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Rad, A.B. Co Author Listing * Approach to Tune Fuzzy Controllers Based on Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Control, An
* Detection of Intoxicated Drivers Using Online System Identification of Steering Behavior
* Multi-model direct generalised predictive control for automatic train operation system

Rad, M. Co Author Listing * BB8: A Scalable, Accurate, Robust to Partial Occlusion Method for Predicting the 3D Poses of Challenging Objects without Using Depth
* Novel Representation of Parts for Accurate 3D Object Detection and Tracking in Monocular Images, A

Rad, M.S.[Mohammad Saeed] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System to Localize and Classify Wastes on the Streets, A
* Detection of Counterfeit Coins Based on Modeling and Restoration of 3D Images
Includes: Rad, M.S.[Mohammad Saeed] Rad, M.S.[Maryam Sharifi]

Rad, R.[Roya] Co Author Listing * Automatic image annotation by a loosely joint non-negative matrix factorisation
* Image annotation using multi-view non-negative matrix factorization with different number of basis vectors
* Real time classification and tracking of multiple vehicles in highways

Rad, R.M.[Reza Moradi] Co Author Listing * efficient sign prediction method for DCT coefficients and its application to reversible data embedding in scrambled JPEG image, An
* Quality degradative reversible data embedding using pixel replacement
* Unified Data Embedding and Scrambling Method, A

Rada, J.B.[Jessica Bahena] Co Author Listing * Design and Costs Estimation of Electrical Substations Based on Three-Dimensional Building Blocks

Rada, L. Co Author Listing * Automated Vessel Segmentation Using Infinite Perimeter Active Contour Model with Hybrid Region Information with Application to Retinal Images
* Automatic dendritic spine detection using multiscale dot enhancement filters and SIFT features
* Nonparametric Joint Shape and Feature Priors for Image Segmentation
* restarted iterative homotopy analysis method for three-dimensional image segmentation, A
Includes: Rada, L. Rada, L.[Lavdie]

Rada, R. Co Author Listing * Merging thesauri: principles and evaluation

Radack, B. Co Author Listing * Optical Character Recognition

Radack, G.M.[Gerald M.] Co Author Listing * Jigsaw Puzzle Matching Using a Boundary-Centered Polar Encoding
* Local Matching of Surfaces Using a Boundary-Centered Radial Decomposition
* New Boundary Encoding with Applications to Jigsaw Puzzles, A

Radak, J. Co Author Listing * Detecting Road Events Using Distributed Data Fusion: Experimental Evaluation for the Icy Roads Case

Radakovic, B.[Bogdan] Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2009 Book Structure Extraction Competition
* Setting up a competition framework for the evaluation of structure extraction from OCR-ed books

Radau, P.[Perry] Co Author Listing * Real time cardiac image registration during respiration: a time series prediction approach

Radauer, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * On improving performance of surface inspection systems by online active learning and flexible classifier updates

Radcliffe, P.A.B.[Paul Anthony Beaufort] Co Author Listing * Electronic screening

Radda, G.K. Co Author Listing * Computer Tracking of Tagged H MR Images for Motion Analysis

Rademacher, P. Co Author Listing * Impact of Dense Range Data on Computer Graphics, The

Rademakers, F.E.[Frank E.] Co Author Listing * Left-Ventricular Shape Determines Intramyocardial Stroke Work Distribution

Radenen, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Handling signal variability with contextual markovian models

Radenovic, F.[Filip] Co Author Listing * Camera Elevation Estimation from a Single Mountain Landscape Photograph
* CNN Image Retrieval Learns from BoW: Unsupervised Fine-Tuning with Hard Examples
* Efficient Image Detail Mining
* From Dusk Till Dawn: Modeling in the Dark
* From single image query to detailed 3D reconstruction
* Hyperpoints and Fine Vocabularies for Large-Scale Location Recognition

Radev, I. Co Author Listing * Image retrieval based on chromaticity moments
* Spatio-Temporal Modeling in Video and Multimedia Geographic Information Systems
Includes: Radev, I. Radev, I.[Ivan]

Radev, Y.[Yordan] Co Author Listing * Wavelet Subspace Analysis of Intraoperative Thermal Imaging for Motion Filtering

Radeva, P.[Petia] Co Author Listing * Automatic Branching Detection in IVUS Sequences
* Batch-Based Activity Recognition from Egocentric Photo-Streams
* Bilateral enhancers
* Clothing and People: A Social Signal Processing Perspective
* Combining Growcut and Temporal Correlation for IVUS Lumen Segmentation
* Deep Learning Features for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Analysis
* ECOC-DRF: Discriminative random fields based on error correcting output codes
* Egocentric video description based on temporally-linked sequences
* Food Recognition Using Fusion of Classifiers Based on CNNs
* Guest Editorial: Intermediate representation for vision and multimedia applications
* Human Relative Position Detection Based on Mutual Occlusion
* Intestinal event segmentation for endoluminal video analysis
* Leveraging Activity Indexing for Egocentric Image Retrieval
* Meta-Parameter Free Unsupervised Sparse Feature Learning
* Non-rigid Multi-modal Registration of Coronary Arteries Using SIFTflow
* Object Discovery Using CNN Features in Egocentric Videos
* R-Clustering for Egocentric Video Segmentation
* Recognizing Activities of Daily Living from Egocentric Images
* Sentiment Recognition in Egocentric Photostreams
* Simultaneous food localization and recognition
* SR-clustering: Semantic regularized clustering for egocentric photo streams segmentation
* Toward Storytelling From Visual Lifelogging: An Overview
* Using content-based image retrieval to automatically assess day similarity in visual lifelogs
* VIBIKNet: Visual Bidirectional Kernelized Network for Visual Question Answering
* With whom do I interact? Detecting social interactions in egocentric photo-streams
Includes: Radeva, P.[Petia] Radeva, P.
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Radeva, P.I. Co Author Listing * 3D Curve Reconstruction by Biplane Snakes
* Adding Classes Online in Error Correcting Output Codes Framework
* Agricultural-Field Extraction on Aerial Images by Region Competition Algorithm
* Aligning endoluminal scene sequences in wireless capsule endoscopy
* Anisotropic contour completion
* Approaching Artery Rigid Dynamics in IVUS
* Approximate polytope ensemble for one-class classification
* Assessing Artery Motion Compensation in IVUS
* Automatic Detection of Intestinal Juices in Wireless Capsule Video Endoscopy
* Automatic Internal Segmentation of Caudate Nucleus for Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
* Bayesian Classification of Cork Stoppers Using Class-Conditional Independent Component Analysis
* Blood Detection in IVUS Images for 3D Volume of Lumen Changes Measurement Due to Different Drugs Administration
* Blurred Shape Model for Binary and Grey-Level Symbol Recognition
* Boosted Landmarks of Contextual Descriptors and Forest-ECOC: A novel framework to detect and classify objects in cluttered scenes
* Boosting the distance estimation: Application to the K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Bounds on the optimal elasticity parameters for a snake
* Building and registering parameterized 3D models of vessel trees for visualization during intervention
* Circular Blurred Shape Model for Multiclass Symbol Recognition
* Circular Blurred Shape Model for symbol spotting in documents
* Class-Specific Binary Correlograms for Object Recognition
* Complex Salient Regions for Computer Vision Problems
* Construction of Boolean Decision Rules for ECG Recognition by Non-Reducible Descriptors
* Context-Based Object-Class Recognition and Retrieval by Generalized Correlograms
* Contextual-Guided Bag-of-Visual-Words Model for Multi-class Object Categorization
* Decoding of Ternary Error Correcting Output Codes
* Deformable B-Solids and Implicit Snakes for 3D Localization and Tracking of SPAMM MRI Data
* Deformable B-Solids and Implicit Snakes for Localization and Tracking of MRI-SPAMM Data
* Diagnostic System for Intestinal Motility Disfunctions Using Video Capsule Endoscopy
* Discriminant ECOC: A Heuristic Method for Application Dependent Design of Error Correcting Output Codes
* Discriminant Snakes for 3d Reconstruction in Medical Images
* Distance Learning for Similarity Estimation
* Dominance detection in face-to-face conversations
* Efficient Object-Class Recognition by Boosting Contextual Information
* Eigenfiltering for Flexible EigenTracking (EFE)
* EigenHistograms: Using Low Dimensional Models of Color Distribution for Real Time Object Recognition
* Eigenmotion-Based Detection of Intestinal Contractions
* Eigensnakes for Vessel Segmentation in Angiography
* Enhancing In-Vitro IVUS Data for Tissue Characterization
* Error-Correcting output coding for chagasic patients characterization
* Extending anisotropic operators to recover smooth shapes
* Face-to-Face Social Activity Detection Using Data Collected with a Wearable Device
* Fast Spatial Pattern Discovery Integrating Boosting with Constellations of Contextual Descriptors
* Flexible shapes for segmentation and tracking of cardiovascular data
* Forest Extension of Error Correcting Output Codes and Boosted Landmarks
* Fundamentals of Stop and Go active models
* Graph cuts optimization for multi-limb human segmentation in depth maps
* Guidelines for choosing optimal parameters of elasticity for snakes
* Handwritten Symbol Recognition by a Boosted Blurred Shape Model with Error Correction
* Human Activity Recognition from Accelerometer Data Using a Wearable Device
* improved model of snakes for model-based segmentation, An
* In-Vivo IVUS Tissue Classification: A Comparison Between RF Signal Analysis and Reconstructed Images
* incremental node embedding technique for error correcting output codes, An
* Inhibition of false landmarks
* Interactive Labeling of WCE Images
* Intestinal Motility Assessment With Video Capsule Endoscopy: Automatic Annotation of Phasic Intestinal Contractions
* IVUS tissue characterization with sub-class error-correcting output codes
* Label Consistent Multiclass Discriminative Dictionary Learning for MRI Segmentation
* Linear Radial Patterns Characterization for Automatic Detection of Tonic Intestinal Contractions
* Machine Learning Framework Using SOMs: Applications in the Intestinal Motility Assessment, A
* Meta-Learning Approach to Conditional Random Fields Using Error-Correcting Output Codes, A
* method of solving pattern or image recognition problems by learning Boolean formulas, A
* Minimal design of error-correcting output codes
* Multi-class Binary Object Categorization Using Blurred Shape Models
* Multi-class Binary Symbol Classification with Circular Blurred Shape Models
* Multi-face tracking by extended bag-of-tracklets in egocentric photo-streams
* Multi-modal laughter recognition in video conversations
* Myocardial Perfusion Characterization From Contrast Angiography Spectral Distribution
* On the Decoding Process in Ternary Error-Correcting Output Codes
* Online error correcting output codes
* Predictive (un)distortion model and 3-D reconstruction by biplane snakes
* Probabilistic Saliency Approach for Elongated Structure Detection Using Deformable Models
* Re-coding ECOCs without re-training
* Region-based Approach for Discriminant Snakes
* Registration and retrieval of highly elastic bodies using contextual information
* Regularized Curvature Flow Designed for a Selective Shape Restoration, A
* Robust Complex Salient Regions
* ROC curves and video analysis optimization in intestinal capsule endoscopy
* rule-based approach to hand X-ray image segmentation, A
* Segmentation of Artery Wall in Coronary IVUS Images: A Probabilistic Approach
* Self-training statistic snake for image segmentation and tracking
* Semi-supervised Learning Method for Motility Disease Diagnostic, A
* Separability of ternary codes for sparse designs of error-correcting output codes
* Separability of ternary Error-Correcting Output Codes
* Shape Restoration via a Regularized Curvature Flow
* Snake for Model-Based Segmentation, A
* Solving Particularization with Supervised Clustering Competition Scheme
* Spatio-Temporal GrabCut human segmentation for face and pose recovery
* Statistical Strategy for Anisotropic Adventitia Modelling in IVUS
* Sub-class Error-Correcting Output Codes
* Subclass Problem-Dependent Design for Error-Correcting Output Codes
* Tag surface reconstruction and tracking of myocardial beads from SPAMM-MRI with parametric B-spline surfaces
* Texture Segmentation By Statistical Deformable Models
* Toward Robust Myocardial Blush Grade Estimation in Contrast Angiography
* Tracking of Elongated Structures using Statistical Snakes
* Traffic sign recognition system with beta-correction
* Traffic Sign Recognition Using Evolutionary Adaboost Detection and Forest-ECOC Classification
* Traffic-Sign Recognition Systems
* Vesselness enhancement diffusion
* Video Segmentation of Life-Logging Videos
Includes: Radeva, P.I. Radeva, P.I.[Petia I.]
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Radewan, C.H. Co Author Listing * Kalman Filtering in Two Dimensions

Radford, C.J. Co Author Listing * detection of vehicles in airborne downward looking infrared linescan imagery, The
* Optical Flow Fields in Hough Transform Space

Radgui, A.[Amina] Co Author Listing * adapted Lucas-Kanade's method for optical flow estimation in catadioptric images, An
* Color-metric tensor for catadioptric systems
* Optical flow estimation from multichannel spherical image decomposition
* Optical Flow Estimation on Omnidirectional Images: An Adapted Phase Based Method
* phase-based framework for optical flow estimation on omnidirectional images, A
Includes: Radgui, A.[Amina] Radgui, A.

Radha, H.[Hyder] Co Author Listing * 3D binary morphological operations using run-length representation
* Adaptive motion-compensation fine-granular-scalability (AMC-FGS) for wireless video
* Binary Space Partitioning Tree Representation of Images
* CLIX: Network Coding and Cross Layer Information Exchange of Wireless Video
* Common and Innovative Visuals: A Sparsity Modeling Framework for Video
* Complexity reduction using power-law based scheduling for exploiting spatial correlation in distributed video coding
* Compressed video seamless switching using variable splicing parameters
* Compressive demosaicing for periodic color filter arrays
* Compressive dictionary learning for image recovery
* Compressive Framework for Demosaicing of Natural Images
* Disparity dependent segmentation based stereo image coding
* Effects of channel delays on underflow events of compressed video over the internet
* Error Concealment of Still Image and Video Streams with Multidirectional Recursive Nonlinear Filters
* Fast image super-resolution via selective manifold learning of high-resolution patches
* Heterogeneity Image Patch Index and Its Application to Consumer Video Summarization
* hybrid temporal-SNR fine-granular scalability for internet video, A
* hybrid wavelet framework for modeling VBR video traffic, A
* Hyperspectral material classification under monochromatic and trichromatic sampling rates
* Image Compression Using Binary Space Partitioning Trees
* Image Super-Resolution via Local Self-Learning Manifold Approximation
* Key frame extraction from consumer videos using epitome
* Multiresolution image compression with BSP trees and multilevel BTC
* Network Embedded FEC (NEF) for Video Multicast in Presence of Packet Loss Correlation
* Network-embedded FEC for optimum throughput of multicast packet video
* New Family of Nonredundant Transforms Using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks, A
* New Image Transforms Using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks: Analysis and Design
* Novel MPEG-4 Based Hybrid Temporal-snr Scalability for Internet Video, A
* Open-loop rate control for real-time video streaming: analysis of binomial algorithms
* Optimal rate control methods for fine granularity scalable video
* Overlay and peer-to-peer multicast with network-embedded FEC
* Packet-loss Resilient Internet Video Using MPEG-4 Fine Granular Scalability
* Performance analysis and modeling of errors and losses over 802.11b LANs for high-bit-rate real-time multimedia
* Randomness-in-Structured Ensembles for compressed sensing of images
* Rate-constrained adaptive FEC for video over erasure channels with memory
* Rate-distortion modeling of scalable video coders
* Regular Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks: Extensions and Applications
* RPCA-KFE: Key Frame Extraction for Video Using Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Scalable internet video using MPEG-4
* Statistical analysis and distortion modeling of MPEG-4 FGS
* Super-resolution for inconsistent scalable video streaming
* System and method for fine granular scalable video with selective quality enhancement
* Temporal-SNR Rate-control for Fine-granular Scalability
* Translation-Invariant Contourlet Transform and Its Application to Image Denoising
* Transmission-Distortion Tradeoffs in Network Channel Coding
* Video receiver based real-time estimation of channel capacity
* Wavelet-based contourlet transform and its application to image coding
Includes: Radha, H.[Hyder] Radha, H. Radha, H.[Hayder]
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Radha, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction, segmentation and recognition of multi-font Indian Pincode

Radhadevi, P.V. Co Author Listing * Automated co-registration of images from multiple bands of Liss-4 camera
* Comparison of Digital Elevation Models Generated from SPOT-5 HRS Stereo Data and CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Data
* Performance Assessment And Geometric Calibration Of Resourcesat-2
* Potential of High-resolution Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery for Large Scale Mapping
* Semiautomatic Approach for Generation of Site Models From Cartosat-2 Multiview Images, A

Radhakrishnan, D. Co Author Listing * new approach for nonlinear distortion correction in endoscopic images based on least squares estimation, A

Radhakrishnan, M.L. Co Author Listing * Dead-End Elimination as a Heuristic for Min-Cut Image Segmentation

Radhakrishnan, R.[Regunathan] Co Author Listing * Compact hashing with joint optimization of search accuracy and time
* Content-Adaptive Analysis and Representation Framework for Audio Event Discovery from Unscripted Multimedia, A
* Generation of sports highlights using motion activity in combination with a common audio feature extraction framework
* Motion activity-based extraction of key-frames from video shots
* On the security of the digest function in the SARI image authentication system
* On the security of the SARI image authentication system
* Video mining: pattern discovery versus pattern recognition
* Video Summarization using MPEG-7 Motion Activity and Audio Descriptors
Includes: Radhakrishnan, R.[Regunathan] Radhakrishnan, R.
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Radhakrishnan, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of skin images using texture descriptor by a combined statistical and structural approach
* Enhanced layered segment trees: a pragmatic data structure for real-time processing of geometric objects
* Focal and diffused liver disease classification from ultrasound images based on isocontour segmentation
* Hybrid approach to classification of focal and diffused liver disorders using ultrasound images with wavelets and texture features
Includes: Radhakrishnan, S. Radhakrishnan, S.[Sridhar] Radhakrishnan, S.[Sudhakar]

Radhakrishnan, T. Co Author Listing * Thinning Algorithm Based on the Force Between Charged Particles, A

Radhakrishnan, V. Co Author Listing * Inference of even linear grammars and its application to picture description languages

Radhika Mani, M. Co Author Listing * novel approach for shape-based object recognition with curvelet transform, A

Radhika, K.R. Co Author Listing * Application of Continuous Dynamic Programming, An
* approach for on-line signature authentication using Zernike moments, An
* Iris and Signature Authentication Using Continuous Dynamic Programming
* On-line signature authentication using Zernike moments
* Periocular authentication based on FEM using Laplace-Beltrami eigenvalues

Radhika, S. Co Author Listing * ZA-APA with zero attractor controller selection criterion for sparse system identification

Radhika, V.B.[V. Bhawani] Co Author Listing * Feature Level Clustering of Large Biometric Database

Radhika, V.N. Co Author Listing * Robust Stereo Image Matching for Spaceborne Imagery

Radi, K.[Karoly] Co Author Listing * Exploitation of Large Archives of ERS and ENVISAT C-Band SAR Data to Characterize Ground Deformations
Includes: Radi, K.[Karoly] Rádi, K.[Károly]

Radi, N. Co Author Listing * Applied machine learning classifiers for medical applications: Clarifying the behavioural patterns using a variety of datasets
* utilisation of social media for bridging the gap between patients and pharmaceutical companies, The

Radig, B.[Bernd] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Radig, B.[Bernd]: radig AT in tum de
* Adjusted pixel features for robust facial component classification
* Approach to Object Recognition by Learning Mobile Robots
* ASM fitting method based on machine learning that provides a robust parameter initialization for AAM fitting, An
* Detection and Classification of Gateways for the Acquisition of Structured Robot Maps
* Enabling Users to Guide the Design of Robust Model Fitting Algorithms
* Face Model Fitting Based on Machine Learning from Multi-Band Images of Facial Components
* Facial Expressions Recognition from Image Sequences
* Graphical Model for unifying tracking and classification within a multimodal Human-Robot Interaction scenario, A
* Graphical Models for real-time capable gesture recognition
* Hiscore Camera: A Real Time Three Dimensional and Color Camera, The
* Initial Pose Estimation for 3D Model Tracking Using Learned Objective Functions
* Learning Local Objective Functions for Robust Face Model Fitting
* Learning Robust Objective Functions for Model Fitting in Image Understanding Applications
* Learning Robust Objective Functions with Application to Face Model Fitting
* Model Based Analysis of Face Images for Facial Feature Extraction
* Model Based Approach for Expressions Invariant Face Recognition, A
* Model-Based Road Extraction from Images
* MORAL: A vision-based object recognition system for autonomous mobile systems
* Person and Context Specific Approach for Skin Color Classification, A
* real time system for model-based interpretation of the dynamics of facial expressions, A
* Real-time range imaging for dynamic scenes using colour-edge based structured light
* Results of a Precrash Application Based on Laser Scanner and Short-Range Radars
* Robustly classifying facial components using a set of adjusted pixel features
* Role of Grouping for Road Extraction, The
* RS-Automorphisms and Symmetrical Objects
* Tailoring Model-Based Techniques to Facial Expression Interpretation
Includes: Radig, B.[Bernd] Radig, B.
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Radig, B.M. Co Author Listing * Description of Moving Objects Based on Parameterized Region Extraction
* Hierarchical Symbolic Description and Matching of Time Varying Images
* Image Region Extraction of Moving Objects
* Image Sequence Analysis Using Relational Structures
* Inferential Region Extraction in TV-Sequences
* Matching Symbolic Descriptions for 3D Reconstruction of Simple Moving Objects
Includes: Radig, B.M. Radig, B.M.[Bernd M.]

Radil, R. Co Author Listing * 3D image reconstruction from 2D CT slices

Radil, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Reversal of Cubic and Cylindric Figures
Includes: Radil, T.[Tomas] Radil, T.[Tomáš]

Radilova, J.[Jirina] Co Author Listing * Reversal of Cubic and Cylindric Figures

Radionski, W. Co Author Listing * Manual of Photogrammetry

Radisavljevic, A. Co Author Listing * From Global to Local, a Continuum of Shape Models with Fractal Priors
* Multiresolution Stochastic Hybrid Shape Models with Fractal Priors
* Target Prescreening Based on a Quadratic Gamma-Discriminator

Radisic, T. Co Author Listing * Reduction of Air Traffic Complexity Using Trajectory-Based Operations and Validation of Novel Complexity Indicators
Includes: Radisic, T. Radišic, T.

Radix, C.A.[Cathy Ann] Co Author Listing * path assigned mean shift algorithm: A new fast mean shift implementation for colour image segmentation, The
Includes: Radix, C.A.[Cathy Ann] Radix, C.A.[Cathy-Ann]

Radjenovic, A.[Aleksandra] Co Author Listing * Recovery of Slice Rotations with the Stack Alignment Transform in Cardiac MR Series

Radke, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Survey and Analysis of the GNSS Spoofing Threat and Countermeasures, A

Radke, P. Co Author Listing * User-defined ROI tracking for estimation of the myocardial blush grade

Radke, R.J.[Richard J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Radke, R.J.[Richard J.]: riradke AT ecse rpi edu
* Arrays of single pixel time-of-flight sensors for privacy preserving tracking and coarse pose estimation
* Automatically Determining Dominant Motions in Crowded Scenes by Clustering Partial Feature Trajectories
* Calibrating Distributed Camera Networks
* Computer Vision for Visual Effects
* Consistency and confidence: A dual metric for verifying 3D object detections in multiple LiDAR scans
* Converting Level Set Gradients to Shape Gradients
* Detecting multiple moving objects in crowded environments with coherent motion regions
* DukeMTMC4ReID: A Large-Scale Multi-camera Person Re-identification Dataset
* Efficiently Estimating Projective Transformations
* Efficiently synthesizing virtual video
* Filling large holes in LiDAR data by inpainting depth gradients
* From the Lab to the Real World: Re-identification in an Airport Camera Network
* Image Change Detection Algorithms: A Systematic Survey
* Image segmentation with one shape prior: A template-based formulation
* Improving counterflow detection in dense crowds with scene features
* Keeping a Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Calibrated
* Level set segmentation with both shape and intensity priors
* LiDAR inpainting from a single image
* Markov Chain Monte Carlo shape sampling using level sets
* Model-Based Multi-Object Segmentation via Distribution Matching
* Model-Based Segmentation of Medical Imagery by Matching Distributions
* Modeling Inter- and Intra-Patient Anatomical Variation Using a Bilinear Model
* Multi-Shot Human Re-Identification Using Adaptive Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* Multi-shot Re-identification with Random-Projection-Based Random Forests
* Non-negative matrix factorization of partial track data for motion segmentation
* Particle dynamics and multi-channel feature dictionaries for robust visual tracking
* Person re-identification with block sparse recovery
* Person Re-Identification with Discriminatively Trained Viewpoint Invariant Dictionaries
* Physical Scale Intensity-Based Range Keypoints
* Physical Scale Keypoints: Matching and Registration for Combined Intensity/Range Images
* Privacy-Preserving Understanding of Human Body Orientation for Smart Meetings
* probabilistic representation of LiDAR range data for efficient 3D object detection, A
* Real-time airport security checkpoint surveillance using a camera network
* Recursive Propagation of Correspondences with Applications to the Creation of Virtual Video
* Registration of combined range-intensity scans: Initialization through verification
* Registration of multiple range scans as a location recognition problem: hypothesis generation, refinement and verification
* Sparse re-id: Block sparsity for person re-identification
* Using scene features to improve wide-area video surveillance
* Using View Interpolation for Low Bit-rate Video
* Viewpoint Invariant Human Re-Identification in Camera Networks Using Pose Priors and Subject-Discriminative Features
Includes: Radke, R.J.[Richard J.] Radke, R.J.
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Radke, W. Co Author Listing * Programmable image processing in a memory controller

Radkowski, R. Co Author Listing * GPU-accelerated descriptor extraction process for 3D registration in Augmented Reality
* HoloLens for Assembly Assistance: A Focus Group Report
* Tangible Augmented Reality and Engineering Product Dissection
Includes: Radkowski, R. Radkowski, R.[Rafael]

Radlak, K.[Krystian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Non-local Means Filtering for Speckle Noise Reduction
* Escaping Path Approach with Extended Neighborhood for Speckle Noise Reduction

Radle, M. Co Author Listing * Real-Time GPU-Based Ultrasound Simulation Using Deformable Mesh Models

Radloff, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Supporting Display Scalability by Redundant Mapping
* Supporting presentation and discussion of visualization results in smart meeting rooms

Radman, A. Co Author Listing * Fast and reliable iris segmentation algorithm

Radmanesh, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Brain MRI Alignment with the Robust Hausdorff Distance Measures
* real time vehicle's license plate recognition system, A
* Two-tensor streamline tractography through white matter intra-voxel fiber crossings: Assessed by fMRI
* Video-Based Automatic Incident Detection for Smart Roads: The Outdoor Environmental Challenges Regarding False Alarms
Includes: Radmanesh, A.[Alireza] Radmanesh, A.

Radmard, M.[Mojtaba] Co Author Listing * Catching the high altitude invisible by satellite-based forward scatter PCL

Radmehr, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Error concealment via particle filter by Gaussian mixture modeling of motion vectors for H.264/AVC

Radmer, J.[Jochen] Co Author Listing * Incident light related distance error study and calibration of the PMD-range imaging camera

Radmoser, E.[Esther] Co Author Listing * Scale-Space Properties of Nonstationary Iterative Regularization Methods
* Scale-Space Properties of Regularization Methods

Radochova, B.[Barbora] Co Author Listing * Langerhans Islet Volume Estimation from 3D Optical Projection Tomography
Includes: Radochova, B.[Barbora] Radochová, B.[Barbora]

Radocinski, R.G.[Robert G.] Co Author Listing * Landsat-8 Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) Vicarious Radiometric Calibration
* Physics-Based Algorithm for the Simultaneous Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity From VIIRS Thermal Infrared Data, A
Includes: Radocinski, R.G.[Robert G.] Radocinski, R.G.

Radoi, A. Co Author Listing * Land cover change detection in Satellite Image Time Series using an active learning method
* Spatio-temporal characterization in satellite image time series

Radolovic, D.[Dragan] Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval System Based on Machine Learning and Using Color Features

Radopoulou, S.C.[Stefania Christina] Co Author Listing * Achievements and Challenges in Recognizing and Reconstructing Civil Infrastructure
Includes: Radopoulou, S.C.[Stefania Christina] Radopoulou, S.C.[Stefania-Christina]

Radosavljevic, M. Co Author Listing * High bit-depth image compression with application to seismic data

Radouane, L. Co Author Listing * Image identification and estimation using the maximum entropy principle
* new region matching method for stereoscopic images, A
* Robust Line Fitting in a Noisy Image by the Method of Moments

Radoux, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Automated Snow Cover Detection at High Solar Zenith Angles with PROBA-V
* Automated Training Sample Extraction for Global Land Cover Mapping
* Bayesian Data Fusion for Adaptable Image Pansharpening
* Compilation and Validation of SAR and Optical Data Products for a Complete and Global Map of Inland/Ocean Water Tailored to the Climate Modeling Community
* GIS-Driven Classification of Satellite Imagery
* Good Practices for Object-Based Accuracy Assessment
* Influence of image segmentation parameters on positional and spectral quality of the derived objects
* Sentinel-2's Potential for Sub-Pixel Landscape Feature Detection
Includes: Radoux, J.[Julien] Radoux, J.
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Radovanovic, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Virtual Community Based Secure Service Discovery and Access for 3D Video Streaming Applications

Radovsky, O. Co Author Listing * Adaptive deblocking of block-transform compressed images using blending: Functions approximation

Radow, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * Optimised Anisotropic Poisson Denoising

Radparvar, P.[Parham] Co Author Listing * Two-Level Algorithm for MCs Detection in Mammograms Using Diverse-Adaboost-SVM

Radrich, K. Co Author Listing * FMT-PCCT: Hybrid Fluorescence Molecular Tomography: X-Ray Phase-Contrast CT Imaging of Mouse Models

Radtke, A. Co Author Listing * Status Of Topographic Mapping In The World A Unggim-ISPRS Project 2012-2015, The

Radtke, P.[Paulo] Co Author Listing * Self-Updating with Facial Trajectories for Video-to-Video Face Recognition

Radtke, P.J.[Philip J.] Co Author Listing * Ground-based Laser Imaging for Assessing Three Dimensional Forest Canopy Structure
* Multiview range-image registration for forested scenes using explicitly-matched tie points estimated from natural surfaces

Radtke, P.V.W.[Paulo V.W.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive selection of ensembles for imbalanced class distributions
* Intelligent feature extraction for ensemble of classifiers
* Intelligent zoning design using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms
Includes: Radtke, P.V.W.[Paulo V.W.] Radtke, P.V.W.

Radu Eugen, B.[Breaz] Co Author Listing * Improving the dynamic behavior and working accuracy of the CNC laser cutting machines
Includes: Radu Eugen, B.[Breaz] Radu-Eugen, B.[Breaz]

Radu, A.L.[Anca Livia] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking result diversification in social image retrieval
* Hybrid Machine-Crowd Approach to Photo Retrieval Result Diversification, A
Includes: Radu, A.L.[Anca Livia] Radu, A.L.[Anca-Livia]

Radu, P.[Petru] Co Author Listing * Colour Iris Recognition System Employing Multiple Classifier Techniques, A
* Robust multimodal face and fingerprint fusion in the presence of spoofing attacks

Raducanu, B.[Bogdan] Co Author Listing * Appearance-based face recognition using a supervised manifold learning framework
* Automatic Dimensionality Estimation for Manifold Learning through Optimal Feature Selection
* Embedding new observations via sparse-coding for non-linear manifold learning
* Evaluating Real-Time Mirroring of Head Gestures Using Smart Glasses
* Face Localization Based on the Morphological Multiscale Fingerprint
* Face localization based on the morphological multiscale fingerprints
* Grayscale Hit-or-miss Transform Based on Level Sets, A
* Incremental Subspace Learning for Cognitive Visual Processes
* Inferring facial expressions from videos: Tool and application
* Learning to learn: From smart machines to intelligent machines
* Morphological Scale Spaces and Associative Morphological Memories: Results on Robustness and Practical Applications
* Multi-observation face recognition in videos based on label propagation
* Natural Facial Expression Recognition Using Dynamic and Static Schemes
* New Opportunities for Computer Vision-Based Assistive Technology Systems for the Visually Impaired
* On the Application of Morphological Heteroassociative Neural Networks
* Online Learning for Human-Robot Interaction
* Online pattern recognition and machine learning techniques for computer-vision: Theory and applications
* Out-of-Sample Embedding by Sparse Representation
* Out-of-Sample Embedding for Manifold Learning Applied to Face Recognition
* Person-Specific Face Shape Estimation under Varying Head Pose from Single Snapshots
* Pose-Invariant Face Recognition in Videos for Human-Machine Interaction
* Recognizing Facial Expressions in Videos Using a Facial Action Analysis-Synthesis Scheme
* Robust Head Gestures Recognition for Assistive Technology
* Robust Particle Filter-Based Face Tracker Using Combination of Color and Geometric Information, A
* Simultaneous 3D face pose and person-specific shape estimation from a single image using a holistic approach
* Single snapshot-based 3D head pose initialization for tracking in a HRI scenario
* Texture-independent recognition of facial expressions in image snapshots and videos
* Three-Dimensional Face Pose Detection and Tracking Using Monocular Videos: Tool and Application
* Toward the Detection of Urban Infrastructure's Edge Shadows
Includes: Raducanu, B.[Bogdan] Raducanu, B.
29 for Raducanu, B.

Raducanu, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * validation of ICA decomposition for PolSAR images by using measures of normalized compression distance, A

Radulescu, H.C. Co Author Listing * Conservation and Valorization of Heritage Ethnographic Textiles

Radulescu, T.[Tiberiu] Co Author Listing * hidden property of the gradient vector flow diffusion process, A

Radulovic, A.[Aleksandra] Co Author Listing * Towards 3D Cadastre in Serbia: Development of Serbian Cadastral Domain Model

Radulovic, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * Multiple Description Coding with Redundant Expansions and Application to Image Communications
* Multiple Description Video Coding With H.264/AVC Redundant Pictures
Includes: Radulovic, I.[Ivana] Radulovic, I.

Radusch, I. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Regulation and Trading of Emissions Using Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
* framework for real-time emissions trading in large-scale vehicle fleets, A
* Stochastic Park-and-Charge Balancing for Fully Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Radvan, R. Co Author Listing * Conservation and Valorization of Heritage Ethnographic Textiles
* Fast documentation and accurate real-time investigation for historical Buddhist building

Radvanyi, A.G.[Andras G.] Co Author Listing * Difference-Stereogram, The
* Using Cellular Neural Network to See random-dot stereograms
Includes: Radvanyi, A.G.[Andras G.] Radványi, A.G.[András G.]

Radwan, A.G. Co Author Listing * fractal-based image encryption system, A
* Hardware stream cipher with controllable chaos generator for colour image encryption

Radwan, E. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Experiment: Drivers' Behavior at an Unsignalized Intersection

Radwan, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Correcting pose estimation with implicit occlusion detection and rectification
* Dense body part trajectories for human action recognition
* Finding Happiest Moments in a Social Context
* Human Postural Sway Estimation from Noisy Observations
* Monocular Image 3D Human Pose Estimation under Self-Occlusion
* On the Effect of Human Body Parts in Large Scale Human Behaviour Recognition
Includes: Radwan, I.[Ibrahim] Radwan, I.

Radwir, R.G.[Robert G.] Co Author Listing * Virtual exertions: A user interface combining visual information, kinesthetics and biofeedback for virtual object manipulation

Radyvonenko, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Text/shape classifier for mobile applications with handwriting input

Radzi, M.H.M.[Muhammad Hamiz Mohd] Co Author Listing * Intake and Preparation of Malay Confinement Dietary Ontology Framework

Radzicki, V.R.[Vincent R.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Fusion-Based Defogging, An

Radziulis, J.[Jakub] Co Author Listing * 3-D Modeling and Parametrisation of Pelvis and Hip Joint

Radzsky, M. Co Author Listing * Cell nuclei segmentation using fuzzy logic engine

Radzyner, O.[Ori] Co Author Listing * Phase retrieval of sparse signals using optimization transfer and ADMM

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