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Su, G. Co Author Listing * Model and Simulation of the Heterogeneous Traffic Flow of the Urban Signalized Intersection With an Island Work Zone
* Towards complex activity recognition using a Bayesian network-based probabilistic generative framework
* UAV Borne Low Altitude Photogrammetry System
Includes: Su, G. Su, G.[Guoxin]

Su, G.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Fast 1-D 8x8 Inverse Integer Transform for VC-1 Application
* Efficient Low-Cost Sharing Design of Fast 1-D Inverse Integer Transform Algorithms for H.264/AVC and VC-1

Su, G.D.[Guang Da] Co Author Listing * Age simulation for face recognition
* Combining image entropy with the Pulse Coupled Neural Network in edge detection
* CPGL: A classification method combining PCA and the Group Lasso method
* Double-pupil location of face images
* Efficient Hand Segmentation and Fingertip Detection Using Color Features of Skin and Fingernail
* Exploring Facial Asymmetry Using Optical Flow
* Eyeglasses removal from facial images
* Face Image Quality Assessment Based on Learning to Rank
* Face Image Relighting using Locally Constrained Global Optimization
* Face Recognition Based on Pose-Variant Image Synthesis and Multi-level Multi-feature Fusion
* Frontal Face Synthesis Based on Multiple Pose-Variant Images for Face Recognition
* Human Face Super-Resolution Based on NSCT
* Improving 3D Face Details Based on Normal Map of Hetero-source Images
* Learning from Ideal Edge for Image Restoration
* Multi-parts and multi-feature fusion in face verification
* Multi-scale Method for Adaptive Mesh Editing Based on Rigidity Estimation
* Multimodal and Multistage Face Recognition Method for Simulated Portrait, A
* Palmprint authentication using a symbolic representation of images
* Piecewise linear aging function for facial age estimation
* Quasi-convex Optimization of Metrics in Biometric Score Fusion
* Registration Method of Sparse Representation Classification Method
* Restoration of low resolution car plate images using PCA based image super-resolution
* Segmenting the Subthalamic Nucleus Using Narrow Band Limited Variational Level Set Method
* SFM-based sparse to dense 3D face reconstruction method robust to feature tracking errors, A
* square lattice oriented reversible information hiding scheme with reversibility and adaptivity for dual images, A
* Super-Resolution for Facial Images Based on Local Similarity Preserving
* Technology Evaluations on the TH-FACE Recognition System
* Theory and application of image neighborhood parallel processing
* Using facial symmetry in the illumination cone based 3D face reconstruction
Includes: Su, G.D.[Guang Da] Su, G.D.[Guang-Da] Su, G.D.[Guo-Dong]
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Su, G.H.[Guan Hua] Co Author Listing * Robust Approach for Anti-jamming Target Tracking in Forward Looking Infrared Imagery, A
Includes: Su, G.H.[Guan Hua] Su, G.H.[Guan-Hua]

Su, G.M. Co Author Listing * Content aware quantization: Requantization of high dynamic range baseband signals based on visual masking by noise and texture
* Cross-Path PDMA-Based Error Protection for Streaming Multiuser Video over Multiple Paths
* Efficient Bandwidth Resource Allocation for Low-Delay Multiuser Video Streaming
* Hardware-efficient debanding and visual enhancement filter for inverse tone mapped high dynamic range images and videos
* Impact Analysis of Baseband Quantizer on Coding Efficiency for HDR Video
* Scalable Multiuser Framework for Video Over OFDM Networks: Fairness and Efficiency, A
Includes: Su, G.M. Su, G.M.[Guan-Ming]

Su, G.P.[Gui Ping] Co Author Listing * simple and effective saliency detection approach, A
Includes: Su, G.P.[Gui Ping] Su, G.P.[Gui-Ping]

Su, G.W.[Gui Wu] Co Author Listing * Integrated Method Combining Remote Sensing Data and Local Knowledge for the Large-Scale Estimation of Seismic Loss Risks to Buildings in the Context of Rapid Socioeconomic Growth: A Case Study in Tangshan, China, An
Includes: Su, G.W.[Gui Wu] Su, G.W.[Gui-Wu]

Su, G.Z.[Guo Zhong] Co Author Listing * Data Management Based on Geocoding Index And Adaptive Visualization for Airborne LIDAR
* Mapping System and Photogrammetric Processing Method for Tethered Balloon Platform
* Study on the Target Feature Extraction from LIDAR Point Clouds
* Visual UAV Trajectory Plan System Based on Network Map
Includes: Su, G.Z.[Guo Zhong] Su, G.Z.[Guo-Zhong] Su, G.Z.

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