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Sara, E.I. Co Author Listing * Nested auto-regressive processes for MPEG-encoded video traffic modeling

Sara, R.[Radim] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Sara, R.[Radim]: sara AT cmp felk cvut cz
* 3-D Acquisition and Interpretation for Virtual Reality and Telepresence
* 3D Geometry from Uncalibrated Images
* 3D Reconstruction of Environements for Virtual Collaboration
* Complex Correlation Statistic for Dense Stereoscopic Matching
* Dense Stereomatching Algorithm Performance for View Prediction and Structure Reconstruction
* Efficient Sampling of Disparity Space for Fast And Accurate Matching
* FAIR: Towards A New Feature for Affinely-Invariant Recognition
* Fairing of Discrete Surfaces with Boundary That Preserves Size and Qualitative Shape
* Feasibility Boundary in Dense and Semi-Dense Stereo Matching
* Finding the Largest Unambiguous Component of Stereo Matching
* Fish-Scales: Representing Fuzzy Manifolds
* Globally convergent range image registration by graph kernel algorithm
* Graph-Based Range Image Registration Combining Geometric and Photometric Features
* Helmholtz stereopsis on rough and strongly textured surfaces
* High accuracy local stereo matching using DoG scale map
* Integration of Photometric Stereo and Shape from Occluding Contours by Fusing Orientation and Depth Data
* Isophotes: the key to tractable local shading analysis
* Joint Non-rigid Motion Estimation and Segmentation
* Languages for constrained binary segmentation based on maximum a posteriori probability labeling
* Linear Trinocular Rectification Method for Accurate Stereoscopic Matching, A
* Modeling symmetries for stochastic structural recognition
* On Occluding Contour Artifacts in Stereo Vision
* On Reproducibility of Ultrasound Image Classification
* Radiometric calibration of a Helmholtz stereo rig
* Real-time global prediction for temporally stable stereo
* Robust Graph-Based Method for The General Correspondence Problem Demonstrated on Image Stitching, A
* Scene Reconstruction From Images
* Specularities Reduce Ambiguity of Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo
* Stratified Dense Matching for Stereopsis in Complex Scenes
* Towards Complete Free-Form Reconstruction of Complex 3D Scenes from an Unordered Set of Uncalibrated Images
* Unambigous Determination of Shape from Photometric Stereo with Unknown Light Sources
* Weak Structure Model for Regular Pattern Recognition Applied to Facade Images, A
Includes: Sara, R.[Radim] Sara, R. Sára, R.[Radim] Šára, R.
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Sarabandi, K. Co Author Listing * All-Directions Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging Using a Small Number of Moving Transceivers
* Compact Single Conductor Transmission Line Launcher for Telemetry in Borehole Drilling, A
* Empirical Model of Volume Scattering From Dry Sand-Covered Surfaces at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies, An
* Estimation of coherent field attenuation through dense foliage including multiple scattering
* Evaluation of the JPL TOPSAR for Extracting Tree Heights, An
* Experimental Characterization of Polarimetric Radar Backscatter Response of Distributed Targets at High Millimeter-Wave Frequencies
* High-Resolution Subsurface Imaging of Deeply Submerged Targets Based on Distributed Near-Ground Sensors
* Image Distortion Effects in SAR Subsurface Imaging and a New Iterative Approach for Refocusing and Coregistration
* Mapping of Sand Layer Thickness in Deserts Using SAR Interferometry
* Microwave Backscatter From Arctic Lake Ice and Polarimetric Implications
* Millimeter-Wave Doppler Spectrum and Polarimetric Response of Walking Bodies
* Model-Based Estimation of Forest Canopy Height in Red and Austrian Pine Stands Using Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and Ancillary Data: A Proof-of-Concept Study
* Refocusing Through Building Walls Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Special Issue on Remote Sensing of Building Interior
* Through-the-Wall Imaging Using Differential SAR
* Validation of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Height Data
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Sarabi, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Chromatic Images

Sarabia, E.G. Co Author Listing * similarity measure for 3D rigid registration of point clouds using image-based descriptors with low overlap, A

Sarac, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy commitment scheme for generation of cryptographic keys based on iris biometrics

Sarac, T.[Tugba] Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm for the Quadratic Multiple Knapsack Problem, A
Includes: Sarac, T.[Tugba] Saraç, T.[Tugba]

Saracchini, R.F.V.[Rafael F. V.] Co Author Listing * Easy to Use Mobile Augmented Reality Platform for Assisted Living Using Pico-projectors, An
* Multi-scale Depth from Slope with Weights
* Multi-scale Integration of Slope Data on an Irregular Mesh
* robust multi-scale integration method to obtain the depth from gradient maps, A
* Uniform Grid Structure to Speed Up Example-Based Photometric Stereo, A
Includes: Saracchini, R.F.V.[Rafael F. V.] Saracchini, R.F.V.

Saracco, G. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional seismic endoscopy-part I: Design of apparatus and basic imaging algorithms

Saraceno, C.[Caterina] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual processing for scene change detection
* Background Mosaic from Egomotion
* Identification of story units in audio-visual sequences by joint audio and video processing
* Identification of Successive Correlated Camera Shots Using Audio and Video Information
* Indexing audiovisual databases through joint audio and video processing
* ToCAI: A framework for indexing and retrieval of multimedia documents
Includes: Saraceno, C.[Caterina] Saraceno, C.

Sarachik, K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic World Modeling Using Vertical Line Stereo

Sarachik, K.B.[Karen B.] Co Author Listing * email: Sarachik, K.B.[Karen B.]: kbs AT cognex com
* Analysis of the Effect of Gaussian Error in Object Recognition, An
* Effect of Gaussian Error in Object Recognition, The
* Gaussian Error Models for Object Recognition
* Limitations of Geometric Hashing in the Presence of Gaussian Noise
* Visual Navigation: Constructing and Utilizing Simple Maps of and Indoor Environment
Includes: Sarachik, K.B.[Karen B.] Sarachik, K.B.

Saracino, G. Co Author Listing * Left ventricular volume estimation for real-time three-dimensional echocardiography

Saraclar, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Automatic sign segmentation from continuous signing via multiple sequence alignment

Saradha, A. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Feature Extraction Approach for Face Recognition Systems, A

Saradhi, V.V.[V. Vijaya] Co Author Listing * Bootstrapping for efficient handwritten digit recognition
* Multiple kernel learning using data envelopment analysis and feature vector selection and projection
Includes: Saradhi, V.V.[V. Vijaya] Saradhi, V.V.

Saradjian, M.R. Co Author Listing * Fusion Of Multi Precursors Earthquake Parameters To Estimate The Date, Magnitude And Affected Area Of The Forthcoming Powerful Earthquakes
* Urban Expansion Monitoring Using Satellite Images by Means of Decision Level Fusion of Fuzzy Change Detectors
* Urban Heat Island Growth Modeling Using Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Regression: A case study of Tehran, Iran

Saraf, A.K. Co Author Listing * RS-1C-LISS-III and PAN data fusion: an approach to improve remote sensing based mapping techniques

Saraf, J.[Jilmil] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Pixel, Edge and Wavelet Features for Face Detection using a Semi-Naive Bayesian Classifier, A
* Face Detection Algorithm and Feature Performance on FRGC 2.0 Imagery

Saraf, R.[Rahul] Co Author Listing * Investigation and modeling of the structure of texting language

Sarafianos, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * 3D Human pose estimation: A review of the literature and analysis of covariates
* Adaptive SVM+: Learning with Privileged Information for Domain Adaptation
* Curriculum Learning for Multi-task Classification of Visual Attributes
* Predicting privileged information for height estimation
* Show me your body: Gender classification from still images
Includes: Sarafianos, N.[Nikolaos] Sarafianos, N.

Sarafidis, I.[Iordanis] Co Author Listing * Optimal reconstruction from quantized data

Sarafis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Building effective SVM concept detectors from clickthrough data for large-scale image retrieval
* Weighted SVM from clickthrough data for image retrieval

Sarafis, V. Co Author Listing * Superresolution in far-field imaging

Sarafraz, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic lane detection in image sequences for vision based navigation purposes
* Enhancing images in scattering media utilizing stereovision and polarization
* Improved Stereo Matching in Scattering Media by Incorporating a Backscatter Cue
* structured light method for underwater surface reconstruction, A
Includes: Sarafraz, A. Sarafraz, A.[Amin]

Saraga, N. Co Author Listing * 3D Virtual Reconstruction of the Middle Stoa in the Athens Ancient Agora

Saraga, P. Co Author Listing * Application of Parallel Projections to Three-Dimensional Object Location in Industrial Assembly, The

Saragadam, V.[Vishwanath] Co Author Listing * Cross-scale predictive dictionaries for image and video restoration

Saraghi, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Anchored Deformable Face Ensemble Alignment
* Temporal coordination of head motion in couples with history of interpersonal violence
Includes: Saraghi, J.[Jason] Saraghi, J.

Saragih, J. Co Author Listing * Deformable face ensemble alignment with robust grouped-L1 anchors
* Facial Landmarking: Comparing Automatic Landmarking Methods with Applications in Soft Biometrics
* Rank Minimization across Appearance and Shape for AAM Ensemble Fitting
Includes: Saragih, J. Saragih, J.[Jason]

Saragih, J.M.[Jason M.] Co Author Listing * Deformable Face Fitting with Soft Correspondence Constraints
* Deformable Model Fitting by Regularized Landmark Mean-Shift
* Deformable model fitting with a mixture of local experts
* Enforcing convexity for improved alignment with constrained local models
* Extended Cohn-Kanade Dataset (CK+): A complete dataset for action unit and emotion-specified expression, The
* Face alignment through subspace constrained mean-shifts
* Fast and Robust Circular Object Detection With Probabilistic Pairwise Voting
* Improved facial expression recognition via uni-hyperplane classification
* In the Pursuit of Effective Affective Computing: The Relationship Between Features and Registration
* Iterative Error Bound Minimisation for AAM Alignment
* Learning AAM fitting through simulation
* Mixture of grouped regressors and its application to visual mapping
* Monocular and Stereo Methods for AAM Learning from Video
* Non-rigid face tracking with enforced convexity and local appearance consistency constraint
* Nonlinear Discriminative Approach to AAM Fitting, A
* Person-independent facial expression detection using Constrained Local Models
* Principal regression analysis
* Probabilistic constrained adaptive local displacement experts
* Real-time avatar animation from a single image
* Subspace Constrained Mean-Shift
Includes: Saragih, J.M.[Jason M.] Saragih, J.M.
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Sarah, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction and Modeling of Subterranean Landscapes in Collaborative Mining Archeology Projects: Techniques, Applications and Experiences

Sarailidis, G. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Error Diffusion Technique for Digital Multitoning, A

Saraiva, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Sand Dunes on Mars
* Automatic Recognition of Impact Craters on the Surface of Mars
* Development of a Methodology for Automated Crater Detection on Planetary Images
* Identification of Martian Polygonal Patterns Using the Dynamics of Watershed Contours
* Impact Crater Recognition on Mars Based on a Probability Volume Created by Template Matching
* multi-layer approach for the analysis of neighbourhood relations of polygons in remotely acquired images, A
* New Approach to Analyse Neighbourhood Relations in 2D Polygonal Networks, A
Includes: Saraiva, J.[Jose] Saraiva, J.[José]
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Sarajian, M.R. Co Author Listing * Classification of Buildings and Roads Using Support Vector Machine

Sarakinou, I. Co Author Listing * Underwater 3d Modeling: Image Enhancement And Point Cloud Filtering

Sarakis, L. Co Author Listing * Routing metric selection and design for multi-purpose WSN

Saralioglu, E. Co Author Listing * Determining Suitable Areas For More Efficient Hazelnut Production

Saramaki, J.[Jari] Co Author Listing * Drawing clustered graphs by preserving neighborhoods
Includes: Saramaki, J.[Jari] Saramäki, J.[Jari] (Maybe also Saramaeki, J.)

Saramaki, T. Co Author Listing * near least squares method for image decimation, A

Sarampalis, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Evaluation of Algorithms Over the Internet

Saran, A.[Amitav] Co Author Listing * Design of self-adaptive and equilibrium differential evolution optimized radial basis function neural network classifier for imputed database
* Robust visual analysis for planogram compliance problem
Includes: Saran, A.[Amitav] Saran, A.[Anurag]

Saran, R.[Ram] Co Author Listing * Robust long range target detection algorithm using adaptive selective top-hat transform

Saran, S.[Sameer] Co Author Listing * Multicriteria Spatial Decision Analysis in Web GIS Environment

Saranathan, A.M. Co Author Listing * Uniformity-Based Superpixel Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images

Saranathan, M.[Manojkumar] Co Author Listing * Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Neural Networks

Saranli, A.[Afar] Co Author Listing * On output independence and complementariness in rank-based multiple classifier decision systems
* statistical unified framework for rank-based multiple classifier decision combination, A
* Unified View of Rank-based Decision Combination, A

Sarantopoulos, A. Co Author Listing * Hybrid System for Simultaneous Fluorescence and X-Ray Computed Tomography

Saranya, S.R. Co Author Listing * Human action classification in partitioned feature space

Saranyaraj, D. Co Author Listing * virtual guide for assisted tours using context aware system, The

Sararu, C. Co Author Listing * PCA Approach on Morphological Classification of Galaxies

Saraswat, N.[Nidhi] Co Author Listing * Study on Size Optimization of Scanned Textual Documents, A

Sarat Chandran, P. Co Author Listing * Comments on Comparative analysis of backpropagation and the extended Kalman filter for training multilayer perceptrons

Saratchandran, P. Co Author Listing * Complex-valued growing and pruning RBF neural networks for communication channel equalisation
* Minimal radial basis function neural networks for nonlinear channel equalisation

Sarathi Roy, P. Co Author Listing * Database Organisation In A Web-enabled Free And Open-source Software (FOSS) Environment For Spatio-temporal Landslide Modelling

Saravanakumar, S. Co Author Listing * Integrated region matching approach for tracking target objects in video sequences using HSV colour space

Saravanan, P. Co Author Listing * Ma-Th algorithm for people count in a dense crowd and their behaviour classification
* Robust Detection of Microaneurysms for Sight Threatening Retinopathy Screening
Includes: Saravanan, P. Saravanan, P.[Pounnusamy]

Saravanan, R. Co Author Listing * Cooperating Basic Puzzle Grammar Systems

Saravanan, S.[Suntharalingam] Co Author Listing * Application of Geospatial Techniques for Groundwater Quality and Availability Assessment: A Case Study in Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka
* Temporal and Seasonal Variations of the Hot Spring Basin Hydrothermal System, Yellowstone National Park, USA
Includes: Saravanan, S.[Suntharalingam] Saravanan, S.[Sivarajan]

Saravo, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Image Manipulation on Facebook for Forensics Evidence

Sarawadekar, K. Co Author Listing * Development of a New Dactylology and Writing Support System Especially for Blinds
* Efficient Pass-Parallel Architecture for Embedded Block Coder in JPEG 2000, An
* Efficient VLSI architecture for bit plane encoder of JPEG 2000
* FPGA-based architecture of DSC-SRI units specially for motion blind ultrasound systems, An
* Towards hand gesture based writing support system for blinds
Includes: Sarawadekar, K. Sarawadekar, K.[Kishor]

Sarazin, M. Co Author Listing * Identification of atrophy patterns in Alzheimer's disease based on SVM feature selection and anatomical parcellation

Sarbadhikari, S.N. Co Author Listing * Noisy Fingerprints Classification with Directional FFT Based Features Using MLP

Sarbolandi, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Use of Curvature for Robust and Accurate Online Surface Reconstruction
* Kinect range sensing: Structured-light versus Time-of-Flight Kinect
* Rendering stereoscopic video for simultaneous 2D and 3D presentation
* Simultaneous 2D and 3D perception for stereoscopic displays based on polarized or active shutter glasses

Sarca, O. Co Author Listing * Threshold Decomposition Based Locally Adaptive Linear Filters

Sarcinella, L. Co Author Listing * Analysis of stability in hand-written dynamic signatures
* Analysis of Stability in Static Signatures Using Cosine Similarity
* Artificial Classifier Generation for Multi-expert System Evaluation
* Bank-check processing system: modifications due to the new European currency
* Multi-expert verification of hand-written signatures
* On the combination of abstract-level classifiers

Sarcinelli Filho, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Closed Form Algorithm for Superresolution, A
* Detection and Tracking Faces in Unconstrained Color Video Streams
* DFT-based fast superresolution image reconstruction using INLA approximation
* Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Nonparametric Bayesian INLA Approximation
Includes: Sarcinelli Filho, M.[Mario] Sarcinelli-Filho, M.[Mário] Sarcinelli-Filho, M.[Mario]

Sardana, H.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Craniofacial Structure Detection on Cephalometric Images
* Correlation between Biopsy Confirmed Cases and Radiologist's Annotations in the Detection of Lung Nodules by Expanding the Diagnostic Database Using Content Based Image Retrieval
* Global Description of Edge Patterns Using Moments
* Graphical Speech Training system for hearing impaired
* Image registration: A pre-step in patient's position verification in radiation therapy
* Moving target detection in thermal infrared imagery using spatiotemporal information
* robust area based disparity estimation technique for stereo vision applications, A
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Sardana, V.[Viren] Co Author Listing * Image registration: A pre-step in patient's position verification in radiation therapy

Sardar, M.R. Co Author Listing * Gas sensor based on octagonal hollow core photonic crystal Fiber

Sardar, S.[Santu] Co Author Listing * hardware/software co-design model for face recognition using Cognimem Neural Network chip, A
* improved algorithm For UWB based imaging of breast tumors, An

Sardara, M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming: Towards a Systematic Comparison of ICN and TCP/IP

Sardemann, H.[Hannes] Co Author Listing * On the accuracy potential of focused plenoptic camera range determination in long distance operation

Sardis, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * dataset for workflow recognition in industrial scenes, A
* Threefold Dataset for Activity and Workflow Recognition in Complex Industrial Environments, A

Sardis, E.S. Co Author Listing * Applying Multi-Agents Technologies in Industrial Plants
* Estimation of Frame Sequence Noise with Removal of JPEG Artifacts
Includes: Sardis, E.S. Sardis, E.S.[Emmanuel S.]

Sardis, F. Co Author Listing * On the Investigation of Cloud-Based Mobile Media Environments with Service-Populating and QoS-Aware Mechanisms

Sardis, M.[Manolis] Co Author Listing * Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows

Sardisco, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic quality control of industrial products for irrigation

Sardo, L. Co Author Listing * Complexity analysis of RBF networks for Pattern Recognition
* Minimum Complexity PDF Estimation for Correlated Data
* Model Complexity Validation for PDF Estimation Using Gaussian Mixtures

Sardouie, S.H.[Sepideh Hajipour] Co Author Listing * Efficient Jacobi-Like Deflationary ICA Algorithm: Application to EEG Denoising, An
* Higher order spectral regression discriminant analysis (HOSRDA): A tensor feature reduction method for ERP detection

Sareen, K.K.[Kuldeep K.] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical data clustering approach for segmenting colored three-dimensional point clouds of building interiors
* Reconstructing complex scenes for virtual reality

Sarel, B.[Bernard] Co Author Listing * Separating Transparent Layers of Repetitive Dynamic Behaviors
* Separating Transparent Layers through Layer Information Exchange

Sarela, J.[Jaakko] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Combined Shape Descriptors for Irregular Objects
Includes: Sarela, J.[Jaakko] Särelä, J.[Jaakko] (Maybe also Saerelae, J.)

Sarem, M.[Mudar] Co Author Listing * fast region segmentation algorithm on compressed gray images using Non-symmetry and Anti-packing Model and Extended Shading representation, A
* novel gray image representation using overlapping rectangular NAM and extended shading approach, A
* novel local derivative quantized binary pattern for object recognition, A
* novel multi-image super-resolution reconstruction method using anisotropic fractional order adaptive norm, A

Saremi, H.[Hanieh] Co Author Listing * Sub-Compartment Variation in Tree Height, Stem Diameter and Stocking in a Pinus radiata D. Don Plantation Examined Using Airborne LiDAR Data

Saremi, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Correlated Percolation, Fractal Structures, and Scale-Invariant Distribution of Clusters in Natural Images

Sarfraz, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Capturing outlines of 2D objects with Bezier cubic approximation
* Interactive Curve Modeling With Applications to Computer Graphics, Vision and Image Processing
* Modeling of 2D Objects with Weighted-Quadratic Trigonometric Spline
* Quadratic Trigonometric Nu Spline with Shape Control, A
* Some Algorithms for Curve Design and Automatic Outline Capturing of Images
Includes: Sarfraz, M.[Muhammad] Sarfraz, M.

Sarfraz, M.I. Co Author Listing * Framework for Composition and Enforcement of Privacy-Aware and Context-Driven Authorization Mechanism for Multimedia Big Data, A

Sarfraz, M.S.[M. Saquib] Co Author Listing * 3D Facial Landmark Detection: How to Deal with Head Rotations?
* Deep Perceptual Mapping for Cross-Modal Face Recognition
* Deep Perceptual Mapping for Thermal to Visible Face Recogntion
* Exploiting Color Information for Better Scene Text Recognition
* Exploiting colour information for better scene text detection and recognition
* Heterogeneous Face Recognition: Recent Advances in Infrared-to-Visible Matching
* Mid-level-Representation Based Lexicon for Vehicle Make and Model Recognition
* Probabilistic learning for fully automatic face recognition across pose
* Real-time automatic license plate recognition for CCTV forensic applications
* RPM: Random Points Matching for Pair wise Face-Similarity
* Statistical appearance models for automatic pose invariant face recognition
Includes: Sarfraz, M.S.[M. Saquib] Sarfraz, M.S.[Muhammad Saquib] Sarfraz, M.S.
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Sargeant, B. Co Author Listing * Method To Achieve Large Volume, High Accuracy Photogrammetric Measurements Through The Use Of An Actively Deformable Sensor Mounting Platform, A

Sargent, D. Co Author Listing * Domain-Specific Image Analysis for Cervical Neoplasia Detection Based on Conditional Random Fields
* Stabilizing Stereo Correspondence Computation Using Delaunay Triangulation and Planar Homography
Includes: Sargent, D. Sargent, D.[Dusty]

Sargent, I. Co Author Listing * Automating The Photogrammetric Workflow In A National Mapping Agency
* Building Blocks of User-Focused 3D City Models, The
Includes: Sargent, I. Sargent, I.[Isabel]

Sargent, J.D.[Janet D.] Co Author Listing * email: Sargent, J.D.[Janet D.]: jsargent AT bdm com
* Imagery Exploitation Applications for Image Understanding
* Quick-Look: A New Way to Prioritize Imagery for Exploitation
* RADIUS Concept Definition Experiments
Includes: Sargent, J.D.[Janet D.] Sargent, J.D.

Sargent, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Object Capture Using Fast Vision Tracking

Sargento, S. Co Author Listing * Parked Cars are Excellent Roadside Units
* Quality of experience optimized scheduling in multi-service wireless mesh networks
Includes: Sargento, S. Sargento, S.[Susana]

Sargin, M.E.[Mehmet E.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Head Gesture and Prosody Patterns for Prosody-Driven Head-Gesture Animation
* Conditional iterative decoding of Two Dimensional Hidden Markov Models
* Generalized simultaneous registration and segmentation
* Generalized subspace based high dimensional density estimation
* Graphical Model-Based Tracking of Curvilinear Structures in Bio-image Sequences
* Object Tracking with Ratio Cycles Using Shape and Appearance Cues
* Probabilistic occlusion boundary detection on spatio-temporal lattices
* Robust dynamical model for simultaneous registration and segmentation in a variational framework: A Bayesian approach
* Tracing Curvilinear Structures in Live Cell Images
* Variable Length Open Contour Tracking Using a Deformable Trellis
Includes: Sargin, M.E.[Mehmet E.] Sargin, M.E. Sargin, M.E.[Mehmet Emre]
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Sarhadi, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive two-pass rank order filter to remove impulse noise in highly corrupted images
* Building Temporal Models for Gesture Recognition
* non-linear model of shape and motion for tracking finger spelt American sign language, A
* Non-linear statistical models for the 3D reconstruction of human pose and motion from monocular image sequences
* Reconstructing 3d Pose and Motion from a Single Camera View
Includes: Sarhadi, M. Sarhadi, M.[Mansoor]

Sarhan, A.M. Co Author Listing * Partition-Based Weighted Sum Filters for Image Restoration

Sarhan, E.[Ebada] Co Author Listing * Post classification using Cellular Automata for Landsat images in developing countries
* Road extraction framework by using cellular neural network from remote sensing images

Sarhan, N.J.[Nabil J.] Co Author Listing * Client-Driven Price Selection for Scalable Video Streaming with Advertisements
* Detailed Performance and Waiting-Time Predictability Analysis of Scheduling Options in On-Demand Video Streaming
* Scalable Solution for Interactive Near Video-on-Demand Systems, A
* Workload-Aware Resource Sharing and Cache Management for Scalable Video Streaming
Includes: Sarhan, N.J.[Nabil J.] Sarhan, N.J.

Sarhrouni, E. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral images classification and Dimensionality Reduction using Homogeneity feature and mutual information
* Improved filter algorithm using inequality fano to select bands for HSI classification

Sari Sarraf, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Analysis Tool for Digitized Cervical and Lumbar Vertebrae Images
* Customized hough transform for robust segmentation of cervical vertebrae from X-ray images
* Feature-based transfer learning to train a novel cotton imaging system
* Hierarchical segmentation of cervical and lumbar vertebrae using a customized generalized Hough transform and extensions to active appearance models
* Interactive texture segmentation via IT-SNAPS
* Machine vision scheme for stain-release evaluation using Gabor filters with optimized coefficients
* machine vision system to estimate cotton fiber maturity from longitudinal view using a transfer learning approach, A
* new deformable model for analysis of X-ray CT images in preclinical studies of mice for polycystic kidney disease, A
* Novel Approach to Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Mammographic Images, A
* Robust Defect Segmentation in Woven Fabrics
* Vision system for on-line characterization of paper slurry
* Volumetric segmentation via 3D active shape models
Includes: Sari Sarraf, H.[Hamed] Sari-Sarraf, H.[Hamed] Sari-Sarraf, H.
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Sari, I.N.[Irawati Nurmala] Co Author Listing * Human Pose Tracking Using Online Latent Structured Support Vector Machine

Sari, L.[Leda] Co Author Listing * Texture Defect Detection Using Independent Vector Analysis in Wavelet Domain

Sari, T.[Toufik] Co Author Listing * MLP for Binarizing Images of Old Manuscripts, An
* MOrpho-LEXical analysis for correcting OCR-genereted arabic words (MOLEX)
* Off-line handwritten Arabic character segmentation algorithm: ACSA
* Structural feature-based evaluation method of binarization techniques for word retrieval in the degraded Arabic document images
Includes: Sari, T.[Toufik] Sari, T.

Saridis, G.N. Co Author Listing * Optimal and Suboptimal Motion Planning for Collision-Avoidance of Mobile Robots in Nonstationary Environments

Sarier, N.D.[Neyire Deniz] Co Author Listing * New Approach for Biometric Template Storage and Remote Authentication, A

Sarifuddin, M. Co Author Listing * Effective Approach Towards Content-Based Image Retrieval, An
* Similarity measures for efficient content-based image retrieval

Sarigianidis, G.H. Co Author Listing * Motion Correspondence Using a Neural Network

Sarikaya, D. Co Author Listing * Detection and Localization of Robotic Tools in Robot-Assisted Surgery Videos Using Deep Neural Networks for Region Proposal and Detection
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The

Sarikhani, H. Co Author Listing * Gaussian mixture model-based contrast enhancement

Sarim, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Dynamic 3D Scene Reconstruction in Outdoor Environments
* Natural image matting for multiple wide-baseline views
* Non-parametric natural image matting
* Non-parametric patch based video matting
* Outdoor Dynamic 3-D Scene Reconstruction
* Stereoscopic content production of complex dynamic scenes using a wide-baseline monoscopic camera set-up
* Temporal trimap propagation for video matting using inferential statistics
* Wide-baseline multi-view video segmentation for 3D reconstruction
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Sarimveis, H.[Haralambos] Co Author Listing * performance of pixel window algorithms in the classification of habitats using VHSR imagery, The

Sarioglu, I..L. Co Author Listing * Energy Management for Fuel-Cell Hybrid Vehicles Based on Specific Fuel Consumption Due to Load Shifting

Sarioz, D.[Deniz] Co Author Listing * History Trees as Descriptors of Macromolecular Structures

Saripada, N.A. Co Author Listing * Running To Safety: Analysis Of Disaster Susceptibility Of Neighborhoods And Proximity Of Safety Facilities In Silay City, Philippines

Saripalle, S. Co Author Listing * Method for using visible ocular vasculature for mobile biometrics

Saripalle, S.K. Co Author Listing * ICIP 2016 competition on mobile ocular biometric recognition

Saripalli, S. Co Author Listing * Sampling-Based Path Planning for UAV Collision Avoidance

Saripan, M.I.[M. Iqbal] Co Author Listing * Illumination Compensation for Document Images Using Local-Global Block Analysis
* Review of brain MRI image segmentation methods
* review of wave-net identical learning and filling-in in a decomposition space of (JPG-JPEG) sampled images, A
Includes: Saripan, M.I.[M. Iqbal] Saripan, M.I.

Saris, A.E.C.M.[Anne E. C. M.] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Motion Estimation Using Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging Tested in a Finite Element Model of Cardiac Mechanics

Saritas, E.U. Co Author Listing * Linearity and Shift Invariance for Quantitative Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Magnetic Particle Imaging With Tailored Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Tracers
* Magnetostimulation Limits in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Projection X-Space Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Signal Compensation and Compressed Sensing for Magnetization-Prepared MR Angiography
* SNR Dependence of Optimal Parameters for Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Measurements

Saritha, M. Co Author Listing * Classification of MRI brain images using combined wavelet entropy based spider web plots and probabilistic neural network

Saritha, S.[Saladi] Co Author Listing * comprehensive review: Segmentation of MRI images: brain tumor, A

Sariyanidi, E.[Evangelos] Co Author Listing * Automatic Analysis of Facial Affect: A Survey of Registration, Representation, and Recognition
* Biologically Inspired Motion Encoding for Robust Global Motion Estimation
* Learning Bases of Activity for Facial Expression Recognition
* Let me tell you about your personality! -- Real-time personality prediction from nonverbal behavioural cues
* Local Zernike Moments: A new representation for face recognition
* LZM in Action: Realtime Face Recognition System
* Patterns of approximated localised moments for visual loop closure detection
* Probabilistic Subpixel Temporal Registration for Facial Expression Analysis
* Robust Registration of Dynamic Facial Sequences
Includes: Sariyanidi, E.[Evangelos] Sariyanidi, E.
9 for Sariyanidi, E.

Sariyildiz, I.S.[I. Sevil] Co Author Listing * Blur in Human Vision and Increased Visual Realism in Virtual Environments

Sarj, A.A.K.[Ankush A. K.] Co Author Listing * Unified Approach for Digital Image Inpainting Using Bounded Search Space, A

Sarjakoski, T.[Tapani] Co Author Listing * Comparison of distribution strategies in uncertainty-aware catchment delineation
* Image Compression by the JPEG Algorithm
* Simultaneous Graphic Generalization of Vector Data Sets
Includes: Sarjakoski, T.[Tapani] Sarjakoski, T.

Sarjanoja, S. Co Author Listing * BM3D image denoising using heterogeneous computing platforms

Sarje, A.K.[Anil K.] Co Author Listing * Robust long range target detection algorithm using adaptive selective top-hat transform

Sarkani, S. Co Author Listing * Framework for Predicting Future System Performance in Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles, A
* Technical maturity evaluations for sensor fusion technologies

Sarkar, A. Co Author Listing * Adding Gaussian noise to denoise JPEG for detecting image resizing
* Construction of Sandwich Cover of Digital Objects
* Double embedding in the quantization index modulation framework
* Efficient and Robust Detection of Duplicate Videos in a Large Database
* Efficient parallel algorithm for pixel classification in remote sensing imagery
* Estimating Steganographic Capacity for Odd-Even Based Embedding and its Use in Individual Compensation
* Estimation of optimum coding redundancy and frequency domain analysis of attacks for YASS: A randomized block based hiding scheme
* Finding Largest Rectangle Inside a Digital Object
* Finding Shortest Triangular Path in a Digital Object
* Generation of Random Triangular Digital Curves Using Combinatorial Techniques
* iPURE: Perceptual and User-friendly REtrieval of Images
* Landcover Classification in MRF Context Using Dempster-Shafer Fusion for Multisensor Imagery
* Modern displays: Why we see different colors, and what it means?
* Modified Contextual Classification Technique for Remote-Sensing Data
* MRF Based Segmentatiom Approach to Classification Using Dempster Shafer Fusion for Multisensor Imagery, A
* MRF Model-Based Segmentation Approach to Classification for Multispectral Imagery, A
* New Approach for Subset 2-D AR Model Identification for Describing Textures, A
* Precise localization of key-points to identify local regions for robust data hiding
* Prostate Cancer Grading: Use of Graph Cut and Spatial Arrangement of Nuclei
* Recognition of printed Urdu script
* Segmentation Approach to Classification of Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Shape Description by Time Series
* Simple Unsupervised MRF Model Based Image Segmentation Approach, A
* Unified Approach for Image Segmentation Using Exact Statistics, A
* Universal Skin Detection Without Color Information
* Word Segmentation and Baseline Detection in Handwritten Documents Using Isothetic Covers
Includes: Sarkar, A. Sarkar, A.[Apurba] Sarkar, A.[Anasua] Sarkar, A.[Abhinanda] Sarkar, A.[Aisharjya]
26 for Sarkar, A.

Sarkar, A.K. Co Author Listing * Combination of Cepstral and Phonetically Discriminative Features for Speaker Verification
* RF absorption in biological tissue at varying distances and angles and rapport to tissue impedance

Sarkar, B.[Biswajit] Co Author Listing * Approximation of digital curves with line segments and circular arcs using genetic algorithms
* Genetic Algorithm-based Approach For Detection Of Significant Vertices For Polygonal Approximation Of Digital Curves, A
* Hierarchical representation of digitized curves through dominant point detection
* Search based Video Recommendations
Includes: Sarkar, B.[Biswajit] Sarkar, B.

Sarkar, D.[Debranjan] Co Author Listing * Approximation of digital curves with line segments and circular arcs using genetic algorithms
* blind quality assessment of video using fragile watermarking, A
* Boolean Function-Based Approach for Encoding of Binary Images
* Genetic Algorithm-based Approach For Detection Of Significant Vertices For Polygonal Approximation Of Digital Curves, A
* Hierarchical representation of digitized curves through dominant point detection
* Operations on Binary Images Encoded as Minimized Boolean Functions
* Operations on binary images represented by interpolation based bintrees
* Simple Algorithm for Detection of Significant Vertices for Polygonal-Approximation of Chain-Coded Curves, A
* Translation and Rotation of Binary Images Encoded as Minimized Boolean Functions
Includes: Sarkar, D.[Debranjan] Sarkar, D.
9 for Sarkar, D.

Sarkar, I. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Approach to Solve the Stereo Correspondence Problem Using Mutual Information, A

Sarkar, K.[Kamal] Co Author Listing * Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Medical Documents

Sarkar, M.[Mukul] Co Author Listing * Biologically Inspired CMOS Image Sensor, A
* Clustering-Algorithm Using An Evolutionary Programming-Based Approach, A
* Edge Probability and Pixel Relativity-Based Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion
* Finding the Orthogonal Hull of a Digital Object: A Combinatorial Approach
* Ruggedness measures of medical time series using fuzzy-rough sets and fractals
Includes: Sarkar, M.[Mukul] Sarkar, M. Sarkar, M.[Moumita] Sarkar, M.[Manish]

Sarkar, N. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Load Measurement in a Virtual Reality-Based Driving System for Autism Intervention
* Detection and Gradation of Oriented Texture
* Efficient Approach to Compute Fractal Dimension in Texture Image, An
* Efficient Approach to Estimate Fractal Dimension of Textural Images, An
* Efficient Differential Box-Counting Approach to Compute Fractal Dimension of Image, An
* Improved Fractal Geometry Based Texture Segmentation Technique
* Knowledge representation for vision: an associative network for single object representation and recognition
* Texture Segmentation Using Fractal Dimension
Includes: Sarkar, N. Sarkar, N.[Nirupam]
8 for Sarkar, N.

Sarkar, P.[Prateek] Co Author Listing * email: Sarkar, P.[Prateek]: sarkap AT ecse rpi edu
* Classification of Style-Constrained Pattern-Fields
* Classifying Foreground Pixels in Document Images
* Conversion of neutral speech to storytelling style speech
* Decoder Banks: Versatility, Automation, and High Accuracy without Supervised Training
* Document style census for OCR
* Image classification: Classifying distributions of visual features
* iterative algorithm for optimal style conscious field classification, An
* Learning Image Anchor Templates for Document Classification and Data Extraction
* PixLabeler: User Interface for Pixel-Level Labeling of Elements in Document Images
* Shared Parts Model for Document Image Recognition, A
* Style Consistent Classification of Isogenous Patterns
* Style-consistency in isogenous patterns
* Training on severely degraded text-line images
Includes: Sarkar, P.[Prateek] Sarkar, P.
14 for Sarkar, P.

Sarkar, R.[Ram] Co Author Listing * benchmark image database of isolated Bangla handwritten compound characters, A
* CMATERdb1: A database of unconstrained handwritten Bangla and Bangla-English mixed script document image
* Dictionary Learning Level Set
* Handwritten Bangla character recognition using a soft computing paradigm embedded in two pass approach
* hierarchical approach to recognition of handwritten Bangla characters, A
* meta-algorithm for classification by feature nomination, A
* Music genre classification using EMD and pitch based feature
* novel framework for automatic sorting of postal documents with multi-script address blocks, A
* Recognition of Numeric Postal Codes from Multi-script Postal Address Blocks
* SDL: Saliency-Based Dictionary Learning Framework for Image Similarity
* Slide: Saliency guided image dictionary and image similarity evaluation
* SSPARED: Saliency and sparse code analysis for rare event detection in video
* Suppression of non-text components in handwritten document images
* Text Line Segmentation for Unconstrained Handwritten Document Images Using Neighborhood Connected Component Analysis
* Tracking sunflower circumnutation using affine parametric active contours
* Word-level script identification for handwritten Indic scripts
Includes: Sarkar, R.[Ram] Sarkar, R. Sarkar, R.[Rituparna]
16 for Sarkar, R.

Sarkar, S.[Sudeep] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Sarkar, S.[Sudeep]: sarkar AT csee usf edu
* 3D Finite Element Modeling of Nonrigid Breast Deformation for Feature Registration in -ray and MR Images
* Analysis of MinCut, Average Cut, and Normalized Cut Measures
* approximate algorithm for structural matching of images, An
* Are Edges Sufficient for Object Recognition
* Association of Sound to Motion in Video using Perceptual Organization
* Audio Segmentation and Speaker Localization in Meeting Videos
* Automated Design of Bayesian Perceptual Inference Networks
* Automated extraction of signs from continuous sign language sentences using Iterated Conditional Modes
* Automatic expression spotting in videos
* Background subtraction in varying illuminations using an ensemble based on an enlarged feature set
* Baseline results for the challenge problem of human ID using gait analysis
* Biometric Analysis of Human Ear Matching Using Scale and Rotation Invariant Feature Detectors
* BLOGS: Balanced local and global search for non-degenerate two view epipolar geometry
* Building semantic understanding beyond deep learning from sound and vision
* Calibration of Light Sources
* Challenges in Segmentation of Human Forms in Outdoor Video
* Clip retrieval using multi-modal biometrics in meeting archives
* Color Correction Using Explicit Illumination Models, Color and Registered Range
* Comments on On the Localization Performance Measure and Optimal Edge Detection
* Comparison and combination of ear and face images in appearance-based biometrics
* Comparison of Edge Detectors
* Comparison of Edge Detectors: A Methodology and Initial Study
* composite kernel for named entity recognition, A
* Computational Structure for Preattentive Perceptual Organization: Graphical Enumeration and Voting Methods, A
* Computing Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision
* Computing Perceptual Organization Using Voting Methods and Graphical Enumeration
* Computing the Shape of a Point Set in Digital Images
* Conditional distance based matching for one-shot gesture recognition
* Continuous 3D Face Authentication Using RGB-D Cameras
* Correcting Infrared Focal Plane Array Sensor Non Uniformities Based Upon Adaptive Filter
* Coupled grouping and matching for sign and gesture recognition
* Designing Affine Transformations based Face Recognition Algorithms
* Detecting Coarticulation in Sign Language using Conditional Random Fields
* Detecting Group Turn Patterns in Conversations Using Audio-Video Change Scale-Space
* Detection of rib shadows in digital chest radiographs
* Determination of Amylose content in rice using electronic tongue
* Discrimination of Motion Based on Traces in the Space of Probability Functions over Feature Relations
* Distance metric learning for pattern recognition
* Distribution-Based Dimensionality Reduction Applied to Articulated Motion Recognition
* Dynamic Edge Warping: An Experimental System for Recovering Disparity Maps in Weakly Constrained Systems
* Dynamic Edge Warping: Experiments in Disparity Estimation under Weak Constraints
* Early Vision and Image Processing: Evidences Favouring a Dynamic Receptive Field Model
* effect of edge strength on object recognition from edge images, The
* Effect of silhouette quality on hard problems in gait recognition
* Efficient Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of Nonrigid Objects via Optimization of Mesh Models
* Elastic face, an anatomy-based biometrics beyond visible cue
* Empirical evaluation of graph partitioning measures for perceptual organization
* Enhanced Level Building Algorithm for the Movement Epenthesis Problem in Sign Language Recognition
* Evaluation and analysis of a face and voice outdoor multi-biometric system
* evaluation of face and ear biometrics, An
* Evaluation of Facial Reconstructive Surgery on Patients with Facial Palsy Using Optical Strain
* Experimental Performance Evaluation of Feature Grouping Modules
* Experiments on gait analysis by exploiting nonstationarity in the distribution of feature relationships
* Facial Strain Pattern as a Soft Forensic Evidence
* fast leading eigenvector approximation for segmentation and grouping, A
* Finite element modeling of facial deformation in videos for computing strain pattern
* fixed-rate vector quantizer based on pyramid-bounded integer lattices for image compression, A
* Framework for Performance Characterization of Intermediate Level Grouping Modules, A
* From Scores to Face Templates: A Model-Based Approach
* Fusion of physically-based registration and deformation modeling for nonrigid motion analysis
* gait identification challenge problem: data sets and baseline algorithm, The
* Gesture Recognition using Hidden Markov Models from Fragmented Observations
* Globally Linear Embedding of Biometric Scores: An Empirical Study
* Handling Movement Epenthesis and Hand Segmentation Ambiguities in Continuous Sign Language Recognition Using Nested Dynamic Programming
* High-resolution 3D surface strain magnitude using 2D camera and low-resolution depth sensor
* Hop-Diffusion Monte Carlo for Epipolar Geometry Estimation between Very Wide-Baseline Images
* HumanID Gait Challenge Problem: Data Sets, Performance, and Analysis, The
* Hyperspectral Region Classification Using a Three-Dimensional Gabor Filterbank
* Hyperspectral texture classification using generalized Markov fields
* Hyperspectral Texture Synthesis Using Histogram and Power Spectral Density Matching
* Hypothesizing Structures in Edge-Focused Cerebral Magnetic Resonance Images Using Graph-Theoretic Cycle Enumeration
* Impact of Spatial Sampling on Continuity of MODIS-VIIRS Land Surface Reflectance Products: A Simulation Approach
* Improved Gait Recognition by Gait Dynamics Normalization
* in-depth study of graph partitioning measures for perceptual organization, An
* Integrating Image Computation in Undergraduate Level Data-Structure Education
* Integration, Inference, and Management of Spatial Information Using Bayesian Networks: Perceptual Organization
* Investigation and modeling of the structure of texting language
* Investigation of Measures for Grouping by Graph Partitioning
* Learning Age and Gender of Blogger from Stylistic Variation
* Learning Camera Viewpoint Using CNN to Improve 3D Body Pose Estimation
* Learning to Form Large Groups of Salient Image Features
* LLNet: A deep autoencoder approach to natural low-light image enhancement
* Macro- and micro-expression spotting in long videos using spatio-temporal strain
* methodology for extracting objective color from images, A
* Model-based force-driven nonrigid motion recovery from sequences of range images without point correspondences
* Model-based Nonrigid Motion Analysis Using Natural Feature Adaptive Mesh
* Model-based nonrigid motion recovery from sequences of range images without point correspondences
* Modeling Approach for Burn Scar Assessment Using Natural Features and Elastic Property, A
* Modeling Facial Skin Motion Properties in Video and Its Application to Matching Faces across Expressions
* Modeling Parameter Space Behavior of Vision Systems Using Bayesian Networks
* Motion Detection from Temporally Integrated Images
* Motion Segmentation Based on Perceptual Organization of Spatio-temporal Volumes
* Multiband cyclic wavelet transforms
* multilevel color image thresholding scheme based on minimum cross entropy and differential evolution, A
* Multilevel Image Thresholding Based on 2D Histogram and Maximum Tsallis Entropy: A Differential Evolution Approach
* Multirate signal processing on finite fields
* Multiscale Combination of Physically-based Registration and Deformation Modeling
* Non-Iterative Approach to Reconstruct Face Templates from Match Scores, A
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis Based on Dynamic Refinement of Finite Element Models
* On Optimal Infinite Impulse Response Edge Detection Filters
* Optical Flow Based Expression Suppression in Video
* Optimal Infinite Impulse Response Zero Crossing Based Edge Detectors
* Optimal, Efficient, Recursive Edge Detection Filters
* Orthogonal projection images for 3D face detection
* Outdoor recognition at a distance by fusing gait and face
* Parallelizing motion segmentation by perceptual organization of XYT
* Pattern theory for representation and inference of semantic structures in videos
* Pattern Theory-Based Interpretation of Activities
* Perceptual Organization Based Computational Model for Robust Segmentation of Moving Objects
* Perceptual Organization for Artificial Vision Systems
* Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision: A Review and a Proposal for a Classificatory Structure
* Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision: Status, Challenges, and Potential
* Perceptual Organization Using Bayesian Networks
* Performance comparison of feature extraction algorithms for target detection and classification
* Pooling Facial Segments to Face: The Shallow and Deep Ends
* Privacy and Security Issues Related to Match Scores
* Proposing new methods in low-level vision from the Mach band illusion in retrospect
* Quantitative Measures of Change Based on Feature Organization: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
* Rate-Invariant Analysis of Trajectories on Riemannian Manifolds with Application in Visual Speech Recognition
* Rate-invariant comparisons of covariance paths for visual speech recognition
* Recovering elastic property of soft tissues using 2d image sequences with limited range data
* Redundant Wavelet Watermarking using Spread Spectrum Modulation
* Relational entropy-based saliency detection in images and videos
* REM: Relational Entropy-Based Measure of Saliency
* Review and comparative evaluation of symbolic dynamic filtering for detection of anomaly patterns
* Robust outdoor text detection using text intensity and shape features
* Robust Visual Method for Assessing the Relative Performance of Edge Detection Algorithms, A
* Saliency in images and video: a brief survey
* Scene-Dependent Intention Recognition for Task Communication with Reduced Human-Robot Interaction
* Segmentation-robust representations, matching, and modeling for sign language
* Semi-supervised Approach for Maximum Entropy Based Hindi Named Entity Recognition, A
* sensitivity analysis method and its application in physics-based nonrigid motion modeling, A
* SIBGRAPI 25th: Advances in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
* Significance of Elastic Properties in Physics-Based Nonrigid Motion Modeling, A Numerical Sensitivity Analysis
* Similarity Measure between Two Gestures Using Triplets
* Simple Strategy for Calibrating the Geometry of Light Sources, A
* Simplest representation yet for gait recognition: averaged silhouette
* Simulation Modeling and Ergonomic Assessment of Complex Multiworker Physical Processes
* Spatially Coherent Interpretations of Videos Using Pattern Theory
* Statistical motion model based on the change of feature relationships: Human gait-based recognition
* Studies on silhouette quality and gait recognition
* Supervised Learning of Large Perceptual Organization: Graph Spectral Partitioning and Learning Automata
* Symbolization of dynamic data-driven systems for signal representation
* Temporally coherent interpretations for long videos using pattern theory
* Towards macro- and micro-expression spotting in video using strain patterns
* Tracking 2D Structures Using Perceptual Organizational Principles
* Tracking objects using recovered physical motion parameters
* Understanding image structure from a new multi-scale representation of higher order derivative filters
* Unsupervised Modeling of Signs Embedded in Continuous Sentences
* Using Perceptual Inference Networks To Manage Vision Processes
* Vision-IMU Integration Using a Slow-Frame-Rate Monocular Vision System in an Actual Roadway Setting
Includes: Sarkar, S.[Sudeep] Sarkar, S. Sarkar, S.[Soumyajit] Sarkar, S.[Sudeshna] Sarkar, S.[Subrata] Sarkar, S.[Sandip] Sarkar, S.[Soumik] Sarkar, S.[Soham] Sarkar, S.[Soumalya]
153 for Sarkar, S.

Sarkar, S.K.[Subir Kumar] Co Author Listing * On the implementation of a information hiding design based on saliency map
* Redundant Wavelet Watermarking using Spread Spectrum Modulation
* Singular value decomposition and wavelet-based iris biometric watermarking
Includes: Sarkar, S.K.[Subir Kumar] Sarkar, S.K.

Sarkar, T.K. Co Author Listing * Homomorphic Approach for Through-Wall Sensing, A

Sarkarin, S.S. Co Author Listing * Shape Recognition Using the Kohonen Self-Organising Feature Map

Sarkeala, J. Co Author Listing * 2D Hyperspectral Frame Imager Camera Data in Photogrammetric Mosaicking

Sarker, A.[Abeed] Co Author Listing * Improved Reconstruction of Flutter Shutter Images for Motion Blur Reduction

Sarker, B.[Biswajit] Co Author Listing * Decoding the User Experience in Mobile Virtual Reality Narratives

Sarker, C. Co Author Listing * Integrating Recursive Bayesian Estimation with Support Vector Machine to Map Probability of Flooding from Multispectral Landsat Data

Sarker, M.L.R. Co Author Listing * Forest Biomass Estimation Using Texture Measurements of High-Resolution Dual-Polarization C-Band SAR Data
* Potential of texture measurements of two-date dual polarization PALSAR data for the improvement of forest biomass estimation
Includes: Sarker, M.L.R. Sarker, M.L.R.[M. Latifur Rahman]

Sarker, P.[Prateek] Co Author Listing * Spatial Sampling of Printed Patterns

Sarker, P.C. Co Author Listing * RF absorption in biological tissue at varying distances and angles and rapport to tissue impedance

Sarker, T. Co Author Listing * Bi-spectral higher order statistics and time-frequency domain features for arithmetic task classification from EEG signals

Sarkhel, R.[Ritesh] Co Author Listing * multi-objective approach towards cost effective isolated handwritten Bangla character and digit recognition, A
* multi-scale deep quad tree based feature extraction method for the recognition of isolated handwritten characters of popular indic scripts, A

Sarkiniemi, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Affective Gait Recognition and Baseline Evaluation from Real World Samples
Includes: Sarkiniemi, M.[Markus] Särkiniemi, M.[Markus] (Maybe also Saerkiniemi, M.)

Sarkis, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Reconstruction of Millimeter-Wave Radiometric Images
* Automatic Model-Order Selection for PCA
* Camera-Pose Estimation via Projective Newton Optimization on the Manifold
* Content Adaptive Mesh Representation of Images Using Binary Space Partitions
* Depth map compression via compressed sensing
* Fast Adaptive Graph-Cuts Based Stereo Matching
* Fast Depth Map Compression and Meshing with Compressed Tritree
* Globally optimal reconstruction of millimeter-wave radiometric images with belief propagation
* Image reconstruction of millimeter-wave radiometers with multi-quadric splines
* Novel Technique to Model the Variation of the Intrinsic Parameters of an Automatic Zoom Camera using Adaptive Delaunay Meshes Over Moving Least-Squares Surfaces, A
* Optimization of video coding for telepresence applications
* Reconstruction of passive millimeter-wave images with Graph Cuts
* Semi-automatic 3D Reconstruction Algorithm for Telepresence, A
* Sparse stereo matching using belief propagation
Includes: Sarkis, M.[Michel] Sarkis, M.
14 for Sarkis, M.

Sarkissian, H.D.[Henri Der] Co Author Listing * Back-Projection Filtration Inversion of Discrete Projections
* Global scheme for iterative mojette reconstructions
* Rotations in the Mojette space
* Validation of Mojette reconstruction from Radon acquisitions

Sarkka, S.[Simo] Co Author Listing * Continuous-Space Gaussian Process Regression and Generalized Wiener Filtering with Application to Learning Curves
Includes: Sarkka, S.[Simo] Särkkä, S.[Simo] (Maybe also Saerkkae, S.)

Sarkodie Gyan, T.[Thompson] Co Author Listing * Prototype Indexing Approach to 2-D Object Description and Recognition, A
Includes: Sarkodie Gyan, T.[Thompson] Sarkodie-Gyan, T.[Thompson]

Sarlabous, J.E.[Jorge Estrada] Co Author Listing * Conic-like subdivision curves on surfaces

Sarlan, A.[Aliza] Co Author Listing * Visual Object Interface Signifier of Museum Application for Large Display

Sarlette, A. Co Author Listing * Distributed Particle Filter for Urban Traffic Networks Using a Platoon-Based Model

Sarlette, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Hardware-accelerated ambient occlusion computation

Sarlin, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Decomposing the global financial crisis: A Self-Organizing Time Map

Sarma, A.[Arup] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Expressions in a New Database Containing Played and Natural Expressions

Sarma, A.D.[Atish Das] Co Author Listing * Fast Approximate Matching of Videos from Hand-Held Cameras for Robust Background Subtraction
* Modeling of Ionospheric Time Delay Using Anisotropic IDW With Jackknife Technique
Includes: Sarma, A.D.[Atish Das] Sarma, A.D.

Sarma, A.S.V. Co Author Listing * Volume estimation of apple fruits using image processing

Sarma, B.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Vocal Tract Constrictions using Zero Frequency Filtering

Sarma, D. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services
* Review of constraints on vision-based gesture recognition for human-computer interaction
Includes: Sarma, D. Sarma, D.[Debajit]

Sarma, K.K. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services

Sarma, K.R. Co Author Listing * parallel shrinking algorithm for binary patterns, A

Sarma, K.V. Co Author Listing * temporal deep learning approach for MR perfusion parameter estimation in stroke, A

Sarma, S. Co Author Listing * Secure Transmission in Cooperative Networks with Weak Eavesdroppers

Sarma, S.E. Co Author Listing * Generalized Regular Sampling of Trigonometric Polynomials and Optimal Sensor Arrangement
* Generalizing Laplacian of Gaussian Filters for Vanishing-Point Detection
* How to Discriminate Shapes Using the Shape Vector
* Water quality analysis: A pattern recognition approach
Includes: Sarma, S.E. Sarma, S.E.[S. Eswara]

Sarma, S.V. Co Author Listing * Novel Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Probability Density Functions, A

Sarma, T.H.[T. Hitendra] Co Author Listing * Speeding-Up the K-Means Clustering Method: A Prototype Based Approach
* Speeding-up the kernel k-means clustering method: A prototype based hybrid approach

Sarma, T.V.C.[T. V. C.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Doppler Profile Using Multiparameter Cost Function Method

Sarmah, R.[Rosy] Co Author Listing * CNNC: a common nearest neighbour clustering approach for gene expression data

Sarmah, S.[Sauravjyoti] Co Author Listing * grid-density based technique for finding clusters in satellite image, A

Sarmento, D. Co Author Listing * Interleaved Concatenated Coding for Secrecy in the Finite Blocklength Regime

Sarmento, R.M.[Roger M.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of human tissue densities: A new approach to extract features from medical images
Includes: Sarmento, R.M.[Roger M.] Sarmento, R.M.[Róger M.]

Sarmiento, A. Co Author Listing * Blind Separation of Dependent Sources with a Bounded Component Analysis Deflationary Algorithm
* Improved Segmentation Method for Non-melanoma Skin Lesions Using Active Contour Model, An
Includes: Sarmiento, A. Sarmiento, A.[Auxiliadora]

Sarmiento, R. Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Fusing Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images, A
* New Fast Algorithm for Linearly Unmixing Hyperspectral Images, A
* Novel Negative Abundance-Oriented Hyperspectral Unmixing Algorithm, A
* scalable H.264/AVC deblocking filter architecture, A
* SystemC modelling of lossless compression IP cores for space applications

Sarmiento, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Hyperspectral Image Analysis of the Lower Mississippian (Osagean) Reeds Spring Formation Rocks in Southwestern Missouri

Sarmiento, W.J.[Wilson J.] Co Author Listing * Narrative Approach to Assess Fear of Heights in Virtual Environments

Sarmis, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * 3d head pose estimation from multiple distant views
* Building a Multi-Touch Display Based on Computer Vision Techniques
* Multicamera human detection and tracking supporting natural interaction with large-scale displays
* Multicamera Vision System Supporting the Development of Wide-Area Exertainment Applications, A
* Platform for Monitoring Aspects of Human Presence in Real-Time, A

Sarna, A. Co Author Listing * Synthesizing Normalized Faces from Facial Identity Features

Sarnak, N. Co Author Listing * Planar Point Location Using Persistent Search Trees

Sarne, D. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Parking Simulations Using Peer-Designed Agents

Sarode, D.M.[Dinesh M.] Co Author Listing * Automated maze solving using fluid mechanics based numerical approach

Saroglou, F. Co Author Listing * Comparison of UAV-Enabled Photogrammetry-Based 3D Point Clouds and Interpolated DSMs of Sloping Terrain for Rockfall Hazard Analysis

Saroldi, A. Co Author Listing * Artificial Co-Drivers as a Universal Enabling Technology for Future Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems
* Holistic Approach to the Integration of Safety Applications: The INSAFES Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT, A
* On Curve Negotiation: From Driver Support to Automation
* Supporting Drivers in Keeping Safe Speed and Safe Distance: The SASPENCE Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT

Saroli, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Did Anthropogenic Activities Trigger the 3 April 2017 Mw 6.5 Botswana Earthquake?
* Land subsidence, Ground Fissures and Buried Faults: InSAR Monitoring of Ciudad Guzmán (Jalisco, Mexico)
* Subsidence Detected by Multi-Pass Differential SAR Interferometry in the Cassino Plain (Central Italy): Joint Effect of Geological and Anthropogenic Factors?

Saroui, B.S.[Behrang Sabeghi] Co Author Listing * Trajectory recovery and stroke reconstruction of handwritten mathematical symbols

Sarpeshkar, R. Co Author Listing * Analog VLSI Architectures for Motion Processing: From Fundamental Limits to System Applications

Sarpola, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Automated Insect Identification through Concatenated Histograms of Local Appearance Features
* Automated insect identification through concatenated histograms of local appearance features: feature vector generation and region detection for deformable objects

Sarrafzadeh, A.[AbdolHossein] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Background Modeling for Land and Water Composition Scenes
* adaptive real-time skin detector based on Hue thresholding: A comparison on two motion tracking methods, An
* Fast Real-Time Skin Detector for Video Sequences, A
* Large-Scale Image Retrieval Using Local Binary Patterns and Iterative Quantization
Includes: Sarrafzadeh, A.[AbdolHossein] Sarrafzadeh, A.[Abdolhossein] Sarrafzadeh, A.

Sarrafzadeh, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Sparse representation for motion primitive-based human activity modeling and recognition using wearable sensors

Sarrafzadeh, O.[Omid] Co Author Listing * Analyzing features by SWLDA for the classification of HEp-2 cell images using GMM
* Detecting different sub-types of acute myelogenous leukemia using dictionary learning and sparse representation

Sarraga, R.F.[Ramon F.] Co Author Listing * Algebraic Methods for Intersections of Quadric Surfaces in GMSolid

Sarram, M.A.[Mehdi Agha] Co Author Listing * Survey on semi-supervised feature selection methods, A

Sarreshtedari, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Images steganalysis using GARCH model for feature selection
* joint source-channel coding approach to digital image self-recovery, A
* One-third probability embedding: a new 1 histogram compensating image least significant bit steganography scheme
Includes: Sarreshtedari, S.[Saeed] Sarreshtedari, S.

Sarria Paja, M. Co Author Listing * Whispered Speech Detection in Noise Using Auditory-Inspired Modulation Spectrum Features
Includes: Sarria Paja, M. Sarria-Paja, M.

Sarris, A. Co Author Listing * Curvilinear Structure Enhancement and Detection in Geophysical Images
* Evaluating the Potentials of Sentinel-2 for Archaeological Perspective
* Multi-Sensor Geomagnetic Prospection: A Case Study from Neolithic Thessaly, Greece
* Orthogonal Equations of Multi-Spectral Satellite Imagery for the Identification of Un-Excavated Archaeological Sites
* Recording, Modeling, Visualisation and GIS Applications Development for the Acropolis of Athens
Includes: Sarris, A. Sarris, A.[Apostolos]

Sarris, C.D. Co Author Listing * Subgridded FDTD Modeling of Ground Penetrating Radar Scenarios Beyond the Courant Stability Limit

Sarris, E.T. Co Author Listing * Development of an Innovative, Two-Processor Data Processing Unit for the Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument Onboard the Cassini Mission to Saturn--Part I: Hardware Architecture

Sarris, N.[Nikos] Co Author Listing * Building Three Dimensional Head Models
* FAP extraction using three-dimensional motion estimation
* Generation of 3-d Head Models from Multiple Images Using Ellipsoid Approximation for the Rear Part
* Three Dimensional Facial Model Adaptation
* Three-Dimensional Facial Adaptation for MPEG-4 Talking Heads
* Video Coding for Wireless Varying Bit-Rate Communications Based on Area of Interest and Region Representation
Includes: Sarris, N.[Nikos] Sarris, N.

Sarro, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Methodology to Detect and Update Active Deformation Areas Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Images, A

Sarrut, D. Co Author Listing * Comparison Framework for Breathing Motion Estimation Methods From 4-D Imaging, A
* Comparison of Analytic and Algebraic Methods for Motion-Compensated Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction of the Thorax
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Fast 3D image transformations for registration procedures

Sarry, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Accurate and precise 2D-3D registration based on X-ray intensity
* Accurate Mutual Information-based Registration of Digitized, An
* Automatic calibration of a single-projector catadioptric display system
* Estimation of Myocardial Strain and Contraction Phase From Cine MRI Using Variational Data Assimilation
* In Vivo Supervised Analysis of Stent Reendothelialization From Optical Coherence Tomography
* Monitoring of polyethylene wear in nonmetal-backed acetubular cups by digitized anteroposterior pelvic radiography
* mutual reference shape based on information theory, A
* Nonsupervised Ranking of Different Segmentation Approaches: Application to the Estimation of the Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction From Cardiac Cine MRI Sequences
* Practical photoquantity measurement using a camera
* Three-dimensional tracking of coronary arteries from biplane angiographic sequences using parametrically deformable models
Includes: Sarry, L.[Laurent] Sarry, L.
10 for Sarry, L.

Sarshar, N.[Nima] Co Author Listing * On Rate-Distortion Models for Natural Images and Wavelet Coding Performance
* Unequal channel error protection of multiple description codes for wireless media streaming
* Unequal channel protection of multiple description codes for wireless broadcast applications

Sarswat, A.[Aparna] Co Author Listing * Fast Convergence to Near Optimal Solution for Job Shop Scheduling Using Cat Swarm Optimization

Sarter, N. Co Author Listing * Crossmodal Matching: A Critical but Neglected Step in Multimodal Research
* Effects of Data Density, Display Organization, and Stress on Search Performance: An Eye Tracking Study of Clutter, The
* Multimodal Support for Interruption Management: Models, Empirical Findings, and Design Recommendations
* Using Eye Tracking to Detect the Effects of Clutter on Visual Search in Real Time

Sarthou, A. Co Author Listing * Earthscape, a Multi-Purpose Interactive 3D Globe Viewer for Hybrid Data Visualization and Analysis

Sarti, A.[Augusto] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Sarti, A.[Augusto]: augusto sarti AT polimi it
* 3D area matching with arbitrary multiview geometry
* 3D Markerless human limb localization through robust energy minimization
* 3D Motion Estimation of a Trinocular System for a Full-3D Object Reconstruction
* 3D Motion from structures of points, lines and planes
* 3D Object Modeling with a Voxelset Carving Approach
* 3D wide baseline correspondences using depth-maps
* Accurate and simple geometric calibration of multi-camera systems
* Accurate feature detection and matching for the tracking of calibration parameters in multi-camera acquisition systems
* Action modeling with volumetric data
* Analysis of Vessel Connectivities in Retinal Images by Cortically Inspired Spectral Clustering
* Area matching based on belief propagation with applications to face modeling
* Cells Segmentation From 3-D Confocal Images of Early Zebrafish Embryogenesis
* Clustering of human actions using invariant body shape descriptor and dynamic time warping
* Colored visual tags: a robust approach for augmented reality
* Combined Motion and Edge Analysis for a Layer-Based Representation of Image Sequences
* Combined surface interpolation and object segmentation for automatic 3D scene reconstruction
* Combining MCTF with Distributed Source Coding
* Correction method for nonideal iris recognition
* Cortical Based Model of Perceptual Completion in the Roto-Translation Space, A
* Cortical-Inspired Geometry for Contour Perception and Motion Integration, A
* Curvature Integration in a 5D Kernel for Extracting Vessel Connections in Retinal Images
* Detection and characterisation of planar fractures using a 3D Hough transform
* Efficient Continuous Beam Steering for Planar Arrays of Differential Microphones
* Egomotion Estimation of a Multicamera System Through Line Correspondences
* Estimation and Compensation of Subpixel Edge Localization Error
* Estimation of Radiometric Parameters for A Realistic Rendering of 3D Models
* Fast in-band motion estimation with variable size block matching
* Fast PDE approach to surface reconstruction from large cloud of points
* Gauge Field Model of Modal Completion, A
* Identification of Sparse Audio Tampering Using Distributed Source Coding and Compressive Sensing Techniques
* Image-Based Multiresolution Implicit Object Modeling
* Image-based Object Modeling: A Multiresolution Level-set Approach
* Image-based surface modeling: a multi-resolution approach
* Improving the performance of edge localization techniques through error compensation
* Joint Sublattice Selection and Prefilter Design for the Optimal Decimation of 2-D Digital Signals
* Left ventricular volume estimation for real-time three-dimensional echocardiography
* Modeling closed surfaces in a multi-resolution fashion
* Multi-Camera Acquisitions for High-Accuracy 3D Reconstruction
* Multi-camera parameter tracking
* Multi-camera systems
* Multi-resolution Area Matching
* Multi-resolution Corner Detection
* Multicamera motion estimation for high-accuracy 3D reconstruction
* Multicamera rig calibration by double-sided thick checkerboard
* Multiresolution Implicit Object Modeling
* Multiresolution Level-set Approach to Surface Fusion, A
* Neuromathematical Model for Geometrical Optical Illusions, A
* Neuromathematics of Vision
* New perspectives on camera calibration using geometric algebra
* On the Modeling of Motion in Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* ORIGAMI project: advanced tools and techniques for high-end mixing and interaction between real and virtual content, The
* ORIGAMI Project: Advanced tools for creating and mixing real and virtual content in film and TV production, The
* Piecewise distortion correction for fisheye lenses
* Robust Area Matching
* Robust Method for the Estimation of Reliable Wide Baseline Correspondences, A
* Robust real-time intrusion detection with fuzzy classification
* Scalable coding of variable size blocks motion vectors
* Scream and gunshot detection and localization for audio-surveillance systems
* Smart Toothbrushes: Inertial Measurement Sensors Fusion with Visual Tracking
* Sub-Riemannian Mean Curvature Flow for Image Processing
* Subjective Surfaces: A Geometric Model for Boundary Completion
* Synthesis of virtual views using non-Lambertian reflectivity models and stereo matching
* Three-view camera calibration using geometric algebra
* Toothbrush motion analysis to help children learn proper tooth brushing
* Tracking of two acoustic sources in reverberant environments using a particle swarm optimizer
* Uncalibrated view synthesis from Relative Affine Structure based on planes parallelism
* Visible Surface Reconstruction with Accurate Localization of Object Boundaries
Includes: Sarti, A.[Augusto] Sarti, A. Sarti, A.[Alessandro] Sarti, A.[Augusuto]
69 for Sarti, A.

Sarti, L. Co Author Listing * Auto Associative Neural Network based Active Shape Models
* Exact and Approximate Graph Matching Using Random Walks
* Graph matching using random walks
* Object Localization Using Input/Output Recursive Neural Networks
* Object Recognition Using Multiresolution Trees
* Recursive neural networks learn to localize faces
* Representation of Facial Features by Catmull-Rom Splines
* Trainable table location in document images
Includes: Sarti, L. Sarti, L.[Lorenzo]
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Sarti, M.A.[Maria Angeles] Co Author Listing * Local Symmetries of Digital Contours from Their Chain Codes
* Reliable Polygonal Approximations of Imaged Real Objects Through Dominant Point Detection
* simple algorithm to evaluate the local symmetry at each point of a closed contour, A
Includes: Sarti, M.A.[Maria Angeles] Sarti, M.Á.[Mariá-Ángeles] Sarti, M.Á.[María Ángeles]

Sarti, P. Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Water Vapor Retrieval in Antarctica: An Assessment

Sarton, J. Co Author Listing * Towards an interactive navigation in large virtual microscopy images on 3D displays

Sartor, K. Co Author Listing * X-ray-based method for the determination of the contrast agent propagation in 3-D vessel structures, An

Sartor, P. Co Author Listing * Depth images super-resolution: An iterative approach
* parallel true motion estimation method based on binarized cross correlation, A
* wavelets based de-ringing technique for DCT based compressed visual data, A

Sartore, M. Co Author Listing * 3D representation of biostructures imaged with an optical microscope: Part A: Digital optical sectioning
* Object-Oriented Data Model for Scanning Probe Microscopy Image-Processing
Includes: Sartore, M. Sartore, M.[Marco]

Sartoretto, F.[Flavio] Co Author Listing * Phase-based spatio-temporal interpolation for accurate 3D localization in camera networks

Sartori Angus, A.G. Co Author Listing * Fast Thinning Algorithm for Binary Images
Includes: Sartori Angus, A.G. Sartori-Angus, A.G.

Sartori, A. Co Author Listing * Computational Modeling of Affective Qualities of Abstract Paintings
* Emotions in Abstract Art: Does Texture Matter?
Includes: Sartori, A. Sartori, A.[Andreza]

Sartori, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for Training SVMs Using Approximate Minimal Enclosing Balls, A

Sartori, F. Co Author Listing * Combining curvature evidence to shape-from-shading
* Curvature Consistency for Shape-from-Shading
* evidence combining approach to shape-from-shading, An
* Vector transport for shape-from-shading
Includes: Sartori, F. Sartori, F.[Fabio]

Sartori, J. Co Author Listing * Branch and Data Herding: Reducing Control and Memory Divergence for Error-Tolerant GPU Applications
* Particle Swarm Optimization for Object Detection and Segmentation
Includes: Sartori, J. Sartori, J.[Jonathan]

Sartori, M. Co Author Listing * Airborne Laser Swath Mapping: Quantifying changes in sandy beaches over time scales of weeks to years
* Capability Assessment and Performance Metrics for the Titan Multispectral Mapping Lidar
Includes: Sartori, M. Sartori, M.[Michael]

Sarture, C.M. Co Author Listing * Imaging Spectroscopy and the Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS)
* Real-Time Atmospheric Correction of AVIRIS-NG Imagery

Sarty, G.E. Co Author Listing * Natural K-Plane Coordinate Reconstruction Method for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Mathematical Foundations

Sarubbi, J.F.M. Co Author Listing * Non-Intrusive Planning the Roadside Infrastructure for Vehicular Networks

Sarukhanyan, H.[Hakob] Co Author Listing * Construction and Application of Hybrid Wavelet and Other Parametric Orthogonal Transforms

Sarukhanyan, H.G.[Hakob G.] Co Author Listing * Decomposition of the Hadamard matrices and fast Hadamard transform

Sarukkai, R.R. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition by Indexing Structural Invariants from Multiple Views
* Phonetic set indexing for fast lexical access

Sarunic, M.V. Co Author Listing * Automatic Cycle Averaging for Denoising Approximately Periodic Spatiotemporal Signals
* Segmentation of Intra-Retinal Layers From Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using an Active Contour Approach

Sarusi, B. Co Author Listing * More on the Benefit of a Third Eye for Machine Stereo Perception

Saruta, K. Co Author Listing * High Speed Rough Classification for Handwritten Characters Using Hierarchical Learning Vector Quantization
* Simple Visual Words Selection Strategy for Pedestrian Detection, A
Includes: Saruta, K. Saruta, K.[Kazuki]

Saruta, S.[Seiichi] Co Author Listing * Hair image generating algorithm using fractional hair model

Saruwatari, H. Co Author Listing * Sound Field Recording Using Distributed Microphones Based on Harmonic Analysis of Infinite Order

Sarvadevabhatla, R.K.[Ravi Kiran] Co Author Listing * DeLiGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Diverse and Limited Data
* Object Category Understanding via Eye Fixations on Freehand Sketches
* Partly First Among Equals: Semantic Part-Based Benchmarking for State-of-the-Art Object Recognition Systems
Includes: Sarvadevabhatla, R.K.[Ravi Kiran] Sarvadevabhatla, R.K.

Sarvarayudu, G.P.R. Co Author Listing * Boundary Approximation Using Walsh Series Expansion for Numeral Recognition
* Walsh Descriptors for Polygonal Curves

Sarvari, S.I.[Sebastian Imre] Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D Ventricular Shape From 2D Echocardiography: Feasibility and Effect of Noise

Sarvas, J. Co Author Listing * Scattering Model for a Pine Tree Employing VIE With a Broadband MLFMA and Comparison to ICA

Sarvattomananda, S.[Swami] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for computing diffuse reflection paths in polygons

Sarvazyan, A.P. Co Author Listing * Mechanical Imaging of the Breast
* Prostate Mechanical Imaging: 3-D Image Composition and Feature Calculations

Sarve, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Improved Quantification of Bone Remodelling by Utilizing Fuzzy Based Segmentation
* Methods for Visualization of Bone Tissue in the Proximity of Implants
* Quantification of Bone Remodeling in SRmuCT Images of Implants
* Quantification of Bone Remodeling in the Proximity of Implants
* Registration of 2D Histological Images of Bone Implants with 3D SRmuCT Volumes

Sarvi, M. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Transit Priority in the Transportation Network Using a Genetic Algorithm
* Using ITS to Improve the Capacity of Freeway Merging Sections by Transferring Freight Vehicles

Sarvotham, S. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Compressive Imaging, An

Sarvrood, Y.B.[Yashar Balazadegan] Co Author Listing * Visual-LiDAR Odometry Aided by Reduced IMU

Sarwar, O. Co Author Listing * Design space exploration for adaptive privacy protection in airborne images

Sarwar, S. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Object Tracking Using Powell's Direct Set Method for Object Localization and Kalman Filter for Occlusion Handling

Sarwar, T.[Tabinda] Co Author Listing * Wavelet denoising of multiframe optical coherence tomography data using similarity measures

Sarwas, G.[Grzegorz] Co Author Listing * Comparing Images for Document Plagiarism Detection
* Identification of Products on Shop-Racks by Morphological Preprocessing and Feature-Based Detection

Sarwat, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Generic and efficient framework for search trees on flash memory storage systems

Sarwate, D.V. Co Author Listing * Computing Connected Components on Parallel Computers

Sarwate, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Human Fibroadenomas Using Three-Dimensional Impedance Maps

Sarwer, M.G.[Mohammed Golam] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Variable Block-Size Early Motion Estimation Termination Algorithm for H.264/AVC Video Coding Standard
* Enhanced SATD-based cost function for mode selection of H.264/AVC intra coding
* Fast Bit Rate Estimation for Mode Decision of H.264/AVC
* Fast block motion estimation by edge based partial distortion search
* Fast sum of absolute transformed difference based 4x4 intra-mode decision of H.264/AVC video coding standard
* novel rate-distortion optimization method of H.264/AVC intra coder, A
Includes: Sarwer, M.G.[Mohammed Golam] Sarwer, M.G.

Saryazdi, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * Image representation by a new optimal non-uniform morphological sampling
* PKCS: A Polynomial Kernel Family With Compact Support for Scale- Space Image Processing
Includes: Saryazdi, S.[Saeid] Saryazdi, S.[Saeďd] Saryazdi, S.

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