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Plebani, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * Complexity and Accuracy of Hand-Crafted Detection Methods Compared to Convolutional Neural Networks
* Embedded Real-Time Visual Search with Visual Distance Estimation
* Orlando Project: A 28 nm FD-SOI Low Memory Embedded Neural Network ASIC, The

Plebe, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * Localization of spherical fruits for robotic harvesting
* Noise filtering of periodic image sequences
* Video Grading of Oranges in Real-Time
Includes: Plebe, A.[Alessio] Plebe, A.

Pledger, S.[Shirley] Co Author Listing * combined method for finding best starting points for optimisation in bernoulli mixture models, A

Pleiss, G.[Geoff] Co Author Listing * Deep Feature Interpolation for Image Content Changes

Plemmons, R.J. Co Author Listing * Computations in Astro-Imaging
* Deblurring and Sparse Unmixing for Hyperspectral Images
* High-resolution imaging using integrated optical systems
* Image Reconstruction From Double Random Projection
* Iterative Image Restoration Using Approximate Inverse Preconditioning
* Regularization of RIF Blind Image Deconvolution
* Tensor methods for hyperspectral data analysis: A space object material identification study
Includes: Plemmons, R.J. Plemmons, R.J.[Robert J.]
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Plenge, E.[Esben] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Reconstruction and Segmentation of CT Scans with Shadowed Data

Pleniou, M. Co Author Listing * Object-Based vs. Pixel-Based Mapping of Fire Scars Using Multi-Scale Satellite Data
* Sensitivity of spectral reflectance values to different burn and vegetation ratios: A multi-scale approach applied in a fire affected area
Includes: Pleniou, M. Pleniou, M.[Magdalini]

Plesch, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * 3D Acquisition, Processing and Visualization of Archaeological Artifacts
* Interacting with Simulated Archaeological Assets

Plesea, L.[Lucian] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Cloud Based Image Storage, Dissemination And Processing Through Use of MRF and LERC

Pleskachevsky, A.L. Co Author Listing * Meteo-marine parameters for highly variable environment in coastal regions from satellite radar images

Pless, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Pless, R.[Robert]: pless AT cs wustl edu
* 3d pattern for pose estimation for object capture, A
* Adventures in archiving and using three years of webcam images
* Analysis of Persistent Motion Patterns Using the 3D Structure Tensor
* Building Dynamic Cloud Maps from the Ground Up
* Characterizing Feature Matching Performance over Long Time Periods
* Consistent Temporal Variations in Many Outdoor Scenes
* Constraints for Heterogeneous Sensor Auto-Calibration
* Deep Feature Interpolation for Image Content Changes
* Democratizing the visualization of 500 million webcam images
* Detecting Independent Motion: The Statistics of Temporal Continuity
* Detecting Roads in Stabilized Video with the Spatio-Temporal Structure Tensor
* Differential Structure in non-Linear Image Embedding Functions
* Discrete and differential two-view constraints for general imaging systems
* Efficient tracking of many objects in structured environments
* Episolar Constraint: Monocular Shape from Shadow Correspondence, The
* Evaluation of local models of dynamic backgrounds
* Exploratory analysis of time-lapse imagery with fast subset PCA
* Eyes from Eyes
* Families of Stationary Patterns Producing Illusory Movement: Insights into the Visual System
* Finding Minimal Parameterizations of Cylindrical Image Manifolds
* Fitting parametric road models to spatio-temporal derivatives
* Fusing video and sparse depth data in structure from motion
* Geolocating Static Cameras
* Heliometric Stereo: Shape from Sun Position
* Image distance functions for manifold learning
* Image Manifold Interpolation using Free-Form Deformations
* Image spaces and video trajectories: Using isomap to explore video sequences
* Images don't forget: Online photogrammetry to find lost graves
* Independent Motion: The Importance of History
* Indexing open imagery to create tools to fight sex trafficking
* Isomap and Nonparametric Models of Image Deformation
* Location-specific Transition Distributions for Tracking
* LOST: Longterm Observation of Scenes (with Tracks)
* Manifold Clustering
* Manifold learning for 4D CT reconstruction of the lung
* Multi-Camera Networks: Eyes from Eyes
* new input device for 3d sketching, A
* On analyzing video with very small motions
* On Manifold Structure of Cardiac MRI Data: Application to Segmentation
* Ouchi Illusion as an Artifact of Biased Flow Estimation, The
* Passive vision: The global webcam imaging network
* Persistence and tracking: Putting vehicles and trajectories in context
* Pose Hashing with Microlens Arrays
* Real-time constant memory visual summaries for surveillance
* Segmentation Informed by Manifold Learning
* Segmenting Cardiopulmonary Images Using Manifold Learning with Level Sets
* Segmenting Multiple Familiar Objects Under Mutual Occlusion
* Shape Background Modeling: The Shape of Things That Came
* Simultaneous data volume reconstruction and pose estimation from slice samples
* Single Image Camera Calibration with Lenticular Arrays for Augmented Reality
* SparkleGeometry: Glitter Imaging for 3D Point Tracking
* Spatio-temporal Background Models for Outdoor Surveillance
* Spherical Eye from Multiple Cameras (Makes Better Models of the World), A
* Statistical Biases in Optic Flow
* Structure from shadow motion
* Structured Light Field Design for Correspondence Free Rotation Estimation
* System for Rapid Interactive Training of Object Detectors, A
* Time Scales in Video Surveillance
* Tools for richer crowd source image annotations
* Toward Fully Automatic Geo-Location and Geo-Orientation of Static Outdoor Cameras
* Two Cloud-Based Cues for Estimating Scene Structure and Camera Calibration
* Using cloud shadows to infer scene structure and camera calibration
* Using many cameras as one
* Video Linking
* Webcam geo-localization using aggregate light levels
* Webcam2Satellite: Estimating cloud maps from webcam imagery
Includes: Pless, R.[Robert] Pless, R.
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Pless, R.C.[Reynaldo C.] Co Author Listing * Toward Visually Inferring the Underlying Causal Mechanism in a Traffic-Light-Controlled Crossroads

Pless, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * MACS: Modular Airborne Camera System for Generating Photogrammetric High-Resolution Products

Plessen, K.J. Co Author Listing * Seamless Warping of Diffusion Tensor Fields

Plessis, B. Co Author Listing * Multi-Classifier Strategy for the Recognition of Handwritten Cursive Words, A
* Numeral Amount Recognition on Multi-Bank Checks
* Postal Check Reading System, A

Plesss, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Measuring optical distortion in aircraft transparencies: A fully automated system for quantitative evaluation

Plestan, F. Co Author Listing * Design and Optimization of Nonlinear Observers for Road Curvature and State Estimation in Automated Vehicles

Pletinckx, D. Co Author Listing * Combining image and model based rendering of an archaeological site
* Europeana and 3D
* Real-Time Image Based Rendering from Uncalibrated Images

Pletschacher, S. Co Author Listing * Aletheia: An Advanced Document Layout and Text Ground-Truthing System for Production Environments
* Effective geometric restoration of distorted historical document for large-scale digitisation
* ENP image and ground truth dataset of historical newspapers, The
* Historical Document Layout Analysis Competition
* ICDAR 2009 Page Segmentation Competition
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Historical Book Recognition (HBR 2013)
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Historical Newspaper Layout Analysis (HNLA 2013)
* ICDAR2015 competition on recognition of documents with complex layouts - RDCL2015
* New Framework for Recognition of Heavily Degraded Characters in Historical Typewritten Documents Based on Semi-Supervised Clustering, A
* PAGE (Page Analysis and Ground-Truth Elements) Format Framework, The
* Realistic Dataset for Performance Evaluation of Document Layout Analysis, A
* robust hybrid approach for text line segmentation in historical documents, A
* Scenario Driven In-depth Performance Evaluation of Document Layout Analysis Methods
* Self-Adaptive Method for Extraction of Document-Specific Alphabets, A
* Significance of Reading Order in Document Recognition and Its Evaluation, The
Includes: Pletschacher, S. Pletschacher, S.[Stefan]
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Pletscher, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * conditional random field for automatic photo editing, A
* Putting MAP Back on the Map

Pletscher, P.A.[Patrick A.] Co Author Listing * Competitive baseline methods set new standards for the NIPS 2003 feature selection benchmark

Plett, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Enhancement of Visual Perception Through Dynamic Cues: An Application to Mammograms

Plettemeier, D. Co Author Listing * Ultrawideband Gated Step Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar
* WISDOM GPR Designed for Shallow and High-Resolution Sounding of the Martian Subsurface

Pletzer, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Ultrascale Visualization of Climate Data

Pletzer, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Level of service classification for smart cameras
* Robust Traffic State Estimation on Smart Cameras

Plevritis, S.K. Co Author Listing * Alternative k-space sampling distributions for MR spectroscopic imaging

Plewczynski, D.[Dariusz] Co Author Listing * MaER: A New Ensemble Based Multiclass Classifier for Binding Activity Prediction of HLA Class II Proteins
* PDP-RF: Protein Domain Boundary Prediction Using Random Forest Classifier

Plewes, D. Co Author Listing * Classification of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Breast Lesions by Support Vector Machines

Plewes, D.B. Co Author Listing * Biomechanical 3-D finite element modeling of the human breast using MRI data
* constrained modulus reconstruction technique for breast cancer assessment, A
* hybrid breast biopsy system combining ultrasound and MRI, A
* signal/noise analysis of quasi-static MR elastography, A

Pleyer, A. Co Author Listing * Fragmentary string matching by selective access to hybrid tries

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