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Qu, Y.[Yufu] Co Author Listing * Active stereo vision for improving long range hearing using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer
* Background Subtraction Based on Integration of Alternative Cues in Freely Moving Camera
* Bi-GANs-ST for Perceptual Image Super-Resolution
* Class-Specified Segmentation with Multi-scale Superpixels
* Conditional Event Algebra Techniques for Iterated Image Estimation
* Crop Mapping from Sentinel-1 Polarimetric Time-Series with a Deep Neural Network
* Deep Wavelet Network with Domain Adaptation for Single Image Demoireing
* Direct-Estimation Algorithm for Mapping Daily Land-Surface Broadband Albedo From MODIS Data
* Distilling Image Dehazing With Heterogeneous Task Imitation
* Estimation of the Ocean Water Albedo From Remote Sensing and Meteorological Reanalysis Data
* Ground Moving Targets Imaging Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Through Spectral Unmixing and Dictionary-Based Low-Rank Decomposition
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on a Shuffled Group Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration via Iteratively Regularized Weighted Schatten p -Norm Minimization
* Image super-resolution based on multikernel regression
* Joint Hierarchical Category Structure Learning and Large-Scale Image Classification
* Knowledge Transfer Dehazing Network for NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* Laplacian Scale-Space Behavior of Planar Curve Corners
* Mapping Surface Broadband Albedo from Satellite Observations: A Review of Literatures on Algorithms and Products
* New Slant-Range Velocity Ambiguity Resolving Approach of Fast Moving Targets for SAR System, A
* On Unifying Multi-view Self-Representations for Clustering by Tensor Multi-rank Minimization
* Persistent Memory Residual Network for Single Image Super Resolution
* Prediction of High-Quality MODIS-NPP Product Data
* Rebuilding a Microwave Soil Moisture Product Using Random Forest Adopting AMSR-E/AMSR2 Brightness Temperature and SMAP over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
* Remote audio/video acquisition for human signature detection
* Removing Turbulence Effect via Hybrid Total Variation and Deformation-Guided Kernel Regression
* Retrieval of High Spatial Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth from HJ-1 A/B CCD Data
* Robust local stereo matching under varying radiometric conditions
* Robust penalty-weighted deblurring via kernel adaption using single image
* Sample Generation with Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Adaptation Network (SaGAAN) for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Sample imbalance disease classification model based on association rule feature selection
* Scale robust deep oriented-text detection network
* Single Image Super-Resolution With Learning Iteratively Non-Linear Mapping Between Low- and High-Resolution Sparse Representations
* Trident Dehazing Network
* uDAS: An Untied Denoising Autoencoder With Sparsity for Spectral Unmixing
* Unsupervised Sparse Dirichlet-Net for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Qu, Y.[Yufu] Qu, Y. Qu, Y.[Yanyun] Qu, Y.[Yang] Qu, Y.[Ying] Qu, Y.[Yonghua] Qu, Y.[Yuquan] Qu, Y.[Yi]
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Qu, Y.D.[Ying Dong] Co Author Listing * fast subpixel edge detection method using Sobel-Zernike moments operator, A
Includes: Qu, Y.D.[Ying Dong] Qu, Y.D.[Ying-Dong]

Qu, Y.H.[Yun Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive video watermarking algorithm based on MPEG-4 streams
* Direct Estimation of Forest Leaf Area Index based on Spectrally Corrected Airborne LiDAR Pulse Penetration Ratio
* Fusing Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectrum and Dynamic Model to Estimate Vegetation Structural Parameters
* Multi-Scale Validation of MODIS LAI Products Based on Crop Growth Period
* Optimal Sampling Design for Observing and Validating Long-Term Leaf Area Index with Temporal Variations in Spatial Heterogeneities, An
* Prior Knowledge-Based Method to Derivate High-Resolution Leaf Area Index Maps with Limited Field Measurements, A
* Remote Sensing of Leaf Area Index from LiDAR Height Percentile Metrics and Comparison with MODIS Product in a Selectively Logged Tropical Forest Area in Eastern Amazonia
* Retrieval of a Temporal High-Resolution Leaf Area Index (LAI) by Combining MODIS LAI and ASTER Reflectance Data
* Retrieval of High Spatiotemporal Resolution Leaf Area Index with Gaussian Processes, Wireless Sensor Network, and Satellite Data Fusion
* Upscaling Algorithm to Obtain the Representative Ground Truth of LAI Time Series in Heterogeneous Land Surface, An
Includes: Qu, Y.H.[Yun Hui] Qu, Y.H.[Yun-Hui] Qu, Y.H.[Yong-Hua]
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Qu, Y.P.[Yan Ping] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Operational Real-Time Drought Monitoring in the Transboundary Lancang-Mekong River Basin
Includes: Qu, Y.P.[Yan Ping] Qu, Y.P.[Yan-Ping]

Qu, Y.Q.[Yu Quan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of SMAP, SMOS-IC, FY3B, JAXA, and LPRM Soil Moisture Products over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Its Surrounding Areas
Includes: Qu, Y.Q.[Yu Quan] Qu, Y.Q.[Yu-Quan]

Qu, Y.W.[Ya Wei] Co Author Listing * Study of PBLH and Its Correlation with Particulate Matter from One-Year Observation over Nanjing, Southeast China
Includes: Qu, Y.W.[Ya Wei] Qu, Y.W.[Ya-Wei]

Qu, Y.Y.[Yan Yun] Co Author Listing * Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Bokeh Effect Synthesis: Methods and Results
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* Approach for Constructing Sparse Kernel Classifier, An
* Discriminative Object Tracking via Sparse Representation and Online Dictionary Learning
* Discriminative subspace learning with sparse representation view-based model for robust visual tracking
* Enhanced Pix2pix Dehazing Network
* Image labeling via incremental model learning
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* Online multiple instance gradient feature selection for robust visual tracking
* Sequential updating algorithm for extracting the basis of Karhunen-Loeve Transformation
* Single Image Super-Resolution via Convolutional Neural Network and Total Variation Regularization
* Underwater-GAN: Underwater Image Restoration via Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* Visual Object Localization in Image Collections
Includes: Qu, Y.Y.[Yan Yun] Qu, Y.Y.[Yan-Yun]
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Qu, Y.Z. Co Author Listing * Multiple-level information source and entropy-reduced transformation models

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