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Pu, F. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Fractal Texture Analysis for PolSAR Land Cover Classification
* Generalized Zero-Shot Learning Framework for PolSAR Land Cover Classification, A
Includes: Pu, F. Pu, F.[Fangling]

Pu, F.J.[Fang Jun] Co Author Listing * Unified Video Codec for SDR, HDR, and 360 Video Applications, A
Includes: Pu, F.J.[Fang Jun] Pu, F.J.[Fang-Jun]

Pu, F.L.[Fang Ling] Co Author Listing * Deformable ConvNet with Aspect Ratio Constrained NMS for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Individual Building Extraction from TerraSAR-X Images Based on Ontological Semantic Analysis
* SAR Images Statistical Modeling and Classification Based on the Mixture of Alpha-Stable Distributions
* Water-Quality Classification of Inland Lakes Using Landsat8 Images by Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Pu, F.L.[Fang Ling] Pu, F.L.[Fang-Ling]

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