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Priambodo, B.[Bagus] Co Author Listing * Predicting Traffic Flow Based on Average Speed of Neighbouring Road Using Multiple Regression

Prianto, S. Co Author Listing * New motherwavelet for pattern detection in IR image

Pribadi, R.C.H.[Rudy Cahyadi Hario] Co Author Listing * Sparse tree structured representation for re-identification

Pribanic, T.[Tomislav] Co Author Listing * 3D Structured Light Scanner on the Smartphone
* 3D Surface Profilometry Using Phase Shifting of De Bruijn Pattern
* Absolute phase mapping for one-shot dense pattern projection
* Calibration of 3D kinematic systems using orthogonality constraints
* Efficient multiple phase shift patterns for dense 3D acquisition in structured light scanning
* efficient surface registration using smartphone, An
* Self-Equalizing De Bruijn Sequence for 3D Profilometry, The
* Sequence-to-sequence alignment using a pendulum
* Single-Shot Dense 3D Reconstruction Using Self-Equalizing De Bruijn Sequence
* state of the art in structured light patterns for surface profilometry, A
* study on the robustness of shape descriptors to common scanning artifacts, A
* Wand-based calibration of 3D kinematic system
Includes: Pribanic, T.[Tomislav] Pribanic, T.
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Pribil, J. Co Author Listing * Experiments with application of image reconstruction method based on perspective imaging techniques in X-ray CT mini system
* Spectral Flatness Analysis for Emotional Speech Synthesis and Transformation
Includes: Pribil, J. Pribil, J.[Jirí]

Pribilova, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Spectral Flatness Analysis for Emotional Speech Synthesis and Transformation
Includes: Pribilova, A.[Anna] Pribilová, A.[Anna]

Pribosek, J.[Jaka] Co Author Listing * Automating shockwave segmentation in low-contrast coherent shadowgraphy
Includes: Pribosek, J.[Jaka] Pribošek, J.[Jaka]

Pribyl, B.[Bronislav] Co Author Listing * Absolute pose estimation from line correspondences using direct linear transformation
* Accelerated image resampling for geometry correction
* Camera Pose Estimation from Lines using Plücker Coordinates
* Evaluation of feature point detection in high dynamic range imagery
* Simple Single View Scene Calibration

Price, A.N. Co Author Listing * Dictionary Learning and Time Sparsity for Dynamic MR Data Reconstruction
* Hierarchical Manifold Learning for Regional Image Analysis

Price, B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Metric Learning for Saliency Detection
* Beyond White: Ground Truth Colors for Color Constancy Correction
* Depth from Defocus in the Wild
* Discovering Primary Objects in Videos by Saliency Fusion and Iterative Appearance Estimation
* Effective learning-based illuminant estimation using simple features
* Fast Appearance Modeling for Automatic Primary Video Object Segmentation
* Forecasting Human Dynamics from Static Images
* Inner and Inter Label Propagation: Salient Object Detection in the Wild
* IPODLAS: A software architecture for coupling temporal simulation systems, VR, and GIS
* Minimum Barrier Salient Object Detection at 80 FPS
* Salient Object Subitizing
* Towards unified depth and semantic prediction from a single image
* Unconstrained Salient Object Detection via Proposal Subset Optimization
Includes: Price, B. Price, B.[Brian] Price, B.[Bronwyn]
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Price, B.L.[Brian L.] Co Author Listing * Color Adjacency Modeling for Improved Image and Video Segmentation
* Context Driven Scene Parsing with Attention to Rare Classes
* Deep Image Matting
* Deep Interactive Object Selection
* Depth-based patch scaling for content-aware stereo image completion
* Geodesic graph cut for interactive image segmentation
* High-Quality Stereo Video Matching via User Interaction and Space-Time Propagation
* Improving Image Matting Using Comprehensive Sampling Sets
* Interactive Segmentation on RGBD Images via Cue Selection
* Joint Object and Part Segmentation Using Deep Learned Potentials
* LIVEcut: Learning-based Interactive Video Segmentation by Evaluation of Multiple Propagated Cues
* Object Contour Detection with a Fully Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network
* PatchCut: Data-driven object segmentation via local shape transfer
* PatchMatch-Based Content Completion of Stereo Image Pairs
* Semantic Object Selection
* Simultaneous foreground, background, and alpha estimation for image matting
* Stereo+Kinect for High Resolution Stereo Correspondences
* StereoCut: Consistent interactive object selection in stereo image pairs
* Two Illuminant Estimation and User Correction Preference
Includes: Price, B.L.[Brian L.] Price, B.L.
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Price, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Link-Based Approach to the Cluster Ensemble Problem, A
* Object tracking based on incremental Bi-2DPCA learning with sparse structure

Price, C.B. Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement and Analysis with Reaction-Diffusion Paradigm

Price, D. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of Sea Ice Freeboard And Thickness In Mcmurdo Sound, Antarctica, Derived By Ground Validated Satellite Altimeter Data
* Hidden Markov Model Based Word Recognition and Its Application to Legal Amount Reading on French Checks

Price, G. Co Author Listing * Studying the Impact of Feature Saliency for Geoscientific Target Detection Using Electroencephalography (EEG)

Price, J.[Jeff] Co Author Listing * Real Time Multi-vehicle Tracking and Counting at Intersections from a Fisheye Camera
* System capabilities, requirements and design of the GDL gunfire detection and location system
* Utilizing GIS to Examine the Relationship Between State Renewable Portfolio Standards and the Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies
Includes: Price, J.[Jeff] Price, J. Price, J.[Jessica]

Price, J.C. Co Author Listing * Combining Multispectral Data of Differing Spatial Resolution

Price, J.R. Co Author Listing * 3D and multispectral imaging for subcutaneous veins detection
* Automated Feature Generation in Large-Scale Geospatial Libraries for Content-Based Indexing
* Biased Reconstruction for JPEG Decoding
* Face recognition using direct, weighted linear discriminant analysis and modular subspaces
* Image-Based Informatics for Preclinical Biomedical Research
* Improving light propagation Monte Carlo simulations with accurate 3D modeling of skin tissue
* Large-Scale Geospatial Indexing for Image-Based Retrieval and Analysis
* On the Efficacy of Correcting for Refractive Effects in Iris Recognition
* Steerable Filter Cascades
Includes: Price, J.R. Price, J.R.[Jeffery R.]
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Price, K.E.[Keith E.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Price, K.E.[Keith E.]: price AT visionbib com
* Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography
* Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better (No You Can't)
* Automatic and Interactive Modeling of Buildings in Urban Environments from Aerial Images
* Change Detection and Analysis in Multi-Spectral Images
* Describing Natural Textures
* Feature-Based Monocular Motion Analysis System Guided by Feedback Information, A
* Hierarchial Matching Using Relaxation
* How to Use more than Two Frames to Estimate Motion
* I've seen your demo; so what?
* Image Segmentation: A Comment on Studies in Global and Local Histogram-Guided Relaxation Algorithms
* Image Understanding Environment: Data Exchange, The
* Image Understanding Environment: Image Features, The
* Image Understanding Environments Program, The
* Integration Effort in Knowledge-Based Vision Techniques for the Autonomous Land Vehicle Program
* Knowledge Representation for Computer Vision: The VEIL Project
* Knowledge-Based Automatic Feature Extraction
* Locating Structures in Aerial Images
* Matching Closed Contours
* Matching Segments of Images
* Motion Estimation Using More Than Two Images
* Motion Estimation Using Multiple Frames, Simple Cases: Rotation and Translation
* Motion Estimation With More Than Two Frames
* Motion Estimation: The Proper Formulation for when 3 or 4 Frames Are Available
* Multi-Frame Feature-Based Motion Analysis
* Multiple Frame Analysis of Translation Dominant Motion
* Picture Segmentation Using a Recursive Region Splitting Method
* Refinement of Noisy Correspondence Using Feedback from 3-D Motion
* Relaxation Matching Applied to Aerial Images
* Relaxation Matching Techniques: A Comparison
* Results of Motion Estimation with More Than Two Frames
* Road Grid Extraction and Verification
* Segmentation
* Segmentation Using Scene Models
* Semantic Description of Aerial Images Using Stochastic Labeling
* Semi-automated 3-D Building Extraction from Stereo Imagery
* Structural Analysis of Natural Textures
* Structural Description of Natural Textures
* Symbolic Image Registration and Change Detection
* Symbolic Matching and Analysis with Substantial Changes in Orientation
* Symbolic Matching of Images and Scene Models
* Symbolic Representation: USC IU System
* Urban Street Grid Description and Verification
* USC Image Understanding Research: 1988-89
* USC Image Understanding Research: 1992-1993
* USC Image Understanding Research: 1993-1994
* USC Image Understanding Research: 1994-1995
* VEIL: Combining Semantic Knowledge with Image Understanding
Includes: Price, K.E.[Keith E.] Price, K.E.
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Price, L.L.A.[Luke L. A.] Co Author Listing * Entropy, color, and color rendering

Price, M.[Maribeth] Co Author Listing * Comparing Classification Results of Multi-Seasonal TM against AVIRIS Imagery: Seasonality more Important than Number of Bands

Price, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Thermophysical Analysis of Volcaniclastic Deposits: A Terrestrial Analog for Mantled Lava Flows on Mars

Price, N.B. Co Author Listing * Black Spot: A prototype camera module
* Investigation of profile registration with application to the FastSCAN™ range of laser scanners
* RBF patching of laser scanner data
* Surface reconstruction of laser scanner data using piecewise RBF methods
* Texture Mapping for the FastSCAN™ hand-held laser scanner

Price, O.[Owen] Co Author Listing * Determining Fire Dates and Locating Ignition Points With Satellite Data

Price, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Operational Actual Wetland Evapotranspiration Estimation for South Florida Using MODIS Imagery
Includes: Price, R.[Rene] Price, R.[René]

Price, R.W. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Vehicle Identification Performance Using FPGA Correlator Hardware

Price, S. Co Author Listing * Image enhancement through complex conduction coefficient modifications

Price, S.J. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The

Price, S.R.[Stanton R.] Co Author Listing * Computational intelligence in explosive hazard detection

Price, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape and 2D Surface Textures of Human Faces: The Role of Averages in Attractiveness and Age
* Caught Red-Handed: Toward Practical Video-Based Subsequences Matching in the Presence of Real-World Transformations
* Down to Earth: Using Semantics for Robust Hypothesis Selection for the Five-Point Algorithm
* Vote-and-Verify Strategy for Fast Spatial Verification in Image Retrieval, A
Includes: Price, T. Price, T.[True]

Price, T.D. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Suitability of Video Imaging for Studying the Dynamics of Nearshore Sandbars in Tideless Beaches

Pricop, M.[Marius] Co Author Listing * Detection of the mandibular canal in orthopantomography using a Gabor-filtered anisotropic generalized Hough transform

Pricope, N.G.[Narcisa G.] Co Author Listing * Thermal Imagery-Derived Surface Inundation Modeling to Assess Flood Risk in a Flood-Pulsed Savannah Watershed in Botswana and Namibia

Priddle, C. Co Author Listing * 3GPP Mobile Multimedia Streaming Standards
* High Performance, Low Complexity Video Coding and the Emerging HEVC Standard

Pridham, R.G. Co Author Listing * Digital Interpolation Beamforming for Low-Pass and Bandpass Signals
* Novel Approach to Digital Beamforming, A

Pridmore, A.P. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Description of Binocularly Viewed Contours

Pridmore, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Components of Integrated CCTV Surveillance Systems: Functionality, Accuracy and Confidence
* Building a multi-modal Arabic corpus (MMAC)
* Generation of synthetic documents for performance evaluation of symbol recognition and spotting systems
* improved Hough transform voting scheme utilizing surround suppression, An
* Tissue-level segmentation and tracking of cells in growing plant roots
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Pridmore, T. Pridmore, T.[Tony]

Pridmore, T.P.[Tony P.] Co Author Listing * email: Pridmore, T.P.[Tony P.]: Tony Pridmore AT nottingham ac uk
* British Machine Vision Conference 1999
* Condensation tracking through a hough space
* distance transform for line patterns: Generalisation and development, The
* Exploiting Image-Plane Data in the Interpretation of Edge-Based Binocular Disparity
* Generalized Search Method for Multiple Competing Hypotheses in Visual Tracking, A
* Geometrical Modeling from Multiple Stereo Views
* Knowledge-Directed Interpretation of Mechanical Engineering Drawings
* Location and recognition of flashlight projections for visual interfaces
* Managing Particle Spread via Hybrid Particle Filter/Kernel Mean Shift Tracking
* MTS: A Multiple Temporal Scale Tracker Handling Occlusion and Abrupt Motion Variation
* patch-based approach to 3D plant shoot phenotyping, A
* Surface Reconstruction of Plant Shoots from Multiple Views
* Tina: A 3D Vision System for Pick and Place
* Towards the Recovery of Extrinsic Camera Parameters from Video Records of Sewer Surveys
* Tracking in a Hough Space with the Extended Kalman Filter
* Tracking Using Multiple Linear Searches and Motion Direction Sampling
* TRIC-track: Tracking by Regression with Incrementally Learned Cascades
* Using social effects to guide tracking in complex scenes
* Visual Object Tracking for the Extraction of Multiple Interacting Plant Root Systems
* Visual tracking for the recovery of multiple interacting plant root systems from X-ray CT images
* What should the user do? Inference structures and line drawing interpretation
Includes: Pridmore, T.P.[Tony P.] Pridmore, T.P.
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Pridmort, T.P. Co Author Listing * Integrating visual search with visual memory in a knowledge directed image interpretation system

Priebe, C.E.[Carey E.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive mixture density estimation
* Adaptive mixtures: Recursive nonparametric pattern recognition
* Analysis of Local Feature-Extraction in Digital Mammography, An
* Characterizing the scale dimension of a high-dimensional classification problem
* Consistent Latent Position Estimation and Vertex Classification for Random Dot Product Graphs
* Effect of Model Misspecification on Semi-Supervised Classification, The
* Efficiency investigation of manifold matching for text document classification
* Generalized canonical correlation analysis for disparate data fusion
* generalized spherical homeomorphism theorem for digital images, The
* Graph Classification Using Signal-Subgraphs: Applications in Statistical Connectomics
* Graph Matching: Relax at Your Own Risk
* Integrated Sensing and Processing Decision Trees
* Manifold matching using shortest-path distance and joint neighborhood selection
* Olfactory Classification via Interpoint Distance Analysis
* Posterior Probability Modeling and Image Classification for Archaeological Site Prospection: Building a Survey Efficacy Model for Identifying Neolithic Felsite Workshops in the Shetland Islands
* proof of the spherical homeomorphism conjecture for surfaces, A
* Robust Vertex Classification
* Segmentation of Random-Fields via Borrowed Strength Density-Estimation
* System and method for incorporating segmentation boundaries into the calculation of fractal dimension features for texture discrimination
* Visualization Framework For The Analysis Of Hyperdimensional Data, A
Includes: Priebe, C.E.[Carey E.] Priebe, C.E.
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Priede, I.G.[Imants G.] Co Author Listing * Automated Video Imaging System for Counting Deep-Sea Bioluminescence Organisms Events

Prieditis, A.[Armand] Co Author Listing * Designing Optimal Sequential Experiments for a Bayesian Classifier

Priegnitz, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Weather-Surveillance and Multifunction Capabilities of the National Weather Radar Testbed Phased Array Radar

Priego, B.[Blanca] Co Author Listing * 4DCAF: A temporal approach for denoising hyperspectral image sequences
* Hyperspectral image segmentation through evolved cellular automata
* Spatio-temporal cellular automata-based filtering for image sequence denoising: Application to fluoroscopic sequences

Priem, F.[Frederik] Co Author Listing * Synergistic Use of LiDAR and APEX Hyperspectral Data for High-Resolution Urban Land Cover Mapping

Pries, W. Co Author Listing * Group Properties of Cellular Automata and VLSI Applications

Priescu, I.[Iustin] Co Author Listing * new hyperchaotic map and its application in an image encryption scheme, A

Priese, L.[Lutz] Co Author Listing * 3D-Color-Structure-Code: A Hierarchical Region Growing Method for Segmentation of 3D-Images
* Color image segmentation using an enhanced Gradient Network Method
* CSC Based Classification Method for CT Bone Images, A
* Fast projection plane classifier
* Grouping of Semantically Similar Image Positions
* Hierarchical Cell Structures for Segmentation of Voxel Images
* On Hierarchical Color Segmentation and Applications
* Properties of a Three-Dimensional Island Hierarchy for Segmentation of 3D Images with the Color Structure Code
* Real-time Detection of Arbitrary Objects in Alternating Industrial Environments
* Reduced Covariance Color Texture Model For Micro-Textures, A
* Vanishing Point Detection with an Intersection Point Neighborhood
Includes: Priese, L.[Lutz] Priese, L.
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Priest, R. Co Author Listing * Object detection using transformed signatures in multitemporal hyperspectral imagery

Priest, R.G.[Richard G.] Co Author Listing * Pattern classification using projection pursuit

Priestley, K. Co Author Listing * Measurement of the Point Response Functions of CERES Scanning Radiometers

Priestley, K.J. Co Author Listing * Clouds and Earth Radiant Energy System: From Design to Data
* Tropical Mean Fluxes: A Tool for Calibration and Validation of CERES Radiometers
* Using Lunar Observations to Validate Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System Pointing Accuracy
* Using Lunar Observations to Validate In-Flight Calibrations of Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System Instruments
Includes: Priestley, K.J. Priestley, K.J.[Kory J.]

Priestley, N.[Nigel] Co Author Listing * modified model for the Lobula Giant Movement Detector and its FPGA implementation, A

Priestnall, G. Co Author Listing * Arrowhead Recognition During Automated Data Capture
* Research into a Framework for Automatic Linear Feature Identification and Extraction

Prieto Amparan, J.A.[Jesus A.] Co Author Listing * Past and Future Spatial Growth Dynamics of Chihuahua City, Mexico: Pressures for Land Use
Includes: Prieto Amparan, J.A.[Jesus A.] Prieto-Amparán, J.A.[Jesús A.]

Prieto Blanco, A. Co Author Listing * Quantifying Surface Reflectivity for Spaceborne Lidar via Two Independent Methods
Includes: Prieto Blanco, A. Prieto-Blanco, A.

Prieto Matias, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Code obfuscation using very long identifiers for FFT motion estimation models in embedded processors
Includes: Prieto Matias, M.[Manuel] Prieto-Matías, M.[Manuel]

Prieto Villegas, M. Co Author Listing * Characterization of empirical discrepancy evaluation measures

Prieto, A. Co Author Listing * General Logarithmic Image Processing Convolution
* Real-Time System for High-Image Resolution Disparity Estimation
* Spatio-temporal cellular automata-based filtering for image sequence denoising: Application to fluoroscopic sequences
Includes: Prieto, A. Prieto, A.[Abraham]

Prieto, C. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Self-Gated Dynamic Abdominal MRI Using Manifold Alignment
* Motion Estimation Applied to Reconstruct Undersampled Dynamic MRI
* Nonrigid Motion Modeling of the Liver From 3-D Undersampled Self-Gated Golden-Radial Phase Encoded MRI
* Retrospective Rigid Motion Correction in k-Space for Segmented Radial MRI
* TRIO a Technique for Reconstruction Using Intensity Order: Application to Undersampled MRI
* Whole-Heart Single Breath-Hold Cardiac Cine: A Robust Motion-Compensated Compressed Sensing Reconstruction Method
Includes: Prieto, C. Prieto, C.[Claudia]

Prieto, F.[Flavio] Co Author Listing * 3D and Texture Modelling of Precolombian Objects
* 3D Curvature-Based Shape Descriptors for Face Segmentation: An Anatomical-Based Analysis
* 3D Object Modeling with Graphics Hardware Acceleration and Unsupervised Neural Networks
* Automated Reverse Engineering of Free Form Objects Using Morse Theory
* Automatic Extraction of a Quadrilateral Network of NURBS Patches from Range Data Using Evolutionary Strategies
* Automatic Hole-Filling of Triangular Meshes Using Local Radial Basis Function
* Automatic Quantitative Mouth Shape Analysis
* CAD-based 3D data acquisition strategy for inspection, A
* CAD-based range sensor placement for optimum 3D data acquisition
* Evaluating and Comparing of 3D Shape Descriptors for Object Recognition
* Experimental Comparison of a Hierarchical Range Image Segmentation Algorithm, An
* Fitting Surface of Free Form Objects using Optimized NURBS Patches Network with Evolutionary Strategies (mu + lambda) - ES
* Fully automatic expression-invariant face correspondence
* Hierarchical segmentation of range images with contour constraints
* On-line 3-D inspection of deformable parts using FEM trained radial basis functions
* Real-Time Robot Manipulation Using Mouth Gestures in Facial Video Sequences
* Real-time transmission tower detection from video based on a feature descriptor
* Relevance analysis of 3D curvature-based shape descriptors on interest points of the face
* Robot Command Interface Using an Audio-Visual Speech Recognition System
* Robust Three-Dimensional Registration of Range Images Using a New Genetic Algorithm
* Three-dimensional digitization of highly reflective and transparent objects using multi-wavelength range sensing
* Tolerance control with high resolution 3D measurements
* Towards Visual Based Navigation with Power Line Detection
Includes: Prieto, F.[Flavio] Prieto, F.
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Prieto, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Automatic scoring of CDMAM using a model of the recognition threshold of the human visual system: R*
* Next generation of broadcast multimedia services to mobile receivers in urban environments
Includes: Prieto, G.[Gabriel] Prieto, G.[Gorka]

Prieto, G.R.[G. Robleda] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Accuracy Assessment for 3D-Virtual Reconstruction in Cultural Heritage Using Low-Cost Photogrammetry: Surveying of the Santa Maria Church's Front
* Only Image Based For The 3d Metric Survey Of Gothic Structures By Using Frame Cameras And Panoramic Cameras

Prieto, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * Entropy-based correspondence improvement of interpolated skeletal models

Prieto, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Improving face recognition by combination of natural and Gabor faces

Prieto, M.S.[Miguel S.] Co Author Listing * hybrid system for embedded machine vision using FPGAs and neural networks, A
* similarity metric for edge images, A
* Using self-organising maps in the detection and recognition of road signs
Includes: Prieto, M.S.[Miguel S.] Prieto, M.S.[Miguel Segui]

Prieto, S.A. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Scanning of Structural Elements in Buildings

Prieur, C. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Multiple-Hypothesis Tracking of Merging and Splitting Targets

Prifti, D.[Dionis] Co Author Listing * DicomPrint, an Application for Managing DICOM Images

Prigent, A.[Armelle] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Face Tracking for Attention Aware Adaptive Games

Prigent, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * MERLIN: A French-German Space Lidar Mission Dedicated to Atmospheric Methane
* Multiangle Backscattering Observations of Continental Surfaces in Ku-Band (13 GHz) From Satellites: Understanding the Signals, Particularly in Arid Regions
* Quantifying Uncertainties in Land-Surface Microwave Emissivity Retrievals
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Neural Networks: Application to SMOS
* Surface Freshwater Storage Variations in the Orinoco Floodplains Using Multi-Satellite Observations
Includes: Prigent, C.[Catherine] Prigent, C.

Prigent, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Estimation of an optimal spectral band combination to evaluate skin disease treatment efficacy using multi-spectral images
* Multi-scale analysis of skin hyper-pigmentation evolution
* Multi-spectral image analysis for skin pigmentation classification

Prignitz, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Scanning of Damaged Ancient Greek Inscriptions for Revealing Weathered Letters

Prihozhy, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Parallelization Potential for Efficient Multimedia Implementations: Dynamic Evaluation of Algorithm Critical Path
* Pipeline synthesis and optimization of FPGA-based video processing applications with CAL
Includes: Prihozhy, A. Prihozhy, A.[Anatoly]

Priisalu, H.[Helen] Co Author Listing * Random Forest for Gene Expression Based Cancer Classification: Overlooked Issues

Prilepova, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Design of a GIS-Based Web Application for Simulating Biofuel Feedstock Yields

Prilutsky, Y.[Yury] Co Author Listing * Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images based on a dust map developed from actual image data
* Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images based on multiple occurrences of dust in images
* Digital camera
* Digital image acquisition and processing system
* Method of detecting and correcting dust in digital images based on aura and shadow region analysis

Prima, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Automatic symmetry plane estimation of bilateral objects in point clouds
* Computation of the mid-sagittal plane in 3-D brain images
* Computation of the Mid-Sagittal Plane in 3D Images of the Brain
* Optimized Blockwise Nonlocal Means Denoising Filter for 3-D Magnetic Resonance Images, An
* Trimmed-Likelihood Estimation for Focal Lesions and Tissue Segmentation in Multisequence MRI for Multiple Sclerosis
Includes: Prima, S.[Sylvain] Prima, S.

Primavera, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * low latency implementation of a non-uniform partitioned convolution algorithm for room acoustic simulation, A

Primekumar, K.P. Co Author Listing * On-line Malayalam handwritten character recognition using HMM and SVM

Primerano, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Coopertive surveillance in video sensor networks

Primicerio, J.[Jacopo] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison of UAV, Aircraft and Satellite Remote Sensing Platforms for Precision Viticulture

Primo, A.[Abena] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Active Authentication Using Smartphone Accelerometer Measurements

Primo, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Automatic user interaction correction via Multi-label Graph cuts

Primorac, R. Co Author Listing * Audio-visual biometric recognition via joint sparse representations

Primot, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Radiometric order preserving method to display wide-dynamic images for imagery photointerpretation
* Sharpness limitations in the projection of thin lines by use of the Talbot experiment
Includes: Primot, J.[Jerome] Primot, J.[Jérôme]

Primus, M.J.[Manfred Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Feature Maps for Interactive Video Search
* Image-Based Smoke Detection in Laparoscopic Videos
* Mobile Image Analysis: Android vs. iOS
* Storyboard-Based Video Browsing Using Color and Concept Indices
Includes: Primus, M.J.[Manfred Jurgen] Primus, M.J.[Manfred Jürgen] Primus, M.J.[Manfred J.]

Prince, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Strategies for Segmentation of Blue-Dyed Pores in Thin Sections of Reservoir Rocks

Prince, G.[Gillian] Co Author Listing * Registration of thermal and visible light images of diseased plants using silhouette extraction in the wavelet domain

Prince, J.L.[Jerry L.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Prince, J.L.[Jerry L.]: prince AT jhu edu
* 2D moving grid geometric deformable model, A
* 3D Topology Preserving Flows for Viewpoint-Based Cortical Unfolding
* Adaptive Active Contour Algorithms for Extracting and Mapping Thick Curves
* adaptive fuzzy C-means algorithm for image segmentation in the presence of intensity inhomogeneities, An
* Adaptive fuzzy segmentation of magnetic resonance images
* Angle images for measuring heart motion from tagged MRI
* Bandpass Optical Flow for Tagged MR Imaging
* Cardiac Motion Simulator for Tagged MRI
* Convexity Analysis of Active Contour Problems
* convolution backprojection formula for three-dimensional vector tomography, A
* Convolution Backprojection Formulas for 3-D Vector Tomography with Application to MRI
* Cortical Surface Reconstruction Using a Topology Preserving Geometric Deformable Model
* CTREC: C-arm tracking and reconstruction using elliptic curves
* Deep Learning for Cerebellar Ataxia Classification and Functional Score Regression
* Deformation Field Correction for Spatial Normalization of PET Images Using a Population-Derived Partial Least Squares Model
* Diffusion Tensor Estimation by Maximizing Rician Likelihood
* Digital Topology in Brain Imaging
* Digital Topology on Adaptive Octree Grids
* Eulerian PDE Approach for Computing Tissue Thickness, An
* Experiments in Multiresolution Motion Estimation for Multifrequency Tagged Cardiac MR Images
* Fast numerical scheme for gradient vector flow computation using a multigrid method
* fiber tracking method guided by volumetric tract segmentation, A
* frequency domain performance analysis of Horn and Schunck's optical flow algorithm for deformable motion, A
* Generalized gradient vector flow external forces for active contours
* Geometry-Driven Optical Flow Warping for Spatial Normalization of Cortical Surfaces, A
* Gradient Vector Flow: A New External Force for Snakes
* Hierarchical reconstruction using geometry and sinogram restoration
* Hybrid Cone-Beam Tomographic Reconstruction: Incorporation of Prior Anatomical Models to Compensate for Missing Data
* Hybrid Eulerian-Lagrangian Approach for Thickness, Correspondence, and Gridding of Annular Tissues, A
* Image registration based on boundary mapping
* Imaging heart motion using harmonic phase MRI
* Incompressible Deformation Estimation Algorithm (IDEA) From Tagged MR Images
* Incompressible Phase Registration for Motion Estimation from Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images
* Longitudinal Patch-Based Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis White Matter Lesions
* Magnetic Resonance Image Example-Based Contrast Synthesis
* Measurement of Cardiac Deformations from MRI: Physical and Mathematical Models
* MIND Demons: Symmetric Diffeomorphic Deformable Registration of MR and CT for Image-Guided Spine Surgery
* Model-Based Tomographic Reconstruction of Objects Containing Known Components
* Moving Grid Framework for Geometric Deformable Models, A
* MR tag surface tracking using a spatio-temporal filter/interpolator
* multi-compartment segmentation framework with homeomorphic level sets, A
* Multimodal Registration via Mutual Information Incorporating Geometric and Spatial Context
* multiple geometric deformable model framework for homeomorphic 3D medical image segmentation, A
* multiple object geometric deformable model for image segmentation, A
* Octree-Based Topology-Preserving Isosurface Simplification
* On Div-Curl Regularization for Motion Estimation in 3D Volumetric Imaging
* On the Design of the Bandpass Filters in Harmonic Phase MRI
* Optimal Brightness Functions for Optical Flow Estimation of Deformable Motion
* Optimal tag pattern validation using magnetic resonance imaging
* Partial volume estimation and the fuzzy C-means algorithm
* PDE Approach for Measuring Tissue Thickness, A
* PDE Approach for Thickness, Correspondence, and Gridding of Annular Tissues, A
* Phase Vector Incompressible Registration Algorithm for Motion Estimation From Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images
* Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Reconstruction With Gaussian Blurring and Optimal Coverage Cost
* Reconstructing Convex Sets from Support Line Measurements
* Reconstruction of the human cerebral cortex from magnetic resonance images
* Reconstruction of Vector Fields in Bounded Domain Vector Tomography
* REDMAPS: Reduced-Dimensionality Matching for Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Reconstruction
* Representation and transformation of uncertainty in an evidence theory framework
* Robust Statistical Fusion of Image Labels
* Shortest Path Refinement for Motion Estimation From Tagged MR Images
* Snakes, Shapes, and Gradient Vector Flow
* Stochastic formulations of optical flow algorithms under variable brightness conditions
* Subject Specific Sparse Dictionary Learning for Atlas Based Brain MRI Segmentation
* Tomographic reconstruction of 3-D vector fields using inner product probes
* Topology Correction in Brain Cortex Segmentation Using a Multiscale, Graph-Based Algorithm
* Topology Preserving Brain Tissue Segmentation Using Graph Cuts
* Topology Preserving Deformable Model Using Level Sets, A
* Topology Preserving Level Set Method for Geometric Deformable Models
* Topology-preserving STAPLE
* Tracking MR tag surfaces using a spatiotemporal filter and interpolator
* Using a statistical shape model to extract sulcal curves on the outer cortex of the human brain
* vector Wiener filter for dual-radionuclide imaging, A
Includes: Prince, J.L.[Jerry L.] Prince, J.L.
75 for Prince, J.L.

Prince, L. Co Author Listing * summary of Geometric Level-Set Analogues for a General Class of Parametric Active Contour and Surface Models, A

Prince, S.D.[Stephen D.] Co Author Listing * Degradation of Non-Photosynthetic Vegetation in a Semi-Arid Rangeland
* Environmental and Anthropogenic Degradation of Vegetation in the Sahel from 1982 to 2006
* Quantification of Impact of Orbital Drift on Inter-Annual Trends in AVHRR NDVI Data
* Vegetation Responses to Climate Variability in the Northern Arid to Sub-Humid Zones of Sub-Saharan Africa

Prince, S.J.D.[Simon J.D.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Identity Clustering
* Context-based additive logistic model for facial keypoint localization
* Creating Invariance to Nuisance Parameters in Face Recognition
* CUDA Implementation of Deformable Pattern Recognition and its Application to MNIST Handwritten Digit Database
* Epitomized priors for multi-labeling problems
* Face Pose Estimation in Uncontrolled Environments
* Gender classification in uncontrolled settings using additive logistic models
* Interactive Lesion Segmentation with Shape Priors From Offline and Online Learning
* Investigating the spatial support of signal and noise in face recognition
* Joint and implicit registration for face recognition
* Labelfaces: Parsing facial features by multiclass labeling with an epitome prior
* Latent Identity Variables: Biometric Matching Without Explicit Identity Estimation
* Lattice Cut: Constructing superpixels using layer constraints
* Modeling object appearance using Context-Conditioned Component Analysis
* Mosaicfaces: a discrete representation for face recognition
* Patch-based within-object classification
* Pre-Attentive and Attentive Detection of Humans in Wide-Field Scenes
* Pre-Attentive Face Detection for Foveated Wide-Field Surveillance
* Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis for Inferences About Identity
* Probabilistic Models for Inference about Identity
* Scene shape priors for superpixel segmentation
* Statistical Cue Integration for Foveated Wide-Field Surveillance
* Styp-boost: A Bilinear Boosting Algorithm for Learning Style-parameterized Classifiers
* Superpixel lattices
* Tied factor analysis for face recognition across large pose changes
* Tied Factor Analysis for Face Recognition across Large Pose Differences
* Vistas: Hierarchial boundary priors using multiscale conditional random fields
Includes: Prince, S.J.D.[Simon J.D.] Prince, S.J.D. Prince, S.J.D.[Simon J. D.]
27 for Prince, S.J.D.

Princen, J.P. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Hough Transform Methods for Circle Finding
* Depth Data Segmentation Using Robust Estimation in a Hierarchical Data Structure
* Formal Definition of the Hough Transform: Properties and Relationships, A
* Hierarchical Approach to Line Extraction Based on the Hough Transform, A
* Hierarchical Approach to Line Extraction, A
* Hypothesis Testing: A Framework for Analysing and Optimising Hough Transform Performance
* Hypothesis Testing: A Framework for Analysing and Optimizing Hough Transform Performance
* Robust estimation of shape parameters
8 for Princen, J.P.

Principe, J.A. Co Author Listing * Exploring Climate Change Effects On Watershed Sediment Yield And Land Cover-based Mitigation Measures Using Swat Model, Rs And Gis: Case Of Cagayan River Basin, Philippines

Principe, J.C.[Jose C.] Co Author Listing * email: Principe, J.C.[Jose C.]: Principe AT brain ee ufl edu
* Algorithm Development and Support Database for MSTAR, An
* C-loss function for pattern classification, The
* Complex Correntropy: Probabilistic Interpretation and Application to Complex-Valued Data
* Convergence of a Fixed-Point Algorithm under Maximum Correntropy Criterion
* correntropy MACE filter, The
* Downscaling Satellite-Based Soil Moisture in Heterogeneous Regions Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Products and Information Theory: A Synthetic Study
* Fault detection via recurrence time statistics and one-class classification
* Feature Extraction Using Information-Theoretic Learning
* Group-Wise Point-Set Registration Based on Renyi's Second Order Entropy
* Information cut for clustering using a gradient descent approach
* Information Theoretic Clustering
* Information Theoretic Shape Matching
* Invexity of the Minimum Error Entropy Criterion
* Kernel Learning for Dynamic Texture Synthesis
* Mean shift: An information theoretic perspective
* Nonlinear Extension of the Mace Filter, A
* Nonparametric Methodology for Information Theoretic Feature Extraction, A
* Novel ATR Classifier Exploiting Pose Estimation, A
* Optimizing the Cauchy-Schwarz PDF Distance for Information Theoretic, Non-parametric Clustering
* Pose Estimation for SAR Automatic Target Recognition
* Recursive Online Kernel PCA Algorithm, A
* Robust support vector machines based on the rescaled hinge loss function
* Self-Organizing Principle for Segmenting and Super-Resolving ISAR Images, A
* Soft Competitive Principal Component Analysis Using the Mixture of Experts
* Statistical Independent and Relevant Feature Extraction for Classification of SAR Imagery
* Statistically Independent Feature Extraction for SAR Imagery
* Steady-State Mean-Square Error Analysis for Adaptive Filtering under the Maximum Correntropy Criterion
* Super-resolution of images based on local correlations
* Target Detection in UWB SAR Images Using Temporal Fusion
* Target Discrimination in Synthetic Aperture Radar Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Target Prescreening Based on a Quadratic Gamma-Discriminator
* Test of Granger Non-causality Based on Nonparametric Conditional Independence, A
Includes: Principe, J.C.[Jose C.] Príncipe, J.C.[José C.] Principe, J.C. Principe, J.C.[José C.] Príncipe, J.C.
33 for Principe, J.C.

Prinelli, F.[Federica] Co Author Listing * Towards an Engaging Mobile Food Record for Teenagers

Prinet, V. Co Author Listing * 3D road curb extraction from image sequence for automobile parking assist system
* Band-Weighted Landuse Classification Method for Multispectral Images, A
* Classification and representation of networks from satellite images
* Extended Phase Field Higher-Order Active Contour Model for Networks and Its Application to Road Network Extraction from VHR Satellite Images, An
* Extended Phase Field Higher-Order Active Contour Models for Networks: Its Application to Road Network Extraction from VHR Satellite Images
* Extraction of Main and Secondary Roads in VHR Images Using A Higher-Order Phase Field Model
* Extraction of vascular network in 3D images
* Graph commute times for image representation
* Illuminant Chromaticity from Image Sequences
* land use classification method based on region and edge information fusion, A
* Mid-level features and spatio-temporal context for activity recognition
* Mixture Distributions for Weakly Supervised Classification in Remote Sensing Images
* MRF Modeling for Optical Flow Computation from Multi-Structure Objects
* Multi-block PCA method for image change detection
* novel two-steps strategy for automatic GIS-image registration, A
* phase field model incorporating generic and specific prior knowledge applied to road network extraction from VHR satellite images, A
* Probabilistic Modeling for Structural Change Inference
* rough-to-fine satellite image registration method with sub-pixel accuracy, A
* Spatio-temporal Prior Shape Constraint for Level Set Segmentation
* Specular highlight enhancement from video sequences
* Thin Network Extraction in 3D Images: Application to Medical Angiograms
* Towards Optimal Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
* Two-Frame Optical Flow Formulation in an Unwarping Multiresolution Scheme
Includes: Prinet, V. Prinet, V.[Veronique] Prinet, V.[Véronique]
23 for Prinet, V.

Pringle, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Framework for Large-Area Mapping of Past and Present Cropping Activity Using Seasonal Landsat Images and Time Series Metrics, A
* Support Vector Machine Classification Of Object-based Data For Crop Mapping, Using Multi-temporal Landsat Imagery
Includes: Pringle, M.[Matthew] Pringle, M.

Prins, H.H.T. Co Author Listing * Non-linear partial least square regression increases the estimation accuracy of grass nitrogen and phosphorus using in situ hyperspectral and environmental data
* Remote sensing of forage nutrients: Combining ecological and spectral absorption feature data
Includes: Prins, H.H.T. Prins, H.H.T.[Herbert H.T.]

Prins, M. Co Author Listing * Automation of fluorescent dot counting in cell nuclei

Prins, N.[Nicolaas] Co Author Listing * Detection and discrimination of texture modulations defined by orientation, spatial frequency, and contrast

Prinz, A.A.[Astrid A.] Co Author Listing * Combining Pixelization and Dimensional Stacking

Prinz, F.B. Co Author Listing * CAD Model-Based Localization of Parts in Manufacturing

Prinz, P. Co Author Listing * Gabor Systems with Good TF-Localization and Applications to Image Processing

Prinz, R. Co Author Listing * Mapping the snow line altitude for large glacier samples from multitemporal Landsat imagery

Prinz, T.[Torsten] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Classification of South Patagonian Peat Bog Microforms Reveals Potential Gaps in Up-Scaled CH4 Fluxes by use of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and CIR Imagery
* JAVA-based Texture Analysis Employing Neighborhood Gray-Tone Difference Matrix (NGTDM) for Optimization of Land Use Classifications in High Resolution Remote Sensing Data
* UAV-Based Low-Cost Stereo Camera System for Archaeological Surveys: Experiences from Doliche (Turkey), A
Includes: Prinz, T.[Torsten] Prinz, T.

Prinzen, F.[Frits] Co Author Listing * How to Choose Myofiber Orientation in a Biventricular Finite Element Model?

Prinzen, F.W. Co Author Listing * Mapping Displacement and Deformation of the Heart With Local Sine-Wave Modeling

Prioletti, A. Co Author Listing * Part-Based Pedestrian Detection and Feature-Based Tracking for Driver Assistance: Real-Time, Robust Algorithms, and Evaluation
* PROUD: Public Road Urban Driverless-Car Test

Prior, M. Co Author Listing * Parameter Tuning using the Out-of-Bootstrap Generalisation Error Estimate for Stochastic Discrimination and Random Forests

Prior, M.K.[Mark K.] Co Author Listing * Hydroacoustic Signal Classification Using Kernel Functions for Variable Feature Sets
* Integrated Optimization of Long-Range Underwater Signal Detection, Feature Extraction, and Classification for Nuclear Treaty Monitoring

Prior, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Real Time Continuous Tracking of Dynamic Hand Gestures on a Mobile GPU

Priorov, A. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Local Quantized Patterns and Gabor Filters
* Gender and age recognition for video analytics solution
* Online Audience Measurement System Based on Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Priorov, A. Priorov, A.[Andrey]

Priorov, A.L. Co Author Listing * Image Denoising Using Adaptive Switching Median Filter

Priot, A.E. Co Author Listing * Adaptation to alterations of apparent distance in stereoscopic displays: From lab to hyperstereopsis
* Adaptive estimates of egocentric distance from vergence in telestereoscopic viewing: Von Hofsten's model revisited

Priot, B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive estimates of egocentric distance from vergence in telestereoscopic viewing: Von Hofsten's model revisited

Prisacariu, V.A.[Victor Adrian] Co Author Listing * 3D hand tracking for human computer interaction
* 3D Tracking of Multiple Objects with Identical Appearance Using RGB-D Input
* Dense Reconstruction Using 3D Object Shape Priors
* Integrating Object Detection with 3D Tracking Towards a Better Driver Assistance System
* Nonlinear shape manifolds as shape priors in level set segmentation and tracking
* Object Proposals Estimation in Depth Image Using Compact 3D Shape Manifolds
* PWP3D: Real-Time Segmentation and Tracking of 3D Objects
* Real-Time Large-Scale Dense 3D Reconstruction with Loop Closure
* Real-Time Tracking of Single and Multiple Objects from Depth-Colour Imagery Using 3D Signed Distance Functions
* Regressing Local to Global Shape Properties for Online Segmentation and Tracking
* Robust 3D hand tracking for human computer interaction
* Shared shape spaces
* Simultaneous Monocular 2D Segmentation, 3D Pose Recovery and 3D Reconstruction
* STAR3D: Simultaneous Tracking and Reconstruction of 3D Objects Using RGB-D Data
Includes: Prisacariu, V.A.[Victor Adrian] Prisacariu, V.A.[Victor A.]
14 for Prisacariu, V.A.

Prisco, G. Co Author Listing * Kirchhoff-Based Shape Reconstruction Algorithm for the Multimonostatic Configuration: The Realistic Case of Buried Pipes, A
* Multiarray Tomographic Approach for Through-Wall Imaging, A
* Three-Dimensional Through-Wall Imaging Under Ambiguous Wall Parameters

Priscu, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Poisson Reconstruction of Extreme Submersed Environments: The Endurance Exploration of an Under-ice Antarctic Lake

Prise, M.E. Co Author Listing * Digital Optics

Prismall, S.P.[Stuart P.] Co Author Listing * Novel Temporal Views of Moving Objects for Gait Biometrics
* On Moving Object Reconstruction by Moments
Includes: Prismall, S.P.[Stuart P.] Prismall, S.P.

Pritch, Y.[Yael] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Pritch, Y.[Yael]: yaelpri AT cs huji ac il
* Automatic Disparity Control in Stereo Panoramas (OmniStereo)
* Cameras for Stereo Panoramic Imaging
* Clustered Synopsis of Surveillance Video
* Content-aware compression using saliency-driven image retargeting
* Dynamosaicing: Mosaicing of Dynamic Scenes
* Dynamosaics: Video Mosaics with Non-Chronological Time
* Making a Long Video Short: Dynamic Video Synopsis
* Megastereo: Constructing High-Resolution Stereo Panoramas
* Memory Efficient Stereoscopy from Light Fields
* Nonchronological Video Synopsis and Indexing
* Omnistereo: Panoramic Stereo Imaging
* Online Video Registration of Dynamic Scenes Using Frame Prediction
* Optics for OmniStereo Imaging
* Panoramic Imaging with Horizontal Stereo
* Saliency filters: Contrast based filtering for salient region detection
* Shift-map image editing
* Snap Image Composition
* Webcam Synopsis: Peeking Around the World
Includes: Pritch, Y.[Yael] Pritch, Y.
20 for Pritch, Y.

Pritchard, D.K. Co Author Listing * 3D Documentation of Global Historic Sites: The Scottish Ten Project and Its Applications for Cultural Heritage

Pritchard, H.D. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Elevation Change Detection Methods From ICESat Altimetry Over the Greenland Ice Sheet

Pritchard, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion Model for Generating NDVI Time Series in Heterogeneous Regions, A

Pritchard, M.E. Co Author Listing * Accounting for Atmospheric Delays in InSAR Data in a Search for Long-Wavelength Deformation in South America

Pritchett, A.R. Co Author Listing * Reliably Creating Collision Avoidance Advisories in Piloted Simulations

Pritchett, H. Co Author Listing * IUE User Interface, The

Pritchett, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Matching and Reconstruction from Widely Separated Views
* Wide Baseline Stereo Matching

Pritt, C. Co Author Listing * Road sign detection on a smartphone for traffic safety

Pritt, M.D.[Mark D.] Co Author Listing * Aircraft navigation by means of image registration
* Automated cross-sensor registration, orthorectification and geopositioning using LIDAR digital elevation models
* Automated georegistration of motion imagery
* Automated Subpixel Image Registration Of Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Error propagation for DEM-based georegistration of motion imagery
* Fast orthorectified mosaics of thousands of aerial photographs from small UAVs
* Structure and Motion from Two Orthographic Views
Includes: Pritt, M.D.[Mark D.] Pritt, M.D.
7 for Pritt, M.D.

Pritt, N. Co Author Listing * Indoor location with Wi-Fi fingerprinting

Pritts, J. Co Author Listing * Approximate models for fast and accurate epipolar geometry estimation
* Rectification, and Segmentation of Coplanar Repeated Patterns
Includes: Pritts, J. Pritts, J.[James]

Privette, A.P. Co Author Listing * Provenance Representation for the National Climate Assessment in the Global Change Information System

Privitera, A. Co Author Listing * Conservation and valorization of the historical heritage through laser scanner tecnology

Privitera, C.[Carmelo] Co Author Listing * Cortical Bone Classification by Local Context Analysis

Privitera, C.M.[Claudio M.] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Defining Visual Regions-of-Interest: Comparison with Eye Fixations
* comparative study of focused JPEG compression, Fjpeg, A
* Evaluating Image Processing Algorithms that Predict Regions of Interest
* Human-vision-based selection of image processing algorithms for planetary exploration
* Locating regions-of-interest for the Mars Rover expedition
* Segmentation of Cursive Handwriting: An Approach Based on Off-Line Recovery of the Motor-Temporal Information, The
Includes: Privitera, C.M.[Claudio M.] Privitera, C.M.

Priya, G.G.L.[G.G. Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * Automated brain tumour segmentation techniques: A review
* Walsh-Hadamard Transform Kernel-Based Feature Vector for Shot Boundary Detection

Priya, K.S. Co Author Listing * Synoptic video based human crowd behavior analysis for forensic video surveillance

Priya, R.J.[R. Jyothi] Co Author Listing * Classification of mangoes by object features and contour modeling
* Particle swarm based unsharp masking

Priya, R.K.[R. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy entropy-based MR brain image segmentation using modified particle swarm optimization

Priya, S.B. Co Author Listing * Geometric Attack Invariant Watermarking with Biometric Data: Applied on Offline Handwritten Signature

Priya, T.[Tanvi] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of focal EEG signals using features extracted from flexible analytic wavelet transform
* Detecting new classes via infinite warped mixture models for hyperspectral image analysis
* Image classification in natural scenes: Are a few selective spectral channels sufficient?
Includes: Priya, T.[Tanvi] Priya, T.[Tanu]

Priya, V.[Vishnu] Co Author Listing * Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India

Priyadarshi, A.K.[Alok K.] Co Author Listing * Finding Mold-Piece Regions Using Computer Graphics Hardware

Priyadarshi, J.[Jay] Co Author Listing * Perfect Accuracy with Human-in-the-Loop Object Detection

Priyadarshini, S.[Sabina] Co Author Listing * Pixel scratching algorithm for edge detection of monochrome image objects

Priyadarsini, P.L.K. Co Author Listing * novel approach using T.H.E.S methodology for CBIR, A

Priyadharshini, R.A.[R. Ahila] Co Author Listing * Automatic target recognition in SAR images using quaternion wavelet transform and principal component analysis

Priyal, S.P.[S. Padam] Co Author Listing * robust static hand gesture recognition system using geometry based normalizations and Krawtchouk moments, A
* Texture classification using Gabor wavelets based rotation invariant features

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