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Pu, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Methods for Distributed Video Presentation
* DUGMA: Dynamic Uncertainty-Based Gaussian Mixture Alignment
* SDF-MAN: Semi-Supervised Disparity Fusion with Multi-Scale Adversarial Networks
* UDFNET: Unsupervised Disparity Fusion with Adversarial Networks
Includes: Pu, C. Pu, C.[Can]

Pu, C.C.[Christopher C.] Co Author Listing * Medial axis transformation with single-pixel and connectivity preservation using Euclidean distance computation
* Morphological Shape Description Using Geometric Spectrum on Multidimensional Binary Images
* Pipeline architectures for recursive morphological operations
* Skeletonization Algorithm by Maxima Tracking on Euclidean Distance Transform, A
* Threshold Decomposition of Gray-Scale Soft Morphology into Binary Soft Morphology
* Threshold decomposition of soft morphological filters
Includes: Pu, C.C.[Christopher C.] Pu, C.C.

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