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Rai, A. Co Author Listing * Establishing Correspondences between Planar Image Patches
* Vision based human interaction system for disabled
Includes: Rai, A. Rai, A.[Atul]

Rai, C.S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of unsupervised learning techniques for face recognition

Rai, G.[Girish] Co Author Listing * Digital image processing technique including improved gray scale compression

Rai, H.G.N.[Harikrishna G. N.] Co Author Listing * Hybrid feature to encode shape and texture for Content Based Image Retrieval

Rai, H.S.[Hardeep Singh] Co Author Listing * Using Latent Semantic Analysis to Identify Research Trends in OpenStreetMap

Rai, L.[Lav] Co Author Listing * Real-time Image-Based Guidance Method for Lung-Cancer Assessment

Rai, M.C.E. Co Author Listing * 3D constrained local model with independent component analysis and non-Gaussian shape prior distribution: Application to 3D facial landmark detection

Rai, N. Co Author Listing * AdaScan: Adaptive Scan Pooling in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Recognition in Videos
* Bi-modal regression for Apparent Personality trait Recognition
* Partial Multi-View Clustering using Graph Regularized NMF

Rai, N.K.[Naveen Kumar] Co Author Listing * Learning to predict super resolution wavelet coefficients

Rai, P.[Preeti] Co Author Listing * gender classification system robust to occlusion using Gabor features based (2D)2PCA, A

Rai, S.N.[Shyam Nandan] Co Author Listing * IIIT-CFW: A Benchmark Database of Cartoon Faces in the Wild

Rai, Y. Co Author Listing * Does H.265 based peri and para-foveal quality flicker disrupt natural viewing patterns?
* Parametric contour tracking using unscented Kalman filter
* Quantifying the relation between perceived interest and visual salience during free viewing using trellis based optimization
* Role of HEVC coding artifacts on gaze prediction in interactive video streaming systems
Includes: Rai, Y. Rai, Y.[Yong]

Raible, J. Co Author Listing * On-Line Reconstruction of CAD Geometry

Raich, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Programming for Instance Annotation in Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning
* FINE: Fisher Information Nonparametric Embedding
* Hinge loss bound approach for surrogate supervision multi-view learning
* Monocular Extraction of 2.1D Sketch Using Constrained Convex Optimization
* Sparse Image Reconstruction for Molecular Imaging
* Sparse Image Reconstruction for Partially known Blur Functions
* Sparse Image Reconstruction using Sparse Priors
Includes: Raich, R. Raich, R.[Raviv]
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Raicharoen, T.[Thanapant] Co Author Listing * divide-and-conquer approach to the pairwise opposite class-nearest neighbor (POC-NN) algorithm, A
* supervised neural network approach to invariant image recognition, A

Raichle, H.[Helen] Co Author Listing * Mapping Presence and Predicting Phenological Status of Invasive Buffelgrass in Southern Arizona Using MODIS, Climate and Citizen Science Observation Data

Raiconi, G. Co Author Listing * Beyond classical consensus clustering: The least squares approach to multiple solutions
* Radial Search Method for Fast Nearest Neighbor Search on Range Images, A
* SASCr3: A Real Time Hardware Coprocessor for Stereo Correspondence
Includes: Raiconi, G. Raiconi, G.[Giancarlo]

Raicu, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Expanding diagnostically labeled datasets using content-based image retrieval

Raicu, D.S. Co Author Listing * Classification Approach for Anatomical Regions Segmentation, A
* Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* statistical analysis of the effects of CT acquisition parameters on low-level features extracted from CT images of the lung, A
* Synobins: An Intermediate Level towards Annotation and Semantic Retrieval
* Texture-Based Probabilistic Approach for Lung Nodule Segmentation, A
Includes: Raicu, D.S. Raicu, D.S.[Daniela S.] Raicu, D.S.[Daniela Stan]

Raie, A. Co Author Listing * Selection of unique gaze direction based on pupil position

Raie, A.A.[Abolghasem A.] Co Author Listing * 2.5D face recognition using Patch Geodesic Moments
* 3D Face Recognition Using Geodesic PZM Array from a Single Model per Person
* Efficient Local Stereo Matching Algorithm for Dense Disparity Map Estimation Based on More Effective Use of Intensity Information and Matching Constraints, An
* Expression-Invariant 3D Face Recognition Using Patched Geodesic Texture Transform
* New Efficient Stereo Line Segment Matching Algorithm Based on More Effective Usage of the Photometric, Geometric and Structural Information, A
* Pose-invariant 2.5D face recognition using Geodesic Texture Warping
* Precise Vehicle Speed Measurement Based on a Hierarchical Homographic Transform Estimation for Law Enforcement Applications
* Probabilistic principal component analysis for texture modelling of adaptive active appearance models and its application for head pose estimation
Includes: Raie, A.A.[Abolghasem A.] Raie, A.A.
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Raiha, L. Co Author Listing * Approximate Sequence Comparison: A Study with Histograms

Raij, A. Co Author Listing * Auto-calibration of multi-projector display walls
* Design and development of a virtual reality system for vocational rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities
* Effects of Instruction Methods on User Experience in Virtual Reality Serious Games
* Immersive 3DUI on one dollar a day
* PREVENTER, a Selection Mechanism for Just-in-Time Preventive Interventions
Includes: Raij, A. Raij, A.[Andrew]

Raikkonen, E.[Esa] Co Author Listing * Demonstration of a virtual active hyperspectral LiDAR in automated point cloud classification
Includes: Raikkonen, E.[Esa] Räikkönen, E.[Esa] (Maybe also Raeikkoenen, E.)

Raiko, T. Co Author Listing * Missing-Feature Reconstruction With a Bounded Nonlinear State-Space Model
* Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation for Weakly Labeled Semantic Video Object Segmentation
Includes: Raiko, T. Raiko, T.[Tapani]

Raikos, S. Co Author Listing * Recording, Modeling, Visualisation and GIS Applications Development for the Acropolis of Athens

Raim, J.D.[Jarret D.] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Generative Attacks on an Online Handwriting Biometric, The

Raimbault, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Irrigation Consumption Using High Resolution NDVI Image Time Series: Calibration and Validation in the Kairouan Plain (Tunisia)

Raimbault, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Adaptive video stabilisation with dominant motion layer estimation for home video and TV broadcast

Raimondi, F.E.D. Co Author Listing * Tensor DoA Estimation With Directional Elements

Raimondo, F. Co Author Listing * Automated Evaluation of Her-2/neu Status in Breast Tissue From Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization Images

Raimondo, J.C. Co Author Listing * Improvements in Precise Orbits of Altimetry Satellites and Their Impact on Mean Sea Level Monitoring

Raimondo, N. Co Author Listing * sensor aided H.264 encoder tested on aerial imagery for SFM, A

Raimundo, M.M.[Marcos M.] Co Author Listing * Ensembles of Multiobjective-Based Classifiers for Detection of Epileptic Seizures
* Many-Objective Ensemble-Based Multilabel Classification

Raimundo, X. Co Author Listing * Frequency-Modulated Interrupted Continuous Wave as Wall Removal Technique in Through-the-Wall Imaging

Raina, J.P. Co Author Listing * Concise Vector Equations for Stereopsis

Raina, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * ChipViz: Visualizing Memory Chip Test Data

Raina, S.[Suresh] Co Author Listing * Predicting Spatial Distribution of Key Honeybee Pests in Kenya Using Remotely Sensed and Bioclimatic Variables: Key Honeybee Pests Distribution Models

Raina, S.K.[Suresh K.] Co Author Listing * Utility of AISA Eagle Hyperspectral Data and Random Forest Classifier for Flower Mapping, The

Rainbow, J. Co Author Listing * Postal Automation: It Can Be Done

Rainchandran, K. Co Author Listing * On multivariate estimation by thresholding
* Video multicast over lossy channels based on distributed source coding

Rainer, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Assessing the quality of sensory experience for multimedia presentations
* end-to-end tool chain for Sensory Experience based on MPEG-V, An
* Enhancing the User Experience with the Sensory Effect Media Player and AmbientLib
* open source MPEG DASH evaluation suite, An
* Social Multimedia Experience, The
* Statistically Indifferent Quality Variation: An Approach for Reducing Multimedia Distribution Cost for Adaptive Video Streaming Services
Includes: Rainer, B.[Benjamin] Rainer, B.

Raines, R.A.[Richard A.] Co Author Listing * Biometric enhancements: Template aging error score analysis
* Complete Automatic Target Cuer/Recognition System for Tactical Forward-Looking Infrared Images
* Computer-Aided Breast-Cancer Detection and Diagnosis of Masses Using Difference of Gaussians and Derivative-Based Feature Saliency
Includes: Raines, R.A.[Richard A.] Raines, R.A.

Rainey, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Addressing System-Level Optimization with OpenVX Graphs

Rainey, K.[Katie] Co Author Listing * Are face recognition methods useful for classifying ships?
* Object recognition in ocean imagery using feature selection and compressive sensing

Rairden, R. Co Author Listing * Total Column Methane Retrievals Using The Tropospheric Infrared Mapping Spectrometer Over Sunglint

Rairoux, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * MERLIN: A French-German Space Lidar Mission Dedicated to Atmospheric Methane

Rais, H. Co Author Listing * Conservative Polarimetric Scatterers and Their Role in Incorrect Extensions of the Cameron Decomposition
* Polarimetric SAR Signature Detection Using the Cameron Decomposition

Rais, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Boosting shotgun denoising by patch normalization
* Feature Analysis for Audio Classification
* Iterative Gradient-Based Shift Estimation: To Multiscale or Not to Multiscale?
* Using Adaptive Run Length Smoothing Algorithm for Accurate Text Localization in Images
Includes: Rais, M.[Martin] Rais, M.[Martín]

Rais, M.E. Co Author Listing * DA3D: Fast and data adaptive dual domain denoising
* Non-local dual image denoising
* Optimizing the Data Adaptive Dual Domain Denoising Algorithm

Raisamo, R.[Roope] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Gender Classification Methods with Automatically Detected and Aligned Faces
* experimental comparison of gender classification methods, An
* Rapid Evaluation of the Handwriting Performance for Gesture Based Text Input

Raisbeck, G. Co Author Listing * Transmission of Photographic Data by Electrical Transmission

Raiser, S. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the influence of adaptive components in trainable surface inspection systems
* Impact of object extraction methods on classification performance in surface inspection systems
Includes: Raiser, S. Raiser, S.[Stefan]

Raiside, D.E. Co Author Listing * On the classification of congenital abnormalities from hand radiographs

Raita, T. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Algorithms for Standard Median Filtering
* KAIRA: The Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array: System Overview and First Results

Raitoharju, J. Co Author Listing * Data Enrichment in Fine-Grained Classification of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates

Raitoharju, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Derivative Free Method for Bayesian Posterior Approximation, An

Raitsos, D.E.[Dionysios E.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite Retrievals of Chlorophyll-a in the Arabian Gulf

Raizada, R.D.S.[Rajeev D. S.] Co Author Listing * Pattern-information fMRI: New questions which it opens up and challenges which face it

Raizman, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * Extraction of 3D Spatial Polygons Based on the Overlapping Criterion for Roof Extraction from Aerial Images
* Polygonal Approach for Automation in Extraction of Serial Modular Roofs, A
* Role of Tie-Points Distribution in Aerial Photography
Includes: Raizman, Y.[Yuri] Raizman, Y.

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