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Piragnolo, M. Co Author Listing * Benchmark Of Machine Learning Methods For Classification Of A Sentinel-2 Image
* Geo-Spatial Support for Assessment of Anthropic Impact on Biodiversity
* Geodatabase For Multisource Data Applied To Cultural Heritage: The Case Study Of Villa Revedin Bolasco, A
* Solar Irradiance Modelling with NASA WW GIS Environment
Includes: Piragnolo, M. Piragnolo, M.[Marco]

Piramanayagam, S.[Sankaranarayanan] Co Author Listing * Dense Semantic Labeling of Very-High-Resolution Aerial Imagery and LiDAR with Fully-Convolutional Neural Networks and Higher-Order CRFs

Piramuthu, R.[Robinson] Co Author Listing * Cascaded sparse color-localized matching for logo retrieval
* ConceptLearner: Discovering visual concepts from weakly labeled image collections
* Efficient Media Retrieval from Non-Cooperative Queries
* Fashion apparel detection: The role of deep convolutional neural network and pose-dependent priors
* Furniture-geek: Understanding fine-grained furniture attributes from freely associated text and tags
* GraB: Visual Saliency via Novel Graph Model and Background Priors
* HD-CNN: Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Large Scale Visual Recognition
* Im2depth: Scalable exemplar based depth transfer
* Mine the fine: Fine-grained fragment discovery
* Region-Based Discriminative Feature Pooling for Scene Text Recognition
* Side information averaging method for PML emission tomography
* Style Finder: Fine-Grained Clothing Style Detection and Retrieval
Includes: Piramuthu, R.[Robinson] Piramuthu, R.
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Pirani, M. Co Author Listing * Graph Theoretic Approach to the Robustness of k-Nearest Neighbor Vehicle Platoons

Piras, F. Co Author Listing * Ku-/Ka-Band Extrapolation of the Altimeter Cross Section and Assessment With Jason2/AltiKa Data

Piras, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Dissimilarity Representation in Multi-feature Spaces for Image Retrieval
* Diversity in Ensembles of Codebooks for Visual Concept Detection
* Fast Image Classification with Reduced Multiclass Support Vector Machines
* Synthetic pattern generation for imbalanced learning in image retrieval

Piras, M. Co Author Listing * 3D GIS Based Evaluation of the Available Sight Distance to Assess Safety of Urban Roads
* Direct Photogrammetry Using UAV: Tests and First Results
* Evaluation Of Mass Market Devices For The Documentation Of The Cultural Heritage
* Sensors integration for smartphone navigation: Performances and future challenges

Piras, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * TPS Direct Transport: A New Method for Transporting Deformations in the Size-and-Shape Space, The

Pirasteh, S. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Land Use Suitability for Agriculture Using Integrated Geospatial Model and Genetic Algorithms

Pirc, J. Co Author Listing * Highway travel time estimation using multiple data sources
* Using the robust statistics for travel time estimation on highways

Pirchheim, C. Co Author Listing * Instant Outdoor Localization and SLAM Initialization from 2.5D Maps

Pire, T.[Taihu] Co Author Listing * Hybrid vision-based navigation for mobile robots in mixed indoor/outdoor environments
Includes: Pire, T.[Taihu] Pire, T.[Taihķ]

Pires, A.J. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Patterns in Electromechanical Systems

Pires, A.M.[Ana M.] Co Author Listing * On optimal reject rules and ROC curves

Pires, B.E. Co Author Listing * Featureless Global Alignment of Multiple Images

Pires, B.R.[Bernardo Rodrigues] Co Author Listing * Approximating image filters with box filters
* Feature matching in growing databases
* LASIC: A model invariant framework for correspondence
* Shapes as empirical distributions
* Unwrapping the eye for visible-spectrum gaze tracking on wearable devices
* Visible-Spectrum Gaze Tracking for Sports
* Vision-based counting of pedestrians and cyclists
Includes: Pires, B.R.[Bernardo Rodrigues] Pires, B.R. Pires, B.R.[Bernardo R.]
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Pires, F.[Fatima] Co Author Listing * Environment for Modeling and Design of Geographic Applications, An

Pires, H. Co Author Listing * Experiences about fusioning 3D digitalization techniques for cultural heritage documentation
* Going to Shawbak (Jordan) and getting the data back: Toward a 3D GIS dedicated to medieval archaeology
* Techniques for Revealing 3D Hidden Archeological Features: Morphological Residual Models as Virtual-Polynomial Texture Maps

Pires, N.[Nelson] Co Author Listing * Conceptually Simple Modeling Approach for Jason-1 Sea State Bias Correction Based on 3 Parameters Exclusively Derived from Altimetric Information, A

Pires, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Sleep/Wakefulness State from Actigraphy

Pires, P.F.[Paulo F.] Co Author Listing * Systematic Review of Shared Sensor Networks, A

Pires, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Fast Dynamic Border Linking Algorithm for Region Merging, A
* Line Extraction with the Use of an Automatic Gradient Threshold Technique and the Hough Transform
* Visual words dictionaries and fusion techniques for searching people through textual and visual attributes
Includes: Pires, R.[Rui] Pires, R. Pires, R.[Ramon]

Pires, R.G.[Rafael G.] Co Author Listing * Blur Parameter Identification Through Optimum-Path Forest

Pires, V.F.[Vitor F.] Co Author Listing * Induction motor fault detection and diagnosis using a current state space pattern recognition

Pirhonen, A.[Antti] Co Author Listing * Gestures in Human-Computer Interaction: Just Another Modality?

Pirillos, S.[Stefanos] Co Author Listing * Graph-based classification for multiple observations of transformed patterns

Pirim, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for detection of drowsiness

Pirinen, A. Co Author Listing * Reinforcement Learning for Visual Object Detection

Pirinen, O.[Ossi] Co Author Listing * Color high dynamic range imaging: The luminance-chrominance approach
* Why HDR is Important for 3DTV Model Acquisition

Piringer, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Visual analytics and rendering for tunnel crack analysis

Piriou, G.[Gwenaelle] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Semantic Dynamic Content from Videos with Probabilistic Motion Models
* Learned probabilistic image motion models for event detection in videos
* Mixed-State Auto-Models and Motion Texture Modeling
* Recognition of Dynamic Video Contents With Global Probabilistic Models of Visual Motion
* Simultaneous Motion Detection and Background Reconstruction with a Mixed-State Conditional Markov Random Field
Includes: Piriou, G.[Gwenaelle] Piriou, G.[GwenaŽlle] Piriou, G.

Pirisi, A. Co Author Listing * Novel Speed-Bump Design and Optimization for Energy Harvesting From Traffic

Piriyakumar Douglas, A.L. Co Author Listing * Efficient DSP Implementation of Real-Time Stationary Vehicle Detection by Smart Camera at Outdoor Conditions, An

Pirjanian, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Systems and methods for the automated sensing of motion in a mobile robot using visual data

Pirker, K.[Katrin] Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate environment modeling using three-dimensional occupancy grids
* GPSlam: Marrying Sparse Geometric and Dense Probabilistic Visual Mapping
* Histogram of Oriented Cameras: A New Descriptor for Visual SLAM in Dynamic Environments
* omnidirectional Time-of-Flight camera and its application to indoor SLAM, An
Includes: Pirker, K.[Katrin] Pirker, K.

Pirlo, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Membership Functions for Handwritten Character Recognition by Voronoi-Based Image Zoning
* Adaptive Score Normalization for Output Integration in Multiclassifier Systems
* Analysis of Membership Functions for Voronoi-Based Classification
* Analysis of stability in hand-written dynamic signatures
* Analysis of Stability in Static Signatures Using Cosine Similarity
* Artificial Classifier Generation for Multi-expert System Evaluation
* Automatic Signature Verification: The State of the Art
* Behaviour of dynamic and static feature dependences in constrained signatures
* Benchmarking of Update Learning Strategies on Digit Classifier Systems
* Class-adaptive zoning methods for recognizing handwritten digits and characters
* Class-oriented recognizer design by weighting local decisions
* Classification of ambiguous patterns
* Combination of Measurement-Level Classifiers: Output Normalization by Dynamic Time Warping
* Component-Oriented Algorithms for Signature Verification
* Cosine similarity for analysis and verification of static signatures
* Describing words by graphs
* Discovering Rules for Dynamic Configuration of Multi-classifier Systems
* Early Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases by Handwritten Signature Analysis
* Editorial: Special issue on Handwriting Biometrics
* Feedback-Based Multi-Classifier System, A
* Framework for managing ageing effects in signature biometrics
* From Character to Cursive Script Recognition: Future Trends in Scientific Research
* Generating Sets of Classifiers for the Evaluation of Multi-expert Systems
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Drawing and Handwriting Processing for User-Centered Systems
* Handwritten Digit Recognition by Multi-objective Optimization of Zoning Methods
* Handwritten Signature Verification: New Advancements and Open Issues
* Image basic features indexing techniques for video skimming
* Increasing the Number of Classifiers in Multi-classifier Systems: A Complementarity-Based Analysis
* Integration of a structural features-based preclassifier and a man-machine interactive classifier for a fast multi-stroke character recognition
* Interoperability of Biometric Systems: Analysis of Geometric Characteristics of Handwritten Signatures
* Knowledge-based methods for classifier combination: An experimental investigation
* Layout-Based Document-Retrieval System by Radon Transform Using Dynamic Time Warping
* Membership Functions for Zoning-Based Recognition of Handwritten Digits
* Multi-classifier System Configuration Using Genetic Algorithms
* Multi-expert verification of hand-written signatures
* Multidomain Verification of Dynamic Signatures Using Local Stability Analysis
* New Advancements in Zoning-Based Recognition of Handwritten Characters
* new database for research on bank-check processing, A
* new database of confusing characters for testing character recognition algorithms, A
* New Thinning Algorithm Based on Controlled Deletion of Edge Regions, A
* Numeral recognition by weighting local decisions
* On the combination of abstract-level classifiers
* On-line Signature Verification by Stroke-Dependent Representation Domains
* robust analytical approach for handwritten word recognition, A
* Selecting reference signatures for on-line signature verification
* Similarity-based regularization for semi-supervised learning for handwritten digit recognition
* Special Issue on Handwriting recognition and other PR applications
* Stability Analysis of Static Signatures for Automatic Signature Verification
* Stability of Dynamic Signatures: From the Representation to the Generation Domain
* Survey on Traffic Light Detection, A
* Tuning between Exponential Functions and Zones for Membership Functions Selection in Voronoi-Based Zoning for Handwritten Character Recognition
* Updating Knowledge in Feedback-Based Multi-classifier Systems
* Verification of Handwritten Signatures: an Overview
* Verification of Static Signatures by Optical Flow Analysis
* Voronoi Tessellation for Effective and Efficient Handwritten Digit Classification
* Zoning design for handwritten numeral recognition
* Zoning Methods for Hand-Written Character Recognition: An Overview
* Zoning methods for handwritten character recognition: A survey
Includes: Pirlo, G.[Giuseppe] Pirlo, G. Pirlo, G.[Giusepppe]
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Pirlo, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Cognitive visual tracking and camera control

Pirmez, L.[Luci] Co Author Listing * Systematic Review of Shared Sensor Networks, A

Piro, G. Co Author Listing * Two-Level Downlink Scheduling for Real-Time Multimedia Services in LTE Networks

Piro, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Boosting Bayesian MAP Classification
* Boosting k-NN for Categorization of Natural Scenes
* Classification of biological cells using bio-inspired descriptors
* Inner product tree for improved Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
* Multi-class Leveraged k-NN for Image Classification
* Sparse Multiscale Patches for Image Processing

Piroddi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Integrated Geophysical and Aerial Sensing Methods for Archaeology: A Case History in the Punic Site of Villamar (Sardinia, Italy)
* Toward Air Traffic Complexity Assessment in New Generation Air Traffic Management Systems
Includes: Piroddi, L.[Luca] Piroddi, L.

Piroddi, R. Co Author Listing * Gradient-Adaptive Normalized Convolution
* Multiple-Feature Spatiotemporal Segmentation of Moving Sequences using a Rule-based Approach
* Simple Framework for Spatio-Temporal Video Segmentation and Delayering Using Dense Motion Fields, A
* Texture Interpolation Using Ordinary Kriging
* Texture recognition from sparsely and irregularly sampled data
Includes: Piroddi, R. Piroddi, R.[Roberta]

Piroi, F.[Florina] Co Author Listing * DASyR(IR) - document analysis system for systematic reviews (in Information Retrieva

Piromchai, P.[Patorn] Co Author Listing * Transfer Learning of a Temporal Bone Performance Model via Anatomical Feature Registration

Piron, C.A. Co Author Listing * hybrid breast biopsy system combining ultrasound and MRI, A

Piron, E. Co Author Listing * efficient vision system to measure granule velocity and mass flow distribution in fertiliser centrifugal spreading, An

Piron, L. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Approach To Visual Data-Compression
* Dynamic Video Coding: An Overview
* TIRAMISU: A novel approach to content representation and key management for seamless super-distribution of protected media
Includes: Piron, L. Piron, L.[Laurent]

Pirondini, E. Co Author Listing * Spectral Method for Generating Surrogate Graph Signals, A

Pironkov, G. Co Author Listing * Speaker-aware Multi-Task Learning for automatic speech recognition

Piroonratana, T.[Theera] Co Author Listing * Identification of Ancestry Informative Markers from Chromosome-Wide Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Using Symmetrical Uncertainty Ranking

Piroska, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * In Memoriam: Gunter Menz

Pirotti, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Above ground biomass estimation in an African tropical forest with lidar and hyperspectral data
* Accuracy Enhancement of Unmanned Helicopter Positioning with Low Cost System
* Benchmark Of Machine Learning Methods For Classification Of A Sentinel-2 Image
* Comparison of Data Classification Techniques Applied to TLS Point Clouds
* Comparison Of Discrete Return And Waveform Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Dense Vegetation Filtering
* Filtering of TLS Point Clouds for the Generation of DTM in Salt-Marsh Areas
* Geo-Spatial Support for Assessment of Anthropic Impact on Biodiversity
* Geodatabase For Multisource Data Applied To Cultural Heritage: The Case Study Of Villa Revedin Bolasco, A
* Ground filtering and vegetation mapping using multi-return terrestrial laser scanning
* ISVD-based Euclidian structure from motion for smartphones, An
* Kernel Feature Cross-correlation For Unsupervised Quantification Of Damage From Windthrow In Forests
* Lidar Processing for Defining Sinkhole Characteristics under Dense Forest Cover: A Case Study in the Dinaric Mountains
* NDVI from Landsat 8 Vegetation Indices to Study Movement Dynamics of Capra Ibex in Mountain Areas
* On the use of INS to improve Feature Matching
* Open source application for interactive exploration of Cultural Heritage 3D models on the web, An
* Photogrammetric Reconstruction With Bayesian Information
* Potential of ALOS2 and NDVI to Estimate Forest Above-Ground Biomass, and Comparison with Lidar-Derived Estimates
* Processing lidar waveform data for 3D visual assessment of forest environments
* Semi-Automated Detection of Surface Degradation on Bridges Based on a Level Set Method
* Small Footprint Full-Waveform Metrics Contribution to the Prediction of Biomass in Tropical Forests
* Solar Irradiance Modelling with NASA WW GIS Environment
* UAV Positioning and Collision Avoidance Based on RSS Measurements
* Vegetation Characteristics Using Multi-Return Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Waveform Analysis For The Extraction Of Post-fire Vegetation Characteristics
Includes: Pirotti, F.[Francesco] Pirotti, F.
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Pirovano, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Robust Silhouette Extraction from Kinect Data

Pirozzi, D.[Donato] Co Author Listing * Immersivity and Playability Evaluation of a Game Experience in Cultural Heritage

Pirozzi, M. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithm for the Optimal Detection of a Noisy Curve, A

Pirri, A. Co Author Listing * Image Acquisition Device for Minicomputers, An

Pirri, F.[Fiora] Co Author Listing * 3D Saliency maps
* A3D: A Device for Studying Gaze in 3D
* Arm-Hand Behaviours Modelling: From Attention to Imitation
* Bayesian Image Based 3D Pose Estimation
* Bayesian Non-parametric Inference for Manifold Based MoCap Representation
* Bottom-Up Gaze Shifts and Fixations Learning by Imitation
* Component-Wise Modeling of Articulated Objects
* Consistent pose normalization of non-rigid shapes using One-Class Support Vector Machines
* Eyes and Cameras Calibration for 3D World Gaze Detection
* From Saliency to Eye Gaze: Embodied Visual Selection for a Pan-Tilt-Based Robotic Head
* general method for the point of regard estimation in 3D space, A
* High-Resolution SAR images for fire susceptibility estimation in urban forestry
* Human-Motion Saliency in Complex Scenes
* Linear Solvability in the Viewing Graph
* Multimodal Speaker Recognition in a Conversation Scenario
* Single Image Object Modeling Based on BRDF and r-Surfaces Learning
Includes: Pirri, F.[Fiora] Pirri, F.
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Pirro, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic Mapping Based Characterization of Temporal Sequences: Application to the Pelvic Organ Dynamics Assessment, A
* Diffeomorphic Matching Based Characterization of the Pelvic Organ Dynamics, A
* Pelvic Organs Dynamic Feature Analysis for MRI Sequence Discrimination
* shape descriptors comparison for organs deformation sequence characterization in MRI sequences, A
Includes: Pirro, N.[Nicolas] Pirrů, N.[Nicolas] Pirro, N.

Pirrone, N. Co Author Listing * Era-planet The European Network For Observing Our Changing Planet

Pirrone, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Automatic Method for Metabolic Evaluation of Gamma Knife Treatments, An
* Automatic segmentation of MR images based on adaptive anisotropic filtering
* Effective and efficient interpolation for mutual information based multimodality elastic image registration
* Frequency Determined Homomorphic Unsharp Masking Algorithm on Knee MR Images
* fully automatic method for biological target volume segmentation of brain metastases, A
* Fuzzy Smoothed Composition of Local Mapping Transformations for Non-rigid Image Registration
* Multi-modal image registration using fuzzy kernel regression
* Multi-modal non-rigid registration of medical images based on mutual information maximization
* Physical Metaphor for Streaming Media Retargeting
* Real-time content-aware image resizing using reduced linear model
* Springs-based simulation for image retargeting
* Texture classification for content-based image retrieval
* Three-dimensional Fuzzy Kernel Regression framework for registration of medical volume data
* Two channels fuzzy c-means detection of multiple sclerosis lesions in multispectral MR images
* Volumetric Bias Correction
Includes: Pirrone, R.[Roberto] Pirrone, R.
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Pirsch, P. Co Author Listing * Advances in Picture Coding
* Evaluation of Penalty Functions for Semi-global Matching Cost Aggregation
* Hibrid-SoC: a multi-core architecture for image and video applications
* Multicore system-on-chip architecture for MPEG-4 streaming video
* Multiprocessor performance for real-time processing of video coding applications
* Real-time semi-global matching disparity estimation on the GPU
* Stability Conditions fro DPCM Coders
* Transmission of Gray Level Images by Multilevel Dither Techniques
* VLSI Architectures for Video Compression: A Survey
* VLSI Implementations of Image and Video Multimedia Processing Systems
Includes: Pirsch, P. Pirsch, P.[Peter]
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Pirsiavash, H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Motion Estimation for Positioning from 2-D Acoustic Video Imagery
* Anticipating Visual Representations from Unlabeled Video
* Assessing the Quality of Actions
* Data handling displays
* DeepCAMP: Deep Convolutional Action Attribute Mid-Level Patterns
* Detecting activities of daily living in first-person camera views
* Globally-optimal greedy algorithms for tracking a variable number of objects
* HOGgles: Visualizing Object Detection Features
* Integration of Motion Cues in Optical and Sonar Videos for 3-D Positioning
* Joint Semantic Segmentation and Depth Estimation with Deep Convolutional Networks
* large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video, A
* Learning Aligned Cross-Modal Representations from Weakly Aligned Data
* Opti-Acoustic Stereo Imaging, System Calibration and 3-D Reconstruction
* Opti-Acoustic Stereo Imaging: On System Calibration and 3-D Target Reconstruction
* Parsing IKEA Objects: Fine Pose Estimation
* Parsing Videos of Actions with Segmental Grammars
* Predicting Motivations of Actions by Leveraging Text
* Steerable part models
* Visualizing Object Detection Features
* Weakly Supervised Cascaded Convolutional Networks
Includes: Pirsiavash, H. Pirsiavash, H.[Hamed]
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Pirson, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Device for estimation of movement

Pirwani, I.A.[Imran A.] Co Author Listing * Introduction to the Non-rigid Image Registration Evaluation Project (NIREP)

Pirz, F.C.[Frank C.] Co Author Listing * Word recognizer

Pirzadeh, H. Co Author Listing * Spectral Efficiency under Energy Constraint for Mixed-ADC MRC Massive MIMO

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