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St Charles, P.L.[Pierre Luc] Co Author Listing * Fast Image Gradients Using Binary Feature Convolutions
* Flexible Background Subtraction with Self-Balanced Local Sensitivity
* Mutual Foreground Segmentation with Multispectral Stereo Pairs
* Non-planar Infrared-Visible Registration for Uncalibrated Stereo Pairs
* Online multimodal video registration based on shape matching
* Online Mutual Foreground Segmentation for Multispectral Stereo Videos
* Reproducible evaluation of Pan-Tilt-Zoom tracking
* Self-Adjusting Approach to Change Detection Based on Background Word Consensus, A
* SuBSENSE: A Universal Change Detection Method With Local Adaptive Sensitivity
* Universal Background Subtraction Using Word Consensus Models
Includes: St Charles, P.L.[Pierre Luc] St-Charles, P.L.[Pierre-Luc] St-Charles, P.L.
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