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Sayo, A. Co Author Listing * Representing a Partially Observed Non-Rigid 3D Human Using Eigen-Texture and Eigen-Deformation

Sayol, J.M. Co Author Listing * Empirical Forecasting of HF-Radar Velocity Using Genetic Algorithms
* Statistical Characterization of the Observed Cold Wake Induced by North Atlantic Hurricanes
Includes: Sayol, J.M. Sayol, J.M.[Juan-Manuel]

Sayood, K. Co Author Listing * asymmetric lossless image compression technique, An
* Differential lossless encoding of images using non-linear predictive techniques
* edge preserving differential image coding scheme, An
* Lossless compression of multispectral image data
* Lossless Compression of Video Sequences
* Lossless Hyperspectral-Image Compression Using Context-Based Conditional Average
* Lossless Video Sequence Compression Using Adaptive Prediction
* progressive lossless/near-lossless image compression algorithm, A
* Scan Predictive Vector Quantization of Multispectral Images
* simple technique for enhancing the performance of lossy plus lossless image compression schemes, A
* Unsupervised Learning Approach to Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
Includes: Sayood, K. Sayood, K.[Khalid]
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Sayoud, H.[Halim] Co Author Listing * Speaker Discrimination Based on a Fusion Between Neural and Statistical Classifiers
* Speaker Discrimination Using Several Classifiers and a Relativistic Speaker Characterization

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