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Revankar, S. Co Author Listing * Constrained contouring in polar coordinates

Revankar, S.V.[Shriram V.] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation system

Revathi, A.R. Co Author Listing * efficient system for anomaly detection using deep learning classifier, An

Revathi, L. Co Author Listing * Siromoney Array Grammars and Applications

Revathy, S. Co Author Listing * Low profile co-radiator transmit-receive antenna for Ku-band

Revaud, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Circulant Temporal Encoding for Video Retrieval and Temporal Alignment
* Deep Image Retrieval: Learning Global Representations for Image Search
* DeepFlow: Large Displacement Optical Flow with Deep Matching
* DeepMatching: Hierarchical Deformable Dense Matching
* End-to-End Learning of Deep Visual Representations for Image Retrieval
* EpicFlow: Edge-preserving interpolation of correspondences for optical flow
* Event Retrieval in Large Video Collections with Circulant Temporal Encoding
* Fast and cheap object recognition by linear combination of views
* Improving Zernike Moments Comparison for Optimal Similarity and Rotation Angle Retrieval
* Learning an Efficient and Robust Graph Matching Procedure for Specific Object Recognition
* Learning to detect Motion Boundaries
* Scale-invariant proximity graph for fast probabilistic object recognition
* Spatio-temporal Object Detection Proposals
* Stable Hyper-pooling and Query Expansion for Event Detection
* Transformation Pursuit for Image Classification
Includes: Revaud, J.[Jerome] Revaud, J.[Jérôme]
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Reveilles, J.P. Co Author Listing * Linear Algorithm for Segmentation of Digital Curves, A
* Maximum Area Triangle Operator For Edge-Detection
* Weak Rational Computing for Digital Geometry
Includes: Reveilles, J.P. Reveillčs, J.P.[Jean-Pierre]

Revel, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * CBIR in Distributed Databases using a Multi-Agent System
* Document image analysis by a mobile robot for autonomous indoor navigation
* eBDtheque: A Representative Database of Comics
* Handling Noisy Labels in Gaze-Based CBIR System
* Image Retrieval Over Networks: Active Learning Using Ant Algorithm
* Long term learning for image retrieval over networks
* New Hybrid Texture-Perceptual Descriptor: Application CBIR, A
* One gaze is worth ten thousand (key-)words
* Saliency Filtering of SIFT Detectors: Application to CBIR
* Toward a perceptual object recognition system
Includes: Revel, A.[Arnaud] Revel, A.
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Revel, D. Co Author Listing * Neuro-fuzzy systems for computer-aided myocardial viability assessment

Reveliotis, P. Co Author Listing * Scalar quantisation of heavy-tailed signals

Revell, J. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Elastography: Speckle Adaptive Motion Estimation for Elastography Using Ultrasound Sequences
* Strain Quantification In Ultrasound Sequences

Revelo Fuelagan, E.J.[Edgardo Javier] Co Author Listing * Multiple Kernel Learning for Spectral Dimensionality Reduction
Includes: Revelo Fuelagan, E.J.[Edgardo Javier] Revelo-Fuelagán, E.J.[Edgardo Javier]

Revenga de Toro, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Traffic Signs and Panels Inspection System Using Computer Vision
* Combination of Feature Extraction Methods for SVM Pedestrian Detection

Revenu, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Curves Tracking and Its Application to Cortical Sulci Detection
* Acquisition, segmentation and tracking of the cerebral vascular tree on 3D magnetic resonance angiography images
* Augmented Reality and Semi-automated Landmarking of Cephalometric Radiographs
* Borg: A Knowledge-Based System for Automatic Generation of Image Processing Programs
* Contour tracking by minimal cost path approach. application to cephalometry
* First Steps Toward Automatic Location of Landmarks on X-ray Images
* Fusion of IR and visible light modalities for face recognition
* Graph-based skin lesion segmentation of multispectral dermoscopic images
* Knowledge-based segmentation and labeling of brain structures from MRI images
* Learning Sparse Face Features: Application to Face Verification
* Linear and non-linear model for statistical localization of landmarks
* New data model for graph-cut segmentation: Application to automatic melanoma delineation
* Optimization of Divergences within the Exponential Family for Image Segmentation
* Region-Based Active Contour with Noise and Shape Priors
* Region-based active contours and sparse representations for texture segmentation
* Region-Based Active Contours with Exponential Family Observations
* Robust GrayScale Distribution Estimation for Contactless Palmprint Recognition
* Shape variability and spatial relationships modeling in statistical pattern recognition
* Significance Tests and Statistical Inequalities for Region Matching
* Significance Tests and Statistical Inequalities for Segmentation by Region Growing on Graph
* Texture-Based Multiscale Segmentation: Application to Stromal Compartment Characterization on Ovarian Carcinoma Virtual Slides
Includes: Revenu, M. Revenu, M.[Marinette]
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Revercomb, H.E. Co Author Listing * TIR Spectral Radiance Calibration of the GOSAT Satellite Borne TANSO-FTS With the Aircraft-Based S-HIS and the Ground-Based S-AERI at the Railroad Valley Desert Playa

Reverdy, C.[Clement] Co Author Listing * Down-sampling Coupled to Elastic Kernel Machines for Efficient Recognition of Isolated Gestures

Reveret, L.[Lionel] Co Author Listing * Cage-Based Motion Recovery Using Manifold Learning

Reverini, R.L. Co Author Listing * New Implementation for the Binary and Minkowski Operators, A

Revermann, R.[Rasmus] Co Author Listing * Linking Land Surface Phenology and Vegetation-Plot Databases to Model Terrestrial Plant a-Diversity of the Okavango Basin

Reverter, F.[Ferran] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Spectrum Kernel Machines for Protein Subnuclear Localization, A
* Semantic-Based Image Analysis with the Goal of Assisting Artistic Creation

Revesz, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Efficient MaxCount and threshold operators of moving objects

Revesz, P.Z.[Peter Z.] Co Author Listing * Affine-Invariant Triangulation of Spatio-Temporal Data with an Application to Image Retrieval
* Constraint-Based Interoperability of Spatiotemporal Databases
* Dynamic Data Structure to Efficiently Find the Points below a Line and Estimate Their Number, A
* Spatio-temporal traffic video data archiving and retrieval system

Revett, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Automatic Landmarking of 2D Medical Shapes Using the Growing Neural Gas Network
* Automatically Building 2D Statistical Shapes Using the Topology Preservation Model GNG
* Enhancing Login Security Through the Use of Keystroke Input Dynamics
* wavelet feature extraction method for electrocardiogram (ECG)-based biometric recognition, A

Revhaug, I.[Inge] Co Author Listing * Tropical Forest Fire Susceptibility Mapping at the Cat Ba National Park Area, Hai Phong City, Vietnam, Using GIS-Based Kernel Logistic Regression

Revilla Eng, A.[Anier] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition by Functional Data Analysis
Includes: Revilla Eng, A.[Anier] Revilla-Eng, A.[Anier]

Revilla Orodea, A. Co Author Listing * Multi-Stencil Streamline Fast Marching: A General 3-D Framework to Determine Myocardial Thickness and Transmurality in Late Enhancement Images
Includes: Revilla Orodea, A. Revilla-Orodea, A.

Revilla Romero, B.[Beatriz] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Global Flood Forecasts and Satellite-Derived Inundation Maps for Flood Monitoring in Data-Sparse Regions
Includes: Revilla Romero, B.[Beatriz] Revilla-Romero, B.[Beatriz]

Revilloud, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * PerSEE: A central sensors fusion electronic control unit for the development of perception-based ADAS

Revol Muller, C.[Chantal] Co Author Listing * Automated 3D region growing algorithm based on an assessment function
* Automated 3d Region Growing Algorithm Governed by an Evaluation Function
* Feature space region growing
* Hybrid Approach for Multiparametric Mean Shift Filtering
* Shape prior criterion based on Tchebichef moments in variational region growing
* Shape prior in Variational Region Growing
* Shape Prior Integrated in an Automated 3D Region Growing Method
Includes: Revol Muller, C.[Chantal] Revol-Muller, C.[Chantal] Revol-Muller, C.
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Revol, C. Co Author Listing * New Minimum-Variance Region Growing Algorithm For Image Segmentation, A

Revol, M. Co Author Listing * Quantitative and kinetic evolution of wound healing through image analysis

Revollo, N.V.[Natalia V.] Co Author Listing * Set of bilateral and radial symmetry shape descriptor based on contour information

Revow, M. Co Author Listing * Instantiating Deformable Models with a Neural Net
* Modeling the Manifolds of Images of Handwritten Digits
* Using Generative Models for Handwritten Digit Recognition

Revuelta Martinez, A. Co Author Listing * ISDM at ImageCLEF 2010 Fusion Task
Includes: Revuelta Martinez, A. Revuelta-Martínez, A.

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