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Su, C. Co Author Listing * 3-D Radar Imaging of E-Region Field-Aligned Plasma Irregularities by Using Multireceiver and Multifrequency Techniques
* Adaptive Neural Network Control for Robotic Manipulators With Unknown Deadzone
* Attributes driven tracklet-to-tracklet person re-identification using latent prototypes space mapping
* Cluster-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm With Low Memory and Bandwidth Requirements for H.264/AVC Scalable Extension
* Correlating Edge, Pose With Parsing
* Deep Attributes Driven Multi-camera Person Re-identification
* Deep Cost-Sensitive and Order-Preserving Feature Learning for Cross-Population Age Estimation
* efficient deep neural networks training framework for robust face recognition, An
* Face Recognition by Feature Orientation and Feature Geometry Matching
* Fast single-image upsampling with relative edge growth rate priors
* Generative models for fingerprint individuality using ridge models
* Gradually Vanishing Bridge for Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Graph Based Unsupervised Feature Aggregation for Face Recognition, A
* Iterative Reorganization With Weak Spatial Constraints: Solving Arbitrary Jigsaw Puzzles for Unsupervised Representation Learning
* Kernel-Based Mixture Mapping for Image and Text Association
* Label Decoupling Framework for Salient Object Detection
* Latent Fingerprint Core Point Prediction Based on Gaussian Processes
* Long-Range Prediction for Real-Time MPEG Video Traffic: An H_infty Filter Approach
* Mapping Two-Dimensional Deformation Field Time-Series of Large Slope by Coupling DInSAR-SBAS with MAI-SBAS
* MARS: A Video Benchmark for Large-Scale Person Re-Identification
* MEBOW: Monocular Estimation of Body Orientation in the Wild
* Motion Tracking Control Design for a Class of Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Systems
* Multi-Task Learning with Low Rank Attribute Embedding for Multi-Camera Person Re-Identification
* Multi-Task Learning with Low Rank Attribute Embedding for Person Re-Identification
* Multi-type attributes driven multi-camera person re-identification
* Neural machine translation with Gumbel Tree-LSTM based encoder
* Personalized Variable Gain Control With Tremor Attenuation for Robot Teleoperation
* Pose-Driven Deep Convolutional Model for Person Re-identification
* Pre-processing and feature extraction system for character recognition
* Real-Time Adaptive Thresholding for Video Change Detection, A
* Single and Multiple View Detection, Tracking and Video Analysis in Crowded Environments
* SIXray: A Large-Scale Security Inspection X-Ray Benchmark for Prohibited Item Discovery in Overlapping Images
* Snapshot Distillation: Teacher-Student Optimization in One Generation
* system based on sequence learning for event detection in surveillance video, A
* Topological-Stabilization Based Threshold Quantization for Robust Change Detection
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Route Planning in the Presence of a Threat Environment Based on a Virtual Globe Platform
Includes: Su, C. Su, C.[Chi] Su, C.[Chang] Su, C.[Chao] Su, C.[Chauchang] Su, C.[Chen]
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Su, C.C.[Che Chun] Co Author Listing * Binocular spatial activity and reverse saliency driven no-reference stereopair quality assessment
* Closed-Form Correlation Model of Oriented Bandpass Natural Images
* Color and Depth Priors in Natural Images
* Full-reference quality assessment of stereopairs accounting for rivalry
* H.264/AVC-Based Multiple Description Coding Scheme
* H.264/AVC-based multiple description video coding using dynamic slice groups
* Improved Block Truncation Coding Using Extreme Mean Value Scaling and Block-Based High Speed Direct Binary Search
* Natural scene statistics of color and range
* Oriented Correlation Models of Distorted Natural Images With Application to Natural Stereopair Quality Evaluation
* Oriented Modulation for Watermarking in Direct Binary Search Halftone Images
* Statistical model of color and disparity with application to Bayesian stereopsis
* Subjective evaluation of stereoscopic image quality
* Subspace clustering via independent subspace analysis network
Includes: Su, C.C.[Che Chun] Su, C.C.[Che-Chun] Su, C.C.[Chang-Cheng] Su, C.C. Su, C.C.[Chun-Chen]
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Su, C.H.[Chun Hsu] Co Author Listing * Clarifications on the Comparison Between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF Soil Moisture Products Over Four Watersheds in U.S.
* Combined Quantizer and Linear Error Control Code Design for Noisy Channels
* Personalized face verification system using owner-specific cluster-dependent LDA-subspace
* Secret image sharing with smaller shadow images
Includes: Su, C.H.[Chun Hsu] Su, C.H.[Chun-Hsu] Su, C.H. Su, C.H.[Chan-Hung] Su, C.H.[Chin-Hui]

Su, C.J. Co Author Listing * Zero-block inter/intra mode decision for mpeg-2 to H.264/AVC inter P-frame transcoding

Su, C.K.[Chien Kun] Co Author Listing * automatic focusing algorithm, An
* News Video Classification Based on Multi-modal Information Fusion
* Wavelet tree classification and hybrid coding for image compression
Includes: Su, C.K.[Chien Kun] Su, C.K.[Chien-Kun] Su, C.K.[Chen-Kang] Su, C.K.

Su, C.L. Co Author Listing * Area-Efficient Variable Length Decoder IP Core Design for MPEG-1/2/4 Video Coding Applications, An
* Dynamic Quality-Adjustable H.264 Video Encoder for Power-Aware Video Applications, A
* Hand Shape Recognition by Hand Shape Scaling, Weight Magnifying and Finger Geometry Comparison
* Range Imaging of E-Region Field-Aligned Irregularities by Using a Multifrequency Technique: Validation and Initial Results
Includes: Su, C.L. Su, C.L.[Ching-Liang] Su, C.L.[Ching-Lun]

Su, C.M. Co Author Listing * Two-phase clustering process for outliers detection

Su, C.P.[Chih Ping] Co Author Listing * Novel Depth-Fused Display (DFD) System With Wide Viewing 3D Images
* Robust license plate detection in the wild
Includes: Su, C.P.[Chih Ping] Su, C.P.[Chih-Ping] Su, C.P.

Su, C.Q.[Chun Qiu] Co Author Listing * classification of gliomas based on a Pyramid dilated convolution resnet model, The
Includes: Su, C.Q.[Chun Qiu] Su, C.Q.[Chun-Qiu]

Su, C.R.[Chun Rong] Co Author Listing * Object Segmentation of Database Images by Dual Multiscale Morphological Reconstructions and Retrieval Applications
* Reconfigurable Peer-to-Peer network Image Retrieval
Includes: Su, C.R.[Chun Rong] Su, C.R.[Chun-Rong]

Su, C.T.[Chung Tsai] Co Author Listing * Exploiting homogeneity in protein sequence clusters for construction of protein family hierarchies
* Vision-Based Automated Inspection System in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Includes: Su, C.T.[Chung Tsai] Su, C.T.[Chung-Tsai] Su, C.T.

Su, C.W. Co Author Listing * Expediting Determination of Coding Unit Partition Based on Quantization Parameter and Frame Complexity
* Extraction of video object with complex motion
* FITD: Fast Intra Transcoding from H.264/AVC to high efficiency video coding based on DCT coefficients and prediction modes
* Motion Flow-Based Video Retrieval
* Multi-1D Block Matching Algorithm based motion estimation processor using mixed-signal approach
* On the preview of digital movies
* RST-Tolerant Shape Descriptor for Object Detection, An
* Video Caption Extraction Using Spatio-Temporal Slices
* Video Inpainting on Digitized Vintage Films via Maintaining Spatiotemporal Continuity
* Video object inpainting using posture mapping
* Virtual Contour Guided Video Object Inpainting Using Posture Mapping and Retrieval
Includes: Su, C.W. Su, C.W.[Chih-Wen] Su, C.W.[Chieh-Wei] Su, C.W.[Chong-Wei]
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Su, C.Y.[Cong Yong] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Network Enhanced Prediction for Multiple Facial Feature Tracking
* Color gradient vectorization for SVG compression of comic image
* Demosaicing using variable-size classifiers and proportional weights
* Effective and Fast Lane Detection Algorithm, An
* Effective False Color Suppression of Demosaicing Using Direction Inversion and Bidirectional Signal Correlation
* Efficient Hexagonal Inner Search for Fast Motion Estimation
* Error Concealment Using Direction-Oriented Candidate Set and Predicted Boundary Matching Criteria
* Facial Expression Hallucination
* Haptic Identification by ELM-Controlled Uncertain Manipulator
* Histogram of gradient phases: A new local descriptor for face recognition
* Low computational complexity enhanced zerotree coding for wavelet-based image compression
* low memory zerotree coding for arbitrarily shaped objects, A
* Multiple Facial Feature Tracking Using Multi-cue Based Prediction Model
* One-Point Hexagonal Inner Search for Fast Motion Estimation
* Recognizing Text Elements for SVG Comic Compression and Its Novel Applications
* robust two-stage face recognition system with localisation error compensation, A
* Spatio-Temporal Graphical-Model-Based Multiple Facial Feature Tracking
* Steerable pyramid-based face hallucination
* Trajectory-Tracking Control of Mobile Robot Systems Incorporating Neural-Dynamic Optimized Model Predictive Approach
* Two-Step Approach to Multiple Facial Feature Tracking: Temporal Particle Filter and Spatial Belief Propagation, A
* Using statistical characteristics of gradient phases for robust face recognition under illumination variations
* Vision-Based Human Tracking Control of a Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Robot
Includes: Su, C.Y.[Cong Yong] Su, C.Y.[Cong-Yong] Su, C.Y.[Chung-Yuan] Su, C.Y.[Chung-Yen] Su, C.Y.[Chorng-Yann] Su, C.Y. Su, C.Y.[Ching-Yao] Su, C.Y.[Chun-Yi]
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