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Ron, E.[Eldar] Co Author Listing * Is the Kanizsa illusion triggered by the simultaneous contrast mechanism?

Ron, G. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Shape from Shading
* Nonlinear Multiresolution: A Shape-from-Shading Example

Roncal, W.G. Co Author Listing * Graph Classification Using Signal-Subgraphs: Applications in Statistical Connectomics
* VESICLE: Volumetric Evaluation of Synaptic Inferfaces using Computer Vision at Large Scale
Includes: Roncal, W.G. Roncal, W.G.[William Gray]

Roncali, E. Co Author Listing * Improving Depth, Energy and Timing Estimation in PET Detectors with Deconvolution and Maximum Likelihood Pulse Shape Discrimination

Roncancio, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Contextualized Behavior Patterns for Ambient Assisted Living

Roncancio, H.[Henry] Co Author Listing * Ceiling analysis of pedestrian recognition pipeline for an autonomous car application

Roncarolo, L. Co Author Listing * Critical Assessment of 2D and 3D Face Recognition Algorithms, A

Roncat, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * B-spline deconvolution for differential target cross-section determination in full-waveform laser scanning data
* Comparison Of Lidar Reflectance And Radiometrically Calibrated Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Landslide Displacement Monitoring Using 3D Range Flow on Airborne and Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* Laser Pulse Variations And Their Influence On Radiometric Calibration Of Full-Waveform Laser Scanner Data
* Regularizing method for the determination of the backscatter cross section in lidar data
* Retrieval of the Backscatter Cross-Section in Full-Waveform Lidar Data using B-Splines
* Waveform Analysis Techniques in Airborne Laser Scanning
Includes: Roncat, A.[Andreas] Roncat, A.
7 for Roncat, A.

Roncato, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for Monitoring Ice-Cream Freezers, A
* Computer Vision System for the Automatic Inventory of a Cooler, A
* general framework for trajectory data warehousing and visual OLAP, A

Roncella, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic lane parameters extraction in mobile mapping sequences
* comparison of semiglobal and local dense matching algorithms for surface reconstruction, A
* Comparison of Two Structure and Motion Strategies
* Estimate Of Dtm Degradation Due To Image Compression For The Stereo Camera Of The Bepicolombo Mission
* Evaluation Of Area-based Image Matching Applied To DTM Generation With Hirise Images
* Evaluation of DEM generation accuracy from UAS imagery
* Extraction of planar patches from point clouds to retrieve dip and dip direction of rock discontinuities
* Integrated Survey For Architectural Restoration: A Methodological Comparison Of Two Case Studies
* Kinect Fusion improvement using depth camera calibration
* Novel Image Acquisition and Processing Procedure for Fast Tunnel DSM Production, A
* Performance Evaluation of a Structure and Motion Strategy in Architecture and Cultural Heritage
* Photogrammetric Survey of Ancients Musical Instruments
* Photogrammetric Techniques For Promotion Of Archaeological Heritage: The Archaeological Museum Of Parma (italy)
* Potential Of Low-cost Rpas For Multi-view Reconstruction Of Sub-vertical Rock Faces, The
* Testing Accuracy and Repeatability of UAV Blocks Oriented with GNSS-Supported Aerial Triangulation
* Unmanned Aerial Systems and DSM matching for rock glacier monitoring
* Use of UAS in a High Mountain Landscape: The Case of Gran Sommetta Rock Glacier (AO)
* Virtual Hub Brokering Approach For Integration Of Historical And Modern Maps, A
Includes: Roncella, R. Roncella, R.[Riccardo]
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Ronchetti, L. Co Author Listing * Model Acquisition by Registration of Multiple Acoustic Range Views
* Reconstruction of complex environments by robust pre-aligned ICP

Ronchi, M.R.[Matteo Ruggero] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking and Error Diagnosis in Multi-instance Pose Estimation
* Describing Common Human Visual Actions in Images
* Distance Estimation of an Unknown Person from a Portrait

Ronci, E. Co Author Listing * Close Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Using a Mobile Mapping System for the High Detailed Survey of a Height Density Urban Area

Roncoli, C. Co Author Listing * Feedback-Based Integrated Motorway Traffic Flow Control With Delay Balancing
* Feedback-Based Mainstream Traffic Flow Control for Multiple Bottlenecks on Motorways
* Highway Traffic State Estimation With Mixed Connected and Conventional Vehicles

Roncoroni, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Application of TLS for Change Detection in Rock Faces
* Automatic Façade Segmentation for Thermal Retrofit
* Beyond Crude 3D Models: From Point Clouds to Historical Building Information Modeling via NURBS
* BIM from Laser Clouds and Finite Element Analysis: Combining Structural Analysis and Geometric Complexity
* Development and Testing of a Method for Tunnel Monitoring Via Vision Metrology
* Feasibility and problems of TLS in modeling rock faces for hazard mapping
* Georeferencing Accuracy Analysis Of A Single Worldview-3 Image Collected Over Milan
* HBIM and augmented information: towards a wider user community of image and range-based reconstructions
* Investigations about the Accuracy of Target Measurement for Deformation Monitoring
* Measurement of Dam Deformations by Terrestrial Interferometric Techiques
* Monitoring Riverbank Erosion in Mountain Catchments Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Towards a virtual hub approach for landscape assessment and multimedia ecomuseum using multitemporal-maps
Includes: Roncoroni, F.[Fabio] Roncoroni, F.
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Rond, A.[Arie] Co Author Listing * Poisson inverse problems by the Plug-and-Play scheme

Ronda, J.I.[Jose I.] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction with uncalibrated cameras using the six-line conic variety
* Absolute Line Quadric and Camera Autocalibration, The
* Autocalibration with the Minimum Number of Cameras with Known Pixel Shape
* Buffer-Constrained Coding of Video Sequences with Quasi-Constant Quality
* Camera Autocalibration and Horopter Curves
* Camera Autocalibration and the Calibration Pencil
* Camera Autocalibration Using Plücker Coordinates
* Conic Geometry and Autocalibration from Two Images
* Directional geodesic active contours
* Euclidean Upgrading from Segment Lengths
* Extraction of 3D Structure from Video Sequences
* Line Geometry and Camera Autocalibration
* Linear camera autocalibration with varying parameters
* Photorealistic 3D reconstruction from handheld cameras
* Rate control and bit allocation for MPEG-4
* Recursive Camera Autocalibration with the Kalman Filter
* SADWT for Efficient Mesh Based Video Coding
* Stochastic rate-control of interframe video coders for VBR channels
* Stochastic Rate-control of Video Coders for Wireless Channels
* Visire: Photorealistic 3D Reconstruction from Video Sequences
Includes: Ronda, J.I.[Jose I.] Ronda, J.I.[José Ignacio] Ronda, J.I.[José I.] Ronda, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Ronda, J.I.
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Rondao Alface, P. Co Author Listing * Application of spectral decomposition to compression and watermarking of 3D triangle mesh geometry
* Lapped spectral decomposition for 3D triangle mesh compression
Includes: Rondao Alface, P. Rondao-Alface, P.

Rondeau, X. Co Author Listing * Exact discrete minimization for TV+L0 image decomposition models
* Phase retrieval from speckle images
Includes: Rondeau, X. Rondeau, X.[Xavier]

Rondeel, S. Co Author Listing * Calibration of multi-camera photogrammetric systems

Rondi, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * method for single image restoration based on the principal ergodic, A

Rondina, J.M. Co Author Listing * SCoRS: A Method Based on Stability for Feature Selection and Apping in Neuroimaging

Rondinelli, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * System and method for panoramic imaging

Rondot, P.[Pascale] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Localized Semantics: Data, Methodology, and Experiments
* Recognition and Segmentation of Scene Content using Region-Based Classification

Ronee, M.A. Co Author Listing * Handwritten character recognition using piecewise linear two-dimensional warping
* Using eigen-deformations in handwritten character recognition

Ronellenfitsch, F. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Imaging Instrument for Natural Resources Applications, A
* Retrieving the Bioenergy Potential from Maize Crops Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Ronen, I.[Itamar] Co Author Listing * Studying brain cytoarchitecture with MRI - Present, future and promises of high field

Ronen, R. Co Author Listing * Coordinated path following control for a group of car-like vehicles

Roney, E.J. Co Author Listing * Stable and efficient shift-variant algorithm for circle-plus-lines orbits in cone-beam CT

Ronfard, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * email: Ronfard, R.[Remi]: remi AT inria fr
* Action Recognition from Arbitrary Views using 3D Exemplars
* Articulated-Body Tracking Through Anisotropic Edge Detection
* Automatic Discovery of Action Taxonomies from Multiple Views
* Detecting and Naming Actors in Movies Using Generative Appearance Models
* Dynamic stereoscopic previz
* Free viewpoint action recognition using motion history volumes
* From Video Shot Clustering to Sequence Segmentation
* Human Motion Tracking with a Kinematic Parameterization of Extremal Contours
* Implicit Simplicial Models for Adaptive Curve Reconstruction
* Implicit Simplicial Models I: Adaptive Curve Reconstruction
* Learning to Parse Pictures of People
* Modeling people: Vision-based understanding of a person's shape, appearance, movement, and behaviour
* Multiple Camera Calibration Using Robust Perspective Factorization
* Region-Based Strategies for Active Contour Models
* Stereoscopic Zoom, The
* Survey of Vision-Based Methods for Action Representation, Segmentation and Recognition, A
* Tracking with the Kinematics of Extremal Contours
Includes: Ronfard, R.[Remi] Ronfard, R.[Rémi] Ronfard, R.
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Rong Gui, M.[Ma] Co Author Listing * study of pavement roughness measurement system based on laser ranger finder, A
Includes: Rong Gui, M.[Ma] Rong-Gui, M.[Ma]

Rong Hui, Z.[Zhang] Co Author Listing * Bifurcation of lane change on highway for large bus
Includes: Rong Hui, Z.[Zhang] Rong-Hui, Z.[Zhang]

Rong, B.Y.[Bao Yue] Co Author Listing * Networked state estimation of MIMO Systems
Includes: Rong, B.Y.[Bao Yue] Rong, B.Y.[Bao-Yue]

Rong, F.G.[Feng Guang] Co Author Listing * Determining Directional Contact Range of Two Convex Polyhedra
Includes: Rong, F.G.[Feng Guang] Rong, F.G.[Feng-Guang]

Rong, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * Automatic Palmprint Verification
* Palmprint Recognition Using Crease
* Robust contour extraction for moving vehicle tracking
* Robust crease detection in fingerprint images
Includes: Rong, G.[Gang] Rong, G.

Rong, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Real-Time GPU-Aided Lung Tumor Tracking
* Spectral mesh deformation
* WebPhysics: A Parallel Rigid Body Simulation Framework for Web Applications
Includes: Rong, G.D.[Guo Dong] Rong, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Rong, H.Q.[Hong Qiang] Co Author Listing * Automated Variable Weighting in k-Means Type Clustering
Includes: Rong, H.Q.[Hong Qiang] Rong, H.Q.[Hong-Qiang]

Rong, J. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration from Periodic Motion of a Pedestrian
* Low-Dose Lung CT Image Restoration Using Adaptive Prior Features From Full-Dose Training Database
* Radial lens distortion correction using cascaded one-parameter division model
* Radial Lens Distortion Correction Using Convolutional Neural Networks Trained with Synthesized Images
* Sensor layout strategy and sensitivity analysis for macroscopic traffic flow parameter acquisition
* vector maps watermarking algorithm based on DCT, A
Includes: Rong, J. Rong, J.[Jiangpeng] Rong, J.[Jian] Rong, J.[Jiang]

Rong, J.P.[Jiang Peng] Co Author Listing * Ellipse-specific fitting by relaxing the 3L constraints with semidefinite programming
* Imposing Differential Constraints on Radial Distortion Correction
Includes: Rong, J.P.[Jiang Peng] Rong, J.P.[Jiang-Peng]

Rong, J.W.[Jia Wei] Co Author Listing * Fusion of SVD and LDA for face recognition
Includes: Rong, J.W.[Jia Wei] Rong, J.W.[Jia-Wei]

Rong, K.[Kun] Co Author Listing * spatial-color layout feature for representing galaxy images, A

Rong, K.X.[Kai Xuan] Co Author Listing * novel dynamic rough subspace based selective ensemble, A
Includes: Rong, K.X.[Kai Xuan] Rong, K.X.[Kai-Xuan]

Rong, L.L.[Liang Liang] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Power Line Harmonics Suppression from MRS Based on Stacking and ANC
Includes: Rong, L.L.[Liang Liang] Rong, L.L.[Liang-Liang]

Rong, M.[Mengtian] Co Author Listing * Deinterlacing algorithm using gradient-guided interpolation and weighted average of directional estimation

Rong, N.[Na] Co Author Listing * Online Multi-Target Tracking With Unified Handling of Complex Scenarios

Rong, R. Co Author Listing * Novel Iterative Shrinkage Algorithm for CS-MRI via Adaptive Regularization, A
* Perturbation Analysis of Greedy Block Coordinate Descent Under RIP
* Robust Sparse Signal Recovery in the Presence of the S alpha-S Noise
Includes: Rong, R. Rong, R.[Rong]

Rong, S.[Songnian] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Natural Backgrounds for Target Detection
* Modeling Clutter and Context for Target Detection in Infrared Images
* Reinforcement Learning for Integrating Context with Clutter Models for Target Detection
Includes: Rong, S.[Songnian] Rong, S.

Rong, S.H.[Sheng Hui] Co Author Listing * Nonuniformity correction for an infrared focal plane array based on diamond search block matching
Includes: Rong, S.H.[Sheng Hui] Rong, S.H.[Sheng-Hui]

Rong, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Continuous Motion Recognition in Depth Camera Based on Recurrent Neural Networks and Grid-based Average Depth
* Location bagging-based undersampling for imbalanced classification problems
Includes: Rong, T.[Tao] Rong, T.

Rong, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Road Intersections from GPS Traces Based on the Dominant Orientations of Roads
* Mosaicing of microscope images based on SURF
Includes: Rong, W.[Wei] Rong, W.[Wen]

Rong, W.B.[Wei Bin] Co Author Listing * Image Fusion and 3-D Surface Reconstruction of Microparts Using Complex Valued Wavelet Transforms
Includes: Rong, W.B.[Wei Bin] Rong, W.B.[Wei-Bin]

Rong, X.J.[Xue Jian] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Low-Level Features for Real-World Surveillance Event Detection
* Guided Text Spotting for Assistive Blind Navigation in Unfamiliar Indoor Environments
* ISANA: Wearable Context-Aware Indoor Assistive Navigation with Obstacle Avoidance for the Blind
* Recognizing Text-Based Traffic Guide Panels with Cascaded Localization Network
* Unambiguous Text Localization and Retrieval for Cluttered Scenes
Includes: Rong, X.J.[Xue Jian] Rong, X.J.[Xue-Jian]

Rong, X.W.[Xian Wei] Co Author Listing * Pseudo disparity based stereo image coding
Includes: Rong, X.W.[Xian Wei] Rong, X.W.[Xian-Wei]

Rong, Y.[Yi] Co Author Listing * Discriminative dictionary pair learning from partially labeled data
* Distributionally Robust Minimum Variance Beamformer Design, A
* Efficient Video Coding Using Legacy Algorithmic Approaches
* Linear time recognition algorithms for topological invariants in 3D
* Low-rank double dictionary learning from corrupted data for robust image classification
* Remote Sensing Method for Estimating Surface Air Temperature and Surface Vapor Pressure on a Regional Scale, A
* Robust Image Classification via Low-Rank Double Dictionary Learning
* Simplified MMSE Precoding Design in Interference Two-Way MIMO Relay Systems
Includes: Rong, Y.[Yi] Rong, Y. Rong, Y.[Yongwu] Rong, Y.[Yuan] Rong, Y.[Yue]
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Rong, Y.C.[Yao Cheng] Co Author Listing * Oriented total variation /1/2 regularization
* Overview and performance analysis of AVS mobility features
Includes: Rong, Y.C.[Yao Cheng] Rong, Y.C.[Yao-Cheng]

Rong, Z. Co Author Listing * Application of 3D Laser Scanning in the Protection of Grottoes and Carvings in China, The
* Application of Survey in Er Wang Temple Restituting, The
* Postlaunch Calibration of FengYun-3B MERSI Reflective Solar Bands
* Research on Expression Method of GDP Data Based on GRID
Includes: Rong, Z. Rong, Z.[Zhao]

Ronge, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Human Pose Estimation in Stereo Images
* Pedestrian Orientation Estimation

Rongen, F. Co Author Listing * design of an animal PET: flexible geometry for achieving optimal spatial resolution or high sensitivity, The

Rongen, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Efficient Method for Tensor Voting Using Steerable Filters, An

Rongen, P.M.J.[Peter M.J.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Interest Point Detectors for Non-planar, Transparent Scenes
* Multiple Model Estimation for the Detection of Curvilinear Segments in Medical X-ray Images Using Sparse-plus-dense-RANSAC
* Sparse-plus-dense-RANSAC for estimation of multiple complex curvilinear models in 2D and 3D
* Surgical needle reconstruction using small-angle multi-view X-ray
Includes: Rongen, P.M.J.[Peter M.J.] Rongen, P.M.J.[Peter M. J.]

Roning, J.[Juha] Co Author Listing * Affordances in Video Surveillance
* Gaussian Process Person Identifier Based on Simple Floor Sensors
* Image Analysis System for Industrial Applications, An
* Improving the classification accuracy of streaming data using SAX similarity features
* Modeling structured environments by a single moving camera
* Registration of NEVI in Successive Skin Images for Early Detection of Melanoma
* Texture features in the classification of melanocytic lesions
Includes: Roning, J.[Juha] Röning, J.[Juha] (Maybe also Roening, J.)Roning, J.
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Roning, J.J. Co Author Listing * Acquiring Simple Patterns for Surface Inspection

Ronke, J. Co Author Listing * On Properties of Discretized Convex Curves

Ronkka, R.[Risto] Co Author Listing * Object detection for dynamic adaptation of interconnections in inkjet printed electronics
* Point Pattern Matching for 2-D Point Sets with Regular Structure
Includes: Ronkka, R.[Risto] Rönkkä, R.[Risto] (Maybe also Roenkkae, R.)

Ronkko, M. Co Author Listing * Situational Knowledge Representation for Traffic Observed by a Pavement Vibration Sensor Network

Ronneberger, O.[Olaf] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D rotation-invariant detection using equivariant filters and kernel weighted mapping
* 3D Active Surface Model for the Accurate Segmentation of Drosophila Schneider Cell Nuclei and Nucleoli, A
* 3D Deformable Surfaces with Locally Self-Adjusting Parameters: A Robust Method to Determine Cell Nucleus Shapes
* 3D Invariants with High Robustness to Local Deformations for Automated Pollen Recognition
* 3D Object Detection Using a Fast Voxel-Wise Local Spherical Fourier Tensor Transformation
* 3D Rotation-Invariant Description from Tensor Operation on Spherical HOG Field
* Accurate Detection in Volumetric Images Using Elastic Registration Based Validation
* Blind Deconvolution of Widefield Fluorescence Microscopic Data by Regularization of the Optical Transfer Function (OTF)
* Fast and Reliable Coin Recognition System, A
* Fast computation of 3D spherical Fourier harmonic descriptors: A complete orthonormal basis for a rotational invariant representation of three-dimensional objects
* Fast Rotation Invariant 3D Feature Computation Utilizing Efficient Local Neighborhood Operators
* Fast Scalar and Vectorial Grayscale Based Invariant Features for 3D Cell Nuclei Localization and Classification
* General-purpose object recognition in 3D volume data sets using gray-scale invariants: Classification of airborne pollen-grains recorded with a confocal laser scanning microscope
* Harmonic Filters for 3D Multichannel Data: Rotation Invariant Detection of Mitoses in Colorectal Cancer
* Holomorphic Filters for Object Detection
* Improving Detection of Deformable Objects in Volumetric Data
* Increasing the Dimension of Creativity in Rotation Invariant Feature Design Using 3D Tensorial Harmonics
* Mean Shift Gradient Vector Flow: A Robust External Force Field for 3D Active Surfaces
* Modeling of Sparsely Sampled Tubular Surfaces Using Coupled Curves
* Multiview Deblurring for 3-D Images from Light-Sheet-Based Fluorescence Microscopy
* Rotation-Invariant HOG Descriptors Using Fourier Analysis in Polar and Spherical Coordinates
* Rotational Invariance Based on Fourier Analysis in Polar and Spherical Coordinates
* Self-learning Segmentation and Classification of Cell-Nuclei in 3D Volumetric Data Using Voxel-Wise Gray Scale Invariants
* Semi-supervised Learning of Edge Filters for Volumetric Image Segmentation
* Spatiotemporal Deformable Prototypes for Motion Anomaly Detection
* Using Lateral Coupled Snakes for Modeling the Contours of Worms
* Voxel-Wise Gray Scale Invariants for Simultaneous Segmentation and Classification
Includes: Ronneberger, O.[Olaf] Ronneberger, O.
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Ronnholm, P.[Petri] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Accurate 3D Measurement Methods for Evaluating As-Built Floor Flatness
* Evaluating the Correctness of Airborne Laser Scanning Data Heights Using Vehicle-Based RTK and VRS GPS Observations
* Experiments on deformation measurements of Helsinki Design Week 2005 Info Pavilion
* Factors affecting the quality of DTM generation in forested areas
* Fusion of Mobile Laser Scanning and Panoramic Images for Studying River Environment Topography And Changes
* Image Acquisition Constraints for Panoramic Frame Camera Imaging
* Integration of Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry
* Measuring the growth of individual trees using multi-temporal airborne laser scanning point clouds
* Registration of Airborne Laser Scanning Point Clouds with Aerial Images through Terrestrial Image Blocks
* Registration of Laser Scanning Point Clouds and Aerial Images Using Either Artificial Or Natural Tie Features
* Waveform Features for Tree Identification
Includes: Ronnholm, P.[Petri] Rönnholm, P.[Petri] (Maybe also Roennholm, P.)Rönnholm, P. (Maybe also Roennholm, P.)
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Ronningen, L.A.[Leif Arne] Co Author Listing * Eye tracking for foveation video coding and simple scene description
* Real time believable stereo and virtual view synthesis engine for autostereoscopic display
Includes: Ronningen, L.A.[Leif Arne] Ronningen, L.A.

Ronnqvist, M. Co Author Listing * Using Analytics in the Implementation of Vertical and Horizontal Curvature in Route Calculation
Includes: Ronnqvist, M. Rönnqvist, M. (Maybe also Roennqvist, M.)

Ronse, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ronse, C.[Christian]: ronse AT dpt-info u-strasbg fr
* Algebraic Basis of Mathematical Morphology: I. Dilations and Erosions, The
* Algebraic Basis of Mathematical Morphology: II. Openings and Closings, The
* Annular Filters for Binary Images
* Axiomatics for oriented connectivity
* Bibliography on Digital and Computational Convexity (1961-1988), A
* Cerebral Vascular Atlas Generation for Anatomical Knowledge Modeling and Segmentation Purpose
* Connected Components in Binary Images: The Detection Problem
* Digital Imaging: A Unified Topological Framework
* Discretization in Hausdorff Space
* Flat Morphological Operatorson Arbitrary Power Lattices
* Flat Morphology on Power Lattices
* Generation of Shading-off in Images by Extrapolation of Lipschitz Functions
* Geodesy on label images, and applications to video sequence processing
* Grey-level hit-or-miss transforms--Part I: Unified theory
* Grey-level hit-or-miss transforms--part II: Application to angiographic image processing
* Guest Editorial, Morphology
* Hausdorff Discretization for Cellular Distances and Its Relation to Cover and Supercover Discretizations
* hit-or-miss transform for multivariate images, A
* ISMM05 special issue
* Lattice-Theoretical Fixpoint Theorems in Morphological Image Filtering
* Lattice-Theoretical Framework for Annular Filters in Morphological Image Processing, A
* Lattice-Theoretical Morphological View on Template Extraction in Images, A
* Loop Removal from Colon Central Path Through Skeleton Scale-Space Tracking
* Mathematical Morphology: 40 Years On
* Minimal test patterns for connectivity preservation in parallel thinning algorithms for binary digital images
* Morphological shape and region description
* Morphology on Label Images: Flat-Type Operators and Connections
* On Idempotence and Related Requirements in Edge Detection
* Order-Configuration Functions: Mathematical Characterizations and Applications to Digital Signal and Image Processing
* Ordering Partial Partitions for Image Segmentation and Filtering: Merging, Creating and Inflating Blocks
* Orders for Simplifying Partial Partitions
* Partial Partitions, Partial Connections and Connective Segmentation
* Phase Congruence Model for Edge Detection in Two-Dimensional Pictures: A Mathematical Study, The
* Self Calibration and 3D Reconstruction from Lines with a Single Translating Camera
* Set-Theoretical Algebraic Approaches to Connectivity in Continuous Or Digital Spaces
* Simple Proof of Rosenfeld's Characterization of Digital Straight Line Segments, A
* Spatio-temporal Segmentation Using 3d Morphological Tools
* Strong Chord Property for 4-Connected Convex Digital Sets, A
* Topology on Digital Label Images
* Unified Topological Framework for Digital Imaging, A
* Using Multimodal MR Data for Segmentation and Topology Recovery of the Cerebral Superficial Venous Tree
* Watershed and multimodal data for brain vessel segmentation: Application to the superior sagittal sinus
Includes: Ronse, C.[Christian] Ronse, C.
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Ronsin, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Registration for Applications in Remote Sensing, An
* Block coding for television at 34 Mbit/s
* Bounded Gray-Level Morphology and Its Applications to Image Representation
* Color LAR Codec: A Color Image Representation and Compression Scheme Based on Local Resolution Adjustment and Self-Extracting Region Representation
* Compressed Sensing Performance of Random Bernoulli Matrices with High Compression Ratio
* Contours Smoothing for Non-Occluded Planar Shapes Description
* IHS-Based Fusion for Color Distortion Reduction and Vegetation Enhancement in IKONOS Imagery, An
* Image representation by a new optimal non-uniform morphological sampling
* Inverse pyramidal decomposition with multiple DCT
* method for change detection with multi-temporal satellite images based on Principal Component Analysis, A
* Multiscale contour description for pattern recognition
* Novel Multi-scale Representation for 2-D Shapes, A
* Online Glocal Transfer for Automatic Figure-Ground Segmentation
* Parallel algorithm implementation for multi-object tracking and surveillance
* Planar Shapes Descriptors Based on the Turning Angle Scalogram
* Quantitative evaluation of detail-preserving and noise-removal abilities of morphological filters
* Region of Interest Coding for Low Bit Rate Image Transmission
* Residues of Morphological Filtering by Reconstruction for Texture Classification
* Robust Morphological Features for Texture Classification
* Segmentation Driven Low-rank Matrix Recovery for Saliency Detection
* Segmentation-Based Motion-Compensated Video Coding Using Morphological Filters
* Semantic image segmentation using region bank
* Semantic segmentation via sparse coding over hierarchical regions
* Shape Decomposition and Representation Using a Recursive Morphological Operation
* Texture Classification and Segmentation Based on Iterative Morphological Decomposition
* Texture features based on Fourier transform and Gabor filters: an empirical comparison
* Unsupervised Joint Salient Region Detection and Object Segmentation
Includes: Ronsin, J.[Joseph] Ronsin, J.
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Ronsky, J.[Janet] Co Author Listing * Toward an Automatic Calibration of Dual Fluoroscopy Imaging Systems

Ronsky, J.L. Co Author Listing * Rigorous Geometric Self-Calibrating Bundle Adjustment for a Dual Fluoroscopic Imaging System

Rontogiannis, A.A. Co Author Listing * Simultaneously Sparse and Low-Rank Abundance Matrix Estimation for Hyperspectral Image Unmixing

Ronzhin, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Human Computer Interaction with MIDAS Intelligent Infokiosk
* Multimodal Human Computer Interaction with MIDAS Intelligent Infokiosk
Includes: Ronzhin, A.[Alexander] Ronzhin, A.[Andrey]

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