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Su, Y.[Yi] Co Author Listing * 3D Ground Penetrating Radar to Detect Tree Roots and Estimate Root Biomass in the Field
* Adaptive discriminant analysis for face recognition from single sample per person
* Adaptive discriminant learning for face recognition
* Adaptive generic learning for face recognition from a single sample per person
* Adaptive Statistical Superpixel Merging With Edge Penalty for PolSAR Image Segmentation
* Adaptive Superpixel Generation for Polarimetric SAR Images With Local Iterative Clustering and SIRV Model
* BiCov: a novel image representation for person re-identification and face verification
* Boosting the Transferability of Adversarial Samples via Attention
* Built-up Area Extraction from PolSAR Imagery with Model-Based Decomposition and Polarimetric Coherence
* Cardiac image segmentation by random walks with dynamic shape constraint
* Classifiability-based Optimal Discriminatory Projection Pursuit
* CMOS Readout With High-Precision and Low-Temperature-Coefficient Background Current Skimming for Infrared Focal Plane Array, A
* Covariance descriptor based on bio-inspired features for person re-identification and face verification
* DAEN: Deep Autoencoder Networks for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Decentralized PID controller design for the cooperative control of networked multi-agent systems
* Discriminant Learning Through Multiple Principal Angles for Visual Recognition
* driver fatigue detection method based on multi-sensor signals, A
* Dual-Stream Recurrent Neural Network for Video Captioning
* Dynamic Analysis of Mangrove Forests Based on an Optimal Segmentation Scale Model and Multi-Seasonal Images in Quanzhou Bay, China
* Efficient Text Classification Using Tree-structured Multi-linear Principal Component Analysis
* Ensemble of Piecewise FDA Based on Spatial Histograms of Local (Gabor) Binary Patterns for Face Recognition
* Evaluation of canonical correlation analysis: A Correlation Generation Model
* Fast alignment for sparse representation based face recognition
* Fast and Accurate Target Detection Based on Multiscale Saliency and Active Contour Model for High-Resolution SAR Images
* Fast multiple reference frame motion estimation for H.264/AVC
* Global motion estimation from coarsely sampled motion vector field and the applications
* GPR Antipersonnel Mine Detection Based on Tensor Robust Principal Analysis
* Hierarchical Ensemble of Gabor Fisher Classifier for Face Recognition
* Hierarchical Ensemble of Global and Local Classifiers for Face Recognition
* Hierarchical image resampling detection based on blind deconvolution
* High-Resolution Imaging Using a Wideband MIMO Radar System With Two Distributed Arrays
* Hyper-Clique Graph Matching and Applications
* Illumination Ratio Image: Synthesizing and Recognition with Varying Illuminations
* Image Inpainting For Random Areas Using Dense Context Features
* Improving Image Classification Using Semantic Attributes
* Improving object classification using semantic attributes
* Inversion of Ground Penetrating Radar Data Based on Neural Networks
* ISAR Imaging Method Based on MIMO Technique, An
* Iterative Shape Refinement in AAM
* Joint Design of Transmit Waveform and Mismatch Filter in the Presence of Interrupted Sampling Repeater Jamming
* Learning Compact Visual Attributes for Large-Scale Image Classification
* Local Descriptors Encoded by Fisher Vectors for Person Re-identification
* Low-Rank Regularized Deep Collaborative Matrix Factorization for Micro-Video Multi-Label Classification
* Low-Rank Regularized Heterogeneous Tensor Decomposition for Subspace Clustering
* Low-Rank Regularized Multi-Representation Learning for Fashion Compatibility Prediction
* Machine Solving on Hypergeometric Distribution Problems
* Mapping the Global Mangrove Forest Aboveground Biomass Using Multisource Remote Sensing Data
* Mnemonics Training: Multi-Class Incremental Learning Without Forgetting
* Multi-Level Policy and Reward-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Image Captioning
* Multipe/Single-View Human Action Recognition via Part-Induced Multitask Structural Learning
* New Coding Tools for Illumination and Focus Mismatch Compensation in Multiview Video Coding
* novel method for generation of motion saliency, A
* One-Class Classification of Airborne LiDAR Data in Urban Areas Using a Presence and Background Learning Algorithm
* Parametric T-Spline Face Morphable Model for Detailed Fitting in Shape Subspace
* Patch-Based Gabor Fisher Classifier for Face Recognition
* Performance Characterisation of Face Recognition Algorithms and Their Sensitivity to Severe Illumination Changes
* Pitfalls in GPR Data Interpretation: False Reflectors Detected in Lunar Radar Cross Sections by Chang'e-3
* Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA
* Retrieving 2-D Leaf Angle Distributions for Deciduous Trees From Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data
* Review of Active Appearance Models, A
* Riemannian Weighted Filter for Edge-sensitive Image Smoothing, A
* Separating the Structural Components of Maize for Field Phenotyping Using Terrestrial LiDAR Data and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* SnapVideo: Personalized Video Generation for a Sightseeing Trip
* Sparse Recovery on Intrinsic Mode Functions for the Micro-Doppler Parameters Estimation of Small UAVs
* Sparse representation-based face recognition against expression and illumination
* sparse structure for fast circle detection, A
* Spatio-temporal metric learning for individual recognition from locomotion
* Stem-Leaf Segmentation and Phenotypic Trait Extraction of Individual Maize Using Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* Study On High Resolution Membrane-based Diffractive Optical Imaging On Geostationary Orbit
* Submanifold decomposition
* Submanifold Decomposition
* system used for collecting and managing graphic elements of Yunnan heavy color painting, A
* Target retrieval in large-scale and high-resolution synthetic aperture radar imagery based on deep learning and multi-scale saliency
* Target-cluster fusion approach for classifying high resolution IKONOS imagery
* Three-Dimensional Traffic Scenes Simulation From Road Image Sequences
* Towards Global Explanations of Convolutional Neural Networks With Concept Attribution
* Two-Dimensional Imaging via a Narrowband MIMO Radar System With Two Perpendicular Linear Arrays
* Unified Framework for Tracking Based Text Detection and Recognition from Web Videos, A
* Unified Principal Component Analysis with generalized Covariance Matrix for face recognition
* Unsupervised Polarimetric SAR Urban Area Classification Based on Model-Based Decomposition with Cross Scattering
* Vanishing Point Constrained Lane Detection With a Stereo Camera
* Visual word disambiguation by semantic contexts
* VVC Proposal With Quaternary Tree Plus Binary-Ternary Tree Coding Block Structure and Advanced Coding Techniques, A
* When Dijkstra Meets Vanishing Point: A Stereo Vision Approach for Road Detection
Includes: Su, Y.[Yi] Su, Y.[Yu] Su, Y. Su, Y.[Yuan] Su, Y.[Ying] Su, Y.[Ya] Su, Y.[Yeping] Su, Y.[Yuting] Su, Y.[Yong] Su, Y.[Yao] Su, Y.[Yanjun] Su, Y.[Yin] Su, Y.[Yue] Su, Y.[Yuanqi]
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Su, Y.C.[Yu Chuan] Co Author Listing * Detecting Engagement in Egocentric Video
* Geographically Weighted Regression Effects on Soil Zinc Content Hyperspectral Modeling by Applying the Fractional-Order Differential
* Human Pose Estimation Using Exemplars and Part Based Refinement
* Kernel Transformer Networks for Compact Spherical Convolution
* Learning Compressible 360° Video Isomers
* Leaving Some Stones Unturned: Dynamic Feature Prioritization for Activity Detection in Streaming Video
* Making 360° Video Watchable in 2D: Learning Videography for Click Free Viewing
* Mesospheric Bore Observations Using Suomi-NPP VIIRS DNB during 2013-2017
* Multi-View Face Alignment Using 3D Shape Model for View Estimation
* Optimal FEC assignment for scalable video transmission over burst error channel with loss rate feedback
* Pano2Vid: Automatic Cinematography for Watching 360° Videos
* Real-time face alignment with tracking in video
* Robust real-time face alignment based on ASM with boosting regression for displacement prediction
* Scalable Mobile Visual Classification by Kernel Preserving Projection Over High-Dimensional Features
Includes: Su, Y.C.[Yu Chuan] Su, Y.C.[Yu-Chuan] Su, Y.C.[Yung-Chih] Su, Y.C.[Yan-Chao] Su, Y.C. Su, Y.C.[Yu-Cheng] Su, Y.C.[Yih-Ching]
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Su, Y.F.[Yan Feng] Co Author Listing * Binocular holographic three-dimensional display using a single spatial light modulator and a grating
* Development of a Vision-Based Driver Assistance System with Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning Functions
* Global robust output regulation for nonlinear multi-agent systems in strict feedback form
* Quantifying Flood Water Levels Using Image-Based Volunteered Geographic Information
* Smooth Control of Adaptive Media Playout for Video Streaming
* Three-Stage Approach to Shadow Field Estimation From Partial Boundary Information, A
Includes: Su, Y.F.[Yan Feng] Su, Y.F.[Yan-Feng] Su, Y.F.[Yi-Feng] Su, Y.F.[You-Feng] Su, Y.F.[Yuan-Fong] Su, Y.F.

Su, Y.H.[Yuan Hang] Co Author Listing * model-based approach to camera's auto exposure control, A
* Unsupervised Multi-Modal Neural Machine Translation
Includes: Su, Y.H.[Yuan Hang] Su, Y.H.[Yuan-Hang]

Su, Y.J.[Yan Jun] Co Author Listing * Artificial Mangrove Species Mapping Using Pléiades-1: An Evaluation of Pixel-Based and Object-Based Classifications with Selected Machine Learning Algorithms
* Efficiency of Extreme Gradient Boosting for Imbalanced Land Cover Classification Using an Extended Margin and Disagreement Performance
* Evaluating the Performance of Sentinel-2, Landsat 8 and Pléiades-1 in Mapping Mangrove Extent and Species
* Impact of Error in Lidar-Derived Canopy Height and Canopy Base Height on Modeled Wildfire Behavior in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA
* Improved progressive TIN densification filtering algorithm for airborne LiDAR data in forested areas
* Influence of Vegetation Characteristics on Individual Tree Segmentation Methods with Airborne LiDAR Data, The
* Mapping Global Forest Aboveground Biomass with Spaceborne LiDAR, Optical Imagery, and Forest Inventory Data
* Mapping US Urban Extents from MODIS Data Using One-Class Classification Method
* marker-free method for registering multi-scan terrestrial laser scanning data in forest environments, A
* Novel Framework to Automatically Fuse Multiplatform LiDAR Data in Forest Environments Based on Tree Locations, A
* Object-Based Strategy for Improving the Accuracy of Spatiotemporal Satellite Imagery Fusion for Vegetation-Mapping Applications, An
* practical method for SRTM DEM correction over vegetated mountain areas, A
* Retrieving the gap fraction, element clumping index, and leaf area index of individual trees using single-scan data from a terrestrial laser scanner
* Single Fog Image Restoration with Multi-Focus Image Fusion
* SRTM DEM Correction in Vegetated Mountain Areas through the Integration of Spaceborne LiDAR, Airborne LiDAR, and Optical Imagery
* Transferability of Random Forest in Canopy Height Estimation from Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data, The
Includes: Su, Y.J.[Yan Jun] Su, Y.J.[Yan-Jun] Su, Y.J.[Yi-Jing]
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Su, Y.L. Co Author Listing * On Stationarizability for Nonstationary 2-D Random-Fields Using Discrete Wavelet Transforms
* Trademark image retrieval by distance-angle pair-wise histogram
* Vector-field-based deformations for three-dimensional texture synthesis
Includes: Su, Y.L. Su, Y.L.[Yu-Lung]

Su, Y.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 3D Reconstruction system with improved recovery of miscoded region to automatically adjust projected light patterns
* Adaptive pixel classifier for binary structured light: A probabilistic kernel approach
* Decomposing chinese characters into stroke segments using SOGD filters and orientation normalization
* Learning Process to the Identification of Feature Points on Chinese Characters, A
* Multi-scale Cross-path Concatenation Residual Network for Poisson denoising
* Novel Affective Visualization System for Videos Based on Acoustic and Visual Features, A
* Novel Caption Extraction Scheme for Various Sports Captions, A
* novel stroke extraction method for Chinese characters using Gabor filters, A
Includes: Su, Y.M. Su, Y.M.[Yih-Ming] Su, Y.M.[Yue-Ming] Su, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]
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Su, Y.P.[Ye Ping] Co Author Listing * Synthesis-based texture coding for video compression with side information
* Synthesis-Based Texture Video Coding With Side Information
Includes: Su, Y.P.[Ye Ping] Su, Y.P.[Ye-Ping]

Su, Y.Q.[Yuan Qi] Co Author Listing * Active target tracking: A simplified view aligning method for binocular camera model
* Circle Detection Based on Voting for Maximum Compatibility
* Contour Guided Hierarchical Model for Shape Matching
* Edge Propagation KD-Trees: Computing Approximate Nearest Neighbor Fields
* Exploiting Vector Fields for Geometric Rectification of Distorted Document Images
* Fast two-cycle curve evolution with narrow perception of background for object tracking and contour refinement
* new hybrid method to detect text in natural scene, A
* Optimal Trajectory Space Finding for Nonrigid Structure from Motion
* Tracking skeletal fusion feature for one shot learning gesture recognition
Includes: Su, Y.Q.[Yuan Qi] Su, Y.Q.[Yuan-Qi] Su, Y.Q.[Yong-Qing]
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Su, Y.R.[Ying Ru] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Classification of Landsat Data with Phenological Features Extracted from Time Series MODIS NDVI Data
* Reversible cellular automata image encryption for similarity search
Includes: Su, Y.R.[Ying Ru] Su, Y.R.[Ying-Ru] Su, Y.R.[Ying-Ri]

Su, Y.S.[Yi Syuan] Co Author Listing * Classification of Audio Signals in All-Night Sleep Studies
* Extended Grouping of RFID Tags Based on Resolvable Transversal Designs
* Note on Topology-Transparent Scheduling via the Chinese Remainder Theorem, A
Includes: Su, Y.S.[Yi Syuan] Su, Y.S.[Yi-Syuan] Su, Y.S.

Su, Y.T. Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Networks-Based Mitotic Event Detection in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences of Stem Cell Populations
* 3D Object Retrieval Based on Multi-View Latent Variable Model
* 3D object retrieval based on sparse coding in weak supervision
* BE-CALF: Bit-Depth Enhancement by Concatenating All Level Features of DNN
* Benchmarking a Multimodal and Multiview and Interactive Dataset for Human Action Recognition
* Clique-graph matching by preserving global & local structure
* Cross-view action recognition by cross-domain learning
* Diversifying the Image Relevance Reranking with Absorbing Random Walks
* Framework of Joint Low-Rank and Sparse Regression for Image Memorability Prediction, A
* Graph regularized low-rank tensor representation for feature selection
* Hierarchical & multimodal video captioning: Discovering and transferring multimodal knowledge for vision to language
* Hierarchical Clustering Multi-Task Learning for Joint Human Action Grouping and Recognition
* Joint Heterogeneous Feature Learning and Distribution Alignment for 2D Image-Based 3D Object Retrieval
* LingoSent: A Platform for Linguistic Aware Sentiment Analysis for Social Media Messages
* Low-rank regularized multi-view inverse-covariance estimation for visual sentiment distribution prediction
* Mitosis event recognition and detection based on evolution of feature in time domain
* Multi-Camera Action Dataset for Cross-Camera Action Recognition Benchmarking
* Multi-Domain and Multi-Task Learning for Human Action Recognition
* Multi-Grained Random Fields for Mitosis Identification in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences
* Multi-Modal Clique-Graph Matching for View-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Multimedia venue semantic modeling based on multimodal data
* Multiple Person Tracking by Spatiotemporal Tracklet Association
* Octree-based segmentation for terrestrial LiDAR point cloud data in industrial applications
* Predicting Image Memorability Through Adaptive Transfer Learning From External Sources
* Robust Image Hashing Based on Selective Quaternion Invariance
* Robust Sea-Sky-Line Detection Based on Horizontal Projection and Hough Transformation
* Scene graph captioner: Image captioning based on structural visual representation
* Spatiotemporal Symmetric Convolutional Neural Network for Video Bit-Depth Enhancement
* Subgraph learning for graph matching
* Tensor-Driven Temporal Correlation Model for Video Sequence Classification, A
* View-Based 3-D Model Retrieval: A Benchmark
* Visa: An Automatic Aware And Visual Aids Mechanism For Improving The Correct Use Of Geospatial Data
* Watermarking for Authentication of LZ-77 Compressed Documents
Includes: Su, Y.T. Su, Y.T.[Yu-Ting] Su, Y.T.[Yun-Ting] Su, Y.T.[Yu Ting]
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Su, Y.X.[Yong Xian] Co Author Listing * Estimating Rainfall Interception of Vegetation Canopy from MODIS Imageries in Southern China
Includes: Su, Y.X.[Yong Xian] Su, Y.X.[Yong-Xian]

Su, Y.Y.[Ying Ya] Co Author Listing * Abrupt motion tracking using a visual saliency embedded particle filter
* Object tracking by exploiting adaptive region-wise linear subspace representations and adaptive templates in an iterative particle filter
Includes: Su, Y.Y.[Ying Ya] Su, Y.Y.[Ying-Ya] Su, Y.Y.[Ying-Yu]

Su, Y.Z.[Yan Zhao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive shadow detection using global texture and sampling deduction
Includes: Su, Y.Z.[Yan Zhao] Su, Y.Z.[Yan-Zhao]

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