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Soar, J. Co Author Listing * Novel Image Compressive Sensing Method Based on Complex Measurements, A

Soares da Silva, A.[Altigran] Co Author Listing * signature-based bag of visual words method for image indexing and search, A

Soares de Oliveira, L.E.[Luiz E.] Co Author Listing * Feature selection for ensembles applied to handwriting recognition
* Feature selection for ensembles: A hierarchical multi-objective genetic algorithm approach
* implication of data diversity for a classifier-free ensemble selection in random subspaces, The
* Intelligent zoning design using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms
* New Objective Function for Ensemble Selection in Random Subspaces, A
* New Segmentation Approach for Handwritten Digits, A
* Pairwise fusion matrix for combining classifiers
* Text Line Detection in Document Images: Towards a Support System for the Blind
* Verification of Unconstrained Handwritten Words at Character Level
Includes: Soares de Oliveira, L.E.[Luiz E.] Soares de Oliveira, L.E. Soares de Oliveira, L.E.[Luiz Eduardo]
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Soares Filho, B. Co Author Listing * Calibrating Cellular Automata of Land Use/Cover Change Models Using a Genetic Algorithm
Includes: Soares Filho, B. Soares-Filho, B.

Soares Galvao, L.[Lenio] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Salinization of Brazilian Alluvial Soils and the Spectral Effects of Gypsum
* Spectral analysis of amazon canopy phenology during the dry season using a tower hyperspectral camera and modis observations
Includes: Soares Galvao, L.[Lenio] Soares Galvão, L.[Lênio]

Soares, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Gradient Pile up Algorithm for Edge Enhancement and Detection
* Hybrid Global Stochastic and Bayesian Linearized Acoustic Seismic Inversion Methodology
Includes: Soares, A.[Andre] Soares, A.[André] Soares, A.

Soares, A.M. Co Author Listing * Monolithic Hough Transform Processor Based on Restructurable VLSI, A

Soares, A.R. Co Author Listing * Tracking Trains via Radio Frequency Systems

Soares, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Estimating Fuel Consumption from GPS Data

Soares, E.[Elaine] Co Author Listing * Performance Profile of Online Training Assessment Based on Virtual Reality:

Soares, E.J. Co Author Listing * Characterization of tomographic sampling in hybrid PET using the fourier crosstalk matrix
* Improved image quality and computation reduction in 4-D reconstruction of cardiac-gated SPECT images
* Noise characterization of block-iterative reconstruction algorithms: I. Theory
* Noise characterization of block-iterative reconstruction algorithms: II. Monte Carlo simulations

Soares, F. Co Author Listing * 3D Lacunarity in Multifractal Analysis of Breast Tumor Lesions in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Cartographic Data Extraction from Airborne Imagery by Hierarchical-Based Morphologic Image Processing
* Extraction of Buildings from Quickbird Imagery for Municipal Planning Purposes: Quality Assessment Considering Existing Mapping Standards
* Hierarchical Object-Based Classification of Dense Urban Areas by Integrating High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images and LIDAR Elevation Data
* Introducing mapping standards in the quality assessment of buildings extracted from very high resolution satellite imagery
* Watershed lines suppression by waterfall marker improvement and lineneighbourhood analysis

Soares, F.A.[Fabrizzio Alphonsus] Co Author Listing * New Approach to Detect Use of Alcohol Through Iris Videos Using Computer Vision, A

Soares, F.O.[Filomena O.] Co Author Listing * Determination of yarn production characteristics using image processing

Soares, G.S.[Guilherme S.] Co Author Listing * People-Flow Counting Using Depth Images for Embedded Processing

Soares, J. Co Author Listing * Tooth guard: A vision system for detecting missing tooth in rope mine shovel

Soares, J.M. Co Author Listing * Automated Topographic Segmentation and Transit Time Estimation in Endoscopic Capsule Exams

Soares, J.R.S.[Joao R.S.] Co Author Listing * No-reference lightweight estimation of 3D video objective quality

Soares, J.S.[Joao S.] Co Author Listing * Modeling of Myocardium Compressibility and its Impact in Computational Simulations of the Healthy and Infarcted Heart

Soares, J.V. Co Author Listing * Investigation of the Selection of Texture Features for Crop Discrimination Using SAR Imagery, An

Soares, J.V.B.[Joao V. B.] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of retinal blood vessels and identification of proliferative diabetic retinopathy
* Efficient segmentation of leaves in semi-controlled conditions
* Leafsnap: A Computer Vision System for Automatic Plant Species Identification
* Retinal vessel segmentation using the 2-D Gabor wavelet and supervised classification
Includes: Soares, J.V.B.[Joao V. B.] Soares, J.V.B.[João V. B.] Soares, J.V.B.

Soares, L.D.[Luis Ducla] Co Author Listing * Acquisition, processing and coding of 3D holoscopic content for immersive video systems
* Hand-based multimodal identification system with secure biometric template storage
* HEVC-based 3D holoscopic video coding using self-similarity compensated prediction
* IET-BMT special issue on the 'Integration of Biometrics and Forensics'
* Immersive 3D Holoscopic Video System
* Inter-Layer Prediction Scheme for Scalable 3-D Holoscopic Video Coding
* Light field image coding with jointly estimated self-similarity bi-prediction
* Light-field video coding using geometry-based disparity compensation
* New HEVC prediction modes for 3D holoscopic video coding
* View-invariant gait recognition system using a gait energy image decomposition method
Includes: Soares, L.D.[Luis Ducla] Soares, L.D. Soares, L.D.[Luís Ducla] Soares, L.D.[L. Ducla] Soares, L.D.[Luís D.]
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Soares, L.F.G.[Luiz Fernando Gomes] Co Author Listing * Interleaved Time Bases in Hypermedia Synchronization
* Real-Time Depth-Image-Based Rendering for 3DTV Using OpenCL

Soares, L.R.[Larissa Rocha] Co Author Listing * Pyramidal Zernike Over Time: A Spatiotemporal Feature Descriptor Based on Zernike Moments

Soares, M.G. Co Author Listing * On the Geometry of a Surface and Its Singular Profiles

Soares, N.[Neelkamal] Co Author Listing * Affect-preserving privacy protection of video

Soares, P.[Paula] Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Estimation of Aboveground Forest Biomass in the Absence of Field Inventory
* Canopy Density Model: A New ALS-Derived Product to Generate Multilayer Crown Cover Maps
Includes: Soares, P.[Paula] Soares, P.

Soares, S.[Salviano] Co Author Listing * Depth map concealment using interview warping vectors from geometric transforms
* Enhancement method for multiple description decoding of depth maps subject to random loss
* Error recovery of image-based depth maps using Bézier curve fitting
* Low-Cost System to Detect Bunches of Grapes in Natural Environment from Color Images, A
* Quality evaluation of depth map error concealment using a perceptually-aware objective metric
* Reconstruction of lost depth data in multiview video-plus-depth communications using geometric transforms
Includes: Soares, S.[Salviano] Soares, S.

Soares, S.C.[Sandra C.] Co Author Listing * Impact of the Acquisition Time on ECG Compression-Based Biometric Identification Systems

Soares, Y.M.G. Co Author Listing * Quantile regression of interval-valued data

Soaresb, F. Co Author Listing * Extracting Buildings in the City of Lisbon Using Quickbird Images and LIDAR Data

Soatto, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Soatto, S.[Stefano]: soatto AT cs ucla edu
* 3-D Motion and Structure from 2-D Motion Causally Integrated over Time: Implementation
* 3-D Reconstruction of Shaded Objects from Multiple Images Under Unknown Illumination
* 3-D Shape Estimation and Image Restoration: Exploiting Defocus and Motion-Blur
* 3D shape from anistropic diffusion
* Actionable information in vision
* Actionable saliency detection: Independent motion detection without independent motion estimation
* Active Frame, Location, and Detector Selection for Automated and Manual Video Annotation
* Adaptive Discretizations for Non-smooth Variational Vision
* Adaptive Regularization With the Structure Tensor
* Analyzing Diving: A Dataset for Judging Action Quality
* Asymmetric Sparse Kernel Approximations for Large-Scale Visual Search
* Autocalibration and Uncalibrated Reconstruction of Shape from Defocus
* Background Subtraction on Distributions
* Categorization in natural time-varying image sequences
* Cavlectometry: Towards Holistic Reconstruction of Large Mirror Objects
* CLAM: Coupled Localization and Mapping with Efficient Outlier Handling
* Class Segmentation and Object Localization with Superpixel Neighborhoods
* Classification and Recognition of Dynamical Models: The Role of Phase, Independent Components, Kernels and Optimal Transport
* Classifying Human Dynamics Without Contact Forces
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Methods for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Techniques for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Correspondence Transfer for the Registration of Multimodal Images
* Curious snakes: A minimum latency solution to the cluttered background problem in active contours
* Deformotion: Deforming Motion, Shape Average and the Joint Registration and Approximation of Structures in Images
* DEFORMOTION: Deforming Motion, Shape Average and the Joint Registration and Segmentation of Images
* Detachable Object Detection with Efficient Model Selection
* Detachable Object Detection: Segmentation and Depth Ordering from Short-Baseline Video
* Detecting Occlusions as an Inverse Problem
* Direct Sparse Deblurring
* Discovering discriminative action parts from mid-level video representations
* Domain-size pooling in local descriptors: DSP-SIFT
* Dynamic Rigid Motion Estimation from Weak Perspective
* Dynamic Shape and Appearance Modeling via Moving and Deforming Layers
* Dynamic Shape and Appearance Models
* Dynamic Texture Recognition
* Dynamic texture segmentation
* Dynamic Textures
* Dynamic visual motion estimation from subspace constraints
* Earth Mover Distance on superpixels
* Edge descriptors for robust wide-baseline correspondence
* Editable dynamic textures
* Editorial for the Special Issue on Photometric Analysis for Computer Vision
* Editorial: CVPR 2005 Award Papers
* Efficient minimal-surface regularization of perspective depth maps in variational stereo
* Embedded Imagers: Detecting, Localizing, and Recognizing Objects and Events in Natural Habitats
* Empirical Evaluation of Current Convolutional Architectures: Ability to Manage Nuisance Location and Scale Variability, An
* Entropy-Scale Profiles for Texture Segmentation
* Estimation of 3D surface shape and smooth radiance from 2D images: A Level Set Approach
* Euclidean Reconstruction and Reprojection Up to Subgroups
* Exploring Tradeoffs in Accuracy, Energy and Latency of Scale Invariant Feature Transform in Wireless Camera Networks
* Fast Human Pose Estimation using Appearance and Motion via Multi-Dimensional Boosting Regression
* Fast planar object detection and tracking via edgel templates
* Features for Recognition: Viewpoint Invariance for Non-Planar Scenes
* Filtering Internet image search results towards keyword based category recognition
* Flexible dictionaries for action classification
* Geometric Approach to Blind Deconvolution with Application to Shape from Defocus, A
* Geometric Approach to Shape from Defocus, A
* geometric framework for dynamic vision, A
* Harmonic Embeddings for Linear Shape Analysis
* Hybrid Dynamical Models of Human Motion for the Recognition of Human Gaits
* Information-Seeking Control Under Visibility-Based Uncertainty
* Inpainting from multiple views
* Integral Invariants for Shape Matching
* Invitation to 3-D Vision: From Images to Geometric Models, An
* Joint data alignment up to (lossy) transformations
* Joint Priors for Variational Shape and Appearance Modeling
* KALMANSAC: Robust Filtering by Consensus
* Kernel Density Estimation and Intrinsic Alignment for Knowledge-Driven Segmentation: Teaching Level Sets to Walk
* Kernel Density Estimation and Intrinsic Alignment for Shape Priors in Level Set Segmentation
* Landmark based inpainting from multiple views
* Layered Active Appearance Models
* Learning and matching multiscale template descriptors for real-time detection, localization and tracking
* Learning Shape from Defocus
* Linear Systems Approach to Imaging Through Turbulence, A
* Local Features, All Grown Up
* Localizing Objects with Smart Dictionaries
* Long-Range Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Video with Application to Fire Detection
* mid-level representation of visual structures for video compression, A
* model (In)validation approach to gait recognition, A
* Modeling and Synthesis of Facial Motion Driven by Speech
* Motion Competition: A Variational Approach to Piecewise Parametric Motion Segmentation
* Motion Estimation on the Essential Manifold
* Motion estimation via dynamic vision
* Motion from Fixation
* Motion segmentation with occlusions on the superpixel graph
* Moving Forward in Structure From Motion
* Multi-view feature engineering and learning
* Multi-view stereo beyond Lambert
* Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction of Dense Shape and Complex Appearance
* Multiple View Feature Descriptors from Image Sequences via Kernel Principal Component Analysis
* Mumford-Shah on the Move: Region-Based Segmentation on Deforming Manifolds with Application to 3-D Reconstruction of Shape and Appearance from Multi-View Images
* New Geometric Metric in the Space of Curves, and Applications to Tracking Deforming Objects by Prediction and Filtering, A
* Non-local Approach to Shape from Ambient Shading, A
* Nonlinearly Constrained MRFs: Exploring the Intrinsic Dimensions of Higher-Order Cliques
* Nonlocal Similarity Image Filtering
* Nonrigid registration combining global and local statistics
* Observing Shape from Defocused Images
* On exploiting occlusions in multiple-view geometry
* On observing shape from defocused images
* On the Blind Classification of Time Series
* On the set of images modulo viewpoint and contrast changes
* One-Shot Integral Invariant Shape Priors for Variational Segmentation
* Optimal Structure from Motion: Local Ambiguities and Global Estimates
* Perspective distortion modeling, learning and compensation
* Proximity Distribution Kernels for Geometric Context in Category Recognition
* Quick Shift and Kernel Methods for Mode Seeking
* Real-time 3D motion and structure of point features: a front-end system for vision-based control and interaction
* Real-Time Feature Tracking and Outlier Rejection with Changes in Illumination
* Real-time Virtual Object Insertion
* Recognition of Human Gaits
* Recursive 3-D Visual-Motion Estimation Using Subspace Constraints
* Recursive estimation of camera motion from uncalibrated image sequences
* Recursive Motion and Structure Estimation with Complete Error Characterization
* Reducing Structure from Motion: A General Framework for Dynamic Vision with Experimental Evaluation
* Reducing Structure-From-Motion: A General Framework For Dynamic Vision Part 1: Modeling
* Reducing Structure-From-Motion: A General Framework for Dynamic Vision Part 2: Implementation And Experimental Assessment
* Region Matching with Missing Parts
* Region-Based Segmentation on Evolving Surfaces with Application to 3D Reconstruction of Shape and Piecewise Constant Radiance
* Relaxed matching kernels for robust image comparison
* Relevant Feature Selection for Human Pose Estimation and Localization in Cluttered Images
* Robust Poisson Surface Reconstruction
* Robust Surface Reconstruction
* S2F: Slow-to-Fast Interpolator Flow
* scale of a texture and its application to segmentation, The
* Scene and Motion Reconstruction from Defocused and Motion-Blurred Images via Anisotropic Diffusion
* Second-Order Shape Optimization for Geometric Inverse Problems in Vision
* Seeing beyond occlusions (and other marvels of a finite lens aperture)
* Self-Occlusions and Disocclusions in Causal Video Object Segmentation
* semi-direct approach to structure from motion, A
* Shape and Radiance Estimation from the Information Divergence of Blurred Images
* Shape from Defocus via Diffusion
* Shape Matching Using Multiscale Integral Invariants
* Shape Representation based on Integral Kernels: Application to Image Matching and Segmentation
* Shape representation via harmonic embedding
* ShapeFit and ShapeKick for Robust, Scalable Structure from Motion
* Shedding light on stereoscopic segmentation
* Simple Hierarchical Pooling Data Structure for Loop Closure, A
* Sparse Occlusion Detection with Optical Flow
* Spatially Homogeneous Dynamic Textures
* Spike train driven dynamical models for human actions
* Stereoscopic Segmentation
* Stereoscopic Shading: Integrating Multi-Frame Shape Cues in a Variational Framework
* Structure from Motion Causally Integrated Over Time
* Structure from motion for scenes without features
* Study of Face Recognition as People Age, A
* SuperFloxels: A Mid-level Representation for Video Sequences
* Tales of shape and radiance in multi-view stereo
* Texture Regimes for Entropy-Based Multiscale Image Analysis
* Texture representations for image and video synthesis
* Towards Robust and Physically Plausible Shaded Stereoscopic Segmentation
* Tracklet Descriptors for Action Modeling and Video Analysis
* Two-View Multibody Structure from Motion
* Unsupervised multiphase segmentation: A recursive approach
* Variational Approach to Problems in Calibration of Multiple Cameras, A
* variational approach to scene reconstruction and image segmentation from motion-blur cues, A
* Variational multiframe stereo in the presence of specular reflections
* Variational space-time motion segmentation
* Video upscaling via spatio-temporal self-similarity
* Video-based descriptors for object recognition
* Viewpoint Induced Deformation Statistics and the Design of Viewpoint Invariant Features: Singularities and Occlusions
* Visual motion estimation from point features: unified view
* Visual-Inertial-Semantic Scene Representation for 3D Object Detection
* Volumetric reconstruction applied to perceptual studies of size and weight
* Warping background subtraction
* Zero Shot Learning via Multi-scale Manifold Regularization
Includes: Soatto, S.[Stefano] Soatto, S.
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Soattoc, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Causal video object segmentation from persistence of occlusions

Soave, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Web Visualization of Huge CityGML Models

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