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Pu, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Color palette for screen content coding
* Cross component decorrelation for HEVC range extension standard
* Effective Autofocus Method for Fast Factorized Back-Projection, An
* Joint Sparsity-Based Imaging and Motion Error Estimation for BFSAR
* Minimax Design of Constant Modulus MIMO Waveforms for Active Sensing
* Motion Errors and Compensation for Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR With Cubic-Order Processing
* New TCP video streaming proxy design for last-hop wireless networks
* Nonsystematic Range Cell Migration Analysis and Autofocus Correction for Bistatic Forward-looking SAR
* Region based inter-layer cross-color filtering for scalable extension of HEVC
Includes: Pu, W.[Wei] Pu, W.
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