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Prechtel, N.[Nikolas] Co Author Listing * Beyond Software. Design Implications for Virtual Libraries and Platforms for Cultural Heritage from Practical Findings
* Cultural Heritage in a Spatial Context: Towards an Integrative, Interoperable, and Participatory Data and Information Management
* First Experiences of Applying a Model Classification for Digital 3D Reconstruction in the Context of Humanities Research
* Researching Knowledge Concerns in Virtual Historical Architecture
Includes: Prechtel, N.[Nikolas] Prechtel, N.

Prechtel, U. Co Author Listing * Portable 3-D Imaging FMCW MIMO Radar Demonstrator With a 24X24 Antenna Array for Medium-Range Applications, A

Precioso, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * 3D Content-Based Retrieval in Artwork Databases
* Active Boosting for Interactive Object Retrieval
* B-Spline Active Contour with Handling of Topology Changes for Fast Video Segmentation
* B-spline Active Contours for Fast Video Segmentation
* Boosting kernel combination for multi-class image categorization
* Confocal microscopy segmentation using active contour based on alpha(alpha)-divergence
* Efficient Bag-of-Feature kernel representation for image similarity search
* Extraction of Windows in Facade Using Kernel on Graph of Contours
* Face Blurring for Privacy in Street-level Geoviewers Combining Face, Body and Skin Detectors
* Fast approximate kernel-based similarity search for image retrieval task
* Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach to Knowledge-Assisted Video Analysis, A
* Handling Noisy Labels in Gaze-Based CBIR System
* Human action recognition based on 3D skeleton part-based pose estimation and temporal multi-resolution analysis
* Hybdrid Content Based Image Retrieval combining multi-objective interactive genetic algorithm and SVM
* Incremental Kernel Learning for Active Image Retrieval Without Global Dictionaries
* interactive video content-based retrieval system, An
* KPPF: Keypoint-Based Point-Pair-Feature for Scalable Automatic Global Registration of Large RGB-D Scans
* Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Chi2 Distance
* One gaze is worth ten thousand (key-)words
* Optimization on active learning strategy for object category retrieval
* Regular Spatial B-Spline Active Contour for Fast Video Segmentation
* RETIN: a smart interactive digital media retrieval system
* Robust Real-Time Segmentation of Images and Videos Using a Smooth-Spline Snake-based algorithm
* SALSAS: Sub-linear active learning strategy with approximate k-NN search
* Scalable active learning strategy for object category retrieval
* Segmentation of cellular structures in actin tagged fluorescence confocal microscopy images
* Singlets: Multi-resolution Motion Singularities for Soccer Video Abstraction
* Smoothing B-spline active contour for fast and robust image and video segmentation
* Spatio-Temporal Tube Kernel for actor retrieval
* Statistical Model of Shape Moments with Active Contour Evolution for Shape Detection and Segmentation
* Statistical region based active contour using a fractional entropy descriptor: Application to nuclei cell segmentation in confocal microscopy images
* Statistical region-based active contour using optimization of alpha-divergence family for image segmentation
* Statistical Shape Model of Legendre Moments with Active Contour Evolution for Shape Detection and Segmentation
* STTK-based video object recognition
* Text detection and recognition in urban scenes
* Virtu4D: a Real-time Virtualization of Reality
* Windows and facades retrieval using similarity on graph of contours
Includes: Precioso, F.[Frederic] Precioso, F. Precioso, F.[Frédéric]
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Preciozzi, J. Co Author Listing * Sparsity-Based Variational Approach for the Restoration of SMOS Images From L1A Data, A

Precup, D.[Doina] Co Author Listing * Anytime similarity measures for faster alignment
* Editorial on Special Issue on Probabilistic Models for Biomedical Image Analysis
* Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Probabilistic Graphical Model with Multiple Feature Fusion for Binary Facial Attribute Classification in Real-World Face Videos
* Hierarchical temporal graphical model for head pose estimation and subsequent attribute classification in real-world videos
* importance of scale when selecting pixels for image registration, The
* Iterative Multilevel MRF Leveraging Context and Voxel Information for Brain Tumour Segmentation in MRI
* Multi-layer temporal graphical model for head pose estimation in real-world videos
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* Probabilistic Temporal Head Pose Estimation Using a Hierarchical Graphical Model
* Soft biometric trait classification from real-world face videos conditioned on head pose estimation
* Time Series Analysis Using Geometric Template Matching
Includes: Precup, D.[Doina] Precup, D.
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Preda, A. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Fusion With Reference: Searching for Joint Neuromarkers of Working Memory Deficits in Schizophrenia

Preda, M.[Marius] Co Author Listing * email: Preda, M.[Marius]: Marius Preda AT int-evry fr
* 3D Compression Benchmarking with
* 3D graphics coding in a reconfigurable environment
* Advanced animation framework for virtual character within the MPEG-4 standard
* Assessing Visual Quality of 3-D Polygonal Models
* Avatar interoperability and control in virtual Worlds
* Critic review on MPEG-4 face and body animation
* Hybrid tracking system for robust fiducials registration in augmented reality
* Insights into low-level avatar animation and MPEG-4 standardization
* Introduction to the special issue on MPEG-V
* Markerless identification and tracking for scalable image database
* model for adapting 3D graphics based on scalable coding, real-time simplification and remote rendering, A
* MPEG-4 Part 25: A Generic Model for 3D Graphics Compression
* MPEG-4 Part 25: A graphics compression framework for XML-based scene graph formats
* A benchmark platform for 3D compression algorithms
* On-Line and Open Platform for 3D Object Retrieval
* Online Animation System For Practicing Cued Speech
* Reconfigurable media coding: An overview
* Special issue on MPEG CCF
* Ultrafast Facial Tracker Using Generic Cameras with Applications in Intelligent Lifestyle
* Virtual Character Within MPEG-4 Animation Framework eXtension
Includes: Preda, M.[Marius] Preda, M. Preda, M.[Mihai]
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Predic, B.[Bratislav] Co Author Listing * Method for Estimating Surveillance Video Georeferences, A

Predoehl, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Statistical Model for Recreational Trails in Aerial Images, A

Pree, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * BlenSor: Blender Sensor Simulation Toolbox
* Track Detection for Autonomous Trains

Preece, B.L.[Bradley L.] Co Author Listing * Standardized target-specific detectivity metric for computational imaging systems

Preece, S.J.[Stephen J.] Co Author Listing * Spectral Filter Optimization for the Recovery of Parameters which Describe Human Skin

Preedy, K. Co Author Listing * Spatial Database Manager for a Multi-Source Image Understanding System

Preet, P. Co Author Listing * Correlation based object-specific attentional mechanism for target localization in high resolution satellite images

Preetha, C. Co Author Listing * Compressive Sensing framework for simultaneous compression and despeckling of SAR images

Preethi, N.G. Co Author Listing * Degraded Document Image Enhancement Using Hybrid Thresholding and Mathematical Morphology

Preetz, H. Co Author Listing * Influence of Heterogeneous Soils and Clutter on the Performance of Ground-Penetrating Radar for Landmine Detection

Pregent, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Privacy Challenges

Pregesbauer, M. Co Author Listing * Airborne Laser Bathymetry for Documentation of Submerged Archaeological Sites in Shallow Water

Prehn, H.[Herward] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Classification Algorithm Using Robust Incremental Clustering, An

Prehn, S.[Steffen] Co Author Listing * Parallelized segmentation of a serially sectioned whole human brain

Prehn, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Model-Based Background Subtraction

Prehofer, B. Co Author Listing * Requirements for Future Collision Avoidance Systems in Visual Flight: A Human-Centered Approach

Preim, B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of vasculature for liver surgical planning
* Generation and Initialization of Stable 3D Mass-Spring Models for the Segmentation of the Thyroid Cartilage
* Local similarity measures for lesion registration in DCE-MRI of the breast
* Visualization of Vasculature With Convolution Surfaces: Method, Validation and Evaluation
Includes: Preim, B. Preim, B.[Bernhard]

Preim, U.[Uta] Co Author Listing * Local similarity measures for lesion registration in DCE-MRI of the breast

Preiner, M. Co Author Listing * Two structure-related strategies for automatically delineating and classifying habitats in an alpine environment

Preiser, P.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Analysis of Cos-7 Binding Assay Imagery for Malaria Vaccination Experiments
* Estimating Malaria Parasitaemia from Blood Smear Images

Preising, B. Co Author Listing * Robot Performance-Measurement and Calibration Using a 3D Computer Vision System

Preiss, J. Co Author Listing * Color-Image Quality Assessment: From Prediction to Optimization
* Image-Difference Prediction: From Grayscale to Color

Preiss, M. Co Author Listing * Detecting Scene Changes Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry
* Physics-Based Predictions for Coherent Change Detection Using X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Polarimetric Calibration of Circularly Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* unified and complexity scalable entropy coding scheme for video compression, A
Includes: Preiss, M. Preiss, M.[Mark] Preiss, M.[Matthias]

Preiswerk, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Robust tumour tracking from 2D imaging using a population-based statistical motion model

Preka Papadema, P. Co Author Listing * Fast estimation of slopes of linear and quasi-linear structures in noisy background, using Fourier methods
Includes: Preka Papadema, P. Preka-Papadema, P.

Preka, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Building Modeling in LOD2 Using the CITYGML Standard

Prel, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * COBVIS-D: A Computer Vision System for Describing the Cephalo-Ocular Behavior of Drivers in a Driving Simulator
* computer vision framework for the analysis and interpretation of the cephalo-ocular behavior of drivers, A
* Computer Vision System for Analyzing and Interpreting the Cephalo-ocular Behavior of Drivers in a Simulated Driving Context, A
Includes: Prel, F.[Florent] Prel, F.

Prelcic, N.G. Co Author Listing * comparison of system architectures for intelligent document understanding, A

Prelee, M.A.[Matthew A.] Co Author Listing * Cutset sampling and reconstruction of images
* Image interpolation from Manhattan cutset samples via orthogonal gradient method
* Image reconstruction from a Manhattan grid via piecewise plane fitting and Gaussian Markov random fields

Prem Chand, C.H. Co Author Listing * Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise Through Modified Decision Based Unsymmetric Trimmed Median Filter
Includes: Prem Chand, C.H. Prem-Chand, C.H.

Prema, K.V. Co Author Listing * Kannada Alphabets Recognition With Application To Braille Translation
* Neural Network Based Handwritten Character Recognition for Conflict Resolution

Prema, P. Co Author Listing * Novel Angular Texture Pattern (ATP) Extraction Method for Crop and Weed Discrimination Using Curvelet Transformation, A

Premachandra, C.[Chinthaka] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Network Based Sinhala Character Recognition
* Parallel Layer Scanning Based Fast Dot/Dash Line Detection Algorithm for Large Scale Binary Document Images
* Simultaneous Mixed Vertical and Horizontal Handwritten Japanese Character Line Detection
* Speedy Character Line Detection Algorithm Using Image Block-Based Histogram Analysis

Premachandra, H.W.H.[H. Waruna H.] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Network Based Sinhala Character Recognition
* Parallel Layer Scanning Based Fast Dot/Dash Line Detection Algorithm for Large Scale Binary Document Images

Premachandra, N. Co Author Listing * Morphological Hit-or-miss Transform Based Approach for Building Damage Estimation from VHR Airborne Imagery in 2011 Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Premachandran, V.[Vittal] Co Author Listing * Consensus of k-NNs for Robust Neighborhood Selection on Graph-Based Manifolds
* Empirical Minimum Bayes Risk Prediction
* Empirical Minimum Bayes Risk Prediction: How to Extract an Extra Few % Performance from Vision Models with Just Three More Parameters
* PASCAL Boundaries: A Semantic Boundary Dataset with a Deep Semantic Boundary Detector
* Perceptually motivated shape context which uses shape interiors
* Rating Image Aesthetics Using a Crowd Sourcing Approach
* Three-Dimensional Bilateral Symmetry Plane Estimation in the Phase Domain
* What parts of a shape are discriminative?
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Premaratne, H.L. Co Author Listing * Lexicon and hidden Markov model-based optimisation of the recognised Sinhala script
* segmentation-free approach to recognise printed Sinhala script using linear symmetry, A

Premaratne, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Polyphase Filter-Based Resampling Method for Unifying the PRFs in SAR Data, An
* Toward Efficient Computation of the Dempster-Shafer Belief Theoretic Conditionals
* Transmission Rate Allocation in Multisensor Target Tracking Over a Shared Network

Premaratne, P. Co Author Listing * Consumer electronics control system based on hand gesture moment invariants
* Human Computer Interaction Using Hand Gestures
* Image database retrieval using sketched queries
* Retrieval of symmetrical image blur using zero sheets
* Sketch-Based Shape Retrieval Using Length and Curvature of 2D Digital Contours
Includes: Premaratne, P. Premaratne, P.[Prashan]

Premaretne, H.L. Co Author Listing * Tamil Handwritten City Name Database Development and Recognition for Postal Automation

Premchaisawatt, S.[Shutchon] Co Author Listing * Novel Performance Evaluation Method of the Fingerprinting-Based Indoor Positioning, The

Premchaiswadi, N.[Nucharee] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Detection for Minimizing a Region of Interest around Distinct Object in Natural Images

Premchaiswadi, W.[Wichian] Co Author Listing * Efficient scan mask techniques for connected components labeling algorithm
* Unsupervised Detection for Minimizing a Region of Interest around Distinct Object in Natural Images
Includes: Premchaiswadi, W.[Wichian] Premchaiswadi, W.[Wichain]

Premebida, C. Co Author Listing * Improving the Generalization Capacity of Cascade Classifiers

Premoli, A.[Amedeo] Co Author Listing * Contour Detection Algorithm Based on the Minimum Radial Inertia (MRI) Criterion, A
* Non-Sequential Contour Detection with a Priori Knowledge, A
Includes: Premoli, A.[Amedeo] Premoli, A.

Premont, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Camera-projector matching using an unstructured video stream
* Camera-projector matching using unstructured video
Includes: Premont, J.[Julien] Prémont, J.[Julien]

Premoze, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Grid-based SAH BVH construction on a GPU
Includes: Premoze, S.[Simon] Premože, S.[Simon]

Premraj, V.[Visruth] Co Author Listing * BabyTalk: Understanding and Generating Simple Image Descriptions

Premuda, M. Co Author Listing * Vertical Distribution of Lower Tropospheric NO2 Derived From Diffuse Solar Radiation Measurements: A Geometrical Retrieval Approach

Prenat, M. Co Author Listing * Contextual performance prediction for low-level image analysis algorithms

Prendergast, D. Co Author Listing * B-Fitting: An Estimation Technique with Automatic Parameter Selection

Prendergast, R.S.[Ryan S.] Co Author Listing * block-based super-resolution for video sequences, A
* Improving Frequency Domain Super-Resolution via Undersampling Model
Includes: Prendergast, R.S.[Ryan S.] Prendergast, R.S.

Prendes, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Model Coupled with a Markov Random Field for Change Detection in Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images, A
* Multivariate Bayesian classification of epilepsy EEG signals
* New Multivariate Statistical Model for Change Detection in Images Acquired by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sensors, A
Includes: Prendes, J.[Jorge] Prendes, J.

Prendinger, H. Co Author Listing * Okutama-Action: An Aerial View Video Dataset for Concurrent Human Action Detection
* SentiFul: A Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis
* Speedup of deep learning ensembles for semantic segmentation using a model compression technique
Includes: Prendinger, H. Prendinger, H.[Helmut]

Preneel, B. Co Author Listing * End-To-End Security for Video Distribution: The Combination of Encryption, Watermarking, and Video Adaptation
* Format-compliant encryption techniques for high efficiency video coding
Includes: Preneel, B. Preneel, B.[Bart]

Prenninger, J.P. Co Author Listing * Laser Tracking System to Measure Position and Orientation of Robot End Effectors Under Motion, A

Prenter, P.M. Co Author Listing * Three Adaptive Discrete Least Squares Cubic Spline Procedures for the Compression of Data

Prentice, H.C.[Honor C.] Co Author Listing * Airborne Hyperspectral Data Predict Fine-Scale Plant Species Diversity in Grazed Dry Grasslands
* Classification of Grassland Successional Stages Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery

Prentice, S.[Sam] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical classification and feature reduction for fast face detection with support vector machines
* Stereo vision and laser odometry for autonomous helicopters in GPS-denied indoor environments
Includes: Prentice, S.[Sam] Prentice, S.

Prenzel, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of High-resolution Satellite Imagery by Integrating Texture, Intensity, and Color Features
Includes: Prenzel, B.[Bjorn] Prenzel, B.[Björn]

Preotu, O. Co Author Listing * Estimation of aircraft state during landing by means of multiple observers

Preparata, F.P. Co Author Listing * Approximation Algorithms for Convex Hulls
* Computational Geometry: A Survey
* Convex Hulls of Finite Sets of Points in Two and Three Dimensions
* Finding the Intersection of Two Convex Polyhedra
* Optimal Off-Line Detection of Repetitions in a String
* Optimal Real-Time Algorithm for Planar Convex Hulls, An

Prerau, D. Co Author Listing * Computer Pattern Recognition of Standard Engraved Music Notation

Preschutti, J.P.[Joseph P.] Co Author Listing * Video motion detector with global insensitivity

Prescott, B. Co Author Listing * Line-Based Correction of Radial Lens Distortion

Presern, S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Tactile Sensor: An On-Line Hierarchical Object and Seam Analyzer, An

Presing, M.[Matyas] Co Author Listing * Ultraviolet Fluorescence LiDAR (UFL) as a Measurement Tool for Water Quality Parameters in Turbid Lake Conditions
Includes: Presing, M.[Matyas] Présing, M.[Mátyás]

Presles, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of 2D Shapes from a Set of Points
* distance-based shape descriptor invariant to similitude and its application to shape classification, A
* Rigid image registration by General Adaptive Neighborhood matching
* Shape recognition from shadows of 3-D convex geometrical objects
* Shape Reconstruction from an Unorganized Point Cloud with Outliers
* Volume estimation of 3D particles with known convex shapes from its projected areas
Includes: Presles, B.[Benoit] Presles, B.[Benoît] Presles, B.

Presotto, A. Co Author Listing * Maximum Entropy Model Of The Bearded Capuchin Monkey Habitat Incorporating Topography And Spectral Unmixing Analysis, A
* Modeling The Distribution Of African Savanna Elephants In Kruger National Park: An Application Of Multi-scale Globeland30 Data

Press, W.H. Co Author Listing * Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing

Pressigout, M.[Muriel] Co Author Listing * Bit-rate allocation between texture and depth: Influence of data sequence characteristics
* Bit-rate allocation for multi-view video plus depth
* Can 3D synthesized views be reliably assessed through usual subjective and objective evaluation protocols?
* comparison of cost construction methods onto a C6678 platform for stereo matching, A
* Hybrid tracking approach using optical flow and pose estimation
* Model Free Hybrid Algorithm for Real Time Tracking, A
* Model-free augmented reality by virtual visual servoing
* Multi-texturing 3D models: How to choose the best texture?
* Reliability of 2D quality assessment methods for synthesized views evaluation in stereoscopic viewing conditions
* study of virtual visual servoing sensitivity in the context of image/GIS registration for urban environments, A
* Video/GIS registration system based on skyline matching method
Includes: Pressigout, M.[Muriel] Pressigout, M.
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Pressman, N.J.[Norman Jules] Co Author Listing * Optical Texture Analysis for Automatic Cytology and Histology: A Markovian Approach

Prest, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Explicit Modeling of Human-Object Interactions in Realistic Videos
* Learning object class detectors from weakly annotated video
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Interactions between Humans and Objects

Prestele, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Accelerated video streaming for gaming architecture
* Precise head segmentation on arbitrary backgrounds
* System for the automated segmentation of heads from arbitrary background

Prestele, C. Co Author Listing * Vehicle occupancy monitoring with optical range-sensors

Presti, L.L.[Liliana Lo] Co Author Listing * Novel Time Series Kernel for Sequences Generated by LTI Systems, A

Presti, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * American Sign Language Phrase Verification in an Educational Game for Deaf Children
* CopyCat: An American Sign Language game for deaf children

Prestifilippo, G. Co Author Listing * Nasa Webworldwind: Multidimensional Virtual Globe For Geo Big Data Visualization

Prestifilippo, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Approach for Volcanic Ash Cloud Retrieval and Eruption Characterization: The 23 November 2013 Etna Lava Fountain, A

Prestin, J. Co Author Listing * Iterative Off-Resonance and Signal Decay Estimation and Correction for Multi-Echo MRI

Preston, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Learning specific-class segmentation from diverse data
* Parameter Estimation and Energy Minimization for Region-Based Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Preston, D.[Dan] Preston, D.

Preston, G. Co Author Listing * Automated Tracking of Filmed Radar Echoes
* General-Purpose Follower for Line-Structured Data, A

Preston, K.[Kendall] Co Author Listing * Abingdon Cross Benchmark Survey, The
* Basics of Cellular Logic with Some Applications in Medical Image Processing
* Benchmark results: the Abingdon cross
* Cellular Logic Computers for Pattern Recognition
* Comparison of Analog and Digital Techniques for Pattern Recognition, A
* Continuous Class Pattern-Recognition for Pathology, with Applications to Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphomas
* Digital holographic logic
* Digital picture analysis in cytology
* Feature Extraction by Golay Hexagonal Pattern Transforms
* Fundamentals of three-dimensional mathematical morphology
* Gray Level Image Processing by Cellular Logic Transforms
* Image Segmentation and Nucleus Classification for Automated Tissue Section Analysis
* Interactive Image Processor Speeds Pattern Recognition by Computer
* Multidimensional Logical Transforms
* Progress in Image Processing Languages
* Some Notes on Cellular Logic Operators
* Three-Dimensional Mathematical Morphology
* Three-Dimensional Skeletonization of Elongated Solids
* Tissue section analysis: Feature selection and image processing
* Xi-Filters
Includes: Preston, K.[Kendall] Preston, Jr., K.[Kendall] Preston, Jr., K. Preston, K.
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Pret, J.C. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for Bottom-Up Document Layout Analysis, A

Preteux, F.[Francoise] Co Author Listing * 3D Compression Benchmarking with
* 3D Vector Flow Guided Segmentation of Airway Wall in MSCT
* Advanced animation framework for virtual character within the MPEG-4 standard
* Critic review on MPEG-4 face and body animation
* Directional Adaptive Deformable Models For Segmentation
* DWT-based robust video fingerprinting
* Estimating Gaussian Markov Random Field Parameters in a Nonstationary Framework: Application to Remote Sensing Imaging
* FAMC: The MPEG-4 standard for Animated Mesh Compression
* Insights into low-level avatar animation and MPEG-4 standardization
* LLVM-based and scalable MPEG-RVC decoder
* Mathematical Modeling and Estimation Techniques in Computer Vision
* Medial Faces from a Concise 3D Thinning Algorithm
* MPEG Reconfigurable Video Coding: From specification to a reconfigurable implementation
* MPEG-4 LASeR-based thin client remote viewer
* MPEG-4 Part 25: A Generic Model for 3D Graphics Compression
* MPEG-4 Part 25: A graphics compression framework for XML-based scene graph formats
* Multi-Chart Geometry Video: A Compact Representation for 3D Animations
* A benchmark platform for 3D compression algorithms
* New MPEG-4/FAMC Standard for Animated 3D Mesh Compression, The
* On-Line and Open Platform for 3D Object Retrieval
* Online Animation System For Practicing Cued Speech
* OVIDIUS: A Web Platform for Video Browsing and Search
* Preliminary experiments in layout analysis of handwritten letters based on textural and spatial information and a 2D Markovian approach
* Pulmonary Airways: 3-D Reconstruction From Multislice CT and Clinical Investigation
* Retrieval of Multiple Instances of Objects in Videos
* Robust Model-Based Approach for 3D Head Tracking in Video Sequences, A
* Space-Time Robust Representation for Action Recognition
* Triangle-Fan-based approach for low complexity 3D mesh compression, A
* Two optimizations of the MPEG-4 FAMC standard for enhanced compression of animated 3D meshes
* Understanding the structure of diffusive scale-spaces
* Variational non rigid image registration using exclusive f-information
* Very Low Bitrate Video: A Statistical Analysis in the DCT Domain
* Virtual Character Within MPEG-4 Animation Framework eXtension
* Volumetric Quantification of Airway Wall in CT via Collision-Free Active Surface Model: Application to Asthma Assessment
* Watershed and Skeleton by Influence Zones: A Distance-Based Approach
Includes: Preteux, F.[Francoise] Prêteux, F.[Françoise] Preteux, F.[Françoise] Preteux, F. Preteux, F.[Frangoise]
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Preteux, F.J. Co Author Listing * Discrete Voronoi Diagrams and the Skiz Operator: A Dynamic Algorithm
* Generalized Support Constraint for 3-Dimensional Reconstruction from Incomplete Fourier Spectra
* generic 2D approach of handwriting recognition, A
* Off-Line Signature Verification by Local Granulometric Size Distributions
* Pattern Spectrum as a Local Shape Factor for Off-Line Signature Verification
Includes: Preteux, F.J. Preteux, F.J.[Francoise J.]

Preti, M.G. Co Author Listing * Transcranial Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Image Fusion With Virtual Navigator
* When Slepian Meets Fiedler: Putting a Focus on the Graph Spectrum

Pretlove, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Rapidly constructed appearance models for tracking in augmented reality applications

Pretlove, J.R.G. Co Author Listing * Lightweight Camera Head for Robotic-Based Binocular Stereo Vision: An Integrated Engineering Approach
* Surrey Attentive Robot Vision System, The

Preto, N.[Nereo] Co Author Listing * Integration of intensity textures and local geometry descriptors from Terrestrial Laser Scanning to map chert in outcrops

Pretorius, A.J. Co Author Listing * In-Road Microwave Sensor for Electronic Vehicle Identification and Tracking: Link Budget Analysis and Antenna Prototype

Pretorius, D.H. Co Author Listing * Interactive Acquisition, Analysis, and Visualization of Sonographic Volume Data

Pretorius, P.H.[P. Hendrik] Co Author Listing * 4-D Reconstruction With Respiratory Correction for Gated Myocardial Perfusion SPECT
* 4D non-local means post-filtering for cardiac gated SPECT
* Comparison of Human and Model Observers in Multislice LROC Studies, A
* Improved image quality and computation reduction in 4-D reconstruction of cardiac-gated SPECT images
* Joint motion correction and image reconstruction in respiratory-gated SPECT
* LROC analysis of detector-response compensation in SPECT
* Reconstruction with angular compensation in respiratory-gated cardiac SPECT
Includes: Pretorius, P.H.[P. Hendrik] Pretorius, P.H.
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Pretschner, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Enforcing privacy through usage-controlled video surveillance

Prettenthaler, R.[Rudolf] Co Author Listing * Evaluations on multi-scale camera networks for precise and geo-accurate reconstructions from aerial and terrestrial images with user guidance
* Scalable Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds with Extreme Scale and Density Diversity
Includes: Prettenthaler, R.[Rudolf] Prettenthaler, R.

Pretto, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * D2CO: Fast and Robust Registration of 3D Textureless Objects Using the Directional Chamfer Distance

Pretto, P. Co Author Listing * Continuous Subjective Rating of Perceived Motion Incongruence During Driving Simulation
* Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators

Pretty, I. Co Author Listing * Colour Assessment in Dentistry

Pretzer, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Security identification system

Pretzer, J.D.[John D.] Co Author Listing * System and method for tracking objects and obscuring fields of view under video surveillance

Pretzsch, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Robinia pseudoacacia L. Flower Analyzed by Using An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
* TanDEM-X Pol-InSAR Performance for Forest Height Estimation
Includes: Pretzsch, H.[Hans] Pretzsch, H.

Preußer, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Multi-Decadal Variability of Polynya Characteristics and Ice Production in the North Water Polynya by Means of Passive Microwave and Thermal Infrared Satellite Imagery
* Spatial Feature Reconstruction of Cloud-Covered Areas in Daily MODIS Composites

Preucil, L.[Libor] Co Author Listing * Combining Multiple Shape Matching Techniques with Application to Place Recognition Task
* FPGA-based module for SURF extraction
* Robust data fusion with occupancy grid
Includes: Preucil, L.[Libor] Preucil, L.

Preusker, R. Co Author Listing * Impact of Subscale Inhomogeneity on Oxygen A Band Cloud-Top Pressure Estimates: Using ESA's MERIS as a Proxy for DSCOVR-EPIC, The
* Proba-V cloud detection Round Robin: Validation results and recommendations

Preuss, S. Co Author Listing * Tongue Contour Reconstruction from Optical and Electrical Palatography

Preusse, A. Co Author Listing * Extension of the InSAR-Based Probability Integral Method and Its Application for Predicting 3-D Mining-Induced Displacements Under Different Extraction Conditions, An
* Locating and defining underground goaf caused by coal mining from space-borne SAR interferometry
* Retrieving 3-D Large Displacements of Mining Areas from a Single Amplitude Pair of SAR Using Offset Tracking
Includes: Preusse, A. Preusse, A.[Alex] Preusse, A.[Axel]

Preusser, T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Finite Element Method for Large Scale Image Processing, An
* Ambrosio-Tortorelli Segmentation of Stochastic Images
* Ambrosio-Tortorelli Segmentation of Stochastic Images: Model Extensions, Theoretical Investigations and Numerical Methods
* Building Blocks for Computer Vision with Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
* Fast Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of PDE-Based Image Processing Methods
* Segmentation of Stochastic Images using Level Set Propagation with Uncertain Speed
* Segmentation of Stochastic Images With a Stochastic Random Walker Method
* Variational Approach to Joint Denoising, Edge Detection and Motion Estimation, A
* Viscosity Solutions of a Level-Set Method for Anisotropic Geometric Diffusion in Image Processing
Includes: Preusser, T. Preusser, T.[Tobias]
9 for Preusser, T.

Prevelige, P.E. Co Author Listing * Detecting asymmetry in the presence of symmetry with maximum likelihood three-dimensional reconstructions of viruses from electron microscope images

Prevete, R. Co Author Listing * Computer aided detection of clustered microcalcifications in digitized mammograms using Gabor functions
* Neural Network Model for a View Independent Extraction of Reach-to-Grasp Action Features, A
* Semi-automated Method for the Measurement of the Fetal Nuchal Translucency in Ultrasound Images, A
Includes: Prevete, R. Prevete, R.[Roberto]

Previtali, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * distributed approach for real-time multi-camera multiple object tracking, A
* Enhancing Automatic Maritime Surveillance Systems With Visual Information
* Real-time adaptive background modeling in fast changing conditions
Includes: Previtali, F.[Fabio] Previtali, F.

Previtali, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling From Gnomonic Projections
* Automatic Façade Segmentation for Thermal Retrofit
* Beyond Crude 3D Models: From Point Clouds to Historical Building Information Modeling via NURBS
* BIM from Laser Clouds and Finite Element Analysis: Combining Structural Analysis and Geometric Complexity
* Georeferencing Accuracy Analysis Of A Single Worldview-3 Image Collected Over Milan
* HBIM and augmented information: towards a wider user community of image and range-based reconstructions
* Mapping Infrared Data on Terrestrial Laser Scanning 3D Models of Buildings
* Scan registration using planar features
* Towards a virtual hub approach for landscape assessment and multimedia ecomuseum using multitemporal-maps
* Virtual Hub Brokering Approach For Integration Of Historical And Modern Maps, A
Includes: Previtali, M. Previtali, M.[Mattia]
10 for Previtali, M.

Prevost, C. Co Author Listing * UAV Photogrammetry for Mapping and Monitoring of Northern Permafrost Landscapes

Prevost, D. Co Author Listing * AWARE: A video monitoring library applied to the Air Traffic Control context
* Combination of thermal and color images for accurate foreground / background segmentation in outdoor environment
Includes: Prevost, D. Prevost, D.[Donald]

Prevost, L.[Lionel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Allograph Selection and Multiple Expert Classification for Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Character Recognition
* Automatic Facial Action Detection Using Histogram Variation Between Emotional States
* cascade detector for text detection in natural scene images, A
* Classifier Combination for Face Localization in Color Images
* Combining AAM coefficients with LGBP histograms in the multi-kernel SVM framework to detect facial action units
* Combining model-based and discriminative classifiers: Application to handwritten character recognition
* Dynamic recognition in the omni-writer frame: Application to hand-printed text recognition
* Facial Action Recognition Combining Heterogeneous Features via Multikernel Learning
* Facial Feature Tracking for Emotional Dynamic Analysis
* Hybrid generative/discriminative classifier for unconstrained character recognition
* Modelizing character allographs in omni-scriptor frame: A New Non-Supervised Clustering Algorithm
* Multi-Kernel Appearance Model
* Multi-stage Combination of Geometric and Colorimetric Detectors for Eyes Localization
* Multiple kernel learning SVM and statistical validation for facial landmark detection
* Real-time facial feature localization by combining space displacement neural networks
* robust composite metric for head pose tracking using an accurate face model, A
* Self-supervised adaptation for on-line script text recognition
* Self-supervised writer adaptation using perceptive concepts: application to on-line text recognition
* Static and Dynamic Classifier Fusion for Character Recognition
* Text Detection and Localization in Complex Scene Images using Constrained AdaBoost Algorithm
Includes: Prevost, L.[Lionel] Prevost, L.
20 for Prevost, L.

Prevost, S.[Stephanie] Co Author Listing * Accurate multi-view depth reconstruction with occlusions handling
* Discrete Modelling of Soil Fragments Transport by Runoff, A
* Materiality maps: A novel scene-based framework for direct multi-view stereovision reconstruction
Includes: Prevost, S.[Stephanie] Prévost, S.[Stéphanie]

Prevot, R. Co Author Listing * Vertebral Mobility Analysis Using Anterior Faces Detection
Includes: Prevot, R. Prévot, R.

Prevotet, J.C. Co Author Listing * ARM-FPGA based platform for automated adaptive wireless communication systems using partial reconfiguration technique
* Demo: Ker-ONE: Embedded virtualization approach with dynamic reconfigurable accelerators management
* Dynamic power evaluation of LTE wireless baseband processing on FPGA
Includes: Prevotet, J.C. Prévotet, J.C.

Prewer, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Soft image segmentation by weighted linked pyramid

Prewett, M.S. Co Author Listing * Meta-Analysis of Vibrotactile and Visual Information Displays for Improving Task Performance, A

Prewitt, J.M.S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Cell Images, The
* Application of a Graph Distance Measure to the Classification of muscle Tissue Patterns, An
* Comparison of Some Segmentation Algorithms for Cytology, A
* Object Enhancement and Extraction
* Organ Detection in Abdominal Computerized Tomography Scans: Application to the Kidney
* To Extract a Connected Object of Arbitrary Shape from its Background by Decision Tree Method

Preza, C. Co Author Listing * Biological Image Restoration in Optical-Sectioning Microscopy Using Prototype Image Constraints
* Rotational-diversity phase estimation from differential-interference-contrast microscopy images
Includes: Preza, C. Preza, C.[Chrysanthe]

Prezioso, G. Co Author Listing * Matlab Geodetic Software for Processing Airborne Lidar Bathymetry Data, A

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