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Pra, A.L.D.[Ana Lucia Dai] Co Author Listing * Real-time speckle image processing

Pra, L.D.[Lucia Dai] Co Author Listing * Automatic Design of Binary W-operators Using Artificial Feed-forward Neural Networks Based on the Weighted Mean Square Error Cost Function
Includes: Pra, L.D.[Lucia Dai] Pra, L.D.[Lucía Dai]

Prabakaran, N. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of uplink MIMO in 2X2 mobile WiMAX system

Prabha, N.A.[N. Amutha] Co Author Listing * Analysis of denoising filters on MRI brain images
* comprehensive review: Segmentation of MRI images: brain tumor, A

Prabha, V.L.[Viswanathan Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * MRI brain image classification: a hybrid approach

Prabhakar Rao, B.V.V.S.N. Co Author Listing * Volumetric analysis of MR images for glioma classification and their effect on brain tissues

Prabhakar, A. Co Author Listing * Shape Discrimination by Radial Sectoral Projection Signatures

Prabhakar, C.J. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Technique Using Symbolic Linear Discriminant Analysis Method
* Face Recognition Using Symbolic KPCA Plus Symbolic LDA in the Framework of Symbolic Data Analysis: Symbolic Kernel Fisher Discriminant Method

Prabhakar, K.[Karthir] Co Author Listing * Categorizing Turn-Taking Interactions
* Temporal causality for the analysis of visual events

Prabhakar, K.R. Co Author Listing * DeepFuse: A Deep Unsupervised Approach for Exposure Fusion with Extreme Exposure Image Pairs

Prabhakar, S.[Salil] Co Author Listing * email: Prabhakar, S.[Salil]: salilp AT digitalpersona com
* Biometric Recognition: Security and Privacy Concerns
* Biometrics: A grand challenge
* Combining Multiple Matchers for a High Security Fingerprint Verification System
* Decision-level fusion in fingerprint verification
* Detection and segmentation of sweeps in color graphics images
* Filterbank-Based Fingerprint Matching
* Finger Code: A Filterbank for Fingerprint Representation and Matching
* Fingerprint Matching Using Minutiae and Texture Features
* Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition
* Introduction to Biometric Recognition, An
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Biometrics: Progress and Directions
* Learning fingerprint minutiae location and type
* Minutia Verification and Classification for Fingerprint Matching
* Minutiae-based template synthesis and matching for fingerprint authentication
* Minutiae-Based Template Synthesis and Matching Using Hierarchical Delaunay Triangulations
* Multichannel Approach to Fingerprint Classification, A
* On the Individuality of Fingerprints
* On the similarity of identical twin fingerprints
* Picture-graphics color image classification
* Recent Advances in Fingerprint Verification
* Twin Test: On Discriminability of Fingerprints
Includes: Prabhakar, S.[Salil] Prabhakar, S.
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Prabhakar, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Minimizing Latency and Jitter for Large-Scale Multimedia Repositories Through Prefix Caching
* On Watermarking Numeric Sets
* Resilient Information Hiding for Abstract Semi-structures
Includes: Prabhakar, S.I.[Sun Il] Prabhakar, S.I.[Sun-Il]

Prabhakar, T.V.N.[T.V. Nidhin] Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional empirical wavelet transform based supervised hyperspectral image classification

Prabhakaran, B.[Balakrishnan] Co Author Listing * 3D content fingerprinting
* Blind invisible watermarking for 3D meshes with textures
* Content Based 3D Human Document Retrieval Using Latent Semantic Mapping
* Fault Detection Framework for Video Surveillance Systems
* novel method for post-surgery face recognition using sum of facial parts recognition, A
* randomized approximating graph algorithm for image annotation refinement problem, The
* Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition on Smartphones
* Real-Time Mobile Facial Expression Recognition System: A Case Study
* Region graph based method for multi-object detection and tracking using depth cameras
Includes: Prabhakaran, B.[Balakrishnan] Prabhakaran, B.
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Prabhakaran, S.[Sandhya] Co Author Listing * Automatic Model Selection in Archetype Analysis

Prabhakaran, V.M. Co Author Listing * Syndrome-Based Robust Video Transmission Over Networks with Bursty Losses
* Towards a theory for video coding using distributed compression principles

Prabhanjan, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach for Devanagari Script Recognition

Prabhat Co Author Listing * ADVISER: Immersive Scientific Visualization Applied to Mars Research and Exploration
* TECA: Petascale Pattern Recognition for Climate Science

Prabhat, P.[Prabhat] Co Author Listing * Ultrascale Visualization of Climate Data

Prabhavalkar, R. Co Author Listing * Conditional Random Fields in Speech, Audio, and Language Processing

Prabhu, H.R.[H. Rahul] Co Author Listing * Heartbeat biometrics for human authentication

Prabhu, K.A. Co Author Listing * Motion Compensated Component Color Coding
* Motion Compensated Composite Color Coding
* Predictor Switching Scheme for DPCM Coding of Video Signals, A

Prabhu, K.M.M. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for Pseudodiscrete Wigner-Ville Distribution Using Moving Discrete Hartley Transform
* Fixed-point error analysis of two DCT algorithms
* Numerically Stable Algorithm for Computing Wigner-Ville Distribution
* Two-dimensional FIR compaction filter design

Prabhu, M.S. Co Author Listing * Layered Internet Video Adaptation (LIVA): Network-Assisted Bandwidth Sharing and Transient Loss Protection for Video Streaming

Prabhu, N.[Nikita] Co Author Listing * Attribute-Graph: A Graph Based Approach to Image Ranking
* Optimization on Lie manifolds and pattern recognition
Includes: Prabhu, N.[Nikita] Prabhu, N.[Nagabhushana]

Prabhu, S.[Sanjay] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Learning in Radiology Using Novel Latent Variable Models

Prabhu, S.M. Co Author Listing * hierarchical labeled object classification system, A
* Joint multi-frame super-resolution and matting
* Matte Super-Resolution for Compositing
* Natural Matting for Degraded Pictures
* Recursive Video Matting and Denoising
* Unified multiframe super-resolution of matte, foreground, and background
Includes: Prabhu, S.M. Prabhu, S.M.[Sahana M.]

Prabhu, S.S. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of objects from their projections using generalized inverses

Prabhu, S.V.[S. Vishnu] Co Author Listing * robust watermarking method based on Compressed Sensing and Arnold scrambling, A

Prabhu, T.S.K.[T.S. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Binarization of Ancient Documents
* Binarization of Documents with Complex Backgrounds

Prabhu, U.[Utsav] Co Author Listing * analysis of facial shape and texture for recognition: A large scale evaluation on FRGC ver2.0, An
* novel energy based filter for cross-blink eye detection, A
* Sparse Feature Extraction for Pose-Tolerant Face Recognition
* Unconstrained Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Using 3D Generic Elastic Models

Prabhudesai, A. Co Author Listing * Selecting High Quality Frames for Super Resolution Reconstruction Using Perceptual Quality Metrics

Prabhudesai, A.B. Co Author Listing * Qualitative Visual Environment Retrieval

Prabhushankar, M. Co Author Listing * UNIQUE: Unsupervised Image Quality Estimation

Prablanc, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive estimates of egocentric distance from vergence in telestereoscopic viewing: Von Hofsten's model revisited

Prabu, C. Co Author Listing * novel brain image segmentation using intuitionistic fuzzy C means algorithm, A

Prabu, S. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Affine Transformation Approach for Cloud Free Multi-Temporal Image Registration, A

Prabukumar, M.[Manoharan] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction method for breast cancer diagnosis in digital mammograms using multi-resolution transformations and SVM-fuzzy logic classifier

Praburaj, B. Co Author Listing * Orthogonal polynomials based low bit rate image coding

Prabuwono, A.S. Co Author Listing * Autonomous contour tracking using staircase method for industrial robot
* Ensemble of steerable local neighbourhood grey-level information for binarization
* Event Based Simulator for Parallel Computing over the Wide Area Network for Real Time Visualization
Includes: Prabuwono, A.S. Prabuwono, A.S.[Anton Satria]

Prachasri, N.[Nantawat] Co Author Listing * Discriminating motion patterns of ACL reconstructed patients from healthy individuals

Prachyabrued, M.[Mores] Co Author Listing * Effects and optimization of visual-proprioceptive discrepancy reduction for virtual grasping
* Handymap: A Selection Interface for Cluttered VR Environments Using a Tracked Hand-Held Touch Device
* Visual feedback for virtual grasping
* Visual interpenetration tradeoffs in whole-hand virtual grasping

Pracko, R. Co Author Listing * Correlation optimized scanning of segmented images

Prade, H.[Henri] Co Author Listing * Supervised Classification Using Homogeneous Logical Proportions for Binary and Nominal Features

Pradeep, K.S. Co Author Listing * Improving Shape From Focus Using Defocus Cue
* Improving Shape from Focus Using Defocus Information

Pradeep, N.[Nalin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fragments-based tracking of non-rigid objects using level sets
* Automated Stroke Classification in Tennis

Pradeep, S.N.[S. Nalin] Co Author Listing * Fragments Based Parametric Tracking
* Sports Classification Using Cross-Ratio Histograms

Pradeep, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Pradeep, V.[Vivek]: vivek pradeep AT gmail com
* Egomotion Estimation Using Assorted Features
* Egomotion using assorted features
* Piecewise Planar Modeling for Step Detection using Stereo Vision
* Robot vision for the visually impaired
* Visual loop closing using multi-resolution SIFT grids in metric-topological SLAM
7 for Pradeep, V.

Pradeilles, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction for Quality Assessment of Aerial Image Segmentation
Includes: Pradeilles, F.[Frederic] Pradeilles, F.[Frédéric]

Pradel, G.[Gilbert] Co Author Listing * Combined pattern search optimization of feature extraction and classification parameters in facial recognition

Pradella, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * SAT-based parser and completer for pictures specified by tiling, A

Prades Nebot, J. Co Author Listing * analysis of the efficiency of different SNR-scalable strategies for video coders, An
* Analysis of the efficiency of SNR-scalable strategies for motion compensated video coders
* Analysis of the performance of predictive SNR scalable coders
* Distributed Coding-Based Content-Aware Multi-View Video System, A
* Distributed Coding-Based Extension of a Mono-View to a Multi-View Video System, A
* Enhanced B-Spline interpolation of images
* Improved Pixel-Based Rate Allocation for Pixel-Domain Distributed Video Coders Without Feedback Channel
* Modulo-PCM based encoding for high speed video cameras
* On the Efficiency of Angular Intraprediction
* Rate Allocation Algorithms for Motion Compensated Embedded Video Coders
* Rate Allocation for Prediction Drift Reduction in Video Streaming
* Rate distortion analysis of leaky prediction layered video coding using quantization noise modeling
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Motion-Compensated Rate Scalable Video
* Rate-distortion bounds for motion compensated rate scalable video coders
* Reduced decoder complexity and latency in pixel-domain Wyner-Ziv video coders
* Very low-complexity coding of images using adaptive Modulo-PCM
Includes: Prades Nebot, J. Prades-Nebot, J. Prades-Nebot, J.[Josep] Prades-Nebot, J.[Jose]
16 for Prades Nebot, J.

Prades, A. Co Author Listing * Astrometry with Reconstructed Hubble-Space-Telescope Planetary Camera (WF/PC-1) Images
* Image fusion with additive multiresolution wavelet decomposition. Applications to SPOT and Landsat images
* Multiresolution-Based Image Fusion with Additive Wavelet Decomposition
Includes: Prades, A. Prades, A.[Albert]

Prades, J. Co Author Listing * Sequential Logic Compression of Images

Prades, R. Co Author Listing * Searching Lost People with UAVs: The System and Results of the Close-Search Project

Pradhan, A. Co Author Listing * Fully Nonlinear SP_3 Approximation Based Fluorescence Optical Tomography

Pradhan, B. Co Author Listing * Data Fusion Technique Using Wavelet Transform and Taguchi Methods for Automatic Landslide Detection From Airborne Laser Scanning Data and QuickBird Satellite Imagery
* Fusion of Airborne LiDAR With Multispectral SPOT 5 Image for Enhancement of Feature Extraction Using Dempster-Shafer Theory
* New Semiautomated Detection Mapping of Flood Extent From TerraSAR-X Satellite Image Using Rule-Based Classification and Taguchi Optimization Techniques, A
* Remote Sensing and GIS-based Landslide Susceptibility Analysis and its Cross-validation in Three Test Areas Using a Frequency Ratio Model
Includes: Pradhan, B. Pradhan, B.[Biswajeet]

Pradhan, G. Co Author Listing * Pitch-Normalized Acoustic Features for Robust Children's Speech Recognition

Pradhan, K.[Kavya] Co Author Listing * Synergistic Use of Citizen Science and Remote Sensing for Continental-Scale Measurements of Forest Tree Phenology

Pradhan, N.[Neera] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Fatigue Measurement Using Human Motor Coordination for Gesture-Based Interaction in 3D Environments

Pradhan, P.M. Co Author Listing * Incorporating approximate rotational invariance into two-dimensional S-transform

Pradhan, P.S. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Number of Decomposition Levels for a Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Multisensor Image Fusion
* Optimizing the High-pass Filter Addition Technique for Image Fusion
Includes: Pradhan, P.S. Pradhan, P.S.[Pushkar S.]

Pradhan, R. Co Author Listing * Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Pradhan, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Design Optimization of a Robotic Gripper Using Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
* Efficient Layered Video Delivery Over Multicarrier Systems Using Optimized Embedded Modulation
* Enhanced mutual information based medical image registration
* Metric in Feature Space
* Red lesions detection in digital fundus images
* Watermarking Based on Duality with Distributed Source Coding and Robust Optimization Principles
Includes: Pradhan, S. Pradhan, S.[Sourav] Pradhan, S.[Sandip]

Pradhanang, S.M.[Soni M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Satellite Products for Precipitation Estimation in Mountain Regions: A Case Study for Nepal

Prado Romero, M.A.[Mario Alfonso] Co Author Listing * Community Feature Selection for Anomaly Detection in Attributed Graphs
* Detecting contextual collective anomalies at a Glance
* Discovering Bitcoin Mixing Using Anomaly Detection
Includes: Prado Romero, M.A.[Mario Alfonso] Prado-Romero, M.A.[Mario Alfonso]

Prado, B.[Blanca] Co Author Listing * 3D Porous Media Liquid-Solid Interaction Simulation Using SPH Modeling and Tomographic Images
* Quantifying preferential flows in porous soils: An original imaging and image processing procedure
* Visualising 3D porous media fluid interaction using X-ray CT data and Smooth Particles Hydrodynamics modelling
Includes: Prado, B.[Blanca] Prado, B.

Prado, D. Co Author Listing * proposal for high compression of faces in video sequences using adaptive eigenspaces, A

Prado, G.L.[Gabriel Lorencetti] Co Author Listing * Person Re-identification Using Partial Least Squares Appearance Modeling

Prado, J. Co Author Listing * new fast bit-reversal permutation algorithm based on a symmetry, A

Prado, L.O.C. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Edge Detection in Images, A
* Edge Detection in Images: A Hypothesis Testing Approach

Prados Suarez, B.[Been] Co Author Listing * Dealing with Multiple Motions in Optical Flow Estimation
* Perceptually-Based Functions for Coarseness Textural Feature Representation
Includes: Prados Suarez, B.[Been] Prados-Suárez, B.[Beén] Prados-Suárez, B.

Prados, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Prados, E.[Emmanuel]: Emmanuel Prados AT inrialpes fr
* 3-D Reconstruction of Shaded Objects from Multiple Images Under Unknown Illumination
* 3D and Appearance Modeling from Images
* Brain Connectivity Mapping Using Riemannian Geometry, Control Theory, and PDEs
* Colour Dynamic Photometric Stereo for Textured Surfaces
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Methods for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Techniques for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Convex multi-region segmentation on manifolds
* Editorial for the Special Issue on Photometric Analysis for Computer Vision
* Generic and Provably Convergent Shape-from-Shading Method for Orthographic and Pinhole Cameras, A
* Generic Scene Recovery Using Multiple Images
* Gradient Flows for Optimizing Triangular Mesh-based Surfaces: Applications to 3D Reconstruction Problems Dealing with Visibility
* Joint Estimation of Shape and Reflectance using Multiple Images with Known Illumination Conditions
* mathematical and algorithmic study of the Lambertian SFS problem for orthographic and pinhole cameras, A
* Minimiser l'erreur de reprojection en reconstruction de surfaces basée images
* Minimizing the Multi-view Stereo Reprojection Error for Triangular Surface Meshes
* Minimizing the Reprojection Error in Surface Reconstruction from Images
* Non-local Approach to Shape from Ambient Shading, A
* Perspective shape from shading and viscosity solutions
* rigorous and realistic shape from shading method and some of its applications, A
* Shape and Reflectance Recovery using Multiple Images with Known Illumination Conditions
* Shape from Shading and Viscosity Solutions
* Shape from Shading: A Well-Posed Problem?
* Shape Representation based on Integral Kernels: Application to Image Matching and Segmentation
* Towards Full 3D Helmholtz Stereovision Algorithms
* Towards Robust and Physically Plausible Shaded Stereoscopic Segmentation
* Unifying and Rigorous Shape from Shading Method Adapted to Realistic Data and Applications, A
* Unifying Approaches and Removing Unrealistic Assumptions in Shape from Shading: Mathematics Can Help
* viscosity method for Shape-from-Shading without boundary data, A
Includes: Prados, E.[Emmanuel] Prados, E.
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Prados, R.[Ricard] Co Author Listing * Image Blending Techniques and their Application in Underwater Mosaicing
* Planar Homography: Accuracy Analysis and Applications
Includes: Prados, R.[Ricard] Prados, R.

Pragada, S.[Sanjeev] Co Author Listing * Image Denoising Using Matched Biorthogonal Wavelets

Prager, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Visualizing Argument Structure

Prager, J.M.[John M.] Co Author Listing * Computing the Optic Flow: The MATCH Algorithm and Prediction
* Extracting and Labeling Boundary Segments in Natural Scenes
* Segmentation of Static and Dynamic Scenes
* Segmentation Processes in the VISIONS System
Includes: Prager, J.M.[John M.] Prager, J.M.

Prager, K.E.[Kenneth E.] Co Author Listing * Image-based detection and tracking system and processing method employing clutter measurements and signal-to-clutter ratios

Prager, R.W.[Richard W.] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Reconstruction Using Volume Intersection Techniques
* Bayesian Registration of Models Using FEM Eigenmodes
* CART/CMAC hybrid: regression trees with interpolation
* Decompression and speckle detection for ultrasound images using the homodyned k-distribution
* Engineering a freehand 3D ultrasound system
* Feature-Selection Using Expected Attainable Discrimination
* High-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging With Unified Pixel-Based Beamforming
* Interactive segmentation of 3D ultrasound using deformable solid models and active contours
* Minimum Variance Approaches to Ultrasound Pixel-Based Beamforming
* Rapid registration for wide field of view freehand three-dimensional ultrasound
* Realisable Classifiers: Improving Operating Performance on Variable Cost Problems
* Surface interpolation from sparse cross sections using region correspondence
Includes: Prager, R.W.[Richard W.] Prager, R.W.
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Prager, S.D.[Steven D.] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary search for understanding movement dynamics on mixed networks

Pragliola, C.[Concetta] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Effects of MJPEG Compression on Motion Tracking in Metro Railway Surveillance
* robust approach for on-line and off-line threat detection based on event tree similarity analysis, A
* Towards Automated Drone Surveillance in Railways: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
Includes: Pragliola, C.[Concetta] Pragliola, C.

Prahacs, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * AQUA: An Amphibious Autonomous Robot
* Unsupervised Learning of Terrain Appearance for Automated Coral Reef Exploration
Includes: Prahacs, C.[Chris] Prahacs, C.[Christopher]

Prahauser, C. Co Author Listing * Improving Compressed Iris Recognition Accuracy Using JPEG2000 RoI Coding
Includes: Prahauser, C. Prähauser, C. (Maybe also Praehauser, C.)

Praing, R.[Reasey] Co Author Listing * Efficient Implementation Techniques for Topological Predicates on Complex Spatial Objects

Praislin Anisha, J. Co Author Listing * Image fusion using spatial unmixing

Praja, I.[Indra] Co Author Listing * Hot Buried Object Detection Technique Using a Temperature Sensor, A

Prajapati, D.K. Co Author Listing * Smart Public Transit System Using an Energy Storage System and Its Coordination With a Distribution Grid

Prajapati, G.I.[Ghanshyam I.] Co Author Listing * DToLIP: Detection and tracking of lip contours from human facial images using Snake's method

Prajapati, H.B.[Harshad B.] Co Author Listing * Analytical study of parallel and distributed image processing
* Classification of printed Gujarati characters using som based k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier

Prajapati, S. Co Author Listing * Fast registration of articulated objects from depth images

Prajoux, R. Co Author Listing * 3D laser micro-sensor integrating control and data processing in an FPGA-based calculator, A

Prakasa, E.[Esa] Co Author Listing * Thickness Characterization of 3D Skin Surface Images Using Reference Line Construction Approach

Prakash, A.[Anupma] Co Author Listing * Decision-based Fusion for Improved Fluvial Landscape Classification Using Digital Aerial Photographs and Forward Looking Infrared Images
* Encoding system using motion vectors to represent frame-to-frame changes, wherein a decoder uses predictions of motion vectors in decoding
* Improvised eigenvector selection for spectral Clustering in image segmentation
* Landscape Effects of Wildfire on Permafrost Distribution in Interior Alaska Derived from Remote Sensing
* Low-Complexity Global Motion Estimation for Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Prakash, A.[Anupma] Prakash, A.[Adityo] Prakash, A.

Prakash, C. Co Author Listing * Binary Tree Based Linear Time Fingerprint Matching
* Fragments Based Parametric Tracking
* Object Recognition from a Single View Using Recognition Polynomials
* Perception and Computation
* Recognition Polynomials
* Sports Classification Using Cross-Ratio Histograms
* Structure from Two Orthographic Views of Rigid Motion
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Prakash, C.D.[Charan D.] Co Author Listing * Camera calibration using adaptive segmentation and ellipse fitting for localizing control points
* Sparse Depth Calculation Using Real-Time Key-Point Detection and Structure from Motion for Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Prakash, C.E. Co Author Listing * Voxel-Based Modeling for Layered Manufacturing

Prakash, E.C.[Edmond C.] Co Author Listing * Modeling and animation of individualized faces for 3D facial expression synthesis
* physically-based model for real-time facial expression animation, A
Includes: Prakash, E.C.[Edmond C.] Prakash, E.C.

Prakash, H.N. Co Author Listing * Geometric Centroids and their Relative Distances for Off-line Signature Verification
* Online Signature Verification and Recognition: An Approach Based on Symbolic Representation
* Spatial Topology of Equitemporal Points on Signatures for Retrieval

Prakash, J. Co Author Listing * Contact force analysis of deformable finger
* Model-Resolution-Based Basis Pursuit Deconvolution Improves Diffuse Optical Tomographic Imaging

Prakash, J.S.[J. Suriya] Co Author Listing * Multi class Support Vector Machines classifier for machine vision application

Prakash, K.N. Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution local ternary patterns for image indexing retrieval

Prakash, M. Co Author Listing * Extended Subspace Methods of Pattern-Recognition
* Growing Subspace Pattern-Recognition Methods and Their Neural-Network Models
* Hebbian learning subspace method: A new approach
* SparkCloud: A Cloud-Based Elastic Bushfire Simulation Service
Includes: Prakash, M. Prakash, M.[Mahesh]

Prakash, N.[Nupur] Co Author Listing * matching criterion for motion compensation in the temporal coding of video signal, A

Prakash, O. Co Author Listing * Local energy-based multimodal medical image fusion in curvelet domain
* Medical Image Denoising Based on Soft Thresholding Using Biorthogonal Multiscale Wavelet Transform
Includes: Prakash, O. Prakash, O.[Om]

Prakash, R. Co Author Listing * Enhanced JPEG Compression of Documents

Prakash, R.M.[R. Meena] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy C means integrated with spatial information and contrast enhancement for segmentation of MR brain images
* Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform based expectation maximization method for segmentation of images

Prakash, R.S.[R. Senthil] Co Author Listing * Invariance Properties of AM-FM Image Features with Application to Template Tracking
* Modulation-domain particle filter for template tracking
* Object tracking using AM-FM image features

Prakash, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Mapping of Surface Temperature Using Thermal Stereo
* Connected component based technique for automatic ear detection
* Ear Localization from Side Face Images using Distance Transform and Template Matching
* efficient ear localization technique, An
* Geometric graph comparison from an alignment viewpoint
* iris retrieval technique based on color and texture, An
* rotation and scale invariant technique for ear detection in 3D, A
* Segmenting Multiple Textured Objects Using Geodesic Active Contour and DWT
* semi-supervised approach to space carving, A
* SnakeCut: An Integrated Approach Based on Active Contour and GrabCut for Automatic Foreground Object Segmentation
Includes: Prakash, S. Prakash, S.[Surya]
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Prakash, V.[Vineet] Co Author Listing * Towards Detecting High-Uptake Lesions from Lung CT Scans Using Deep Learning

Prakash, V.P.[V. Prem] Co Author Listing * Novel Deterministic Heuristics for Building Minimum Spanning Trees with Constrained Diameter

Prakhya, S.M.[Sai Manoj] Co Author Listing * Detecting keypoint sets on 3D point clouds via Histogram of Normal Orientations

Prakobya, A. Co Author Listing * Preliminary Results Of The Comparison Of Satellite Imagers Using Tuz GÖlÜ As A Reference Standard

Prakoonwit, S.[Simant] Co Author Listing * 3D surface point and wireframe reconstruction from multiview photographic images

Prakosa, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Strain Assessment in Ultrasound (Straus): A Synthetic Comparison of Five Tracking Methodologies
* Generation of Synthetic but Visually Realistic Time Series of Cardiac Images Combining a Biophysical Model and Clinical Images

Prakriya, S. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Zero Forcing Crosstalk Canceler in Vectored VDSL2

Praks, J.[Jaan] Co Author Listing * Interferometric SAR Coherence Models for Characterization of Hemiboreal Forests Using TanDEM-X Data
* Land Cover and Soil Type Mapping From Spaceborne PolSAR Data at L-Band With Probabilistic Neural Network
* LIDAR-Aided SAR Interferometry Studies in Boreal Forest: Scattering Phase Center and Extinction Coefficient at X- and L-Band
* Polarimetric ALOS PALSAR Time Series in Mapping Biomass of Boreal Forests
* Scattering Model for a Pine Tree Employing VIE With a Broadband MLFMA and Comparison to ICA
* Study of Landfast Ice with Sentinel-1 Repeat-Pass Interferometry over the Baltic Sea, A
Includes: Praks, J.[Jaan] Praks, J.

Praks, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * sparse image representation for automated image retrieval, The

Pralon, L. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of ICA-Based ICTD for PolSAR Data Analysis Using a Sliding Window Approach: Convergence Rate, Gaussian Sources, and Spatial Correlation
* Evaluation of the New Information in the H/alpha Feature Space Provided by ICA in PolSAR Data Analysis
* Spherical Symmetry of Complex Stochastic Models in Multivariate High-Resolution PolSAR Images

Pralow, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Denoising of Medical X-Ray Image Sequences: Three Entirely Different Approaches
* Stitching Algorithm for Automatic Registration of Digital Radiographs, A

Pramadihanto, D. Co Author Listing * Face and facial feature extraction from color image
* Flexible Feature Matching for Automatic Face and Facial Feature Points Detection, A
Includes: Pramadihanto, D. Pramadihanto, D.[Dadet]

Pramanick, M.[Malay] Co Author Listing * Metaphor Detection Approach Using Cosine Similarity, A

Pramanik, R.[Rahul] Co Author Listing * Linear Curve Fitting-Based Headline Estimation in Handwritten Words for Indian Scripts
* Shape decomposition-based handwritten compound character recognition for Bangla OCR

Pramanik, S. Co Author Listing * comparative analysis of two distance measures in color image databases, A
* Multi-sensor image fusion based on statistical features and wavelet transform
* novel approach for delineation and feature extraction in QRS complex of ECG signal, A
* Performance Analysis of AB-tree
* Segmentation and histogram generation using the HSV color space for image retrieval
Includes: Pramanik, S. Pramanik, S.[Sayak] Pramanik, S.[Sakti]

Pramartha, C.[Cokorda] Co Author Listing * Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Balinese Kulkul Artefact and Practices

Pramateftakis, M. Co Author Listing * Authentication of MPEG-4-based surveillance video

Pramerdorfer, C. Co Author Listing * Bad teacher or unruly student: Can deep learning say something in Image Forensics analysis?
* dataset for computer-vision-based PCB analysis, A
* Deep Objective Image Quality Assessment
* Fall Detection Based on Depth-Data in Practice
Includes: Pramerdorfer, C. Pramerdorfer, C.[Christopher]

Pramila, A.[Anu] Co Author Listing * Image watermarking with feature point based synchronization robust to print-scan attack
* Multiple Domain Watermarking for Print-Scan and JPEG Resilient Data Hiding
* Reading Watermarks from Printed Binary Images with a Camera Phone
* Toward an interactive poster using digital watermarking and a mobile phone camera
* Watermark Recovery from a Dual Layer Hologram with a Digital Camera
* Wavelet Domain Print-Scan and JPEG Resilient Data Hiding Method

Pramod Sankar, K. Co Author Listing * Enabling Search over Large Collections of Telugu Document Images: An Automatic Annotation Based Approach
* Large Scale Document Image Retrieval by Automatic Word Annotation

Pramod, M.J. Co Author Listing * Approximate Mean Delay Analysis for a Signalized Intersection With Indisciplined Traffic

Pramod, N.C. Co Author Listing * People detection in image and video data

Pramod, R.T. Co Author Listing * Do Computational Models Differ Systematically from Human Object Perception?

Pramod, S.K.[Sankar K.] Co Author Listing * indexing approach for speeding-up image classification, An
* Probabilistic Reverse Annotation for Large Scale Image Retrieval
* Subtitle-free Movie to Script Alignment

Pramoun, T. Co Author Listing * Image-based geographical location estimation using web cameras

Prampolini, F. Co Author Listing * IDB: an image database system

Prampolini, M.[Mariacristina] Co Author Listing * Advanced SAR Interferometric Analysis to Support Geomorphological Interpretation of Slow-Moving Coastal Landslides (Malta, Mediterranean Sea)

Pranata, S.[Sugiri] Co Author Listing * BER Formulation for the Blind Retrieval of MPEG Video Watermark
* High Performance Large Scale Face Recognition with Multi-cognition Softmax and Feature Retrieval
* Improved bit rate control for real-time mpeg watermarking
* Local Binary Pattern features for pedestrian detection at night/dark environment
* Stagged multi-scale LBP for pedestrian detection
Includes: Pranata, S.[Sugiri] Pranata, S.

Pranckeviciene, E.[Erinija] Co Author Listing * Class Separability in Spaces Reduced By Feature Selection
* Consensus-based identification of spectral signatures for classification of high-dimensional biomedical spectra
Includes: Pranckeviciene, E.[Erinija] Pranckeviciene, E.

Prandi, D.[Dario] Co Author Listing * Fourier Descriptors Based on the Structure of the Human Primary Visual Cortex with Applications to Object Recognition

Prandi, F. Co Author Listing * 3D Buildings Extraction from Aerial Images
* 3D Web Visualization of Huge CityGML Models
* New Approach for forest inventory estimation and timber harvesting planning in mountain areas: the Slope project
* RC-Heli and Structure and Motion techniques for the 3-D reconstruction of a Milan Dome spire
* Structural monitoring of a large dam by terrestrial laserscanning

Prandi, G. Co Author Listing * Identification of Sparse Audio Tampering Using Distributed Source Coding and Compressive Sensing Techniques
* Symmetric Distributed Coding of Stereo Video Sequences

Prandi, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Benefits of the Ka-Band as Evidenced from the SARAL/AltiKa Altimetric Mission: Quality Assessment and Unique Characteristics of AltiKa Data, The
* REAPER: Reprocessing 12 Years of ERS-1 and ERS-2 Altimeters and Microwave Radiometer Data
Includes: Prandi, P.[Pierre] Prandi, P.

Prandini, M. Co Author Listing * Aircraft Conflict Prediction in the Presence of a Spatially Correlated Wind Field
* Randomized Approach to Probabilistic Footprint Estimation of a Space Debris Uncontrolled Reentry, A
* Semantic indexing of soccer audio-visual sequences: A multimodal approach based on controlled Markov chains
* Semantic indexing of sports program sequences by audio-visual analysis
* Toward Air Traffic Complexity Assessment in New Generation Air Traffic Management Systems

Prandolini, R. Co Author Listing * Importance Coding of Still Imagery Based on Importance Maps of Visually Interpretable Regions

Prandoni, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Digitization Age: Mass Culture Is Quality Culture. Challenges for Cultural Heritage and Society, The

Prandoni, P. Co Author Listing * VITRAIL: Acquisition, Modeling, and Rendering of Stained Glass

Prang, C. Co Author Listing * Local identification and removal of scatter artifacts based on the temporal information in dynamic SPECT images

Prange, J.D. Co Author Listing * Detecting, recognizing and understanding video events in surveillance video

Prangenberg, D. Co Author Listing * Success and Failure of Certain Reconstruction and Uniqueness Algorithms in Discrete Tomography

Prangl, M. Co Author Listing * Framework for Utility-Based Multimedia Adaptation, A

Prankl, J.[Johann] Co Author Listing * Advances in real-time object tracking
* Consistent Interpretation of Image Sequences to Improve Object Models on the Fly
* Incremental Model Selection for Detection and Tracking of Planar Surfaces
* Interactive object modelling based on piecewise planar surface patches
* Learning of perceptual grouping for object segmentation on RGB-D data
* Learning the Floor Type for Automated Detection of Dirt Spots for Robotic Floor Cleaning Using Gaussian Mixture Models
* multi-modal RGB-D object recognizer, A
* Mutual Hypothesis Verification for 6D Pose Estimation of Natural Objects
Includes: Prankl, J.[Johann] Prankl, J.
8 for Prankl, J.

Prantl, M. Co Author Listing * Active Fusion Using Bayesian Networks Applied to Multitemporal Remote Sensing Imagery
* Active Fusion: A New Method Applied to Remote Sensing Image Interpretation
* Active Object Recognition in Parametric Eigenspace
* Affine matching of intermediate symbolic representations
* Appearance-based active object recognition
* Learning Temporal Context in Active Object Recognition Using Bayesian Analysis
Includes: Prantl, M. Prantl, M.[Manfred]

Pranzas, B.[Bastian] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Staff Removal Algorithms, A

Pranzas, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * German Lute Tablature Recognition
* Optical recognition of psaltic Byzantine chant notation

Pranzini, E.[Enzo] Co Author Listing * Use of ETM+ images to extend stem volume estimates obtained from LiDAR data

Prasad, A.[Ajay] Co Author Listing * Identification of Defensins Employing Recurrence Quantification Analysis and Random Forest Classifiers
* Information Extraction from Telephone Company Drawings
* Interpretation of telephone company central office equipment drawings
* Multi-label Text Classification Approach for Sentence Level News Emotion Analysis
* Structure Recognition and Information Extraction from Tabular Documents
Includes: Prasad, A.[Ajay] Prasad, A. Prasad, A.[Abhishek]

Prasad, B.[Bishal] Co Author Listing * Linear Boundary and Corner Detection Using Limited Number of Sensor Rows

Prasad, B.G. Co Author Listing * Color and Shape Index for Region-Based Image Retrieval
* Dominant color region based indexing for CBIR
* Region-based image retrieval using integrated color, shape, and location index

Prasad, B.H.P.[B.H. Pawan] Co Author Listing * Scalable Frame to Block Based Automatic Converter for Efficient Embedded Vision Processing

Prasad, B.R.G. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm-Assisted Feature Extraction and Selection for Global Motion Estimation

Prasad, D.K.[Dilip K.] Co Author Listing * DEB: Definite Error Bounded Tangent Estimator for Digital Curves
* Edge curvature and convexity based ellipse detection method
* ElliFit: An unconstrained, non-iterative, least squares based geometric Ellipse Fitting method
* ellipse detection method for real images, An
* Error Analysis of Geometric Ellipse Detection Methods Due to Quantization
* error bounded tangent estimator for digital curves, An
* Error Bounded Tangent Estimator for Digitized Elliptic Curves, An
* Illuminant estimation for color constancy: Why spatial-domain methods work and the role of the color distribution
* Metrics and statistics of frequency of occurrence of metamerism in consumer cameras for natural scenes
* MuSCoWERT: multi-scale consistence of weighted edge Radon transform for horizon detection in maritime images
* Non-heuristic Dominant Point Detection Based on Suppression of Break Points, A
* novel framework for making dominant point detection methods non-parametric, A
* Online tracking of deformable objects under occlusion using dominant points
* Precise Ellipse Fitting Method for Noisy Data, A
* Quick Approximation of Camera's Spectral Response from Casual Lighting
* Raw-to-Raw: Mapping between Image Sensor Color Responses
* Reliability / precision uncertainity in shape fitting problems
* Strategies for Resolving Camera Metamers Using 3+1 Channel
* Training-Based Spectral Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image
* Video Processing From Electro-Optical Sensors for Object Detection and Tracking in a Maritime Environment: A Survey
Includes: Prasad, D.K.[Dilip K.] Prasad, D.K.
20 for Prasad, D.K.

Prasad, G. Co Author Listing * Body Language Based Individual Identification in Video Using Gait and Actions
* Covariate Shift Minimisation Method to Alleviate Non-stationarity Effects for an Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface, A
* EEG-Based Mobile Robot Control Through an Adaptive Brain-Robot Interface
* EWMA model based shift-detection methods for detecting covariate shifts in non-stationary environments
* Fusion of Random Walk and Discrete Fourier Spectrum Methods for Gait Recognition
* Genetics of Path Lengths in Brain Connectivity Networks: HARDI-Based Maps in 457 Adults
* Individual Identification Using Gait Sequences under Different Covariate Factors
* Information-Theoretic Clustering of Neuroimaging Metrics Related to Cognitive Decline in the Elderly
* Investigation into Optical Flow Computation on FPGA Hardware, An
* Preliminary Results for Detection of Partially Occluded Humans in Video Sequences
* Use of Dynamic and Static Characteristics of Gait for Individual Identification, The
* Volumetric Conformal Mapping Approach for Clustering White Matter Fibers in the Brain, A
Includes: Prasad, G. Prasad, G.[Girijesh] Prasad, G.[Gautam]
12 for Prasad, G.

Prasad, J.S.[Jay Shankar] Co Author Listing * Efficacy of gesture for communication among humanoid robots by fuzzy inference method

Prasad, K.[Keerthana] Co Author Listing * Asymmetry analysis of breast thermograms using automated segmentation and texture features

Prasad, K.H.[K. Hima] Co Author Listing * Transfer of Supervision for Improved Address Standardization

Prasad, K.S.[K. Satya] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution local ternary patterns for image indexing retrieval

Prasad, K.S.H.[K. S. Hari] Co Author Listing * Classification of Liss IV Imagery Using Decision Tree Methods

Prasad, K.V. Co Author Listing * Data Modeling and Optimization for Wireless Drive-Through Applications
* Depth Restoration from Defocused Images Using Simulated Annealing
* Learning Visual Speech

Prasad, L.[Lakshman] Co Author Listing * Affinity Learning with Diffusion on Tensor Product Graph
* Hierarchical image segmentation by polygon grouping
* Open-Source Platform for Underwater Image and Video Analytics, An
* Parsing Silhouettes without Boundary Curvature
* Rapid Automated Polygonal Image Decomposition
* Rectification of the chordal axis transform skeleton and criteria for shape decomposition
* Region and Edge-Adaptive Sampling and Boundary Completion for Segmentation
* Vectorized image segmentation via trixel agglomeration
* Wavelet Analysis with Applications to Image Processing
Includes: Prasad, L.[Lakshman] Prasad, L.
9 for Prasad, L.

Prasad, M.[Mukta] Co Author Listing * Class-specific 3D localization using constellations of object parts
* Class-Specific Object Pose Estimation and Reconstruction Using 3D Part Geometry
* Deep Shape from a Low Number of Silhouettes
* Efficient DSP Implementation of Real-Time Stationary Vehicle Detection by Smart Camera at Outdoor Conditions, An
* Ensemble Partitioning for Unsupervised Image Categorization
* Face recognition in hyperspectral images
* Finding Nemo: Deformable object class modelling using curve matching
* Hough Transform and 3D SURF for Robust Three Dimensional Classification
* Is There a Procedural Logic to Architecture?
* Learning Class-Specific Edges for Object Detection and Segmentation
* Learning Domain Knowledge for Façade Labelling
* Magnetic resonance scan-time reduction using echo prediction
* Orientation invariant 3D object classification using Hough transform based methods
* Scene Cut: Class-Specific Object Detection and Segmentation in 3D Scenes
* Single View Reconstruction of Curved Surfaces
* Transforming Image Completion
Includes: Prasad, M.[Mukta] Prasad, M. Prasad, M.[Manu]
16 for Prasad, M.

Prasad, M.G. Co Author Listing * Mosaicing scenes with a quadcopter
* Motion Blur Resilient Fiducial for Quadcopter Imaging, A
Includes: Prasad, M.G. Prasad, M.G.[Meghshyam G.]

Prasad, M.H.M.K.[M.H.M. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Efficient image retrievals using generalised Gaussian mixture model

Prasad, M.M.[M. Mahadeva] Co Author Listing * Orthogonal LDA in PCA Transformed Subspace

Prasad, M.N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Tram Tracks on HRCT Images
* Feature subset selection using ICA for classifying emphysema in HRCT images

Prasad, M.V. Co Author Listing * Lossy Image Compression: Domain Decomposition-Based Algorithms

Prasad, M.V.N.K. Co Author Listing * Generating cancellable fingerprint templates based on Delaunay triangle feature set construction
* Local Feature Integration Method Using Phase Congruency for Palm Print Authentication
* Securing fingerprint templates using fused structures
* Tree Triangular Coding Image Compression Algorithms
Includes: Prasad, M.V.N.K. Prasad, M.V.N.K.[Munaga V. N. K.] Prasad, M.V.N.K.[Munaga V.N.K.]

Prasad, N.[Nijaguna] Co Author Listing * From ambiguities to insights in cancer diagnosis via query-based comparisons

Prasad, P. Co Author Listing * new Motion Estimation Technique for video compression, A

Prasad, P.W.C. Co Author Listing * Face recognition template in photo indexing: A proposal of hybrid Principal Component Analysis and triangular approach (PCAaTA)
* Incorporating skin color for improved face detection and tracking system

Prasad, R. Co Author Listing * Application of Hidden Markov-Models for Signature Verification
* Applying Discriminatively Optimized Feature Transform for HMM-based Off-Line Handwriting Recognition
* Automated image quality assessment for camera-captured OCR
* Baseline Dependent Percentile Features for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
* BBN byblos Japanese OCR system, The
* Character duration modeling for speed improvements in the BBN Byblos OCR system
* Consensus Network Based Hypotheses Combination for Arabic Offline Handwriting Recognition
* Detecting near-duplicate document images using interest point matching
* Detecting OOV Names in Arabic Handwritten Data
* Document recognition and translation system for unconstrained Arabic documents
* Efficient indexing techniques for record matching and deduplication
* Efficient Orthogonal Matching Pursuit using sparse random projections for scene and video classification
* Exploiting Stroke Orientation for CRF Based Binarization of Historical Documents
* Extracting information from handwritten content in census forms
* Finding structure in noisy text: Topic classification and unsupervised clustering
* Graph Clustering-Based Ensemble Method for Handwritten Text Line Segmentation
* Handwritten and Typewritten Text Identification and Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
* Hidden Markov Models Applied to On-Line Handwritten Isolated Character Recognition
* Improvements in BBN's HMM-Based Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition System
* Improvements in hidden Markov model based Arabic OCR
* Improvements in HMM Adaptation for Handwriting Recognition Using Writer Identification and Duration Adaptation
* Multi-channel Shape-Flow Kernel Descriptors for Robust Video Event Detection and Retrieval
* Multi-lingual Offline Handwriting Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models: A Script-Independent Approach
* Multimodal feature fusion for robust event detection in web videos
* Nested state indexing in pairwise Markov networks for fast handwritten document image rule-line removal
* OCR-Driven Writer Identification and Adaptation in an HMM Handwriting Recognition System
* Online Recognition of Handwritten Characters Using Differential Angles and Structural Descriptors
* Performance improvements to the BBN Byblos OCR system
* Progressive Transmission of Line-Drawings Using the Wavelet Transform
* Ridge Regression based classifiers for large scale class imbalanced datasets
* Robust named entity detection from optical character recognition output
* Robust Page Segmentation Based on Smearing and Error Correction Unifying Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches
* Scene image categorization and video event detection using Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
* Statistical Machine Translation as a Language Model for Handwriting Recognition
* Stochastic Segment Model Adaptation for Offline Handwriting Recognition
* Stochastic Segment Modeling for Offline Handwriting Recognition
* Text Extraction from Video Using Conditional Random Fields
* Unsupervised HMM Adaptation Using Page Style Clustering
* Wavelet Band-pass Filters for Matching Multiple Templates in Real-time
Includes: Prasad, R. Prasad, R.[Rohit] Prasad, R.[Rajesh]
39 for Prasad, R.

Prasad, R.C.[Ram Chandra] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction Of Mangrove Vegetation From Optical Satellite Data

Prasad, S. Co Author Listing * Challenges and Opportunities of Multimodality and Data Fusion in Remote Sensing
* Class-Dependent Sparse Representation Classifier for Robust Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Classification and Reconstruction From Random Projections for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Compressive data fusion for multi-sensor image analysis
* Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Data Classification
* Decision Fusion for the Classification of Hyperspectral Data: Outcome of the 2008 GRS-S Data Fusion Contest
* Decision Fusion in Kernel-Induced Spaces for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Decision Fusion With Confidence-Based Weight Assignment for Hyperspectral Target Recognition
* Decision-Level Fusion of Spectral Reflectance and Derivative Information for Robust Hyperspectral Land Cover Classification
* Detecting new classes via infinite warped mixture models for hyperspectral image analysis
* Digital superresolution and the generalized sampling theorem
* Dirichlet Process Based Active Learning and Discovery of Unknown Classes for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Earthen levee monitoring with Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Effect of vegetation height and volume scattering on soil moisture classification using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images
* Evaluation Framework for Video OCR
* Fast Arbitrary Down-Sizing Algorithm for Video Transcoding, A
* High-numerical-aperture microscopy with a rotating point spread function
* High-resolution imaging using integrated optical systems
* Hyperspectral classification using a composite kernel driven by nearest-neighbor spatial features
* Image classification in natural scenes: Are a few selective spectral channels sufficient?
* Information Fusion in the Redundant-Wavelet-Transform Domain for Noise-Robust Hyperspectral Classification
* Locality-Preserving Dimensionality Reduction and Classification for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Manifold-Learning-Based Feature Extraction for Classification of Hyperspectral Data: A Review of Advances in Manifold Learning
* Morphologically Decoupled Structured Sparsity for Rotation-Invariant Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Multi-resolution mobile vision system for plant leaf disease diagnosis
* Multisource Geospatial Data Fusion via Local Joint Sparse Representation
* Nearest Regularized Subspace for Hyperspectral Classification
* On Land Slide Detection Using Terrasar-x Over Earthen Levees
* Optical Remote Sensing: Advances in Signal Processing and Exploitation Techniques
* Performance Analysis of Zero Forcing Crosstalk Canceler in Vectored VDSL2
* Semi-Supervised Deep Learning Using Pseudo Labels for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Semi-supervised dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral imagery using pseudo-labels
* Sparse representation-based classification: Orthogonal least squares or orthogonal matching pursuit?
* Statistical-information-based performance criteria for Richardson-Lucy image deblurring
* Use of remote sensing to screen earthen levees
* Volume-based clustering for arbitrary shaped clusters
Includes: Prasad, S. Prasad, S.[Saurabh] Prasad, S.[Sudhakar] Prasad, S.[Shubha] Prasad, S.[Shitala]
36 for Prasad, S.

Prasad, S.M. Co Author Listing * Image quality-augmented intramodal palmprint authentication

Prasad, T.[Theeda] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Low-Dose Tomography via Binary Sensing Matrices

Prasad, V.A. Co Author Listing * Optimized Bi-Objective EEG Channel Selection and Cross-Subject Generalization With Brain-Computer Interfaces

Prasad, V.S.N.[V. Shiv Naga] Co Author Listing * Ballistic Hand Movements
* Detecting Rotational Symmetries
* Edge affinity for pose-contour matching
* Extracting Regions of Symmetry
* Finding axes of symmetry from potential fields
Includes: Prasad, V.S.N.[V. Shiv Naga] Prasad, V.S.N.

Prasad, Y.[Yamuna] Co Author Listing * Max-Margin feature selection

Prasada, B. Co Author Listing * Coding of Broadcast TV Signals for Transmission over Satellite Channels
* Design Considerations in PCM Transmission of Low-Resolution Monochrome Still Pictures
* Hybrid Contextual Text Recognition with String Matching
* Image Sequence Coding
* Low-Resolution TV: Subjective Effects of Frame Repetition and Picture Replenishment
* On-line character recognition using handwriting modelling
* parallel shrinking algorithm for binary patterns, A
* Visual Text Recognition Through Contextual Processing
Includes: Prasada, B. Prasada, B.[Birendra]
8 for Prasada, B.

Prasanna Kumar, V.K. Co Author Listing * Efficient histogramming on hypercube SIMD machines
* Enhanced Mesh Connected VLSI Architecture for Parallel Image Processing, An
* Fast Image Labeling Using Local Operators on Mesh-Connected Computers
* Fine Grain Image Computations on Electro-Optical Arrays
* Image Computations on Meshes with Multiple Broadcast
* Image Computations on Reconfigurable VLSI Arrays
* Optimal Geometric Algorithms on Fixed-Size Linear Arrays and Scan Line Arrays
* Optimal Image Algorithms on an Orthogonally-Connected Memory-Based Architecture
* Parallel algorithms and architectures for discrete relaxation technique
* Parallel Memory Systems for Image Processing
Includes: Prasanna Kumar, V.K. Prasanna-Kumar, V.K.
10 for Prasanna Kumar, V.K.

Prasanna, J.K. Co Author Listing * Image restoration using the particle filter: handling non-causality

Prasanna, S.R.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Vocal Tract Constrictions using Zero Frequency Filtering
* Detection of Glottal Activity Using Different Attributes of Source Information
* Enhancement of Spectral Tilt in Synthesized Speech
* Exploring kernel discriminant analysis for speaker verification with limited test data
* Feature optimisation for stress recognition in speech
Includes: Prasanna, S.R.M. Prasanna, S.R.M.[S.R. Mahadeva]

Prasanna, V.K.[Viktor K.] Co Author Listing * email: Prasanna, V.K.[Viktor K.]: prasanna AT ceng usc edu
* bag-of-semantics model for image clustering, A
* Fast Algorithm for Computing a Histogram on Reconfigurable Mesh, A
* fast and area-efficient VLSI architecture for embedded image coding, A
* Fast Asynchronous Algorithm for Linear Feature Extraction on IBM SP-2, A
* High-Performance Computing for Vision
* Image Feature Extraction on Connection Machine CM-5
* Modular VLSI architectures for real-time full-search-based vector quantization
* Parallel Algorithms for Linear Approximation on Distributed Memory Machines
* Parallel Algorithms for Stereo and Image Matching
* Parallel Architectures and Algorithms for Image Component Labeling
* Parallel computation of 2-D wavelet transforms
* Parallel Implementations of Perceptual Grouping Tasks on Distributed Memory Machines
* Parallel Object Recognition on an FPGA-based Configurable Computing Platform
* Parallel stereo on fixed size arrays using zero crossings
* Parallelizing Image Feature Extraction on Coarse-Grain Machines
* Reconfigurable computing systems
* Scalable geometric hashing on MasPar machines
* Scalable Parallel Implementations of Perceptual Grouping on Connection Machine CM-5
* Synthesis of VLSI architectures for tree-structured image coding
Includes: Prasanna, V.K.[Viktor K.] Prasanna, V.K.
20 for Prasanna, V.K.

Prasanth, L. Co Author Listing * Elastic Matching of Online Handwritten Tamil and Telugu Scripts Using Local Features
* HMM-Based Online Handwriting Recognition System for Telugu Symbols

Prasath, R.R.[R. Rajendra] Co Author Listing * Learning Age and Gender of Blogger from Stylistic Variation

Prasath, T.A.[T. Arun] Co Author Listing * Tumor detection in T1, T2, FLAIR and MPR brain images using a combination of optimization and fuzzy clustering improved by seed-based region growing algorithm

Prasath, V.B.S.[V. B. Surya] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of cerebral hemispheres in MR human head scans
* Color Image Segmentation Based on Vectorial Multiscale Diffusion with Inter-scale Linking
* Edge Detectors Based Anisotropic Diffusion for Enhancement of Digital Images
* Elastic body spline based image segmentation
* Fast and globally convex multiphase active contours for brain MRI segmentation
* Feature preserving anisotropic diffusion for image restoration
* HEp-2 cell classification and segmentation using motif texture patterns and spatial features with random forests
* Multiscale Tikhonov-Total Variation Image Restoration Using Spatially Varying Edge Coherence Exponent
* Segmentation Model and Application to Endoscopic Images, A
Includes: Prasath, V.B.S.[V. B. Surya] Prasath, V.B.S.[V.B. Surya] Prasath, V.B.S.
9 for Prasath, V.B.S.

Prasenjit, N.[Nandi] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction method for breast cancer diagnosis in digital mammograms using multi-resolution transformations and SVM-fuzzy logic classifier

Prasetyo, H.[Heri] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Error Diffusion Block Truncation Coding Features
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Features Extracted From Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding
* Content-based image retrieval with ordered dither block truncation coding features
* Effective Image Retrieval System Using Dot-Diffused Block Truncation Coding Features
* False-positive-free SVD-based image watermarking
* Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding image restoration
* Image indexing using the color and bit pattern feature fusion
* Vehicle Verification Using Features From Curvelet Transform and Generalized Gaussian Distribution Modeling
* Vehicle Verification Using Gabor Filter Magnitude with Gamma Distribution Modeling
Includes: Prasetyo, H.[Heri] Prasetyo, H.
9 for Prasetyo, H.

Prashanth, L.A. Co Author Listing * Reinforcement Learning With Function Approximation for Traffic Signal Control

Prashanth, R. Co Author Listing * Detection of Peri-Papillary Atrophy and RNFL Defect from Retinal Images
* Surface fitting in SPECT imaging useful for detecting Parkinson's Disease and Scans Without Evidence of Dopaminergic Deficit
* Vessel Bend-Based Cup Segmentation in Retinal Images

Prasher, S.O. Co Author Listing * Spatially Constrained Geospatial Data Clustering for Multilayer Sensor-Based Measurements

Prashnani, M.[Meghavi] Co Author Listing * Multi-stage Image Segmentation Framework for Human Detection in Mid Wave Infra-Red (MWIR) Imagery, A

Prasicek, G.[Gunther] Co Author Listing * Deriving 3d Point Clouds From Terrestrial Photographs: Comparison Of Different Sensors And Software
Includes: Prasicek, G.[Gunther] Prasicek, G.[Günther]

Prasit, C. Co Author Listing * Firearm identification based on FIR system characterizing rotation invariant feature of cartridge case image

Praskievicz, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Remote-Sensing Hydraulic Characterization of Channel Habitat Units in a Tropical Montane River: Bladen River, Belize

Prasomphan, S. Co Author Listing * Improvement of speech emotion recognition with neural network classifier by using speech spectrogram

Prasoon, A.[Adhish] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach for Image Super Resolution Using Kernel Methods, A

Prassler, E. Co Author Listing * Tracking multiple moving objects for real-time robot navigation
* Tracking People in a Railway Station during Rush-Hour

Prassni, J.S. Co Author Listing * random walker based approach to combining multiple segmentations, A

Prastawa, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Brain Lesion Segmentation through Physical Model Estimation
* Brain Tumor Cell Density Estimation from Multi-modal MR Images Based on a Synthetic Tumor Growth Model
* Building spatiotemporal anatomical models using joint 4-D segmentation, registration, and subject-specific atlas estimation
* Evaluation of Brain MRI Alignment with the Robust Hausdorff Distance Measures
* Modeling 4D pathological changes by leveraging normative models
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
Includes: Prastawa, M.[Marcel] Prastawa, M.

Prasuhn, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * HOG-based hand gesture recognition system on a mobile device, A

Prat Villar, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Improving a DTW-Based Recognition Engine for On-line Handwritten Characters by Using MLPs
Includes: Prat Villar, F.[Federico] Prat-Villar, F.[Federico]

Prat, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Estimating Leaf Bulk Density Distribution in a Tree Canopy Using Terrestrial LiDAR and a Straightforward Calibration Procedure

Prata, F. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Volcanic Hazards and Their Precursors

Pratama, M. Co Author Listing * Multiview Convolutional Neural Networks for Multidocument Extractive Summarization

Pratap Reddy, L. Co Author Listing * Middle Zone Component Extraction and Recognition of Telugu Document Image

Pratas, D.[Diogo] Co Author Listing * Compression of Whole Genome Alignments Using a Mixture of Finite-Context Models
* New Compressor for Measuring Distances among Images, A
* On the Approximation of the Kolmogorov Complexity for DNA Sequences
* On the Detection of Unknown Locally Repeating Patterns in Images
* Visualization of Distinct DNA Regions of the Modern Human Relatively to a Neanderthal Genome

Pratas, F.[Frederico] Co Author Listing * Reconfigurable data flow engine for HEVC motion estimation

Prateepasen, A.[Asa] Co Author Listing * Fitting a Pineapple Model for Automatic Maturity Grading

Prater, A. Co Author Listing * Sparse generalized Fourier series via collocation-based optimization

Prates, R.C.[Raphael C.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Vehicle License Plate Detection at Higher Matching Degree, An
* Kernel Hierarchical PCA for person re-identification
* Kernel Partial Least Squares for person re-identification
* Predominant color name indexing structure for person re-identification

Pratesi, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Building Deformation Assessment by Means of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Analysis on a Landslide-Affected Area: The Volterra (Italy) Case Study

Pratha, L.[Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * Digitizing a Million Books: Challenges for Document Analysis

Pratheepan, Y. Co Author Listing * Body Language Based Individual Identification in Video Using Gait and Actions
* Individual Identification Using Gait Sequences under Different Covariate Factors
* Preliminary Results for Detection of Partially Occluded Humans in Video Sequences
* Use of Dynamic and Static Characteristics of Gait for Individual Identification, The
Includes: Pratheepan, Y. Pratheepan, Y.[Yogarajah]

Prather, D.W. Co Author Listing * Computational Millimeter Wave Imaging: Problems, progress, and prospects

Prathiba, M. Co Author Listing * Quality Inspection of Parenteral Vials Using Digital Image Analysis

Prathombutr, P.[Passakon] Co Author Listing * Effects of predictive horizon on network performance under short-term predictive information

Prathosh, A.P. Co Author Listing * Cumulative Impulse Strength for Epoch Extraction
* Threshold-Independent QRS Detection Using the Dynamic Plosion Index

Prathyusha, K.V. Co Author Listing * Personal Authentication Using Hand Vein Triangulation and Knuckle Shape

Prati, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Prati, A.[Andrea]: prati andrea AT unimore it
* Accurate System for Fashion Hand-Drawn Sketches Vectorization, An
* Action Signature: A Novel Holistic Representation for Action Recognition
* Alignment-Based Similarity of People Trajectories Using Semi-directional Statistics
* Analysis and Detection of Shadows in Video Streams: A Comparative Evaluation
* Bayesian-Competitive Consistent Labeling for People Surveillance
* Building the topological tree by recursive FCM color clustering
* Commentary Paper 1 on Automatic Detection of Adverse Weather Conditions in Traffic Scenes
* Commentary Paper 2 on A Localized Approach to Abandoned Luggage Detection with Foreground-Mask Sampling
* Comparative Evaluation of Moving Shadow Detection Algorithms
* Computer vision system for in-house video surveillance
* Consistent Labeling for Multi-camera Object Tracking
* Contextual Information and Covariance Descriptors for People Surveillance: An Application for Safety of Construction Workers
* deep analysis on age estimation, A
* Detecting anomalies in people's trajectories using spectral graph analysis
* Detecting Moving Objects and their Shadows: An Evaluation with the PETS2002 Dataset
* Detecting Moving Objects, Ghosts, and Shadows in Video Streams
* Detecting moving shadows: algorithms and evaluation
* Detecting Objects, Shadows and Ghosts in Video Streams by Exploiting Color and Motion Information
* Detection of abnormal behaviors using a mixture of Von Mises distributions
* Distributed Outdoor Video Surveillance System for Detection of Abnormal People Trajectories, A
* Dynamic Programming Technique for Classifying Trajectories, A
* Editorial introduction to the special issue on 'Image Understanding for Real-World Distributed Video Networks': Computer Vision and Image Understanding Journal
* Enabling technologies on hybrid camera networks for behavioral analysis of unattended indoor environments and their surroundings
* Energy-Efficient Foreground Object Detection on Embedded Smart Cameras by Hardware-Level Operations
* Entry edge of field of view for multi-camera tracking in distributed video surveillance
* FaceMouse: A Human-Computer Interface for Tetraplegic People
* Facial Age Estimation Through the Fusion of Texture and Local Appearance Descriptors
* fast and effective ellipse detector for embedded vision applications, A
* Fast Dynamic Mosaicing and Person Following
* fast multi-model approach for object duplicate extraction, A
* Focus based Feature Extraction for Pallets Recognition
* Group Detection at Camera Handoff for Collecting People Appearance in Multi-camera Systems
* HECOL: Homography and epipolar-based consistent labeling for outdoor park surveillance
* hough transform-based method for radial lens distortion correction, A
* Integrate tool for online analysis and offline mining of people trajectories
* integrated multi-modal sensor network for video surveillance, An
* Integrating Consumer Smart Cameras into Camera Networks: Opportunities and Obstacles
* Learning People Trajectories Using Semi-directional Statistics
* markerless approach for consistent action recognition in a multi-camera system, A
* Mixtures of von Mises Distributions for People Trajectory Shape Analysis
* Mobile Vision System for Fast and Accurate Ellipse Detection, A
* Multi-object tracking using dominant sets
* multi-stage pedestrian detection using monolithic classifiers, A
* Multi-stage Sampling with Boosting Cascades for Pedestrian Detection in Images and Videos
* Multimedia surveillance: content-based retrieval with multicamera people tracking
* Multiple Object Detection for Pick-and-Place Applications
* Multistage Particle Windows for Fast and Accurate Object Detection
* Object segmentation in videos from moving camera with MRFs on color and motion features
* Object-based and event-based semantic video adaptation
* people counting system for business analytics, A
* Perspective and appearance context for people surveillance in open areas
* Posture Classification in a Multi-Camera Indoor Environment
* Predictive and Probabilistic Tracking to Detect Stopped Vehicles
* Probabilistic Posture Classification for Human-Behavior Analysis
* Real-time detection of moving vehicles
* real-time embedded solution for skew correction in banknote analysis, A
* Real-time motion segmentation from moving cameras
* Real-time object detection and localization with SIFT-based clustering
* reasoning engine for intruders' localization in wide open areas using a network of cameras and RFIDs, A
* Reliable background suppression for complex scenes
* Semantic Video Transcoding Using Classes Of Relevance
* Simultaneous clustering and outlier detection using dominant sets
* system for automatic face obscuration for privacy purposes, A
* technology platform for automatic high-level tennis game analysis, A
* Tennis Player Segmentation for Semantic Behavior Analysis
* Using circular statistics for trajectory shape analysis
* Using Dominant Sets for Object Tracking with Freely Moving Camera
* Video Streaming for Mobile Video Surveillance
Includes: Prati, A.[Andrea] Prati, A.
70 for Prati, A.

Prati, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * COSMO-SkyMed Constellation Monitors the Costa Concordia Wreck, The
* Ground-Based Parasitic SAR Experiment, A
* Higher-Order Permanent Scatterers Analysis
* Multibaseline InSAR DEM Reconstruction: The Wavelet Approach
* New Algorithm for Processing Interferometric Data-Stacks: SqueeSAR, A
* Nonlinear Subsidence Rate Estimation Using Permanent Scatterers in Differential SAR Interferometry
* Permanent scatterers in SAR interferometry
* SAR monitoring of progressive and seasonal ground deformation using the permanent scatterers technique
* Submillimeter Accuracy of InSAR Time Series: Experimental Validation
Includes: Prati, C.[Claudio] Prati, C.
9 for Prati, C.

Pratihar, S.[Sanjoy] Co Author Listing * Fast and Direct Polygonization for Gray-Scale Images Using Digital Straightness and Exponential Averaging
* Recognition of Hand-Drawn Graphs Using Digital-Geometric Techniques
* Removal of hand-drawn annotation lines from document images by digital-geometric analysis and inpainting
* Shape decomposition using Farey sequence and saddle points
* Skew correction of engineering drawings by digital-geometric analysis of Farey ranks
* Vectorization of thick digital lines using Farey sequence and geometric refinement
Includes: Pratihar, S.[Sanjoy] Pratihar, S.

Pratihast, A.K. Co Author Listing * Detection and Modelling of 3D Trees from Mobile Laser Scanning Data

Pratikakis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * 3D object retrieval via range image queries in a bag-of-visual-words context
* Bag of spatio-visual words for context inference in scene classification
* Binarization of Textual Content in Video Frames
* Distinction between handwritten and machine-printed text based on the bag of visual words model
* effective methodology for dynamic 3D facial expression retrieval, An
* H-DIBCO 2010: Handwritten Document Image Binarization Competition
* Handwritten and Machine Printed Text Separation in Document Images Using the Bag of Visual Words Paradigm
* ICDAR 2011 Document Image Binarization Contest (DIBCO 2011)
* ICDAR 2013 Document Image Binarization Contest (DIBCO 2013)
* ICFHR 2012 Competition on Handwritten Document Image Binarization (H-DIBCO 2012)
* Preface to special issue on 3DOR 2010
* RETRIEVAL: An Online Performance Evaluation Tool for Information Retrieval Methods
* robust spatio-temporal scheme for dynamic 3D facial expression retrieval, A
* spatio-temporal wavelet-based descriptor for dynamic 3D facial expression retrieval and recognition, A
* Text Detection in Natural Images Using Bio-inspired Models
* Unsupervised Word Spotting in Historical Handwritten Document Images Using Document-Oriented Local Features
* word spotting framework for historical machine-printed documents, A
Includes: Pratikakis, I.[Ioannis] Pratikakis, I.
17 for Pratikakis, I.

Pratikakis, I.E.[Ioannis E.] Co Author Listing * 3D articulated object retrieval using a graph-based representation
* 3D mesh video retrieval: A survey
* 3D Object Partial Matching Using Panoramic Views
* 3d Object Retrieval Using An Efficient And Compact Hybrid Shape Descriptor
* 3d Object Retrieval Via Range Image Queries Based On SIFT Descriptors On Panoramic Views
* Adaptive Binarization Technique for Low Quality Historical Documents, An
* Adaptive degraded document image binarization
* combined approach for the binarization of handwritten document images, A
* comprehensive overview of methodologies and performance evaluation frameworks in 3D mesh segmentation, A
* Computer-aided diagnosis of mammographic masses based on a supervised content-based image retrieval approach
* Contopo: Non-Rigid 3d Object Retrieval Using Topological Information Guided By Conformal Factors
* DIBCO 2009: document image binarization contest
* Efficient 3D shape matching and retrieval using a concrete radialized spherical projection representation
* Fisher encoding of differential fast point feature histograms for partial 3D object retrieval
* Goal-Oriented Rectification of Camera-Based Document Images
* Hierarchical Contour Matching in Medical Images
* Hierarchical segmentation using dynamics of multi-scale color gradient watersheds
* Hierarchical Segmentation Using Dynamics of Multiscale Gradient Watersheds
* Hierarchy Determination of the Gradient Watershed Adjacent Groups
* Hybrid Off-Line Cursive Handwriting Word Recognition
* ICDAR 2009 Document Image Binarization Contest (DIBCO 2009)
* IJCV Special Issue on 3D Object Retrieval: Foreword by the Guest Editors
* Improved document image binarization by using a combination of multiple binarization techniques and adapted edge information
* Keyword-guided word spotting in historical printed documents using synthetic data and user feedback
* Low level image partitioning guided by the gradient watershed hierarchy
* Methodology for Document Image Dewarping Techniques Performance Evaluation, A
* Modified Adaptive Logical Level Binarization Technique for Historical Document Images, A
* Multiscale gradient watersheds of color images
* Multiscale Graph Theory Based Color Segmentation
* Non-rigid 3D object retrieval using topological information guided by conformal factors
* Nonlinear Multiscale Graph Theory based Segmentation of Color Images
* old greek handwritten OCR system based on an efficient segmentation-free approach, An
* old Greek handwritten OCR system, An
* PANORAMA: A 3D Shape Descriptor Based on Panoramic Views for Unsupervised 3D Object Retrieval
* Part-based 3D object retrieval via multi-label optimization
* Performance Evaluation Methodology for Document Image Dewarping Techniques
* Performance Evaluation Methodology for Historical Document Image Binarization
* Pose normalization of 3D models via reflective symmetry on panoramic views
* Preface: Special Issue on 3D Object Retrieval 2009
* Protrusion-oriented 3D mesh segmentation
* Retrieval of 3D Articulated Objects Using A Graph-Based Representation
* Robust multi-scale non-rigid registration of 3D ultrasound images
* Robust Multiscale Deformable Registration of 3d Ultrasound Images
* ROSy+: 3D Object Pose Normalization Based on PCA and Reflective Object Symmetry with Application in 3D Object Retrieval
* Scale Selection for Compact Scale-Space Representation of Vector-Valued Images
* Segmentation Based Recovery of Arbitrarily Warped Document Images
* segmentation-free approach for keyword search in historical typewritten documents, A
* Segmentation-Free Recognition Technique to Assist Old Greek Handwritten Manuscript OCR, A
* Segmentation-Free Word Spotting in Historical Printed Documents
* Text line and word segmentation of handwritten documents
* Text line detection in handwritten documents
* Text Line Detection in Unconstrained Handwritten Documents Using a Block-Based Hough Transform Approach
* Towards Free-Hand 3-D Ultrasound
* two-stage scheme for text detection in video images, A
* Unsupervised Spectral Mesh Segmentation Driven by Heterogeneous Graphs
* Unsupervised watershed-driven region-based image retrieval
* Using Landmarks to Establish a Point-to-Point Correspondence between Signatures
Includes: Pratikakis, I.E.[Ioannis E.] Pratikakis, I.E.
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Pratim Roy, P.[Partha] Co Author Listing * Word Spotting in Archive Documents Using Shape Contexts
Includes: Pratim Roy, P.[Partha] Pratim-Roy, P.[Partha]

Pratissoli, S.[Stella] Co Author Listing * Automatic Abdominal Organ Segmentation from CT images
* Automatic liver segmentation from abdominal CT scans

Prato, M. Co Author Listing * New Semiblind Deconvolution Approach for Fourier-Based Image Restoration: An Application in Astronomy, A
* practical use of regularization for supervised learning with kernel methods, A
* Regularized Visibility-Based Approach to Astronomical Imaging Spectroscopy, A

Pratola, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a Global Soil Moisture Product from Finer Spatial Resolution SAR Data and Ground Measurements at Irish Sites
* Quality Assessment of the CCI ECV Soil Moisture Product Using ENVISAT ASAR Wide Swath Data over Spain, Ireland and Finland
* Toward Fully Automatic Detection of Changes in Suburban Areas From VHR SAR Images by Combining Multiple Neural-Network Models
Includes: Pratola, C.[Chiara] Pratola, C.

Pratomo, J.[Jati] Co Author Listing * Coupling Uncertainties with Accuracy Assessment in Object-Based Slum Detections, Case Study: Jakarta, Indonesia

Pratondo, A.[Agus] Co Author Listing * Integrating machine learning with region-based active contour models in medical image segmentation
* Robust Edge-Stop Functions for Edge-Based Active Contour Models in Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Pratondo, A.[Agus] Pratondo, A.

Prats Iraola, P. Co Author Listing * Bidirectional SAR Imaging Mode
* Doppler-Related Distortions in TOPS SAR Images
* First Airborne Demonstration of Holographic SAR Tomography With Fully Polarimetric Multicircular Acquisitions at L-Band
* First Spaceborne Demonstration of Digital Beamforming for Azimuth Ambiguity Suppression
* Fully Polarimetric High-Resolution 3-D Imaging With Circular SAR at L-Band
* Independent System Calibration of Sentinel-1B
* Interferometric Processing of Sentinel-1 TOPS Data
* On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data
* Reconstruction of Coherent Pairs of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Acquired in Interrupted Mode
* SAR Interferometric Model for Soil Moisture, A
* Secondary Fault Activity of the North Anatolian Fault near Avcilar, Southwest of Istanbul: Evidence from SAR Interferometry Observations
* TerraSAR-X Staring Spotlight Mode Concept, The
* TOPS Interferometry With TerraSAR-X
* Very-High-Resolution Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging: Signal Processing and Applications
* Wrapped Staring Spotlight SAR
Includes: Prats Iraola, P. Prats-Iraola, P. Prats-Iraola, P.[Pau]
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Prats, C.[Clara] Co Author Listing * Automatic System for Computing Malaria Parasite Density in Thin Blood Films, An

Prats, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Co Author Listing * Defect Detection in Random Colour Textures Using the MIA T2 Defect Maps
* Performance evaluation of soft color texture descriptors for surface grading using experimental design and logistic regression
Includes: Prats, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Prats, J.M.[José Manuel]

Prats, P. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Surface Velocity Field of the Aletsch Glacier Using Multibaseline Airborne SAR Interferometry
* Estimation of the Temporal Evolution of the Deformation Using Airborne Differential SAR Interferometry
* Glacier Velocity Monitoring by Maximum Likelihood Texture Tracking
* Processing of Sliding Spotlight and TOPS SAR Data Using Baseband Azimuth Scaling
* TOPS Imaging With TerraSAR-X: Mode Design and Performance Analysis

Prats, X. Co Author Listing * Effect of Wind on Operating-Cost-Based Cruise Speed Reduction for Delay Absorption

Pratt Hartmann, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Spatial reasoning with and connectedness constraints in Euclidean spaces
Includes: Pratt Hartmann, I.[Ian] Pratt-Hartmann, I.[Ian]

Pratt, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Collection of SAR Methodologies for Monitoring Wetlands, A

Pratt, G.[Gill] Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Neuromorphic-Vision Object Recognition Algorithms

Pratt, H.[Hillel] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition with Biologically Motivated Boosted Features

Pratt, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Shape Representation Using Fourier Coefficients of the Sinusoidal Transform

Pratt, J.A. Co Author Listing * Deep Brain Stimulation Artifact Removal Through Under-Sampling and Cubic-Spline Interpolation

Pratt, K.B.[Kevin B.] Co Author Listing * Search For Patterns In Compressed Time Series

Pratt, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * Visually salient features for highway scene analysis

Pratt, V.R.[Vaughan R.] Co Author Listing * email: Pratt, V.R.[Vaughan R.]: pratt AT cs stanford edu
* Fast Pattern Matching in Strings
Includes: Pratt, V.R.[Vaughan R.] Pratt, V.R.

Pratt, W.K. Co Author Listing * Applications of Stochastic Texture Field Models to Image Processing
* Bibliography on Television Bandwidth Reduction Studies, A
* Coding Compression of a Television Bandwidth Reduction System
* Decorrelation Methods of Texture Feature Extraction
* Development and Evaluation of Stochastic-Based Visual Textures Features
* Digital Image Processing (First Edition)
* Digital Image Processing (Second Edition)
* Digital Image Processing: PIKS Scientific Inside
* Dual mode facsimile coding system and method
* Hadamard Transform Image Coding
* Interplanetary Picture Transmission Using the Edge Detection System
* Performance Measures for Transform Data Coding
* PIKS Foundation C Programmer's Guide
* Qualitative Design and Evaluation of Enhancement/Thresholding Edge Detector
* Scene Adaptive Coder
* Spatial Transform Coding of Color Images
* Spectral Estimation Techniques for the Spectral Calibration of a Color Image Scanner
* Vector Space Formulation of Two-Dimensional Signal Processing Operations
* Visual Discrimination of Stochastic Texture Fields
Includes: Pratt, W.K. Pratt, W.K.[William K.]
19 for Pratt, W.K.

Prattichizzo, D. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Navigation for Mixed Human-Robot Teams Using Haptic Feedback
* EGT: A toolbox for multiple view geometry and visual servoing
* GESTO: A Glove for Enhanced Sensing and Touching Based on Inertial and Magnetic Sensors for Hand Tracking and Cutaneous Feedback

Pratx, G. Co Author Listing * Convex Optimization of Coincidence Time Resolution for a High-Resolution PET System
* Distributed MLEM: An Iterative Tomographic Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Distributed Memory Architectures
* Fast, Accurate and Shift-Varying Line Projections for Iterative Reconstruction Using the GPU
* First Demonstration of Multiplexed X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography (XFCT) Imaging
* Investigation of X-ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography (XFCT) and K-Edge Imaging
* Single-Cell Tracking With PET Using a Novel Trajectory Reconstruction Algorithm
* X-Ray Luminescence Computed Tomography via Selective Excitation: A Feasibility Study
7 for Pratx, G.

Pratzlich, T. Co Author Listing * Known-Artist Live Song Identification Using Audio Hashprints
Includes: Pratzlich, T. Prätzlich, T. (Maybe also Praetzlich, T.)

Praud, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Prototyping of interactive satellite image analysis tools using a real-time data-flow computer
Includes: Praud, S.[Stephane] Praud, S.[Stéphane]

Praun, E.[Emil] Co Author Listing * Mesh Parameterization Methods and Their Applications
* Spherical Parametrization and Remeshing
Includes: Praun, E.[Emil] Praun, E.

Prause, G.P.M. Co Author Listing * Binary reconstruction of the heart chambers from biplane angiographic image sequences
* Geometrically correct 3-D reconstruction of intravascular ultrasound images by fusion with biplane angiography-methods and validation

Prautzsch, H.[Hartmut] Co Author Listing * Fan Clouds: An Alternative to Meshes
* Structured Light Based Reconstruction under Local Spatial Coherence Assumption

Pravato, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for Monitoring Ice-Cream Freezers, A
* Computer Vision System for the Automatic Inventory of a Cooler, A

Praveen, C.V.S.[C.V. Sai] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results

Praveen, G.B. Co Author Listing * Analysis and approximation of SAO estimation for CTU-level HEVC encoder

Praveen, M.S.[M. Sudha] Co Author Listing * Character n-Gram Spotting in Document Images

Praveen, R.G.[R. Gnana] Co Author Listing * code and domain independent traitor tracing system based on the eigen-decomposition of fingerprinted images, A
* Super-pixel based crowd flow segmentation in H.264 compressed videos

Prayoonwong, A.[Amorntip] Co Author Listing * Learning to Index in Large-Scale Datasets

Prazdny, K. Co Author Listing * Computing Convergence Angle from Random Dot Stereograms
* Computing Motions of Planar Surfaces from Spatio-Temporal Changes in Image Brightness
* Detection of Binocular Disparities
* Determining the Instantaneous Direction of Motion from Optical Flow Generated by a Curvilinearly Moving Observer
* Ego Motion and a Relative Depth Map from Optical Flow
* Interpretation of a Moving Retinal Image, The
* Motion and Structure from Optical Flow
* On the Information in Optical Flows
* Position-, Rotation-, and Scale-Invariant Pattern Recognition Using Parallel Distributed Processing
* Relative Depth and Local Surface Orientation from Image Motions
* Role of Eye Position Information in Algorithms for Stereoscopic Matching, The
* Simple Method for Recovering Relative Depth Map in the Case of a Translating Sensor, A
* Sketch of a (Computational) Theory of Visual Kinesthesis, A
* Theory of Textural Segmentation, A
* Waveform Segmentation and Description Using Edge Preserving Smoothing
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Praznikar, A. Co Author Listing * Inhomogeneity correction and fat-tissue extraction in MR images of FacioScapuloHumeral muscular Dystrophy

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