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Sig, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Koenderink Corner Points

Sigaard, M.K.[Morten K.] Co Author Listing * Multi-biometric Template Protection on Smartphones: An Approach Based on Binarized Statistical Features and Bloom Filters
* Multi-biometric template protection: A security analysis of binarized statistical features for bloom filters on smartphones

Sigal, G.[Gennady] Co Author Listing * Micro Translating Lens Unit for Stereo Imaging Through Single-Image Endoscope, A

Sigal, I.A. Co Author Listing * Method to Estimate Biomechanics and Mechanical Properties of Optic Nerve Head Tissues From Parameters Measurable Using Optical Coherence Tomography, A

Sigal, L.[Leonid] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Pose Reconstruction Using Specialized Mappings
* 3D Human Limb Detection using Space Carving and Multi-View Eigen Models
* Canonical locality preserving Latent Variable Model for discriminative pose inference
* Covariate Shift Adaptation for Discriminative 3D Pose Estimation
* Cross-Domain Matching with Squared-Loss Mutual Information
* Destination Flow for Crowd Simulation
* Detailed Human Shape and Pose from Images
* Do less and achieve more: Training CNNs for action recognition utilizing action images from the Web
* Domain Adaptation for Structured Regression
* Dynamical binary latent variable models for 3D human pose tracking
* Dynamical Simulation Priors for Human Motion Tracking
* Estimating Contact Dynamics
* Estimation and Prediction of Evolving Color Distributions for Skin Segmentation under Varying Illumination
* Expanding object detector's Horizon: Incremental learning framework for object detection in videos
* Family Member Identification from Photo Collections
* From Subcategories to Visual Composites: A Multi-level Framework for Object Detection
* Gibbs likelihoods for Bayesian tracking
* Guest Editorial: State of the Art in Image- and Video-Based Human Pose and Motion Estimation
* Harnessing Object and Scene Semantics for Large-Scale Video Understanding
* Human attributes from 3D pose tracking
* Human Context: Modeling Human-Human Interactions for Monocular 3D Pose Estimation
* HumanEva: Synchronized Video and Motion Capture Dataset and Baseline Algorithm for Evaluation of Articulated Human Motion
* HumanEva: Synchronized Video and Motion Capture Dataset for Evaluation of Articulated Human Motion
* Implicit Probabilistic Models of Human Motion for Synthesis and Tracking
* Inferring 3D body pose using variational semi-parametric regression
* Joint photo stream and blog post summarization and exploration
* Joint Summarization of Large-Scale Collections of Web Images and Videos for Storyline Reconstruction
* Latent Gaussian Mixture Regression for Human Pose Estimation
* Learn How to Choose: Independent Detectors Versus Composite Visual Phrases
* Learning Activity Progression in LSTMs for Activity Detection and Early Detection
* Learning to Select and Order Vacation Photographs
* Loose-limbed People: Estimating 3D Human Pose and Motion Using Non-parametric Belief Propagation
* Measure Locally, Reason Globally: Occlusion-sensitive Articulated Pose Estimation
* No Bias Left behind: Covariate Shift Adaptation for Discriminative 3D Pose Estimation
* Parameterizing Object Detectors in the Continuous Pose Space
* Physical simulation for probabilistic motion tracking
* Poselet Key-Framing: A Model for Human Activity Recognition
* Predicting 3D People from 2D Pictures
* Quantitative Evaluation of Video-based 3D Person Tracking, A
* Ranking and retrieval of image sequences from multiple paragraph queries
* Semi-supervised Vocabulary-Informed Learning
* Shared Kernel Information Embedding for Discriminative Inference
* Shining a Light on Human Pose: On Shadows, Shading and the Estimation of Pose and Shape
* Skin Color-Based Video Segmentation under Time-Varying Illumination
* Social roles in hierarchical models for human activity recognition
* Space-time tree ensemble for action recognition
* Storyline Representation of Egocentric Videos with an Applications to Story-Based Search
* Tracking loose-limbed people
* Visual Analysis of Humans: Looking at People
* Weakly-Supervised Visual Grounding of Phrases with Linguistic Structures
Includes: Sigal, L.[Leonid] Sigal, L.
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Sigalas, M.[Markos] Co Author Listing * Full-Body Pose Tracking: The Top View Reprojection Approach
* Robust Model-Based 3D Torso Pose Estimation in RGB-D Sequences
* Visual Estimation of Attentive Cues in HRI: The Case of Torso and Head Pose

Sigari, M.H.[Mohamad Hoseyn] Co Author Listing * Best wavelength selection for Gabor wavelet using GA for EBGM algorithm
* framework for dynamic restructuring of semantic video analysis systems based on learning attention control, A
Includes: Sigari, M.H.[Mohamad Hoseyn] Sigari, M.H.[Mohamad-Hoseyn]

Sigel, G.[Gregoire] Co Author Listing * Validation of a Forage Production Index (FPI) Derived from MODIS fCover Time-Series Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery: Methodology, Results and Opportunities
Includes: Sigel, G.[Gregoire] Sigel, G.[Grégoire]

Sigel, K.[Kirk] Co Author Listing * Camera with object recognition/data output

Sigelle, M. Co Author Listing * comparative study between decision fusion and data fusion in Markovian printed character recognition, A
* Cumulant Expansion Technique for Simultaneous Markov Random Field Image Restoration and Hyperparameter Estimation, A
* Definition of a Spatial Entropy and Its Use for Texture Discrimination
* Estimating Gaussian Markov Random Field Parameters in a Nonstationary Framework: Application to Remote Sensing Imaging
* Exact Optimization of Discrete Constrained Total Variation Minimization Problems
* Fast and Exact Algorithm for Total Variation Minimization, A
* Fast SAR Image Restoration, Segmentation, and Detection of High-Reflectance Regions
* Image Restoration with Discrete Constrained Total Variation Part I: Fast and Exact Optimization
* Image Restoration with Discrete Constrained Total Variation Part II: Levelable Functions, Convex Priors and Non-Convex Cases
* Joint Regularization of Phase and Amplitude of InSAR Data: Application to 3-D Reconstruction
* Markov random field model for automatic speech recognition, A
* Recognition of Broken Characters from Historical Printed Books Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Recognition of degraded characters using dynamic Bayesian networks
* SAR Image Regularization With Fast Approximate Discrete Minimization
* Spatial entropy: a tool for controlling contextual classification convergence
* Vectorial Self-dual Morphological Filter Based on Total Variation Minimization, A
Includes: Sigelle, M. Sigelle, M.[Marc]
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Sigg, C.D. Co Author Listing * Learning Dictionaries With Bounded Self-Coherence

Sigg, S. Co Author Listing * Device-Free Radio Vision for Assisted Living: Leveraging wireless channel quality information for human sensing

Siggelkow, S. Co Author Listing * Improvement of histogram-based image retrieval and classification
* Invariant Grey-scale Features for 3d Sensor-data
* Segmentation of Image Sequences for Object Oriented Coding
Includes: Siggelkow, S. Siggelkow, S.[Sven]

Sigman, J.B. Co Author Listing * High-Frequency Electromagnetic Induction Sensing of Nonmetallic Materials

Sigmund, T.[Trevor] Co Author Listing * Network Flow Formulations for Learning Binary Hashing

Sigmundsson, F. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Volcanic Hazards and Their Precursors
* Unwrapping ground displacement signals in satellite radar interferograms with aid of GPS data and MRF regularization

Signac, L. Co Author Listing * Location of Target with Random Gray Levels in Correlated Background with Optimal Processors and Preprocessings

Signahl, M.[Mikael] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Combination Schemes for Neural Networks
* Segmentation Of Colour Images Containing Highly Similar Colour Regions
Includes: Signahl, M.[Mikael] Signahl, M.

Signal, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Design and Calibration of Multi-camera Systems for 3D Computer Vision: Lessons Learnt from Two Case Studies

Signer, B. Co Author Listing * iGesture: A General Gesture Recognition Framework

Signes Pont, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Co Author Listing * Improvement of Image Transform Calculation Based on a Weighted Primitive
Includes: Signes Pont, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Signes Pont, M.T.[María Teresa]

Signes, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * MPEG-4 Systems and Description Languages: A Way Ahead in Audio Visual Information Representation, The
* MPEG-4's binary format for scene description
Includes: Signes, J.[Julien] Signès, J.[Julien]

Signolle, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Texture-Based Multiscale Segmentation: Application to Stromal Compartment Characterization on Ovarian Carcinoma Virtual Slides

Signorello, G. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Social Images to Understand Tourist Behaviour

Signoretti, D. Co Author Listing * Instruments and Methodologies for the Underwater Tridimensional Digitization and Data Musealization

Signoretto, M. Co Author Listing * Tensor Versus Matrix Completion: A Comparison With Application to Spectral Data

Signoriello, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Real-time user independent hand gesture recognition from time-of-flight camera video using static and dynamic models

Signoroni, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * 3D-PMDC: A parallelized morphological wavelet codec for 3D medical datasets and teleradiology applications
* Bacterial colony counting with Convolutional Neural Networks in Digital Microbiology Imaging
* Boosting the Computational Performance of Feature-Based Multiple 3D Scan Alignment by iat-k-means Clustering
* CNN-Based Identification of Hyperspectral Bacterial Signatures for Digital Microbiology
* Cyclostationary error analysis and filter properties in a 3D wavelet coding framework
* Design of a visual environment for evaluating and customizing medical image compression techniques
* Enhanced 'Optimization-on-a-Manifold' Framework for Global Registration of 3D Range Data, An
* Global registration of large collections of range images with an improved Optimization-on-a-Manifold approach
* High-performance embedded morphological wavelet coding
* Integer Linear Programming Model for View Selection on Overlapping Camera Clusters, An
* Interactive Segmentation of Biomedical Images and Volumes Using Connected Operators
* Modeling and Reduction of PSNR Fluctuations in 3d Wavelet Coding
* Progressive Contour Coding in the Wavelet Domain
* robust pipeline for rapid feature-based pre-alignment of dense range scans, A
* State-of-the-Art and Trends in Scalable Video Compression With Wavelet-Based Approaches
* Two-way interactive refinement of segmented medical volumes
* unified framework for content-aware view selection and planning through view importance, A
* Watershed segmentation of medical volumes with paint drop marking
Includes: Signoroni, A.[Alberto] Signoroni, A.
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Sigrist, M.W.[Markus W.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring short-lived climate pollutants by laser absorption spectroscopy

Siguenza, J.A. Co Author Listing * Learning crowd behavior for event recognition
* Writer Identification Method Based on Forensic Knowledge
Includes: Siguenza, J.A. Sigüenza, J.A.[Juan A.] (Maybe also Sigueenza, J.A.)

Sigurd, M. Co Author Listing * Koenderink Corner Points

Sigurdsson, G.A. Co Author Listing * Asynchronous Temporal Fields for Action Recognition
* Hollywood in Homes: Crowdsourcing Data Collection for Activity Understanding
* Learning Visual Storylines with Skipping Recurrent Neural Networks
* Webly Supervised Learning of Convolutional Networks
Includes: Sigurdsson, G.A. Sigurdsson, G.A.[Gunnar A.]

Sigurdsson, J. Co Author Listing * Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing Using Total Variation and L_q Sparse Regularization
* Classification of Big Data With Application to Imaging Genetics
* Hyperspectral Unmixing With L_q Regularization
* Sparse Distributed Multitemporal Hyperspectral Unmixing

Sigurdsson, S. Co Author Listing * Pruning the vocabulary for better context recognition

Sigurisson, E.M.[Eysteinn Mar] Co Author Listing * Automatic retinal vessel extraction based on directional mathematical morphology and fuzzy classification
Includes: Sigurisson, E.M.[Eysteinn Mar] Sigurðsson, E.M.[Eysteinn Már]

Sigurjonsson, S. Co Author Listing * Universal minimax binary image denoising under channel uncertainty

Sigurthorsson, H.[Hlynur] Co Author Listing * M3 + P3 + O3 = Multi-D Photo Browsing
Includes: Sigurthorsson, H.[Hlynur] Sigurthórsson, H.[Hlynur]

Siguryorsson, H.[Hlynur] Co Author Listing * Multi-Dimensional Data Model for Personal Photo Browsing, A
* PhotoCube: effective and efficient multi-dimensional browsing of personal photo collections
Includes: Siguryorsson, H.[Hlynur] Sigurþórsson, H.[Hlynur]

Sigut, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Fast perspective recovery of text in natural scenes
Includes: Sigut, J.[Jose] Sigut, J.[José]

Sigworth, F.J. Co Author Listing * Graph Laplacian Tomography From Unknown Random Projections
* Removal of Vesicle Structures From Transmission Electron Microscope Images

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