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Rui, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Character Recognition Algorithm Based on the Central Location and Polar Projection
* Feedback-free Wavelet Based Distributed Coding for Video

Rui, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor SAR Image Registration Based on Object Shape

Rui, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * Adaptive filter for speckle reduction with feature preservation in medical ultrasound images
* Application of DInSAR and GIS for Underground Mine Subsidence Monitoring
* Dimensionality reduction of brain imaging data using graph signal processing
* Locality constrained dictionary learning for non-linear dimensionality reduction and classification
* Marker-Free Automatic Matching Of Range Data
* Nonuniformity correction for an infrared focal plane array based on diamond search block matching
Includes: Rui, L.[Li] Rui, L.[Liu] Rui, L. Rui, L.[Ling] Rui, L.[Lai]

Rui, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * State Estimation for a Class of Piecewise Affine State-Space Models

Rui, T. Co Author Listing * Integrating Discriminant and Descriptive Information for Dimension Reduction and Classification
* Making Residual Vector Distribution Uniform for Distinctive Image Representation
* Target Tracking Based on Wavelet Features in the Dynamic Image Sequence
Includes: Rui, T. Rui, T.[Ting]

Rui, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Binary Image Authentication using Zernike Moments
* Content-based authentication algorithm for binary images
* Medical X-ray image enhancement method based on TV-homomorphic filter
Includes: Rui, W.[Wei] Rui, W.[Wang]

Rui, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Co Author Listing * Multi-graph similarity reinforcement for image annotation refinement
Includes: Rui, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Rui, X.G.[Xiao-Guang]

Rui, Y.[Yong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive key frame extraction using unsupervised clustering
* Annotating programs for automatic summary generation
* Application Potential of Multimedia Information Retrieval
* As-Rigid-As-Possible Stereo under Second Order Smoothness Priors
* Automated Region Segmentation Using Attraction-Based Grouping in Spatial-Color-Texture Space
* Automatic detection and tracking of multiple individuals using multiple cues
* Automatic Matching Tool Selection Using Relevance Feedback in MARS
* Better Proposal Distributions: Object Tracking Using Unscented Particle Filter
* Boosting-Based Multimodal Speaker Detection for Distributed Meeting Videos
* Building Hierarchical Representations for Oracle Character and Sketch Recognition
* Cascade Category-Aware Visual Search
* Click Prediction for Web Image Reranking Using Multimodal Sparse Coding
* closed-form estimate of 3D ICP covariance, A
* Comparative Analysis of the Distributions of KFC and McDonald's Outlets in China, A
* Concurrent Multiple Instance Learning for Image Categorization
* Constraint Based Region Matching for Image Retrieval
* Content-Based Image Retrieval with Relevance Feedback in MARS
* Cross-Domain Human Action Recognition
* DNN Flow: DNN Feature Pyramid based Image Matching
* Efficient 2D-to-3D Correspondence Filtering for Scalable 3D Object Recognition
* Event Tactic Analysis Based on Broadcast Sports Video
* Exploiting Click Constraints and Multi-view Features for Image Re-ranking
* Exploration of Visual Data
* High-Order Distance-Based Multiview Stochastic Learning in Image Classification
* Highlight Detection with Pairwise Deep Ranking for First-Person Video Summarization
* Image Classification With Kernelized Spatial-Context
* Image Retrieval: Current Techniques, Promising Directions, and Open Issues
* Image Tag Refinement With View-Dependent Concept Representations
* joint appearance-spatial distance for kernel-based image categorization, A
* Joint Multiview Segmentation and Localization of RGB-D Images Using Depth-Induced Silhouette Consistency
* Jointly Modeling Embedding and Translation to Bridge Video and Language
* JPDAF Based HMM for Real-Time Contour Tracking
* Learning Based Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval
* Learning Concepts by Modeling Relationships
* Learning Cross Space Mapping via DNN Using Large Scale Click-Through Logs
* Learning hierarchical video representation for action recognition
* Learning of Multimodal Representations With Random Walks on the Click Graph
* LEGO-MM: LEarning Structured Model by Probabilistic loGic Ontology Tree for MultiMedia
* Light Weight Background Blurring for Video Conferencing Applications
* Location Discriminative Vocabulary Coding for Mobile Landmark Search
* MeshStereo: A Global Stereo Model with Mesh Alignment Regularization for View Interpolation
* Mining Latent Attributes From Click-Through Logs for Image Recognition
* Mode-based multi-hypothesish head tracking using parametric contours
* Monet: A System for Reliving Your Memories by Theme-Based Photo Storytelling
* Monocular Video Foreground/Background Segmentation by Tracking Spatial-Color Gaussian Mixture Models
* MSR-VTT: A Large Video Description Dataset for Bridging Video and Language
* Multi-level Attention Networks for Visual Question Answering
* Multicue HMM-UKF for Real-Time Contour Tracking
* Multimedia search reranking: A literature survey
* Optimal Adaptive Learning for Image Retrieval
* Optimal Radial Contour Tracking by Dynamic Programming
* Optimizing Learning in Image Retrieval
* Pairwise constraints based multiview features fusion for scene classification
* PartBook for image parsing
* Partial-Duplicate Clustering and Visual Pattern Discovery on Web Scale Image Database
* Query Adaptive Similarity Measure for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Relaxing from Vocabulary: Robust Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning for Vocabulary-Free Image Tagging
* Relevance Feedback Architecture for Content-based Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems, A
* Relevance Feedback: A Power Tool for Interactive Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Retargeting Semantically-Rich Photos
* Robust Visual Tracking via Pixel Classification and Integration
* Scalable Visual Instance Mining with Instance Graph
* Segmenting Visual Actions based on Spatio-Temporal Motion Patterns
* Super Fast Event Recognition in Internet Videos
* System and method for distributed meetings
* Topic-Sensitive Influencer Mining in Interest-Based Social Media Networks via Hypergraph Learning
* Towards cross-category knowledge propagation for learning visual concepts
* Two-Dimensional Active Learning for image classification
* Two-Dimensional Multilabel Active Learning with an Efficient Online Adaptation Model for Image Classification
* USB: Ultrashort Binary Descriptor for Fast Visual Matching and Retrieval
* Using Webcast Text for Semantic Event Detection in Broadcast Sports Video
* Video sequence learning and recognition via dynamic SOM
* View-Based Discriminative Probabilistic Modeling for 3D Object Retrieval and Recognition
* Water-Filling: A Novel Way for Image Structural Feature Extraction
* What Visual Attributes Characterize an Object Class?
Includes: Rui, Y.[Yong] Rui, Y. Rui, Y.[Yan] Rui, Y.[Yikang]
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Rui, Z.[Zhang] Co Author Listing * Online stroke segmentation by quick penalty-based dynamic programming

Ruibo, W.[Wang] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Tectonic Faults of Longmen Mountain Based on DEM

Ruichek, Y.[Yassine] Co Author Listing * Background Subtraction with Multispectral Images Using Codebook Algorithm
* Efficient Combination of Texture and Color Information for Watershed Segmentation, An
* Eigen Combination of Colour and Texture Informations for Image Segmentation
* Equisolid Fisheye Stereovision Calibration and Point Cloud Computation
* Extrinsic Calibration between 2D Laser Range Finder and Fisheye Camera
* Facial decomposition for expression recognition using texture/shape descriptors and SVM classifier
* Gaussian Propagation Model Based Dense Optical Flow for Objects Tracking
* Horizon Line Detection from Fisheye Images Using Color Local Image Region Descriptors and Bhattacharyya Coefficient-Based Distance
* Locality Constrained Encoding Graph Construction and Application to Outdoor Object Classification
* Multi-object Tracking Using Compressive Sensing Features in Markov Decision Process
* Multilevel- and Neural-Network-Based Stereo-Matching Method for Real-Time Obstacle Detection Using Linear Cameras
* Neural Matching Algorithm for 3-D Reconstruction from Stereo Pairs of Linear Images, A
* New Neural Real-Time Implementation for Obstacle Detection using Linear Stereo Vision, A
* Observing Dynamic Urban Environment through Stereo-Vision Based Dynamic Occupancy Grid Mapping
* Orthophotoplan Segmentation and Colorimetric Invariants for Roof Detection
* Recognizing multiple observations using adaptive graph based label propagation
* Road Detection Using Fisheye Camera and Laser Range Finder
* Video-Analysis-Based Railway-Road Safety System for Detecting Hazard Situations at Level Crossings, A
* Visual Localization Based on Place Recognition Using Multi-feature Combination (D-lambdaLBP++HOG)
* Visual Localization Using Sequence Matching Based on Multi-feature Combination
Includes: Ruichek, Y.[Yassine] Ruichek, Y.
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Ruifang, Z. Co Author Listing * LIDAR Strip Adjustment using Conjugate Linear Features in Overlapping Strips

Ruifrok, A.[Arnout] Co Author Listing * Survey of 3D Face Recognition Methods, A

Ruifrok, A.C.C.[Arnout C.C.] Co Author Listing * ForenFace: a unique annotated forensic facial image dataset and toolset

Ruijiang, L.[Luo] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Stereo Tracking of Multiple Moving Heads

Ruijsink, B.[Bram] Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Cardiac and Respiratory Gated MRI for Cardiac Assessment During Exercise

Ruijters, D. Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Model for 3D Catheter Tip Tracking With 2D X-ray Catheterization Sequence and 3D Rotational Angiography, A
* iGLANCE: Transmission to medical high definition autostereoscopic displays
* Topologically controlled segmentation of 3D magnetic resonance images of the head by using morphological operators
* View Interpolation for Medical Images on Autostereoscopic Displays
Includes: Ruijters, D. Ruijters, D.[Daniel]

Ruikar, S.D.[Sachin D.] Co Author Listing * Image demosaicking by nonlocal adaptive thresholding

Ruirui, J.[Ji] Co Author Listing * novel saliency computation model for traffic sign detection, A

Ruisz, J. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and modeling of approximately rotationally symmetric objects in 3D ultrasound

Ruiter, N.[Nicole] Co Author Listing * comprehensive comparison of GPU- and FPGA-based acceleration of reflection image reconstruction for 3D ultrasound computer tomography, A

Ruiters, R.[Roland] Co Author Listing * Fusing Structured Light Consistency and Helmholtz Normals for 3D Reconstruction
* Multi-camera, Multi-projector Super-Resolution Framework for Structured Light, A
* Multi-view Normal Field Integration for 3D Reconstruction of Mirroring Objects
Includes: Ruiters, R.[Roland] Ruiters, R.

Ruiz Alzola, J. Co Author Listing * Artifact Reduction in Sinc Interpolation Using Adaptive Filtering
* Comments on: A methodology for evaluation of boundary detection algorithms on medical images
* Detection of point landmarks in multidimensional tensor data
* Fast and accurate geodesic distance transform by ordered propagation
* fuzzy-controlled Kalman filter applied to stereo-visual tracking schemes, A
* K-voronoi diagrams computing in arbitrary domains
* Model-based stereo-visual tracking: Covariance analysis and tracking schemes
* Occlusion points propagation geodesic distance transformation
Includes: Ruiz Alzola, J. Ruiz-Alzola, J. Ruiz-Alzola, J.[Juan]
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Ruiz Armenteros, A.M. Co Author Listing * Potential Of Sentinel-1a For Nation-wide Routine Updates Of Active Landslide Maps
Includes: Ruiz Armenteros, A.M. Ruiz-Armenteros, A.M.

Ruiz Blondet, M.V.[Maria V.] Co Author Listing * Permanence of the CEREBRE brain biometric protocol
Includes: Ruiz Blondet, M.V.[Maria V.] Ruiz-Blondet, M.V.[Maria V.]

Ruiz Coll, D.[Damian] Co Author Listing * Fast partitioning algorithm for HEVC Intra frame coding using machine learning
Includes: Ruiz Coll, D.[Damian] Ruiz-Coll, D.[Damian]

Ruiz Correa, S.[Salvador] Co Author Listing * Efficient Reconstruction of Complex 3-D Scenes from Incomplete RGB-D Data
* Efficient Symbolic Signatures for Classifying Craniosynostosis Skull Deformities
* Extensive partition operators, gray-level connected operators, and region merging/classification segmentation algorithms: theoretical links
* new paradigm for recognizing 3-d object shapes from range data, A
* New Signature-Based Method for Efficient 3-D Object Recognition, A
* Symbolic Signatures for Deformable Shapes
Includes: Ruiz Correa, S.[Salvador] Ruiz-Correa, S.[Salvador] Ruiz-Correa, S.

Ruiz de Miras, J. Co Author Listing * Direct and robust voxelization and polygonization of free-form CSG solids

Ruiz del Solar, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Applying SIFT Descriptors to Stellar Image Matching
* Background Maintenance Model in the Spatial-Range Domain, A
* Bio-inspired Framework for the Fusion of Chromatic, Infrared and Textural Information
* Circular Regression Based on Gaussian Processes
* Coarse-To-Fine Multiclass Nested Cascades for Object Detection
* comparative study of thermal face recognition methods in unconstrained environments, A
* Content-Based Image Retrieval and Characterization on Specific Web Collections
* Eigenspace-based face recognition: a comparative study of different approaches
* Eigenspace-based recognition of faces: comparisons and a new approach
* Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environments: A Comparative Study
* FACERET: An Interactive Face Retrieval System Based on Self-Organizing Maps
* Fast Probabilistic Model for Hypothesis Rejection in SIFT-Based Object Recognition, A
* Fingerprint Verification Using Local Interest Points and Descriptors
* Gender Classification of Faces Using Adaboost
* Illumination compensation and normalization in eigenspace-based face recognition: A comparative study of different pre-processing approaches
* Improving SIFT-Based Object Recognition for Robot Applications
* Interactive texture synthesis
* Multiclass Adaboost and Coupled Classifiers for Object Detection
* Neural-based Architectures for the Segmentation of Textures
* New Approach for Fingerprint Verification Based on Wide Baseline Matching Using Local Interest Points and Descriptors, A
* Object recognition using local invariant features for robotic applications: A survey
* Offline Signature Verification Using Local Interest Points and Descriptors
* On Determining Human Description of Textures
* Performance of optical flow techniques for motion analysis of fluorescent point signals in confocal microscopy
* Real-Time Hand Gesture Detection and Recognition Using Boosted Classifiers and Active Learning
* Real-time tracking of multiple persons
* realistic virtual environment for evaluating face analysis systems under dynamic conditions, A
* RoboCup@Home: Analysis and results of evolving competitions for domestic and service robots
* Robust skin segmentation using neighborhood information
* Sewage Pipe Image Segmentation Using a Neural-Based Architecture
* Skin Detection in Videos in the Spatial-Range Domain
* Skin detection using neighborhood information
* TCAS: A Multiclass Object Detector for Robot and Computer Vision Applications
* Temporal Dynamical Interactions between Multiple Layers of Local Image Features for Event Detection in Video Sequences
* Texture synthesis using image pyramids and self-organizing maps
* unified learning framework for object detection and classification using nested cascades of boosted classifiers, A
* VIPOL: A Virtual Polar-Logarithmic Sensor
* Virtual Environment Tool for Benchmarking Face Analysis Systems, A
Includes: Ruiz del Solar, J.[Javier] Ruiz-del-Solar, J.[Javier] Ruiz-del-Solar, J. Ruiz del Solar, J.
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Ruiz Espana, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Means of 2D and 3D Shapes and Their Application in Anatomical Atlas Building
Includes: Ruiz Espana, S.[Silvia] Ruiz-España, S.[Silvia]

Ruiz Gallardo, J.R.[Jose R.] Co Author Listing * Size-constrained Region Merging (SCRM): An Automated Delineation Tool for Assisted Photointerpretation
Includes: Ruiz Gallardo, J.R.[Jose R.] Ruiz-Gallardo, J.R.[Jose R.]

Ruiz Garcia, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Human Face Processing with 1.5D Models
Includes: Ruiz Garcia, A.[Alberto] Ruiz-Garcia, A.[Alberto]

Ruiz Hernandez, J.A. Co Author Listing * Encoding Local Binary Patterns using the re-parametrization of the second order Gaussian jet
* Face detection by cascade of Gaussian derivates classifiers calculated with a half-octave pyramid
* Face recognition using tensors of census transform histograms from Gaussian features maps
* Probabilistic model of error in fixed-point arithmetic Gaussian pyramid
* Robust and Computationally Efficient Face Detection Using Gaussian Derivative Features of Higher Orders
Includes: Ruiz Hernandez, J.A. Ruiz-Hernandez, J.A. Ruiz-Hernandez, J.A.[John A.]

Ruiz Hidalgo, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Antipodally Invariant Metrics for Fast Regression-Based Super-Resolution
* Bayesian region selection for adaptive dictionary-based Super-Resolution
* Depth map coding based on a optimal hierarchical region representation
* Detecting end-effectors on 2.5D data using geometric deformable models: Application to human pose estimation
* Fast and Robust Edge Extraction in Unorganized Point Clouds
* Fast Super-Resolution via Dense Local Training and Inverse Regressor Search
* Half hypersphere confinement for piecewise linear regression
* INTAIRACT: Joint Hand Gesture and Fingertip Classification for Touchless Interaction
* Interactive registration method for 3D data fusion
* Multi-Resolution Illumination Compensation for foreground extraction
* Multiview depth coding based on combined color/depth segmentation
* PSyCo: Manifold Span Reduction for Super Resolution
* Real-time fingertip localization conditioned on hand gesture classification
* Real-Time Head and Hand Tracking Based on 2.5D Data
* Surface reconstruction by restricted and oriented propagation
* Variational reconstruction and restoration for video Super-Resolution
Includes: Ruiz Hidalgo, J.[Javier] Ruiz-Hidalgo, J.[Javier] Ruiz-Hidalgo, J.
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Ruiz Lendinez, J.J. Co Author Listing * Influence of sample size on line-based positional assessment methods for road data
Includes: Ruiz Lendinez, J.J. Ruiz-Lendínez, J.J.

Ruiz Linares, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Automatic ear detection and feature extraction using Geometric Morphometrics and convolutional neural networks
Includes: Ruiz Linares, A.[Andres] Ruiz-Linares, A.[Andres]

Ruiz Mezcua, B.[Belen] Co Author Listing * Semantic Annotation Architecture for Accessible Multimedia Resources
Includes: Ruiz Mezcua, B.[Belen] Ruiz-Mezcua, B.[Belen]

Ruiz Molina, J.C. Co Author Listing * Quaternion Widely Linear Series Expansion and Its Applications, A
* Widely Linear Simulation of Continuous-Time Complex-Valued Random Signals
Includes: Ruiz Molina, J.C. Ruiz-Molina, J.C.

Ruiz Munoz, J.F.[Jose Francisco] Co Author Listing * Feature and Dissimilarity Representations for the Sound-Based Recognition of Bird Species
* Managing Imbalanced Data Sets in Multi-label Problems: A Case Study with the SMOTE Algorithm
* Threshold Estimation in Energy-Based Methods for Segmenting Birdsong Recordings
Includes: Ruiz Munoz, J.F.[Jose Francisco] Ruiz-Muñoz, J.F.[José Francisco]

Ruiz Olaya, A.F.[Andres Felipe] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Myoelectric Pattern Recognition Methods to Control an Upper Limb Active Exoskeleton, A
Includes: Ruiz Olaya, A.F.[Andres Felipe] Ruiz-Olaya, A.F.[Andrés Felipe]

Ruiz Pinales, J. Co Author Listing * Cursive Handwriting Recognition Using the Hough Transform and a Neural Network
* Holistic cursive word recognition based on perceptual features
* new perceptive system for the recognition of cursive handwriting, A
Includes: Ruiz Pinales, J. Ruiz-Pinales, J. Ruiz-Pinales, J.[Jose]

Ruiz Reyes, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Signal Models for Wide-Band Speech and Audio Compression
* New matching pursuit based sinusoidal modelling method for audio coding
* Sinusoidal modelling using perceptual matching pursuits in the bark scale for parametric audio coding
Includes: Ruiz Reyes, N.[Nicolas] Ruiz-Reyes, N.[Nicolás] Ruiz-Reyes, N.

Ruiz Rodon, J. Co Author Listing * Geosynchronous SAR Focusing With Atmospheric Phase Screen Retrieval and Compensation
* Nearly Zero Inclination Geosynchronous SAR Mission Analysis With Long Integration Time for Earth Observation
Includes: Ruiz Rodon, J. Ruiz-Rodon, J.

Ruiz Shulcloper, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Clustering Ensemble Method for Heterogeneous Partitions
* Determining the Feature Relevance for Nonclassically Described Objects and a New Algorithm to Compute Typical Fuzzy Testors
* Fuzzy clustering of semantic spaces
* Incremental nested partition method
* LCMine: An efficient algorithm for mining discriminative regularities and its application in supervised classification
* Mining Frequent Similar Patterns on Mixed Data
* New Classifier Combination Scheme Using Clustering Ensemble, A
* Object Selection Based on Subclass Error Correcting for ALVOT
* Overview of the Evolution of the Concept of Testor, An
* Partition Selection Approach for Hierarchical Clustering Based on Clustering Ensemble
* Robust and efficient analysis of signals and images
* Selecting Features and Objects for Mixed and Incomplete Data
* Selecting Objects for ALVOT
* Simultaneous Features and Objects Selection for Mixed and Incomplete Data
* Special Section on CIARP 2013 (Congreso IberoAmericano de Reconocimiento de Patrones) Awards
* Weighted association based methods for the combination of heterogeneous partitions
* Weighted Cluster Ensemble Using a Kernel Consensus Function
* Weighted partition consensus via kernels
Includes: Ruiz Shulcloper, J.[Jose] Ruiz-Shulcloper, J.[José] Ruiz-Shulcloper, J. Ruiz Shulcloper, J.[José] Ruiz-Shulcloper, J.[Jose] Ruiz-shulcloper, J.[José]
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Ruiz Suarez, J.C. Co Author Listing * Translation, Rotation, and Scale-Invariant Object Recognition
Includes: Ruiz Suarez, J.C. Ruiz-Suarez, J.C.

Ruiz Vargas, J.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive observers for unknown general nonlinear systems

Ruiz, A. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison
* Affine alignment for stroke classification
* Applying Mathematical Morphology for the Classification of Iberian Ceramics from the Upper Valley of Guadalquivir River
* DEM generation from SPOT-5 3-fold along track stereoscopic imagery using autocalibration
* Diagram techniques for multiple view geometry
* Efficient Monocular 3D Reconstruction from Segments for Visual Navigation in Structured Environments
* Efficient planar affine canonicalization
* Estimating 3D facial pose in video with just three points
* From Emotions to Action Units with Hidden and Semi-Hidden-Task Learning
* Fusion of Valence and Arousal Annotations through Dynamic Subjective Ordinal Modelling
* GEA optimization for live structureless motion estimation
* GeoBot: A High Level Visual Perception Architecture for Autonomous Robots
* Head Pose Estimation Based on 3-D Facial Landmarks Localization and Regression
* Land Degradation States and Trends in the Northwestern Maghreb Drylands, 1998-2008
* Multi-Instance Dynamic Ordinal Random Fields for Weakly-Supervised Pain Intensity Estimation
* Nonparametric Bound for the Bayes Error, A
* note on principal point estimability, A
* On the computation of the Circle Hough Transform by a GPU rasterizer
* Parallel Algorithm for Tracking of Segments in Noisy Edge Images, A
* PCA vs low resolution images in face verification
* Practical Planar Metric Rectification
* Real-Time Descriptorless Feature Tracking
* Real-Time Extraction of Colored Segments for Robot Visual Navigation
* Reduced epipolar cost for accelerated incremental SfM
* Regularized Multi-Concept MIL for weakly-supervised facial behavior categorization
* Robust Homography Estimation from Planar Contours Based on Convexity
* Time and Date OCR in CCTV Video
* Using Graphics Hardware for Enhancing Edge and Circle Detection
Includes: Ruiz, A. Ruiz, A.[Alberto] Ruiz, A.[Adria] Ruiz, A.[Antonio]
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Ruiz, B.[Belen] Co Author Listing * BANCA Database and Evaluation Protocol, The

Ruiz, C.[Conrado] Co Author Listing * Generating animated paper pop-ups from the motion of articulated characters
* Inversion of the Surface Properties of Ice Sheets From Satellite Microwave Data
* KaRIn on SWOT: Characteristics of Near-Nadir Ka-Band Interferometric SAR Imagery
Includes: Ruiz, C.[Conrado] Ruiz Jr., C.[Conrado] Ruiz, C.

Ruiz, C.P.[C. Pinilla] Co Author Listing * Restoring SPOT images using PSF-derived deconvolution filters

Ruiz, C.R.[Conrado R.] Co Author Listing * Flood Detection and Warning System Based on Video Content Analysis, A
Includes: Ruiz, C.R.[Conrado R.] Ruiz, Jr., C.R.[Conrado R.]

Ruiz, D.[Damian] Co Author Listing * Fast intra mode decision algorithm based on texture orientation detection in HEVC
* Monitoring large volumes of interest by using voxel visibility
* Towards a visual-hull based multi-agent surveillance system
Includes: Ruiz, D.[Damian] Ruiz, D.[Damián] Ruiz, D.[Diego]

Ruiz, E.[Elias] Co Author Listing * Object Recognition Model Based on Visual Grammars and Bayesian Networks, An
* Recognizing Visual Categories with Symbol-Relational Grammars and Bayesian Networks
Includes: Ruiz, E.[Elias] Ruiz, E.[Elías]

Ruiz, E.E.S. Co Author Listing * Improved Approach to Boundary Location in 2-Dimensional Echocardiographic Images

Ruiz, E.M.[Ernestina Menasalvas] Co Author Listing * Superpixel-Based Roughness Measure for Multispectral Satellite Image Segmentation

Ruiz, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Understanding the impact of brand colour on brand image: A preference disaggregation approach

Ruiz, F.J.[Francisco J.] Co Author Listing * transformational creativity tool to support chocolate designers, A

Ruiz, F.J.R.[Francisco J.R.] Co Author Listing * Infinite Factorial Unbounded-State Hidden Markov Model

Ruiz, G. Co Author Listing * HapFACS 3.0: FACS-Based Facial Expression Generator for 3D Speaking Virtual Characters
* Weighted regularized ASM for face alignment

Ruiz, G.A. Co Author Listing * efficient VLSI processor chip for variable block size integer motion estimation in H.264/AVC, An
* High Throughput 2D DCT/IDCT Processor for Video Coding
* high-throughput ASIC processor for 8x8 transform coding in H.264/AVC, A
* Parallel-pipelined architecture for 2-D ICT VLSI implementation
Includes: Ruiz, G.A. Ruiz, G.A.[Gustavo A.]

Ruiz, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Backpropagation and SOM for Face Feature Recognition
* Effective Image De-noising Alternative Approach Based on Third Generation Neural Networks, An
* Human Hand Postures And Gestures Recognition: Towards A Human-Gesture Communication Interface
Includes: Ruiz, J.[Jose] Ruiz, J.[José] Ruiz, J.[Juan]

Ruiz, J.J. Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Accuracy of DEM Generation Algorithms from UAV Imagery

Ruiz, J.R.[Jaime R.] Co Author Listing * Teaching a Robot to Perform Task through Imitation and On-line Feedback

Ruiz, J.S.A.[Jesus S. Aguilar] Co Author Listing * Using Short-Range Interactions and Simulated Genetic Strategy to Improve the Protein Contact Map Prediction

Ruiz, L. Co Author Listing * Flat image recognition in the process of microdevice assembly

Ruiz, L.A. Co Author Listing * Addition of geographic ancillary data for updating geo-spatial databases
* Analysing Relationships Between Urban Land Use Fragmentation Metrics And Socio-economic Variables
* Analysis of the addition of qualitative ancillary data on parcel-based image classification.
* Analysis of the factors affecting LiDAR DTM accuracy in a steep shrub area
* Analysis Of The Side-lap Effect On Full-waveform Lidar Data Acquisition For The Estimation Of Forest Structure Variables
* Application of Computer Vision Techniques to Support in the Restoration of Historical Buildings
* Assessing Contextual Descriptive Features for Plot-Based Classification of Urban Areas
* Assessment of factors affecting shrub volume estimations using airborne discrete-return LiDAR data in Mediterranean areas
* Automated extraction of agronomic parameters in orchard Plots from high-resolution imagery
* Automated extraction of tree and plot-based parameters in citrus orchards from aerial images
* Automatic extraction of shorelines from Landsat TM and ETM multi-temporal images with subpixel precision
* Change Detection in Peri-Urban Areas Based on Contextual Classification
* Combination of TERRASAR-X and Optical Imagery for LU/LC Mapping using an Object-Based Approach
* Combining Features Extracted from Imagery and Lidar Data for Object-Oriented Classification of Forest Areas
* Configuration And Specifications Of An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Precision Agriculture
* Definition of a comprehensive set of texture semivariogram features and their evaluation for object-oriented image classification
* Description and validation of a new set of object-based temporal geostatistical features for land-use/land-cover change detection
* Efficiency of Context-Based Attributes for Land Use Classification of Urban Environments
* Estimation of biomass and volume of shrub vegetation using LiDAR and spectral data in a Mediterranean environment
* Evaluating Fourier Cross-Correlation Sub-Pixel Registration in Landsat Images
* Evaluation of Automatic Building Detection Approaches Combining High Resolution Images and LiDAR Data
* feature extraction software tool for agricultural object-based image analysis, A
* Historical land use as a feature for image classification
* Identification of Agricultural and Land Cover Database Changes Using Object-oriented Classification Techniques
* Land-use Mapping of Valencia City Area from Aerial Images and LiDAR Data
* Methods for Automatic Extraction of Regularity Patterns and its Application to Object-Oriented Image Classification
* Non-linear fourth-order image interpolation for subpixel edge detection and localization
* Parcel-based image classification as a decision-making supporting tool for the Land Bank of Galicia (Spain)
* Semivariogram calculation optimization for object-oriented image classification
* Tool for Object Descriptive Feature Extraction: Application to Image Classification and Map Updating, A
* Use of remote sensing and geographic information tools for irrigation management of citrus trees
* Using semivariogram indices to analyse heterogeneity in spatial patterns in remotely sensed images
Includes: Ruiz, L.A. Ruiz, L.A.[Luis Angel] Ruiz, L.A.[Luis A.] Ruiz, L.Á.[Luis Á.]
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Ruiz, L.B.[Linnyer B.] Co Author Listing * Vehicular Networks: A New Challenge for Content-Delivery-Based Applications

Ruiz, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Long Period Events From Volcano Tectonic Earthquakes at Cotopaxi Volcano
* Component-Wise Modeling of Articulated Objects
* VNS heuristic for escaping local extrema entrapment in normalized cut clustering, A
Includes: Ruiz, M. Ruiz, M.[Manuel]

Ruiz, M.A.M.[Miguel Angel Munoz] Co Author Listing * MAD-MEX: Automatic Wall-to-Wall Land Cover Monitoring for the Mexican REDD-MRV Program Using All Landsat Data
Includes: Ruiz, M.A.M.[Miguel Angel Munoz] Ruiz, M.A.M.[Miguel Angel Muñoz]

Ruiz, M.J.[Mathieu J.] Co Author Listing * Use of Pattern-Information Analysis in Vision Science: A Pragmatic Examination

Ruiz, M.L. Co Author Listing * Bridging The Gap Between Nasa Earth Observations And Decision Makers Through The Nasa Develop National Program

Ruiz, N.[Nuria] Co Author Listing * Improving Gestural Communication in Virtual Characters
* New algorithm for searching minimum bit rate wavelet representations with application to multiresolution-based perceptual audio coding
Includes: Ruiz, N.[Nuria] Ruiz, N.

Ruiz, O. Co Author Listing * Ellipse-based principal component analysis for self-intersecting curve reconstruction from noisy point sets
* Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing
* Statistical Tuning of Adaptive-Weight Depth Map Algorithm
* Tuning of Adaptive Weight Depth Map Generation Algorithms
Includes: Ruiz, O. Ruiz, O.[Oscar]

Ruiz, P. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Active Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Bayesian logistic regression with sparse general representation prior for multispectral image classification
* Joint Data Filtering and Labeling Using Gaussian Processes and Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Learning filters in Gaussian process classification problems
Includes: Ruiz, P. Ruiz, P.[Pablo]

Ruiz, P.D. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a Scale-Space Filter for Speckle Noise-Reduction in Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry

Ruiz, P.L.[Pablo L.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Height and Biomass of Mangrove Forests in the Everglades National Park with SRTM Elevation Data

Ruiz, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Incremental wrapper-based gene selection from microarray data for cancer classification

Ruiz, U.[Ubaldo] Co Author Listing * Surface-Normal Estimation with Neighborhood Reorganization for 3D Reconstruction

Ruiz, V. Co Author Listing * 8x8-Block Based Motion Estimation Using Kalman Filter, An
* Automatic Antibiograms Inhibition Halo Determination Through Texture and Directional Filtering Analysis
* Online Handwritten Segmentation in Linear Drawings

Ruiz, V.G.[Vicente Gonzalez] Co Author Listing * Efficiency of Closed and Open-Loop Scalable Wavelet Based Video Coding
* FSVC: A New Fully Scalable Video Codec
* Interactive Transmission of JPEG2000 Images Using Web Proxy Caching
* Progressive Image Transmission in Telemicroscopy: A Quantitative Approach for Electron Microscopy Images of Biological Specimens
* Progressive image transmission over a noisy channel using wavelet transform and channel optimized vector quantization
Includes: Ruiz, V.G.[Vicente Gonzalez] Ruiz, V.G.

Ruiz, X.F. Co Author Listing * Quantitative analysis of the factors that affect the determination of colocalization coefficients in dual-color confocal images

Ruiz, Y.[Yusely] Co Author Listing * Improving Dysarthria Classification by Pattern Recognition Techniques Based on a Bionic Model

Ruizenaar, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Improving navigation for groups of autonomous guided vehicles

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