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Ram, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Semi-automated generation of a multi-temporal forest depletion layer with the Landcover Change Mapper (LCM)

Ram, A.R.[A. Ranjith] Co Author Listing * Video Analysis and Repackaging for Distance Education

Ram, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Images Specified by Graphlike Descriptions
* Cooperating Array Grammar Systems
* On the Encoding and Representing of Images
Includes: Ram, G. Ram, G.[Giora]

Ram, I. Co Author Listing * Facial Image Compression using Patch-Ordering-Based Adaptive Wavelet Transform
* Image Processing Using Smooth Ordering of its Patches
* Patch-Ordering-Based Wavelet Frame and Its Use in Inverse Problems
* Redundant Wavelets on Graphs and High Dimensional Data Clouds

Ram, R.[Ranjith] Co Author Listing * Optimal shot detection and recognition using Shiryaev-Roberts statistics

Ram, S.[Surinder] Co Author Listing * Active Fingerprint Ridge Orientation Models
* comparison of tracking algorithm performance for objects in wide area imagery, A
* Curvature preserving fingerprint ridge orientation smoothing using Legendre polynomials
* design methodology for selection and placement of sensors in multimedia surveillance systems, A
* Image super-resolution using graph regularized block sparse representation
* Low-light imaging method provides highly accurate molecule localization
* Modelling fingerprint ridge orientation using Legendre polynomials
* performance comparison of automatic detection schemes in wide-area aerial imagery, A
* Quantitative Aspects of Single-Molecule Microscopy: Information-theoretic analysis of single-molecule data
* Segmentation and classification of 3-D spots in FISH images
* Simulation and Analysis of Human Micro-Dopplers in Through-Wall Environments
* Single image super-resolution using dictionary-based local regression
* Size-invariant cell nucleus segmentation in 3-D microscopy
* Size-Invariant Detection of Cell Nuclei in Microscopy Images
* Superpixels using morphology for rock image segmentation
Includes: Ram, S.[Surinder] Ram, S. Ram, S.[Siva] Ram, S.[Sripad] Ram, S.[Sundaresh]
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Ram, S.S. Co Author Listing * Persian Writer Identification Method Based on Gradient Features and Neural Networks, A

Rama Mohan, S. Co Author Listing * Zone identification in the printed Gujarati text

Rama, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition using a Fast Model Synthesis from a Profile and a Frontal View
* More robust face recognition by considering occlusion information
* P2CA: A New Face Recognition Scheme Combining 2D and 3D Information
* P2CA: How Much Face Information is Needed?
Includes: Rama, A.[Antonio] Rama, A.

Rama, D. Co Author Listing * Railway infrastructure asset management: The whole-system life cost analysis

Rama, P.[Pirkko] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the effectiveness of ITS in improving safety of VRUs
* Visual Attention Saccadic Models Learn to Emulate Gaze Patterns From Childhood to Adulthood
Includes: Rama, P.[Pirkko] Rämä, P.[Pirkko] (Maybe also Raemae, P.)Rämä, P. (Maybe also Raemae, P.)

Rama, R. Co Author Listing * Picture Generation and Developmental Matrix Systems

Rama, S.[Suraj] Co Author Listing * Endoscopic capsule robots using reconfigurable modular assembly: A pilot study

Ramac, L.C.[Liane C.] Co Author Listing * Image Thresholding Based on Ali-Silvey Distance Measures
* Registration and fusion of infrared and millimeter wave images for concealed weapon detection

Ramachandra, R.[Raghavendra] Co Author Listing * Automatic Face Quality Assessment from Video Using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix: An Empirical Study on Automatic Border Control System
* Collaborative Representation of Statistically Independent Filters' Response: An Application to Face Recognition Under Illicit Drug Abuse Alterations
* Multi-biometric Template Protection on Smartphones: An Approach Based on Binarized Statistical Features and Bloom Filters
* Multi-biometric template protection: A security analysis of binarized statistical features for bloom filters on smartphones
* Presentation Attack Detection Methods for Face Recognition Systems: A Comprehensive Survey

Ramachandra, V.[Vikas] Co Author Listing * 3D Video Fingerprinting
* Display dependent coding for 3D video on automultiscopic displays
* HDR Imaging From Differently Exposed Multiview Videos
* Motion-compensated deblocking and upscaling for viewing low-res videos on high-res displays

Ramachandram, D.[Dhanesh] Co Author Listing * Bayesian belief network learning algorithms for modeling contextual relationships in natural imagery: a comparative study
* Deep Multimodal Learning: A Survey on Recent Advances and Trends
* Optimizing Kernel Functions Using Transfer Learning from Unlabeled Data
Includes: Ramachandram, D.[Dhanesh] Ramachandram, D.

Ramachandran, B.[Bhaskar] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Image Data-Derived Digital Elevation Models: A Case Study of the Drum Mountains, Utah, An
* survey of keyword spotting techniques for printed document images, A
Includes: Ramachandran, B.[Bhaskar] Ramachandran, B.[Baskaran]

Ramachandran, G. Co Author Listing * combined distance measure for 2D shape matching, A
* model-based adaptive motion estimation scheme using Renyi's entropy for wireless video, A
Includes: Ramachandran, G. Ramachandran, G.[Ganesan]

Ramachandran, J. Co Author Listing * Pre-classification of chest radiographs for improved active shape model segmentation of ribs

Ramachandran, K. Co Author Listing * Optimal Segmentation of a VBR Source for its Parallel Transmission over Multiple ATM Connections
* Vector coding of computer graphics material
Includes: Ramachandran, K. Ramachandran, K.[Krishan]

Ramachandran, M.[Mahesh] Co Author Listing * Fast Bilinear SfM with Side Information
* Fast Bilinear Structure from Motion Algorithm Using a Video Sequence and Inertial Sensors, A
* Homography based distributed video coding for a network of cameras
* Stabilization and Mosaicing of Airborne Videos
Includes: Ramachandran, M.[Mahesh] Ramachandran, M.

Ramachandran, N.[Narayanan] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic and Other Neural Nets in Multi-Hole Probe Calibration and Flow Angularity Pattern Recognition

Ramachandran, R.[Ramona] Co Author Listing * Automated abdominal fat quantification and food residue removal in CT
* Introducing Provenance Capture into a Legacy Data System
* Speaker recognition: general classifier approaches and data fusion methods
* Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Ramachandran, R.[Ramona] Ramachandran, R. Ramachandran, R.[Roopashri]

Ramachandran, R.M.[Reshma. M.] Co Author Listing * Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India

Ramachandran, R.P.[Ravi P.] Co Author Listing * Cochannel speaker count labelling based on the use of cepstral and pitch prediction derived features
* Speaker recognition: general classifier approaches and data fusion methods
* Vehicle Reidentification using multidetector fusion
Includes: Ramachandran, R.P.[Ravi P.] Ramachandran, R.P.

Ramachandran, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive BPSO based feature selection and skin detection based background removal for enhanced face recognition
* architecture for ink annotations on web documents, An
* Dual Objective Feature Selection and Scaled Euclidean Classification for face recognition
* Entropy-cum-Hough-transform-based ear detection using ellipsoid particle swarm optimization
* Novel algorithms for 2-D FFT and its inverse for image compression
* Power-optimized log-based image processing system
* Recursive Binary Particle Swarm Optimization based Face Localization
Includes: Ramachandran, S. Ramachandran, S.[Seshasayanan]
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Ramachandran, U. Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Situation Awareness With Camera Networks and Multimodal Sensing

Ramachandran, V. Co Author Listing * Systolic implementation of multidimensional nonrecursive digital filters

Ramachandran, V.I. Co Author Listing * Perceiving Shape From Shading

Ramachandran, V.S. Co Author Listing * Perception Of Apparent Motion, The

Ramachandrula, S.[Sitaram] Co Author Listing * Hand-Drawn Symbol Spotting Using Semi-definite Programming Based Sub-graph Matching
* Keyword Spotting Framework Using Dynamic Background Model
* Real-time embedded skew detection and frame removal
* Using a boosted tree classifier for text segmentation in hand-annotated documents
Includes: Ramachandrula, S.[Sitaram] Ramachandrula, S.

Ramadan, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Human Segmentation in Video Using Convex Active Contours
* Pattern mining based video saliency detection

Ramadan, H.H.[Hassan H.] Co Author Listing * Fast approximate DCT with GPU implementation for image compression

Ramadan, R. Co Author Listing * algorithm for mean pyramids vector quantization using Hadamard transform and tree structure, An

Ramadan, R.M.[Rabab M.] Co Author Listing * boundary-based approach to shape orientability using particle swarm optimization, A

Ramadan, S.[Samah] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using Partial Least Squares and Support Vector Machines

Ramadan, Y.R. Co Author Listing * Artificial Noise Aided Hybrid Precoding Design for Secure mmWave MISO Systems With Partial Channel Knowledge

Ramadasan, D.[Datta] Co Author Listing * DCSLAM: A dynamically constrained real-time slam
* Illumination Aware MCMC Particle Filter for Long-term Outdoor Multi-object Simultaneous Tracking and Classification
* MCSLAM: a Multiple Constrained SLAM

Ramadge, P.J. Co Author Listing * Data rate smoothing in interactive walkthrough applications using 2D prefetching
* Edge-Preserving Image Regularization Based on Morphological Wavelets and Dyadic Trees
* Efficiently Estimating Projective Transformations
* Efficiently synthesizing virtual video
* Error Stabilization in Successive Estimation of Registration Parameters
* Extracting Good Features for Motion Estimation
* Fast alignment of digital images using a lower bound on an entropy metric
* Framework for Measuring Video Similarity and Its Application to Video Query By Example, A
* Learning a wavelet tree for multichannel image denoising
* Morphological wavelet transform with adaptive dyadic structures
* new method for camera motion parameter estimation, A
* Rapid Estimation of Camera Motion from Compressed Video with Application to Video Annotation
* Recursive Propagation of Correspondences with Applications to the Creation of Virtual Video
* Screening Tests for Lasso Problems
* Using Spanning Graphs for Efficient Image Registration
* Using sparse regression to learn effective projections for face recognition
* Using View Interpolation for Low Bit-rate Video
Includes: Ramadge, P.J. Ramadge, P.J.[Peter J.]
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Ramadorai, A.K. Co Author Listing * Representation of Deformable Object Structure and Motion for Autonomous Manipulation Using Relative Elasticity
* Vision-Based Framework for the Discovery-Driven Manipulation of Nonrigid Objects, A

Ramadoss, S.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Quantization and Fast Error Resilient Entropy Coding for Image Transmission

Ramage, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Melt Patterns and Dynamics in Alaska and Patagonia Derived from Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures

Ramaiah, C. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Modeling Accents in Handwriting, A
* Data Sufficiency for Online Writer Identification: A Comparative Study of Writer-Style Space vs. Feature Space Models
* hierarchical Bayesian approach to online writer identification, A
* IBM_UB_1: A Dual Mode Unconstrained English Handwriting Dataset
* Modeling Writing Styles for Online Writer Identification: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
* sigma-lognormal model for character level CAPTCHA generation, A
* Sigma-Lognormal Model for Handwritten Text CAPTCHA Generation, A
* Structural Learning for Writer Identification in Offline Handwriting
Includes: Ramaiah, C. Ramaiah, C.[Chetan]
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Ramaiah, M.[Mangayarkarasi] Co Author Listing * iterative point elimination technique to retain significant vertices on digital planar curves, An
* Polygonal approximation of digital planar curve using local integral deviation

Ramaiah, N.P.[N. Pattabhi] Co Author Listing * ROI-based tissue type extraction and volume estimation in 3D brain anatomy

Ramak, R. Co Author Listing * Improving Linear Spectral Unmixing Through Local Endmember Detection

Ramakanth, S.A. Co Author Listing * FeatureMatch: A General ANNF Estimation Technique and its Applications
* OD-Match: PatchMatch based Optic Disk detection
* SeamSeg: Video Object Segmentation Using Patch Seams
Includes: Ramakanth, S.A. Ramakanth, S.A.[S. Avinash]

Ramakers, R. Co Author Listing * 3-D Rat Brain Phantom for High-Resolution Molecular Imaging

Ramakrishan, A.G. Co Author Listing * Lexicon-Free, Novel Segmentation of Online Handwritten Indic Words

Ramakrishman, N. Co Author Listing * On Neurobiological, Neuro-Fuzzy, Machine Learning, and Statistical Pattern-Recognition Techniques

Ramakrishna, A.[Anil] Co Author Listing * Interactive Web Based Spatio-Temporal Visualization System, An

Ramakrishna, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Computer-Aided Detection System for Meniscal Tears on Magnetic Resonance Images, An

Ramakrishna, K.A. Co Author Listing * Scale weight selection for feature extraction using complex wavelets: A framework

Ramakrishna, R.S. Co Author Listing * New indices for cluster validity assessment
* New Iterative Algorithm for Image Restoration, A
* Projected clustering for categorical datasets
* Shadows and Texture in Computer Vision

Ramakrishna, S. Co Author Listing * Correspondence of Coplanar Features Through P2-Invariant Representations
* Efficient Invariant Representations
* Invariance Based Robust Matching

Ramakrishna, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Pose Machines
* Multi-pose multi-target tracking for activity understanding
* Pose Machines: Articulated Pose Estimation via Inference Machines
* Predicting Multiple Structured Visual Interpretations
* Reconstructing 3D Human Pose from 2D Image Landmarks
* Tracking Human Pose by Tracking Symmetric Parts
* User-Specific Hand Modeling from Monocular Depth Sequences
Includes: Ramakrishna, V.[Varun] Ramakrishna, V.
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Ramakrishnan, A. Co Author Listing * Blind Indic Script Recognizer for Multi-script Documents, A
* Novel Scheme for Image Rotation for Document Processing, A

Ramakrishnan, A.G.[Angarai G.] Co Author Listing * Alignment of Curved Text Strings for Enhanced OCR Readability
* Complete Tamil Optical Character Recognition System, A
* Contextual Encoding in Uniform and Adaptive Mesh-Based Lossless Compression of MR Images
* Creation of a Huge Annotated Database for Tamil and Kannada OHR
* Cumulative Impulse Strength for Epoch Extraction
* Entropy Based Skew Correction of Document Images
* Eye detection using color cues and projection functions
* Gabor filter based block energy analysis for text extraction from digital document images
* HVS Inspired System for Script Identification in Indian Multi-script Documents
* Improved Online Tamil Character Recognition Engine Using Post-Processing Methods, An
* Machine recognition of online handwritten Devanagari characters
* Machine Recognition of Printed Kannada Text
* Methods for text segmentation from scene images
* Multi-script and Multi-oriented Text Localization from Scene Images
* Novel Hierarchical Classification Scheme for Online Tamil Character Recognition, A
* Online Character Recognition using Regression Techniques
* Online Handwriting Recognition of Tamil Script Using Fractal Geometry
* Online Handwritten Kannada Word Recognizer with Unrestricted Vocabulary
* Optimal Feature Extraction for Bilingual OCR
* Orthogonal LDA in PCA Transformed Subspace
* Principal component analysis for online handwritten character recognition
* Prototype learning methods for online handwriting recognition
* Resolving Ambiguities in Confused Online Tamil Characters with Post Processing Algorithms
* Robust Two Level Classification Algorithm for Text Localization in Documents, A
* Script Identification in Printed Bilingual Documents
* Script independent detection of bold words in multi font-size documents
* Text Localization and Extraction from Complex Color Images
* Text Localization and Extraction from Complex Gray Images
* Threshold-Independent QRS Detection Using the Dynamic Plosion Index
* Word level multi-script identification
Includes: Ramakrishnan, A.G.[Angarai G.] Ramakrishnan, A.G. Ramakrishnan, A.G.[Angarai Ganesan]
30 for Ramakrishnan, A.G.

Ramakrishnan, B.V. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of a modified spatial smoothing technique for direction estimation

Ramakrishnan, D.T.[Divya T.] Co Author Listing * Super-resolution overlay in multi-projector displays

Ramakrishnan, I. Co Author Listing * General Approach for Partitioning Web Page Content Based on Geometric and Style Information, A

Ramakrishnan, I.V. Co Author Listing * Automatic discovery of semantic structures in HTML documents

Ramakrishnan, K.[Kalpati] Co Author Listing * Joint Keystone Correction and Shake Removal for a Hand Held Projector

Ramakrishnan, K.K. Co Author Listing * Optimizing Cloud Resources for Delivering IPTV Services Through Virtualization

Ramakrishnan, K.R.[Kalpathi R.] Co Author Listing * Action and Interaction Recognition in First-Person Videos
* Attitude Estimation Using Moment Invariants
* Cause and Effect Analysis of Motion Trajectories for Modeling Actions, A
* Compressed Domain Action Classification Using HMM
* Compressed domain human motion recognition using motion history information
* Computation of Legendre and Zernike Moments
* Context-aware real-time tracking in sparse representation framework
* Contour Based Stereo Algorithm, A
* Covariance profiles: A signature representation for object sets
* design methodology for selection and placement of sensors in multimedia surveillance systems, A
* Distributed sigma point information filters for target tracking in camera networks
* efficient depth estimation using temporal 3D-Warping, An
* Feature Fusion for Robust Object Tracking Using Fragmented Particles
* Fragmented Particles-based Robust Object Tracking With Feature Fusion
* Free form face recognition using kernel sparse representation
* Image-guided depth map upsampling using normalized cuts-based segmentation and smoothness priors
* Integrated Detect-Track Framework for Multi-view Face Detection in Video
* Intrusive and non-intrusive watermarking
* Iterative Solution for Object Pose Parameters Using Image Moments, An
* Learning Feature Trajectories Using Gabor Filter Bank for Human Activity Segmentation and Recognition
* Moment Functions in Image Analysis: Threoy and Applications
* Motion segmentation using curve fitting on Lagrangian particle trajectories
* multiple description method for wavelet based image coding, A
* On the utility of canonical correlation analysis for domain adaptation in multi-view head pose estimation
* Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Neural Networks
* Profilometric Approach to 3D Face Reconstruction and Its Application to Face Recognition, A
* Randomised Manifold Forests for Principal Angle-Based Face Recognition
* Recognition of human actions using motion history information extracted from the compressed video
* Robust Object Tracking using Local Kernels and Background Information
* Robust object tracking with background-weighted local kernels
* Sparse Representation-Based Human Detection: A Scale-Embedded dictionary approach
* Sprite Generation From Mpeg Video Using Motion Information
* Stability and convergence of the level set method in computer vision
* Stochastic Scale Space for Multiscale Image Representation, A
* Strip based coding for large images using wavelets
* Video Object Segmentation: A Compressed Domain Approach
* Virtual View Synthesis by Non-Local Means Filtering using temporal data
* Wavelet domain residual redundancy-based descriptions
Includes: Ramakrishnan, K.R.[Kalpathi R.] Ramakrishnan, K.R.
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Ramakrishnan, L.[Lavanya] Co Author Listing * Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra

Ramakrishnan, N.[Nirmala] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Window Strategy for High-Speed and Robust KLT Feature Tracker
* Automatic targeted-domain spatiotemporal event detection in twitter
* big data of violent events: algorithms for association analysis using spatio-temporal storytelling, The
* Bixplorer: Visual Analytics with Biclusters
* Continuous Iterative Guided Spectral Class Rejection Classification Algorithm
* Enhanced low-complexity pruning for corner detection
* Enhancement of Coupled Multichannel Images Using Sparsity Constraints
* framework for intelligence analysis using spatio-temporal storytelling, A
* Low-Complexity Global Motion Estimation for Aerial Vehicles
* Satellite Imagery Analysis: What Can Hospital Parking Lots Tell Us about a Disease Outbreak?
* Spatial Event Forecasting in Social Media With Geographically Hierarchical Regularization
Includes: Ramakrishnan, N.[Nirmala] Ramakrishnan, N.[Naren] Ramakrishnan, N.
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Ramakrishnan, R.[Ramya] Co Author Listing * From virtual to actual mobility: Assessing the benefits of active locomotion through an immersive virtual environment using a motorized wheelchair
* Physics-Based Deep Learning Approach to Shadow Invariant Representations of Hyperspectral Images, A
* Retrieval of land surface temperature from the Kalpana-1 VHRR data using a single-channel algorithm and its validation over western India
* Verification of Sky Models for Image Calibration
Includes: Ramakrishnan, R.[Ramya] Ramakrishnan, R.

Ramakrishnan, S. Co Author Listing * Constrained Storage Vector Quantization with a Universal Codebook
* Deep Generative Filter for Motion Deblurring
* Image texture classification using wavelet based curve fitting and probabilistic neural network
* MDL based Structural Interpretation of Images under Partial Occlusion
* Segmentation and analysis of brain subcortical regions using regularized multiphase level set in autistic MR images
* SVD-Based Modeling for Image Texture Classification Using Wavelet Transformation
Includes: Ramakrishnan, S. Ramakrishnan, S.[Srinivasan]

Ramakrishnan, S.K.[Santhosh K.] Co Author Listing * CoMaL Tracking: Tracking Points at the Object Boundaries
* Empirical Evaluation of Visual Question Answering for Novel Objects, An
Includes: Ramakrishnan, S.K.[Santhosh K.] Ramakrishnan, S.K.

Ramakrishnan, T. Co Author Listing * professional estimate on the computed tomography brain tumor images using SVM-SMO for classification and MRG-GWO for segmentation, A

Ramakrishnan, V.[Veshnu] Co Author Listing * Extraction of shoe-print patterns from impression evidence using Conditional Random Fields
* Redundancy and diversity measure inspired biometrics fusion

Ramakrisnan, P.[Prasanna] Co Author Listing * Motivation Design Methodology for Online Knowledge Sharing Interface

Ramalho, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Diffuse Liver Disease Classification from Ultrasound Surface Characterization, Clinical and Laboratorial Data

Ramalho, G.L.B.[Geraldo L.B.] Co Author Listing * Combining Features to Improve Oil Spill Classification in SAR Images
* Improving Reliability of Oil Spill Detection Systems Using Boosting for High-Level Feature Selection
* Using Boosting to Improve Oil Spill Detection in SAR Images

Ramalho, M.[Mauricio] Co Author Listing * Distributed source coding for securing a hand-based biometric recognition system
* Underline Removal on Old Documents
Includes: Ramalho, M.[Mauricio] Ramalho, M.[Mário]

Ramalho, M.B. Co Author Listing * Hand-based multimodal identification system with secure biometric template storage

Ramalho, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Real-time implementation of remotely sensed hyperspectral image unmixing on GPUs

Ramalingam, A. Co Author Listing * Robust image watermarking using a chirp detection-based technique

Ramalingam, M. Co Author Listing * Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India

Ramalingam, S.[Srikumar] Co Author Listing * Adaptive enhancement of 3D scenes using hierarchical registration of texture-mapped 3D models
* Analytical Forward Projection for Axial Non-central Dioptric and Catadioptric Cameras
* Axial light field for curved mirrors: Reflect your perspective, widen your view
* Beyond Alhazen's problem: Analytical projection model for non-central catadioptric cameras with quadric mirrors
* Calibration of Non-overlapping Cameras Using an External SLAM System
* Camera Models and Fundamental Concepts Used in Geometric Computer Vision
* CASENet: Deep Category-Aware Semantic Edge Detection
* Edge detection comparison for license plate detection
* Entropy rate superpixel segmentation
* Entropy-Rate Clustering: Cluster Analysis via Maximizing a Submodular Function Subject to a Matroid Constraint
* Estimating Drivable Collision-Free Space from Monocular Video
* Exact inference in multi-label CRFs with higher order cliques
* Factorization Based Self-Calibration for Radially Symmetric Cameras, A
* Generic Calibration of Axial Cameras
* Generic Concept for Camera Calibration, A
* Generic self-calibration of central cameras
* generic structure-from-motion framework, A
* Geolocalization using skylines from omni-images
* Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Section on Higher Order Graphical Models in Computer Vision
* Géométrie d'images multiples pour des modèles de caméra généraux
* Learning priors for calibrating families of stereo cameras
* License plate localisation based on morphological operations
* Lifting 3D Manhattan Lines from a Single Image
* light-path less traveled, The
* Line-sweep: Cross-ratio for wide-baseline matching and 3D reconstruction
* Manhattan Junction Catalogue for Spatial Reasoning of Indoor Scenes
* Minimal solutions for generic imaging models
* Monocular Visual Odometry and Dense 3D Reconstruction for On-Road Vehicles
* On Calibration, Structure-From-Motion and Multi-View Geometry for General Camera Models
* P2-pi: A Minimal Solution for Registration of 3D Points to 3D Planes
* Randomized trees for human pose detection
* Real-time license plate localisation on FPGA
* Semantic Classification of Boundaries of an RGBD Image
* Single Image Calibration of Multi-axial Imaging Systems
* Theory and Calibration for Axial Cameras
* Theory of Minimal 3D Point to 3D Plane Registration and Its Generalization, A
* theory of multi-layer flat refractive geometry, A
* Towards Complete Generic Camera Calibration
* Tracking an RGB-D Camera Using Points and Planes
* Unifying Model for Camera Calibration, A
Includes: Ramalingam, S.[Srikumar] Ramalingam, S.
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Ramalingam, V. Co Author Listing * Automated assessment of breast tissue density in digital mammograms

Ramalli, A. Co Author Listing * High Frame-Rate, High Resolution Ultrasound Imaging With Multi-Line Transmission and Filtered-Delay Multiply And Sum Beamforming
* Multi-Transmit Beam Forming for Fast Cardiac Imaging: Experimental Validation and In Vivo Application
* Simulation of ultrasound nonlinear propagation on GPU using a generalized angular spectrum method
* Wide-Angle Tissue Doppler Imaging at High Frame Rate Using Multi-Line Transmit Beamforming: An Experimental Validation In Vivo
Includes: Ramalli, A. Ramalli, A.[Alessandro]

Ramallo, V.[Virginia] Co Author Listing * Automatic ear detection and feature extraction using Geometric Morphometrics and convolutional neural networks

Ramamohanara, K. Co Author Listing * Lesion Segmentation in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI of Breast

Ramamohanarao, K.[Kotagiri] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesion in intensity enhanced flair MRI using texture features and support vector machine
* Automatic detection of retinal vascular landmark features for colour fundus image matching and patient longitudinal study
* Automatic extraction of semantic concepts in medical images
* Automatic Retinal Minimum Distance Band (MDB)Computation from SD-OCT Images
* Biometric authentication system using retinal vessel pattern and geometric hashing
* Biometric Security Application for Person Authentication Using Retinal Vessel Feature
* Blood Vessel Segmentation from Color Retinal Images using Unsupervised Texture Classification
* Detection and Classification of Bifurcation and Branch Points on Retinal Vascular Network
* Disc segmentation and BMO-MRW measurement from SD-OCT image using graph search and tracing of three bench mark reference layers of retina
* effective retinal blood vessel segmentation method using multi-scale line detection, An
* Effective Supervised Framework for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Local Standardisation and Bagging, An
* Handoff Optimization Using Hidden Markov Model
* Novel Document Ranking Method Using the Discrete Cosine Transform, A
* Quantitative Measure for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Training robust models using Random Projection
* Vessel Segmentation from Color Retinal Images with Varying Contrast and Central Reflex Properties
Includes: Ramamohanarao, K.[Kotagiri] Ramamohanarao, K.
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Ramamoorthi, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * 4D Light-Field Dataset and CNN Architectures for Material Recognition, A
* Analytic PCA Construction for Theoretical Analysis of Lighting Variability in Images of a Lambertian Object
* Compressive Structured Light for Recovering Inhomogeneous Participating Media
* Depth and Image Restoration from Light Field in a Scattering Medium
* Depth Estimation and Specular Removal for Glossy Surfaces Using Point and Line Consistency with Light-Field Cameras
* Depth Estimation for Glossy Surfaces with Light-Field Cameras
* Depth Estimation with Occlusion Modeling Using Light-Field Cameras
* Depth from Combining Defocus and Correspondence Using Light-Field Cameras
* Depth from Semi-Calibrated Stereo and Defocus
* Depth from shading, defocus, and correspondence using light-field angular coherence
* Dual Theory of Inverse and Forward Light Transport, A
* External Mask Based Depth and Light Field Camera
* Fourier Theory for Cast Shadows, A
* Frequency-Space Decomposition and Acquisition of Light Transport under Spatially Varying Illumination
* From the Rendering Equation to Stratified Light Transport Inversion
* Learning to Synthesize a 4D RGBD Light Field from a Single Image
* Light Field Blind Motion Deblurring
* Linear Depth Estimation from an Uncalibrated, Monocular Polarisation Image
* Linear Differential Constraints for Photo-Polarimetric Height Estimation
* Occlusion-Aware Depth Estimation Using Light-Field Cameras
* On Differential Photometric Reconstruction for Unknown, Isotropic BRDFs
* On the Duality of Forward and Inverse Light Transport
* Oriented Light-Field Windows for Scene Flow
* Photometric Stereo in a Scattering Medium
* Photometric Stereo in a Scattering Medium
* Practical Analytic Single Scattering Model for Real Time Rendering, A
* Reflectance Sharing: Predicting Appearance from a Sparse Set of Images of a Known Shape
* Robust Energy Minimization for BRDF-Invariant Shape from Light Fields
* Searching the World's Herbaria: A System for Visual Identification of Plant Species
* Shape Estimation from Shading, Defocus, and Correspondence Using Light-Field Angular Coherence
* Spacetime Stereo: A Unifying Framework for Depth from Triangulation
* SVBRDF-Invariant Shape and Reflectance Estimation from Light-Field Cameras
* theory of differential photometric stereo for unknown isotropic BRDFs, A
* Theory Of Frequency Domain Invariants: Spherical Harmonic Identities for BRDF/Lighting Transfer and Image Consistency, A
* Theory of Spherical Harmonic Identities for BRDF/Lighting Transfer and Image Consistency, A
* Time-varying Surface Appearance: Acquisition, Modeling, and Rendering
* Using specularities for recognition
* Using specularities in comparing 3D models and 2D images
* Viewpoint-Coded Structured Light
* What an image reveals about material reflectance
* What Object Motion Reveals about Shape with Unknown BRDF and Lighting
Includes: Ramamoorthi, R.[Ravi] Ramamoorthi, R.
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Ramamoorthy, A. Co Author Listing * Integrated Segmentation Technique for Interactive Image Retrieval, An
* Recognition of dynamic hand gestures
Includes: Ramamoorthy, A. Ramamoorthy, A.[Aditya]

Ramamoorthy, B. Co Author Listing * Statistical-Methods to Compare the Texture Features of Machined Surfaces

Ramamoorthy, G.[Ganesh] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Object Recognition on the Connection Machine

Ramamoorthy, S.[Subramanian] Co Author Listing * Geometric pattern matching using dynamic feature combinations

Ramamoorthy, V. Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction from partial subband images and its application in packet video transmission

Ramampiaro, H.[Heri] Co Author Listing * Event-related image retrieval: exploring geographical and temporal distribution of user tags
* Incremental Clustering based codebook construction in video copy detection, An

Ramamurthhy, M. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Environment With Gis For Part Of Thiruvallur Town Using Cartosat 1 Stereo, Pan & Resourcesat Liss 4 Mss Merged Data

Ramamurthi, B. Co Author Listing * Classified Vector Quantization of Images
* Nonlinear Space-Variant Postprocessing of Block Coded Images

Ramamurthy, K. Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Visual Interactive Modeling in the Context of Multiple-Criteria Group Decisions

Ramamurthy, K.N.[Karthikeyan Natesan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive as-natural-as-possible image stitching
* Auto-context modeling using multiple Kernel learning
* Automatic image annotation using inverse maps from semantic embeddings
* Distributed Bundle Adjustment
* Fast image registration with non-stationary Gauss-Markov random field templates
* Improved sparse coding using manifold projections
* Learning Robust Representations for Computer Vision
* Multiple Kernel Sparse Representations for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
* Optimality and stability of the K-hyperline clustering algorithm
* Persistent homology of attractors for action recognition
* Riemannian Framework for Statistical Analysis of Topological Persistence Diagrams, A
* Supervised local sparse coding of sub-image features for image retrieval
Includes: Ramamurthy, K.N.[Karthikeyan Natesan] Ramamurthy, K.N. Ramamurthy, K.N.[Karthikeyan N.]
12 for Ramamurthy, K.N.

Ramamurthy, S.[Senthil] Co Author Listing * Sampling strategies for super-resolution in multi-slice MRI

Ramamurti, V. Co Author Listing * Structural Adaptation in Mixture of Experts

Raman, A.[Anand] Co Author Listing * Beam Search Algorithm for PFSA Inference, A

Raman, B. Co Author Listing * Binary Tree Based Linear Time Fingerprint Matching
* Bioinspired Polarization Imaging Sensors: From Circuits and Optics to Signal Processing Algorithms and Biomedical Applications
* Center symmetric local binary co-occurrence pattern for texture, face and bio-medical image retrieval
* Chaos-based Robust Watermarking Algorithm For Rightful Ownership Protection, A
* Computer Vision Framework for Detecting and Preventing Human-Elephant Collisions, A
* Depth Recovery of Complex Surfaces from Texture-less Pair of Stereo Images
* Disparity estimation using fractional dual tree complex wavelet transform
* Evaluation of periocular features for kinship verification in the wild
* Fusion of submanifold and local texture features for palmprint authentication
* New Algorithms for Computing Directional Discrete Fourier Transforms
* New Fractional Random Wavelet Transform for Fingerprint Security, A
* New Image Fusion Technique Based on Directive Contrast, A
* Novel Image Encryption Framework Based on Markov Map and Singular Value Decomposition, A
* Partial Encryption on SPIHT Compressed Images
* Real Time Human Visual System Based Framework for Image Fusion
* Robust Reference-watermarking Scheme Using Wavelet Packet Transform and Bidiagonal-singular Value Decomposition
* Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on Multiresolution Fractional Fourier Transform
* Robust watermarking using fractional wavelet packet transform
* Rotation and script independent text detection from video frames using sub pixel mapping
* secure image sharing scheme based on SVD and Fractional Fourier Transform, A
* Study of finite word-length effect on the performance of watermarking methods
Includes: Raman, B. Raman, B.[Balasubramanian]
21 for Raman, B.

Raman, E. Co Author Listing * Parameter estimation from magnitude MR images

Raman, P.[Pujita] Co Author Listing * Camera Based Respiration Rate of Neonates by Modeling Movement of Chest and Abdomen Region

Raman, P.J.[P. Janaki] Co Author Listing * StegoHunter: Steganalysis of LSB Embedded Images Based on Stego-Sensitive Threshold Close Color Pair Signature

Raman, R. Co Author Listing * Overview of Techniques for Graphics Recognition, An

Raman, S.[Shanmuganathan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Content-Aware Non-photorealistic Rendering of Images
* Automatic Model Selection in Archetype Analysis
* Bottom-up segmentation for ghost-free reconstruction of a dynamic scene from multi-exposure images
* Deep Generative Filter for Motion Deblurring
* Dynamic Scene Classification Using Spatial and Temporal Cues
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Visual Saliency and Deep Learning
* Geometric Approach to Segmentation and Protein Localization in Cell Cultured Assays
* Interest Region Based Motion Magnification
* Matte-less, Variational Approach to Automatic Scene Compositing, A
* Postcapture Focusing Using Regression Forest
* Reconstruction of high contrast images for dynamic scenes
* Reflection Symmetry Axes Detection Using Multiple Model Fitting
* Revealing Hidden 3-D Reflection Symmetry
* Robust PCA-based solution to image composition using augmented Lagrange multiplier (ALM)
* Sparse Bayesian Regression for Grouped Variables in Generalized Linear Models
* Sparse Point Estimation for Bayesian Regression via Simulated Annealing
* SymmMap: Estimation of the 2-D Reflection Symmetry Map and Its Applications
* SymmSLIC: Symmetry Aware Superpixel Segmentation
* Synthesized data structure for video data: a formal specification
* Who Shot the Picture and When?
Includes: Raman, S.[Shanmuganathan] Raman, S.[Sudhir] Raman, S.
20 for Raman, S.

Raman, S.V. Co Author Listing * Hypothesizing Structures in Edge-Focused Cerebral Magnetic Resonance Images Using Graph-Theoretic Cycle Enumeration
* New Deformable Model for Boundary Tracking in Cardiac MRI and Its Application to the Detection of Intra-Ventricular Dyssynchrony, A
Includes: Raman, S.V. Raman, S.V.[Subha V.]

Raman, V.[Valliappan] Co Author Listing * Survey on Biometrics and Cancelable Biometrics Systems, A

Ramana, K.V. Co Author Listing * Statistical-Methods to Compare the Texture Features of Machined Surfaces

Ramanamurthy, D.V. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithms for Low level Vision on the Homogeneous Multiprocessor

Ramanan, A. Co Author Listing * Creating Compact and Discriminative Visual Vocabularies Using Visual Bits

Ramanan, D.[Deva] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ramanan, D.[Deva]: dramanan AT ics uci edu
* 3D Hand Pose Detection in Egocentric RGB-D Images
* 3D Human Pose Estimation = 2D Pose Estimation + Matching
* ActionVLAD: Learning Spatio-Temporal Aggregation for Action Classification
* Analysis by Synthesis: 3D Object Recognition by Object Reconstruction
* Articulated Human Detection with Flexible Mixtures of Parts
* Articulated pose estimation with flexible mixtures-of-parts
* Articulated pose estimation with tiny synthetic videos
* AutoCaption: Automatic caption generation for personal photos
* Bottom-Up and Top-Down Reasoning with Hierarchical Rectified Gaussians
* Building Models of Animals from Video
* Capturing Long-Tail Distributions of Object Subcategories
* Cascade object detection with deformable part models
* Categorizing cubes: Revisiting pose normalization
* Computational Studies of Human Motion: Part 1, Tracking and Motion Synthesis
* Depth-Based Hand Pose Estimation: Data, Methods, and Challenges
* Detecting Actions, Poses, and Objects with Relational Phraselets
* Detecting activities of daily living in first-person camera views
* Detecting, Localizing and Recovering Kinematics of Textured Animals
* Discriminative Decorrelation for Clustering and Classification
* Discriminative Models for Multi-Class Object Layout
* Discriminative models for static human-object interactions
* discriminatively trained, multiscale, deformable part model, A
* Do We Need More Training Data or Better Models for Object Detection?
* Do We Need More Training Data?
* Efficiently Scaling up Crowdsourced Video Annotation
* Efficiently Scaling Up Video Annotation with Crowdsourced Marketplaces
* Expecting the Unexpected: Training Detectors for Unusual Pedestrians with Adversarial Imposters
* Exploring Weak Stabilization for Motion Feature Extraction
* Face detection, pose estimation, and landmark localization in the wild
* Finding and tracking people from the bottom up
* Finding Tiny Faces
* First-person pose recognition using egocentric workspaces
* Globally-optimal greedy algorithms for tracking a variable number of objects
* Growing a Brain: Fine-Tuning by Increasing Model Capacity
* Guest Editorial: Video Recognition
* Histograms of Sparse Codes for Object Detection
* Increasing the density of Active Appearance Models
* large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video, A
* Layered object detection for multi-class segmentation
* Layered Object Models for Image Segmentation
* Learning Policies for Adaptive Tracking with Deep Feature Cascades
* Leveraging archival video for building face datasets
* Local Distance Functions: A Taxonomy, New Algorithms, and an Evaluation
* Look and Think Twice: Capturing Top-Down Visual Attention with Feedback Convolutional Neural Networks
* Microsoft COCO: Common Objects in Context
* Multi-scale Recognition with DAG-CNNs
* Multiresolution Models for Object Detection
* N-best maximal decoders for part models
* Need for Speed: A Benchmark for Higher Frame Rate Object Tracking
* Nonlinear Image Interpolation Through Extended Permutation Filters
* Object Detection with Discriminatively Trained Part-Based Models
* Parsing Occluded People
* Parsing Videos of Actions with Segmental Grammars
* Predicting Functional Regions on Objects
* Predictive-Corrective Networks for Action Detection
* Query-Driven Approach to Face Clustering and Tagging
* Recognizing proxemics in personal photos
* Self-Paced Learning for Long-Term Tracking
* SEMARTCam scheduler: semantics driven real-time data collection from indoor camera networks to maximize event detection
* Steerable part models
* Strike a Pose: Tracking People by Finding Stylized Poses
* Tracking as Online Decision-Making: Learning a Policy from Streaming Videos with Reinforcement Learning
* Tracking People and Recognizing Their Activities
* Tracking People by Learning Their Appearance
* Training Deformable Models for Localization
* Understanding Everyday Hands in Action from RGB-D Images
* Using Segmentation to Verify Object Hypotheses
* Using temporal coherence to build models of animals
* Visual Object Detection with Deformable Part Models
* Where's Waldo: Matching people in images of crowds
Includes: Ramanan, D.[Deva] Ramanan, D.
72 for Ramanan, D.

Ramanan, G.V.[Gurumurthi V.] Co Author Listing * Procrustes Analysis and Moore-Penrose Inverse Based Classifiers for Face Recognition

Ramanan, S. Co Author Listing * PRAM Nets for Detection of Small Targets in Sequences of Infrared Images
* Sensitivity of model-based coded video to packet losses

Ramanan, V. Co Author Listing * Feasibility of Endocardial Propagation Mapping Using Magnetic Resonance Guidance in a Swine Model, and Comparison With Standard Electroanatomic Mapping, The

Ramanandan, A. Co Author Listing * Inertial Navigation Aiding by Stationary Updates
* Real-Time Computer Vision/DGPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System for Lane-Level Vehicle Navigation

Ramanandan, S.K.[Sheshu Kalaparambathu] Co Author Listing * Modeling Distance Nonlinearity in ToF Cameras and Correction Based on Integration Time Offsets

Ramananjarasoa, C.[Clarisse] Co Author Listing * Classification of rotated and scaled textures using HMHV spectrum estimation and the Fourier-Mellin transform
* Unsupervised textured image segmentation using 2-D quarter plane autoregressive model with four prediction supports

Ramanaprasad, V. Co Author Listing * Document Image-Processing System for Name and Address Recognition
* Name and Address Block Reader System for Tax Form Processing
* System for Segmentation and Recognition of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Numeral Strings, A
* System to Read Names and Addresses on Tax Forms, A
* Text-image separation in Devanagari documents
Includes: Ramanaprasad, V. Ramanaprasad, V.[Vemulapati]

Ramanath, A.R. Co Author Listing * Image comparison measure for digital still color cameras

Ramanath, M.V.S. Co Author Listing * Improvements to a Recent 3D Border Algorithm

Ramanath, R. Co Author Listing * Band selection using independent component analysis for hyperspectral image processing
* Binary Tree-based Generic Demosaicking Algorithm for Multispectral Filter Arrays
* comparative analysis of structural risk minimization by support vector machines and nearest neighbor rule, A
* Eigenviews for object recognition in multispectral imaging systems
* Generic Binary Tree-Based Progressive Demosaicking Method for Multispectral Filter Array, A
Includes: Ramanath, R. Ramanath, R.[Rajeev]

Ramanathan, A.[Anand] Co Author Listing * Airborne Measurements of CO2 Column Concentration and Range Using a Pulsed Direct-Detection IPDA Lidar

Ramanathan, C. Co Author Listing * Heart-surface reconstruction and ECG electrodes localization using fluoroscopy, epipolar geometry and stereovision: application to noninvasive imaging of cardiac electrical activity

Ramanathan, E. Co Author Listing * Vision Based Method to Automate Map Processing, A

Ramanathan, M. Co Author Listing * Human Action Recognition With Video Data: Research and Evaluation Challenges

Ramanathan, N.[Narayanan] Co Author Listing * Face Verification Across Age Progression
* Facial similarity across age disguise illumination and pose
* How would you look as you age?
* Mobile ISR: Intelligent ISR management and exploitation for the expeditionary warfighter
* Modeling Age Progression in Young Faces
* Modeling shape and textural variations in aging faces
* Non-generative Approach for Face Recognition Across Aging, A
* Part Segmentation of Visual Hull for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Study of Face Recognition as People Age, A
Includes: Ramanathan, N.[Narayanan] Ramanathan, N.
9 for Ramanathan, N.

Ramanathan, P. Co Author Listing * Geometry refinement for light field compression
* Light field compression using disparity-compensated lifting and shape adaptation
* Multi-hypothesis Prediction for Disparity-compensated Light Field Compression
* Multi-View Coding for Image-Based Rendering Using 3-D Scene Geometry
* Rate-distortion analysis for light field coding and streaming
* Rate-distortion analysis of random access for compressed light fields
* Rate-distortion optimized streaming of compressed light fields
* Rate-distortion optimized video streaming with multiple deadlines
* Receiver-Driven Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming of Light Fields
* Shape adaptation for light field compression
* Theoretical analysis of geometry inaccuracy for light field compression
Includes: Ramanathan, P. Ramanathan, P.[Prashant]
11 for Ramanathan, P.

Ramanathan, S.[Subramanian] Co Author Listing * Eye Fixation Database for Saliency Detection in Images, An
* Human Facial Expression Recognition using a 3D Morphable Model
* Impact of vertex clustering on registration-based 3D dynamic mesh coding
* Multi-resolution streaming and rendering of 3-D dynamic data
* robust framework for aligning lecture slides with video, A
Includes: Ramanathan, S.[Subramanian] Ramanathan, S.

Ramanathan, S.K.[S. Karthick] Co Author Listing * Effective Watermarking of Digital Audio and Image Using Matlab Technique

Ramanathan, V.[Vignesh] Co Author Listing * Detecting Events and Key Actors in Multi-person Videos
* Learning semantic relationships for better action retrieval in images
* Learning Temporal Embeddings for Complex Video Analysis
* Learning to Learn from Noisy Web Videos
* Linking People in Videos with Their Names Using Coreference Resolution
* Quadtree decomposition based extended vector space model for image retrieval
* Reliable face recognition using adaptive and robust correlation filters
* Robust human authentication using appearance and holistic anthropometric features
* Social LSTM: Human Trajectory Prediction in Crowded Spaces
* Social Role Discovery in Human Events
* Socially-Aware Large-Scale Crowd Forecasting
* strategy for satellite data archival. Low noise variable-rate vector quantization with application to AVHRR satellite images: A tutorial review, A
* Video Event Understanding Using Natural Language Descriptions
Includes: Ramanathan, V.[Vignesh] Ramanathan, V.[Venkatesh] Ramanathan, V.
13 for Ramanathan, V.

Ramani, A. Co Author Listing * Rollover-Preventive Force Synthesis at Active Suspensions in a Vehicle Performing a Severe Maneuver With Wheels Lifted Off

Ramani, K.[Karthik] Co Author Listing * Center-Shift: An approach towards automatic robust mesh segmentation (ARMS)
* Collaborative Filtering Approach to Real-Time Hand Pose Estimation, A
* Computing the Inner Distances of Volumetric Models for Articulated Shape Description with a Visibility Graph
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Shape and Depth from an Engineering Database
* Deep Learning 3D Shape Surfaces Using Geometry Images
* DeepHand: Robust Hand Pose Estimation by Completing a Matrix Imputed with Deep Features
* Heat-mapping: A robust approach toward perceptually consistent mesh segmentation
* Image Representation Using Vector Wavelets
* Learning Hand Articulations by Hallucinating Heat Distribution
* Robust Hand Pose Estimation during the Interaction with an Unknown Object
* ShapeLab: A Unified Framework for 2D and 3D Shape Retrieval
* sLLE: Spherical locally linear embedding with applications to tomography
* SurfNet: Generating 3D Shape Surfaces Using Deep Residual Networks
* Temperature distribution descriptor for robust 3D shape retrieval
Includes: Ramani, K.[Karthik] Ramani, K.
14 for Ramani, K.

Ramani, R.G.[R. Geetha] Co Author Listing * Automatic prediction of Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma through retinal image analysis and data mining techniques

Ramani, S. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Edge-Preserving Image Restoration Without Boundary Artifacts
* Accelerated Regularized Estimation of MR Coil Sensitivities Using Augmented Lagrangian Methods
* Augmented Lagrangian with Variable Splitting for Faster Non-Cartesian L_1-SPIRiT MR Image Reconstruction
* Combining Ordered Subsets and Momentum for Accelerated X-Ray CT Image Reconstruction
* Cross-validation and predicted risk estimation for nonlinear iterative reweighted least-squares MRI reconstruction
* Generalized Higher Degree Total Variation (HDTV) Regularization
* Image restoration using non-circulant shift-invariant system models
* Monte-Carlo Sure: A Black-Box Optimization of Regularization Parameters for General Denoising Algorithms
* Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction With Automatic Regularization Via Monte-Carlo SURE
* Parallel MR Image Reconstruction Using Augmented Lagrangian Methods
* Recursive risk estimation for non-linear image deconvolution with a wavelet-domain sparsity constraint
* Regularization Parameter Selection for Nonlinear Iterative Image Restoration and MRI Reconstruction Using GCV and SURE-Based Methods
* Regularized Interpolation for Noisy Images
* Splitting-Based Iterative Algorithm for Accelerated Statistical X-Ray CT Reconstruction, A
Includes: Ramani, S. Ramani, S.[Sathish]
14 for Ramani, S.

Ramanishka, V. Co Author Listing * Top-Down Visual Saliency Guided by Captions

Ramanjaneyulu, K. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based oblivious image watermarking scheme using genetic algorithm

Ramanna, S.[Sheela] Co Author Listing * Learning relational facts from the web: A tolerance rough set approach

Ramanzin, M. Co Author Listing * NDVI from Landsat 8 Vegetation Indices to Study Movement Dynamics of Capra Ibex in Mountain Areas

Ramapackiyam, S.S.K. Co Author Listing * Edge detection for illumination varying images using wavelet similarity

Ramapriyan, H.K. Co Author Listing * Connected Component Labeling of Binary Images on a Mesh Connected Massively Parallel Processor
* Geoscience Data Provenance: An Overview
* Introduction to the special issue on geoscience data provenance
* Multilevel Approach to Sequential Detection of Pictorial Features, A

Ramar, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient analysis of hybrid directional lifting technique for satellite image denoising
* Impact of applying pre-processing techniques for improving classification accuracy

Ramaraj, R.[Rama] Co Author Listing * Active Shape Models and Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Echocardiography
* Interventional 3D-Angiography: Calibration, Reconstruction and Visualization System

Ramasamy, U. Co Author Listing * Mid-sagittal plane detection in brain magnetic resonance image based on multifractal techniques

Ramasso, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Automatic people detection and counting for athletic videos classification
* Human Shape-Motion Analysis In Athletics Videos for Coarse To Fine Action/Activity Recognition Using Transferable Belief Model
* Lymphocyte Segmentation Using the Transferable Belief Model
* Shape-Motion Based Athlete Tracking for Multilevel Action Recognition
* State Filtering and Change Detection Using TBM Conflict Application to Human Action Recognition in Athletics Videos

Ramasubramanian, D. Co Author Listing * Encoding and recognition of faces based on the human visual model and DCT

Ramasubramanian, V. Co Author Listing * Comments on Modified K-Means Algorithm for Vector Quantizer Design
* Fast nearest-neighbor search algorithms based on approximation-elimination search
* Fast Vector Quantization Encoding Based on K-D Tree Backtracking Search Algorithm
* framework for indexing human actions in video, A
* Towards fast, view-invariant human action recognition

Ramasubramonian, A.K.[Adarsh K.] Co Author Listing * Distortion-optimal receiver grouping for MD-FEC coded video streaming
* Overview of SHVC: Scalable Extensions of the High Efficiency Video Coding Standard
Includes: Ramasubramonian, A.K.[Adarsh K.] Ramasubramonian, A.K.

Ramaswami, M.[Mani] Co Author Listing * Gaussian mixture models for spots in microscopy using a new split/merge em algorithm

Ramaswami, M.D. Co Author Listing * Rule-Based 3D Object Recognition from Range Images

Ramaswami, P. Co Author Listing * Real-Time 3D Ladar Imaging

Ramaswami, S.[Suneeta] Co Author Listing * On Computing General Position Views of Data in Three Dimensions

Ramaswamy, A.[Arun] Co Author Listing * Methods and apparatus to count people appearing in an image
* mixed transform approach for efficient compression of medical images, A
Includes: Ramaswamy, A.[Arun] Ramaswamy, A.

Ramaswamy, G.[Ganesh] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual speech synchronization detection using a bimodal linear prediction model

Ramaswamy, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Axes-Generation Algorithm for 3D Tubular Structures

Ramaswamy, S.[Sharadh] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Cluster-Distance Bounding for Nearest Neighbor Search in Image Databases
* Efficient algorithms for mining outliers from large data sets
* Fast adaptive Mahalanobis distance-based search and retrieval in image databases
* Towards Optimal Indexing for Relevance Feedback in Large Image Databases
Includes: Ramaswamy, S.[Sharadh] Ramaswamy, S.[Sridhar]

Ramaswamy, V. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Wavelets in Embedded Zerotree-Based Lossless Image Coding Schemes
* Preface, Video Analysis
Includes: Ramaswamy, V. Ramaswamy, V.[Veeru]

Ramaswamy, V.N. Co Author Listing * Context-based lossless image coding using EZW framework
* Feature preserving image compression
Includes: Ramaswamy, V.N. Ramaswamy, V.N.[Veeru N.]

Ramat, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Identification and Recognition of Objects in Color Stereo Images Using a Hierachial SOM

Ramatschi, M. Co Author Listing * Coastal Sea-Level Measurements Based on GNSS-R Phase Altimetry: A Case Study at the Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden

Ramay, S.M.[Shahid Mahmood] Co Author Listing * Exploration of connectivity with SEM: An fMRI study of resting state
* novel method for detection of voxels for decision making: An fMRI study, A
Includes: Ramay, S.M.[Shahid Mahmood] Ramay, S.M.[Shahid M.]

Ramayah, B.[Bavani] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Visually Impaired Users' Navigation Techniques in Complex and Non-complex Layout by Using Spectrum

Ramazani, A.[Azam] Co Author Listing * CANS: context-aware traffic estimation and navigation system

Ramb, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Multi-cycle Reconstruction of Cardiac MRI for the Analysis of Inter-ventricular Septum Motion During Free Breathing

Rambabu, C.[Chinta] Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate extraction of moving object silhouette for personalized Virtual Reality Studio @ Home
* Flooding-based watershed algorithm and its prototype hardware architecture
Includes: Rambabu, C.[Chinta] Rambabu, C.

Rambabu, K. Co Author Listing * Imaging of Oil-Well Perforations Using UWB Synthetic Aperture Radar

Rambach, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Collaborative multi-camera face recognition and tracking

Rambal, S.[Serge] Co Author Listing * Soil Drought Anomalies in MODIS GPP of a Mediterranean Broadleaved Evergreen Forest

Rambaldelli, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Schizophrenia Detection by Multiclassification Analysis

Rambaruth, R.[Ratna] Co Author Listing * Face detection

Rambhatla, S.S. Co Author Listing * Camera based estimation of respiration rate by analyzing shape and size variation of structured light
* Remote monitoring of camera based respiration rate estimated by using occlusion of dot pattern

Rambhia, A.[Avni] Co Author Listing * MPEG-4-Based Automatic Fine Granularity Personalization of Broadcast Multimedia Content

Rambli, D.R.A.[Dayang Rohaya Awang] Co Author Listing * Advances in Mobile Augmented Reality from User Experience Perspective: A Review of Studies
* Conceptual Design of Spatial Calibration for Optical See-Through Head Mounted Display Using Electroencephalographic Signal Processing on Eye Tracking, A
* Design Framework for Sketch Based Technique in 3D Navigation of Cluttered Virtual Environment
* Designing Persuasive Stroke Rehabilitation Game: An Analysis of Persuasion Context
* User Experience Satisfaction of Mobile-Based AR Advertising Applications

Rambli, D.R.B.A.[Dayang Rohaya Bt Awang] Co Author Listing * Design Architecture for IMPlayer as a Tool for Supporting Visual Education Presentation

Ramchandran, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive wavelet packet image coding using an estimation-quantization framework
* Best Wavelet Packet Bases in a Rate-Distortion Sense
* Bit allocation for dependent quantization with applications to multiresolution and MPEG video coders
* Capacity issues in digital image watermarking
* Circulant structures and graph signal processing
* Coding of Image Feature Descriptors for Distributed Rate-efficient Visual Correspondences
* Combined multiresolution source coding and modulation for digital broadcast of HDTV
* Comparative Study of DCT- and Wavelet-Based Image Coding, A
* Complexity-outsourced low-latency video encoding through feedback under a sum-rate constraint
* Compression of cDNA and inkjet microarray images
* Distributed Compression for Sensor Networks
* Distributed multimedia transmission from multiple servers
* Dither-based secure image hashing using distributed coding
* Efficient Layered Video Delivery Over Multicarrier Systems Using Optimized Embedded Modulation
* Efficient Terrain Data Representation for 3D Rendering Using the Generalized BFOS Algorithm
* Enhancing peer-to-peer live multicast quality using helpers
* Estimation error bounds for denoising by sparse approximation
* factor graph framework for semantic indexing and retrieval in video, A
* Forward error correction (FEC) codes based multiple description coding for internet video streaming and multicast
* Frame-bufferless sum-rate constrained video encoding using feedback
* Frequency-Shift-Invariant Orthonormal Wavelet Packet Representations
* High-Speed Action Recognition and Localization in Compressed Domain Videos
* Hybrid Compressed-Uncompressed Framework for Wireless Image Transmission, A
* Image Coding Based on a Morphological Representation of Wavelet Data
* Information-Theoretic Bounds on Target Recognition Performance Based on Degraded Image Data
* Inverse Halftoning Using Wavelets
* Joint source channel matching for a wireless image transmission
* Joint Thresholding and Quantizer Selection for Transform Image-Coding: Entropy-Constrained Analysis and Applications to Base-Line JPEG
* Low-Complexity Image Denoising Based on Statistical Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients
* Multi-camera Video Resolution Enhancement by Fusion of Spatial Disparity and Temporal Motion fields
* Multicast and unicast real-time video streaming over wireless LANs
* Multiple Description Wavelet Based Image Coding
* Nonlinear constrained least squares estimation to reduce artifacts in block transform-coded images
* On Compression of Encrypted Images
* On decoder-latency versus performance tradeoffs in differential predictive coding
* On low-complexity video encoding through feedback
* Optimal supports for linear predictive models
* Optimal trellis-based buffered compression and fast approximations
* Optimized filtering and reconstruction in predictive quantization with losses
* PRISM: A Reversed Multimedia Coding Paradigm
* PRISM: A Video Coding Paradigm With Motion Estimation at the Decoder
* Rate-distortion optimal fast thresholding with complete JPEG/MPEG decoder compatibility
* Rate-efficient visual correspondences using random projections
* Robust Distributed Multiview Video Compression for Wireless Camera Networks
* Robust Image Transmission over Energy-Constrained Time-Varying Channels Using Multiresolution Joint Source-Channel Coding
* Robust turbo-based data hiding for image and video sources
* Robust Video Transmission With Distributed Source Coded Auxiliary Channel
* Scaling Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand systems using helpers
* simple algorithm for removing blocking artifacts in block-transform coded images, A
* Syndrome-Based Robust Video Transmission Over Networks with Bursty Losses
* Transform Image Coding Based on Joint Adaptation of Filter Banks and Tree Structures
* View Synthesis for Robust Distributed Video Compression in Wireless Camera Networks
* VSYNC: Bandwidth-Efficient and Distortion-Tolerant Video File Synchronization
* Watermarking Based on Duality with Distributed Source Coding and Robust Optimization Principles
* Wavelet based image coding via morphological prediction of significance
* Wavelet denoising by recursive cycle spinning
* Wavelets, Subband Coding, and Best Bases
Includes: Ramchandran, K. Ramchandran, K.[Kannan]
57 for Ramchandran, K.

Ramchandran, K.N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Transforms for Image-Coding Using Spatially Varying Wavelet Packets
* Binary Markov Model for the Quantized Wavelet Coefficients of Images and Its Rate/Distortion Optimization, A
* Hierarchical Backward Motion Compensation for Wavelet Video Coding Using Optimized Interpolation Filters
* Investigation of Wavelet-Based Image-Coding Using an Entropy-Constrained Quantization Framework, An
* Joint Space-Frequency Segmentation Using Balanced Wavelet Packet Trees for Least-Cost Image Representation
* Low-Complexity Region-Based Video Coder Using Backward Morphological Motion Field Segmentation
* Low-Complexity Region-Based Video Compression Framework Using Morphology, A
* optimal and efficient soft caching algorithm for network image retrieval, An
* Optimal multiple description subband coding
* Scalable Wavelet Video Coding Using Aliasing-Reduced Hierarchical Motion Compensation
* Space-frequency quantization for a space-varying wavelet packet image coder
* Space-Frequency Quantization for Wavelet Image-Coding
* Wavelet Packet Image-Coding Using Space-Frequency Quantization
* Wavelet packets-based image coding using joint space-frequency quantization
14 for Ramchandran, K.N.

Ramchurn, S.D. Co Author Listing * Behavioural Biometrics Using Electricity Load Profiles
* Managing Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid Using Artificial Intelligence: A Survey
* On the distinctiveness of the electricity load profile

Ramdane, S. Co Author Listing * Arabic hand-written text-line extraction
* Classification of forms with handwritten fields by planar hidden Markov models
Includes: Ramdane, S. Ramdane, S.[Saïd]

Ramdani, F.[Fatwa] Co Author Listing * Historical Urban Land Use Transformation in Virtual Geo-Library

Ramdani, M. Co Author Listing * Online Quality measurement of face localization obtained by neural networks trained with Zernike moments feature vectors
* Twelve Numerical Symbolic and Hybrid Supervised Classification Methods

Ramdani, N. Co Author Listing * Camera calibration and 3D reconstruction using interval analysis

Ramdani, S.[Sofiane] Co Author Listing * Estimation of uncertainty for Harris corner detector
* Statistical behavior of edge detectors
* Sub-pixel Edge Fitting Using B-Spline
* Subpixel edge refinement using deformable models

Ramdas, V. Co Author Listing * Effective Clustering Technique for Feature-Extraction, An

Rame, A. Co Author Listing * Leveraging Weakly Annotated Data for Fashion Image Retrieval and Label Prediction
Includes: Rame, A. Ramé, A.

Rameau, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * 6-DOF Direct Homography Tracking with Extended Kalman Filter
* All-Around Depth from Small Motion with a Spherical Panoramic Camera
* Intelligent Assistant for People with Low Vision Abilities
* Pixel-Level Matching for Video Object Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Real-Time Vehicular Vision System to Seamlessly See-Through Cars, A
* Robust Road Marking Detection and Recognition Using Density-Based Grouping and Machine Learning Techniques
* Self-calibration of a PTZ Camera Using New LMI Constraints
* Tracking moving objects with a catadioptric sensor using particle filter
Includes: Rameau, F.[Francois] Rameau, F.[François] Rameau, F.
8 for Rameau, F.

Ramehandran, K. Co Author Listing * Towards a theory for video coding using distributed compression principles

Ramel, J.Y.[Jean Yves] Co Author Listing * Accurate junction detection and characterization in line-drawing images
* Accurate junction detection and reconstruction in line-drawing images
* AGORA: the Interactive Document Image Analysis Tool of the BVH Project
* Anytime graph matching
* Bezier Curves as a Tool to Describe Kinetic Drawings
* combined topological and statistical approach for interactive segmentation of 3D images, A
* Combining global and local vision for technical document understanding
* Comparative study of conventional time series matching techniques for word spotting
* Comparison between 2D and 3D Local Binary Pattern Methods for Characterisation of Three-Dimensional Textures
* Content Spotting System for Line Drawing Graphic Document Images, A
* Dedicated Texture Based Tools for Characterisation of Old Books
* Detection, extraction and representation of tables
* Document Classification in a Non-stationary Environment: A One-Class SVM Approach
* Document image characterization using a multiresolution analysis of the texture: application to old documents
* efficient tree structure for indexing feature vectors, An
* Estimation of User Specific Parameters in One-class Problems
* Exemplary Sequence Cardinality: An effective application for word spotting
* Fast Nearest Neighbors Search in Graph Space Based on a Branch-and-Bound Strategy
* Fast Word Retrieval Technique Based on Kernelized Locality Sensitive Hashing, A
* Flexible Sequence Matching technique: An effective learning-free approach for word spotting
* framework of perceptual features for the characterisation of 3D textured images, A
* Fuzzy multilevel graph embedding
* Fuzzy-Interval Based Approach for Explicit Graph Embedding, A
* Graph Based Shapes Representation and Recognition
* Graph Database Repository and Performance Evaluation Metrics for Graph Edit Distance, A
* Graph edit distance contest: Results and future challenges
* Graphic Symbol Recognition Using Graph Based Signature and Bayesian Network Classifier
* Human Understandable Features for Segmentation of Solid Texture
* Improving DTW for Online Handwritten Signature Verification
* Improving Fuzzy Multilevel Graph Embedding through Feature Selection Technique
* Interactive Segmentation of 3D Images Using a Region Adjacency Graph Representation
* multi-one-class dynamic classifier for adaptive digitization of document streams, A
* New Features for Authentication by On-Line Handwritten Signatures
* Performance evaluation of DTW and its variants for word spotting in degraded documents
* Proposition of Retrieval Tools for Historical Document Images Libraries, A
* Robust Symbol Localization Based on Junction Features and Efficient Geometry Consistency Checking
* Signature Based Document Retrieval Using GHT of Background Information
* structural representation for understanding line-drawing images, A
* Subgraph Spotting through Explicit Graph Embedding: An Application to Content Spotting in Graphic Document Images
* Text/graphic labelling of ancient printed documents
* Two-Stage Approach for Word Spotting in Graphical Documents, A
* User Classification for Keystroke Dynamics Authentication
* User-driven page layout analysis of historical printed books
* Vector Representation of Graphs: Application to the Classification of Symbols and Letters
* Vectorial Representation for the Indexation of Structural Informations, A
* Word Retrieval in Historical Document Using Character-Primitives
* Word Spotting in Bangla and English Graphical Documents
* Word spotting in historical documents using primitive codebook and dynamic programming
Includes: Ramel, J.Y.[Jean Yves] Ramel, J.Y.[Jean-Yves] Ramel, J.Y.
48 for Ramel, J.Y.

Ramella, G.[Guiliana] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine Skeletons from Grey-Level Pyramids
* Color Histogram-Based Image Segmentation
* Color Quantization by Multiresolution Analysis
* Delineation of elongated sub-patterns in a piecewise constant foreground
* Detecting Foreground Components in Grey Level Images for Shift Invariant and Topology Preserving Pyramids
* Finding Contour-Based Abstractions of Planar Patterns
* Finding Grey-Skeletons by Iterated Pixel Removal
* Hierarchical Decomposition of Multiscale Skeletons
* Multiresolution Histogram Analysis for Color Reduction
* On the Multiscale Representation of 2D and 3D Shapes
* Perceptual-Based Color Quantization
* Permanence-based shape decomposition in binary pyramids
* Shape and topology preserving multi-valued image pyramids for multi-resolution skeletonization
* Sketching a Grey-Tone Pattern from Its Distance Transform
* Spatial Resolution and Distance Information for Color Quantization
* Using resolution pyramids for watershed image segmentation
* Using top-down and bottom-up analysis for a multi-scale skeleton hierarchy
Includes: Ramella, G.[Guiliana] Ramella, G.[Giuliana] Ramella, G.
17 for Ramella, G.

Ramenahalli, S.[Sudarshan] Co Author Listing * 3D visualization of cardiac tagged magnetic resonance image data using Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS)

Ramer, M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of textured cell images based on frequency analysis

Ramer, U.[Urs] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Line Structures from Photographs of Curved Objects
* Iterative Procedure for the Polygonal Approximation of Plane Curves, An
* Strip Trees: A Hierarchical Representation for Curves
* Transformation of Photographic Images into Stroke Arrays, The
Includes: Ramer, U.[Urs] Ramer, U.

Ramesh, B.[Bharath] Co Author Listing * Biologically Inspired Composite Vision System for Multiple Depth-of-field Vehicle Tracking and Speed Detection
* Multiple object cues for high performance vector quantization
* Shape classification using invariant features and contextual information in the bag-of-words model
Includes: Ramesh, B.[Bharath] Ramesh, B.

Ramesh, G. Co Author Listing * Multi-source combined-media video tracking for summarization

Ramesh, H. Co Author Listing * EXhype: A tool for mineral classification using hyperspectral data

Ramesh, L.[Lekshmi] Co Author Listing * R-SpaRCS: An algorithm for foreground-background separation of compressively-sensed surveillance videos

Ramesh, M. Co Author Listing * Labeled faces in the wild: A database for studying face recognition in unconstrained environments

Ramesh, N. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for a Fast Confocal Optical Inspection System
* Cell tracking using particle filters with implicit convex shape model in 4D confocal microscopy images
* Feature Identification as an Aid to Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Flexible Shape Recognition Approach Through Hashing, A
* Local Association Based Recognition of Two-Dimensional Objects
* SSHMT: Semi-supervised Hierarchical Merge Tree for Electron Microscopy Image Segmentation
* Three-dimensional alignment and merging of confocal microscopy stacks
* Thresholding Based on Histogram Approximation
Includes: Ramesh, N. Ramesh, N.[Nisha] Ramesh, N.[Nagarajan]
8 for Ramesh, N.

Ramesh, P. Co Author Listing * Deep Multimodal Representation Learning from Temporal Data
* Deep Temporal Multimodal Fusion for Medical Procedure Monitoring Using Wearable Sensors
* Segmentation- and Annotation-Free License Plate Recognition With Deep Localization and Failure Identification

Ramesh, S. Co Author Listing * Multicast with cache (Mcache): An adaptive zero-delay video-on-demand service

Ramesh, S.R. Co Author Listing * generalized character recognition algorithm: A graphical approach, A

Ramesh, V.[Visvanathan] Co Author Listing * email: Ramesh, V.[Visvanathan]: rameshv AT scr siemens com
* Adaptive Resolution System for Distributed Surveillance
* Automatic Selection of Tuning Parameters for Feature Extraction Sequences
* Background modeling and subtraction of dynamic scenes
* Band Processing Imaging Library for a TriCore-Based Digital Still Camera, A
* Bayesian Color Constancy for Outdoor Object Recognition
* Bayesian corner detector, A
* Bayesian Corner Detector: Theory and Performance Evaluation, A
* Bilattice-based Logical Reasoning for Human Detection
* class of photometric invariants: separating material from shape and illumination, A
* Component Fusion for Face Detection in the Presence of Heteroscedastic Noise
* Computer Vision Performance Characterization
* Corner Detection Using the Map Technique
* Design, analysis, and engineering of video monitoring systems: An approach and a case study
* Discrete texture traces: Topological representation of geometric context
* Error Analysis of Background Adaption
* Error Characterization of the Factorization Method
* Error-metrics for Camera Ego-motion Estimation
* Explicit 3D Modeling for Vehicle Monitoring in Non-overlapping Cameras
* Fast Crowd Segmentation Using Shape Indexing
* Fusion of Color, Shading and Boundary Information for Factory Pipe Segmentation
* Gradient Vector Flow Fast Geodesic Active Contours
* Groundtruthing The RADIUS Model-Board Imagery
* Illumination compensation based change detection using order consistency
* Image Understanding Environments Program, The
* Integrated Gradient Edge Detector -- Theory and Performance Evaluation, An
* Intensity-augmented Ordinal Measure for Visual Correspondence, An
* Interactive Optimization of 3D Shape and 2D Correspondence Using Multiple Geometric Constraints via POCS
* Inversion attack resilient zero-watermarking scheme for medical image authentication
* IUE Data Exchange: Status and Experiments
* Kernel-based object tracking
* Knowledge-based registration & segmentation of the left ventricle: A level set approach
* Learn to Track Edges
* Matching Distance Functions: A Shape-to-Area Variational Approach for Global-to-Local Registration
* Mean Shift and Optimal Prediction for Efficient Object Tracking
* Methodology for Automatic Selection of IU Algorithm Tuning Parameters, A
* MRF-based Approach for Real-Time Subway Monitoring, A
* Multimodal Data Representations with Parameterized Local Structures
* Multivariate Saddle Point Detection for Statistical Clustering
* MUSER: A prototype musical score recognition system using mathematical morphology
* Non-rigid registration using distance functions
* On Channel Reliability Measure Training for Multi-Camera Face Recognition
* On Optimizing Template Matching via Performance Characterization
* On the Small Sample Performance of Boosted Classifiers
* Order consistent change detection via fast statistical significance testing
* Parametric and Non-parametric Methods for Linear Extraction
* Parametric Representations for Nonlinear Modeling of Visual Data
* Performance characterization in computer vision: A guide to best practices
* Performance Characterization of Edge Detectors
* Performance Characterization of Edge Operators
* Predicate Logic Based Image Grammars for Complex Pattern Recognition
* Prior-Constrained Scale-Space Mean Shift
* Random perturbation models and performance characterization in computer vision
* Random Perturbation Models for Boundary Extraction Sequence
* Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects using Mean Shift
* Real-time video object generation for smart cameras
* Real-Time Vision at Siemens Corporate Research
* Robust Detection and Tracking of Human Faces with an Active Camera
* Smart cameras with real-time video object generation
* Statistical Calibration of the CCD Imaging Process
* Statistical Characterization of Morphological Operator Sequences
* Statistical Modeling and Performance Characterization of a Real-Time Dual Camera Surveillance System
* Sudden illumination change detection using order consistency
* Systematic Design and Analysis Cycle of a Vision System: A Case Study in Video Surveillance, The
* Texture Replacement in Real Images
* Topology Free Hidden Markov Models: Application to Background Modeling
* Tunable Kernels for Tracking
* Variable Bandwidth Mean Shift and Data-Driven Scale Selection, The
Includes: Ramesh, V.[Visvanathan] Ramesh, V.
68 for Ramesh, V.

Ramesh, V.E. Co Author Listing * Off-line signature verification using genetically optimized weighted features

Rameshan, R.M. Co Author Listing * EgoTracker: Pedestrian Tracking with Re-identification in Egocentric Videos
* High dynamic range imaging under noisy observations
* Object Triggered Egocentric Video Summarization
Includes: Rameshan, R.M. Rameshan, R.M.[Renu M.]

Ramey, N.A.[Nicholas A.] Co Author Listing * Real-time 3D Surface Tracking and Its Applications

Ramezani, A. Co Author Listing * Distributed maximum likelihood estimation for flow and speed density prediction in distributed traffic detectors with gaussian mixture model assumption

Ramezani, M. Co Author Listing * Joint Sparse Representation of Brain Activity Patterns in Multi-Task fMRI Data
* Learning-Based Multi-Label Segmentation of Transrectal Ultrasound Images for Prostate Brachytherapy
* Optimal Perimeter Control for Two Urban Regions With Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams: A Model Predictive Approach

Ramezanpour, M.[Mohammadreza] Co Author Listing * Fast CU size and prediction mode decision method for HEVC encoder based on spatial features
* Fast HEVC I-frame coding based on strength of dominant direction of CUs

Rami Shojaei, S.[Sabrina] Co Author Listing * Automatic analysis of 2D foam sequences: Application to the characterization of aqueous proteins foams stability
* H-thinning for gray-scale images
Includes: Rami Shojaei, S.[Sabrina] Rami-Shojaei, S.[Sabrina]

Rami, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Rotation-Invariant texture retrieval using a steerable Gaussian copula model
* Texture Retrieval Using Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence and Generalized Gaussian Mixtures
* Texture retrieval using mixtures of generalized Gaussian distribution and Cauchy-Schwarz divergence in wavelet domain

Ramic Brkic, B. Co Author Listing * Virtual Museum Applications and Their Public Perception in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Includes: Ramic Brkic, B. Ramic-Brkic, B.

Ramicic, M.[Mirza] Co Author Listing * Entropy-based prioritized sampling in Deep Q-learning

Ramig, P.F. Co Author Listing * Identification of Human Face Profiles by Computer
* Machine Identification of Human Faces

Ramik, D.M.[Dominik Maximilian] Co Author Listing * From visual patterns to semantic description: A cognitive approach using artificial curiosity as the foundation
* Image segmentation on spherical coordinate representation of RGB colour space
* Spherical coordinates framed RGB color space dichromatic reflection model based image segmentation: Application to wildland fires' outlines extraction
Includes: Ramik, D.M.[Dominik Maximilian] Ramík, D.M.[Dominik Maximilián] Ramik, D.M.

Ramillah, M. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Environment With Gis For Part Of Thiruvallur Town Using Cartosat 1 Stereo, Pan & Resourcesat Liss 4 Mss Merged Data

Ramillien, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Application of the Regional Water Mass Variations from GRACE Satellite Gravimetry to Large-Scale Water Management in Africa
* Surface Freshwater Storage Variations in the Orinoco Floodplains Using Multi-Satellite Observations

Ramirez Acosta, A.A.[Alejandro Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spatial Concealment of Damaged Coded Images
* Comparative Study of Robust Segmentation Algorithms for Iris Verification System of High Reliability, A
* Concealing Damaged Coded Images Using Improved FSE with Critical Support Area
* Local Quality Method for the Iris Image Pattern
Includes: Ramirez Acosta, A.A.[Alejandro Alvaro] Ramírez-Acosta, A.A.[Alejandro Alvaro] Ramírez-Acosta, A.A.[Alejandro A.]

Ramirez Agundis, A.[Agustin] Co Author Listing * wavelet-VQ system for real-time video compression, A
Includes: Ramirez Agundis, A.[Agustin] Ramirez-Agundis, A.[Agustin]

Ramirez Alonso, G. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the background modeling method Auto-Adaptive Parallel Neural Network Architecture in the SBMnet dataset
* Segmentation of dynamic objects in video sequences fusing the strengths of a background subtraction model, optical flow and matting algorithms
* Temporal weighted learning model for background estimation with an automatic re-initialization stage and adaptive parameters update
Includes: Ramirez Alonso, G. Ramirez-Alonso, G. Ramirez-Alonso, G.[Graciela]

Ramirez Amaro, K.[Karinne] Co Author Listing * Transferring skills to humanoid robots by extracting semantic representations from observations of human activities
Includes: Ramirez Amaro, K.[Karinne] Ramirez-Amaro, K.[Karinne]

Ramirez Corona, M.[Mallinali] Co Author Listing * Non-temporal Approach for Gesture Recognition Using Microsoft Kinect, A
Includes: Ramirez Corona, M.[Mallinali] Ramírez-Corona, M.[Mallinali]

Ramirez Cortes, J.M. Co Author Listing * foveation technique applied to face de-identification, A
Includes: Ramirez Cortes, J.M. Ramírez-Cortes, J.M.

Ramirez Cruz, Y.[Yunior] Co Author Listing * CICE-BCubed: A New Evaluation Measure for Overlapping Clustering Algorithms
* new micro-objects-based evaluation measure for co-clustering algorithms, A
Includes: Ramirez Cruz, Y.[Yunior] Ramírez-Cruz, Y.[Yunior]

Ramirez Garcia, G. Co Author Listing * Simple linear vision module for micro mobile robot applications
Includes: Ramirez Garcia, G. Ramirez-Garcia, G.

Ramirez Gonzalez, I. Co Author Listing * When the virtual influences reality. The conservation project of the Toledo Gate in Ciudad Real (Spain)
Includes: Ramirez Gonzalez, I. Ramírez González, I.

Ramirez Lopez, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing from Ground to Space Platforms Associated with Terrain Attributes as a Hybrid Strategy on the Development of a Pedological Map
Includes: Ramirez Lopez, L.[Leonardo] Ramirez-Lopez, L.[Leonardo]

Ramirez Manzanares, A.[Alonso] Co Author Listing * Basis Tensor Decomposition for Restoring Intra-Voxel Structure and Stochastic Walks for Inferring Brain Connectivity in DT-MRI
* Diffusion Basis Functions Decomposition for Estimating White Matter Intravoxel Fiber Geometry
* Improved Diffusion Basis Functions Fitting and Metric Distance for Brain Axon Fiber Estimation
* Quantitative Comparison of Reconstruction Methods for Intra-Voxel Fiber Recovery From Diffusion MRI
* Robust regularization for the estimation of intra-voxel axon fiber orientations
* Variational Approach for Multi-valued Velocity Field Estimation in Transparent Sequences, A
* Variational Multi-Valued Velocity Field Estimation for Transparent Sequences
Includes: Ramirez Manzanares, A.[Alonso] Ramirez-Manzanares, A.[Alonso] Ramirez-Manzanares, A. Ramírez-Manzanares, A.[Alonso]
7 for Ramirez Manzanares, A.

Ramirez Nunez, C. Co Author Listing * Lateral Flooding Associated To Wave Flood Generation On River Surface
Includes: Ramirez Nunez, C. Ramírez-Núñez, C.

Ramirez Ortegon, M.A.[Marte A.] Co Author Listing * analysis of the transition proportion for binarization in handwritten historical documents, An
* model for the gray-intensity distribution of historical handwritten documents and its application for binarization, A
* Objective Method to Evaluate Stroke-Width Measures for Binarized Documents, An
* optimization for binarization methods by removing binary artifacts, An
* Quantile Linear Algorithm for Robust Binarization of Digitalized Letters
* Transition pixel: A concept for binarization based on edge detection and gray-intensity histograms
* Transition thresholds and transition operators for binarization and edge detection
* Transition Thresholds for Binarization of Historical Documents
* Unsupervised Evaluation Methods Based on Local Gray-Intensity Variances for Binarization of Historical Documents
* Unsupervised measures for parameter selection of binarization algorithms
Includes: Ramirez Ortegon, M.A.[Marte A.] Ramírez-Ortegón, M.A.[Marte A.] Ramirez-Ortegon, M.A. Ramirez-Ortegon, M.A.[Marte A.]
10 for Ramirez Ortegon, M.A.

Ramirez Paredes, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * fuzzy inference approach to template-based visual tracking, A
Includes: Ramirez Paredes, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Ramirez-Paredes, J.P.[Juan-Pablo]

Ramirez Quintana, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Edge Detection in Time Variant Scenarios Based on a Novel Perceptual Method and a Gestalt Spiking Cortical Model
* Segmentation of video background regions based on a DTCNN-clustering approach
Includes: Ramirez Quintana, J.[Juan] Ramírez-Quintana, J.[Juan] Ramirez-Quintana, J.[Juan]

Ramirez Quintana, J.A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the background modeling method Auto-Adaptive Parallel Neural Network Architecture in the SBMnet dataset
* Self-adaptive SOM-CNN neural system for dynamic object detection in normal and complex scenarios
* Temporal weighted learning model for background estimation with an automatic re-initialization stage and adaptive parameters update
Includes: Ramirez Quintana, J.A. Ramirez-Quintana, J.A. Ramirez-Quintana, J.A.[Juan Alberto] Ramirez-Quintana, J.A.[Juan A.]

Ramirez Ramirez, L.L.[Lilia L.] Co Author Listing * analysis of the transition proportion for binarization in handwritten historical documents, An
* model for the gray-intensity distribution of historical handwritten documents and its application for binarization, A
* Transition pixel: A concept for binarization based on edge detection and gray-intensity histograms
Includes: Ramirez Ramirez, L.L.[Lilia L.] Ramírez-Ramírez, L.L.[Lilia L.] Ramirez-Ramirez, L.L.[Lilia L.]

Ramirez Rivera, A.[Adin] Co Author Listing * Moving Edge Segment Matching for the Detection of Moving Object
* Object detection through edge behavior modeling
Includes: Ramirez Rivera, A.[Adin] Ramirez-Rivera, A.[Adin]

Ramirez Rozo, T.J.[Thomas J.] Co Author Listing * Non-referenced Quality Assessment of Image Processing Methods in Infrared Non-destructive Testing
Includes: Ramirez Rozo, T.J.[Thomas J.] Ramírez-Rozo, T.J.[Thomas J.]

Ramirez Rubio, R.[Rogelio] Co Author Listing * Pattern classification using smallest normalized difference associative memory
Includes: Ramirez Rubio, R.[Rogelio] Ramírez-Rubio, R.[Rogelio]

Ramirez Serrano, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Environment Classification for Indoor/Outdoor Robotic Mapping
* Mobile-Target Tracking via Highly-Maneuverable VTOL UAVs with EO Vision
Includes: Ramirez Serrano, A.[Alejandro] Ramirez-Serrano, A.[Alejandro] Ramirez-Serrano, A.[Alex]

Ramirez Torres, J.G.[Jose Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Airborne Agent, An
Includes: Ramirez Torres, J.G.[Jose Gabriel] Ramírez-Torres, J.G.[José Gabriel]

Ramirez Velez, M. Co Author Listing * Integration of Spatial and Spectral Information by Means of Unsupervised Extraction and Classification for Homogenous Objects Applied to Multispectral and Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Ramirez Velez, M. Ramirez-Velez, M.

Ramirez, A.[Apolinar] Co Author Listing * Egomotion Estimation as an Appearance-Based Classification Problem
* Go with the Flow: Improving Multi-view Vehicle Detection with Motion Cues
* Quality Assessment of Roof Planes Extracted from Height Data for Solar Energy Systems by the EAGLE Platform
* Spectral Image Classification From Optimal Coded-Aperture Compressive Measurements
* Spectral Image Unmixing From Optimal Coded-Aperture Compressive Measurements
* Statistical Background Modeling: An Edge Segment Based Moving Object Detection Approach
Includes: Ramirez, A.[Apolinar] Ramírez, A.[Apolinar] Ramirez, A.[Alfredo] Ramirez, A.[Alberto] Ramirez, A.

Ramirez, B.[Berenice] Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation and Recent Advances of Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation Methods for Video Coding

Ramirez, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Extrapolating Forest Canopy Fuel Properties in the California Rim Fire by Combining Airborne LiDAR and Landsat OLI Data
* Forecasting Cash Demand in ATM Using Neural Networks and Least Square Support Vector Machine
* Image inpainting in micrometeorological analysis
* L1 minimization algorithm for non-smooth regularization in image processing, An
Includes: Ramirez, C.[Carlos] Ramírez, C.[Cristián]

Ramirez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * random monogenic signal, The

Ramirez, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Robust Asymmetric Adaboost
Includes: Ramirez, F.[Felipe] Ramírez, F.[Felipe]

Ramirez, F.A. Co Author Listing * Earth Observation Technology Cluster, The
* Testing the Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Measure Forest Canopy Gap Fraction
Includes: Ramirez, F.A. Ramirez, F.A.[F. Alberto]

Ramirez, F.J.R.[Francisco J. Romero] Co Author Listing * Novel Methodology to Estimate Single-Tree Biophysical Parameters from 3D Digital Imagery Compared to Aerial Laser Scanner Data, A
Includes: Ramirez, F.J.R.[Francisco J. Romero] Ramírez, F.J.R.[Francisco J. Romero]

Ramirez, G.A.[Geovany A.] Co Author Listing * Color Analysis of Facial Skin: Detection of Emotional State
* Face Detection in Low-Resolution Color Images
* Face Detection Using Combinations of Classifiers
* Multi-Pose Face Detection with Asymmetric Haar Features
* Street Detection with Asymmetric Haar Features
Includes: Ramirez, G.A.[Geovany A.] Ramírez, G.A.[Geovany A.]

Ramirez, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Bi-clustering via MDL-Based Matrix Factorization
* Classification and clustering via dictionary learning with structured incoherence and shared features
* Dude Framework for Continuous Tone Image Denoising, The
* EEG Signal Pre-Processing for the P300 Speller
* iDUDE Framework for Grayscale Image Denoising, The
* Interleaved Quantization for Near-Lossless Image Coding
* Pattern Recognition in Latin America in the 'Big Data' Era
* Universal Regularizers for Robust Sparse Coding and Modeling
Includes: Ramirez, I.[Ignacio] Ramírez, I.[Ignacio] Ramirez, I.
8 for Ramirez, I.

Ramirez, J. Co Author Listing * Applications of Gaussian mixture models and mean squared error within DatSCAN SPECT imaging
* Functional brain image classification using association rules defined over discriminant regions
* LVQ-SVM based CAD tool applied to structural MRI for the diagnosis of the Alzheimer's disease
* NMF-SVM Based CAD Tool Applied to Functional Brain Images for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
* Projecting independent components of SPECT images for computer aided diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
* Skewness as feature for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using SPECT images
Includes: Ramirez, J. Ramírez, J. Ramírez, J.[Javier]

Ramirez, J.E.[Jorge E.] Co Author Listing * Adjusting Animation Rigs to Human-Like 3D Models
* Automatic Adjustment of Rigs to Extracted Skeletons

Ramirez, J.M.[Juan M.] Co Author Listing * Neurocontroller for Power Electronics-Based Devices
* Robust Transforms Based on the Weighted Median Operator
Includes: Ramirez, J.M.[Juan M.] Ramirez, J.M.

Ramirez, J.R.[J. Raul] Co Author Listing * Boundary detection by contextual non-linear smoothing
* Oriented statistical nonlinear smoothing filter

Ramirez, L. Co Author Listing * TRIO a Technique for Reconstruction Using Intensity Order: Application to Undersampled MRI

Ramirez, M.A. Co Author Listing * Intra-Predictive Switched Split Vector Quantization of Speech Spectra

Ramirez, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Interactive Teleoperation Interface for Semi-autonomous Control of Robot Arms

Ramirez, O.A.[Omar A.] Co Author Listing * Performance of optical flow techniques for motion analysis of fluorescent point signals in confocal microscopy
* Practical Considerations of Uncalibrated Visual Servoing
Includes: Ramirez, O.A.[Omar A.] Ramírez, O.A.[Omar A.] Ramirez, O.A.[Oscar A.]

Ramirez, P.M.[Pablo Manrique] Co Author Listing * Image Noise Filter Based on DCT and Fast Clustering
* Wavelet Filter Adjusting for Image Lossless Compression Using Pattern Recognition
Includes: Ramirez, P.M.[Pablo Manrique] Ramírez, P.M.[Pablo Manrique]

Ramirez, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Genetic Programming Approach to Feature Selection and Classification of Instantaneous Cognitive States, A
* Performance-Based Interpreter Identification in Saxophone Audio Recordings
Includes: Ramirez, R.[Rafael] Ramirez, R.

Ramirez, S.C.[Saul Calderon] Co Author Listing * DNLM-IIFFT: An Implementation of the Deceived Non Local Means Filter Using Integral Images and the Fast Fourier Transform for a Reduced Computational Cost
Includes: Ramirez, S.C.[Saul Calderon] Ramírez, S.C.[Saúl Calderón]

Ramirez, W. Co Author Listing * Robust Ellipsoidal Model Fitting of Human Heads

Ramiro Bargueno, J. Co Author Listing * Sparse Vehicular Sensor Networks for Traffic Dynamics Reconstruction
Includes: Ramiro Bargueno, J. Ramiro-Bargueno, J.

Ramiro Cortes, Y. Co Author Listing * tool for automatic dendritic spine detection and analysis. Part I: Dendritic spine detection using multi-level region-based segmentation, A
Includes: Ramiro Cortes, Y. Ramiro-Cortes, Y.

Ramis, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Contrario Detection of Faces: A Case Example, A

Ramisa, A.[Arnau] Co Author Listing * 3D descriptor to detect task-oriented grasping points in clothing, A
* Combining attributes and Fisher vectors for efficient image retrieval
* Efficient Object Pixel-Level Categorization Using Bag of Features
* Fast and robust object segmentation with the Integral Linear Classifier
* Optimization of Robust Loss Functions for Weakly-Labeled Image Taxonomies
* Optimization of Robust Loss Functions for Weakly-Labeled Image Taxonomies: An ImageNet Case Study
* Single image 3D human pose estimation from noisy observations
* Tale of Two Object Recognition Methods for Mobile Robots, A
* Visual Registration Method for a Low Cost Robot
Includes: Ramisa, A.[Arnau] Ramisa, A.
9 for Ramisa, A.

Ramjan, S.[Saroat] Co Author Listing * Ku-, X- and C-Band Microwave Backscatter Indices from Saline Snow Covers on Arctic First-Year Sea Ice

Ramjiawan, B. Co Author Listing * Immunofluorescence imaging as a tool for studying the pharmacokinetics of a human monoclonal single chain fragment antibody

Ramkisoen, M. Co Author Listing * Installed Base Registration of Decentralised Solar Panels with Applications in Crisis Management

Ramkumar, D. Co Author Listing * Automated detection of glioblastoma tumor in brain magnetic imaging using ANFIS classifier

Ramkumar, K. Co Author Listing * Cable driven robot as a blackboard writer for remote classrooms: modelling, control and trajectory planning
* Classification of focal and non focal EEG using entropies
* Stochastic Filters for Mobile Robot SLAM Problems: A Review

Ramkumar, M. Co Author Listing * Capacity estimates for data hiding in compressed images
* classifier design for detecting image manipulations, A
* FFT-Based Technique for Fast Fractal Image Compression, An
* new perspective for embedding-detection methods with distortion compensation and thresholding processing techniques, A
* Robust Data Hiding Scheme for Images Using DFT, A
* Robust Oblivious Watermarking Scheme, A
Includes: Ramkumar, M. Ramkumar, M.[Mahalingam]

Ramlau, R.[Ronny] Co Author Listing * Regularization Properties of Mumford-Shah-Type Functionals with Perimeter and Norm Constraints for Linear Ill-Posed Problems

Ramli, A.R.[Abd Rahman] Co Author Listing * Denoising of natural images through robust wavelet thresholding and genetic programming
* new method for MR grayscale inhomogeneity correction, A
* novel approach to motion modeling using fuzzy cognitive map and artificial potential fields, A
* Review of brain MRI image segmentation methods
Includes: Ramli, A.R.[Abd Rahman] Ramli, A.R.

Ramli, I.S.[Intan Syaherra] Co Author Listing * Visualization of the Newly Designed Jig and Fixture for Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Ramli, R. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Acne Vulgaris Lesions

Ramli, R.Z.[Ratna Zuarni] Co Author Listing * Development of Questionnaire to Measure User Acceptance Towards User Interface Design
* Utilizing Mobile Application for Reducing Stress Level

Ramli, S.[Suzaimah] Co Author Listing * Implementing Low Level Features for Human Aggressive Movement Detection
* Knowledge Driven Interface to Determine Degree of Exposure of Young Adult to Pedophile Online

Ramm, A.G. Co Author Listing * Radon Transform and Local Tomography, The

Ramm, D.[Dov] Co Author Listing * Image Processing Based Approach for Retrieving Data from a Seismic Section in Bitmap Format

Ramminger, G.[Gernot] Co Author Listing * Europe's Green Arteries: A Continental Dataset of Riparian Zones

Ramnani, V.[Vikas] Co Author Listing * Improvised Filter Design for Depth Estimation from Single Monocular Images

Ramnath, K.[Krishnan] Co Author Listing * AutoCaption: Automatic caption generation for personal photos
* Automated visual analysis in large scale sensor networks
* Car make and model recognition using 3D curve alignment
* Detecting and Reconstructing 3D Mirror Symmetric Objects
* Discontinuity-Adaptive Shape from Focus Using a Non-convex Prior
* Edge foci interest points
* Image transformation for object tracking in high-resolution video
* Increasing the density of Active Appearance Models
* Multi-View AAM Fitting and Camera Calibration
* Multi-View AAM Fitting and Construction
* portable geo-aware visual surveillance system for vehicles, A
* Rapidly Deployable Video Analysis Sensor units for wide area surveillance
Includes: Ramnath, K.[Krishnan] Ramnath, K. Ramnath, K.[Krishnamurthy]
12 for Ramnath, K.

Ramnath, R.[Rajiv] Co Author Listing * Usability Study of Continuous Biometrics Authentication, An

Ramo, J. Co Author Listing * Assisted Listening Using a Headset: Enhancing audio perception in real, augmented, and virtual environments
* Optimizing a High-Order Graphic Equalizer for Audio Processing
* Real-Time Perceptual Model for Distraction in Interfering Audio-on-Audio Scenarios
Includes: Ramo, J. Rämö, J. (Maybe also Raemoe, J.)

Ramo, P.[Pauliina] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Textural Analysis Techniques to Characterise Tissue from Intravascular Ultrasound
* Intravascular Ultrasound Image Interpretation
* Optimized Singular Point Detection Algorithm for Fingerprint Images
Includes: Ramo, P.[Pauliina] Ramo, P. Rämö, P. (Maybe also Raemoe, P.)

Ramo, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * BAMS: A Tool for Supervised Burned Area Mapping Using Landsat Data
* Developing a Random Forest Algorithm for MODIS Global Burned Area Classification
Includes: Ramo, R.[Ruben] Ramo, R.[Rubén]

Ramoelo, A. Co Author Listing * Capability of models to predict leaf N and P across four seasons for six sub-tropical forest evergreen trees
* Intercomparison of Satellite-Based Daily Evapotranspiration Estimates under Different Eco-Climatic Regions in South Africa, An
* investigation into robust spectral indices for leaf chlorophyll estimation, An
* Non-linear partial least square regression increases the estimation accuracy of grass nitrogen and phosphorus using in situ hyperspectral and environmental data
* Remote sensing of species diversity using Landsat 8 spectral variables
* Response of Land Surface Phenology to Variation in Tree Cover during Green-Up and Senescence Periods in the Semi-Arid Savanna of Southern Africa
* Retrieval of leaf water content spanning the visible to thermal infrared spectra
* Seasonal Separation of African Savanna Components Using Worldview-2 Imagery: A Comparison of Pixel- and Object-Based Approaches and Selected Classification Algorithms
* Validation of Global Evapotranspiration Product (MOD16) using Flux Tower Data in the African Savanna, South Africa
* Water-removed spectra increase the retrieval accuracy when estimating savanna grass nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations
Includes: Ramoelo, A. Ramoelo, A.[Abel]
10 for Ramoelo, A.

Ramoino, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * Ten-Meter Sentinel-2A Cloud-Free Composite: Southern Africa 2016

Ramon Balmaseda, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic clothes segmentation for soft biometrics
* Descriptors and regions of interest fusion for in- and cross-database gender classification in the wild
* Fusion of Holistic and Part Based Features for Gender Classification in the Wild
* Gender Classification in Large Databases
* Improving Gender Classification Accuracy in the Wild
* On using periocular biometric for gender classification in the wild
Includes: Ramon Balmaseda, E. Ramon-Balmaseda, E. Ramón-Balmaseda, E.[Enrique]

Ramon, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of LBP and HOG Descriptors for Clothing Attribute Description
* Weighted regularized ASM for face alignment
Includes: Ramon, E.[Enrique] Ramón, E.[Enrique] Ramon, E.

Ramon, H. Co Author Listing * Plant disease detection based on data fusion of hyper-spectral and multi-spectral fluorescence imaging using Kohonen maps

Ramon, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Deriving distance metrics from generality relations

Ramon, N.T.[Nuria Tous] Co Author Listing * Independent System Calibration of Sentinel-1B
Includes: Ramon, N.T.[Nuria Tous] Ramon, N.T.[Núria Tous]

Ramond, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Co Author Listing * Detection and spatial analysis of fairy circles
Includes: Ramond, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Ramond, J.B.[Jean-Baptiste]

Ramond, T. Co Author Listing * Electronically Steerable Flash Lidar: A Full Waveform Scanning System for Topographic and Ecosystem Structure Applications, The

Ramondini, M. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Of Land Subsidence In Ravenna Municipality Using Integrated Sar - Gps Techniques: Description And First Results

Ramos Bermudez, S. Co Author Listing * Similarity Indicator for Differentiating Kinematic Performance Between Qualified Tennis Players, A
Includes: Ramos Bermudez, S. Ramos-Bermudez, S.

Ramos Bernal, R. .N.[Rocio N.] Co Author Listing * Relationship between MRPV Model Parameters from MISRL2 Land Surface Product and Land Covers: A Case Study within Mainland Spain
Includes: Ramos Bernal, R. .N.[Rocio N.] Ramos-Bernal, R. .N.[Rocío N.]

Ramos Bernal, R.N.[Rocio N.] Co Author Listing * Topographic Correction to Landsat Imagery through Slope Classification by Applying the SCS + C Method in Mountainous Forest Areas
Includes: Ramos Bernal, R.N.[Rocio N.] Ramos-Bernal, R.N.[Rocío N.]

Ramos Cabrer, M. Co Author Listing * Bringing Content Awareness to Web-Based IDTV Advertising

Ramos Castro, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Between-Source Modelling for Likelihood Ratio Computation in Forensic Biometric Recognition
Includes: Ramos Castro, D.[Daniel] Ramos-Castro, D.[Daniel]

Ramos Cozar, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Human Action Classification Using N-Grams Visual Vocabulary
Includes: Ramos Cozar, J.[Julian] Ramos-Cózar, J.[Julián]

Ramos de Arruda, L.V.[Lucia Valeria] Co Author Listing * object detection and recognition system for weld bead extraction from digital radiographs, An
* Segmentation of Two-Phase Flow: A Free Representation for Levet Set Method with a Priori Knowledge
Includes: Ramos de Arruda, L.V.[Lucia Valeria] Ramos de Arruda, L.V.[Lúcia Valéria]

Ramos Diaz, E. Co Author Listing * 2D to 3D Conversion Based on Disparity Map Estimation
Includes: Ramos Diaz, E. Ramos-Diaz, E.

Ramos Fuertes, A.[Anais] Co Author Listing * Envisat/ASAR Images for the Calibration of Wind Drag Action in the Doñana Wetlands 2D Hydrodynamic Model
Includes: Ramos Fuertes, A.[Anais] Ramos-Fuertes, A.[Anaïs]

Ramos Llorden, G. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Diffusion Filter With Memory Based on Speckle Statistics for Ultrasound Images
* Partial Discreteness: A Novel Prior for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction
* Partially discrete magnetic resonance tomography
* Simultaneous motion correction and T1 estimation in quantitative T1 mapping: An ML restoration approach
* Unified Maximum Likelihood Framework for Simultaneous Motion and T_1 Estimation in Quantitative MR T_1 Mapping, A
Includes: Ramos Llorden, G. Ramos-Llorden, G. Ramos-Llordén, G. Ramos-Llorden, G.[Gabriel]

Ramos Michel, E.M.[Erika M.] Co Author Listing * Correlation Filters for Detection and Localization of Objects in Degraded Images
* Design of correlation filters for recognition of linearly distorted objects in linearly degraded scenes
* Enhancement of Noisy Images with Sliding Discrete Cosine Transform
Includes: Ramos Michel, E.M.[Erika M.] Ramos-Michel, E.M.[Erika M.] Ramos Michel, E.M.[Erika Margarita]

Ramos Perez, I. Co Author Listing * Common Mathematical Framework for Real and Synthetic Aperture by Interferometry Radiometers
* Description and Performance of an L-Band Radiometer with Digital Beamforming
* Land Geophysical Parameters Retrieval Using the Interference Pattern GNSS-R Technique
Includes: Ramos Perez, I. Ramos-Perez, I.

Ramos Pollan, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Classification of Low-Level Atmospheric Structures Based on a Pyramid Representation and a Machine Learning Method
* Introducing ROC Curves as Error Measure Functions: A New Approach to Train ANN-Based Biomedical Data Classifiers
Includes: Ramos Pollan, R.[Raul] Ramos-Pollán, R.[Raúl]

Ramos Terrades, O. Co Author Listing * Local norm features based on ridgelets transform
* new use of the ridgelets transform for describing linear singularities in images, A
* System Based on Intrinsic Features for Fraudulent Document Detection, A
* Text/graphic separation using a sparse representation with multi-learned dictionaries
Includes: Ramos Terrades, O. Ramos-Terrades, O.[Oriol]

Ramos, A.[Aline] Co Author Listing * Tsallis Entropy Extraction for Mammographic Region Classification

Ramos, A.P.[A. Perez] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Accuracy Assessment for 3D-Virtual Reconstruction in Cultural Heritage Using Low-Cost Photogrammetry: Surveying of the Santa Maria Church's Front
* Only Image Based For The 3d Metric Survey Of Gothic Structures By Using Frame Cameras And Panoramic Cameras
Includes: Ramos, A.P.[A. Perez] Ramos, A.P.[A. Pérez]

Ramos, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Utility of Classical and Novel Speech Quality Measures for Speaker Verification
* Evaluation of AFIS-Ranked Latent Fingerprint Matched Templates
* HMM-based on-line signature verification: Feature extraction and signature modeling
* Making Likelihood Ratios Digestible for Cross-Application Performance Assessment
* Pre-registration for Improved Latent Fingerprint Identification
* Pre-registration of latent fingerprints based on orientation field
* Quality-Based Conditional Processing in Multi-Biometrics: Application to Sensor Interoperability
* Regional fusion for high-resolution palmprint recognition using spectral minutiae representation
* Support Vector Machine Regression for Robust Speaker Verification in Mismatching and Forensic Conditions
* Towards a Better Understanding of the Performance of Latent Fingerprint Recognition in Realistic Forensic Conditions
* Validation of likelihood ratio methods for forensic evidence evaluation handling multimodal score distributions
* Von Mises-Fisher Models in the Total Variability Subspace for Language Recognition
Includes: Ramos, D.[Daniel] Ramos, D.
12 for Ramos, D.

Ramos, E. Co Author Listing * Modular neural networks for seismic tomography

Ramos, E.G. Co Author Listing * Convergent algorithms for successive approximation vector quantisation with applications to wavelet image compression

Ramos, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * action selection process to simulate the human behavior in virtual humans with real personality, An
* Activity recognition from a wearable camera
* Characterization of Multiresolution Models for Real-Time Rendering in GPU-Limited Environments
* Continuous Level of Detail for Large Scale Rendering of 3D Animated Polygonal Models
* Novel Visual Perception Framework, A
* Recognizing Patterns of Dynamic Behaviors Based on Multiple Relations in Soccer Robotics Domain
* Signs Workshop: The Importance of Natural Gestures in the Promotion of Early Communication Skills of Children with Developmental Disabilities
* Simple online and realtime tracking
* Speeding up the log-polar transform with inexpensive parallel hardware: graphics units and multi-core architectures
Includes: Ramos, F.[Felix] Ramos, F.[Félix] Ramos, F. Ramos, F.[Francisco] Ramos, F.[Fernando]
9 for Ramos, F.

Ramos, F.M.S.[Fernando M.S.] Co Author Listing * Application of Distributed Platforms in a Video Surveillance System

Ramos, F.M.V.[Fernando M.V.] Co Author Listing * Reducing channel change delay in IPTV by predictive pre-joining of TV channels

Ramos, G. Co Author Listing * Improved Pole Positioning for Parallel Filters Based on Spectral Smoothing and Multiband Warping
* Parallel Approach to HRTF Approximation and Interpolation Based on a Parametric Filter Model, A

Ramos, H. Co Author Listing * Skin Detection in Web Imagery: Comparison of Techniques and Proposal
* Supervised Biometric System Using Multimodal Compression Scheme
Includes: Ramos, H. Ramos, H.[Heitor]

Ramos, H.S.[Heitor S.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of SAR Image Filtering Using Adaptive Stack Filters
* Evaluation of Deep Feedforward Neural Networks for Classification of Diffuse Lung Diseases
* Speckle reduction with adaptive stack filters

Ramos, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Interactive classification of lung tissue in CT scans by combining prior and interactively obtained training data: A simulation study
* Supervised Content Based Image Retrieval Using Radiology Reports
* Toward Personalized Activity Recognition Systems With a Semipopulation Approach
Includes: Ramos, J.[Jose] Ramos, J.[José] Ramos, J.

Ramos, J.D.[Joao Diogo] Co Author Listing * Pattern Classes in Retinal Fundus Images Based on Function Norms
Includes: Ramos, J.D.[Joao Diogo] Ramos, J.D.[João Diogo]

Ramos, L. Co Author Listing * Break-Up Analysis of the Tear Film Based on Time, Location, Size and Shape of the Rupture Area
* Colour Texture Analysis for Classifying the Tear Film Lipid Layer: A Comparative Study
* Multi-objective genetic algorithm for missing data imputation
* On the Robustness of Kernel-based Clustering
Includes: Ramos, L. Ramos, L.[Leonardo] Ramos, L.[Laura]

Ramos, L.A.[Lucas Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Scale-Space Approach for Multiscale Shape Analysis, A
* Shape Analysis Using Multiscale Hough Transform Statistics

Ramos, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * action selection process to simulate the human behavior in virtual humans with real personality, An
* Image Based Architectural True-Orthophotographs
* Perceptual Quantization for Wavelet-based Image Coding
* Perceptually-based Robust Image Transmission Over Wireless Channels
* Psychovisually Based Multiresolution Image Segmentation
* Quantifying Visual Distortion in Low-rate Wavelet-coded Images
* Robust Data Hiding Using Psychovisual Thresholding
Includes: Ramos, M.[Marco] Ramos, M.
7 for Ramos, M.

Ramos, M.D. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of Satellite Precipitation Products In The Philippine Archipelago

Ramos, M.G. Co Author Listing * Classified JPEG Coding of Mixed Document Images for Printing

Ramos, M.K.F. Co Author Listing * Design Of A Free And Open Source Data Processing, Archiving, And Distribution Subsystem For The Ground Receiving Station Of The Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Micro-satellite

Ramos, M.M. Co Author Listing * Data fusion in Cultural Heritage: A Review

Ramos, M.V. Co Author Listing * virtual imaging system for colour research, A

Ramos, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Drawing Nice Projections of Objects in Space

Ramos, P.A.[Pedro A.] Co Author Listing * Multi-VMap: A Multi-Scale Model for Vector Maps

Ramos, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Interactive classification of lung tissue in CT scans by combining prior and interactively obtained training data: A simulation study
* Supervised Content Based Image Retrieval Using Radiology Reports

Ramos, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Active MAP Inference in CRFs for Efficient Semantic Segmentation
* Adapting a Pedestrian Detector by Boosting LDA Exemplar Classifiers
* Cityscapes Dataset for Semantic Urban Scene Understanding, The
* Cost-Sensitive Structured SVM for Multi-category Domain Adaptation
* Domain Adaptation of Deformable Part-Based Models
* Hierarchical Adaptive Structural SVM for Domain Adaptation
* Incremental Domain Adaptation of Deformable Part-based Models
* Spatiotemporal Stacked Sequential Learning for Pedestrian Detection
* Vision-Based Offline-Online Perception Paradigm for Autonomous Driving
* Weakly Supervised Automatic Annotation of Pedestrian Bounding Boxes
Includes: Ramos, S.[Sebastian] Ramos, S.
10 for Ramos, S.

Ramos, T. Co Author Listing * Automated angular and translational tomographic alignment and application to phase-contrast imaging

Ramos, V. Co Author Listing * From Feature Extraction to Classification: A Multidisciplinary Approach Applied to Portuguese Granites

Ramos, W.L.S.[Washington Luis Souza] Co Author Listing * Fast-forward video based on semantic extraction
* Towards Semantic Fast-Forward and Stabilized Egocentric Videos

Ramoser, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Classification of coins using an eigenspace approach
* Efficient alignment of fingerprint images
* Memory-efficient Fingerprint Verification
* Region based matching for print process identification
* Shape-based detection of humans for video surveillance applications
Includes: Ramoser, H.[Herbert] Ramoser, H.

Ramot, D. Co Author Listing * On fuzzy correlations

Ramoul, A.[Adlene] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method Using Genetic Fuzzy System to Evaluate Suspended Particulates Matters SPM from Landsat and Modis Data, An

Rampa, V. Co Author Listing * Device-Free Radio Vision for Assisted Living: Leveraging wireless channel quality information for human sensing
* migrating data-driven architecture for multidimensional signal processing, A
* Physical Modeling and Performance Bounds for Device-free Localization Systems

Rampal, K. Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate scale estimation method for object tracking
* Occlusion handling in feature point tracking using ranked parts based models
Includes: Rampal, K. Rampal, K.[Karon]

Rampal, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Combination of Feature Tracking and Pattern Matching with Optimal Parametrization for Sea Ice Drift Retrieval from SAR Data, A

Ramparany, F. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Tools For Representing Uncertainty In Perception

Rampazzo, M. Co Author Listing * 3D building model as an interface for a web information system, case study of the Pontonniers high school in Strasbourg

Rampi, L.[Lian] Co Author Listing * Effects of Point or Polygon Based Training Data on RandomForest Classification Accuracy of Wetlands, The

Rampini, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of the multilayer perceptron with neuro-fuzzy techniques in the estimation of cover class mixture in remotely sensed data
* Fuzzy Contextual Classification of Multisource Remote Sensing Images
* Fuzzy Reasoning Approach to Similarity Evaluation in Image Analysis
* fuzzy set-based accuracy assessment of soft classification, A
* Hybrid Approach to Fuzzy Land-Cover Mapping, A
* Indexing Model of Remote Sensing Images, An
* Special Issue on Nonconventional Pattern Analysis in Remote Sensing
Includes: Rampini, A. Rampini, A.[Anna]
7 for Rampini, A.

Rampold, R. Co Author Listing * Documentation of cultural heritage; techniques, potentials, and constraints
* Historic photos and TLS data fusion for the 3D reconstruction of a monastery altar ensemble

Rampone, S.[Salvatore] Co Author Listing * Function approximation from noisy data by an incremental RBF network
* incremental multivariate regression method for function approximation from noisy data, An

Ramponi, G. Co Author Listing * adaptive irregular sampling algorithm and its application to image coding, An
* adaptive irregular sampling method for progressive transmission, An
* Adaptive Reduction of the Dynamics of HDR Video Sequences
* Adaptive Unsharp Masking for Contrast Enhancement
* Algorithmic and architectural design for real-time and power-efficient Retinex image/video processing
* alignment algorithm for old motion pictures, An
* Blotches Correction and Contrast Enhancement for Old Film Pictures
* Causes and subjective evaluation of blurriness in video frames
* Context-Based Defading of Archive Photographs
* Design and Real-Time Implementation of A 3-D Rational Filter for Edge-Preserving Smoothing
* Detection and measurement of the blocking artifact in decoded video frames
* Enhancement of coded video sequences via an adaptive nonlinear post-processing
* ESPRIT LTR research project: Nonlinear model-based analysis and description of images for multimedia applications (NOBLESSE), The
* Features for the Reconstruction of Shredded Notebook Paper
* flexible FPGA implementation for illuminance-reflectance video enhancement, A
* Fuzzy Filter for Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise, A
* fuzzy operator for the enhancement of blurred and noisy images, A
* Guest editorial: special issue on algorithms and architectures for real-time image and video enhancement
* High Dynamic Range Image Display With Halo and Clipping Prevention
* image enhancement technique using polynomial filters, An
* Image Enhancement via Adaptive Unsharp Masking
* Interpolation of the DC component of Coded Images Using a Rational Filter
* Joint Kalman-based Noise Filtering and Motion Compensated Video Coding for Low Bit Rate Videoconferencing
* Method for Motion-Adaptive Frame Rate Up-Conversion, A
* modified retinex for image contrast enhancement and dynamics control, A
* No-reference measurement of perceptually significant blurriness in video frames
* Nonlinear interpolators for old movie restoration
* Nonlinear Unsharp Masking Methods for Image-Contrast Enhancement
* Privacy in mini-drone based video surveillance
* rational edge-preserving smoother, A
* Rational Unsharp Masking Method for TV Applications, A
* Rational Unsharp Masking Technique
* Simple Algorithm for the Reduction of Blocking Artifacts in Images and Its Implementation, A
* simple edge-sensitive image interpolation filter, A
* Smoothing Speckled Images Using an Adaptive Rational Operator
* Technique to correct yellowing and foxing in antique books
* Warped Distance for Space-Variant Linear Image Interpolation
Includes: Ramponi, G. Ramponi, G.[Giovanni]
37 for Ramponi, G.

Ramprasaath, R.S. Co Author Listing * Automated colorimetric analysis in paper based sensors

Ramprasad, A.V. Co Author Listing * Human detection and segmentation in the crowd environment by coimbining APD with HLBD approaches

Rampun, A.[Andrik] Co Author Listing * Breast Density Classification Using Local Ternary Patterns in Mammograms

Rampuria, N.[Nisha] Co Author Listing * Creation and Analysis of a Corpus of Text Rich Indian TV Videos

Ramroth, R.R.[Richard Roy] Co Author Listing * Impaired operator detection and warning system employing eyeblink analysis
* System and method for template matching of candidates within a two-dimensional image
Includes: Ramroth, R.R.[Richard Roy] Ramroth, R.R.[Richard R.]

Ramsay, C.S. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Vector Quantization Codebook Generation Algorithms Applied to Automatic Face Recognition, A

Ramsey, C.[Carolyn] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for locating a commercial disposed within a video data stream

Ramsey, E.[Elijah] Co Author Listing * Leaf Optical Property Changes Associated with the Occurrence of Spartina alterniflora Dieback in Coastal Louisiana Related to Remote Sensing Mapping
* Oil Detection in a Coastal Marsh with Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
* Structural Classification of Marshes with Polarimetric SAR Highlighting the Temporal Mapping of Marshes Exposed to Oil
Includes: Ramsey, E.[Elijah] Ramsey, III, E.[Elijah] Ramsey, III, E.

Ramsey, M. Co Author Listing * Creating a Large-Scale Content-Based Airphoto Image Digital Library
* Long-Term Volcanic Activity at Shiveluch Volcano: Nine Years of ASTER Spaceborne Thermal Infrared Observations

Ramsey, M.S. Co Author Listing * MAGI: A New High-Performance Airborne Thermal-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Earth Science Applications
* Monitoring urban land cover change: An expert system approach to land cover classification of semiarid to arid urban centers
* Satellite-Based Thermophysical Analysis of Volcaniclastic Deposits: A Terrestrial Analog for Mantled Lava Flows on Mars
Includes: Ramsey, M.S. Ramsey, M.S.[Michael S.]

Ramsey, N.F. Co Author Listing * Analysis of functional magnetic resonance images by wavelet decomposition
* Statistical Analysis of Functional MRI Data in the Wavelet Domain

Ramsey, R.D.[R. Douglas] Co Author Listing * Ecological Framework for Evaluating Map Errors Using Fuzzy Sets, An

Ramseyer, G. Co Author Listing * Application Development Framework for the Rapid Integration of High Performance Image Processing Algorithms
* Fault tolerant integrated information management support for physically constrained iterative deconvolution
* Imagery Pattern Recognition and Pub/Sub Information Management
* Mathematical Architecture for Molecular Computing, A

Ramsgaard, B.K. Co Author Listing * Mirror-based Trinocular Systems in Robot-vision

Ramsingh, A. Co Author Listing * relationship of the multi-shell to multistage and standard median filters, The

Ramsis, R.[Refat] Co Author Listing * Arabic character recognition system: A statistical approach for recognizing cursive typewritten text

Ramstad, T. Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of different filter banks in the JPEG-2000 baseline system

Ramstad, T.A.[Tor A.] Co Author Listing * Are the Wavelet Transforms the Best Filter Banks for Image Compression?
* Channel-Optimized Subband Video Coding for Channels with a Power Constraint
* Combined Error Protection and Compression Using Turbo Codes for Error Resilient Image Transmission
* Combined Video Coding and Multilevel Modulation
* Efficient Coding of the Classification Table in Low Bit Rate Subband Image Coding by Use of Hierarchical Enumeration
* Kirchhoff migration of 2-D post-stack seismic data after subband decomposition
* Minimum Mean Square Error FIR Filter Banks with Arbitrary Filter Lengths
* new error criterion for block based motion estimation, A
* On Optimal Tiling of the Spectrum in Subband Image Compression
* On the optimality of nonunitary filter banks in subband coders
* Optimal entropy coding in image subband coders
* Optimized Perfect Reconstruction Tree-Structured Filter Banks for Image Coding
* Practical low bit rate predictive image coder using multi-rate processing and adaptive entropy coding
* Ringing reduction in low bit-rate image subband coding using projection onto a space of paraboloids
* Synthesis Filterbank with Low Hardware Complexity for Subband Image-Coding
Includes: Ramstad, T.A.[Tor A.] Ramstad, T.A.
15 for Ramstad, T.A.

Ramstrom, O. Co Author Listing * Object detection using background context
* Visual Attention Using Game Theory
Includes: Ramstrom, O. Ramström, O.[Ola] (Maybe also Ramstroem, O.)

Ramteke, P.B. Co Author Listing * Contribution of Telugu vowels in identifying emotions
* Video Stabilization Using Sliding Frame Window
Includes: Ramteke, P.B. Ramteke, P.B.[Pravin Bhaskar]

Ramu, T.S. Co Author Listing * undecimated wavelet transform based denoising, PPCAa based pulse modeling and detection-classification of PD signals, An

Ramuhalli, P.[Pradeep] Co Author Listing * Integrated imaging and vision techniques for industrial inspection: A special issue on machine vision and applications

Ramunas, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Hematopoietic Stem Cell Tracker, A

Ramya, M. Co Author Listing * Certain investigation on iris image recognition using hybrid approach of Fourier transform and Bernstein polynomials

Ramya, N. Co Author Listing * Multiple contour extraction from graylevel images using an artificial neural network

Ramzan, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * RETRACTED ARTICLE: Cartesian vector-based directional nonparametric fuzzy filter for random-valued impulse noise removal

Ramzan, N.[Naeem] Co Author Listing * Compact Root Bilinear CNNs for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* efficient information retrieval technique for e-health systems, An
* efficient optimisation scheme for scalable surveillance centric video communications, An
* Efficient scalable video transmission based on two-dimensional error protection scheme
* Efficient transmission of multiview video over unreliable channels
* Error Robustness Scheme for Scalable Video Based on the Concatenation of LDPC and Turbo Codes
* Exploiting social relationships for free-riders detection in minimum-delay P2P scalable video streaming
* game theoretic approach to minimum-delay scalable video transmission over P2P, A
* Improving content-based image retrieval with compact global and local multi-features
* Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wavelet-Based Scalable Video Transmission Using an Adaptive Turbo Code
* Perceptually adaptive joint deringing-deblocking filtering for scalable video transmission over wireless networks
* Robust fusion of color and local descriptors for image retrieval and classification
* Scalable Video Transmission Using Double Binary Turbo Code
* Semantic content-based image retrieval: A comprehensive study
* Special issue on advances in 2D/3D Video Streaming Over P2P Networks
* Video Quality Evaluation Methodology and Verification Testing of HEVC Compression Performance
* Video streaming over P2P networks: Challenges and opportunities
Includes: Ramzan, N.[Naeem] Ramzan, N.
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Ramze Rezaee, M. Co Author Listing * Anatomical model matching with fuzzy implicit surfaces for segmentation of thoracic volume scans

Ramzi, P.[Pouria] Co Author Listing * AdaBoost Ensemble Classifier System for Classifying Hyperspectral Data, An
* Capability Assessment of High Resolution Satellite Imagery for 3D Reconstruction Using RPC Parameters
* Classification of LiDAR data based on multi-class SVM
* Complex Scene Analysis in Urban Areas Based on an Ensemble Clustering Method Applied on Lidar Data
Includes: Ramzi, P.[Pouria] Ramzi, P.

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