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Qi, S. Co Author Listing * CASAIR: Content and Shape-Aware Image Retargeting and Its Applications
* Holistic++ Scene Understanding: Single-View 3D Holistic Scene Parsing and Human Pose Estimation With Human-Object Interaction and Physical Commonsense
* Human-Centric Indoor Scene Synthesis Using Stochastic Grammar
* Learning Compositional Neural Information Fusion for Human Parsing
* Matryoshka Peek: Toward Learning Fine-Grained, Robust, Discriminative Features for Product Search
* Multimodal Fusion With Reference: Searching for Joint Neuromarkers of Working Memory Deficits in Schizophrenia
* Predicting Human Activities Using Stochastic Grammar
* Shear Wave Induced Resonance Elastography of Venous Thrombi: A Proof-of-Concept
* Snapshot and continuous points-based trajectory search
* Study of Morphologic Change in Poyang Lake Basin Caused by Sand Dredging Using Multi-temporal Landsat Images and DEMs
* Top-k spatial distance joins
Includes: Qi, S. Qi, S.[Shuyao]
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Qi, S.A.[Shu Ang] Co Author Listing * Personal Identification Based on Weighting Key Point Scheme for Hand Image
Includes: Qi, S.A.[Shu Ang] Qi, S.A.[Shu-Ang]

Qi, S.B.[Sheng Bo] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Automatic Clutter/Interference Detection for HFSWR
Includes: Qi, S.B.[Sheng Bo] Qi, S.B.[Sheng-Bo]

Qi, S.H.[Shu Han] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Gaze Following via Object Detection and Human Pose Estimation
* Graph-based supervised discrete image hashing
* Quality biased multimedia data retrieval in microblogs
Includes: Qi, S.H.[Shu Han] Qi, S.H.[Shu-Han]

Qi, S.R.[Shu Ren] Co Author Listing * Color image zero-watermarking based on fast quaternion generic polar complex exponential transform
* Image analysis by log-polar Exponent-Fourier moments
Includes: Qi, S.R.[Shu Ren] Qi, S.R.[Shu-Ren]

Qi, S.W.[Sheng Wen] Co Author Listing * Recognition and Geological Model of a Deep-Seated Ancient Landslide at a Reservoir under Construction, A
Includes: Qi, S.W.[Sheng Wen] Qi, S.W.[Sheng-Wen]

Qi, S.X.[Sheng Xiang] Co Author Listing * Kernel regression in mixed feature spaces for spatio-temporal saliency detection
* Visual saliency detection using feature activity weighted decorrelation cues
Includes: Qi, S.X.[Sheng Xiang] Qi, S.X.[Sheng-Xiang]

Qi, S.Y.[Si Yuan] Co Author Listing * Configurable 3D Scene Synthesis and 2D Image Rendering with Per-pixel Ground Truth Using Stochastic Grammars
* Holistic 3D Scene Parsing and Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image
* Learning Human-Object Interactions by Graph Parsing Neural Networks
* Object retrieval with image graph traversal-based re-ranking
* Reasoning Visual Dialogs With Structural and Partial Observations
* Seam Segment Carving: Retargeting Images to Irregularly-Shaped Image Domains
* Shift-Map Based Stereo Image Retargeting with Disparity Adjustment
* VLAD re-ranking: Iteratively estimating the probability of relevance with relationships between dataset images
Includes: Qi, S.Y.[Si Yuan] Qi, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Qi, S.Y.[Shao-Yu]
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