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Riva, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Drawing Motion without Understanding It

Riva, D. Co Author Listing * Tracking of two acoustic sources in reverberant environments using a particle swarm optimizer

Riva, G. Co Author Listing * Affect and Wellbeing: Introduction to Special Section

Riva, M.[Mateus] Co Author Listing * decision cognizant Kullback-Leibler divergence, A

Rivaillier, J. Co Author Listing * Region Detection Based on an Homogeneous Set of Local Operators for Hardware Implementation

Rivalland, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Aggregation Properties of Thermal Infra-Red-Based Evapotranspiration Algorithms from 100 m to the km Scale over a Semi-Arid Irrigated Agricultural Area
* Extracting Soil Water Holding Capacity Parameters of a Distributed Agro-Hydrological Model from High Resolution Optical Satellite Observations Series
* Software Tool for Atmospheric Correction and Surface Temperature Estimation of Landsat Infrared Thermal Data, A

Rivalta, A. Co Author Listing * Crossmedia integration of 3D contents for cultural communication

Rivano, H. Co Author Listing * Survey of Smart Parking Solutions, A

Rivara, M.C.[Maria Cecilia] Co Author Listing * Geometrical Mesh Improvement Properties of Delaunay Terminal Edge Refinement
* Lepp Terminal Centroid Method for Quality Triangulation: A Study on a New Algorithm
Includes: Rivara, M.C.[Maria Cecilia] Rivara, M.C.[Maria-Cecilia]

Rivard, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Deriving leaf mass per area (LMA) from foliar reflectance across a variety of plant species using continuous wavelet analysis
* Enhanced detection of gossans using hyperspectral data: Example from the Cape Smith Belt of northern Quebec, Canada
* Iterative Spectral Unmixing for Optimizing Per-Pixel Endmember Sets
* Mapping tropical dry forest succession using multiple criteria spectral mixture analysis
Includes: Rivard, B.[Benoit] Rivard, B.

Rivard, D.[Dominique] Co Author Listing * Multi-feature extraction and selection in writer-independent off-line signature verification

Rivard, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Object-based Detection and Classification of Vehicles from High-resolution Aerial Photography

Rivas Perea, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * algorithm for training a large scale support vector machine for regression based on linear programming and decomposition methods, An
* Convolutional Neural Network approach for classifying leukocoria, A
* Corrigendum to An algorithm for training a large scale support vector machine for regression based on linear programming and decomposition methods
* Finding the smallest circle containing the iris in the denoised wavelet domain
* Traditional and neural probabilistic multispectral image processing for the dust aerosol detection problem
Includes: Rivas Perea, P.[Pablo] Rivas-Perea, P.[Pablo] Rivas-Perea, P.

Rivas, A. Co Author Listing * Deriving the Upper Bound of the Number of Sensors Required to Know All Link Flows in a Traffic Network
* Matrix Tools for General Observability Analysis in Traffic Networks
* Optimal Use of Plate-Scanning Resources for Route Flow Estimation in Traffic Networks

Rivas, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Controller of Quadcopters for Agricultural Monitoring
* Virtual Reality Integration with Force Feedback in Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Rivas, M.B. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Sea Ice Detection With the Advanced Scatterometer ASCAT
* New Bayesian Algorithm for Sea Ice Detection With QuikSCAT
* Sea Ice Roughness From Airborne LIDAR Profiles
Includes: Rivas, M.B. Rivas, M.B.[M. Belmonte]

Rivas, R. Co Author Listing * Classification and Analysis of 3D Teleimmersive Activities
* SMOS Level-2 Soil Moisture Product Evaluation in Rain-Fed Croplands of the Pampean Region of Argentina

Rivaz, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Deformable MR-Ultrasound Registration for Image-Guided Neurosurgery
* Estimation of Strain Elastography from Ultrasound Radio-Frequency Data by Utilizing Analytic Gradient of the Similarity Metric
* Nonrigid Registration of Ultrasound and MRI Using Contextual Conditioned Mutual Information
* Real-Time Regularized Ultrasound Elastography
* Temporal Hierarchical Adaptive Texture CRF for Automatic Detection of Gadolinium-Enhancing Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Brain MRI
* Ultrasound Elastography: A Dynamic Programming Approach

Riveill, M. Co Author Listing * Human action recognition based on 3D skeleton part-based pose estimation and temporal multi-resolution analysis

Riveiro, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D modelling of metal frame connections from LiDAR data for structural engineering purposes
* Automatic Method For Geometric Segmentation Of Masonry Arch Bridges For Structural Engineering Purposes, An
* Automatic Road Sign Inventory Using Mobile Mapping Systems
* Automatic Thickness And Volume Estimation Of Sprayed Concrete On Anchored Retaining Walls From Terrestrial Lidar Data
* CityGML extension for traffic-sign objects that guides the automatic processing of data collected using Mobile Mapping technology, A
* Deformation Monitoring of Motorway Underpasses Using Laser Scanning Data
* From Geometry to Diagnosis: Experiences of Geomatics in Structural Engineering
* Integration of Geotechnologies in the Evaluation of a Wine Cellar Structure through the Finite Element Method, The
* Multidisciplinar Approach to Historic Arch Bridges Documentation
* Segmentation and classification of road markings using MLS data
* Simple Approaches to Improve the Automatic Inventory of Zebra Crossing from MLS Data
* Successful Applications of Geotechnologies for the Evaluation of Road Infrastructures
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning And Non Parametric Methods In Masonry Arches Inspection
* Traffic sign detection in MLS acquired point clouds for geometric and image-based semantic inventory
Includes: Riveiro, B. Riveiro, B.[Belén]
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Riveiro, J.C. Co Author Listing * ViTS: Video Tagging System from Massive Web Multimedia Collections

Riveiro, M. Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection for Road Traffic: A Visual Analytics Framework

Rivenson, Y. Co Author Listing * Compressed Imaging With a Separable Sensing Operator
* Morton (Z) Scan Based Real-Time Variable Resolution CMOS Image Sensor
* Quantization error and dynamic range considerations for compressive imaging systems design
Includes: Rivenson, Y. Rivenson, Y.[Yair]

Rivera Caicedo, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral dimensionality reduction for biophysical variable statistical retrieval
* SCOPE-Based Emulators for Fast Generation of Synthetic Canopy Reflectance and Sun-Induced Fluorescence Spectra
Includes: Rivera Caicedo, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Rivera-Caicedo, J.P.[Juan Pablo]

Rivera Dominguez, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Real Time Hardware Accelerator for Image Filtering
Includes: Rivera Dominguez, J.[Jorge] Rivera-Domínguez, J.[Jorge]

Rivera Medina, J.L. Co Author Listing * Integration of Spatial and Spectral Information by Means of Unsupervised Extraction and Classification for Homogenous Objects Applied to Multispectral and Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Rivera Medina, J.L. Rivera-Medina, J.L.

Rivera Monroy, V.H.[Victor H.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Height and Biomass of Mangrove Forests in the Everglades National Park with SRTM Elevation Data
Includes: Rivera Monroy, V.H.[Victor H.] Rivera-Monroy, V.H.[Victor H.]

Rivera Rivera, L. Co Author Listing * Assessing hydrometeorological impacts with terrestrial and aerial Lidar data in Monterrey, México

Rivera Rovelo, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Conformal Geometric Algebra for Endoscope-Traking System Calibration in Neurosurgery
* Crack's Detection, Measuring and Counting for Resistance's Tests Using Images
* Geometric techniques for 3D tracking of ultrasound sensor, tumor segmentation in ultrasound images, and 3D reconstruction
* Medical image segmentation, volume representation and registration using spheres in the geometric algebra framework
* Method to Build Classification and Regression Trees, A
* Non-Rigid Alignment and Real-Time Tracking Using the Geometric Algebra Framework
* Non-rigid registration and geometric approach for tracking in neurosurgery
* Object Manipulation using Fuzzy Logic and Geometric Algebra
* Object Segmentation Using Growing Neural Gas and Generalized Gradient Vector Flow in the Geometric Algebra Framework
* Segmentation and Volume Representation Based on Spheres for Non-rigid Registration
* Use of Geometric Algebra for 3D Modeling and Registration of Medical Data, The
Includes: Rivera Rovelo, J.[Jorge] Rivera-Rovelo, J.[Jorge] Rivera-Rovelo, J.
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Rivera Rubio, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Appearance-based indoor localization: A comparison of patch descriptor performance
* assistive haptic interface for appearance-based indoor navigation, An
* Associating Locations Between Indoor Journeys from Wearable Cameras
* Associating locations from wearable cameras
* dataset for Hand-Held Object Recognition, A
* Indoor Localisation with Regression Networks and Place Cell Models
* Mobile Visual Assistive Apps: Benchmarks of Vision Algorithm Performance
* Small Hand-Held Object Recognition Test (SHORT)
Includes: Rivera Rubio, J.[Jose] Rivera-Rubio, J.[Jose]
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Rivera Zarate, I.[Israel] Co Author Listing * Implementation Strategy of NDVI Algorithm with Nvidia Thrust
Includes: Rivera Zarate, I.[Israel] Rivera-Zarate, I.[Israel]

Rivera, A. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow Applied To Time-lapse Image Series To Estimate Glacier Motion In The Southern Patagonia Ice Field

Rivera, A.J.[Antonio Jesus] Co Author Listing * Analysis of an evolutionary RBFN design algorithm, CO2RBFN, for imbalanced data sets

Rivera, A.R. Co Author Listing * Background Modeling Through Statistical Edge-Segment Distributions
* Content-Aware Dark Image Enhancement Through Channel Division
* Edge shape pattern for background modeling based on hybrid local codes
* Edge-segment-based Background Modeling: Non-parametric online background update
* Facial expression recognition based on Local Sign Directional Pattern
* Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis: Face and Expression Recognition
* Local Directional Ternary Pattern for Facial Expression Recognition
* Local Directional Texture Pattern image descriptor
* Recognition of face expressions using Local Principal Texture Pattern
* Simultaneous Foreground Detection and Classification with Hybrid Features
* Spatiotemporal Directional Number Transitional Graph for Dynamic Texture Recognition
* Unattended object detection based on edge-segment distributions
Includes: Rivera, A.R. Rivera, A.R.[Adin Ramirez] Rivera, A.R.[Adín Ramírez]
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Rivera, F. Co Author Listing * Tools for User Interaction in Immersive Environments

Rivera, F.F. Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction on hypercube computers: Application to electron microscopy
* Image segmentation based on merging of sub-optimal segmentations
Includes: Rivera, F.F. Rivera, F.F.[Francisco F.]

Rivera, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * Emulation of Leaf, Canopy and Atmosphere Radiative Transfer Models for Fast Global Sensitivity Analysis
* Emulator Toolbox to Approximate Radiative Transfer Models with Statistical Learning, An
* Experimental Sentinel-2 LAI estimation using parametric, non-parametric and physical retrieval methods: A comparison
* FLEX End-to-End Mission Performance Simulator
* Gaussian processes uncertainty estimates in experimental Sentinel-2 LAI and leaf chlorophyll content retrieval
* Multiple Cost Functions and Regularization Options for Improved Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content and LAI through Inversion of the PROSAIL Model
* On the Semi-Automatic Retrieval of Biophysical Parameters Based on Spectral Index Optimization
* Optical remote sensing and the retrieval of terrestrial vegetation bio-geophysical properties: A review
* Optimizing LUT-Based RTM Inversion for Semiautomatic Mapping of Crop Biophysical Parameters from Sentinel-2 and -3 Data: Role of Cost Functions
Includes: Rivera, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Rivera, J.P.
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Rivera, M.[Mariano] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Rest Condition Potentials: First and Second Order Edge-Preserving Regularization
* Adaptive Rest Condition Potentials: Second Order Edge-Preserving Regularization
* Adaptive Rest Condition Spring System: An Edge-preserving Regularization Technique, The
* AVScreen: a real-time video augmentation method
* Basis Tensor Decomposition for Restoring Intra-Voxel Structure and Stochastic Walks for Inferring Brain Connectivity in DT-MRI
* Change detection by probabilistic segmentation from monocular view
* Computing the ¿-Channel with Probabilistic Segmentation for Image Colorization
* Diffusion Basis Functions Decomposition for Estimating White Matter Intravoxel Fiber Geometry
* Efficient half-quadratic regularization with granularity control
* Entropy-Controlled Quadratic Markov Measure Field Models for Efficient Image Segmentation
* Fast half-quadratic regularized phase tracking for nonnormalized fringe patterns
* Gauss-Markov Measure Field Models for Low-Level Vision
* General Bayesian Markov Random Field Model for Probabilistic Image Segmentation, A
* Image segmentation by convex quadratic programming
* Image Segmentation by Flexible Models Based on Robust Regularized Networks
* Improved Diffusion Basis Functions Fitting and Metric Distance for Brain Axon Fiber Estimation
* Learning and Regularizing Motion Models for Enhancing Particle Filter-Based Target Tracking
* Motion priors for multiple target visual tracking
* On the computation of integrals over fixed-size rectangles of arbitrary dimension
* Optical Flow Estimation with Prior Models Obtained from Phase Correlation
* probabilistic segmentation method for the identification of luminal borders in intravascular ultrasound images, A
* Quadratic Markovian Probability Fields for Image Binary Segmentation
* Quantitative Comparison of Reconstruction Methods for Intra-Voxel Fiber Recovery From Diffusion MRI
* Registration and interactive planar segmentation for stereo images of polyhedral scenes
* Robust regularization for the estimation of intra-voxel axon fiber orientations
* Surface-Normal Estimation with Neighborhood Reorganization for 3D Reconstruction
* Two-level MRF Models for Image Restoration and Segmentation
* Variational Approach for Multi-valued Velocity Field Estimation in Transparent Sequences, A
* Variational Multi-Valued Velocity Field Estimation for Transparent Sequences
* Variational Viewpoint of the Quadratic Markov Measure Field Models: Theory and Algorithms
Includes: Rivera, M.[Mariano] Rivera, M.
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Rivera, M.A.[Miguel Augustin] Co Author Listing * Impact of Sowing Date on Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Wheat Analyzed through Spatial Modeling and FORMOSAT-2 Images

Rivera, P. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Multi-class Pixel Labeling over Coherent Image Sets

Rivera, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Learning deformable shape manifolds
* Salient and non-salient fiducial detection using a probabilistic graphical model

Rivera, V. Co Author Listing * Visual Autonomy via 2D Matching in Rendered 3D Models

Riveravega, P.I. Co Author Listing * Network Flow Model for Binary Tomography on Lattices

Rivero Moreno, C.J.[Carlos Joel] Co Author Listing * Biological inspired tools for patrimonial handwriting denoising and categorization
* Conditions of Similarity between Hermite and Gabor Filters as Models of the Human Visual System
* Hermite and Gabor transforms for noise reduction and handwriting classification in ancient manuscripts
* Hermite Filter-Based Texture Analysis with Application to Handwriting Document Indexing
* Multiscale Handwriting Characterization for Writers' Classification
* Spatio-temporal Primitive Extraction Using Hermite and Laguerre Filters for Early Vision Video Indexing
* Temporal Video Indexing Based on Early Vision Using Laguerre Filters
* Texture feature extraction and indexing by hermite filters
* Writer Identification Using Steered Hermite Features and SVM
Includes: Rivero Moreno, C.J.[Carlos Joel] Rivero-Moreno, C.J.[Carlos Joel] Rivero-Moreno, C.J.
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Rivero, D. Co Author Listing * Real-time Sub-pixel Cross Bar Position Metrology
* Variational reconstruction and restoration for video Super-Resolution
Includes: Rivero, D. Rivero, D.[Daniel]

Rivero, R.G. Co Author Listing * Soil Phosphorus and Nitrogen Predictions Across Spatial Escalating Scales in an Aquatic Ecosystem Using Remote Sensing Images

Riveron, E.M.F.[Edgardo M. Felipe] Co Author Listing * Image Noise Filter Based on DCT and Fast Clustering

Riveros Reyes, J.G.[Juan G.] Co Author Listing * CreaTools: A Framework to Develop Medical Image Processing Software: Application to Simulate Pipeline Stent Deployment in Intracranial Vessels with Aneurysms

Rivers, A.[Alec] Co Author Listing * User Study Comparing 3D Modeling with Silhouettes and Google SketchUp, A

Rivers, G. Co Author Listing * Unequal Erasure Protection Technique for Scalable Multistreams

Rivertz, H.J.[Hans Jakob] Co Author Listing * Color Edge Preserving Smoothing
* Drawing Parrots with Charcoal
* Fast scale space image decomposition
* What the Eye Did Not See: A Fusion Approach to Image Coding
Includes: Rivertz, H.J.[Hans Jakob] Rivertz, H.J.

Rives, G. Co Author Listing * Detection of Patterns in Images from Piecewise Linear Contours
* Determination of the Attitude of 3-D Objects from a Single Perspective View
* Dry camera calibration for underwater applications
* Human Body Limbs Tracking by Multi-Ocular Vision
* Human Body Tracking by Monocular Vision
* Inverse Perspective Problem from a Single View for Polyhedra Location, The
* Inverse Perspective Transform Using Zero-Curvature Contour Points: Application to the Localization of Some Generalized Cylinders from a Single View
* Modelled Object Pose Estimation and Tracking by Monocular Vision
* Modelling an Object of Revolution by Zooming
* Planar Partially Occluded Objects Scene Analysis
* Sequential Piecewise-Linear Segmentation of Binary Contours
* Spatial Localization of Modelled Objects of Revolution in Monocular Perspective Vision
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction by Zooming
* Tracking of Human Limbs by Multiocular Vision
* Underwater Camera Calibration
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Rives, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Direct RGB-D Registration and Mapping for Large Motions
* asymmetric real-time dense visual localisation and mapping system, An
* Constrained Multiple Planar Template Tracking for Central Catadioptric Cameras
* New Approach to Visual Servoing in Robotics, A
* Real-time Dense Visual Tracking under Large Lighting Variations
* Reconstruction of transparent objects in unstructured scenes with a depth camera
* Spherical Image Processing for Accurate Visual Odometry with Omnidirectional Cameras
* spherical representation for efficient visual loop closing, A
* Towards Dynamic Vision
Includes: Rives, P.[Patrick] Rives, P.
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Rivest Henault, D. Co Author Listing * 3-D Curvilinear Structure Detection Filter Via Structure-Ball Analysis
* Fast Multiatlas Selection Using Composition of Transformations for Radiation Therapy Planning
* Image Segmentation Using Level Set and Local Linear Approximations
* Length Increasing Active Contour for the Segmentation of Small Blood Vessels
* local linear level set method for the binarization of degraded historical document images, A
* Nonrigid 2D/3D Registration of Coronary Artery Models With Live Fluoroscopy for Guidance of Cardiac Interventions
* Restoration and Segmentation of Highly Degraded Characters Using a Shape-Independent Level Set Approach and Multi-level Classifiers
* Unified Framework Based on the Level Set Approach for Segmentation of Unconstrained Double-Sided Document Images Suffering from Bleed-Through, A
Includes: Rivest Henault, D. Rivest-Henault, D. Rivest-Hénault, D.[David]
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Rivest, J.F. Co Author Listing * Detection of Dim Targets in Digital Infrared Imagery by Morphological Image-Processing
* Dimensionality in Image Analysis
* On the Validity of Fractal Dimension Measurements in Image Analysis
* Pose Error Effects on Range Sensing
* View planning for automated three-dimensional object reconstruction and inspection
* View planning with a registration constraint
Includes: Rivest, J.F. Rivest, J.F.[Jean-Francois] Rivest, J.F.[Jean-François]

Rivest, S.[Sonia] Co Author Listing * SOLAP technology: Merging business intelligence with geospatial technology for interactive spatio-temporal exploration and analysis of data

Rivet, B. Co Author Listing * Audiovisual Speech Source Separation: An overview of key methodologies
* Relationships Between Nonlinear and Space-Variant Linear Models in Hyperspectral Image Unmixing
* Source Separation of Multimodal Data: A Second-Order Approach Based on a Constrained Joint Block Decomposition of Covariance Matrices

Rivet, F. Co Author Listing * Mathematical modeling of clean and noisy ECG signals in a level-crossing sampling context

Riviera, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * Crowdsearching Training Sets for Image Classification
* Semantic-Analysis Object Recognition: Automatic Training Set Generation Using Textual Tags

Riviere, C. Co Author Listing * Optical Tracking for Performance Testing of Microsurgical Instruments

Riviere, C.N. Co Author Listing * Robotic Compensation of Biological Motion to Enhance Surgical Accuracy

Riviere, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Classification Based on Cortical Folding Patterns
* Object-Based Morphometry of the Cerebral Cortex
* primal sketch of the cortex mean curvature: a morphogenesis based approach to study the variability of the folding patterns, A
* Relational graph labelling using learning techniques and markov random fields
Includes: Riviere, D.[Denis] Riviere, D.

Rivlin, E.[Ehud] Co Author Listing * email: Rivlin, E.[Ehud]: ehudr AT cs technion ac il
* 3D Body-part tracking of two persons using a hierarchical body model
* 3d Human Body-part Tracking and Action Classification Using A Hierarchical Body Model
* Active tracking and pursuit under different levels of occlusion: A two-layer approach
* Aggregated Dynamic Background Modeling
* Applying Algebraic and Differential Invariants for Logo Recognition
* Automated Method for Analysis of Flow Characteristics of Circulating Particles From In vivo Video Microscopy, An
* Automatic screening of bladder cells for cancer diagnosis
* Behavior classification by eigendecomposition of periodic motions
* Behavioral Visual Motion Analysis
* Bittracker: A Bitmap Tracker for Visual Tracking under Very General Conditions
* Blind Decomposition of Transmission Light Microscopic Hyperspectral Cube Using Sparse Representation
* Building Petri Nets from Video Event Ontologies
* Cell nuclei segmentation using fuzzy logic engine
* Classification of Moving Targets Based on Motion and Appearance
* Colon Biopsy Classification Using Crypt Architecture
* Color Invariants for Person Reidentification
* comparison of Gaussian and mean curvature estimation methods on triangular meshes of range image data, A
* Control of a Camera for Active Vision: Foveal Vision, Smooth Tracking and Saccade
* Cortex Segmentation: A Fast Variational Geometric Approach
* Cues in Dependent Multiple Cue Integration for Robust Tracking Are Independent, The
* Deformation Invariants in Object Recognition
* Designing Visual Systems: Purposive Navigation
* Detecting Mutual Awareness Events
* Dimensionality Reduction for Articulated Body Tracking
* Dimensionality reduction using a Gaussian Process Annealed Particle Filter for tracking and classification of articulated body motions
* Direct Method for Video-Based Navigation Using a Digital Terrain Map
* Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash or Behavior Classification by Eigen-Decomposition of Periodic Motions
* Efficient Search and Verification for Function Based Classification from Real Range Images
* Error analysis for a navigation algorithm based on optical-flow and a digital terrain map
* Estimating Relative Vehicle Motions in Traffic Scenes
* Fast geodesic active contours
* Finding the focus of expansion and estimating range using optical flow images and a matched filter
* FT-AVS: A Fault Tolerant Architecture for Real Time Active Vision
* Function from Motion
* Function of Documents, The
* Functional 3D Object Classification Using Simulation of Embodied Agent
* Fusion of Fixation and Odometry for Vehicle Navigation
* General Framework for Combining Visual Trackers: The Black Boxes Approach, A
* Geometric Interpretation of Weak-Perspective Motion, A
* Global Segmentation and Curvature Analysis of Volumetric Data Sets Using Trivariate B-Spline Functions
* H-APF: Using hierarchical representation of human body for 3-D articulated tracking and action classification
* Hidden loop recovery for handwriting recognition
* Integration of Online and Pseudo-Online Information for Cursive Word Recognition, An
* Invariant-based data model for image databases
* Invariant-Based Shape Retrieval in Pictorial Databases
* Learning an Object's Function by Observing the Object in Action
* Learning function-based object classification from 3D imagery
* Learning to Navigate on a Graph
* Local Invariants for Recognition
* Localization and Homing Using Combinations of Model Views
* Localization and Positioning Using Combinations of Model Views
* Localization Using Combinations of Model Views
* mantis head camera (why the praying mantis is so good at catching its prey), The
* Map-Based Microscope Positioning
* Mean Shift tracking with multiple reference color histograms
* Motion characterization from co-occurrence vector descriptor
* Navigation Based on a Network of 2D Images
* Navigational Functionalities
* Object classification by functional parts
* Object Recognition by a Robotic Agent: The Purposive Approach
* Object Recognition by Functional Parts
* Offline Cursive Script Word Recognition: A Survey
* Offline Loop Investigation for Handwriting Analysis
* On Scene Segmentation and Histograms-Based Curve Evolution
* On the Equivalence of the LC-KSVD and the D-KSVD Algorithms
* Online action recognition using covariance of shape and motion
* Optical Transformations in Visual Navigation
* Optimal Servoing for Active Foveated Vision
* Person identification from action styles
* Pose and Motion Recovery from Feature Correspondences and a Digital Terrain Map
* Pose estimation using feature correspondences and DTM
* probabilistic cooperation between trackers of coupled objects, A
* probabilistic framework for combining tracking algorithms, A
* Propagating Certainty in Petri Nets for Activity Recognition
* Propagating Uncertainty in Petri Nets for Activity Recognition
* Qualitative Description of Camera Motion and Scene Depth from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Qualitative Description of Camera Motion from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Qualitative Real-Time Range Extraction for Preplanned Scene Partitioning Using Laser Beam Coding
* Quantative Description of Camera Motion from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Random Grids: Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbors and Range Searching for Image Search
* Real-Time Active Vision With Fault-Tolerance
* real-time system for classification of moving objects, A
* Recognition by Functional Parts
* Recognition with Local and Semi-Local Invariants
* Recognizing 3D Objects Using Tactile Sensing and Curve Invariants
* Recognizing Functionality
* Recognizing Objects Using Scale Space Local Invariants
* Recognizing surfaces from 3D curves
* Recovering Surface Invariants from Curves
* Recovery of 3D animal motions using cameras and mirrors
* Rehashing for Bayesian geometric hashing
* Robust 3D Head Tracking Using Camera Pose Estimation
* Robust epipolar geometry estimation using noisy pose priors
* Robust feature matching across widely separated color images
* Robust Fragments-based Tracking using the Integral Histogram
* Robust Real-Time Unusual Event Detection using Multiple Fixed-Location Monitors
* Role of optics in the accuracy of depth-from-defocus systems
* ROR: Rejection of Outliers by Rotations
* ROR: Rejection of Outliers by Rotations in Stereo Matching
* Scale-Space Semilocal Invariants
* Semi-Local Invariants
* Sensory-Based Motion Planning with Global Proofs
* System for Computer-Aided Multiresolution Microscopic Pathology Diagnostics
* Tangentbug: A Range-Sensor-Based Navigation Algorithm
* Tracking and Classifying of Human Motions with Gaussian Process Annealed Particle Filter
* Tracking by Affine Kernel Transformations Using Color and Boundary Cues
* Understanding Object Motion
* Understanding Video Events: A Survey of Methods for Automatic Interpretation of Semantic Occurrences in Video
* Using Fourier/Mellin-based correlators and their fractional versions in navigational tasks
* Using Gaussian Processes for Human Tracking and Action Classification
* Using Hierarchical Models for 3D Human Body-Part Tracking
* Using Model-based Localization with Active Navigation
* Using Pattern Recognition for Self-Localization in Semiconductor Manufacturing Systems
* Video Event Modeling and Recognition in Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets
* Vision-Based Tracking System for Head Motion Correction in FMRI Images
* Visual Homing: Surfing on the Epipoles
* Visual Tracking by Affine Kernel Fitting Using Color and Object Boundary
* Visual tracking of object silhouettes
* Zoom tracking and its applications
Includes: Rivlin, E.[Ehud] Rivlin, E.
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Rivlin, Z.[Ze'ev] Co Author Listing * MAESTRO: Conductor of Multimedia Analysis Technologies

Rivoira, S. Co Author Listing * isolated-word recognizer based on grammar-controlled classification processes, An

Rivola, R. Co Author Listing * Validation Tests of Open-Source Procedures for Digital Camera Calibration and 3D Image-Based Modelling

Rivollier, S.[Severine] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Shape Diagrams for Multiscale Morphometrical Image Analysis
* Shape representation and analysis of 2D compact sets by shape diagrams
Includes: Rivollier, S.[Severine] Rivollier, S.[Séverine]

Rivolta, G.[Giancarlo] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Potential of PROBA-V Satellite Image Time Series for Improving LC Classification in Semi-Arid African Landscapes
* Multi temporal data visualization in EO mobile apps
* On-Demand Web Tool for the Unsupervised Retrieval of Earth's Surface Deformation from SAR Data: The P-SBAS Service within the ESA G-POD Environment, An
* Support for Multi-temporal and Multi-mission data processing: The ESA Research and Service Support
Includes: Rivolta, G.[Giancarlo] Rivolta, G.

Rivolta, M.W.[Massimo W.] Co Author Listing * Learning from Enhanced Contextual Similarity in Brain Imaging Data for Classification of Schizophrenia

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