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Rova, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition by Eigen-Scale-Space of Contours
* Shape retrieval with eigen-CSS search

Rova, M. Co Author Listing * Measurement of Transparent Plastic Sculptures Using Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning and Touch Probing for Conservation Purposes
* Multistation Bundle Adjustment with a Machine Vision Parallel Camera System: An Alternative to the Perspective Case for the Measurement of Small Objects

Rovai, L. Co Author Listing * Water Vapor Probabilistic Retrieval Using GNSS Signals

Rovaris, M. Co Author Listing * Incorporating Domain Knowledge Into the Fuzzy Connectedness Framework: Application to Brain Lesion Volume Estimation in Multiple Sclerosis

Rovatti, R. Co Author Listing * Case Study in Low-Complexity ECG Signal Encoding: How Compressing is Compressed Sensing?, A
* Fingerprint ridge distance computation methodologies
* Single-Scan Algorithm for Connected Components Labelling in a Traffic Monitoring Application, A
Includes: Rovatti, R. Rovatti, R.[Riccardo]

Rovenski, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Modeling of Curves and Surfaces with MATLABŪ

Rover, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Effects of Disturbance and Climate Change on Ecosystem Performance in the Yukon River Basin Boreal Forest
* Geostatistical estimation of signal-to-noise ratios for spectral vegetation indices

Roveri, M. Co Author Listing * Visual Inspection of Particle Boards for Quality Assessment

Rovetta, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Backchannel Prediction for Mandarin Human-Computer Interaction
* Kernel optimization using nonparametric Fisher criterion in the subspace
* Noninvasive System for Evaluating Driver Vigilance Level Examining Both Physiological and Mechanical Data, A
* Point Context: An Effective Shape Descriptor for RST-Invariant Trajectory Recognition
Includes: Rovetta, A.[Alberto] Rovetta, A.

Rovetta, S. Co Author Listing * Circular Backpropagation Networks for Classification
* Efficient Technique for Implementing an Image Compression Neural Algorithm on Concurrent Multiprocessor, An
* Image Recognition System Implemented on Hierarchical Parallel Architectures, An
* Shared farthest neighbor approach to clustering of high dimensionality, low cardinality data
* survey of kernel and spectral methods for clustering, A
* Vector quantization and fuzzy ranks for image reconstruction
Includes: Rovetta, S. Rovetta, S.[Stefano]

Rovetta, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * Interactive Tool for Speed up the Analysis of UV Images of Stradivari Violins, An

Rovigo, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Public service approach to car-sharing in mid-sized towns: The example of Belfort (France)

Rovira Garcia, A. Co Author Listing * Worldwide Ionospheric Model for Fast Precise Point Positioning, A
Includes: Rovira Garcia, A. Rovira-Garcia, A.

Rovira, X.[Xari] Co Author Listing * Promoting consensus in the concept mapping methodology: An application in the hospitality sector

Rovithakis, G.A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Multilead SMD Post-Placement Quality Inspection, A
* Bayesian image analysis framework for post-placement quality inspection of components, A

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