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Su, L. Co Author Listing * Accelerate convolutional neural networks for binary classification via cascading cost-sensitive feature
* Accelerating Topic Detection on Web for a Large-Scale Data Set via Stochastic Poisson Deconvolution
* Cache Behavior Characterization and Validation Over Large-Scale Video Data
* Cascaded Partial Decoder for Fast and Accurate Salient Object Detection
* Complexity-Constrained H.264 Video Encoding
* Conditional GAN based individual and global motion fusion for multiple object tracking in UAV videos
* Construction of Nighttime Cloud Layer Height and Classification of Cloud Types
* Construction of polarization images from a multimod light field camera based on the aliasing model
* Cooperative and Integrated Vehicle and Intersection Control for Energy Efficiency (CIVIC-E2)
* Coupled Dictionary Learning for Change Detection From Multisource Data
* Crustal Deformation on the Northeastern Margin of the Tibetan Plateau from Continuous GPS Observations
* Does 'lie to me' lie to you? An evaluation of facial clues to high-stakes deception
* Early facial expression recognition using early RankBoost
* Face Distortion Recovery Based on Online Learning Database for Conversational Video
* Fast Forgery Detection Algorithm Based on Exponential-Fourier Moments for Video Region Duplication, A
* Ground-Level NO2 Concentrations over China Inferred from the Satellite OMI and CMAQ Model Simulations
* High-Stakes Deception Detection Based on Facial Expressions
* integrated ship segmentation method based on discriminator and extractor, An
* Learning Coupled Convolutional Networks Fusion for Video Saliency Prediction
* Light-Field Image Superresolution Using a Combined Deep CNN Based on EPI
* Monaural Source Separation Using Ramanujan Subspace Dictionaries
* Morphological Approach to Text String Extraction from Regular Periodic Overlapping Text-Background Images, A
* Musical Onset Detection Using Constrained Linear Reconstruction
* No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Based on Ensemble of Knowledge and Data-Driven Models
* Question classification based on co-training style semi-supervised learning
* Reverse Perspective Network for Perspective-Aware Object Counting
* Spectrum Reconstruction Method for Airborne Temporally-Spatially Modulated Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometers
* Stacked Cross Refinement Network for Edge-Aware Salient Object Detection
* System and method for analyzing a contour of an image by applying a Sobel operator thereto
* Systematic Evaluation of the Bag-of-Frames Representation for Music Information Retrieval, A
* Toward accurate real-time marker labeling for live optical motion capture
* Visual perception based Lagrangian rate distortion optimization for video coding
* Webpage saliency prediction with multi-features fusion
Includes: Su, L. Su, L.[Li] Su, L.[Lin] Su, L.[Lina] Su, L.[Lumei] Su, L.[Liang] Su, L.[Lei] Su, L.[Liya] Su, L.[Le]
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Su, L.F.[Li Fan] Co Author Listing * Representative band selection for hyperspectral image classification
Includes: Su, L.F.[Li Fan] Su, L.F.[Li-Fan]

Su, L.H.[Li Hong] Co Author Listing * index array approach and the dual tiled similarity algorithm for UAS hyper-spatial image processing, The
* Optimizing support vector machine learning for semi-arid vegetation mapping by using clustering analysis
* Using UAS Hyperspatial RGB Imagery for Identifying Beach Zones along the South Texas Coast
Includes: Su, L.H.[Li Hong] Su, L.H.[Li-Hong]

Su, L.J.[Li Jun] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Ground-Penetrating-Radar Signals for Railway-Ballast Assessment
Includes: Su, L.J.[Li Jun] Su, L.J.[Li-Jun]

Su, L.L.[Liang Liang] Co Author Listing * Multi-bit quantisation for similarity-preserving hashing
* Multi-bit quantization based on neighboring structure preservation
Includes: Su, L.L.[Liang Liang] Su, L.L.[Liang-Liang]

Su, L.M.[Li Min] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Markov Random Field Model with Anisotropic Penalty for Semantic Segmentation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Robust Caption Detecting Algorithm on MPEG Compressed Video, A
Includes: Su, L.M.[Li Min] Su, L.M.[Li-Min]

Su, L.Y.[Li Yun] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Restoration With Modified CMA
* Blind Multiuser Detector of TH-UWB with HMM and DLMS
* Illumination Estimation of 3D Surface Texture Based on Active Basis
* Improving photometric stereo with laser sectioning
Includes: Su, L.Y.[Li Yun] Su, L.Y.[Li-Yun] Su, L.Y.[Li-Yuan]

Su, L.Z.[Lin Zhi] Co Author Listing * Change detection based on deep feature representation and mapping transformation for multi-spatial-resolution remote sensing images
* Deep learning and mapping based ternary change detection for information unbalanced images
* SAR change detection based on intensity and texture changes
Includes: Su, L.Z.[Lin Zhi] Su, L.Z.[Lin-Zhi]

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