekka] Pietikäinen, P.[Pekka] (Maybe also Pietikaeinen, P.)

Pietikanen, M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Learning Using Locally Linear Embedding: Experiments with Face Pose Analysis

Pietila, J. Co Author Listing * DIARETDB1 diabetic retinopathy database and evaluation protocol, The
* Fusion of Multiple Expert Annotations and Overall Score Selection for Medical Image Diagnosis
Includes: Pietila, J. Pietilä, J.[Juhani] (Maybe also Pietilae, J.)

Pietka, E. Co Author Listing * Computer-assisted bone age assessment: image preprocessing and epiphyseal/metaphyseal ROI extraction
* Feature extraction in computerized approach to the ECG analysis
Includes: Pietka, E. Pietka, E.[Ewa]

Pietkainen, M.[Matti] Co Author Listing * Edge-based method for text detection from complex document images
* Text Extraction from Grey Scale Page Images by Simple Edge Detectors
Includes: Pietkainen, M.[Matti] Pietkäinen, M.[Matti] (Maybe also Pietkaeinen, M.)

Pietquin, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * GuessWhat?! Visual Object Discovery through Multi-modal Dialogue

Pietracaprina, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous machine learning system for improving the diagnosis of primary aldosteronism

Pietrafesa, L.J.[Leonard J.] Co Author Listing * Ocean Upwelling Along the Yellow Sea Coast of China Revealed by Satellite Observations and Numerical Simulation
* SAR Observation and Numerical Simulation of Mountain Lee Waves Near Kuril Islands Forced by an Extratropical Cyclone
* Sea Fetch Observed by Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Synergistic Use of Satellite Observations and Numerical Weather Model to Study Atmospheric Occluded Fronts
Includes: Pietrafesa, L.J.[Leonard J.] Pietrafesa, L.J.

Pietrantonio, L.[Lucio] Co Author Listing * Iterative least squares development of discriminant functions for spectroscopic data analysis by pattern recognition

Pietroni, E. Co Author Listing * Embodied virtual communities: a new opportunity for the research in the field of Cultural Heritage
* Matera città Narrata Project: An Integrated Guide For Mobile Systems

Pietroni, N.[Nico] Co Author Listing * Compression and Querying of Arbitrary Geodesic Distances
* Solid-Texture Synthesis: A Survey

Pietroniro, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Operational Surface Water Detection and Monitoring Using Radarsat 2

Pietrosemoli, N. Co Author Listing * Computational Prediction of Important Regions in Protein Sequences

Pietrowcew, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Bit-rate control algorithm based on local image complexity for video coding with ROI
* Bit-Rate Control Algorithm for ROI Enabled Video Coding
* Error diffusion in Block Truncation Coding
* Image Compression by Approximated 2D Karhunen Loeve Transform

Pietruszka, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Method for Verifying Correctness of the Shape's Changes Calculation in the Melting Block of Ice, The

Pietsch, P.[Pit] Co Author Listing * Shape-based object retrieval by contour segment matching

Pietschmann, J.F.[Jan Frederik] Co Author Listing * Lane formation in a microscopic model and the corresponding partial differential equation
Includes: Pietschmann, J.F.[Jan Frederik] Pietschmann, J.F.[Jan-Frederik]

Piette, B. Co Author Listing * Image analysis with 2-D continuous wavelet transform

Pietzsch, S.[Sylvia] Co Author Listing * Learning Local Objective Functions for Robust Face Model Fitting
* Learning Robust Objective Functions with Application to Face Model Fitting
* Results of a Precrash Application Based on Laser Scanner and Short-Range Radars
* Tailoring Model-Based Techniques to Facial Expression Interpretation
Includes: Pietzsch, S.[Sylvia] Pietzsch, S.

Pietzsch, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Efficient Feature Parameterisation for Visual SLAM Using Inverse Depth Bundles
* Framework For Evaluating Visual SLAM, A
* Method of Estimating Oriented Surface Elements from Stereo Images, A
Includes: Pietzsch, T.[Tobias] Pietzsch, T.

Pievani, M.[Michela] Co Author Listing * Combining DTI and MRI for the Automated Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Using a Large European Multicenter Dataset

Pievatolo, A. Co Author Listing * Boundary Detection through Dynamic Polygons

Piezzo, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection of Point-Like Targets in the Presence of Homogeneous Clutter and Subspace Interference

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